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Issue 02 Feb. 04, 2014 ISSN 2334-346X

Cesar Chavez:

Artist brings passion to all his artwork

National Day of Service Petition

Best of the Golden Globes: Best moments recap of this years Golden Globes

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Cover photo taken by Jesus Figueroa



In love with LOVE

It’s that time of year again where everyone gets googly-eyes and goes out looking for the most cost effective present to show that special someone just how much their affection is worth. Who doesn’t love, love? It’s one of the basic human needs. It’s a magnificent feeling that cannot be described in words. This month’s cover features an artist who makes his living by taking that feeling and plucking one special second out of it to create amazing works of art. Louis XXX is an incredible artist I was fortunate enough to stumble upon his work a few years ago in the most romantic of spots, a pizza place by the name of Purgatory Pizza. The art on the wall painted by Louis XXX caught my eye and instantly I started to take photographs with my cell phone. I am hopeless when it comes to romance, wearing my heart on my sleeve and putting all I have into a relationship. So this issue is dedicated to that speacial feeling, LOVE.

Jesus Figueroa Editor-in-Chief of


HEART TREE- A hand-drawn heart tree from Anima É Cuore Studios’s artist Laura Dickenson. Drawn with soft lead pencil on drawing acid-free paper. Inked with drawing markers.



Table of Contents Page 3 - Cesar Chavez National Day of Service Written by Jesus Figueroa Page 4 - If we won’t, Who will? Written by Eli Kay Page 5 - Latin Music Beat Written by Jesus Figueroa Page 7 - Best Golden Globe Moments Written by Eli Kay Page 9 - Mike’s Movie Mayhem Written by Mike ‘The Movie Guy’ Pierce Page 11 - Anima É Cuore Studios Artist Apperciation: Louis XXX Written by Jesus Figueroa Page 15 - Thisfunktional’s Playlist Written by Jesus Figueroa Page 17 - Concert Corner Photos by Jesus Figueroa Page 19 - Thisfunktional Reviews Written by Jesus Figueroa Page 20 - Anti-Valentine’s Day Written by Megan Perry

Artwork by Louis XXX


Artwork by Louis XXX

Editor-in-Chief Jesus Figueroa Writer Eli Kay Megan Perry Megan G. Razzetti Columnist Mike ‘The Movie Guy’ Pierce Photographer/Photo Journalist Ashley Weinfield



Cesar Chavez: National Day of Service campaign Jesus Figueroa


Participant Media’s Social Action team and the Cesar Chavez Foundation look to mske March 31 National day of service in honor of Cesar Chávez. Chávez was the second of 5 children to Librado Chavez and Juana Chavez, farmers and country store owners until the depression and drought forced them to move to California when they lost their farm and country store. The Chávez family lived on the road traveling from farm to farm. César Chávez would drop out of school after finishing the 8th grade and attending 38 different schools. Family settled in Delano, Calif. The writings of St. Francis and Mahatma Gandhi helped inspire the idea that non-violence could be an active force for positive change. Chávez started the first union for farmworkers in the United States which became know the United Farm Workers of America. The struggle of equality escalated and when pay was cut during harvest season, Chávez helped organize the largest grape boycott, which brough him much attention. Chávez became the leader of the union. The Union would do battle nonviolently. The picket lines were in the fields, but the main focus moved to the cities where grapes were sold. At the peak of the boycott more than 13,000,000 Americans supported the Delano grape boycott. They boycott lasted five years before the Delano growers signed a historic contracts with the United Farmworkers Organizing Committee, as it was known at the time.

Photo courtesy of Pantellon Films MODERN HISTORY- Still of Michael Peña playing activist Cesar Chávez in Pantellon Films upcoming “Cesar Chávez: An American Hero” out in theaters March 28. What had started as the Delano grape strike came to be known as La Causa (the Cause). The sacrafices Chávez made and his dedication to the cause inspired those around him. Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy came to Delano to show suport for Chávez, which Chávez later responded to by committing UFWOC to campaign for Kennedy in the California primary. Chávez’s efforts are credited as being the starting point for a growing wave of Latino activism and electoral activity, that would eventually lead to the election of thousands of Latino officials.

Cesar Chavez died in Yuma Arizona on April 23, 1993, near his birthplace. He was 66 years old. His funeral in Delano attracted thousands of Americans from all across the nation, and from many professions. Avenida Cesar Chavez formed in 1994 running from East Los Angeles into Monterey Park is named in honor or civil rights and labor union leader César Chávez. Portions of the street — from Sunset Boulevard between Figueroa and Spring streets, Macy Street between Main Street and Mission Road and Brooklyn Avenue through Brooklyn Heights,

Boyle Heights— are named Cesar Chaves Ave. In total, the street stretches more than 6 miles. The street sign was unveiled on March 31 1994, Chavez’s birthday, at the five-points intersection at Indiana Street after approval by Los Angeles City Council in Oct. 2013. A few notable landmarks are located throughout the more than 6 mile span of the street — such as Sunset Boulevard, Pueblo de Los Angeles, Olvera Street, Union Station, East Los Angeles Civic Center and East Los Angeles College.



Photo by Eli Kay

Photo by Eli Kay

Eli Kay’s look inside the class struggles in Greece Eli Kay


The economic recession in Greece has left a huge impact in the population of the country, but sometimes, when you live in the middle or upper class of the population it is a little harder to notice. We hear about people losing their jobs and companies closing down, but can we really perceive the seriousness of the situation? In order to see what exactly is going on, I decided to volunteer with a charity section of the Evangelical Church in Thessaloniki, Greece, and organize a Soup kitchen project. That same charity had completed another project in December, called ‘Homes and Hearts’ where they were giving clothes, pots, pans, blankets and anything else families might need. That project lasted one year before the volunteers realized that the people

coming to the charity for help, were more in need of food, than anything else. “I just need milk for my baby” one of the men in line for the soup kitchen, who wished to remain anonymous, said. Before 2009, not having to eat seemed like a fairy tale from another time, An old story our grandfathers used to tell about the Second World War. But unfortunately, in 2014, it has become a bitter reality. With the help of St Luke’s hospital which provided the food for the soup kitchen, the preparation of the salads and the sponge cakes from the team, we made our way to the Cultural Centre of the municipality of Kalamaria, in Thessaloniki, where the government has more than 40 families registered for food aid. Bigger municipalities have more families registered, with some having so many people who are homeless and therefore not eligible for registering, that whatever food is left over is not enough for even half of them. I tried sneaking out a couple of pieces of sponge cake to give to some kids who were sleeping on the benches outside. It is really heartbreaking seeing people like this and the worst thing is that unless

“If we won’t, who will?” Team Leader

we get involved it is hard for us to see what really goes on out there. The food aid package consists of a portion of the main course, a portion of salad, two pieces of dessert and a loaf of bread. Sometimes that has to feed a family of four. “The municipality’s soup kitchen is open 5 times a week, leaving Saturday and Sunday closed to the people. So the church is considering taking advantage of those two days and providing a similar service but in the church’s own premises”, said the leader of our team who did not want to be identified. The reaction of the volunteers and their willingness to help their compatriots in this time of need, took me by surprise. When I asked them about it, they replied naturally, “If we won’t, who will?” one of the volunteers said “There are so many things that you can be thankful for, but a lot of people have nothing. They lose their jobs, their homes and sometimes their dignity. Many people actually die from hunger and the cold. Others just choose to take their own lives to escape the dept and the suffering, leaving their families helpless. When you realise that, you just have to act. There is no elaborate reason; you just have to put yourself in their position. Assume that nobody else will do it if you don’t take the step first, and make it happen,” the leader of our team said.


Latin Mu


Renzo’s young career starts at a young age Jesus Figueroa


Dominican singer Renzo starts off the year with song “Perdí el Control” (I Lost Control) at the fourth spot on Billboard’s Tropical Charts. The video for the song, directed by Guillermo Mueses, has had more than 70,000 views on YouTube in just a few weeks. Renzo’s family have been supportive of Renzo. His parents and brothers have been the producers for his hit single and music video. Renzo debuted last year and has already accomplished a few notable achievements. At a local showcase where Renzo performed last April local press were amazed to discover such talent. The unique style and professional background in dance and choreography were a big part in the performance of the young singer-songwriter. Part of the shock from the local press was the delighted they had to see a young Dominican performer deeply excited about vintage merengue from the 80s and who has found a unique way to blend the signature sound of Quisqueya with the mosaic of musical styles heard on the streets of New York.

Renzo was featured on “Primer Impacto” last year in a lengthy segment recorded on South Beach with Tony Andrades. He also participated in promotional events across the Northeast where his single, “Mi favorita” (My Favorite) lingered at number 1 for weeks. He performed as part of the concert series Descarga- a major summer event in the Latin industry hosted by Mun2 and Telemundo last July. He recorded an R & B version of “Mi favorita” featuring Mikey from Aventura as well as performing it live with Max on Divertido Con Jochy in Santo Domingo. RENZO is at the moment in the process of recording his album, slated for release in 2014. The production will include merengue in RENZO’s personal style, the fusion of traditional orchestral merengue with elements of R & B and other pop music. The album will also feature straight R & B versions of RENZO’s original compositions, with many surprises in store to keep a look out for. Renzo was born Renzo Rene Oviedo Boitel in Queens, New York and moved with his family to the Dominican Republic at age 7 where he resides. At 6 years old Renzo discovered his passion for music when his brothers gave him a Michael Jackson CD.

RENZO- “Perdí el Control” Click here to watch video

Dominican singer Renzo’s current single “Perdí el Control” is #4 on Billboard’s Tropical chart. It was written by Romeo Santos and has more than 100,000 views in just 1 month. Twitter: @RenzoWorld Facebook: @RenzoWorld Instagram: @RenzoWorld

usic Beat: Facebook: J-Quiles-Official Twitter: @JQuiles1 YouTube: @JQuilesRF

J Quiles receives successful debut in charts Jesus Figueroa




Singer-songwriter, J Quiles, premiered the video for his new released single “Orgullo” on Jan. 17 and can be seen on Corillo Magazine, one of the most reputable music, entertainment, and fashion digital platforms. Since the song’s official launce in December of last year it has become a hit getting attention and recognition from fans and media. The song ranks fourth on the National Record Pool Chart, DJ Times National Chart, and #52 of Billboard’s Spanish Contemporary Charts as well as iTunes Latin featuring J Quiles as a New & Noteworthy artist. The video for “Orgullo” tells a story of conquest in which J Quiles is a photographer who is part of various encounters with the woman he hopes to get the attention of. By playing a classic style photographer, J Quiles gets away from the digital space and uses classic techniques – film, the dark room, and a vintage process – to capture the woman’s attention. The barrier between the photographer and the model is broken and in turn creates a story and narrative that unfolds

throughout the video. The video was recorded in New York City under the direction of Fernando Lugo. “Orgullo” the song, manifests a confession of love to a woman that despite her distance, has sparked strong feelings. J Quiles was born in Bridgeport, Conn. At the age of five he moved to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico along with his mother to escape from strong family matters. It was there that he found that music was his main refuge from what was going on in his life. J Quiles gave up his toys and the music in the streets of the barrio inspired him. It was in Villa Linda where he first heard the sounds of well-known urban music artists like Vico C, Tempo and The Bambinos, among others who sparked the passion for rap and composition. In 2007 he graduated high school and headed into recording studios where he dutifully continued composing and creating original melodies and lyrics. His first official record “Se Safó” was made alongside Genio & Baby Johnny; the song became a hit on the digital radio giving him a name on the lists of new urban talents.



Eli Kay


The 71st annual Golden Globe Awards brought many great moments but these are the moments which most stood-out. It could have been Kerry Washington fangirling over Tina Fey, Tom Hanks cheerleading the crow, or the girly conversations with unstoppable giggling from Emma Thomson and Sandra Bullock. But my best moment was Cate Blanchett’s gorgeous black lace Armani Couture dress. She wore the dress with grace and elegance making her the most fashionable star on the red carpet, and making me a very jealous woman. There were many significant moments during the presentation of the awards for television series and movies. One memorable one was Bryan Cranston’s win for best actor in a TV series-drama for “Breaking Bad,” if I heard correctly it is his first Golden Globe.

The show also won a Golden Globe for Best TV show Drama and Vince Gilligan, the creator of this show, accepted the award with the rest of the cast and Aaron Paul shouting “Yeah BITCH,” an homage to of his character from the show Jesse Pinkman. “Breaking Bad” was one of my favorite shows and I was sad to see it end. Another one of the most wonderful moments was that Brooklyn nine-nine, another favorite show of mine which may have been consider an underdog, knocked down The Big Bang Theory and the previously dominant Modern Family by winning two awards – one for Best Comedy show and one for Best actor in a TV series-Comedy. Andy Samberg gave an amazing acceptance speech which brought tears to my eyes. Who else thought that those pregnant stars on the stage were the most adorable thing they’ve ever seen? Was it just me? Kerry Washington was glowing and looked fantastic, Elsa Pataky was stunning and Drew Barrymore was just too cute for words with



her beautiful floral Monique Lhuillier. Best of all was Olivia Wilde with the glamorous emerald green Gucci gown and the adorable baby bump. It was very emotional seeing her like that, especially after she talked about all the sex she was having with Jason Sudeikis a few months ago. Leonardo DiCaprio winning a Golden Globe for his performance in “The Wolf of Wall Street” was a huge moment for his fans. The film received various reviews and is even banned from viewing in some countries, but it was still a very memorable performance, maybe even as memorable as Leonardo DiCaprio mispronouncing Philomena while presenting the award for best actress in a Drama, which apparently was memorable only to me. Many unforgettably-incredible moments – “Frozen” winning Best Animation, Cate Blanchett winning Best actress and of course U2 everybody wanted to sit close to them and shake their hand. Rock stars rule the world and it was pretty amazingseeing U2 win Best Original song

with “Ordinary Love” and the best part was that they were so cool about it. This year’s Golden Globe awards were amazing the comedy duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were hilarious. The ladies were very nice and kept their claws in. Sosie Bacon was elegant and sweet as Miss Golden Globe 2014, and last but not least, my most favorite moment, Christoph Waltz. Christoph Waltz just being there pleased me deeply. Anyone that knows me well, knows how much I love award shows. Since I was 6 years old, I used to dress up with my brother, sit on the sofa and pretend we were right there on the red carpet with all the A-lists celebrities. Of course, the Golden Globes awards is my favorite. This year I once again had to pretend I am amongst the celebrities on the red carpet. Those were my best moments of the 71st annual Golden Globe awards. Time to start counting the days until next Golden Globes.



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‘True Detectives’

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Episode 3

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It’s the True Detective Show - Mike ‘the movie guy’ Pierce, DJ Wicked and Jesus talk TV. Today the guys will discuss the highlights of the episode “Seeing Things” (aired 1/19) - Cohle and Hart are following leads that bring them to a rural brothel and a burned church. It’s a pretty ‘interesting’ show. If you watch - email your thoughts to the guys at mikethemovieguy@ and they’ll read them on the show. True Detective airs Sunday’s on HBO - see more at HBO.COM

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Louis XXX brings memorable art in a purposely imperfect style Jesus Figueroa


I stumble upon the art of Louis XXX, also known as Louis Cannizzaro, at an unexpected location, as the decoration of the walls at Purgatory Pizza in LA. The culture and art in Los Angeles, Calif. is diverse with many museums, galleries and the LA Artwalk every third Thursday of the month. On the walls of Purgatory Pizza are simplistic yet powerful paintings with written messages that inspire a romantic feeling on those who view them. The paintings are meshed together to create a flowing 360-degree painting, as all four walls are covered by the paintings. The paintings are not hung on the walls but rather painted right on to the walls and have been for what Louis XXX says has been about five or six years. The paintings on the wall came about because Louis XXX makes painting his number one thing. “You know how people say, ‘I didn’t do it for the money, I did it for the love of it,’ for me the love of it is the writing and the painting, so I just continue doing that,” Louis XXX said, “I won’t say I dont try for things but most of the things I’ve gotten have been like this (our interview). Someone bought the book, you, you want to do an interview, you want to put me on the cover. Someone is going to see that and something else will come out of that,” Louis XXX said. Having his work shown in the film “A Guide to Recognizing your Saints,” starring Robert Downey Jr. and Rosario Dawson, as an art gallery that Robert Downey Jr.’s character walks into and mentions it use to be a candy shop. “The director called me up and said ‘I really love your paintings, can we use them in the shot’ and I said let me get in touch with one of my New York collectors. I called them up and they said sure,” Louis XXX said.






“Seeking a friend for the End of the World,” starring Steve Carell and Keira Knightley, also contain a painting of David Bowie by Louis XXX. Louis XXX said that the director liked the painting so much that when the movie was over he was commissioned to do paintings for the cast from the movie. Louis XXX feels that he is always working. The moment when he left New York and headed to LA he needed to rearrange his life and get a job. So Louis questioned himself about what he wanted to do now that he was away from New York where he felt free and was able to share in the culture. He was able to live a great life in New York, was even able to follow around Warhol, one of the reasons he got so caught up in art as a child. As a child he would go to the local art museum and they had Warhol’s famous soup cans on display and Louis XXX said he would stare at the as if they were a television set. The way things have worked out for Louis XXX has not always been through pursuing them but rather to doing what he enjoys and hoping that he can make a difference in a viewer’s life enough to cause a reaction. “The only decision I made when I decided to be an artist, when I made that decision, the decision was I am going to keep doing this wether I make money or I don’t,” said Louis XXX, “I always would have been doing this because when I started getting attention for it friend just wanted them. I could see the momentum going. I was just never really good at anythung else.” Working in art has helped Louis XXX be as self-reliant as possible, not needing to depend on any people to help propel him forward. The art he creates is from him and he can celebrate it as he sees fit. The work is it’s own reward and doing it for no other reason other than the joy of doing it and the need to express himself through his art makes it all that much more enjoyable. “It’s all me. I can be a self-contained mobile unit with it. I don’t nee anybody else,” Louis XXX, “You know how some people always end up never coming through or disappointing you? That doesn’t work when it’s all me. If it looks good, I take all of the glory. If it’s bad, I take all of that too. It’s no disappointment because anything that doesnt work out is a lesson. Everything that does work out, give yourself half a day to celebrate then go back to work.” Thats just the work ethic he took for himself. There was always an idea in his head that needed to be brought out and if it lingered in there to much it would not be the work of art he intended. “I just started painting. I got the idea in the morning and then just started,” Louis XXX said. The work of art is not the most complex but can usually be viewed and taken into may different context. Opening his books, visiting his galleries or going to grab a slice of pizza from Purgatory Pizza can go from a small passtime to a longer examination of the magnificent simplistic artwork combined with words that invoke pure heartfelt



Photo by Jesus Figueroa THE WRITING ON THE WALL- Louis XXX sits outside Purgatory Pizza, where his art covers the walls of the entire front area, by a planter which is marked by his signature LOUIS XXX logo.

emotion. The reaction Louis gets is not always positive but usually it’s a good reaction. “Usually a very good reaction. They wonder what I’m like, but it’s the effect i want to give which is a personal effect to people who don’t even know me,” Louis XXX said. The artwork may seem simple and lacking detail but the composition and style are as unique as the man who paints the works of art. The success of his three books and compilation book, his tee shirt line and the many postcards he has on sale on his website attest to the great work of art. Louis XXX work with the belief that he cannot dwell on the work for too long he needs to get it down on paper or canvas. “I like to work with my first thought. So, if I think of something, then I concentrate on it too much, it gets horrible,” Louis said. So every painting has its unique style, personality and look. It does not only stand out in the mind but also reaches into the heart and captures the attention.

For more than a year his book stays in my possession where I go. I read it over and over again. It has affected the way I think, has affected my relationship and affected my life in a positive manner. Not only can his work reach out and affect the viewers but through it affect the world. The art work speaks and carries messages with it. They are a visual representation of moments that end up being precious, times that cannot be relived and glimpses into the romantic work that Louis XXX has created. The artwork is meant to inspire. “It’s like a photograph as in it’s a specific moment in time. Two seconds later it’s going to be different, two seconds before it hadn’t happened yet,” Louis XXX said. Many artist get caught in artist block and struggle to produce but Louis thinks that by getting the idea down quickly at first though can help him from getting stuck. He works hard until he gets a feeling where he is almost done and stops so it can have the imperfect feel. Louis said, “the hardest part is living in the real world and communicating with other people.”



Thisfunktional PLAYLIST Megan G. Razzetti


Welcome to Megan’s playlist with some great bands. Thisfunktional’s playlist gets a guest contributor. Instead of a cheesy Valentine’s Day playlist like Thisfunktional had in mind this months playlist is a mix of indie and grunge bands that are just fantastic. These bands are new and old, but they mix together well.

Nirvana Nirvana has been one of the most iconic bands of the grunge genre. Although they have quite a large selection of amazing songs, their debut album ‘Bleach’ is my absolute favorite. The power of this band is shown so well throughout each song, it’s hard not to be completely blown away by it. My favorite track is ‘Love Buzz’,a cover from the Dutch band Shocking Blue. I love the vocals of Kurt Cobain mixed with twine of the guitars and bass. To make the song come full circle, Dave Grohl knocks out the heaviest drum beats. Pure perfection.


Paramore’s latest self titled release has really taken me by surprise. I always like a few songs by Paramore but with this latest album, it really is a great pop record. The quality of this album reflects the dedication this band has to their music and I can really appreciate that. My favorite track is their hit ‘Still into You’, a fun, catchy, and sweet love song that is timeless. I think it is one of the most honest love songs that has hit the charts lately.

Against Me!

Against Me! recently released the much anticipated ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’. The album documents the transformation of frontwoman Laura Jane Grace (formally known as Tom Gabel) from male to female.The 29 minute long album alone is a genuine punk rock album.The classic metalpunk hard sound Against Me! is so well known for dominates this album. The songs are penned with real emotions that make the album easily relatable to the audience.

Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor, the mastermind behind Nine Inch Nails has created an entire discography of great industrial music that has received much praise among its’ diverse fan base. Over the course of the band’s 25 year career, the quality of each album released just increases in perfection. My favorite album is definitely the acclaimed ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ which is the very first album of this huge collection. The raw emotions in the performance of each song infused with the industrial sound Nine Inch Nails is recognized for are all incredible. Although, I can listen to this album from start to finish, my favorite song is ‘Something I Can Never Have.’

Cold Cave I have barely started listening to Cold Cave, but the album ‘Cherish the Light Years’, is so well done that I can’t seem to not play it. The darkwave synth pop sounds are what I believe the love child of Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails would sound like.

Model Mayhem DYLAN LLOYD Contact Info: Facebook>>> http://facebook. com/issyxbrutality

Model Mayhem>>>

http://www. modelmayhem. com/3119641


“Music is life that lives forever. It’s my Purpose, my Voice, and my Passion.” Dylan Lloyd

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Concert Corner Jesus Figueroa


TURN IT UP- Guitarist Edgy, left, lead singer and bassist Delila and drummer Fransisco of New York group The Last Internationale rock out at the Sunset Strip Music Festival 2013 closing the Viper Room’s outdoor stage.

WORLDS COLLIDE- Powerman 5000 rock the stage at Rob Zombies “The Great American Nightmare” last Nov. 1.


Joan Jett receives personalized guitar at the Santa Monica Music Festival’s first day celebration.

IT’S REAL- Linkin Park closes out the Santa Monica Music Film Festival 203.

Anti Bullying Advocate Allyson Pereira (sexting/bullying Mentor)

Follow Allyson Pereira: Twitter @AllyyPereira Facebook: SextingAdvocate



Thisfunktional Reviews Jesus Figueroa


Story in ‘I, Walter’ sets to inspire emotional reaction “I, Walter” is an emotional journey that takes twist and turns while holding readers attention while the characters physically travel through the world. With so much happening in the story it is quite intriguing to continue on chapter to chapter as pieces of the story fall together. Once the story has started and all main characters are encountered it is difficult to step away from the book for a good night’s sleep. The imagery of the book will stick with readers for days as the words seem to paint a vivid picture of the world and time. The book is enjoyable and the story line is quick paced and an easy read. Be prepared to stay glued to the book for several hours as the characters travel through the world and to the desk of now 67 year old Walter Crofter who tells a story that may seem unbelievable.

I, Walter is the first in a series of books in a saga which will span continents and time to arrive in present day North America. Each in the series will be connected, though that connection may not be obvious for several more books. It’s almost like looking at a menorah (sic). Many lines, seemingly individual, connect to center at different points.

‘Outpost: Rise of the Spetznas’ reaches high fear factors With a menacing berserker Nazi zombie and an explanation to the origin of the zombies “Outpost: Rise of the Spetznas” brings the franchise back in a positive way. As the third part to the series this film has a strong storyline and is directed by Kieran Parker who has worked closely with actors and post production to insure the quality of this film. “I was so experienced and emerged in the world (of Outpost) that we never considered going with anyone else (to direct),” Parker said. The story compels the audience to keep watching and most importantly to have a slight jump every time the zombies are seen. A good zombie film cannot be good if the zombies do not inspire even the tiniest bit of fear. “Well I think at the end of the day, when you do that kind of stuff, obviously, it’s a man in a rubber mask. I think the most important thing about anybody that does that kind of performance is it’s all about their performance,” Parker said, “you can have the greatest effects in the world and unless you have a really talented performer behind that mask it just doesn’t work.” The film works because the actors are menacing and the story is frightening but at the same time is action packed and tells a story. Don’t miss “Outpost: Rise of the Spetznas” out on VOD now.


Cartoon by Diego Linares

Anti-Valentine’s day but pro romance Megan Perry


Pointless holidays drive me crazy, Valentine’s Day being top on my hated-holiday list. I don’t want you to think I’m some single, bitter woman who detests love and everything that it stands for. I love romance. I love love. I am in love. But on Feb. 14, people will unite to celebrate love, or they will sit at home wishing they were one of those people celebrating love. Or, then again, they will be like me, at home, not caring enough to even let the idea of it settle in their mind. To me it just seems like another day. It carries no significant meaning or uniqueness to me. It’s just another societal norm that the people are supposed to follow. It’s commercialistic body and materialistic mind took over the romantic soul of Valentine’s Day. “It’s about showing your love and appreciation for your partner,” is normally what people tell me when I ask what this supposed-romantic holiday is all about. I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way, but my partner better show me love and appreciation more than once a year. Love and appreciation are the base lines to building a strong relationship, so why wait until the day that every other person waited for to show it? One day may be satisfactory for some, but why choose the same day as every other person? If it’s one day, that should be a special day that nobody else but a partner should be able to share. The Valentine’s Day stories swapped with friends afterward are worse than the What-Happened-Friday-Night ones, each trying to prove that one’s was better than another’s. It’s a competition that I would rather not be a part of.

Appreciate a loved one’s actions and don’t compare them to someone else. It isn’t fair; they’re two different people. The celebration doesn’t even know the history behind its origins, with a number of different stories and myths about why we celebrate. One of the myths is that in third century Rome, Emperor Claudius II decided single men made better soldiers than married or coupled, so he outlawed marriage for young men according to Then, Saint Valentine, the priest, decided he didn’t agree to the outlaw and married young lovers in secrecy. When he was found out, he was sentenced to death. That is an honorable death and a beautiful history. Do people know that’s why they celebrate Valentine’s day on Feb. 14? No. They just look at the calendar and mindlessly obey the prescribed holidays. “Ok, I’m supposed to buy my lover flowers today, because it’s Feb. 14.” There’s no meaning behind that, other than following orders. There’s no passion in an unintentional act of love. A gift without a meaning is just spent. But it is just a myth. There is no actual proof of that Saint Valentine existed and performed the braveries others say he has. He fits into the category of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. I guess if we believe hard enough, Saint Valentine will send Cupid down to shoot arrows into our lovers behinds. Instead of going out to spend a ton of money on a hot date, sit and plan special days with one another. Call them “Love’s Day.” And don’t celebrate them just once a year, but as many times as possible. We shouldn’t celebrate holidays because society says we have to, or because the calendar says we have to, or because our tradition says we have to. We should give the holiday the appreciation it deserves. If the holiday has significant value, then celebrate it to the fullest. Go above and beyond to make that day special. Do it because it feels good in your heart. Do it because you want to.


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