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Special Edit ion Announcing t he Recipient s of The 2019 Jim Kil l on Humanit arian Award

November 2019

Jim Killon

Editor 's Corner

Recipient of the 2017 David Chow Humanitarian Award Books for Peace Special Award 2019 Global Goodwill Ambassador-Humanitarian 2019

I want to welcome you to this special edition of our magazine that is honoring four amazing people who are the first recipients of the Jim Killon Humanitarian Award for 2019. It is our intention to share their altruism and sacrifice for the betterment of our human family where they have created solutions and relief to those who desperately need it. Between these four incredible individuals many thousands of people living in impoverishment, despair and destitution have been helped. What is the difference between them and the rest of us who have seen the same conditions and circumstances of the disadvantaged? Frankly my dears, they gave a damn. They did not consider "Thoughts and prayers" to be nearly sufficient nor adequate. Equally, they did not stroke a check to assuage their consciences as many do annually. They rolled up their sleeves, tossed excuses and whatever they were busy doing, they set it aside to create solutions with what they had, where they were, never looking back to see who was watching nor overly concerning themselves during times of obstacles or failures. Their success and hard won victories light a path of possibilities and opportunities for those who may never have had a chance otherwise. These are heroes of the first order. Why have we decided to present this award to them at this time? My best response would be to share the words of Dr. Chris Stout, a humanitarian in his own right. He said, "When we look at a statue of someone great we think that they have something that we don't. We are trained to think that only a tiny percentage of us will ever cure any diseases or slay any dragons. But every single one of us is called to be a hero in our ordinary lives.... We don't build statues to worship the exceptional life, we build them to remind ourselves what is possible in our own." We can all be heroes but few will ever attempt the seemingly impossible. Whether it is because of apathy or the ever tightening noose of fear that convinces people that they are limited is of little consequence. The grave awaits us all but who will leave footprints behind them on this earth to let the world know that they were ever here? These four have left a path that beckons us to emulate so that the joy they have might be shared within us all. ~~~

Jim Killon

If y ou w ant t o see t he imp ossible accomp lished at t emp t t he imp ossible

Inspiration! While everybody else in the world waits for the perfect moment/ timing/ f unding/ partners to develop their dreams, this man rides a bike through the streets of Peru's villages making keys on a hand cranked machine Do what you can, where you are, with what you have available to you.

Is there any other def inition of success?

EGO OUT OF CONTROL OR CREA TI NG A LEGA CY? Th e Jim Killon Hu m an it ar ian Aw ar d

Hi there, I'm Jim Killon. Founder and president of Changes for New Hope in the Peruvian Andes. I am the author of nine published e-books, the exhibited artist in eight venues, five in national museums, editor of the Changes for New Hope Humanitarian Magazine and now, the creator of the Jim Killon Humanitarian Award. To pre-respond to those who might ask the obvious question, "Who the hell do you think you are?" I say this: I am just Jim Killon, an ordinary man who gives an extraordinary damn. I have created these projects because it was imperative to reach out to the vulnerable and destitute children. I did not seek out wide recognition but as our success continued, it was inevitable that recognition would follow. I am glad it did because I hoped to be someone those seeking a life of compassion would want to emulate. The destitute of the world, such as the 785 million people that will go to bed hungry tonight, needs help from those of us who have extra, a little extra or immense wealth. I have done what I could and to date over five thousand Peruvian kids here in the Andes are doing a little better. Not to throw flowers at myself but I'm damn proud of that. Now let me explain why I created a humanitarian award in my own name.


One night in July 2018 I was attacked by two drunken thugs in front of my home in an attempt to rob me and ultimately kill me, beating me with a beer bottle and relentlessly punching and kicking me. I vigorously defended myself which is all that saved my life. As I laid in the street regaining consciousness, I smiled knowing that I had fulfilled my purpose and goals in life but simultaneously I realized that if I died, my project, my plans and even who I became here in the outbacks of Peru, would eventually be forgotten. The support for the children would vaporize and they also would be forgotten. For this reason, I decided to recognize the compassionate work of fellow dedicated humanitarians so that their accomplishments and example of altruism would not be forgotten nor ignored. This award is a legacy to my own work and name which I hope others around the world will Google and be inspired to do something for the disadvantaged somewhere in the world in their own right. It is not a matter of ego nor conceit but simply a footprint that I am leaving behind so that my wilderness can be a super highway for others to follow who want to make the world a better place too. In that spirit, I hope that you can appreciate and celebrate this with us.

If t her e is a super power t hat all humanit ar ians use t o inf luence posit ive changes in t he wor ld, it is Gr at it ude. Some might f ind it ironic t hat we would expr ess gr at it ude for t he oppor t unit y to ser ve t he disadvant aged of t he wor ld but what we r ealize is t hat t he f ull cir cle of alt r uism becomes complet e as we develop int o a t r ue value t o ot her s among our human family. We wer e never meant t o be bor n, get an educat ion, a job, a family, pay bills and die but t hat is how count less millions live t heir lives ever yday.

Money becomes clut t er in t heir homes f illing ever y cor ner wit h mat er ial t hings t hat soon lose it s glit t er . Mor e becomes less. A hole in our essence t hat will never be f illed wit h mor e "st uf f ." Gr at it ude, for life, for healt h, for t he oppor t unit y t o become a value t o ot her s is why we shine out int o an ot her wise ver y dar k wor ld of monot ony and ordinar y exist ences. Consider becoming one of us.

Gr at it ude is our answer r egardless of t he quest ion.

What Did Yo u Mis s In o ur Pr evio us Is s ues o f t he Chang es f o r New Ho pe Humanit ar ian Mag az ine?

Enjoy Ever y I ssue of Changes for New Hope Humanit ar ian Magazine at I ssuu.com Absolut ely Fr ee! Comment ar ies, Ar t icles That Will Rebuild Your Life, Phot ogr aphy Fr om Places You Need To Know About , Feel Good St or ies and Her oes I n The Field Ar ound The Wor ld That Ar e Making Your Wor ld Bet t er .

Join u s in ou r pr ogr ess an d devel opm en t to br in g sol u tion s to th ose wh o wou l dn 't h ave a ch an ce with ou t u s. W e can al l be h er oes.. Now is your tim e. Th is is a Social M ovem en t! Lear n h ow at w w w .ch an gesf or n ew h op e.com

Jim Killon


Elaine Poggi enhances the healing of hospital patients by placing photo artwork in their rooms. Her compassion in action to provide this unique touch to hospitals around the world, free of charge, makes Elaine one of the people we feel compelled to honor with this year 's award. Learn more about her beautiful altruism at her website https://healingphotoart.org/

?I have been given a gift: I am aware of and can see the world?s beauty all around me. I capture this beauty with my camera, and then my greatest joy is to share it with those who are suffering in hospitals. When I am scuba diving, I see incredibly colored fish and coral. When I am driving around the Tuscan hills, I feel the peace and tranquility of this land. When I am hiking in the Dolomite mountains with my husband and my little dog, I smell the fresh, crisp air. My hope is that my photos transmit these colors, feelings and scents to all the patients who view them.? ~~~ Elaine Poggi, Humanitarian

Jim Killon


When Changes for New Hope was created back in 2009, I wrote to over 1500 organizations, companies, foundations, friends and grant makers. Without support, there would be no relief for the destitute children in the Peruvian Andes that we came to serve. One man and his charity, The White Feather Foundation, came to our aid with financial support and raised awareness for our project to his hundreds of thousands of followers. That man was Julian Lennon. That compassionate assistance saved our young, fledgling organization and we thrived. Since 2009 Julian has provided support to many other charitable organizations which have reached untold thousands of people living in various conditions of despair, desperation and destitution. Those who are of means could easily pull the ladder up behind themselves and leave the challenges of the world to those who endure them. Compassion in action means doing what is necessary, when and where it is needed for as many as can be helped. Our personal experience with Julian Lennon and his White Feather Foundation has proven to us, and the thousands that Changes for New Hope has reached, that he well deserves this recognition and we are honored to be partnered with his altruism. Learn more about Julian Lennon and the White Feather Foundation at his website https://whitefeatherfoundation.com/

Jim Killon


Body text

Many people get dealt a bad hand and give up on life. Fewer people get dealt the obstacles that Jim Paradiso had to cope with. Life took a downward turn for him in his fifties when he was then struck blind after an aneurysm exploded in his brain, later he contracted a flesh eating bacteria that caused him to have a few toes amputated to save his life. I met Jim in Huaraz, Peru shortly before he returned to Loja Ecuador where he now lives. Talk about turning your lemons into lemonade, Jim accepted his situation with rare grace and a sense of mission. He began reaching out to a school for blind children and taught them how to be self reliant. Self confidence was lacking and many were afraid to venture out of their houses except to go to school. Jim created programs to help them become independent. He gave them a freedom they did not know was available to them. Jim tells me that going blind was the best thing that ever happened to him. What he learned from his loss was a gain that he was able to use to serve humanity in ways he never considered before all this challenged him. His unique outlook, his infectious sense of humor and compassion in action is the reason we felt he was an obvious choice for this award. In a world where excuses replace compassion, Jim shows that the only reason not to be a service to the human family is simply, "You don't want to." When you have a deep sense of compassion for the disadvantaged, nothing can stop you. Jim Paradiso can't be stopped!

Jim Killon


As a Fulbright scholar working in the coffee lands of rural Nicaragua, Kristin Van Busum saw firsthand the severe need for education among the people there. Seven out of ten children will make it beyond primary school. Many were dropping out by the third grade. Teachers were under trained, resources were in short supply and without an education, the cycle of poverty would continue. That was all Kristin needed to see to create solutions in the form of her project called Project Alianza. http://www.projectalianza.org/ Her efforts have created schools that are safe, with access to water and sanitation. Once those schools were in place, a curriculum of literacy, health and hygiene and environmental sustainability was taught. Over two thousand children have been positively affected by the project's impact. Going beyond the school, Kristin believes that children, especially girls, will influence entire communities with what they have learned which adds to the sustainability of the community. Kristin says, "Programs don't change people. People change people. I've learned that a social mission cannot thrive without a team of innovators, believers and doers that share a vision for a better tomorrow. " In a country where political strife tears at the fabric of the stability of its people, Kristin has developed something that can withstand the uncertainties beyond their control. For this reason, we proudly present Kristin Van Busum this award for 2019.

Available on Am azon Book s. E-book s by Jim Killon Her e ar e a f ew of t h e t it les n ow available f or you r per son al developm en t an d a n ew per spect ive of t h e w or ld w e live in .

One of Th ese Days..... Just A rri v ed! Think about your habits.

when "one of these days"

You pull into a gas station, do

arrives. When you decide that

you get a dollar 's worth of

enough is enough with

gas? Of course not, you fill it

excuses, mediocrity and

up. You'll need gas again so

following the person in front

why not max out in one stop?

of you. Challenges will arrive

When you go to the movies,

but so will your courage.

do you walk out after the

Obstacles are guaranteed but

opening credits? Of course

so is your tenacity to press

not, you watch it until the

past them. This is your new


habit which only takes about

Yet people quit in their real

sixty six days according to

lives when things get tough

researchers. After that it

all too often. So many people stop reaching for their dreams as soon as the first obstacle arrives. Why is that?The biggest problem is that once you quit, quitting becomes easier, your new habit. Let's think about new habits that better serve you. One of these days.... the list is endless. The longer you live the longer the list becomes. Hundreds of promises to yourself, everyone of them

seems natural to follow what is your new habit and it feels unusual when you do anything to the contrary. This is part of living life on your own terms, to live a life that isn't a life half filling your tank or missing the rest of the movie after the credits. Your life comes to you in fifteen minute segments. Use each one with the passion and willingness to see how much you can get out of it.

you if you never launch them. The day your life changes is

Creating good habits can be as simple as saying "Thank You!" out loud as your feet hit the floor in the morning. It can be making a decision not to complain about anything at all today. It may be to just do a few warm up exercises that you have been promising yourself to start. Others are already doing this with great results. After all, it is your life, start living it! * ~~ JK

starting with, "one of these days". Brilliant ideas die with

alternative? Being a defeatist, reacting instead of responding to the circumstances that try to beat you down? When you step out and believe in your own abilities, talents and capabilities, even the ones you have yet to become proficient, life becomes something that you experience on your own terms.

Some folks might consider total confidence arrogance, (it isn't) but what is the

Th e Jim Killon Hu m an it ar ian Aw ar d 2020 Nom in at ion s w ill be accept ed u n t il Oct ober 30t h , 2020 Win n er s w ill be an n ou n ced Novem ber 19t h , 2020

Nominees are individuals selected based on their verifiable humanitarian work and contribution to serve the disadvantaged. Selections are made with no regard to race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, color, physical impairment, ethnic origin, religion, age (over 18) or nationality.

How t o com plet e t h e Nom in at ion For m : 1. Please fill out the Nomination Form with complete and accurate information about the Nominee?s humanitarian work. 2. The Nominator must complete the Nomination Form and must also provide three (3) additional recommendations from three other individual Endorsers who are in a position and/or aware of the Nominee?s work and are NOT related to the Nominee. 3. Attach all four (4) completed Nomination forms. 4. If available, provide pertinent, third party documents and/or write-ups of the Nominee?s work (press releases, articles ? newspapers magazine, etc.). 5. Provide reliable identification and contact information of the Nominee. 6. Submit a quality, current, color photograph of the Nominee and any pertinent web-links and/or web pages. 7. Keep a copy of the Nomination form for your records. 8. Submit the completed forms by any of the following methods noted at the end of this nomination form.

Th e Jim Killon Hu m an it ar ian Aw ar d 2020 Nom in at ion For m A. Nominee's Name:


B. Date:


Endorser 's Name (Your Name): _______________________ Your Address:

_____________________________________ _____________________________________

Your Email Address: ___________________________________ Nominee's Information (Humanitarian's Information) A. Nominee's full name: ________________________________________ B. Nominee's full address: _____________________________________ _____________________________________ C. Nominee's email address: ___________________________________ D. Website:


E. Date of birth (Nominees must be at least 18 years old) ___________

Qu alif icat ion s: 1. Wh en did you f ir st m eet t h e Nom in ee? (M on t h , Day an d Year , or u se best appr oxim at ion ):

2. How did you com e t o k n ow t h e Nom in ee an d h is/ h er w or k ?:

3. Descr ibe h ow t h e Nom in ee's h u m an it ar ian w or k ben ef it s in dividu al people:

4. Wh at f act or s an d/ or ch ar act er ist ics m ak e t h is Nom in ee except ion al?

5. Has t h e Nom in ee est ablish ed h is/ h er ow n ch ar it able f ou n dat ion ?

If yes, w h at is t h e Websit e Nam e?:

Ch ar it able Fou n dat ion Addr ess:

6. Assess t h e Nom in ee's Leader sh ip Sk ills Unknown

[ ]

Does work as a one-person humanitarian. [ ] Works as a member within a group. [ ] Leads/manages a group of people. [ ]

7. Descr ibe h ow t h e Nom in ee's w or k im pact s t h e lar ger com m u n it y/ w or ld:

8. Appr oxim at ely w h en did t h e Nom in ee begin doin g h is/ h er h u m an it ar ian w or k ?:

9. Est im at e t h e am ou n t of t im e t h e Nom in ee spen ds on h is/ h er h u m an it ar ian w or k (ch eck on e). Spends minimal time on humanitarian work. [ ] Part time - 20 to 32 hours each week [ ] Full time - 40 hours or more per week [ ] 10. Est im at e t h e n u m ber of people w h o h ave ben ef it ed f r om t h e Nom in ee's w or k :

11. Assess an d descr ibed t h e degr ee t o w h ich t h e Nom in ee pu t s at r isk h is/ h er ow n per son al saf et y (i.e. f ir e, f lood, ear t h qu ak e, w ar , lif e, lim b, et c.) in or der t o pr ovide h u m an it ar ian ser vice t o ot h er s :

12. Ar e you aw ar e of an y cr im in al con vict ion s f or w h ich t h e Nom in ee h as been con vict ed, or is t h e Nom in ee k n ow n f or an y " bad act s" or h ist or ically con t r over sial act ion s t h at w ou ld r ef lect n egat ively on eit h er t h e Nom in ee or t h e Jim Killon Hu m an it ar ian Aw ar d or Ch an ges f or New Hope? If yes, please descibe:

" On t h is day, I h er eby declar e t h at all t h e above st at em en t s ar e t r u e t o t h e best of m y k n ow ledge."

You r n am es an d dat e: __________________________________________________________________

Af t er com plet in g t h is f or m , k in dly copy an d past it t o an em ail t o: CNHm agazin e@gm ail.com

or if you pr ef er , pr in t it ou t an d m ail it t o:

Jam es Killon Jim Killon Hu m an it ar ian Aw ar ds Ser post Hu ar az, An cash Per u

Guess What's Coming Next.... Som et im es you ch ase solu t ion s. Som et im es solu t ion s f in d you . It ju st u n f olds in f r on t of you as t h e obviou s dir ect ion you ar e su ppose t o go. I was having a conversation with my friend Paul a while back. We were talking about the project and why was it that people around the world knew about our project simply threw good will nods and well meaning accolades our way. Our awareness had reached thousands of people who clearly appreciated what we were doing but stopped short of actually supporting us with what made all the difference, funding. I think Paul summed it up in one thought, "Jim, people love children..their own children. They will do anything for their own kids but you are asking them to care about little brown children in a foreign country that don't speak English, kids that they will never see face to face so their destitution doesn't exist. People's hearts are limited, their time and resources are for things that they care about which is what benefits them. Maybe he was right. Had I been putting the cart before the horse? Before people could care about my "Little brown children", they need to care about themselves first. My research shows that 85% of Americans are using some sort of chemical substance, whether medically prescribed or otherwise, to get through their days. Anxiety, depression, fear based decisions, relationships falling apart, the illusion of happiness and the pursuit of finding it with useless purchases and one week-long escape annually from their lives somewhere that they will try to pay off during the rest of the year. Trading hours of their lives for money in jobs they hate. Damn! The destitution, despair and misery of the world is not exclusive to third world villages, it is ubiquitous. It is obvious before anybody will ever care about the world around them, they first need to manage their own lives and well being. Whatever they thought might work to reach that golden ring of contentment clearly isn't working. What has worked for me has been amazingly beneficial for so many here. Without drugs, alcohol or years in a therapist's office, I delved inside to find what has always existed. Change your life by changing your perceptions of it.

M in df u ln ess..M edit at ion ... an d M ot ivat ion When the chips were down for me here in Peru there was no one to pick me up, I had to find a way to do it myself. I get to be human too so when rejections, depressions and uncertainties about my future and my project loomed dangerously close with no solutions in sight, I curled up in my one room I inhabited, eating just one meal a day and with my one luxury in life, my WiFi connection. I zoomed in on YouTube videos of those wellness gurus speaking about motivation, personal development and mindfulness. It worked for them, would it work for me? At rock bottom there was nowhere else to go but up. I put their words into practice and found that my perception would change how the world got shaped around me. My story is unique from any other and I used it and the developments to shape the direction of our project which helped many people pull out of their own situations. Whether they live in adobe houses or mansions in Hollywood, people generally are all wired the same. Getting re-wired is what will be the global Do-Over that can alter the course of our lives forever. I began studying and practicing meditation alone extensively. I learned that simply ten minutes to align myself positively for whatever I would face that day actually created the day I was going to have. What used to be huge disappointments are now minor annoyances that I flow around like water around a rock in a stream. Breathing exercises (yes, there is a right way to breathe) causes my brain to reset and focus clearly which will trigger those "Feel Good" brain chemicals endorphin, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin to flood my system instead of cortisol and adreneline, which we needed in prehistoric days to fight or run from tigers. The resentments of the past and the anxieties of the future drop away as I become mindful of this present moment and become fully engaged in what I am doing and who I am with. Better relationships, smiling through life now. Therefore, I am announcing the newest program for Changes for New Hope which will focus on Mindfulness, Mediation and Motivation and will be available soon in app form and YouTube videos as well as other social media. This is now a project that can embrace people wanting to be their absolute best. My goal was to always find a way to embrace those everywhere and to be a profound value to them. This is what can touch people where they hurt the most, in their hearts and minds. Watch for the news, upcoming announcements and new offerings on our website. w w w.ch an gesf or n ew h ope.com .

The Final Tho ug ht Nobody saves the world. The world, being the people on the earth, are so varied and diverse, so complex and with so many lines drawn between us, dividing us into one of a thousand different camps, makes it impossible to share one message that everyone will embrace. In a world where you can not get five people to agree on where to go for lunch, how can humanitarians, dedicated as they may be, effect positive, lasting change? As you have read in this issue, we influence changes, causing people to want to change, their lives, their communities and beyond. We do this with a handful of people at a time, usually children first. Thousands of small micro-charities, obscured from mainstream media, are influencing positive changes which addresses disease, impoverishment, creates educational opportunities and convinces angry villagers that terrorism is not how progress is going to be achieved. We are one human family. We have a responsibility to embrace this family, first with our compassion, then with whatever material support we can afford. Not out of guilt or obligation but because we recognize our role in this world to be a service to one another. We can all be heroes. A better world will evolve if we make it possible. Live large my friends, live deliberately. ~~ Jim Killon

Changes for New Hope is a registered NGO, non-profit organization with the Peruvian government since 2010. Our focus is to help children living in destitution and inadequacies in the Andean region. This magazine is expanding that focus to partner with other NGOs and their leaders around the world. The project creator is Jim Killon, an American born humanitarian, author/writer, exhibited artist, and life enhancement speaker. His writings, articles and publications can be seen on The Good Men Project, Living in Peru magazine, Inspire Me Today, as well as self publishing: "A Gringo in Peru-A Story of Compassion in Action," "Living Large- Living Deliberately" "The Changes That You Deserve"

"Silver Linings Words of encouragement, love and being limitless" "Infringe Me? A Solution to Consider for Gun Violence in America"

and the recently published "When "Bad" Things Happen To Good People..Like YOU" Available at Amazon books online Jim Killon is a recipient of The David Chow Humanitarian Award 2017 Global Goodwill Ambassador-Humanitarian 2019 Books for Peace Special Award 2019 He is available for speaking engagements and interviews. For more information, contact him through our email at cn h m agazin e@gm ail.com Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved. Photo: Cecilia Falco Hirt

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Special Edit ion Announcing t he Recipient s of The 2019 Jim Kil l on Humanit arian Award Be sure to check out our website at

w w w.ch an gesf or n ew h ope.com

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