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More than a Magazine other new local events every month.


ast month I talked about some changes in our community by saying good-bye and hello. This month ION Arizona Magazine is going away forever. You heard it right. After 200 issues the magazine is going away. Good-bye! When ION started in 2001, Apple Computer, Inc. only made computers and accessories. Since then, they introduced the iPod, the iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and coming this February 9, Apple will introduce HomePod. In 2007, Steve Job’s vision of his company he started was more than computers so he dropped the word “computer.” Now it’s just Apple, Inc. Good-bye Apple Computer! Fast forward to this: our 200th issue. ION Arizona Magazine is now ION Arizona. We’re more than an awesome magazine in print and online. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve created epic events like Splash Bash, Sausage Fest, Sexiest Bartender Contest, Ignition Phoenix Auto Show and Phoenix Pride’s VIP Experience— to name a few—so we’ve created a new division dedicated to producing these and

We’re excited to introduce “celebratION,” our new entertainment and event division. Leading this new department is Christopher Tong. Christopher ran events for MGM Casinos, Las Vegas Pride, and he brings his two signature events in Phoenix into our portfolio: Phoenix Gay Idol and Big Gay Singalong at Film Bar. Look for more events around town starting with the Big Gay Brunch at 2601 on Central on February 11. Of course, in print and online we ‘ll always promote a positive image, offer great features and continue to be a favorite resource, guide and inspiration for the LGBTQ+ community throughout the world. (And, yes, we have readers around the world via our online edition.) In this issue, we focus on the AGRA rodeo February 16-18, The Desperado LGBT Film Festival February 9-11, including their movie schedule with synopses, Phoenix’s own David Hernandez’s new single, “Shield (Coat of Armor)” along with an ION first: A Presidents’ Day salute to First Ladies of the United States. This is the best ION we’ve ever created. I couldn’t be more proud of our creative and hard working team. ION Arizona. More than a magazine. Hello!

Jack Tesorero More than a Publisher



Photos by: Fernando Hernandez 20


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

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Photos by: Fernando Hernandez 22


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Standing Strong with

Phoenix native talks about his forthcoming single, freedom and gratitude. By Deon Brown


rizona’s David Hernandez cut his musical teeth here on the Phoenix stage. And, yes, he was a finalist on American Idol, season 7 in 2008. Fast forward: he’s still making music, recording and touring. David is releasing a new single, “Shield (Coat of Armor)” dropping on February 13. Expect to hear David’s vocals soar like never before. David chatted with ION Arizona about his new music, his inspiration and acceptance. ION: Last year Digital Journal called your anthem, “Beautiful,” one of the “best songs of the summer” and of 2016. It’s positivity and encouragement made waves with listeners. How did that make you feel? David Hernandez: I felt a sense of validation and that I had touched some people’s minds and hearts. I make music with the hope that it can touch or move people, but I never imagined it would have resonated the way it did. We all want to be accepted and “seen” by the world, and that music video, for me, opens people’s eyes to all of our differences and why we should accept them. I recorded the song and it was like therapy for me, but I never imagined so many people would share the same sentiment.

ION: Last year you “officially” came out to the press. Has anything changed since? DH: Honestly, nothing really changed. Some people were really cool about it and others were harsh but it’s just something that comes with the territory. Ironically, it was gay people that told me not to come out. (Laughs) My straight friends were, like, “That’s awesome!” while my gay counterparts were saying, “This is going to tank your career.” I professionally came out because I wanted younger fans—who didn’t know—to understand that you can be exactly who you are and still be successful. I’m living proof. The social climate is changing and you don’t have to hide in the shadows.  ION: You wrote your soon to be released single, “Shield (Coat of Armor).” Tell us about it. DH: Two years ago I took a trip to Abu Dhabi with my band where we sang for our U.S. troops stationed there. This past year we took a trip to a base in Qatar for Veteran’s Day. When I arrived home, I got together with my producers Eddie Wohl and Daniel Braunstein and we put pen to paper and wrote the song in about 20 minutes. The song is up for interpretation, but for me, it talks about someone who’s there for you no matter what—good times or bad. (cont’d) February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 25

(Cont’d from page 25) They’ve seen you at your best and your worst, know your heart and will do whatever it takes to protect it. They are your shield or coat of armor when you are too weak to protect yourself. They have your back. ION: What was that like singing for the troops in Abu Dhabi? DH: It was an incredible experience! It’s hard to imagine that some of these service men and women have been away from their families for over a year only to go home for a few months and return to do it all over again. It makes you even more grateful for the little things we take for granted here on U.S. soil. It was a humbling experience. I remember the jets taking off every night around midnight heading out on a mission and returning in the morning. I can’t imagine the things they have seen or the things they had to do to ensure our freedom.  ION: Any special appearances or performances coming up? DH: I’m really excited to be traveling to Kuwait to sing for our troops again. Lots of exciting stuff is coming up this year! So 2018 is already looking up!  ION: Valentine’s Day is approaching! Are you in love? DH: I’m in love with music! I also openly accept roses and chocolates from anyone who’ll give them! (laughs) I do have someone special but I have to keep some things private right? I hope everyone finds someone to hold on V-Day—or someone to at least get naked with!

Follow David on Instagram/Twitter/ Snapchat:DHernandezMusic


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Desperado LGBT Film Festival


he Desperado LGBT Film Festival brings our readers some of the best, most insightful, entertaining feature films and shorts to the Valley. There’s also opportunities to meet and discuss the pictures with the directors, writers or actors. Discover the importance of LGBT films as a way to express our unique cultural and individual identities, LGBTQ diversity, how we’re different, and how we’re also the same. ION Arizona is proud to sponsor this event.

Friday, February 9 Heart, Baby 7:30 p.m - 9:30 p.m.

In 1974, 18-year-old George Lee Martin was sentenced to forty years in prison for armed robbery and sent to one of the most violent prisons in Tennessee with his best friend, a songwriter named Doc. Inside, George took up boxing and soon proved unbeatable. The warden decided to put him up against the pros. George beat them all. In 1984, the U.S. Olympic team offered George the ultimate opportunity: his freedom in exchange for a place on the Olympic team. George refused in order to protect the one thing he couldn’t live without. Doc faced a crisis in faith when he learns his best friend’s secret. Heart, Baby! tells the true story of George Lee Martin, and why he turned down freedom, fame, and


WWW.IONAZ.COM January 2018

glory for something greater. Learn more at Followed by a Q&A with actor ShawnCaulin Young VIP reception at 6 p.m. with hors d’oeuvres from Kim Cummings Catering.

Saturday, February 10

A Year in Transition 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. An intimate, affirming documentary following a 20-year-old Arab-American trans man in his first year of transition as he begins taking hormones, goes through gender confirmation surgery, and finds his place in the trans community. A unique film, the director/producer is a trans man who is a member of the community represented in the film. More at

Saturday Mixed Shorts 1:15 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Love, rejection, and family ties are showcased in this inspiring, and often times hilarious, collection of short films. This showcase is a festival favorite! Violet & June, Britney-holics Anonymous: A Spear-itual Awakening, Prudence, Sunset, The Real Thing, Pearls, Boys in the Street #pride, More Than God.

Against the Law 3:15 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. In the 1967 Sexual Offenses Act which decriminalized private homosexual acts in England and Wales between adult males. The dramatic events that led to this Act took place over ten years before and are at the heart of this film, a factual drama. Woven through this film is testimony from a chorus of men who lived through those dark days when homosexuals were routinely imprisoned or forced to undergo chemical aversion therapy in an attempt to “cure” them. These accounts amplify the themes of the drama and help immerse us in the reality of a dark chapter in our recent past. February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 33

Signature Move 5:15 p.m. - 6:45 p.m. A hilarious, heartfelt look at modern families and the complexities of love in its many forms. Zaynab (Fawzia Mirza) is a Pakistani, Muslim, lesbian lawyer living in Chicago who begins a new romance with Alma (Sari Sanchez), a confident and vivacious Mexican-American woman. Zaynab’s recently widowed mother moves in and spends her days searching for a potential husband for her only daughter. Alma’s mother is a former professional Luchadora which Zaynab, a budding lucha-style wrestler, finds fascinating. Zaynab tries to keep her love life and her wrestling a secret from her Muslim mother, who knows more than she lets on. This picture is a wild, vibrant, and very American mix of cultures, generations— and wrestling.

Outdoor Shorts 7:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m. Bring blankets or lawn chairs for a showing of our favorite short films from years past. Snacks and beverages are available for purchase in the lobby so don’t miss this fun and FREE event!

After Louie 8:15 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

by Peter Lora


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Struggling to come to grips with his age, Sam (Alan Cumming, the “MC” of the Broadway Cabaret revival) yearns for his youth when his art made him influential in New York. After his gallery dumps him, Sam goes to a bar where he meets Braeden (Zacharay Booth, see Revival in “ION Home Viewing” review). Although

he has boyfriend, and an “open relationship,” he encourages Sam’s flirtation. After spending the night together, Sam gives Braeden a wad of cash ... but at what cost? A journey about the growth of character and searching for a place in life. Sensuous and nuanced in all the ways that make for a thought-provoking film. Check out for more.

Sunday, February 11 Thelma

1:45 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. A thrilling supernatural drama. Thelma, a shy student, leaves her religious family in a small town to study at the university. In the library, she experiences a violent, unexpected seizure. Soon after, she finds herself intensely drawn toward Anja, a beautiful student who reciprocates the powerful attraction. Thelma becomes overwhelmed by her intense feelings for Anja which she can’t even acknowledge to herself. The seizures continue and it becomes clearer that they are a symptom of inexplicable, often dangerous, supernatural abilities as Thelma is confronted with secrets of her past and the terrifying implications of her powers. Sexual repression, religion, the supernatural, and medicine come together into one powerful cinematic experience about feeling like being an outsider. (Norwegian with English subtitles.)

Saturday Church 6:45 p.m. - 8:45 p.m A moving story of perseverance to live an authentic life while growing into young adulthood and confronting religion and acceptance through determination. Young Ulysses is facing that time in his life where he begins to embrace his sexuality and acknowledge his gender. Life in a poor neighborhood combined with his struggling family and their dynamics causes him to reach out and find acceptance in unlikely places. This journey is at the heart of this endearing film. February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 35

Snapshots 4:15 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. When a grandmother’s secret past collides with her granddaughter’s secret future and her daughter’s angry present, can the love of three generations be enough to accept decades of deceit? It unravels with a roll of film in a camera. Set in the present with flashbacks to the early 1960’s, this picture brings together the matriarch Rose (Piper Laurie), her daughter Patty (Brooke Adams), granddaughter Allison (Emily Baldoni), Shannon Collis as Young Rose, her husband Joe (Max Adler), Louise (Emily Goss) and her husband, Zee (Brett Dier). Followed by a Q&A with star and Scottsdale native, Max Adler

Sunday Mixed Shorts 12 noon - 1:30 p.m. These brilliant, entertaining and thoughtfully made short films concentrate on identity, outrageous personalities, and discovery ... told in only a few, brief minutes. Sometimes funny, sometimes startling, these shorts break all the rules. You won’t want to miss these brief, miniature gems of LGBTQ filmmaking. Bride of Frankie, Something New, Haygood Eats, Out Again, Mrs. McCutcheon, Cuddlefish Friday, February 9 through Sunday, February 11.


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

All Access passes $80 and individual tickets for $10 per each feature. Tickets for students and senior citizens’ available for $8. Order your pass or tickets online at Paradise Valley Community College Center for Performing Arts 18401 North 32nd Street in Phoenix Email:

February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 37

Mardi Gras Party at Karamba Laissez les bon temps roulez! It’s your last chance to have fun before Lent (not really) ... Karamba style! Get your Big Easy on with the sexy Wild Men of the West and party like crazy on Tuesday, February 13 at Karamba, 1724 E. McDowell Rd. in Phoenix. No cover! (See ad on p. 27)

Paris Pride Thursdays Ah, l’amour! Toujours l’amour! Revel in the glamour recalling the most fashionable “boȋtes” and nightclubs of Gay Paree every Thursday night in swanky downtown Scottsdale. Make it a celebration! Parties of six or more receive complimentary bottle service. Hosted by the always fabulous Kiki Andrews, featuring her dreamy go-go boys! For reservations call 602-358-9091. (See see pp. 2 & 3)

Renaissance Festival Turn back time ... to 1499. Come, all ye lads and lasses! Knights and damsels, too! Don’t miss the fabled knights, wizards, kings and lots and lots of queens at this beloved event. Experience 30 acres of medieval fun every weekend from Feb 10 to April 1 from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Get directions and tickets at 520-463-2700. (See ad on p. 58)


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

33rd Annual AGRA Rodeo Ki-yi-yippee, yippee YAY! Saddle up the ol’ cayuse, pardners, ‘cause the annual AGRA Rodeo is coming to town! Join in the ropin’, ridin’, wranglin’ and spectatin’ on February 16-18 at the Corona Ranch Rodeo Grounds, 7611 S. 29th Ave. at Baseline Rd. in Laveen. Purchase tix online at AGRA-Phx. com. Don’t forget to make Charlie’s your stompin’ ground all weekend long for even more celebratin’! (See ads on p. 12)

Big Gay Brunch Buffet French toast! Bacon! Eggs! Everything your heart (and belly!) desires, plus a slice of cantaloupe for only $15! This all-u-can-eat Sunday Brunch Buffet offers specials, $10 bottles of sparkling wine, and a Bloody Mary bar beginning Sunday, February 11. Don’t miss the blonde beauty, that beautiful Aryan from Daryan herself, Kim Etiquette from Connecticut who’ll entertain diners with her East Coast wiles and ways on February 18, 10 a.m-2 p.m. See you at 2601 on Central at the same address! (See ad p. 9)

FEBRUARY 2018 ION EVENTS DATE EVENT Thurs. Paris 4 Super Bowl Party 8 Phx PRIDE Launch Party 9-11 Desperado Film Festival 10 Prison Party 10 AGRA Royalty Competition 10 Red Party 11,18, 25 Big Gay Brunch 13 Mardi Gras Party 13 Love is Dead 15-16 Customer Appreciation Party 15 Chinese New Year Party 15 Mini-Rodeo 16 Meet ‘n’ Greet 16 Mr. Arizona Vaquero Competition/Party 16 Bearracuda 16-18 AGRA Rodeo 17 Lights Out Blackout Party 17 Blackout 18 Carnaval Latino 24 Leather Gear Night

LOCATION Pride Bunkhouse BS West P.V. Comm. Coll. The Anvil Charlie’s Karamba 2601 on Central Karamba Stacy’s Dick’s Cabaret Karamba Charlie’s Bunkhouse Karamba The Rock Corona Ranch FLEX Spas The Anvil Karamba The Anvil

CITY Scottsdale Phoenix Scottsdale Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix

February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 39


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 41

Love Bites!

Scorpius Dance Theatre delivers a sting for Valentine’s Day with Vampire Ball by Peterby Lora Photos Rose Torres Pictured above: Stella Prints


ndulge in an evening of gothic elegance and dark romance at the “Love Bites Vampire Ball” presented by Scorpius Dance Theatre and Davisson Entertainment. The event debuted in 2017 during the Halloween season, but creator Lisa Starry of Scorpius felt the Vampire Ball is better suited as a Valentine’s weekend soirée this year. “For the past few years, I’ve partnered with Davisson Entertainment and Black Kat Productions to create edgy events combining a classy, party atmosphere with performance art. From our Cosplay Ball, to the White Nightmare Ball, to the Vampire Ball, each event is held in a comfortable, nontraditional venue, allowing guests the chance to dress up and show off their best themed attire,” said Starry.

Stella. “It gives all of us—including the DJs and the corps of Scorpius Dance Theatre—the chance to showcase our talents to a wider audience and demonstrate the true collaborative efforts of our arts community.” Other Scorpius drag performers will take the stage, too. The Valley’s leading

This year’s Vampire Ball is no exception. The sexy-stylish affair is perfect for creatures of the night to celebrate the romance of the holiday. The people watching are just as “fang”-tastic as the entertainment. Guests are encouraged to dress in their most captivating vampire or goth attire with a Valentine’s flair. Mix and mingle, strike a seductive pose for photos, and strut on the stage in the “Sweetest Vamp” costume contest. Drag divas Stella Prince and Faris Duval will host and perform. “It’s exciting for local drag performers to be a part of these events,” said

Nicola and Kevin February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 43

contemporary dance and aerial company will showcase additional, jaw dropping original works, many of which are not presented during the company’s regular season shows. Sip on bloody beverages from a no host bar. After the performance, take over the dance floor with gothic/industrial/techno beats by DJs Betty BlackHeart and Self.Destrukt. Celebrate the romance and the bloodlust of Valentine’s Day with the vampires of Scorpius Dance Theatre and a show that will touch your heart ... in a very special way.


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Haydehn Tuipulotu & Amy Symonds

Friday, February 9 from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Tickets: $20 online in advance. Tickets will be $25 at the door. The Grand Ballroom at The Grand, 718 N. Central Ave. in Phoenix. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit The Vampire Ball is a 21 and over event.

February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 45


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Miss Gay Melrose America Pageant

Grab onto your girdles, girls! There’s a new pageant in town! Make plans to attend Miss Gay Melrose America, a prelim for Miss Gay Arizona America in the race for Miss Gay America. Hosted by Olivia Gardens, the most glamorous beauties in town will be there to entertain you, including special guest star, Arizona gal and Las Vegas legend Kenneth Blake. Saturday, March 3 at The Rock, 4129 N. 7th Ave. in Phoenix. Want to compete? Contact the bar for more details.

FEBRUARY 2018 ION DRAG LISTINGS DATE TIME Sun 4 9:00pm Thurs 8 Feb 9 10:00pm Sun 11 7:00pm Tues 13 9:00pm Thurs 15 8:00pm Sun 18 10:00am Fri 23 10:00pm Fri 23 10:00pm Mondays 10:00pm Tuesday 10:00pm Tuesdays Wednesdays 10:00pm Wednesdays 10:30pm Wednesdays 10:00pm Thursdays 8:00pm Thursdays 9:00pm Thursdays 10:30pm Thursdays 10:00pm 1st&3rd Thurs 10:00pm 1st & 3rd Fri 10:30pm 2nd & 4th Fri 10:00pm 2nd & 4th Fri 10:30pn Fridays 10:00pm Fridays 10:30 Fridays 9:00pm Fridays 9:00pm Saturdays 10:30pm Saturdays 10:30pm Saturdays 10:00pm Saturdays 9:30pm 1st Sunday 2:00pm 4th Sun 2:00pm Sundays 8:30pm Sundays 7:00pm

LOCATION SHOW / PERFORMER(S) Stacy’s @ Melrose Miss &mister Stacy’s - A Prelim to Phoenix Pride Karamba Whitney Houston Tribute With Ruby Renolds Club Volt Cupid’s Mailbox Cruisin’ 7th Femmeology ft. Sassy, Phoenix, Dita & Taylor Stacy’s @ Melrose Love is Dead Charlies Mini Rodeo hosted by Pussy LeHoot 2601 on Central Big Gay Brunch Buffet Hosted by Kim Etiquette Club Volt Totally 90’s Party ) The Rock Lady Christian’s Trailer Trash Review Charlie’s Claudia B & Coco St. James - The Strip Factor Karamba Savannah Moussier’s Show BS West The Next Big Star with Naomi St. James Club Volt T Party hosted by Gia DeMilo Karamba Karamba Girls - Adriana Galiano & Karime Lizaldi Charlie’s Nevaeh’s High Heels & Halos Club Volt RPDR Hosted by Luna Love St. James Cruisin’ 7th Grande Rains with Espressa Grande and Amber Rains Karamba Tejano Thursdays with Ruby Reynolds Charlie’s Piping Hot Thursdays with Piper M’Shay The Rock Valentina’s Cantina with Valentina Knowles Cruisin’ 7th Olivia’s Garden Party The Rock Coco’s Charm School Cruisin’ 7th Nikki at Night with Nikki Knowles Club Volt 4Some Revue with Miley, Gia, Piper & Luna The Rock Special Event Rotating Drag Shows Plazma New Times Best Drag Show Freaky Fridays with Celia Putty BS West Elements - The Valley’s Top Drag Entertainers Club Vlt Volt Vixxxens with Naomi St. James & Mia Adams Cruisin’ 7th Lady Christian’s Lady & the Tramps The Rock The Barbra Seville Show Charlie’s Pussy’s Patio Show Cruisin’ 7th Excuse Our Beauty Revue Cruisin’ 7th Cruisin’ for a Cause Charlie’s Pussy LeHoot & Friends BS West The Showgirl Follies Big Sexy Show February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 47

Olivia Gardens & Robert James



WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Photos by Scotty Kirby Direction by Kevin Bushaw Text by Deon Brown Costuming provided by Mardi Gras Costumes 5895 N Granite Reef Rd, Scottsdale, AZ


here would our American presidents be without the love and support of their faithful, often forgiving, wives? As we celebrate Presidents’ Day 2018, we give a nod to just a few of the gals who’ve called 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue “home.”

Glamorous Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy brought her own special panache and savoir-faire to Washington, DC in the early 1960s, (as she overlooked her handsome husband JFK’s many indiscretions.) Jackie’s legendary style is still the yardstick by which subsequent First Ladies are judged. The Reigning Miss Gay AZ America Olivia Gardens hosts Naughty or Nice Bingo every Monday, Garden Variety Revue 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at Kobalt, and Olivia’s Garden Party every 1st and 3rd Friday at Cruisin’ 7th. February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 49


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Mia Adams as



There are 13 million obese children in America—of course, those are all round figures (get it?). While Barack was telling America, “Yes, we can!” his lovely First Lady Michelle mobilized the rest of the country encouraging us to get off our fat asses with her “Let’s Move!” initiative. On top of that, she found time to grow a vegetable garden on the White House lawn. Mia Adams is at Club Volt every Saturday Night for Volt Vixxxens. February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 51


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 53

Barbra Seville hosts the Girlie Show select Fridays and The Barbra Seville Show every Saturday at The Rock. She hosts Drag Brunch once a month at Bliss /ReBar.

A born leader in his own right, Richard Stevens was just invited to sit on Aunt Rita’s Board of Directors.

First Lady. Senator. Madame Secretary. So close to being president ... and yet so far. But not only did Hillary Rodham Clinton champion healthcare reform, notably, she made pantsuits fashionable. Sort of ... But more importantly, she taught Americans that “It Takes a (Se)Village” and a woman will be president someday.


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Celia Putty as



Melania, the Sweetheart of Slovenia, speaks six languages! The stylish, cat-eyed beauty is the first First Lady to boast being a centerfold in a nudie magazine, and the first third wife in “that dump of a White House,” quite possibly trapped against her will.

Celia Putty’s Freaky Friday is every week at Plazma, and she’ll perform at Miss Gay Melrose America Pageant on March 3 at The Rock. February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 55


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Geo Johnson & Piper M’Shay as

The Lincolns

Southern born spitfire Mary Todd Lincoln had a talent for speaking her mind, as well as power shopping during those troubling days in the Civil War White House. Mary kept her melancholy hubby, Honest Abe, happy. Piper can be seen every Thursday at Charlie’s for Pipin’ Hot and Friday at Club Volt for 4Some Revue. Geo is competing in the inaugural Mr. Gay AZ America on April 22. February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 57


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Lady Christian as

Martha Washington

Wealthy widow Martha Dandridge Custis Washington was Mrs. Moneybags long before she met General George Washington. The title of “First Lady” hadn’t been created, so Martha was called, “Her Ladyship” or “our Lady Presidentess,” which is hard to say. Lady Christian can be seen every Saturday at Cruisin 7th and at The Rock on Friday Feb. 23 for Lady Christian’s Trailer Trash Revue. February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 59


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Dua Lipa

Her name means “love” in her native language, Albanian. In addition to singing, she’s a songwriter and model in her adopted country, England. She’s big with the cool kids, and you can catch her on Friday, February 9 at The Van Buren, 401 W. Van Buren St. Phoenix. For more info visit Tix at, 800-745-3000

Lana Del Rey

Everybody’s favorite melancholy dame finds time to weep and wail about the hopelessness of life for you on Tuesday, February 13 at Talking Stick Resort Arena, 201 E. Jefferson St. in Phoenix. Get your tickets at or call 800-745-3000


It’s time to get the party started! Get ready to throw some glitter in the air when this showstopping entertainer hits the stage on Thursday, March 1 when she brings her fun house to the Talking Stick Resort Arena, 201 E. Jefferson St. in Phoenix. Get your tickets at or call 800-745-3000

FEBRUARY 2018 ION CONCERT CALENDAR DATE ARTIST 2 Toby Mac 2 One Republic 2-3 Music of Harry Potter 2 Passion Pit 3 Zedd 9 Quiet Riot 9 Dua Lipa 10 Keith Sweat 13 Lana Del Rey 16 Valentine’s Super Love Jam 20 G-Eazy 24 She Wants Revenge 26 Robert Plant 27 They Might Be Giants MARCH 1 P!nk 2 Psychedelic Furs 4 Demi Lovato

LOCATION Gila River Arena - Glendale TPC - Scottsdale Mesa Arts Ctr. Marquee Theatre - Tempe TPC - Scottsdale BLK Live - Scottsdale The Van Buren - Phoenix Celebrity Theatre - Phoenix Talking Stick Resort Arena - Phx Talking Stick Resort Arena - Phx Comerica Theatre - Phoenix BLK Live - Scottsdale Phx Symphony Hall - Phoenix Marquee Theatre - Tempe

PHONE 800-745-3000 480-644-6500 480-839-0707 480-494-5069 800-745-3000 602-267-1600 800-745-3000 800-745-3000 800-745-3000 480-494-5069 602-495-1999 480-839-0707

Talking Stick Resort Arena - Phx 800-745-3000 Talking Stick Resort- Scottsdale 800-745-3000 Talking Stick Resort Arena - Phx 800-745-3000 February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 61

Hand to God

The youth of Cypress, Texas spend their afternoons at church with the Christian Puppet Ministry. When one of the puppets turns out to have a life of its own, all hell breaks loose! Good heavens! (Or hell!) Stray Cat Theatre and Phoenix Theatre join forces for this irreverent comedy. February 2-25 at Phoenix Theatre, 100 E. McDowell Rd. Tix: or call 602-254-2151

Fifty Shades of Felt What happens when Mr. Grey gets “handsy” and Ana gets “felt up”? This hilariously erotic, fuzzy,-wuzzy orgasmic sex-romp tells the titillating story ... puppet style! Adults only; this ain’t Sesame Street. February 9-24 at Playhouse on the Park. Check out the details on and for tix, or call 602-254-2151

The Boob Show

The “uplifting” world premier of this “bouncy” original musical comedy was written by local artists Sally Jo Bannow and Craig Bohmler. This crowd-pleasing sweater-stretcher promises to be one of the breast theatrical events of the season. “Support” your local theatre! February 14 thru March 18. Phoenix Theatre, 100 E. McDowell Rd. Tix: or call 602-254-2151


2-3 2-3 2-18 2-25 9-24 9-25 thru 10 thru 10 thru 10 thru 11 13 14-3/18 15-3/4 15-3/31 23-3/10 23-3/25 thru 25


Nightshade (Adult Slam) Stomp! Mad Gravity Hand to God Fifty Shades of Felt Lines in the Dust Outside Mullingar See How They Run Showboat It’s Only a Play A Date with John Waters The Boob Show Outside Mullingar No, No, Nanette The Death of Walt Disney Hair Hamilton



Great AZ Puppet Theatre - Phx 602-262-2050 UofA Centennial Hall - Tucson 520-621-3341 Mesa Encore Theatre 480-644-6500 Phoenix Theatre 602-254-2151 All Puppet Players - Phx 602-254-2151 Black Theatre Troupe 602-258-8129 AZ Theatre Co (Tucson) 520-622-2823 Hale Ctr. Theatre - Gilbert 480-497-1181 AZ B’way Theatre - Peoria 623-776-8400 Phx Theatre 602-254-2151 Scotts. Ctr. for Arts 480-499-8587 Phx Theatre 602-254-2151 AZ Theatre Co (Phx) 602-256-6995 Hale Ctr. Theatre - Gilbert 480-497-1181 iTheatre Collaborative - Phx 602-258-9481 AZ B’way Theatre - Peoria 623-776-8400 ASU Gammage - Tempe SOLD OUT February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 63


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Love is All Around Nostalgia Every Day Starring: Angourie Rice, Maria Bello, Debby Ryan, Owen Teague, Colin Ford Probably one of the most existential movies combining the spirituality of the Space/Time continuum, gender fluidity, and ... wait for it ... teenagers in love. Don’t let that sway your opinion, relegating this touching, philosophical picture by lumping it into the “angst-filled, teen melodrama” category. It isn’t. An unconventional love affair blossoms between Rhiannon, a teenage girl who falls in love with a mysterious, genderless spirit known as “A,” who inhabits a new body every day. The two young lovers work to find one another when a new day dawns, only for the sun to set and start again tomorrow. Rhiannon discovers her soulmate every day packaged as boys, girls, Latino, African-American, homely, handsome, fat, skinny, gay, straight, and everything in between with 15 talented young actors bringing the same character to life. Adapted from the YA novel by David Levithan, who writes positive books (Boy Meets Boy, Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List) for youth with strong gay males. Screenplay by Jesse Andrews, author of Me, Earl and the Dying Girl.

Starring: Jon Hamm, Nick Offerman, Amber Tamblyn, Ellen Burstyn, Bruce Dern, Katherine Keener An aging woman (film great Ellen Burstyn, “Nurse Ratched” from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) surveys the charred remains of her home, burned to the ground. observing, “I knew I had to do that thing people wonder about their whole life: decide, ‘What do you take from a burning building?’ We live our lives and ask, ‘What do we leave behind?’” We find out in another movie about cosmic, spiritual interconnectedness told through a mosaic of stories about finding love and loss, finding solace in the memories that shape our lives. Objects, artifacts, letters ... what do we need? Love may be all you have left. An all-star, award-winning cast commands this picture that’s bound to have you reaching for your hankie. Release: February 16 for more. Release: February 23 February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 65


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Aural Fixation

by Peter Lora




Blue Madonna

Not many artists can say that they have the late, great Prince’s seal of approval. A notoriously tough critic, Prince praised “Electric Love,” an early BØRNS release, stating “I like that you can’t tell what it’s inspired by.” Genre-bouncing and amalgamation is a BØRNS hallmark. “Electric Love” melded glam rock with Taylor Swift-worthy pop production. Much of his platinum-selling debut Dopamine is pure pop ear worms, borrowing from Marc Bolan and Freddie Mercury. With sophomore effort Blue Madonna, BØRNS reheats the recipes that brought him his early successes and doubles down on high production and even more esoteric Hollywood Blvd. tropes à la Lana Del Rey. The queen of ironic pop art as music appearing on, “God Save Our Young Blood” is forgettable at best. The sitar laden “Faded Heart” crossed with the “I Want Candy” sounding “We Don’t Care” are fun 80’s punk romps. “Iceberg” is reminiscent of of Lenny Kravitz’s late 90’s successes. There are 90’s boy band moments with “I Don’t Want You Back” and “Second Night of Summer” where he riffs, “Throwing me that shade like I’m not cool enough” feels like a response to his Gucci-clad entry in to the world of fashion. The shimmering “Sweet Dreams” trip-hop verses turn into banging rock choruses. Blue Madonna experiments a tad more than its predecessor, but falls short of BØRNS’ potential. If anything, it hints at what could be. Available Now

If there’s an arena where it’s evident women have made major strides, it’s in the world of rap music. For far too long indistinguishable male rappers make it big where it seems only a few women get to join the boys’ club. Enter Elizabeth Harris, known best as “cupcaKKe.” Her absurdly raunchy one-liners read like bits of genius. Think Dorothy Parker meets Lil’ Kim. Tackling self-esteem, romance and LGBTQ issues, cupcaKKe plays with all the sub-genres in hip-hop, New Orleans bounce with “Duck Duck Goose,” tropical house with “Total” and reggaeton with absolute banger “Crayons.” “F*ck a tuxedo / tuck your D*ck mijo / transgenders are people / so I’mma treat them equal.” It’s a new Pride anthem. A must listen. Available Now Troye Sivan

THE DL SONGS TO DOWNLOAD ARTIST - SONG Troye Sivan – “My, My, My” Lou Rebecca – “Tonight” Fischerspooner – “TopBrazil” St. Vincent – “New York - Owens Remix” Sunflower Bean – ”Crisis Fest” Marcus Marr – “Familiar 5” Galvanic – “The Fabulist” Tune-Yards – “Heart Attack” Cameo - “Por Favor” feat. Myles Kendrick Lamar and SZA – “All the Stars” February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 67


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Closet Cases God answers all prayers. But sometimes the answer is, “No.”

The Revival Starring: David Rysdahl, Zachary Booth, Raymond McAnally, Lucy Faust, Usually pictures about closet cases are trite, tired old chestnuts that went out of style in the 1990s. This movie adds thought provoking wrinkles lending depth and emotion to the issue. When are you falling in love ... or is it only temptation? Does God answer prayers? Eli is a young, intellectual, Southern Baptist preacher buried in a small and small-minded Arkansas town, evangelizing in a failing church his popular late father founded. The parishioners don’t cotton much to Eli’s high falutin’ notions, abandoning his church. Daniel, a young drifter (a riveting performance by Booth) passes through town. A smitten Eli offers him the use of a modest shack his father built on the outskirts of town to shelter his problematic wife, hinting darkly that she had mental or alcohol problems. The preacher and the vagabond engage in an stressful, secretive affair. Eli’s pregnant wife, June (Faust), discovers the pair’s “sin.” Will she expose her own husband? Or will Daniel out closeted Eli as a humbug? Will the minister have his own “come to Jesus” moment? A compelling script with powerful, subtly nuanced performances.

Zachary Booth also stars in After Louie at The Desperado LGBT Film Festival on Saturday, February 10. ★★★★☆ Available now on DVD, iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu, Fandango

TOM OF FINLAND Starring: Pekka Strang After World War II, persecution of gay men in Helsinki, Finland, threatened their safety and livelihood. For some, living a closeted life or agreeing to traditional marriage provides protection, but with a heavy, personal price. Through his homoerotic art of hypersexual musclemen, Touko Laaksonen (Strang) liberates himself and sparks a gay revolution around the world, known best as the name he signs to every painting: Tom of Finland. A stirring and beautiful biopic of an early gay icon. Finnish with English subtitles. ★★★★☆ Available February 6 on DVD, Blu-ray, iTunes, Amazon Instant February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 69


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

A Wall & Won Ton

Great Wall Chinese Cuisine There’s lots of talk in America these days about building a wall. Personally, we’re not big fans of walls. Walls divide. Note that ultimately a wall didn’t work very well in Germany. But there’s one wall we like that’s not going anywhere: Great Wall Cuisine. This popular restaurant is a great place to celebrate the 2018 Chinese New Year beginning February 16. You’ll find Great Wall Cuisine in a modest plaza that’s also home to Grand Mart, the “Forbidden City” of wigs, weaves, extensions for drag queen hair. Now nearly 25 years old, Great Wall Cuisine is almost as big as China itself. For those who gauge Chinese restaurants by the Asians who eat there, relax: this is a popular “go to” place. (We were the only table of “round eyes” during our weekday late lunchtime expeditions.) Choose from their extensive menu. They have everything: soups, bar-bque, noodles, chow mein, Hong Kong style noodles, meat and vegetarian dishes, too. We started with Egg Rolls, which left us unimpressed. The cabbage stuffing lacked crispness and vegetables, like carrot and

bean sprouts. Two for $3. Our server graciously pointed out a varied selection of staples and specialities from the kitchens of the mystic East. Their Seafood In A Basket featured an edible, crispy, noodle “bowl,” coddling fat shrimp, tender squid (something that can easily turn tough and rubbery without skilled preparation), and fat, juicy scallops tossed in a smooth, mild, white sauce with plump, paddy straw mushrooms and snow peas. $18.95 We love the oodles of Noodles Hong Kong Style. Tastebud topper was the chicken with lots of tender all-white meat strips of the barnyard bird with carrots and bok choy in white sauce on a bed of noodles. You can choose beef, pork or seafood. A big, shareable dish is only $11.95 If you’re looking for something more robust with some kick, go for the Kung Pao Beef. Believe me, there’s plenty of “pow” that goes with this hearty dish with bell peppers, water chestnuts, February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 71

heart.” And your waistline, if you’re not careful! A fleet of trolleys offering plenty of China’s tasty treats navigate their way through the dining room daily. For a modest fee of about $3 to $8 you can try a little of everything from Beijing to Shanghai. (Sundays you might wait up to an hour to be seated. Our server tipped us off that Saturdays are ideal for seating and selection.)

peanuts, zucchini and chili peppers for “punch.” Ample slices of beef will melt in your mouth. $13.95 Great Wall Cuisine is famous for their Dim Sum, which means “pointing to the

Start of the Lunar New Year of the Dog with a little bit of chow from China at Great Wall Cuisine. Then pick out a new wig. Gung hey fat choy! 3446 W. Camelback Rd. 623-973-1112 Open daily until 11 p.m.


February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 73



WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Rodeo Romance

The Superstition Mountains hold many secrets. Legends of gold. Stories of fortunes made ... and lost. When the 33rd Annual AGRA Rodeo blows across the Arizona desert into the Corona Ranch, that’s when the romance between cowboys in love in the Wild West happens. That’s the story they tell, anyway. Photography by: LeakedGlass Productions Art Director: Alex Campos  Models: Anthony Lawson, Cory Warren Costumes provided by Mardi Gras Costume Shop

February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 75

Anthony practices some bronco busting for the AGRA Rodeo on the dusty streets of a lonely town in the shadow of the Superstition Mountains before the competition.


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Cory, the pistol packin’ stranger in town fills his days with sharp shooting, robbing banks ... and stealing hearts.

February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 77


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

It’s high noon. Looks like a showdown on Main Street between Anthony and Cory. Who’s quick on the draw? What are the stakes? February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 79


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Love blossoms before the bullets fly. Anthony and Cory ride off into the majestic Arizona sunset together after the rodeo.

THE END February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 81


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

Photography by Fernando Hernandez Art Direction by Alex Campos Models are Joseph Ching, Brian Czech, Ben Whitneybell, Mercedes Sitzler, Carla Armenta, Jerome Miles, & Heidi Leisberg Big Gay Brunch Buffet begins Sundays starting February 11 February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 83

One of the uniquely great American traditions we love is Sunday brunch. Wake up late, put on a cute outfit, call your friends and socialize over Mimosas, Eggs Benedict, fruit cup, and tuck into a rasher of bacon. 84

WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

The 2601 on Central introduces an all-you-can-eat Sunday Brunch with all your favorites, plus a Bloody Mary bar and great entertainment. Join in the deliciousness and fun every Sunday, beginning February 11. We’ll save a spot for you!

February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 85


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 87

Flex Spas Ignite Free HIV Testing (W)

OZ Bar Bingo (W)

Bliss/ Rebar Happy Hour All Day (W)

Stacy’s @ Melrose Karaoke (W)

Club Volt Flesh (W)


2601 On Central Big Gay Brunch (W)

FEZ $5 Big Margaritas (W)

Karamba Carnaval Latino

The Rock Bearracuda (W)

The Rock Bearracuda (W)

Karamba Savannah Moussier’s Show


Bliss/ Rebar Taco Tuesday Trivia (W)


Stacy’s @ Melrose Love is Dead

Karamba Mardi Gras Party

BS West The Next Big Star (W)

The Cash Free Dance Lessons (W)




Film Bar Grease

Club Volt T Party (W)

Film Bar Hair Spray

OZ Bar Karaoke (W) Talking Stick Resort Pink

Dick’s Cabaret WTF Wednesday (W) Plazma Sinful Studs (W)


Club Volt Face Savannah (W)

The Rock Undie Night with Chris (W)


Paris Scottsdale Paris Pride (W)


Charlies Mini Rodeo

Dick’s Cabaret Customer Appreciation

Cruisin 7th Grande’ Rains (W)

BS West PHX Pride Launch Party



The Cash Team Trivia (W)

Paris Scottsdale Paris Pride (W)

Film Bar Adam and Steve


The Cash Karaoke w/ DJ Illuminati (W)







Stacy’s @ Melrose Karaoke (W)


2601 On Central Big Gay Brunch (W)

OZ Bar Trivia Night (W)

PVCC Desperado Film Festival


Stacy’s @ Melrose Karaoke (W)

2601 On Central Big Gay Brunch (W)


Charlie’s The Strip Factor (W)



Pat O’s Bunk House Superbowl Party










The Anvil Leather Night

FLEX Blackout Party

Corona Ranch AGRA

The Rock Miss Melrose Pageant Plazma Sinful Studs (W)

BS West Elements (W)

The Rock Barbra Seville Show (W)




The Anvil Prison Party

Karamba After Hours

Charlie’s After Hours

PVCC Desperado Film Festival




Club Volt 4some Revue (W)

OZ Bar Karaoke (W)

The Rock Trailer Trash Review

Club Volt 4some Revue (W)

The Rock Bearracuda

The Cash Dance Party (W)

Plazma Freaky Friday (W)

OZ Bar Karaoke (W)

Roosevelt Row First Friday





2601 on Central



BRUNCH 10am-2pm $10 bubbles Reverse HH 2pm-6pm

BRUNCH 10am-2pm $10 bubbles Reverse HH 2pm-6pm


DIRTY DADDY DANCERS 10pm HH $3 well/dom $2.50 pint 1-8pm

WILD MEN of the WEST 7:30pm HH $3 well/dom $2.50 pint 1-8pm

BEER BUST $3 Pitchers All Day HH $3 well/dom $2.50 pint 1-8pm

Bar 1

HH 10am-7pm

$2.25 Domestic Bottles 7pm-9pm

$1.50 Bud Light Drafts $2 Canned Beer


HH $4 Well & Beer $2 OFF Apps/GlassWine/Prem.Spirits

Brunch Specials 10a-3p $12 Bubbly $5 Bloodys/Sangria

$12 Bubbly, $5 Bloodys 10a-3p 1/2 OFF Cock. 2-7pm KARAOKE 9p


2-4-1 Well / Dom 8am-2pm $2.50 Miller Products

2-4-1 Well / Dom 8am-2pm $2.50 Bud Products

Happy Hour All Day JAZZ w/ Kenny Thames 7pm

The Cash

HH $3 Well & Dom 4-8pm $1 Drafts 8-10pm $5 Long Isl 10-cl

HH $3 Well & Dom 4-8pm DJ Delicious 9pm

HH $3 Well & Dom ALL DAY KARAOKE 8pm


$3 Pitch/2-4-1 Well-Dom 2-7pm $1 Draft 10pm-Mid

2-4-1 Well/Dom Noon-7pm $3 Absolut/Barcardi Flavors 10-Mid

Super Happy Hour 4-7pm $3 Pitch / $3 Lng Island Open-Cl

Club Volt

4SOME REVUE 10pm $4 4Some Cock


WMW’s FLESH 10pm

HH $2.75 Well/Dom 6am-8pm Olivia & Nikki 10:30pm

Dirty Daddy Dancers 4:30pm Lady Christian 10:30pm

HH $2.75 Well/Dom 6am-8pm TS Dancers 10pm

2-4-1 VIP & 50% off Cover 7-10pm

Off the Hook Tons of Prizes & Giveaways

2-4-1 Cover, Wristbands & VIP Dances

HH 3:30-6:30pm & 11pm-Close $2 OFF Apps / Well / Wine / Beer

$4 & $5 Big Brunch Drinks 10a-3p HH 3:30-6:30p & 11p-close

$4 & $5 Big Brunch Drinks 10a-3p HH 3:30-6:30p & 11p-close

Vaquero Fridays 9-11pm Reverse Happy Hour $3 Drinks

Top 40 Saturdays 9-11pm Reverse Happy Hour $3 Drinks

Top 40 Sundays Diamond Show $3 Pitchers Beer Bust

Finally Friday HH 3pm-7pm Reverse HH 10p-Close

HH 12pm-Close $5 Dom Pitchers $7 LIT&AMF Pitchers

Oz Bar

$3 Well & Dom 6a-12p $4 12p - Cl KARAOKE 8pm-Cl POKER 7pm

$3 Well & Dom 6a-12p $4 12p - Cl Darts 2pm KARAOKE 8pm-Cl

$3 Well & Dom 6a-12p $4 12p - Cl Bingo 1p


$3 Well & Dom Until 8pm $4 3 Olives & $3 Fireball Shots

HH $3 Well/Dom Btl/Drft 12/8pm All Male Revue 10pm

Beer Bust until 7p $3.50 Dom Pitch KARAOKE 8pm-Cl 2-4-1 $3 Shots

HH 2-4-1 Well & Dom 2-8pm KARAOKE 9pm

2-4-1 11a-7p KARAOKE 9p Barbra Seville Show10p

HH 2-4-1 Well & Dom. 11am-cl

HH 4-8pm Live DJ $2 Rolling Rock

HH 4-8pm Live DJ $2 Rolling Rock

Sunday Funday $3 Mimosas DJ $1.50 Rolling Rock & Well

Cruisin’ 7th

Dick’s Cabaret FEZ

Karamba Los Diablos

The Rock Stacy’s



Brunch 10am-2pm KARAOKE 2pm-6pm $4.50 Mimosas, $7 LI / AMF / Marg Pitchers




Live Music on the Patio Tom Walbank 7p DJ Dirtyverbs 10p

Free Dance Party 10pm DJs Sid the Kid, BOBFelix & More!

Flawless Fridays with China Collins

Saturday Night Starrletts with Janee Starr




Hot Club of Tucson 10:30pm Club KARAOKE 10pm 2-4-1 9p-Close KARAOKE





Mule Monday ALL DAY $10 mule flights

Taco/Tequila Tues ALL DAY 50% off Tacos

WINE WED All Day $20 Bottle of house Red/White w/ App

THIRSTY THURS All Day HH from open to close

Beards, boxers & Briefs $1 OFF HH $3 well/dom $2.50 pint 1-8pm

$2 Miller High Life & well vodka cocktails 8pm-close

2-4-1 WELL 8pm-close HH $3 well/dom $2.50 pint 1-8pm

KARAOKE 9pm HH $3 well/dom $2.50 pint 1-8pm

KARAOKE 9pm $2.75 well, dom bottle & drft

2-4-1 U-Call-It 10am-2am (except shots & pitchers) $4 Bellinis

HH ALL DAY $4 Well & Beer $2 OFF Apps/GlassWine/Prem.Spirits

$3 OFF Toco Platters $5 Margaritas TRIVIA 6:30p $4 Drafts

20% OFF ENTIRE BILL (excludes discounted items)

$20 Any wine bottle $15 Any wine bottle w/ food purchase

HH 2-4-1 Well / Dom 8am-2pm

HH 2-4-1 Well / Dom 8am-2pm

HH 8am-2pm | $4.50 Fireball( All Day) KARAOKE 9pm $3.75 L.I.

HH 2-4-1 Well / Dom 8am-2pm Underwear Night WMW $1 Off

HH $3 Well & Dom 4-8pm Dance Lessons 7:30pm

HH $3 Well & Dom 4-8pm KARAOKE 2-4-1 Well 8pm

HH $3 Well & Dom ALL DAY 2-4-1 Well & Dom 10pm-close

Underwear Party 8pm-Cl Half off with your Pants Off $3 J.D.

2-4-1 Open to Close KARAOKE 9:30pm

$3 Pitcher / $3 Absolut 8pm-Close

2-4-1 All Cocktails & Beer Open-Close



T-Party Trans Go-Go Dancers

HH $2.75 Well/Dom 6am-8pm TS Dancers 10pm

HH $2.75 Well/Dom 6am-8pm

HH $2.75 Well/Dom 6am-8pm Wild Men of the West 10:30pm

HH $2.75 Well/Dom 6am-8pm Grande Rains Show 9pm

2-4-1 Cover, Wristbands & VIP Dances

Amateur Night Starts at 10pm

WTF Wednedays $5 Cover and almost everything else!

$5 Cover! With coupon on our website

$5 BIG Margaritas ALL DAY HH 3:30-6:30p & 11p-close

$5 Classic Martinis ALL DAY HH 3:30-6:30p & 11p-close

$2 OFF Glasses of wine 50% OFF Bottles of wine

$5 BIG Signature Cocktails G Spot / O Spot / B Spot/ A Spot

KARAOKE 9pm $3 Drinks / $3 Pitchers

Cumbia Night Savannah Show $3 Drinks / $3 Pitchers

Salsa Nights $3 Pitchers Karamba Girls Show

Urban Thursdays Ruby Show $3 Pitcher $3 Drinks

HH 3pm -Close $3 Well & Domestics 7pm-Close

Taco & Tequila Tuesdays $5 Patron & Margs $4 Dos Equis

HH 3pm-7pm KARAOKE 7pm-Cl All Drinks Buy 1 get 1 for $1 7-Cl

HH 3pm-7pm $3 Well & Domestics 7pm-Close

$3 Well & Dom 6a-12p $4 12p - Cl Trivia Night 9pm

$3 Well & Dom 6a-12p $4 12p - Cl Poker 7pm

2-4-1 Well & Dom ALL DAY Poker 7pm

$3 Well & Dom 6a-12p $4 12p - Cl KARAOKE 8pm-Cl POKER 7pm

HH 2-4-1 4-8pm $2 Well & $3 Domestic

HH 2-4-1 4-8pm $2 Well & $3 Domestic 9pm-Close

2-4-1 4-8pm Sinful Studs 9pm-Mid

HH 2-4-1 ALL DAY Beautiful Losers Comedy SHow

HH 2-4-1 Well & Dom 2-8pm KARAOKE 9pm

HH 2-4-1 Well & Dom 2-8pm

HH 2-4-1 Well & Dom 2-8pm Underwear Night

HH 2-4-1 Well & Dom 2-8pm

KARAOKE 9pm-Close HH All Day

HH All Day SONGO 6-9pm $5 Martinis All Day

2-4-1 All Day Live DJ

HH 4-8pm Live DJ $1.50 Rolling Rock 4-mid / Well 8-mid




90s House Party 10pm w/ DJ Sid the Kid 90¢ PBR Br

3-4-1 Well Drinks 8p-Close KARAOKE

Taco & Tequi

Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night 8pm


Tequila & Mexican Beer ALL DAY





Live Music

Salvador Duran 7pm OPTI CLUB Dance Party 10pm

Viva La Diva Show with Diva

2-4-1 All Day Go Go Boys 11pm



February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 89



WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018


1. 2601 on Central


2601 N. Central Ave.

Coming Soon!

2. Anvil

2424 E. Thomas Rd.

(602) 334-1462

3. Aqua

1730 E McDowell Rd.

(602) 253-0689

4. Bar 1

3702 N. 16th St.

(602) 266-9001

5. Bliss/ReBar

901 N. 4th St.

(602) 795-1792

6. Boycott Bar

4301 N 7th Ave.

(602) 515-3667

7. BS West

7125 E. 5th Ave., Scottsdale

(480) 945-9028

8. Bunkhouse

4428 N 7th Ave.

(602) 200-9154

9. The Cash

2140 E McDowell Rd.

(602) 244-9943

10. Charlie’s

727 W. Camelback Rd.

(602) 265-0224

11. Club Volt

3108 E. McDowell Rd.

(602) 244-1465

12. Cruisn’ 7th

3702 N. 7th St.

(602) 212-9888

13. Dick’s Cabaret

3432 E. Illini Rd.

(602) 274-DICK

14. FEZ

105 W. Portland St

(602) 287-8700

15. Flex Spas Phoenix

1517 S. Black Canyon Hwy.

(602) 271-9011

16. Karamba

1724 E. McDowell Rd.

(602) 254-0231

17. Kobalt

3110 N Central Ave. Park Central (602) 264-5307

18. Los Diablos

1028 E Indian School Rd.

(602) 795-7881

19. NuTowne Saloon

5002 E Van Buren St.

(602) 267-9959

20. OZ Bar

1804 W. Bethany Home Rd.

(602) 242-5114


21. Plazma

1560 E Osborn Rd.

22. The Rock

4129 N. 7th Ave.

(602) 266-0477 (602) 248-8559


23. Stacy’s @ Melrose

4343 N 7th Ave.

TUCSON Address

25. Hotel Congress 26. IBTs


311 E Congress St., Tucson x

616 N 4th Ave, Tucson

(602) 264-1700


(520) 622-8848 (520) 882-3053

February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 91


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 93


WWW.IONAZ.COM January 2018


n honor of the drunken and newfound love on Valentine’s Day, this installment of Favorite Bitch® is all about the ‘Bridezilla Realness’ that’s sure to follow in the Spring! Dear Miss Tiger, I met my fiancé’s college buddy for the first time. We’ve been spending a lot of time together and ended up having sex. I’m afraid we won’t stop even after I’m married. What should I do? — Steffy Dear Here Cums The Bride, He may not be in the wedding party … but he’s definitely the best man for your chocha! Dear Miss Tiger, I married my girlfriend. She’s always been wild, but I hoped she’d take it down a notch once we got married. During our honeymoon she even tried pole dancing on a lamppost and bent it in half! She promises to be more domesticated. Can she really change? — Tommy Dear Even My Granny’s Cataract Eye Could See This Bullshit From A Mile Away, The only change you can count on is what’s left in your pockets after you’ve paid for all the city infrastructure she tears up! Your hopes for domestic bliss are about as real as the implants you bought her. Dear Miss Tiger, I’m gay and I want my straight friend’s fiancé. How do I let him know I’ll service his anaconda on the DL?

— Angelito Dear Yo’ Momma Picked The Wrong Name ‘Cuz You Be A Diablo For Realz, ATTENTION LADIES: This is why you never tell your gay bestie how good your man’s eggplant is … NEXT! Dear Miss Tiger, I need advice on what to wear to a wedding. My sister warned me not to dress slutty. — Tabatha Dear Off The Rack, I don’t care what you wear, just remember to pick it up from the bathroom floor after banging the catering crew. Dear Miss Tiger, I broke up with my ex last year and now he claims to be a better man, but my new boyfriend feels right for me, although I’ve been sleeping with both of them. Who do I chose? — Kendra Dear Sloppy Seconds, Either you go for the guy with the bigger diamond or go the guy with the bigger dick. Hopefully it’s the same guy. If not, go ahead and have the best of both worlds, hunty! Need advice? Write, Tweet or Instagram me and get the answers you’re looking for! Miss Tiger

Advice Columnist • SiriusXM radio personality ... and everyone’s #FAVORITEBITCH Website Twitter/Instagram MissTiger Advice February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 95


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

by Addison DeWitt


t’s not A even close to the Champs Elysées, but I’m loving Paris Pride on Thursday nights. Why? Because of hot go-go boys like this guy, (A) C and hostess Kiki Andrews. (B) Ooh là là!


The excitement over the season premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars reached a fever pitch at the home of Jared Cranford and John Fagundes (C) who hosted a très exclusif viewing party. (They served piglets E in a blanket and meatballs! Just try to keep me away!) Guests included that fine piece o’ man Rick Evans Jewell (D), who wore a cunning little Louis Vuitton top. This beauty’s the spitting image of a young Farrah Fawcett (E). Well, except for the whiskers. But if you squint your eyes ... see?CSee? Other fanboy guests included the scrumptious Clayton Scherf and his divoon (practically!) common law husband, Christopher Davenport (F), who insisted on being all cute and adorable. Local personalities recently auctioned off their undies



for the Phoenix Pride Scholarship Fund. Hunky heartthrob Tanner Cordell (G) whose eyebrows have both grown in nicely since my May 2017 column, (see our online archive for the full report) contributed his scanty panties for the Cause. I like to imagine they looked like these ... (H) Blind Item: We all like things that are sticky and sweet ... and sometimes D a little salty. We heard a rumor that a certain showgirl in town got caught with her skirts way up and her pantyhose way down in the dressing room while a fan we’ll call “Gummy Bear” showed her a just how much he appreciated her G apparently very “hard” work. She put the “show” in “show business!” Twice in one night! Now that’s what I call pleasing your fans! February 2018 WWW.IONAZ.COM 97


ung hey, girl, hey, fat choy! It’s the Chinese Lunar New Year, and this is the Year of the Earth Dog. Your tenacity keeps your eye on the red ball. Pay attention to waste and unnecessary expenses. You develop your ability to adapt. Make a lifestyle change ... quit scooting! Fetch! There’s no Full Moon this month, so be extra alert; you can still howl the night away, however. You attract positive attention during the Solar Eclipse on February 15. Who knows? With the right training you might even win “Best in Show.” It’s okay to sit on the furniture. Just watch it with the crotch sniffing, though. Have an extra eggroll for your treat! ARIES Mar. 21 - Apr. 20 The stage is set for you to earn extra favors. You might have to jump through a few hoops. You’ll be meeting lots of people, so make sure you’re always groomed. TAURUS April. 21 - May 20 You’re eager to show your affection to somebody. You’re not in the spotlight lately, so this is a great time to step back and relax. It’s a good time to bark less. GEMINI May 21 - June 21 You’re not a minimalist. You’re more of a “maximalist.” If a little is good, more is better. Not just more “stuff,” but more emotions, too. CANCER June 22 - July 22 Everyone’s feeling overly emotional and sensitive. Use your intuition, making you the sympathetic one for everybody. Express your feelings, and your glands. LEO July 23 - Aug. 22 You develop an unrelenting obsession where it’s pretty much all about you. Try to be a little bit more tactful and diplomatic. Like you did in Obedience Training.


WWW.IONAZ.COM February 2018

VIRGO Aug. 23 - Sep. 22 This is the perfect time to put any past problems to rest. Your ability to compromise, negotiate and mediate is your strength. A deep-cleaning of your spiritual house does wonders! LIBRA Sep. 23 - Oct. 22 Your charming, non-confrontational style helps motivate others around you. You manage to make your abstract ideas totally realistic, learning a few tricks. Shake hands! SCORPIO Oct. 23 - Nov.23 It’s all about Control Issues. You learn what’s in your control, and what’s beyond your control this month. You’re determined and straightforward because of this. You’re such a terrier. SAGITTARIUS Nov. 23 - Dec. 23 Courage gives you the strength to get stuff done. Fast. You’re good at tackling hard choices. Why? Because you can concentrate. Keep your eye on the ball! CAPRICORN Dec. 23 - Jan. 20 You’ll be physically and intellectually challenged by others. Keep on track with lots of new ideas. Some are a little kooky, but that’s just the crazy Cocker Spaniel in you. AQUARIUS Jan. 21 - Feb. 19 So many opportunities await you, little mutts! You try new things: new kibble, new parks, new tricks. The Solar Eclipse on the 15th is in your sign; start a new project. Birthday pooches will succeed in special tasks. Sniff a butt. Make a friend. PISCES Feb. 20 - Mar. 20 Like a St. Bernard, you have a natural instinct to save others. Birthday fishies have quick reflexes that help in the dog park or in water, like a Labrador. Watch out for a spoiled Poodle. You know who it is.

ION Arizona #200  

The February 2018 issue of Arizona's LGBTQ Entertainment magazine. Inside this issue: David Hernandez, Desperado LGBT Film Festival, The AGR...

ION Arizona #200  

The February 2018 issue of Arizona's LGBTQ Entertainment magazine. Inside this issue: David Hernandez, Desperado LGBT Film Festival, The AGR...