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1.1 INTRODUCTION About me This is Elsie, I am from china and this is my third year major in architecture, I did design studios before so I understand a lot of design process and approaches. I love travel, movies, photography and design. Traveling always bring me new inspirations and thoughts. I am also a part-time lover of fashion design. In my first studio Earth, I used RHINO to make 3d model to do the final presentation. RHINO is good software but I found sometimes it’s a bit hard to control the form.


Virtual environment is the first time I engaged with digital design, I learned RHINO ,INDESIGN etc in that course and it is really helpful. I learned how to look for precedents to develop my own ideas and continue my design process. 2d and 3d fabrication techniques really teach me a lot. The fabrication with paneling tool use create 2d and 3d pattern for my design work. However, the insufficient knowledge of digital techniques and software use limited the design process but I enjoyed the whole course, Digital design really attracted me because it brings many possibilities when make a form, the complex geometric form can be easily realized and I believe it bring me more inspiration. I am fascinated by parametric design and I expected to learn more in Studio air.

1.2. ARCHITECTURE AS DISCOURSE. How to define architecture? Architecture design is the way to combine multi-fields and creates spatial experience for users. Its open to everyone, its not for professional fields but public. Its not an art work to represents architect’s personal visual vision, is a design inspirited from culture and urban context. Exploration of the site is the basis of designing the building, then develop the idea connect to concept and functional design ,architecture acts as an essential role in social life and impact the way how people understand about the building. Art is only an approach of architecture; architects are expected to create both dramatic form and space. The aesthetic feeling of architecture design was represented by its spatial design, façade design, form making and experience a discourse , the trend of architecture influence the other designing fields. Since the digital technologies and parametric design became worldwide,3d design, geometrical and complexity issue are generated in architectural field, it also impact the evolution of fashion design. Architecture design is logical and comprehensive. it give people experience and visual impact. The allocation of form and functional use achieves its social status integrated with urban context. The parametric world will bring more opportunities and inspiration to architecture.

PRECEDENTS Metropol Parasol, Seville, Spain

"The liquid-like curves of the design are very much in the tradition of avant-garde artists." This project shows the Use of Structural innovation to create space. Creating aesthetic structure to represent the form in innotive way . I t r o s e u p o u t o f t h e g r o u n d l i ke g i a n t m e t a l l i c mushrooms. the organic curves and ballooning forms of these 'parasols' contrast with the more mundane rectangles surrounding this former parking lot in Seville. Visualised as a thriving commercial centre where contemporary urban commerce and tourism sit side-byside with the town's ancient archaeological remains, the new development, Seville Parasol, is intended to revitalise an uninspiring area of the city

‘lasvit liquidkristal (LLK) pavilion’ T h i s i s a c u r ve d , f l o w i n g installation open to exploration by visitors, it is indicates reflective qualities of the material. the panels of the parametric architecture pavilion themselves are smooth on their exterior, while the inner surface follows a valley of dips and pockets, which is what causes the fascinating play of light on objects visualized through the panels from any angle.

The system permits the precise forming of any mathematically describable design, and individual panels can showcase slightly ‘shifted’ versions of the model, creating the effect of an organically flowing pattern across a building or other large structure. the innovative method also lets designers or architects control the level of opacity of segments of glass, utilizable in creating spaces where certain features are highlighted and others blend off into a blurry play of colour and light. This architecture work use parametric techniques to express its materials and movement ,it creates special and moving experience for users. It concludes vision impact and both spatial design,to provides people a artistic feeling



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