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Meet Anthony Capra This month's featured Humanitarian and Hero

The Editor's Corner I have been quite excited about the initial launch of our magazine last month and the immediate responses that came to us about the humanitarian awards program. Our goal is to create awareness for selfless individuals around the world and their projects, give them a voice and to engage corporate involvement for funding of those projects. Every person with a vision of making the world a better place, whether it is Richard Branson, Lindsay Gale or Anthony Capra, all started as complete unknowns. Their initial obscurity did not diminish their passion and their desire to move the human race forward. It isn't where you start out but where you are going that makes all the difference Those with an undeterred vision know this. It is that vision that has changed the way we communicate, educate ourselves, raise our families and why the last fifty years has produced more heroes and life saving devices than the thousand years that came before it. Humanitarians continue to fight in the face of all odds, discouragement or adversity because it is their vision that they can not and will not allow to fall by the wayside. We celebrate these obscure, remotely located and unsung heroes here in this magazine and we will be awarding ten of them with the Changes for New Hope Humanitarian Award later this year to honor their efforts, altruism and accomplishment. I hope you will embrace their spirit and make it your own too. ~~ Jim Killon

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so other people will not feel insecure around you. When we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same? ~~~Marianne Williamson

Volunteers come from all over the world to give of their time, compassion and experience to benefit the less fortunate in places that may be remote, war zones or natural disaster areas and leave behind the comforts of home. Why do they do it? Are the Indiana Jones wannabes or does something deeper drive them to care when so many couldn't imagine this?

Th e Passion of t h e In t er n at ion al Volu n t eer They travel from every part of the world to share their time and experience in places that many people would never consider stepping into by choice. They park their comfortable, routine lives for awhile and risk the possibility of malaria, altitude sickness, earthquake devastation, kidnapping, mudslides and war zones. While these situations may be more rare than loneliness, food poisoning and depression, the life of a volunteer is no doubt filled with uncertainty. Why do they do it? What is the motivation of a person to plant themselves among total strangers for the betterment of pueblos and villages that may not even remember their names? Well, it isn't all one sided. Volunteers benefit in many extrinsic as well as intrinsic ways. Here is a few thoughts as to why volunteers reach out;

1. People who volunteer gain a deeper sense of altruism and personal compassion. Helping the less fortunate develops our human spirit. 2. Volunteers learn about new cultures and people. 3. Volunteers can improve their professional skills and develop new ones. 4. Volunteers develop problem solving skills and empathy. 5. How an individual sees the world from an office window in New York or Omaha is considerably different from a volunteer 's perspective that they develop from a grass hut in Kenya or an adobe house in the Peruvian Andes. 6. Volunteers can dress up an anemic resume or CV. Employers are impressed by volunteer service of their applicants. 7. There is a sense of deep accomplishment in places that need a volunteer 's service that matters the most.

There are numerous benefits to the people who the volunteer serves within the organization that he serves with. Here are a few to consider; 1. Skills are taught to communities can create opportunities to become self sufficient. 2. Funds and awareness raised can support community programs. 3. Children's education is imperative to break the cycle of impoverishment. 4. Schools, libraries and other infrastructures built by volunteers enhance the progress and success of everyone in the communities. 5. Professional skills such as medical services afforded by volunteers is usually superior and more advanced than what is available in developing countries. In some remote areas, medical services are non-existence. 6. Sharing new methods, skills and tools that are appropriate can develop computer literacy, farming techniques, community involvement and self reliance. 7. The awareness of a community that "outsiders" have come with a sense of humanitarian duty and compassion triggers a like minded sense of altruism among the people themselves. 8. In disaster relief areas, every hand helping victims is critical. Language barriers can be bridged, which in emergency relief situations, is urgent and beneficial.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. ~~ Margaret Mead Volunteering clearly has win-win benefits for everybody concerned. Sadly, there are abuses. Some volunteers arrive, look around at the situation, shrug and zip off to the next stop of their tourist agenda. Some communities have individuals who have the "You have it, I want it, give it to me", attitude, without wanting to learn how to earn it. There are exceptions to every situation. Rare exceptions hopefully. My time serving those disadvantaged in Peru has inspired me to write a book about my first five years and the stumbling blocks- into-stepping stones story. "A Gringo in Peru- A Story of Compassion in Action". It is available through Amazon books and other book sellers on line. I have learned that I have sacrificed nothing but I have shared everything. The love, compassion and sense of accomplishment I feel after seeing how far beyond my wildest dreams this project has developed into makes me know that altruism, is a wealth that may never show up on a bank account statement but is ever bit a currency that others can benefit from. I would encourage anyone who can volunteer to share of your time, experience and talents with those who absolutely need you. It can be in some far away country or it could be right down the street at a shelter for homeless people, an orphanage or even volunteering at a literacy program. Spare a few dollars, whatever you can afford. Imagine if everyone spent just ten minutes a day making the life of someone else a little more comfortable. What a wonderful world.

Don at ion s-Pu llin g t h e Cover Back an d Look in g at ou r Reason s

One of the most powerful things that we can do that enhances our human spirit is to give of ourselves. Whether it is our time to volunteer, our ideas and expertise to benefit those needing assistance, or reaching for our checkbooks or credit cards to offer financial help to projects that are working in areas that desperately need help. Those who share selflessly, are the heroes that make the projects out there viable and progressive. Let's step back from the barrage of television infomercials, bell ringers on street corners and banner ads that appear on just about every web page, and consider the real reason why we need to share. The list is harder to come up with because most people have a ready made list, in color, of reasons why they decide not to give. Here is a few most often heard reasons; 1. How do I know my contribution is actually going to benefit the intended recipients? 2. What good is my few dollars (Euros, Pounds or Yen) going to do? 3. There are plenty of people in my own country that need help, let's start there. 4. There are so many scams out there, who can I trust? 5. I have so many expenses of my own, if anyone needs help it is me. 6. There are so many in destitution and despair, I can't help them all. These are all fine reasons but only superficially so. Let's look under the surface and see if these are reasons or just excuses, shall we? 1. Frankly, you don't know. There has to be some due diligence and then trust your decision. There are charity watch dog organizations to manage and report on donation seeking projects. Also, you can visit, call, email, and actually communicate with projects and their leaders to see who runs it, what they are actually doing and know that your contributions are well spent. If I were to just write a check and mail it, I'd have doubts too. 2. Here in Peru, for example, one dollar spends like three. A pair of running shoes can cost as little as three dollars. A fine gift for a child who is wearing shoes with the toes cut out because the shoes they have are too small. Also consider a few dollars added to the few dollars of many other donors adds up to a significant amount that can afford relief for many individuals.

3. Charitable giving, whether in your own country or in a 3rd world location, is wonderful, much needed and appreciated. Consider this however; 85% of the billions of donated dollars in the United States stays in the United States for domestic charities. Many developing countries have levels of impoverishment of over 50% and governments are too poor to serve them all. In short many people are on their own, living in destitution and desperation. Wherever you choose to help, is help nonetheless and urgently needed. 4. True, scam organizations do exist. Due diligence is necessary. You have to do your homework. But after you do, what is to stop you from contributing to the good of humankind? There are scam car dealers out there also but you bought a car, didn't you? There are restaurants that serve bad food, but you still eat out don't you? You had your heart broken by a girl or boyfriend, but you are married or otherwise involved again, right? Please don't let a few bad apples turn you off from all fruit, so to speak. 5. What I learned in my time as a financial planner was; people have money for things they want to have money for. Even during the great depression, the vacation industry and credit unions were they only prospering sectors. I don't know anyone personally who has starved to death and I am sure you don't either. Consider if your mortgage went up by $50 a month, would you move? If your car insurance went up $20 a month, would you take the bus to work? Of course not. Everybody has some kind of disposable income. It is our scarcity mentality that makes us think we are poor when we aren't. Scarcity mentality prevents us from enjoying life because we think everything costs too much. You have enough to do whatever you want to do, within reason of course, it is merely a mater of priorities. Every month you should be setting aside money for your future, the first bill you pay should be to yourself. And when you do, set something aside for the less fortunate of the world. You will feel better about yourself and how you see the world around you, I promise. 6. There are so many that need help, agreed. Over a billion children will go to bed tonight hungry. In many countries, simple drinking water is a luxury. No, you can not help them all. Consider the fact that doctors can not save every patient. But they reach as many as they can, don't they? Because they can not help everybody doesn't mean they shouldn't help anybody, right? One of the core values of Changes for New Hope is "We do what we can, with what we have, for as many as we can, for as long as we can." We all want to be better people, charitable giving is one way that we can become a little closer to that person we wish we were.

M eet An t h on y Capr a Th is M on t h's Feat u r ed Hu m an it ar ian an d Her o I have been fortunate to meet many incredible people in my time. Baseball superstars, Hollywood actors and a director, mega-millionaire business moguls and political figures, all massively engaged with their next endeavor. Then there are far more simple and lesser known people who are equally focused, but instead on making movies, home runs or another million, their efforts are to make their piece of the world that they can touch, a better place. These folks I find far more amazing and note worthy than those who appear in the news interviews and magazines. It is why we created this magazine, to share their stories. Anthony Capra is one of those amazing people who decided to use his skills and talent, blended with relentless love and compassion, to reach out to the less fortunate. Anthony visited us here in Peru as he was developing his own humanitarian project 14ALL41, One for All for One. His website is He is now in full swing, registered officially as a 501C3 organization in the U.S. He has visited Haiti as well as nursing homes and children's hospitals locally in his native Florida. In his own words, here is Anthony's story;

An t h on y Capr a - 14All41- On e f or All, All f or On e

My name is Anthony Capra, I'm a 29 year old barber living in sunny South Florida. Along with being a barber I'm also the Director of 14ALL41 Non Profit Organization. 14ALL41 is One For All, All For One. It was formed in 2016 to provide those in need with haircuts and necessities. Our goal is to help build self esteem from the inside out. We are on a mission to make a difference. In less then a year we have been fortunate enough to help all over. Children's hospitals to nursing homes. We went from the mountains of Peru to the beaches of Haiti. Different places, different projects but the same message. Spreading Faith, Hope and Love (I sound like a hippie). One of my favorite quotes is when Gandhi said "If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change." Be the change you wish to see in the world. Each day I wake up I remind myself just that. I appreciate the present and look forward to the future. If in 2003 someone would have asked me where I would be in 2017. I'm sure at 15 years old I would have said almost retired owning a barbershop. In 2017 the 29 year old me is realizing retirement is about 90 years away and my barbershop is anywhere I cut hair. Thank you to my family, friends and supporters. A very special thank you to my friend/legend Jim Killon. I appreciate it. Much LOVE to you ALL! ~~ Anthony Capra

"When you make a change in your life, everything that happens after that is because you made that change. Where you are in life right now is based on what you decided to do earlier. Choose wisely. Live large Live deliberately..." ~~ Excerpt from the book "The Changes That You Deserve" --- due for publication June 2017.

Wh at ar e w e goin g t o accom plish w it h t h is m agazin e an d h u m an it ar ian aw ar d pr ogr am ?

1. To recognize humanitarians and like minded individuals for their selfless work in the field. 2. To raise awareness for their projects by sharing their stories and projects with the world. Hopefully this will encourage fund raising efforts and support. 3. To draw corporate sponsorship to our program for mutual benefit. Corporate PR can be enhanced by their association. Funding for this program will be used as prizes to the winners of the award. Additional funding will support the projects throughout the world that meet criteria we believe is critical. 4. To develop an alliance among individuals to share ideas, challenges, "how to" support and stories of progress. To be there for each other in good times and bad. We are no longer alone. 5. To provide independent credibility to individuals leading projects for their further development. 6. To give you a platform and a forum for your ideas and thoughts. What you have learned, you can share.

Cor por at ion s, Bu sin ess Ow n er s, We n eed you ! One of the biggest issues in today?s business world is Corporate Social Responsibility, with companies focused on how they can support charities whilst also maximizing benefits for their business. Below are some ideas on how your company can help Changes for New Hope raise funds and boost its public image! Ch ar it able cor por at e even t Organize a charitable corporate event! Treat your staff and customers to a memorable social occasion whilst raising much needed funds for the charity. Whether it?s a black tie dinner or a workplace sporting competition, there?s something out there for everyone to enjoy. Payroll Giving Implement a payroll giving plan deducting a small amount from the pay of your employees and choose Changes for New Hope as a charity to which you wish to allocate your donations. Payroll giving is usually set-up with a government agency and is known to be one of the most-tax efficient ways to donate. Cau se M ar k et in g Donate a percentage of your sales to Changes for New Hope! Enhanced public image, boosted staff morale and increased sales and productivity can all be achieved from a meaningful and well managed corporate-charity partnership. Your business may introduce various creative, interesting and lucrative promotions, part the proceeds of which would go to Changes for New Hope. Jean s Fr iday f or Ch ar it y Many businesses allow their employees to wear jeans on Fridays, but only if they donate to a charity. Pick Changes for New Hope as a charity you support and spread the word among your colleagues! Oftentimes the business will match

employee donations. We can be contacted via our website at Changes for New Hope using this convenient link- just cut and paste into your browser.

Com in g u p in ou r Ju n e 2017 issu e;

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Changes for New Hope is a registered NGO non-profit organization with the Peruvian government since 2010. Its focus is to help children living in destitution and impoverishment in the Andean region. The project creator is Jim Killon, an American born humanitarian, author/writer, exhibited artist, and life enhancement speaker. His writings, articles and publications can be seen on The Good Men Project, Living in Peru magazine, Inspire Me Today, as well as self publishing "A Gringo in Peru-A Story of Compassion in Action," and "Living Large-Living Deliberately". To be available in June 2017, "The Changes That You Deserve" is his newest offering. Jim Killon is available for speaking engagements and presentations. For more information, contact him through the project's website at ;

Book Preview;

Changes for New Hope is not affiliated with any religious or political organization.

"The Changes That You Deserve" Jim Killon's latest book is now available

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The changes for new hope humanitarian awards magazine may 2017 issue  

This magazine highlights the heart and compassion of humanitarians around the world. Volunteers, humanitarian project leaders and sponsor ph...

The changes for new hope humanitarian awards magazine may 2017 issue  

This magazine highlights the heart and compassion of humanitarians around the world. Volunteers, humanitarian project leaders and sponsor ph...