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ScareLA Returns With Summerween 2018 Overboard:

Fantastic Remake

Devil’s Cove:

Thrilling Journey

Going to The Gym Female Perspectives

Letter from the Editor: Esteemed reader,

Issue number two, my birthday issue, is completely dedicated to empowering women and some of my favorite events I enjoy attending year after year. Thank you for everyone who read issue one and for those who were part of making issue one, those who inspire and those who write. Thank you to Felipe Esparza for being the cover story. This issue has one of my favorite people on the cover who is the founder of ScareLA, a Halloween in summer event that I have attended every year since it began. Seeing the event evolve from the fan-favorite event it was when it began to being recognized by the city of Los Angeles as the premier Halloween convention in Los Angeles, this event is produced by some of the most creative Halloween-lovers lead by Lora Ivanova who is passionate about making ScareLA a safe and fun environment for all who attend. The month of July is also my birthday months so much of this issue is my favorite stuff. I get to make a section of this magazine with my nephews who mean the world to me. I write as much as my heart desires. I get to share with an audience I am thankful to have and I get to help other writers in the process. I am not a young person, but I am a person who still has enough energy to do everything possible to bring more and more to I could not do this alone so as always I am thankful for the people who have pushed me to continue to do this and who support my efforts month after month. This issue is dedicated to Mike The Movie Guy who checks up on me when he feels I am in need of a friend. Who keeps the lines of communication open no matter what time of day or night it may be. So Entertainment Mayhem is dedicated this month to for Mike and his two sons, Maddox and Jaxon. I hope they enjoy their summer fun and keep cool. The main bulk of this along with the main cover story is something I wanted so it’s dedicated to me on my birthday. Thanks to Ivanova I have been involved in a yearly event which continues to blow my mind every year. Read my experience with ScareLA and how fun its been to cover this summerween event year after year. altDarkness is a bit light this month, but still I hope that this lifestyle section has some interesting themes you all find interesting. I’d like to dedicate it to Ms. Segal who helped out not only by sharing her experience, but by shaping the way the story took place. She’s been a friend for a few years and one entertaining person to chat with. The Beauty of Words has been taken over once again by the talented Ms. Savannah Eve who shares a very personal poem that is sweet and sad all in one. It’s so elegantly written and shows such grace in the word choice. The style of the poem is similar to a poem found in one of my favorite books of all time “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbowsky. Bravo to this young talented lady who has given me the opportunity to publish as many of her poems as I find fit to. Please enjoy this issue and let me know what you think through comments and social media (@Thisfunktional).

Much Appreciation,

Jesus Figueroa

Editor-in-Chief of Thisfunktional Magazine

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Entertainment Mayhem

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Reviews and Interviews

-Adal Ramones: Hasta Que La Boda Nos Separe -------------------------------------------------Devil’s Cove: Talk with writer, actor Chloe Traicos ---------------------------------------------ScareLA in preperation for 2018 --------------------------------------------------------------------Gotham: Selina Kyle actress Camren Bicandova -------------------------------------------------Netflix Junkie: Streaming soon ----------------------------------------------------------------------


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Beauty of Words


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Beauty of Words -Savannah Eve

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Entertainment Mayhem

With #WillIsReading and #NoahScores

OVERBOARD remake is fantastic, Eva Longoria wants Hispanic audience to unite Jesus Figueroa Writer

The remake of “Overboard” was a shock to audiences that did not expect such a brilliant story that while having a culture change also had a universal nature that made it comical. When it comes to inclusive story telling, Hollywood has had the need to create the position of diversity writers, but most movies that come from Mexico contain universal themes while keeping the cultural relevance intact. Still, it’s hard for a movie lead by a majority Hispanic cast to gain prominence in Hollywood. Derbez was able to assemble a magnificent cast to fit well in to the story line of “Overboard.” With co-star Anna Faris and supporting actress Eva Longoria, the movie had two strong actresses moving the story forward. With Derbez’ physical slapstick comedy, the women had some amazing witty comedy to balance out the story and to have a range of comedy for everyone to have something to enjoy in this movie. The inclusion of Eva Longoria as Theresa and Mel Rodriguez as Bobby gives this remake a fantastic supporting cast which has a distinctive touch of the Hispanic culture. The strong portrayal of business owner Teresa and the support Bobby provides is an incredible inclusion which mirrors reality. Longoria expressed in a round table discussion about “Overboard,” in promotion of the theatrical release, that even as Hispanics have been getting to be more accepted in Hollywood, there is still a long way to go so that there is a proper representation. The responsibility does not fall on just Hollywood to be inclusive, Longoria said, but Hispanics need to go out and support projects from Latin America and which allow for more stories with universal as well as Hispanic themes to be told. Derbez comes into “Overboard” having transitioned over to Hollywood movies through several projects which saw fantastic box office success. Projects like “How to be a Latin Lover” and “Instructions not Included” had universal themes

Mel Rodriguez, who plays Bobby, and Eva Longoria who plays Teresa in “Overboard.”

which audiences everywhere were able to identify. Derbez has championed not only having Hispanic stories being produced and told in Hollywood, but always looks to bring quality work through his production company 3Pas. “Overboard,” like many of the movies which Derbez has been involved with, includes talented actors which are well known in Latin America, but who may not be as know outside of Latina America. Anna Faris, who plays the lead character Kate, said that Derbez is a wonder to see on set as he wears so many different hats when on set. Faris said that Derbez comes in and performs brilliantly and professionally in a scene but then when the scene is over he steps out of the role as a producer and deals with issues that arise. Derbez is always busy doing something and he is the busiest guy on any set. Derbez said that he came from Latin America filmmaking where often he would need to be involved in front of the camera as well as in back and be doing multiple jobs at once. He feels proud that he had such a tough training while working in Latin America and that it has helped him to show the hard work that foreign film makers put into projects. Even with such dedication, having projects like “Overboard,” which has a cast that is heavily Hispanic, can be difficult to get produced. While much of the stories coming out of Latin America are movies which don’t only have a cultural importance, but that tell stories which a wide audience


can identify with, even if they don’t have a Hispanic background. “Overboard” is a remake which needed the approval of MGM Studios, which enjoyed the idea of Derbez adding a Hispanic element to the story. The story has a brilliant mixture of big laugh moments and touching sentimental scenes that make it a great movie for the entire family. The family element is prominent and there is nothing which is pushed to the background for the sake of making this movie kid friendly. There is no need for crude or vulgar humor in this story and this movie shows just how fun a humorous mouvie can be while keeping the comedy clean. With the decline of R-rated films, there are many family friendly films that come to theaters which can either be targeted too much on the younger audience, leaving much to be desired byt he older audience, or that fail to gain an audience at all. Working with children can be difficult becasue there’s many obstacles to get across to create the desired performance from the youmg actors. Derbez talked a bit about how before making “Instructions not Included” and really working with the actress that played his daughter, he really disliked working with children. His experience changed when

he discovered he worked very well with kids and was able to talk to them and their families to be able to help get the best perfoemance out of them. “Instructions not Included,” “How to be a Latin Lover” and “Overboard” all include at least one child actor which steals the scenes and is as much an important element in the telling of the story as any other part of it. From Selma Hayek being the female lead opposite Derbez on “How to be a Latin Lover,” to Faris in “Overboard,” a strong comedic lead helps Derbez capture the attention of audiences with great roles for women which are as complex as the male roles. Family friendly films are usually disliked for being cheesy and not having many entertaining themes that adults can connect with. “Overboard” has a story which kids can enjoy and follow easily as well as adults can get excited about. 3Pas and Pantelion Productions, a Lionsgate company, teams up for this productions, as Pantelion has teamed up with other Latin American actors to bring magnificent movies with a Hispanic story to Hollywood. After a successful theatrical run, “Overboard’ is set to get a home entertainment release on digital July 17 and DVD and Blu-ray on Jule 31.

Watch my interview with Eugenio Derbez on:

Overboard On Digital July 17 On Blu-ray and DVD July 17

PokémonGo App adds friend list, tradin Jesus Figueroa Writer

Niantic Labs and the Pokémon Company released PokémonGo for mobile devices more than two years ago and continue to bring new elements to the game. Since the release of the game its been a fan favorite. When it was first released the servers crashed frequently due to all the users that would log in to play the game on a daily basis. At first, PokémonGo was used mostly by those who were caught up in the mostalgia it brough back from playing the original Pokémon games on Nintendo’s Gameboy portable system, but the differences quickly became apparent and some users got tired of the gamer experience. The recent PokémonGo update included a Friend List and Trading, which were two features which users were waiting for since the game was released. By entering the Trainer Code which can be found on the app, players from all around the world can friend each other and gift each other, sharing interesting locations where PokéStops were spun. To trade Pokémon being friends on the app is required as well as being able to be within 100 yards of the player and stardust. The amount of stardust needed for a trade is determined by how rare the Pokémon is as well as if its a new entry in the PokéDex and the level of friendship the Pokémon Trainers are at. To improve friendship levels two players who have friended each other can send each other gifts, which are found when spinning PokéStops, battling gyms with the friend in the group or winning raids with the friend.. The first day will move players into the good friend’s level, which allows trading of all Pokémon except mythical Pokémon. After 7 days, players will move into great friend level, which gives a stardust discount on trading Pokémon, gives one attack bonus for gym battles fought with that friend and one ball raid bonus for raid battles won with that friend in the group. After 30 days, players move into the ultra friend level, which gives 2 stardust discounts on trading Pokémon, 2 attack bonuses for gym battles fought with that friend and 2 balls raid bonus for raid battles

won with that friend in the group. Final level, after 90 days, moves friends into best friend level, which gives 3 stardust discount on trading Pokémon, 3 attack bonuses for gym battles fought with that friend and 3 balls raid bonus for raid battles won with that friend in the group. The daily walking or run to stay healthy can be used to get kilometers to hatch eggs. There is four eggs now. A 2-kilometer, 5-kilometer, 7-kilometer and 10-kilometer eggs. There’s the regular incubator which is able to be used infinitely. There is other incubators which can be purchased in the PokéShop and a super incubator which helps eggs hatch quicker. Regular eggs – the 2-,5- and 10- kilometer eggs, can be found by spinning PokéSops, but the 7-kilometer eggs can only be obtained by finding them in the gifts received from friends. Baby Pokémon can only be hatched from eggs, so players are encouraged to walk in order to hatch as many eggs as possible to collect all the Pokémon in the current PokéDex. The differences from the original Pokémon games are apparent, but this mobile game helped people get up and out of their houses. Having a game centered around walking, augmented reality and with PokéStops and Gyms being real world locations made for a fascinating game that helped propel a healthier gamer.

ng to the already popular mobile game Notable aspects:

• Gets users into the real world • Community Day, once a month for three hours (Exclusive Pokémon available for three hours) The PokémonGo Plus, a wearable bluetooth device that helped players collect PokéStops and catch Pokémon without having to be on a smart phone the entire time. What made the PokémonGo Plus such a strange pairing for PokémonGo was that it took away from what made the game fun, discovering the locations of PokéStops and picking and choosing which Pokémon to try and capture. PokemonGo Plus is also a $50 for a device which is just a button to be pressed. Seeing the locations and possibly discovering a new location or part of the community that may go overseen, here in Los Angeles some PokéStops can be graffiti art that is hidden on the street or on buildings. Walking around the same community over and over again can be boring as the variety of Pokémon which appear is limited. PokémonGo encourages players to discover new areas around them to try and find all the Pokémon in the PokéDex. Some regional exclusive Pokémon are available only in different parts of the world or through special events, so the challenge to “Catch’em all” is a task. Shiny Pokémon have been another recent addition, which are a variation to some of the already popular Pokémon. Have fun and be save while exploring the real world to find as many Pokémon as possible.

• Research Missions • Regional Challenges • Global Challenges • Real world events • Daily bonuses • Weekly bonus • Badges • Solo play advantages • Group play advantages • Variety of Pokémon • Discovering new locations • Buddy Pokemon

@Thisfunktional, #WillIsRead The Wizarding World of Harry Butterbeer comes in many forms now – hot, cold, frozen, potted cream, fudge and ice cream. They all have a similar taste, but the sweetness and dominant flavors are each unique. #WillIsReading liked the frozen drink and the ice cream while @Thisfunktional prefered the hot drink with the potted cream, all are available now at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood. To add to the one of a kind Butterbeer which is served Jesus Figueroa at the Wizarding World, Butterbeer is now available in Writer


Junior Reporter, Contributor When there’s new things to try at Universal Studios Hollywood, Thisfunktional has to try them out and see if they are worth checking out. #WillIsReading hasn’t been to Universal since before The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened and since he is a Harry Potter fan he had been looking forward to walking the through The Wizarding world and of course trying the spells was a must. The two new spells bring a big change to the spells which have been around the Wizarding World for awhile now. Alohomora, the unlock spell, has a small location which is cool and a large location which opens a large door. The second new spell is Incendio, the fire spell, which has a small location by the Three Broomsticks restaurant and a larger one which brings a flame shooting out of a chimney. Even with the spells adding a larger element to the Wizarding World, #WillIsReading enjoyed the smaller spells which are located all around. The new apparel is awesome, some were only made in kid sizes and now include adult sizes and some are completely new to the Wizarding world. The fans will go crazy at how amazing these new designs look.

several different forms. Butterbeer was already available as a regular fizzy drink, a frozen drink and a hot Butterbeer. #WillIsReading and I got to taste all three and choose our favorite drink, checkout the video to hear our review of all three at To go along with the Butterbeer drinks, a variety of Butterbeer desserts – a fudge, a potted cream and ice cream. All three capture the taste of Butterbeer, all three are each a distinct sweetness, with the fudge being the sweetest of the three and the ice cream being the least sweet. On, #WillIsReading and I taste all three on camera and talk about our experience tasting them and we choose our favorite. Along with all that is new aspects which have arrived at the Wizarding World, The Nighttime Lights on Hogwarts returns for summer. A few weeks back, Anastasia Reptar, a big Harry Potter fan as well, and I attended the premiere day of the return, Reptar had seen the Christmas lights on Hogwarts which was breath-taking to her, but the regular light show was just as fantastical if not more so. Reptar, belonging to the Ravenclaw house, #WillIsReading, Belonging to Hufflepuff housem and I, belonging to Slitheryn house, all recommend the Wizarding World for all the attractions it offers fans.

ding attend what’s new at y Potter media preview event

Watch the video with #WillIsReading on:

Summer reading list recom Jesus Figueroa Writer

Older kids like to get challenged and can lose interest in things that just do not meet their standards. #WillIsReading discovered his interest in certain books because his teacher challeneged him to read them, but he took risks to read books which caught his attention and books that belonged to a series he had already started reading. An honorable mentions that may be a book series that can’t easily be read in one summer, especially for younger kids, is the Harry Potter series which are great fun books and bring a sense of magic and confidence to kids. They each present a problem which is made more intense with a magical element.

List by #WillIsReading:

The Adventures of Captain Underpants series is part of the reading list, also including the Dog Man book series which is similar. Not only does #WillIsReading enojy reading this series, but he enjoyed “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie,” but the “Captain Underpants” Netflix series fell short for him. Luckily #WillIsReading got a signed of one of the books, but even then, the creativity of the stories capture his attention and inspire him to share the books with his younger brother who enjoys them as well. The humor catches his attentions and life lessons are masked with witty stories to keep kids interested in reading more. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books is a series that continues to grow with the newest addition to be released in October 2018. #WillIsReading discovered this series late in the second semester of school, but, along with books his teacher would recommend, he buckled down and knocked out one book after another. The characters are easily relatable as well as the storylines are compelling. #WillIsReading carried each book everywhere he went for six months which he read the series to date.

mmended by kids for kids

#NoahScores is too young to read, but he enjoys people reading to him, even listening to #WillIsReading reads some Captain Underpants so he could enjoy sitting through the movie. The trouble usually is keeping a young kids interest in a topic so books can be difficult to find, not every book is age appropriate as well. An honorable mention is any Dr. Seuss book, because with the colorful books with rhyming stories are an attention grabber for any kid to be hooked. Along with the lessons in the stories, each book is an amazing experience which kids will remember long after reading and many will enjoy reading the books over an over again.

List by #NoahScores:

The first fun book is “Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes,” which has a musical element to it as well. The story is fun to read, but listening to the audio and hearing the song actually sung grabs the attention of any kid. The story is about keeping your cool and being able to adapt to situations, which can be very easy if you incorporate music to a situation. This musical selection is fantastic and enjoyable for kids and the person reading to them as well. Be warned that it’s an addicting book and kids may want to listen to the audio over-and-over again, backto-back. Second selection is the Llama Llama series which helps teach young kids many life lessons to help them be respectful to everyone. These are fascinating and simple reads which kids stay put for because of the color choice, although not always as bright as many other children’s books, this series has amazing stories which can easily be followed by young kids. The story can be over fairly quickly. The shortness of the read allows for kids to be able to sit through the reading of several different books and each book in the series is written by a different subject. These books are also great to slowly be able to help younger kids to learn to read.




Interviews With AccordingToKristin, Anastasia Reptar

PANTAYA’s HASTA QUE LA BODA NOS SEPARE reflects comical Hispanic weddings Jesus Figueroa Writer

Actor Adal Ramones finds that “Hasta que la Boda nos Separe,” now streaming on PantaYa, portrays weddings that Hispanics can relate to. Through the movie, a couple lives through a wedding day that has two weddings – one dream wedding and a traditional wedding to please the parents. Ramones was thrilled to work with such a fresh talent that worked hard to bring this project to life. He said that he was able to see the hilarity in seeing some stereotypical family members be represented in an extreme way. “Hasta que la Boda nos Separe” is a Russian remake

and one thing that drew Ramones to the role was that he was asked to play a character similar to himself. The comedy was released in theaters in Latin America and was received well, then released on PantaYa for Hispanics outside Latin America to be able to watch. Ramones thought it was fantastic and that he hopes that it is received well since Hispanics can relate or see themselves reflected on the screen. “Hasta que la Boda nos Separe” is now streaming on PantaYa, which people wanting to watch will need to subscribe to. PantaYa streams many movies released in Latin American theaters at the same time as they are in theaters, giving talented actors from Latin America a platform to be seen by a broader audience.

Watch my interview with Adal Ramones on:

Modern day Bonnie and Clyd becomes film festival circuit Jesus Figueroa

Writer Two strong female leads drive the thrilling “Devil’s Cove” which has gained notability through the festival circuit and garnered several awards along the way. Chloe Traicos takes on a role which is far from typical. Her role as Jackie was one of a woman who was recently released from a prison sentence for killing her child. “It’s very much a strong female film and the one character I play (Jackie) ends up being somewhat of a female serial killer,” Traicos said. “It’s kind of a case of girls end up doing one thing bad in this town (Devil’s Cove) and committing more and more crimes.” “I still think in today’s world there isnt really many good roles for women, which is why I started writing my own script,” Traicos said. “I wanted to do something which features stron women characters. In the original they just commit the first murder, but then I decided to be abit more daring and decided to make my character Jackie a sociopath.” The difficulty in selling a script to producers with a female led is difficult, it was going to be even more challenging with both leads being female. Traicos found a director who helped her develop her two characters and push the story further along to catch people’s attention.

The story couldn’t hold back and with her trust in Erik Lundmark, Traicos knew just how much to push boundaries and how far to go with each character. “I wanted Erik Lundmark to direct, even though this was his first feature film, he had directed music videos and he’s directed documentaries, so I knew his work and I wanted him to do it.” Traicos said. “He was very honest and told me what would sell and what wouldn’t. He knew this had a market, so he gave me the idea that there has to be more murders, it has to be more exciting.” “Devil’s Cove” is well deserved of such festival praise as it leads the viewer on a high-thrill journey. Co-star Christelle Baguidy played new girl in town Toni, who catches the eye of Jackie. Toni complements Jackie and the two leads take the entire story with great scenes and fierce confrontations. The performance by Traicos gained her a nomination in the festival circuit giving a the actress the acknowledgment she deserved for the strong performance. “We auditioned several people, for the second lead. It was a toss up between Christelle Baguidy, who we both thought

de thriller, DEVIL’S COVE favorite, award winning film was very good, and another girl, who we also thought was very good,” Traicos said. “It was interesting because this was a non-union movie, I was told since it was I wouldn’t get many good actors, but that was very untrue as we got fantastic actors.” Despite the female leads, the male supporting cast is great at being part of the story just enough. The performances are not the highlight of t h e movie, but are well connected to making the story stand out. The twists and turns are wild and Traicos entrusted her script to director Lundmark, who she said was great to collaborate with because it was easy to bounce ideas off of and move the project along in the right direction. “I wrote this script and I was very excited. I took Erik Lundmark’s advice, I was very happy with the finished story. i realized he was right, his suggestions were right,” Traicos said. “As a writer, I knew he was

someone that I could trust. I knew him, I knew his work.” Traicos will go on to be part of a romantic comedy, going on a completely different direction from this character, but as this movie is open for a sequel, Traicos isn’t opposed to the idea. Traicos said, “If it does do good, it is a possibility. It is open for the idea of a sequel. “Devil’s Cove” opens in Los Angeles theaters on August 3.

Summerween officially starts as ScareLA returns to LA Jesus Figueroa Writer

My personal favorite Los Angeles-based convention brings Halloween to LA in the summer time again. This year ScareLA will be from August 25 and 26. For anyone who enjoys the Halloween season, dressing up, getting scared, meeting up with friends who enjoy Halloween too, ScareLA is the place to be. Even those who don’t necessarily like to dres up every year, there’s something at ScareLA for everyine to enjoy. Bringing Summerween to the LA, ScareLA has made huge changes year after year, from the first year at L.A. Reef, now L.A. Market, then two years at the Pasadena Convention Center, ScareLA has now made the Los Angeles Convention Center its home. ScareLA Founder Lora Ivanova leads a team of passionate Halloween and haunt fans who dedicate months to bringing together a convention which will be entertaining, educational and safe. The passionate group of individuals who set their task every year to bring more and more Halloween fun to ScareLA attendees put on a convention that everyone who attends enjoys. Ivanova was thrilled to have ScareLA recognized by the Los Angeles City Council in 2017 as ScareLA moved its convention to the heart of L.A. “As the first-ever fan convention dedicated to Halloween, ScareLA has built a vibrant tradition bringing one of the world’s most beloved holidays to the middle of the summer,” Ivanova said. With recognition from the Los Angeles City Council, ScareLA continues on with its mission to create a

summerween experience in the heart of Los Angeles. ScareLA has become one of the fastest growing independent conventions in the U.S., drawing thousands of attendees from all over the world. This year should come with yet more fun for the entire family, as ScareLA continues to be a safe environment for everyone. The ScareLA staff has been hard at work for months planning out 2018’a ScareLA and trying to bring elements which no other convention can. ScareLA promises that “Descend into Darkness” will be an all new fully-immersive show unlike anything audiences have seen or experienced before. Thisfunktional has covered ScareLA every year, starting its debut year when the convention started on two different floors of L.A. Market. There’s no other convention like it. ScareLA draws more than 10,000 professionals, fans and families from the U.S. and abroad. That first year, attendees were treated to a fantastic convention that started the moment they stepped of the elevators onto the showroom floor. Major theme parks revealed Halloween attractions exclusively at ScareLA as well as allowing attendees to interact with their favorite producers of the attractions. Halloween fans enjoy being able to start their costume shopping early or even roam the convention to gather ideas to exactly how their Halloween season will go. Every year since, fans flock to make lines early for the big announcements from Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights and Knotts Scaryfarm. The presentations are a fantastic show for those in attendance and the announcement leave people in anticipation for opening day of the events. This year, the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor will be part of the Halloween attractions in attendance and will have something special for attendees to experience. The showroom floor, which is where most of the vendors and artists are located is one of the biggest attractions as well as every year, the Halloween shopping can commence early to ensure that kids and adults have a costume that is sure to stand out. Professional makeup artists are available on the showroom floor as they showcase their skills to create the best, creepiest or bloodiest creation. It’s exciting to get to see the detail and dedication that makeup artists put into their work.

ScareLA founder Lora Ivanova accompanied by some ghoulish scare perfo

Being able to talk to makeup artists and get tips on how to do special effects like oozing blood and scars is great for people looking to have a costume they will be proud to wear on Halloween. Educating attendees on how to have a safe and enjoyable Halloween season is a main concern for Ivanova, so classes on creating props and do-it-yourself decorations are a part of the experience of ScareLA. Many professionals in the haunt industry lead the

ormers at the Los Angeles City Council meeting in 2017 to receive recognition by the city. (Photo courtesy of ScareLA)

classes which attendees can purchase tickets to be a part of. The price of classes usually includes material needed to follow along with the instructions. Classes come in several different levels, starting with amateur. Classes for children are also available as well as arts and crafts which are great to spend some time at. ScareLA also has a screening room for horror movie fans.

The movies are mostly family friendly, those that aren’t are labeled on the schedule of films. The screening room screens some of the best shorts from horror movie festivals as well as independent movies. It’s a fantastic place to go view some original stories and support indie film makers. Some film makers will attend and introduce their films as well as hold a Q&A for people who would like to learn more about their project.

Scare performers, such as sliders, roam the showroom floor as well as the halls, scaring attendees and bringing people into the Halloween spirit. Sliders dressed in ghoulish costumes perform and demonstrate some incredible skills. Upcoming horror movies and thrillers have activations available for attendees to discover what’s news, what’s coming up, what to look out for and have a small glimpse of what the movies will be like. In past years, movies like “It,” “Annabelle: Creation,” and “Flatliners” had activations which attendees lined up to experience. Trying to step out of the common elements of conventions, since there are many that are held in Los Angeles and specifically in the Los Angeles Convention center, ScareLA tries to bring as many haunt attractions as possible to bring out the Halloween spirit in summer, in so creating a Summerween atmosphere. Horror fans can interact with some of their favorite actors and filmmakers who set up booths for meet and

greets as well as to showcase their latest project. “This year we inch a tad closer to Halloween to ramp up excitement for the scare season with an all new and fully immersive show unlike anything audiences have ever seen,” Ivanova said. ScareLA has inspired numerous events and experiences in Southern California and beyond, transforming the fall tradition of Halloween into a year-round way of life. ScareLA Spotlights the rich Southern California scare industry and community, from its iconic seasonal theme park events, to haunted attractions, home haunts, theater, film, escape rooms, interactive experiences and much more. ScareLA will be at the Los Angeles Convention Center on August 25 and 26.. Tickets are available now for one or both days. ScareLA Founder and Executive Producer Lora Ivanova said, “We can’t wait to open the doors to darkness at the heart if Los Angeles this August.”

Get tickets now at:

Follow on Social Media: @ScareLosAngeles

GOTHAM’s Camren Bico Selina Kyle who manage

Jessica Lucas, left, Camren Bicondova and David Mazouz in the “A Dark Knight: To Our Deaths and Beyond” episode of “GOTHAM” on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo courtesy of FOX

Jesus Figueroa Writer

Selina Kyle has been one of the most complex characters in FOX’s “Gotham,” walking the line between good and bad all through season 4. With season 5 approaching, fans can only hope that more is revealed about Selina as she makes her mark on Gotham City, defines her relationship with Bruce Wayne, sinks deeper into the crime work and/or leans away from the crime world. Bicandova is a dancer and knows the importance of telling a story with body language, she admired the

portrayal of Catwoman by Julie Newmar because it had the body language storytelling element since Newmar was a dancer as well. Bicondova is excited to see where Selina is headed. She feels that season four ends leaving an open space for Selina, she has many options. It has been three full seasons of watching the beginning of the Batman universe that “Gotham” has unveiled. Bicondova has brought out a side of Selina which fans adore and at times enjoy hating because of questionable decisions which Selina has to make. Bicondova feels like being an actor is torturous

ondova plays a complex es to be a fan favorite because she has to believe everything that they are seeing, feel the feelings that are needed and most of the times, for a role, actors have to deal with things most people never have to deal with. Bicandova shows much of her personality on her Instagram page, much of which is not like Selina, but after four years of playing the character she feels like the two personalities have gained some similarity, “Honestly, I use to have to take a moment and turn on the switch, but now I’m so close to her and I’m so use to her that she’s somebody that I know like the back of my hand,” Bicondova said. “I just relax and be in the moment. I kind of react, I just be now. I think I’ve grown alot throughout this whole process of the last four years. Now, I don’t feel like Selina is a different person anymore. She is in me the same way I use myself in her.” Although Bicondova enjoys scenes with Jessica Lucas, who plays Tabatha, and Erin Richards, who plays Barbara, she finds working with David Mazouz, who plays Bruce Wayne, to be an entirely different experience. Bicandova and Mazouz have seen each other grow and their characters grow along with them. “It’s just been really exciting and a really great experience,” Bicondova said. “To be able to go on set and kind of do more mature scenes, and just more deep scenes, has been very cool cause I get to see the progress of both of us, as actors.” Countless times people ask about the relationship progression between Bruce and Selina, but Bicandova doesn’t feel that it’s as important to have the relationship between the two characters be concrete one way or another. Bicandova has expressed her dislike for being asked that question on her Instagram page as well as on interviews, but she did share her thoughts of Bruce and the dopplegänger. “I like the original Bruce, the dopplegänger is so weird and his hair was just nappy. His vibe was just off,

Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle.on “GOTHAM” on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo credit TOMMY GARCIA / FOX.

he was just a robot.” Bicondova said. “Some episodes ago I would have said the doppleganger, but since finishing season 4, seeing the progression of Selina and the progression of Bruce Wayne, I think the man that Bruce Wayne is becoming is a very respectable one. So because of that I think Bruce Wayne is my favorite compared to the dopplegänger.” Bicandova took a hiatus after season 4 to travel, press the reset button and focus on self and well being. Bicandova said, “I am manifesting that I hit the reset button, that I refresh my mind, my body my soul, and then boom I am ready for season 5.”

Netflix Junkie: Movies to look o Jesus Figueroa Writer

Month after month Netflix comes out with original, and exclusive content, but is it any good? Trailers can be deceiving, some make a story look better than expected while very rarely some fall short of explaining enough of the story to capture anyone’s attention. On the daily, people consume so much Netflix that the demand for content is high. In my household, Netflix is always on and so much is watched that finding something new and enjoyable is a task. So here are some choices for things that are coming to Netflix that people should watch out for. (List in order of release)

death, and the overwhelming majority of high-risk implanted devices never require a single clinical trial. In THE BLEEDING EDGE, Academy Award® nominated filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering (THE INVISIBLE WAR, THE HUNTING GROUND) turn their sights on the $400 billion medical device industry, examining lax regulations, corporate coverups, and profit driven incentives that put patients at risk daily.  Weaving emotionally powerful stories of people whose lives have been irrevocably harmed, the film asks: what life-saving technologies may actually be killing us?


A working class father of the future faces recurring dreams of destruction by an unknown force. When his unwanted nightmares begin to affect his relationship with his family, he soon realizes they may be the key to a horrible reality, as a relentless alien attack begins to destroy the Earth.  As the invaders’ assault progresses, he is forced America has the most technologically advanced health care system in the world, yet medical to find both the strength to protect his family and an interventions have become the third leading cause of understanding of who he truly is.


out for, coming soon to Netflix August 10 THE PACKAGE

mailed out. From New York Times Bestselling author Jenny Han, the film adaption of the popular YA novel stars actress Lana Condor (ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL, X-MEN: APOCALYPSE), Janel Parrish (PRETTY LITTLE When four teens go on a spring break camping trip, LIARS) and Noah Centineo (SIERRA BURGESS IS A an unfortunate accident sets off a race against time to LOSER, THE FOSTERS) directed by Susan Johnson. save their friend’s most prized possession. The cast includes Daniel Doheny, Geraldine Viswanathan, Sadie Calvano, Luke Spencer Roberts,  Eduardo Franco, Michael Eklund, Gary Jones, Alexander Calvert, Sugar Lyn Beard and Blake Anderson.


What if all the crushes you ever had found out how you felt about them...all at once? Lara Jean Song Covey’s love life goes from imaginary to out of control when the love letters for every boy she’s ever loved-five in all-are mysteriously


“SIERRA BURGESS IS A LOSER” is a modern rom-com retelling of the Cyrano de Bergerac story set in high school. The story centers on Sierra (Shannon Purser), an intelligent teen who does not fall into the shallow definition of high school pretty but, in a case of mistaken identity that results in unexpected romance, must team with the popular girl (Kristine Froseth) in order to win her crush. Also starring RJ Cyler, Noah Centineo, Chrissy Metz and Lea Thompson.


altDarkness With Thisfunktional

Working out at the gym, a woman’s perspective Jesus Figueroa Writer

Contributed by Savannah Eve and Segal Fecowycz

Working out is something pretty common. Some people workout to lose weight, some to gain in, either way the majority of people do it to gain some selfesteem. For men, going to the gym seems easier, it’s almost expected, but for women it can be a challenge, stressful and at times uncomfortable. There have even come to be women only gyms. It says something about a society when women need to have something like women only gyms to feel secure. For Savannah Eve, a 19 from a small southern town, she started to workout because with a petite frame, 5’2” and 88 lbs., people pointed out her tiny wrists and being able to see her bones. Many times people have trouble putting on weight for many different reasons, but for Savannah it wasn’t because she was sick or because she wouldn’t eat, she just has a fast metabolism. Being tired of getting negative comments, Savannah started going to the gym, which proved to be a challenge on its own due to her parents wanting her not to go beyond a certain time in fear that something would happen to her. Her parents worried about her safety. Still, to feel better about herself she faces the struggles to go to the gym, be a nursing student, try and have a personal life and finish homework all while dealing with severe social anxiety. Small town living can be comfortable and yet have it’s stressful areas as well. “It challenging to focus on my work out when I’m worried about people judging or staring at me. I try to go at a time when no one is there. Which makes it difficult when I have other things to do during the day,” Savannah said. For Segal Fecowycz, 24 from the city, she works out

because everyone around her did and after she stopped participating in dance she needed a new activity, an outlet. Fecowycz felt she was pudgy and working out would help with that. She became her own worst enemy because in her mind she felt people would stare, make fun of or even laugh at her while she was working out. But, Fecowycz is dedicated to working out so she makes her way to the gym regardless of what time it is, but still tried to get to the gym when it’s emptier, she figured out what time people were at the gym more often and tried to make time to go after that. Fecowycz’ goal changes as she meets it since she’s happy going to the gym and it’s helped her to be more aware of her general well being. “Men at the gym make it as uncomfortable, if not less uncomfortable, than women who show up half dressed,” Fecowycz said. For her it was less about feeling threatened as it was about being judged. Having been part of a dance studio, Fecowycz has had experience training around others, yet still carries insecurities and the looming feeling that people are judging. Some men try and intimidate Fecowycz at times challenging her abilities on the equipment, because to some of the men at the gym women aren’t as capable of pushing limits of strength as men. Most men don’t worry about being stared at, made fun of or threatened at the gym. They don’t get anxiety as people loom around being intimidating. Men don’t have gyms that restrict who can attend in fear of possible danger. Every person at the gym should feel safe and comfortable regardless of gender, sexual orientation and skill levels. Those who go to the gym should concentrate on their workout, try and be helpful without being critical and be friendly. Try to offer compliments and suggestions when seeing someone try their hardest at working out. The gym should be a safe place for anyone looking to better themselves because every single person is there for a similar reason.

Thisfunktional With Savannah Eve


Once on a piece of blue construction paper She wrote about Disney movies And she called it “Happily Ever After” Because that is all she saw She did not give it to her mom Because small things like that did not matter And she played in the dirt No one played with her And she started to get quieter No one listened to her And she relied on her imagination Because no one was there And the farther she distanced herself The better she felt And she wrote about fairytales All she ever dreamed about



Once on a r She wrote And she called It “ Because tha And she did n Because she stil And she w At a And she f With no one And she felt even She became And some nights s She felt like And so she wrote n

Once on a piece of wide ruled paper She wrote about love And called it “Shattered Hope” Because that is how she felt And she did not give it to her mom Because she did not understand young love And she said you are too young to understand She was only fourteen And she learned her mom would not believe That she really did love him And she became even more introverted Because only she understood And she lost “friends” Because she lost trust And so she wrote about love To release what she felt

Beauty of Words

restaurant napkin e about romance “Something I’ll Never get” at is how she saw it not give it to her mom ll would not understand was still too young age fifteen felt so hopeless e to understand her n more lonely than ever e sadder and sadder she cried herself to sleep she wasn’t enough e about something she’d never get



Once on a torn piece of paper She wrote about broken hearts And she called it “Never Again” Because that is how it felt And she did not give it to her mom Because she could not open up to her And being alone was what she was use to She became a hermit And she didn’t open up to anyone Because people are only temporary And that’s what she believed Because everyone left And that is just how it was Right? And so she wrote about more broken hearts

Once on a small index card She wrote a date And she called it “My Happily Ever After” Because that is what it was And she did give it to her mom Because she wanted her to be proud And then she graduated medical school That was her dream And they bought their first house A pretty two story brick house And they had kids She always dreamed of kids And they lived happily ever after She always wanted a fairytale And so she wrote about her love Because that is what it was

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Thisfunktional Magazine Volume 03 Issue 02 - July 2018- ScareLA (Lora Ivanova)  

Thisfunktional Magazine's July issue, Editor-in-chief's birthday issue, published on July 23, 2018 with ScareLA Founder and Executive Produc...

Thisfunktional Magazine Volume 03 Issue 02 - July 2018- ScareLA (Lora Ivanova)  

Thisfunktional Magazine's July issue, Editor-in-chief's birthday issue, published on July 23, 2018 with ScareLA Founder and Executive Produc...