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Volume I Issue II | Official ASU College Council of Nursing Students Newsletter | February 16th


SBAR Student Bulletin Activities Report

I hope everyone is having a great spring semester so far! Remember to keep a watch on all the new and exciting activities that CCNS has to offer! At ASU, we encourage student engagement, and as a fellow Sun Devil we need to play a big role in the ASU community. Whether it’s to support a cause, or to participate in a special awareness activity, you can be a student and an active advocator for these programs. This newsletter will aid you in planning for many upcoming activities. Some of these events are attended by both SNA and CCNS. -John Licas, Communication Executive

Save the Date! NEDA Walk

Blood Drive

Relay For Life

Sunday, March 3rd The National Eating Disorder walk will be held at the zoo. Join the team! Pg 4

April 17th The last one was a success! Let’s make this next one even better! Pg 2

Friday, April 19th-20th Spend the night at the Sun Angel Stadium. Join the ASU Nursing Student Team. Pg 4

Article Challenge #1 Are you passionate about something health related? What drives this passion of yours? Is it a cause, a social awareness? Tell us about it! We would like to hear from you. Send it to the John Licas our Communication Executive at



Activity Report CCNS Blood Drive

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The blood   drive   on   February   13,   2013   was   a   huge   success!   The   American   Red   Cross   had   given   us   a   goal   of  about  30  donations  to  try  to  meet  for  the  day,  but   the   morning   of,   we   had   already   had   over   40   appointments   reserved   online.   We   had   a   terrific   team   of   volunteers   that   put   up   signs   and   fliers   around   campus   on   Tuesday,   and   a   lot   of   networking   and   advertising   happened   online   to   spread   the   word.   Our   total   number   of   viable   donations  for  the  day  was  48.  The  high  volume  of   people   was   terrific,   but   it   was   a   little   bittersweet   because   we   unfortunately   had   to   turn   away   some   walk-­‐ins,  and  there  was  a  long  wait  time.  Our  next   blood   drive   will   be   April   17th,   and   we   are   working   towards   getting   a   bus   near   the   main   part   of   downtown  campus.  We  will  have  the  same  goal  and   hopefully  another  terrific  turnout!  

ASU Dance Marathon The ASU  Dance  Marathon  was  organized  to   benefit   the   Children’s   Miracle   network   at   Phoenix   Children’s   Hospital.   The   SRC   Gym   was   used   to   host   a12hr   long   dance   marathon.   Each   hour   had   a   different   theme   from   country   to   neon   themes;   the   dance   floor   was   unique   every   hour.   The   walls   were   decorated   with   photos   of   children   and   their   silly   antics.   One   side   of   the   gym   was   strictly   dancing   while   the   other   side   included   mini   golf,   a   photo   booth,   picture   frame   decorating.   Sparky   was   even   there   to   show   his   support   for   the   children!   There   were   837   people   with   a   fundraising   total   of   $57,853,   which   will   be   donated   to   the   Phoenix   Children’s   Hospital.   Sun   Devils   did   a   great   job   and   I   was   happy   to   have   been   at  such  an  amazing  event.  -­‐Katy  Becker,  Vice  President,  Senior  2  




Color Run The Color Run was simply amazing. It wasn’t timed and it’s just about having fun. Although it was raining and cold, the colors stuck even more to your clothes as you ran past each checkpoint. People were even more pumped up even before the run started; you can see how excited everyone was! I am so glad I was able to do this run. The run was to help support Banner Health hospitals and Special Olympics here in Arizona. Each state, or city holds a different charity. The run is a 5k that does not focus on speed, but rather the general excitement of having fun. There were several rules: 1) your shirt should be complete white. 2) All participants are welcome 3) you should look like a piece of Picasso Painting at the end. “They were all dancing and the DJ even threw color at us” Since it was raining, it was like a rainbow in the mud! –Lisa Klein, Senior 1 Lisa posing next to a silly sign. Lyndsay with a battle buddy!

ASU Student Nurses: “Say Cheese”

Mayo students, Jearvin and Briana, concentrating on drawing up medication!

Elva, Jamie and Amy for a quick photo after a community project during their Psych rotation. 3

Marlo, Meghan, Patricia, Amber and Destiny during a service project: HopeFest



Photo from:

Upcoming: NEDA WALK, March 3rd, 2013 NEDA is an organization that envisions a world without eating disorders. As a previous participant in the NEDA walk, I was able to see first hand the significance of this organization to the staff members and to the many donors and participants in attendance.

and as a group of nursing students we show the community that we support the cause. –Isabel Soto, Secretary, Senior 2 ASU Nursing (the team name) has always participated in this event and our team gets bigger every year! We are currently #1 on all the teams in raising online funds for this event! Join now so you can help us fundraise and reach our goal!

As a student, we can participate for a discounted prize of $25 and have an all day admission to the zoo. Most importantly, we give our time to a cause that affects many

Plan Ahead: Relay for Life, Friday April 19th-20th The American   Cancer   Society   is   a   nationwide,   community-­‐ based,  voluntary  health  organization  dedicated  to  eliminating   cancer   as   a   major   health   problem   by   preventing   cancer,   saving   lives,   and   diminishing   suffering   from   cancer,   through   research,  education,  advocacy,  and  service     At   Relay,   teams   of   people   camp   out   overnight   at   Sun   Angel   Stadium   and   take   turns   walking   or   running   around   the   track   while   enjoying   fun   activities   and   great   entertainment.   Since   cancer  never  sleeps,  for  one  night  neither  do  we.     Join   the   ASU   Student   Nurses   team   and   help   fundraise   for   the   American  Cancer  Society!  We’ll  hangout  all  night!   This  is  an  SNA  and  CCNS  event:   4



NCLEX Question A client diagnosed with angina has been instructed about the use of sublingual nitroglycerin. Which statement made by the client is incorrect and indicates a need for further teaching? 1. I will rest briefly right after taking 1 tablet 2. I can swallow two or three tablets at once if I have severe pain. 3. I'll call the health care provider if pain continues after three tablets five minutes apart 4. I understand that the medication should be kept in the dark bottle. Question retrieved from: The correct answer is: I can swallow two or three tablets at once if I have severe pain.

Reference: Deglin, J., Vallerand, A., &Sanoski, C. Davis’s drug guide for nurses (12th ed.). (2010). Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company.

Editor’s Message Hello fellow nursing students! Although my photo is of me holding a baby, this section has nothing to do with these cute tiny humans. I would like to congratulate you for making it this far into reading our bulletin! I hope you continue to check our newsletters for new updates and upcoming events. It is my goal to make sure that the ASU nursing community is in-theknow of all our events. Remember to stay involved and engaged in the Sun Devil community! If you would simply like to write for the newsletter about something you are passionate about, email me! Good luck to you all on your studies and keep on nursing!!  P.S. Read the last item on this whole page. John Licas, Comm. Exec. Email:

President’s Message Hello Sun Devil Nursing Students! This semester is flying by so fast! I would like to say a few updates for you all. I am excited about all our events this semester; as you may have noticed, we have partnered with the Student Nurse’s Association on several of our events. This will allow us to maximize our student attendance and encourage a stronger involvement within our community.

Samantha Hyland

As the first half of the semester closes please remember to submit your course evaluations. It is important we stay on top of this easy task! You should already be getting emails about them; don’t wait till the last minute. Also, new apparel will be ordered soon for everyone to purchase! Please keep a look out on some of the new and exciting designs we have for you! I know you have all been working hard; remember to take a break and participate in some of our activities this semester too!

Want to win a Starbucks gift card? Facebook message John Licas with the answer to the following question: What was the total number of viable donations during our blood drive? EVERYONE can participate. 5

CCNS Newsletter Issue #2  

This is the College Council of Nursing Students Newsletter issue #2