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Trend Report Autumn/Winter 2013-14


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Creative Direction

Surrealism/Looking back/Looking forward

Creative Direction Colour Palette No.1


Surrealism is a trend that delves into the unexpected. It is inspired by the escapism from everyday life, almost as a way of lashing out. With brash and obtrusive objects featuring in Visual Merchandising, this trend is set to make a statement. The colour palette is bold and contrasting. To idea is to ‘play surreal games with a surreal society’.

Creative Direction Colour Palette No.2

Looking Back

This trend is inspired by a dispairing attitude towards technologic advances. It is almost a reaction to fight against further futuristic occurances, and traces back roots to a time that many long for, where actions were simpler, things were home made, and everyone was at one with the great outdoors. This trend is for those who want to take a sentimental journey in time.

Creative Direction Colour Palette No.3

Looking Forward

This trend is inspired by architecture, futuristic visions and robotic shapes. In this digital age where technology is advancing at a rapid rate it is questionable what our future will become. This trend delves into the future with angular shapes and chrome dominating. It is experimental and unknown.

Surrealism Visual Merchandising

Surrealism Print and Graphics

Surrealism Menswear

Looking Back

Romantisim Visual Merchandising

Looking Back Print and Graphics

Looking Back Menswear

Futurism Visual Merchandising

Futurism Print and Graphics

Futurism Menswear

Ted Baker Brand Application

SWOT analysis Strengths

Strengths Established brand Loyal consumers Sense of humour Change image frequently whilst maintaining brand DNA

Opportunites Expand consumer base/ attract new consumers Show brand is forward thinking and culturally aware

Weaknesses No advertising


Recession-people spending less money on clothes

Ted Baker Visual Application


Visual Application

Packaging Visual Application

In-store design

Visual Application

Window display

Visual Application

Window display

Visual Application

Natasha Stock/Jemima Wilson/Eileen Pegg

Trend Report Autumn/Winter 2013/14  

Report exploring key trends for autumn/winter 2013/14 and observations from research trip to Berlin.

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