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The Istanbul-born artist mixes silver with “soft, nimble, malleable, historic” high-karat gold IF YOU SAW our Look opener (“Opposites Attract”) a few ­pages back, you know mixing metals is hotter than ever. Lika Behar could have told you that years ago: Silver and gold ­pieces—22k and 24k yellow gold, which she says have an ­“absolutely beautiful natural color”—are her specialty. Her ­organic, beautifully shaped designs are instantly recognizable, whether they’re dotted with diamonds or assorted colored stones such as turquoise. At this year’s Luxury show, you can expect “a lot more color,” she says, “plenty of awesome tanzanites and emeralds, and some very unique pearl pieces.” —MELISSA ROSE BERNARDO Age: Who’s counting? Number of years in the biz: 14 Number of employees you oversee: 17 Family and pets: Married; two married sons, adore my ­daughters-in-law. Describe your personal style: Understated dress, fun ­accessories. Let the jewelry and accessories do the talking. First piece you ever designed: A two-tone peace sign with diamonds—so appropriate now. The single piece of jewelry you’re most proud of: It is a ­different one every day, but lately I am truly happy with the way my Machka Park bracelet—the way it opens and closes. It is so organic looking. Best piece of advice you ever received: “Never become set in your ways, but stay true to your own voice and aesthetic.” SUMMER 2022

22k yellow gold Evil Eye pendant with white gold tapered diamonds and blue sapphire eye

24k yellow gold one-of-a-kind freshwater pearl Lydia pendant with diamonds on vine

Worst piece of advice: “Do ‘x’ because everyone does it.” I get it all the time! First job ever: International economics analyst LOL! How did you get started designing jewelry? Quite by ­accident, upon the suggestion of a friend at a dinner party. Tried it for fun and the rest is history! If you weren’t designing jewelry, what would you be doing? Cooking. Jewelry you’re wearing right now: Machka Park cuff (the initial prototype without the hinge), my wedding band, and my snake ring; an evil eye with tapered baguette mascara; and a long “crush” gold chain. On your desk right now: My laptop, beads, jewelry, and too many papers! Songs on your playlist: I use classical playlists from ­Spotify such as Opera Classics, Mozart Strings, Schubert Piano, ­Beethoven Symphonies. Exercise regimen: God, I have to push myself not to cancel on my trainer! I walk around the office with ankle weights. What did you have for breakfast? Hard-boiled eggs and plain yogurt, cherry tomatoes. Guilty pleasure: Gourmet food! Drink (daytime/evening): Coffee all day; at night bring on the wine, vodka, or a really smoky whisky such as Oban. First website you check every day (not your own!): Bloomberg. Scent: Chanel Allure Eau de Parfum. How do you unwind? I cook up a storm for family and friends. One must-visit spot for anyone traveling to Istanbul: I can’t pick favorites—it is a gorgeous city. A stroll by the Bosphorus, the Hagia Sophia [pictured ], the Iznik tiles in Rüstem Pasha Mosque. You must experience a hammam (Turkish bath). Book you’re reading: Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan. Book you’ve been meaning to get to: Oh, there are so many! Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice, the one with Keira Knightley [pictured ]. Who would play you in your life story? Renée Zellweger? Bette Midler? I dunno. Personal motto: “Work very hard, play even harder!” JCKONLINE.COM


24k gold and oxidized sterling silver Machka Park open cuff bracelet with diamonds