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Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA Newsletter, Issue 2018 - 1 John Shanahan Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA contributes to global public education about nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, nuclear sciences/technologies and how they are important for people and the environment.


Our website is: It has over 1,200 articles, PowerPoint Presentations, videos and books by more than 600 authors from around the world. This newsletter is posted on LinkedIn and Facebook and sent by regular e-mail to professionals in many fields, students, teachers, professors, and leaders in business and government in 120 countries. In each issue, we focus on a few articles from the website. It could be about nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, nuclear technologies in industry and research. It could be about how plentiful, reliable energy helps people and the environment. We have a lot of information about how nuclear energy fits in with fossil fuels and other energy sources: hydro, solar, wind, geothermal Today, we focus on Low Dose and Low Dose Rate Radiation and the need to change radiation safety guidelines from the existing Linear No-Threshold Model with Collective Dose Corollary arbitrary method of estimating cancer to one with a science base. LNT does not come close to accurately predicting numbers of cancers from radiation exposure in the low dose and low dose rate range. It predicts tremendously high numbers of cancers. This leads to completely unnecessary relocation of thousands of people, disrupting their lives, economic existence, family and social structure. It leads to alcoholism, mental illness, loss of friends and death. LNT causes unnecessary expenses in construction, increased operating expenses and reduces the use of sufficient levels of radiation in diagnostic and therapeutic medicine applications, even though much higher doses are used in life or death conventional radiation treatments. In this issue, we focus on three articles by Professor Thormod Henriksen at the University of Oslo, UiO, in Norway. Professor Henriksen's life story is amazing. He and his Biophysics Group at UiO make a life science subject interesting and easy to understand for a global audience.

- Life story of Professor Henriksen - Radon, LNT radiation risk model and actual cancer - Book: Radiation and Health These two articles and Professor Henriksen's life story explain why one of the most important changes needed to full use nuclear medicine and nuclear power is a change from using the LNT arbitrary model to one based on science. See past full issues of the Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA Newsletter, click here. Thank you and best wishes. John Shanahan President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA Denver, Colorado, USA


Environmentalists for Nuclear organizations in Canada, France (International Headquarters), Poland, the UK and the USA greatly appreciate all of nature, a clean healthy environment and plenty of wildlife habitats. We work for a peaceful and prosperous world for all of mankind with reliable, plentiful energy for modern living.


Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA Newsletter, 2018 1 (John Shanahan) USofA  
Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA Newsletter, 2018 1 (John Shanahan) USofA