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Letter from the Editor: Esteemed reader, Thank you all for reading this work of passion. Most of the time this is the part where I will give an explanation of the stories or theme. This time that’s not the case. This is the part where I explain why I do this, why this is important to me, the reason is...well all of you readers, all the contributors and everyone who has supported me in different ways. This magazine is for all of you. I, with great appreciation, give my time to bring everyone who reads my posts on,,, and the best coverage I can. Throughout the years I’ve met a few of you in person, I have chatted on social media with quite a few and I will continue to hopefully meet more as time goes by. Still, even if I haven’t said it enough, I thank you all for reading and supporting. To the contributors, I am grateful for everyone. Eli Kay, who from across the pond, has contributed fantastic, good quality content. Kristin from who is a friend and a constant support with a different perspective while out there in Florida. Newest member of the Thisfunktional family, Vanessa Vale who I hope to be able to help her reach her goals. An inspiration in her own way, Ms. Savannah Eve, who has a beautiful way of sharing such powerful emotions, which you all will get an opportunity to see through her beautiful poetry, which I’ve been fortunate to get to read. The man who gave me a huge opportunity, Mike “The Movie Guy,” a man who’s a great father to his children, a great friend to everyone he comes in contact with, a good man and a brilliant mentor who knew just how to motivate me — from busting my balls about everything to making me put my stuff out there. Thisfunktional would not exist if it wasn’t for Mike. Now, I saved the final one for a special person who pushed me to be more than what I had settled to be, Lady Lydia. Lydia helped me see that I had strayed away from what excited me about what I do and what I have been most proud of, Thisfunktional Magazine. Although this new version includes several changes, it’s back to what I was so driven to do and incorporating more of myself into it. So thank you all for believing in me when I didn’t believe in my self, for inspiring me when I needed it, for pushing me when I was stuck and for making me get back to a place I can enjoy. I hope you all enjoy this first issue, the hard work is dedicated to you all. I shall dedicate Entertainment Mayhem section to Mike and his family, who are part of my nuclear family. I dedicate the bulk of this magazine to all of you readers and contributors, you are all part of Thisfunktional in your own way. I dedicate the Beauty of Words to Savannah Eve, for her incredible vision and her brilliant mind which serves as my muse. I dedicate altDarkness to Lady Lydia whom without the inspiration I get from her perseverance I would have never gotten back to doing this magazine and in so finding out that so many of you support and appreciate my efforts.

Much Appreciation,

Jesus Figueroa

Editor-in-Chief of Thisfunktional Magazine

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New Generation of kids fall in love with PETER PAN Jesus Figueroa Writer

The timeless Disney animated classic “Peter Pan” celebrates 65 years with a remastered release as part of the Walt Disney Signature Collection, now available on digital and Blu-ray. The classic full of wonder and amazement reaches a new generation who can sit and enjoy the movie much like every generation that has enjoyed the classic story. As “Peter Pan” starts with Peter chasing his shadow the innocent boy who never ages captivates the imagination of children and adults. The nostalgia of the scenes catch the attention of those who are watching it again. The magic of the story is endearing to the kids who are watching it for the first time. Most captivating is the inclusion of both male and female characters – Peter, Wendy Darling, Tinker Bell and Captain Hook – who are all different ages. Even as the story ranges from a classic fairytale, and an animated movie now 65 years old, Kathryn Beaumont, the voice of Wendy darling, was present at Street Food cinemas’ anniversary screening for “Peter Pan” in Los Angeles. Beaumont was able to share her excitment on having

been able to voice the iconic character that became so well known and beloved as title character Peter Pan. “They were classic stories and books. The films were another representation of these fabulous stories,” Beaumont said. “As we were all growing up these were such wonderful read and the characters were so rich. They were things that we remember from childhood all through our lives.” Walt Disney put women in title roles and created complex characters who were the heroes of their own stories despite other studios keeping female characters much more simplistic. Author Mindy Johnson was able to talk about the magnificent change that happened when the book was adapted for the animated feature. “J.M. Berrie envisioned Tinker Bell to be a flash of light. We get to see her embodied no,” Johnson said. “I think there is more to relate with her. They were able to have more fun with her and her adventure.” With this new release and re-introduction of the classic Disney animated film “Peter Pan,” more children get a chance to be brought into the magic which started 65 years ago. “Peter Pan” 65th Anniversary Walt Disney Signature Collection Edition is available now on Blu-ray and Digital.

Getting some flying lessons from Peter Pan Jesus Figuroa Writer In celebration of the 65th anniversary of Disney’s “Peter Pan,” a special iFly event was held at Universal CityWalk. Being able to take a flying lesson from Peter Pan, who doesnt age because he lives in Neverland, was a great experience which I was able to share the video with nephews NoahScores, 5-year-old, and WillIsReading, 8-year-old, who each has some interesting questions to ask. Before the experience started, I arrived early enough to watch several kids be taken into the tube and have such an incredible time. As each came out of the experience they had big smiles on their faces and wanting ti go back in for another chance to fly. They did not have Peter Pan showing them how to fly, but luckily he came to give this reporter some pointers on how to fly. Peter explained how this experience would work. The wind tunnel was filled with fairy dust from Tinker

Bell, and along with happy thoughts from reporters, flying was made possible. There was a brief video to explain the basics and then we were taken into the tube and shown how to fly, even taken up high on our first experience and spun around to get an even grander experience. The adrenaline really pumped the moment I allowed myself to fall in and start to fly. It felt surreal to be floating off the ground and while feeling so free it also felt so chaotic, the mind takes a bit to adjust and trying to stop from tensing up becomes a challenge, but one of the most fun challenges. The adrenaline high comes quickly and it’s difficult not to get caught up in the experience. Watch and share the video on Thisfunktional or on to see my experience and hear me talk about what I thought. Spoiler Alert!! I definitely will be heading back there to take more lessons, which are available through iFly at Universal CityWalk. Get your copy of Disney’s “Peter Pan” Walt Disney Signature Collection Edition now available on Digital and Blu-ray.


© 2018 Disney

Now Available On Digital

Questions from NoahScores Noah: Can I get flying lessons from Peter Pan? Jesus: Although that was a fun event and I wish I could say yes, this was only a fun event for press to experience some flying time with Peter Pan. Noah: Was it scary? Jesus: At first it was very scary. Falling into the tube was intense and not being able to hear anything was a bit nerve-wracking. It was an adrenaline rush being there, I want to do it again. Noah: How can Peter Pan fly? Jesus: Well with Tinker Bell’s magical Pixie Dust and thinking happy thoughts. Those two things keep people off the ground and in the air. Noah: Why doesn’t Peter Pan age? Jesus: Peter Pan lives in Neverland and people in Neverland never age. The kids stay kids, the adults stay adults and no one gets older.

Noah: I want to fly, how can I fly? Jesus; Well, we have to get you some flight training and make sure you can fly safe. There’s classes available at iFly. Noah: How high were you able to fly? Jesus: I’m not sure, I believe it was about 36 feet, but Peter Pan did a short demonstration of his flying skills where he seemed to get up so high we couldn’t see him. I definitely want to take more lessons and maybe one day even jump out of a plane. Noah: Why would you want to jump out of a plane? Jesus; I think i just like the excitement. That adrenaline rush just gets me excited and happy. Noah: When can I go to see you do that again? Jesus: I don’t know, hopefully soon. It was fun and I enjoyed it. Hopefully you can do it too.

Will: How fast was the wind? Jesus:I believe it was about 175 mph. I’m think it was different speeds depending on how high I was going. Will: Why did you have to wear that suit? Jesus: The wind was able to hit more and keep me afloat. It gave me more area for the wind to catch. At least it was black. Will: Why were there some hand gestures? Jesus: It was very loud, I’m guessing. I had to wear ear plugs. The hand gestures were so Peter could help us fix our position and so we could fly easier. A somewhat peace sign to straighten the legs, pointing up to lift my head cause it easier to fly like that. Will: Were you in any danger? Jesus: I was told that no one had ever gotten hurt being in there.

Will: Were you scared when you went up high and got spun around? Jesus: It was a bit scary. I had no idea we were going to do all that. After it was over, I wanted to do it again cause it was so much fun. Will: What was it like dropping down from the largest drop? Jesus: It was scary. I wanted to put my arms down to protect my fall, but at the same time I knew if I lowered them I would fall lower. It was so awesome to experience. Will: How long was the entire experience? Jesus: The entire thing took about an hour. There was a 10-minute video and some preparation before getting suited up. Then when I was finally in the wind tunnel, it was two one-minute sessions. Those were very much worth it.

Questions from WillIsReading

Get more activity sheets at


© 2018 Disney

Now Available On Digital Bring It Home On Blu-ray™ June 5

Classic story A WRINKLE IN Jesus Figuroa Writer The classic literary masterpiece “A Wrinkle in Time” gets its big screen adaptation through Walt Disney Studios which has released it on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital. Instead of a straight forward from page to screen adaptation of the story, the producers and writer’s too liberty to modernize the themes of the story for the new generation that will be exposed to the inspirational and powerful story. Producer Catherine Hand had adored the story since she first read it as a young kid. She said that from the first time she read the story to getting the movie made her view on the story changed, from a young girl’s perspective, to a mother’s and finally she had come to a larger more meaningful point of view. Hand entrusted the story to director Ava DuVernay, who fought to have a cast that was multicultural and each part played by someone who embodied the spirit of the characters from the book. The larger than life characters came through, the magical elements of other characters shone and each character embodied what made them special in the book, but through an updated version of the characters. Meg, played by Storm Reid, was a brilliant lead which was complex and full of wonder. Reid was challenged with such a wonderful character to play who was more developed than most female characters because the history with the book spans many years and the script has been treated with much care to be brought to the big screen. The role was a thrilling one to play, Reid said. She was part of a phenomenal cast which all collaborated well with each other as well as the director. Charles Wallace, played by Deric McCabe, captured the audience from beginning to end and was just as important as Meg. McCabe had audiences glued to the screen as his charm shone bright and his subtle performance enticed audiences to continue watching. The story is a phenomenal timeless one that has impacted many readers throughout the years and now

has an opportunity to reach an audience. The larger than life characters played by Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling brought their own personality to the characters to


N TIME gets brought to life

make sure each one was unique. The story is lead by the young cast, but the big names took much of the spotlight through much of the protionion for the movie. It was very deserving as they

were brilliant. To be able to tell this story correctly each personality needed the right intensity and each of these actresses were able to bring just enough to character to make them stand out. The worlds that the characters get to explore become just as important a character as any of cast members. The atmosphere that the story takes place in becomes another character that gives the young cast more to play off of. Many of the sets were practical and the special effects were just used to intensify the scenes. Reid and McCabe said that it was both fun and exhausting being part of the movie’s stunts as it was exciting and still hard work. The incredible story took audiences’ breaths away on the big screen and now comes home with many incredible special features. The special features show the hard work and detail that was put into creating such a imaginative movie that the entire family will enjoy. Fans of the book can enjoy seeing their classic story get a modern day adaptation which children can relate to, enjoy a wondrous telling of the classic story and some brilliant performances by the entire cast. The adventure across magical locations, with extraordinary characters and exciting situations is one which will keep every person who watches it entertained and excited to get to the end of the story. Reid said she hopes that everyone gets inspired by the movie and realize that they are able to be the hero in their own story and they are able to do accomplish anything they set their minds on. As much as the story is about a daughter trying to find her lost father, the story also contains an element of a sister trying to understand her brother. Through the story the connection between the brother and sister becomes a pivotal part of the story and the understanding each have to have to work together to achieve a common goal. The story has something for everyone to enjoy and with the beautiful scenery and cinematography, its a stunning watch for every member of the family. The adventure comes to home entertainment, Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time” is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and on digital.

It’s Summer Time

Kids sugges kids to do d Jesus Figuroa Writer

Schools out, kids are excited for some time off and parents are looking for a way to keep their children entertained and out of trouble. There’s not always many options, but, as someone who hangs out often with his nephews, I always try to do things that are both educational and fun, because kids can become a handful when they are not enjoying what they are being put to do. It’s difficult to read the minds of kids and many kids just answer with their “I don’t know,” not because they don’t but many times because they don’t know how to express themselves or they are fearful that parents wont listen. There’s many places I’d like to take my nephews, many movies I’d like to watch with them. It’s always fun not just doing activities with the nephews, but they tend to have a very amazing way of reacting to the things we end up doing. I try to always provide support the nephews on what they want to do, as long as its not to wild. The nephews each have their own distinct personalities and its not the easiest task to come to an understanding to what activity we will try to do. WillIsReading, 8-year-old, is more a homebody who enjoys learning and reading. NoahScores, 5-year-old, is more the active little guy who enjoys sports and being outside. The two conflicting personalities makes for an interesting compromise every time. As long as the kids are happy, I will put myself through whatever to get them to have a good day. There are summer-long activities and also day-today activities which each one likes to do. So, here’s a few of the activities that each of these quite unique and extremely active kids suggest for parents who need suggestions.

st five fun activities for during summer break


Summer camp: Tech Camp: Sports Camp:

For Will, he has been fortunate to have available to him a tech camp which lets him experiment with electricity, learn virtual reality and coding and at the end of the summer build a robot and fight it. I enjoy it cause he is learning while he has fun and interacting with like minded kids. Will enjoys it cause he learns something new every summer and he is able to do more and more with each passing course.

For Noah, sports camp seems like a good fit cause he gets to run around, he plays soccer which he is both quite talented at and has so much fun doing. I enjoy it cause he likes running around, he learns leadership skills, he has a healthy competitive spirit and he is encouraged to do better. Noah enjoys it cause hes out of the house, he is playing with other kids and he gets to train like his favorite soccer players.

For Will, he’s gotten into going out to the beach or a lake and baiting his fishing rod, casting it out into the water and trying to catch some fish. I enjoy it cause he’s out of the house and he’s learning about fish and the wilderness while gaining skills that he is funning fun learning. Will enjoys it because he is learning about toxicity in the lakes and water in California. He is gaining an understanding of nature is important.

For Noah, once again, sports capture his attention and he is fascinated with soccer and some of the players. I enjoy it cause he likes supporting the local team. He is learning which players he likes and wants to play like and he is learning strategies. Noah enjoys it cause he’s out with other people and he is a social person. He enjoys supporting LAFC and his favorite player Carlos Vela.

For Will, likes playing story-based games which he can follow a storyline and that can challenge his intellect. Since he likes to read its interesting to see how he applies what he read. I enjoy it cause I like video games and I enjoy seeing how well his critical thinking skills have developed.. Will enjoys it cause he can just lounge around for a bit and he gets to almost create his own story.

For Noah, sports games catch his attention so much. FIFA 2018 is his game of choice cause he can control his favorite players. I enjoy it cause he will try to imitate what he does in the video game on the field. He learns from the game. Noah enjoys it cause he can control his favorite players like Lionel Messi and Carlos Vela and he discovers teams around the world which he likes.

Activity days: Fishing: LAFC Games:

Lazy days Video games: Video games:




Interviews With AccordingToKristin, Anastasia Reptar

Dances With Films 5 must watch films


Jesus Figuroa Writer

One of my favorite festivals each year, as well as my favorite events to attend in Southern California, is the incredible Dances with Films, now in its 21st year. Each year there are films which surprise me and actors which stand out. DWF is an incredible film festival which showcases the best indie films. On you can watch some of the interviews I have done on the DWF green carpet. This year has some incredible selections which standout among the indie films. Here are 5 films that you can’t miss at Dances with Films: Official selection of Dances with Films “Psychonautics: A Comic’s Exploration of Psychedelics” screens on June 15 at 5 p.m. This documentary is intriguing, comical and educational. Shane Mauss heads the project as he shares his experience testing psychedelics and seeing the results of what each one has. The main aspect of the documentary is not to scare viewers from psychedelics, but rather enforce the idea of drugs medical or otherwise hold properties which are dangerous and beneficial. Mauss joked that this was not just an exploration for him, but it could possibly be the retirement of his experimentation with psychedelics. It is fascinating to see the process that Mauss went through and the reason for stopping the experimentation. For those in Los Angeles, the screening of the documentary is coming soon.

Doubting Thomas The story will captivate audiences while keeping them intrigued with each character. The cast is brilliant as they play parts in a movie with a sensitive subject which includes race and infidelity. The intensity of the story is fantastically distributed through the movie as more is revealed. The cast and filmmakers of the film spoke with on the DWF opening night green carpet, watch and share the interview at For those in Los Angeles, this is an independent movie with great production value and outstanding cast. “Doubting Thomas” premieres at Dances With Films on June 12.

At The End Of The Day A timely movie which takes on the topic of LGBTQ issues and religious views which get a surprising wake up call. The story is fantastically presented, wonderfully shot and the cast is able to entertain and still keep the seriousness of the topic. With June being Pride Month, this movie seems like it comes at just the right time. With the state of the country and how the LGBTQ community is being treated and what they are going through this storyline seems to capture a sense of tolerance and acceptance without being over-the-top with the message. It is a fun watch among the great projects at Dances with Films. “At the End of the Day” premieres at Dances With Films on June 16.

Pardon Our Pixie Dust Student filmmakers take on a monumental topic as documentary short “Pardon Our Pixie dust” gets its preiere at Dances with Films. Highlighting the issues that Disneyland causes not just in Anaheim, but the homeless situation with some of the employees, this documentary explores into a corporation which many look at as a happy place. The short film is looking for support to further go into the investigation and provide a more in-depth look into the issues which Disney is causing to the community around it. This official selection of Dances with Films 2018 “Pardon our Pixie Dust” screened on June 11 at the TCL Chinese Theaters.

Nathan’s Kingdom An independent movie with an a main character on the autism spectrum played by actor Jacob Lince, who is himself on the autism spectrum. This beautiful and inspirational story is brilliantly presented and marvelously cast. This coming of age story is unlike anything that has been seen before. This story of love, the bond between a brother and sister and the journey to find happiness will capture the attention of audiences and impact them emotionally. The care that the cast and filmmakers seem to have put into this film is spectacular. This official selection of Dances with Films 2018 “Nathan’s Kingsdom” premieres on June 13 at 7:15 p.m. at the TCL Chinese Theaters.


Love prevails in LOVE, SIMON Kristin Marie Writer

I had the chance to catch a special screening of “LOVE, SIMON” with the niece and we absolutely loved it. We’d been looking forward to this movie since the trailer was first released and it definitely did not disappoint. SYNOPSIS: Everyone deserves a great love story. But for seventeen-year old Simon Spier it’s a little more complicated: he’s yet to tell his family or friends he’s gay and he doesn’t actually know the identity of the anonymous classmate he’s fallen for online. Resolving both issues proves hilarious, terrifying and life-changing. Directed by Greg Berlanti (Dawson’s Creek, Brothers & Sisters), written by Isaac Aptaker & Elizabeth Berger (This is Us), and based on Becky Albertalli’s acclaimed novel, LOVE,

SIMON is a funny and heartfelt coming-of-age story about the thrilling ride of finding yourself and falling in love. To start off, the cast in “LOVE, SIMON” was absolutely phenomenal. It was diverse, it was incredibly talented and every single person made you feel connected to their character in some way. You’re able to place yourself in each character’s shoes to try and imagine what they might have been feeling in that moment and how you would react, in your own life, to certain situations that presented themselves throughout the movie. Nick Robinson (Everything, Everything) shines as Simon Spier. You can actually feel his anxiety about coming

out to his friends and family and being so desperate to do it on his own terms. For those in the LGBTQ community, their coming out story is such a powerful moment in their life and having that moment forced upon them the way it was forced upon Simon in the movie was heartbreaking. As someone who is straight, but very much connected to members of the LGBTQ community, these moments in “LOVE, SIMON” actually made me cry a bit. Yes, I admit it. My niece and I were wiping away tears that never stopped flowing. It was sad, it was uplifting, it was triumphant, it was lovely and it was inspiring all rolled into one hour and 50 minutes. I would love to read the novel “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda” by Becky Albertalli to see if we get a bit more of a back story for Simon. When the movie begins, we’re thrust into his present day struggle with being gay and no one having a clue. We get a quick little glimpse of when he sort of realized when he was gay, but I would’ve liked to see that explained just a little more. Its absence doesn’t take away from the film at all though. Both my niece and I highly recommend seeing “LOVE, SIMON.” It’s such an important message for those struggling with their own sexuality, for parents who are oblivious to how their children might be feeling, for friends to learn how to be accepting and supportive towards each other, for classmates to see how bullying and social media could really affect a person’s life. It touches on so many important topics for young adults. Some of the characters are flawed in their own way–some more than others–and that really contributes to the realistic feel to the entire movie. It will make you laugh, cry and cheer for these characters and it will most definitely make you “LOVE SIMON.”


Love, Simon

available on 4k Ultra HD, Bluray, DVD and Digital now.

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Funny man Felipe Esparza’s journey, triumphs, laughs, evolution


Jesus Figuroa Writer

Comedian Felipe Esparza will re-release his comedy album “Translate This” while busy on the road in the midst of his “Bad Decisions Tour.” From doing stand up at comedy clubs to winning “Last Comic Standing” and now selling out a national tour, comedian Felipe Esparza keeps evolving his universal comedy to best fit his brand. Having had the opportunity to see Esparza perform before winning “Last Conic Standing,” he’s always had a hilarious comedy with unexpected punchlines, but with HBO special “Translate This” and working more comedy for the “Bad Decisions Tour” shows the methodology of not only using his experience, but trusting his judgment to clean up jokes and best fit them to his style. Winning “Last Comic Standing” gave Esparza, raised in the East Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights, national exposure. For many contestant winners that 15-minutes of fame are quickly burned through, but Esparza kept propelling his comedy forward with new material and building a brand which kept evolving and becoming universal. Although Esparza works his comedy around personal experience he works to have jokes that everyone can relate to regardless of geographic location, ethnicity. Still, his Hispanic

upbringing is at the forefront of the comedy and he is respectful of his ethnicity as well his audience, which can be a wide range. Comedy can be difficult as what is funny can be subjective to the audience. Esparza having come from a low-income community which is majority hispanic centers his comedy on the world he knows. Still, with his upbringing, Esparza chooses to move his comedy forward by trying to be as inclusive as possible. Recently Esparza produced his second stand-up comedy special. HBO comedy special “Translate This” became Esparza’s first HBO special and HBO’s first comedy specially fully produced by a third party. Esparza and his wife and manager Lesa O’Daniel Esparza took control of the project and were executive producers of the special. With that liberty Esparza and his wife were able to control the themes, the jokes and how far Esparza was able to push the boundaries of his comedy. The jokes ranged from timely to more timeless jokes and each topic transitioned well into the next. Although there was no studio in control of the content, Esparza and his wife worked out the jokes together and were able to weed out the jokes that would be relevant for a prerecorded special that had no release date when it was being made. Esparza joked that producing it was difficult because not only was he writing, producing and the stand-up comedian on stage, but he was running around being the caterer often as well. The timing to the special is paced well and every joke is given the right amount of time to flow well and have its moment to shine, and gets sufficient laughs. Esparza quickly followed up his HBO special with a national tour he titled his “Bad Decisions Tour.” The tour is an ambitious one with stops in multiple cities and even had three nights in his

hometown of Los Angeles, at the Novo, formerly Club Nokia. For his hometown show, Esparza went out to the neighborhood he grew up in, Boyle Heights, to give people of the community he grew up with an opportunity to get tickets to his show with no surcharges for purchasing tickets. Even when tickets sold out at his event in Primera Taza coffee shop on first street in Boyle Heights, Esparza provided those who weren’t able to buy tickets at the event with a code to buy tickets online with

Frankie leal Photographer

the same savings he offered at his event. Along with being able to buy tickets, Esparza spent several hours signing autographs and talking with the fans which wanted to chat. Esparza had not forgotten where he came from and noted that he grew up not more than a mile from the coffee shop and that this neighborhood still was home to many of the people he grew up with. The tour has garnered such success that Esparza has kept adding more and more dates to the tour.

The tour has helped Esparza find his voice. He has been able to delve into his rough past experience and find the humor in it all. With the new found voice, Esparza is able to move into edgier and darker comedy. Esparza explores deeper into every bad decision he has ever made in life – drugs, insane and mischievous trials and journeys that remain questionable to this day. A limited edition of “Translate This” vinyl albums were available for purchase earlier this year, but on June 15 800 Pound Gorilla Records will re-release Esparza’s third album “Translate This.” The album was recorded live at the San Jose Improv Comedy Club. “Translate This” takes Esparza into exploring personal topics such as immigration, social economic issues and his growth from a troubled single parent to a proud stepfather. The highly personal and hilarious comedy in “Translate This” is compelling and entertaining from beginning to end. The comedy don’t stop at Esparza’s stand-up shows, he also has a highly successful podcast “What’s Up Fool?” “What’s Up Fool?” is recorded weekly as part of the All Thing Comedy Network. The topics on the podcast range widely and come from stories Esparza takes from his personal experience. The podcast also has had incredible guests from renowned actor Emilio Rivera and Hollywood Boulevard’s “Incredible Hulk,” who takes photos with tourists. Esparza enjoys giving everyone he can the opportunity to tell their story because he believes everyone has a story to tell. Each podcast is unique and never a dull moment. The topics are impactful as well as entertaining and with so much time doing stand-up it’s incredible to listen to Esparza do his podcast and present more and more new material. Esparza has not had the easiest life as he grew up in a neighborhood that was plagued by gangs and


drugs. Boyle Heights was Esparza’s neighborhood, but it wasn’t always the best place. Esparza chose to go into comedy after going through rehab, where he was asked what he wanted to do with his life and he never really thought so far into the future. As an immigrant, a teenage father and an alcohol and drug addict, Esparza didn’t have time to think too far into the future.

Frankie leal Photographer

The two big points on that list for Esparza were “to be happy” and “to be a stand-up comedian.” Working hard to do so it’s no surprise that he not only became the winner of season seven of “Last Comic Standing,” but he has gone from a mentality that life was over for him at 18 years old to selling out comedy shows throughout the country. Esparza could have never imagined that his experiences growing up in the projects of Boyle Heights in a family of 9 would help him become a successful comedian. Taking risks and enduring through rough times has made the difference for Esparza as he left comfortable income touring with other successful comedians to venture off on his own and eventually gaining notability through winning “Last Comic Standing.” Venturing off and expanding on his talents, Esparza has been able to explore his acting skills on several television appearances as well as in some independent films. The comedy Esparza has produced throughout the years consistently has become more focused, sharp and witty. Transitions between jokes have become more fluid and his stage presence has improved. Acting is something Esparza hopes to continue exploring, even as comedy has become his niche. Esparza continues to refine his comedy while on his tours, podcasts and consistently shares his jokes through twitter, @FunnyFelipe, or instagram FelipeEsparzaComedian and like his Facebook page FelipeEsparzaFanPage. Esparza is continuing on his “Bad Decision Tour” with several dates ahead. Find out where to see this brilliant comedian live by visiting FelipesWorld. com. Watch several interviews with Felipe Esparza on


800 Pound Gorilla Records

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Top 10 Movies You Can Vanessa Vela Writer There are quite a few options this summer for moviegoers, from animation to action and horror! There is sure to be something for everyone out there looking cool off from the summer heat which on most days feels like the sun is about five inches away from earth so what better way to cool off than in a dark room with an ice cold drink enjoying a good flick. Films listed in order they are to be released. * 1. American Animals (June 1) Based on a real-life American heist. After 4 friends visit take time to visit the Transylvania University, Warren Lipka (Evan Peters) comes up with the idea to steal a book from that library— but this book isn’t an ordinary book, it’s one of the most valuable books in existence.  Why see it this summer? Never enough movie heists— and this is a fun one. 2. Upgrade. (June 1) How far would a man go when his wife is murdered?  Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green) not only loses his wife but is left hurt enough to leave him paralytic for life but this won’t last long— soon after a billionaire offers him a deal he can’t resist, a cure. The cure consists of an implant called “STEM” that is surgically attached to Grey’s neck and will control his body giving the ability to walk again. Not only is Grey able to walk again but he also granted skills; skills that make him want to go after those who murdered his wife to get revenge. Why see it this summer? Its futuristic aesthetic is pretty laid back as appose to other films that really scream at your face “this is the feature” every chance they get whether it be with a futuristic gadget yet to be even be thought of in 2018. Upgrade is an actionpacked movie and surprisingly gory which actually works great for this type of film with such a storyline because you cannot believe what the character is capable of or what he’ll do next.  

3. Hereditary. (June 8) Annie’s mother was a very secretive woman— so secretive than once she passes away Annie along with her family start to untangle why such horrible things have happened in Annie’s family for generations. Why see it this summer? It’s highly unlikely you’ve ever seen anything like this before— with rave reviews dating back from Sundance. Hereditary is an uneasy horror flick…that you can’t stop watching…the way it was filmed with such an artistic flair really keeps the eye keen to be glued to the screen even when some scenes are of a rather disturbing nature. 4. The Incredibles 2. (June 15) This Incredibles sequel takes places three months after the first movie (The Incredibles 2004) it follows Elastigirl swinging into action continuing to save the day while Mr. Incredible will try to handle complications with all three of his children.     Why see it this summer? Some have been waiting for this sequel for quite some time so much that most of those waiting specters are now adults— but this is a film for the whole family. But the actual reason to go see this movie? what will baby Jack-Jack do with his new power?!

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n’t Miss This Summer 5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. (June 22) Fallen Kingdom kicks off there years after the events of Jurassic World (2015) which leaves off with a destroyed dinosaur themed parked left behind in dire need of help. In this sequel, a new threat is up ahead— a volcanic eruption. Owen (Christ Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) go on a mission to rescue the dinosaurs still congregating the island, but with the carnivores left to fend for themselves will Owen and Claire save them or will they need saving themselves? Why see it this summer? DINOSAURS, need I say more? If you’re a fan of the franchise you will not want to miss this one. 6. Sorry to Bother You. (July 6) Cassius Green discovers a method on how to progress in the telemarking world. Such method leads him to upgrade his lifestyle and lured into the dark side of the business. Why see it this summer? Sorry to Bother You echoes maybe a bit of how Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind was edited but instead revolves around comedy, so if you’re into interesting edited films that are visually appealing this is something to see this summer for sure.  7. The Meg. (August 10) Imagine you’re the biggest fear are sharks and then having to fight one in order to save your own life as well as others? In The Meg, Jason Statham (who fears sharks tries to confront a great big shark. Why see it this summer? Nothing says summer quite like a shark movie and this one is looking to take a big bite out for your summer. Eli Roth is known to make some pretty gruesome flicks (Hostel, Cabin Fever, The Green Inferno, to name a few) and his not shy about getting gore-happy and killing off characters in unexpected ways so if you’re a fan of his work and want some carnage The Meg will probably be a very different type of shark movie from any other shark movie already out there and also, seeing Jason Statham battle it out with a shark? Come on where else are you going to get that?  


8. Replicas. (August 24) A scientist loses his family but then he tries to bring them back. Why see it this summer? Keanu Reeves. 9. Slender Man (August 24) Four friends decide to try to summon the “Slender Man” to try and prove how his not real but soon after it all goes grim when one of them goes missing… could it be the tall, dark slender— gentleman took them?  Why see it this summer? Whether you’ve heard of the mythological Slender Man or not it’s a film that should be checked out by those who like artsy macabre aesthetic— the trailer alone reminds us of The Ring video. 10. The Nun. (September 13) The Nun takes place in 1952, Romania. It follows a nun and a priest investigating a nun’s death, death by suicide.  Why see it this summer? Fans of the franchise will remember the demonic nun “Valak’s” first appearance in the 2016 sequel The Conjuring 2 (hard to forget). Filmed in beautiful Romania in one of the most famous Romanian castles in Transylvania— the location alone sounds like a dream for such a movie— the scenery in the film will probably exquisitely shot. Director Corin Hardy expressed how he wanted The Nun to feel like a classic dark Romanian horror film. Horror fans should definitely check this one out.

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Goth Lifestyle: Growing up Goth Jesus Figueroa Writer

I never considered myself goth until it was pointed out to me that everything the goth lifestyle was, I embodied, even then I was subclasses as a gypsy goth. At this point I will say that as a hispanic in the goth community with darker skin than most goth it’s difficult to fit in especially when I don’t wear makeup to look pale. Transitioning from the common blue jeans and polo shirt to wearing all black wasn’t difficult to me, it’s just a drastic contrast to everyone around me. Color and lack of variety isn’t necessarily the embodiment of goth, but that’s when people started noticing it. The clothing felt more comfortable, and for me it was one less thing to worry about in the morning as I was always running late to school because I never slept proper hours. Even then, my parents hated the idea that I wore black. So they limited the articles of clothing that were black. I was already listening to metal music and the goth, industrial music kind of just went in the same style. This was how parents tried to control the style of their kids. Then came the long hair. I have never had a normal haircut, my parents were very protective and since I went to the same barber as my father I would get something similar to my father, needless to say it was a hairstyle that was very old fashioned. I was made fun of because of it. So I stopped getting haircuts and let it grow out. With such curly hair the first few inches made it impossible to maintain my hair. Even with globs of gel keeping it down was a mission. The attitude was always there. I never really cared about anything and I never fit in to the pop culture world. Depression and anxiety are not what the goth community is about though. Neither is satanism or


dark magic. Although its a lifestyle it’s not negativity. There are happy goths as there are sad goths. There are thin goths, there are overweight goths, there are goths of different nationalities and goths of different ages. The attitude is just that of appreciation and confidence of who the person is. When I started dressing the way I did, I found that and regardless of what people would say, it was me and I was comfortable. No matter what was going on in my life, I was good with who I was. Of course people started to look at me weird and stay away more. I didn’t care. I grew up during the time of the Columbine shooting, so my demeanor scared people. No matter how calm and non-violent I was, the clothing instilled fear in people. Growing up goth wasn’t acceptable, but it wasn’t because of the way I dressed, it was because of the way I was perceived. To everyone was weird, I was a vampire or I was death. One of those was true, but being goth had nothing to do with it. Wearing ties and collar shirts made sense to me at the time and so I did it. Still I was an outcast. People looked at me weird and I didn’t talk to many people, but I knew people talked about me. I was also a nerd so everything combined just made me a target to be picked on. The goth snobs wouldn’t accept me cause I didn’t fit in with their makeup or nail polish wearing ways. The regular students didn’t accept me cause I was weird. I was different. I didn’t mind. Being alone suited me. These days bullying has been taken to an entirely different level. These days isolation like what I had isn’t possible. The anonymous world of the Internet makes it so everyone has an opinion and everyone’s opinion is blasted out regardless of the consideration that the person at the other end of the screen is a human. I was at the tail end of that. So I didn’t get to experience the worst of that.

Goth, Industrial band Combichrist On Tour Jesus Figueroa Writer

The goth, industrial group Combichrist sets off on their “Everybody Still Hates You Tour.” Supporting the electro-industrial goth band Combichrist will be Wednesday 13, Night Club, Prison and Death Valley High. June marks the final month of their tour with their final stop being on Los Angeles on June 30 at The Regent. Andy LaPlegua said “We’re fucking stoked to hit the road with our friends wednesday 13, Night Club, Prison and Death Valley High. This is such an amazing line up and we’re ready to see all our buddies and fans out there. Get ready, the ‘Everybody Still Hares You’ tour is coming.” Combichrist has been making music and thrilling audiences since 2003. Their most recent album “This is where death

begins” is a fantastic album that shows just how far the group has gone. The fantastic beats and clear vocals show brilliant professionalism and how much they have learned throughout the years. For those familiar with their first album “The joy of gunz,” its a great sound but each album since shows a steady progression in skill. Their live performances are a true performance where fans can get excited, dance and listen to their favorite songs played. As unique as Coombichrist are, their style comes across well and each fan gets an opportunity to see the passion the members of this band put into their music. This band is unique and is able to showcase just how wonderful they are. When fad music styles come and go, bands like Combichrist continue in their style and continue to satisfy fans and exceed expectations on every album and at every stop of their tour.

Thisfunktional Beauty of Words With Savannah Eve

Anxiety into my head Sitting behind a mile tall wall Do her wrong and the consequences Slowly chipping away will At my own pace Be hell People on the other side I’ve been through enough hell Screaming at me I do not want to experience her version To get over it No one sees what I live through That it’s not that hard They might see glimpses It’s as simple as just doing this or that But they aren’t her daughter When they really just don’t underHer resentment for me stand Doesn’t affect them like it does me The trauma put myself through It’s just harsh criticism Just to do the simplest of things They don’t get punched with the The amount of courage the smallest weight Of task takes They aren’t slapped around with the The way my mind races at the tiniest bitter hatred inkling They don’t feel like a burden I’m tired of making progress no one To their own mother sees Like every breath they take No one acknowledges Is an annoyance I’m getting tired of no one understandThey haven’t had their mother ing Take away every drop of happiness It’s not that easy With just one comment Yes my fear is juvenile But here I sit I’m very aware of that Tear soaked cheeks I’m also aware that it’s very stupid Torn and jagged nails I’m aware that I’m 18 Blood pouring from my fingertips And should be my own person Continuing to try But I’ve had my mother drill it Even if it kills me

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Thisfunktional Magazine June 2018  

Volume 03 Issue 01 of Thisfunktional Magazine with comedian Felipe Esparza on the cover. Table of content: Section: Entertainment Mayhem -P...

Thisfunktional Magazine June 2018  

Volume 03 Issue 01 of Thisfunktional Magazine with comedian Felipe Esparza on the cover. Table of content: Section: Entertainment Mayhem -P...