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Biomimicry: the examination of nature. We take inspiration from nature's best ideas and then imitate these designs and processes to solve human problems. The emulation of nature's genius requires us to look at Nature as Model, Measure, and Mentor.

Group 1: Mengdan Yang, Brian Han & Elsie Zheng

"Biomorphic design might take on a new signify if instead of ignorantly copying the shapes of animals and plants. We were to acknowledge that biomimetic teaches that shape is the most important parameters of all." -AD Volume 79, Issue 6

- Imitation of the form - Solve the problems of design: material ,time ,space - Establish the engineer system, use defined form to practice


-Grow out of the site and be unique. -Inspired by nature and be sustainable, conserving and diverse. -Follow the fludity of form, be flexible and adaptable. -represents the local culture. -indicates complexity.


The Research Pavilion by ICD and ITKE

Brief: Canopy is the latest installation work form United Visual A r t i s t s c o m m i s s i o n e d b y C a d i l l a c Fa i r v i e w, L a n t e r ra Developments & Maple Leaf Sports. It is a 90-metre long light sculpture spanning the front facade of the building, using mass production and precise fabrication. Materials : Powder coated steel, anodised aluminium, injection moulded polycarbonate, LED, Code Dimensions: 90 metres x 3 metres Inspired by • Experience of walking through the dappled light of a forest. • Form (Thousands of identical modules): abstracted from the geometry of leaves. Performance: During the day, apertures in the modules filter natural light to the street below. After dusk, particles of artificial light are born, navigate through the grid and die, their survival determined by regions of energy sweeping across the structure. Outcome: Canopy as an example of digital design inspired by biological experience and form, evokes and reflects nature by its structure pattern and atmosphere it created at the site.

The Research Pavilion by ICD and ITKE

Brief: This Research Pavilion is constructed with 60 kilometres of carbon and glass fibre filaments, which winded by a programmed robot. Inspired by: lobster's exoskeleton The structure of the pavilion was based on their research into the complex layers and load-bearing efficiency of a lobster's exoskeleton, which is made up of layers of chitin – a derivative of glucose – embedded in a protein matrix. Material: Their research of lobster’s exoskeleton forwards them to design a structure that could be made from resinsaturated glass and carbon fibres laid down by a robot. The glass fibres mainly serve as the formwork for the layers, while the stiffer carbon fibres are responsible for the load transfer and rigidity. Dimension: 8 metres across, 3 and 1/2 metres tall, 4mm thick Performance: As a benefit of the structure researching, the Research Pavilion provides a maximum internal space by a thin shell skin. This was achieved by removing the steel frame after robot’s construction process.

wynndham city: growth fractal:generation

fractals: simulation of complex natural system .a repeat self-similar shape

A fractal is rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts,each of which is at least approximately a reduced size copy of the whole. the concept of Fractals is a principle that unites all living things .when we represent Fractal in architecture, we also incorporate nature on a much more universal level. Fractals can be an inspiration of our gateway design .not only the form, the basic structure frame can come directly from the shape. The repeat of self-similarity pieces with different scales can indicated the growth and development of local culture. The details can combine with various natural aspects like cellular or voronoi to create an eye-catching form. The form come from nature also can demonstrate the urban characteristic of “Growth. The culture content also can be indicated by the performance .the pattern design influence the lights and shadows. The reaction to environment also can be a innovative aspect can be considered, The whole design is not only an art piece to public, it is also a project integrate with nature and describe the beauty of surrounding nature.


Biomimicry otherwides known as biometric is a study of natural structures and processes then apply into the architecture design to help solving the problems. In this case study, we have explored an extended result from the project Morning Line by Aranda Lasch. And the one of the trial version is experimenting the fractal geometries by the application of making recursive system of tetrahedrons in the base geometry.

In this exploration, a perfect pyramid is our base geometry. As beginning, we need to creat the pyramid structure on Grasshopper simple by adding polygons command and set up the calculation in the expression mode and make each side pyramid has equal length. Identifying the points at the end in order to scale the same geometry to each ends and repetitions of same command would result in this tetrahedral structure.

The extension beyond the example given is adding the same concept of pyramid to each face of orginal pyramid. By doing that, we need to export the curves for original geometry and analyse the middle points of each sides and centers of each faces in order to construct a four half side pyramid onto the plane. Finally, apply the same tetraheron patterns into the structure.

Morning Line presents the idea of by using different arrangements or combinations of base geometry to provide the differrent experiment space for the performance. In this exploration, we have arrange the base tetrahedralize pyramid structure as the starting point of gateway approach. The structure provide two contrasting spaces as a gateway arc. On one end, it is higher and larger space with strong connection to the ground while the other end of arc has relatively compressed space with a point support by the ground. It is expected to have different feeling of space when entering two different space. During the time creating the geometrical variation, the thoughts behind the the pyramid and trangulated structure is that, by setting up the geometry almost perfectly equal in length and differentiating them down by the same fraction, it is quite interesting and achievable to join up the structure with different size of connections and produce different performance of space and visual outcome. But reality bring up the different results as the connections could not be joint up perfectly which mean it is neccessary to provide alternative solutions for to break down or adjust the structure in order to fabricate smoothly. Even that, the final result provide a good definitions about the base geometry and make the approach toward the biomimicry expression of the architecure


various geometries generates on fractal structure


Architectural DesignVolume 79, Issue 6, Article first published online: 6 NOV 2009 group_id=_5_1&url=%2Fwebapps%2Fblackboard%2Fexecute%2Flaunc her%3Ftype%3DCourse%26id%3D_262336_1%26url%3D

case study 1  
case study 1  

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