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Cexceptionally v stylish lio floors

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Cavalio is an exquisite range of floors which is new to the UK. Cavalio luxury vinyl tiles look real and feel real because they faithfully reproduce the warmth and natural grains of wood, the beauty and characteristics of stone and the understated style of ceramic tiles. Cavalio floors are constructed from multiple layers of vinyl to provide exceptional stability and strength, photographic film is then applied and finally a tough polyurethane wear layer. This produces beautiful floors which will perform in any room of the home, from hallway to bathroom. A choice of borders and feature strips are also available to enhance and individualise your floor.


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TERRENI Wood and stone effect planks and tiles for every room in the house.



VITTARA Luxury wood effect planks with bevelled edges for special rooms.

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CERAMICA Tiles with real grouting. The genuine appearance of ceramics without the disadvantages.

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BORDERS AND FEATURE STRIPS Personalise your floor with stripping and beautiful border designs.

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DESIGN IDEAS Some ideas on how to lay floors in different patterns and enhance them with borders and strips.

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CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Advice and tips to keep your floor looking as good as the day it was installed.

Terreni - CT 305 005 Charcoal Slate

Terreni - CT 152 037 Scandinavian Country Plank

Front cover photo: Vittara - CV 152 047 Rustic Wood


My friends couldn't believe our new bathroom floor wasn't real stone until they took their shoes off and felt how warm it was.

terreni 4

Cexceptionally v stylish lio floors

T ERRENI Terreni is perfect for every floor in the home. It is stylish, yet practical and will retain its good looks with minimal maintenance. Whether you are creating a traditional, contemporary or rustic interior, there is a style to meet your needs and you won't believe how real the wood and stone effects look. A tough wear layer ensures that the spills, splashes, knocks and scrapes which are part of everyday life, don't affect the appearance of your Terreni floor.

Terreni - CT 152 039 Antique Oak


12 Years



Wear Layer:


Bevelled Edge: No

Terreni - CT 610 018 Travertine Rosolare


Terreni stone inspired tiles come in 19 different styles and colours, from cool marble to sophisticated dark slates. Three tile sizes are available to create a stunning floor with the appearance of real stone.

TERRENI 305mm x 305mm (12” x 12”) tiles

CT 305 007 White Marble

CT 305 010 Sahara

CT 305 002 Sandstone

CT 305 001 Marble Beige

CT 305 003 Ceramic Oyster

CT 305 004 Ceramic Bronze

CT 305 008 Lava

CT 305 009 Terracotta

CT 305 011 Rustic Slate

CT 305 012 Jurassic Slate

CT 305 006 Silver Slate

CT 305 005 Charcoal Slate

TERRENI 457mm x 457mm (18” x 18”) tiles

CT 457 015 Ebony Slate

CT 457 013 Antique Ceramic

CT 457 014 Ochre Ceramic

CT 457 016 Limestone

CT 457 017 Ivory Stone

TERRENI 305mm x 610mm (12” x 24”) tiles STRIPPING Feature or design strips can enhance the appearance of a Cavalio f loor. See page 16 for a selec tion of complementary strips and borders. CT 610 018 - Travertine Rosolare


CT 610 019 - Travertine Crema

There are 23 beautiful Terreni wood styles from the lightest Bleached Maple to the rich dark tones of Mahogany. Two different plank sizes and variations in grain allow a modern, traditional or rustic appearance to be achieved. TERRENI 102mm x 914mm (4” x 36”) plank

CT 102 020 - Bleached Maple

CT 102 024 - Maple Select

CT 102 021 - Natural Maple

CT 102 025 - Beech

CT 102 028 - Maple Parquet

CT 102 022 - Limed Oak

CT 102 023 - Natural Oak

CT 102 027 - Zebrano

CT 102 026 - Calvados Maple

CT 102 029 - American Oak

CT 102 031 - Cherry

CT 102 030 - Cherry Parquet

CT 102 034 - French Nutree

CT 102 032 - Merbau Tones

CT 102 035 - Steamed Cherry

CT 102 033 - Warm Teak

CT 102 036 - Walnut

TERRENI 152m m x 914mm (6” x 36”) plank

CT 152 037 - Scandinavian Country Plank

CT 152 038 - Wild Oak

CT 152 039 - Antique Oak

CT 152 040 - Antique Cherry

CT 152 042 - Rustic Wood Beam

CT 152 041 - Mahogany


Cexceptionally v stylish lio floors

VITTARA The luxurious wood effects of Vittara, created with warm tones and subtle textures are just right for the creation of a special room. A thicker wear layer makes hard wearing Vittara ideal for areas such as an entrance hall, dining room or a lounge with a french window. That doesn't mean you can't use it in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, you can and you won't regret it.


15 Years



Wear Layer:


Bevelled Edge: Yes

Vittara - CV 152 056 Driftwood


Vittara - CV 152 047 Rustic Wood

I've got the best of both worlds, a beautiful living space and a practical floor that the children can't damage.

vittara 9

Vittara is an exclusive range of 14 wood styles with soft and rich tones. The realistic wood grains, bevelled edges and rustic effects combined with a choice of plank sizes offers limitless design opportunities.

102mm x 914mm (4” x 36”) plank

CV 102 045 - Light Beech

CV 102 046 - Washed Maple

CV 102 044 - North American Oak

CV 102 043 - Cottage Oak

152mm x 914mm (6” x 36”) plank

CV 152 051 - Oak Select

CV 152 052 - Natural Beech

CV 152 047 - Rustic Wood

CV 152 049 - English Oak

CV 152 050 - Deep Oak

CV 152 056 - Driftwood

CV 152 053 - Antique Pine

CV 152 048 - Warm Cherry

CV 152 054 - Natural Walnut

CV 152 055 - Hickory

STRIPPING Feature or design strips can enhance the appearance of a Cavalio f loor. See page 16 for a selec tion of complementary strips and borders.


Vittara - CV 102 044 North American Oak


I just love my kitchen floor. It's so easy to keep clean and I don't have to worry what I drop on it.

ceramica 12

Cexceptionally v stylish lio floors

C ERAMICA Imagine a beautiful floor with all the design appeal of ceramic tiles, complete with real grout, which doesn't crack, chip or feel cold to the touch and you have Ceramica. Disasters in the kitchen are a thing of the past and stepping out of a bath or shower onto a warm, comfortable surface is sheer luxury. Ceramica comes in a choice of subtle and rich stone effects to complement any interior decor scheme. Different styles can be combined to great effect particularly when creating borders or chequerboard patterns.

Ceramica - CC 394 063 - Yarra with CC 394 064 - Barossa inset


10 Years



Wear Layer:




Ceramica - CC 394 061 - Ochre with CC 394 065 - Pilbra inset


Ceramica tiles capture the best features of the most luxurious ceramic tiles in a choice of 11 beautiful styles. Real grouting provides a truly authentic finish.

394mm x 394 mm (15.5� x 15.5�) tiles

CC 394 057 - Volcanic Ash

CC 394 058 - Grey Mist

CC 394 059 - Washed Sand

CC 394 060 - Stone

CC 394 061 - Ochre

CC 394 062 - Pumice

CC 394 063 - Yarra

CC 394 064 - Barossa

CC 394 065 - Pilbra

CC 394 066 - Daintree

CC 394 067 - Calico


Ceramica - CC 394 067 Calico


You can individualise your Terreni or Vittara floor with design elements such as borders, corners and strips. They offer the opportunity to personalise your floor and create striking or discreet effects. In addition to our range of strips and borders, we can create inlays to your own design. Your retailer or flooring specialist will advise you on the options available. TERRENI DESIGN STRIPS 5mm x 914mm


CTDS 050 068 - Grey

CTFS 050 075 - Black

CTDS 050 069 - Beige

CTFS 050 076 - Mid Grey

CTDS 050 070 - Beech

CTFS 050 077 - Silver Grey

CTDS 050 071 - Natural Oak

CTFS 050 078 - Gold

CTDS 050 072 - American Oak

CTFS 050 079 - Copper

CTDS 050 073 - Steamed Cherry

CTFS 050 080 - Brown

CTDS 050 074 - Walnut

E XAMPLE BORDERS 102mm x 914mm

CTBS 102 081 - Embossed Sandstone length

CTBC 102 081

CTBS 102 082 - Embossed Charcoal length

CTBC 102 082

CTBS 102 083 - Wood Ribbon length

CTBC 102 083

CTBS 102 084 - Wood Diamond length

CTBC 102 084

Embossed borders are available in Terreni Sandstone and Charcoal Slate only. However, cut bespoke borders can be created using any combination from either the Terreni or Vittara range.

VITARRA DESIGN STRIPS 5mm x 914mm CVDS 050 085 - Metallic

CVDS 050 088 - North American Oak

CVDS 050 086 - Mahogany

CVDS 050 089 - Light Beech

CVDS 050 087 - Black

CVDS 050 090 - Rustic Wood CVDS 050 091 - Hickory


Design ideas: When you have chosen a product for your home it is important to think about how you want it fitted. You can change or enhance the look of a room by the use of different laying patterns. Below are some of the more popular versions but your retailer will be able to offer you a wide range of alternatives. TILES

WOODS Broken bond using rectangular tiles

Random strips at 90Ëš

Chequerboard with stripping

Random strips at 45Ëš

Chequerboard without stripping

Ships decking with stripping

Square tiles with stripping


Classic border installation

Random strips with keystones

Mixed tile Certain tiles can be supplied ready cut and packed. Feature or design strips can then be added to provide a unique effect.


Simple routine cleaning and maintenance will keep your Cavalio floor looking good for many years to come.

The following maintenance instructions are designed to minimise the cost factor, without compromising the long-term appearance of your floor covering. Once the installation is complete, do not traffic for 24 hours until the adhesive has dried and then: • Remove all loose debris and ensure that all traces of dried adhesive are removed from the surface of the floorcovering. • Mop, sweep or vacuum to remove dust and grit. • Damp mop with a neutral detergent.

ROUTINE MAINTENANCE The following recommendations are provided as a guideline, and the frequencies can be changed to optimise the appearance.

• When the first coat is dry, a second coat should be applied at right angles to the direction of the first. Subsequent coats should be

DAILY • Mop, sweep or vacuum to remove dust and loose dirt.

applied at right angles, and the final coat should be applied right up to the skirting.

• As required, spot clean to remove stubborn marks with a neutral cleanser.

• Two to three thin coats are usually sufficient to provide excellent resistance to abrasion, scuffing and removal of black heel marking.


However, be guided by your own periodic assessments for the

Assess the appearance of the floor.

particular location.

As required, scrub the floor using neutral cleanser (pH 7 to 9). using a Microfibre mop or deck scrubber.

• In order to minimise costs, subsequent polish applications may be applied only to traffic paths.

APPLICATION OF A FLOOR DRESSING • The Polyurethane surface treatment will provide initial protection

Periodically – generally every six months – assess the appearance of the

for the floor covering. However, an application of a metalised

floor. If there is an unacceptable build-up of polish, especially at the

polish may be required eventually to provide extra protection. The

edges of the room, this should be stripped and reapplied, as per the

level and intensity of traffic and soiling will determine how soon

instructions above.

the polish will have to be applied. The maintenance regime requires the installation of an effective barrier For polish application please follow details of the procedure below

matting system.

• Using an applicator and tray, or Kentucky mop with wringer and bucket, the first coat should be applied thinly and evenly across the

Cleaners and detergents should be diluted as per the manufacturers’

floor, to within 200mm of the skirting. It should then be left to dry.


This normally takes approximately thirty minutes, depending on the ambient conditions and the thickness of the coating.


Always follow the Health and Safety guidance provided.

Choosing a new floor is an important decision and one that needs careful planning. The following guidelines give you a step by step guide which will make the process simple and pleasurable.

Take time to browse through this brochure and decide which colour and


style suits your room and decor. If you have internet access you can be a little more interactive by comparing different shades and refining your choice. Simply log on to and follow the on screen instructions.


Once you have arrived at your shortlist, please request product samples. You can do this by telephone, via our website or by visiting your Cavalio retailer. Samples are a good way of getting a better feel for the product and its true colour. They can then be compared with your decor scheme.

Next, visit a retailer. If you haven't already got details of your nearest then


visit our website or give us a call. Cavalio specialists can offer you valuable advice on all aspects of floor design and installation. They will more than likely come up with a few ideas and suggestions that you might not have thought of.


Once your new Cavalio floor is installed you will find it easy to clean and maintain and dependent on the range you choose you will have the comfort of knowing it is guaranteed for either 10, 12 or 15 years.


Whilst every effort has been made to provide accurate colour representation of products, the limitations of the printing process can be misleading. Selection should always be made from actual s amples. These are small pieces cut from full size tiles and to get an overall impression of the design or v a r i a t i o n s i n w o o d t o n e s y o u s h o u l d c o n s u l t a C av a l i o r e t a i l e r. I t i s a l s o w o r t h r e m e m b e r i n g t h a t c o l o u r v a r i a t i o n s c a n v a r y s l i g h t l y f r o m b a t c h t o b a t c h . From time to time, as a policy of continuous development, we may add or remove styles from our product ranges without prior notice.

C AVA L I O F LO O R S 18-20 Rosevale Road, Parkhouse Industrial Estate West, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 7EF Tel: 01782 569840 Fax: 01782 569841 Email:

Cavalio Brochure  
Cavalio Brochure  

Cavalio is an exquisite range of floors which is new to the UK. Cavalio luxury vinyl tiles look real and feel real because they faithfully r...