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City Zenes Focus November 2017 | Issue 18

TABLE OF CONTENTS City Zenes Focus The Official Newsletter of Junior Chamber International City Plus

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Editorial Board Editor-in-Chief Vanisha Rajaysur 2017 Local Secretary Editorial Team Geetanjali Ramkishore 2017 Local Treasurer

30th JCI Academy..............................................................................7 Impact talk.......................................................................................10 JCI City Plus -10th year Anniversary Celebrations..........................11 2018 Local and National board members elect...............................15 2018 Local board members elect of other Local Organisations......17 Development Opportunities of Member...........................................19

Pavan Gopal 2017 Local Vice President

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Vimi Poliah Member

Editorial Advisors Tasweena Girdhari 2017 Local President

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Ashish Padaruth 2017 Local Vice President Official Website


EDITOR-IN-CHIEF’S MESSAGE Dear Passionate Readers! In a blink of an eye, we have reached our 3rd and last Edition of City Zenes Focus� Newsletter of JCI City Plus for this fabulous year of 2017. With a heart full of enthusiasm, let us revive the exciting and memorable events, projects and activities of the months of June to October. The most overwhelming emotion remains the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of our Local Organisation. Born on the 15th of September 2007 through the leadership of valiant young active citizens who had one common dream, this baby chapter, whose future was uncertain, did prove its survival against all gusty torments. The secret of its success was; they did not wait for the opportunity but rather created it as a daring adventure. The brotherhood of its members, who unified themselves as a single big family rendered the existence of the organisation perfect by working hard but dreaming big. Let me unveil the beauty of this newsletter and make your eyes twinkle through the discovery of the passion of our young active citizens, who aspire for a better society by creating greater and sustainable impact. I wish you all a pleasant reading!

Vanisha Rajaysur !







2017 Editor-in-Chief


LOCAL PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE We, however, recognize that more needs to be done and we are sure that the 2018 JCI City Plus Board of Directors will “Ignite Your Potential” to bring our organization to even greater heights. As we move towards our 11th year of active citizenship, we look forward to your continuous support and collaboration to keep our family united. I seize this opportunity to thank our Editor in Chief Vanisha Rajaysur for the good job done together with the Editorial team. A big thank you to Local Vice President Ashish Padaruth for his usual guidance and support to the team. A big thank you to you all! Dear Readers, It is an honor for me to address you as the 2017 JCI City Plus President for the Third Edition of City Zenes Focus.

Lead With Passion

We are nearly coming to the end of 2017 and it is timely to reflect upon the changes, challenges and developments encountered by JCI City Plus. From the start of the year, Board Members, Members, Senators and Aspiring Members set out to “Lead With Passion” to bring our organization to new heights. It has been great to see their motivation and team spirits during the projects and events and above all their strong support to our JCI City Plus family in times of challenges. The year 2017 also marked the 10th Anniversary of JCI City Plus and we proudly celebrated our legacy to inspire to create a better tomorrow. Tasweena Girdhari Local President


NATIONAL PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE By now all the local organisations as well as JCI Mauritius have elected their respective Board of Directors for 2018. On behalf of JCI Mauritius I would like to congratulate the 2018 Elected Local and National Board members for accepting to serve our valued organisation. The focus for the remaining weeks should be completing to the best of your ability your respective plan of action and work together with the elected board and members of the organisation to plan for next year to ensure continuity and sustainability. I will wish you all the best for the remaining weeks of 2017… lets make it count and Impact as One. Dear JCI Mauritius Family members, Allow me to drop a few words for the third edition of Local organisation’s newsletter. We have already stepped in the tenth month of 2017 and you will agree with me that voting a plan of action and achieving it are two different things. To summarise development opportunities have been grasped, overcoming challenges that served as learning path, identifying areas where we need to improve both at local organisation and National Organisation level and working since January to align ourselves to the 2014 -2018 JCI Plan of Action. 2017 has been awesome to JCI Mauritius till date.

As rightly said by Chris Hadfield:

‘Ultimately, leadership is not about glorious crowning acts. It's about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences really matter. It is about laying the groundwork for others' success, and then standing back and letting them shine.’

Asha Auckloo National President









The 2015 Local President of JCI City Plus and 2017 JCI Mauritius Deputy National President Roumesh Oomah was selected upon submission of a scrapbook to attend the 30th JCI Japan Academy in Kumamoto, Japan. The Academy took place from 9th July to 13th July 2017 and the 2018 JCI Mauritius National President Elect Roumesh Oomah graduated from the Academy.





taking Leadership positions while for more experienced members , they shared that they were happy to learn about the challenges we, as Past Presidents encountered ,and how they could do things differently.

“The essence of having IMPACT TALK. How it can be a useful platform for our JCI Members and how you witnessed this first initiative in your JCI Career. Furthermore, I think this initiative should be a yearly event, whereby members get to meet the Past Presidents and also see the Brotherhood and friendship which are really present, even though each Past President had his own challenges, conflicts etc, we learnt to look beyond that. What prevailed after the Leadership year is over, is in fact, the thread that bind us all, the vision and mission but most important, the As the Past President of JCI City Plus, I found the initiative of organising the Impact Talk a great one. This platform gave the Past Presidents an opportunity to share their experiences with all members and in some way inspired them. Moreover, this motivated those who were new in

friendship. I will firmly encourage JCI City Plus to continue this initiative and look for creative ideas and themes so that we can get more members to come and attend. Antee Mewa 2013 Local President

the organisation and were still thinking about







2018 LOCAL & NATIONAL BOARD MEMBERS ELECT 2018 JCI City Plus Board of Directors Following the Extraordinary General Assembly of JCI City Plus held on Wednesday, 27 September 2017 at the Conference Room, Flying Dodo, Bagatelle, the 2018 JCI City Plus Board of Directors have been elected as follows: 2018 Local President: Pavan Gopal 2018 Local Secretary: Geetanjali Ramkishore 2018 Local Treasurer: Ashish Padaruth 2018 Local Vice President – Community Development: Varuna Govinden 2018 Local Vice President – Skills Development: Vanisha Rajaysur 2018 Local Vice President – Business: Alisha Hingun 2018 Local Vice President – Public Relations & International: Vijayen Govinden The motto for 2018: “Ignite Your Potential”


2018 JCI Mauritius Board of Directors Following the General Assembly of JCI Mauritius held on Saturday, 07 October 2017 at The Ravenala Attitude Hotel, Balaclava, the 2018 JCI Mauritius Board of Directors have been elected as follows: 2018 National President: Roumesh Oomah 2018 Deputy National President: Heveen Sharma Kejiou 2018 National Secretary: Tasweena Girdhari 2018 National Treasurer: Chimène Dacruz-Valery 2018 National Vice President: Philip Chang-Ko 2018 National Vice President: Parveeta Luchmun The motto for 2018: “Go Beyond”



Motto: “Let’s Act Together” JCI Curepipe

Motto: “Empower Lead Impact”


JCI Port-Louis

Motto: “Together we rise” JCI Quatre-Bornes

Motto: “The power to Unite, Inspire and Be Better”



talents which are I always had

veiled inside me. I did only 2 rehearsals of 10


mins, one on the eve and one on the D-Day. I

appreciation for

had the chance of having an amazing Co-host, in

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the name of Hans Ramiah, as well as a dedicated

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Project Director like Hanisha Durbarry.



ceremonies whenever I saw them presenting big award nights on TV. It was far from


imagination that one day this opportunity would be presented to me and also for one of the JCI Mauritius National Flagship Project - The Creative Young Entrepreneur Award- Edition 2017. Afraid at once, with a mind full of confusion and a low self esteem, I wanted to pull back this opportunity which was rather casted upon me. Seeing the potential of my other JCI friends who did this post previously successfully, this totally freaked me out because I did not believe in my full potential. But the encouragement I got from the project team members as well as my Local President, this has really boosted my morale and made me want

On that day, I was not in a good health but yet, I focused on my objective of giving my very best to making this event a real success. I can say that, when I was on stage, having the eyes of 121 people looking at you is really hard to digest. But I mustered courage to keep my level of stress low and to keep my calm. I knew that if something went wrong, I could be blamed for it. Before I start, I took a great breath and asked god for help. At times, there was need to improvise whenever my Co- Host and myself felt something was missing in our speech. We ensured a perfect sync by helping each other.

to venture into this new sphere. I, therefore, took up the challenge as I wanted to discover the


We were like a unified family, that of JCI Mauritius. I would heartily encourage all members to go for it if ever they get this wonderful chance of being an MC. Nothing is difficult if you put your full heart in it. I still have To my great astonishment, the way I spoke and presented the awards night was greatly appreciated. Many people have praised me for my voice quality; some even told me that it was

pleasant nostalgia of this awards night I had on the 13th of August 2017. To conclude I would say; “Fear not of the failure but face it as a Winner!�

so soothing to listen to and worthy of a high quality awards night. This awards night was really awesome that when its end was nearing, it made me feel sad as I got so much engulfed into the skin of a MC. It further made me realized that if someone believes in her potential and the power of her dreams, success will be at her feet. This flagship project has made me discovered the hidden talents which I have as well as to share the immense brotherhood by working hand in hand with my team member from other local organizations.

Vanisha Rajaysur Editor in Chief


ASPIRING MEMBERS’ CORNER Vinay Bokhoree My name is VINAY BOKHOREE; I joined JCI CITY PLUS in August 2017, by a friend request, that all most tell me about what this organization is and today, I am very proud to be embarked in this new adventure. Her name is Vanisha Rajaysur. I owe her big thanks.

both locally and internationally. It delivers a vital role in the world. I’m sure lots of people must have heard what a wonderful organization JCI is and why you should join it and the personal and professional benefits you get from being a JCI member. One might think but personally I believe it’s true. JCI is definitely a great platform not only for me, but also for any youth wishing to translate professional and personal ambitions into reality and at the same time contributing to their development in all spheres at all levels. So far I have not done too much activity, but going to events makes me feel proud and happy seeing all the JCI family together as a bonding.

I have only just roomed the craze of JCI City Plus and so far I can truly say that I have enjoyed all the events I have been to. Be it the Peace is Possible event at Le Caudan Waterfront or the 2017 JCI Mauritius National Convention among many. For me joining this organization is very fruitful and I am sure I’ll learn a lot.

Now I’ll end my article here by saying “always believe in the power of your will” if you want something definitely you can achieve it. No one is superior to other.

But what struck me most and made me rise the little time I have spent with the JCI CITY PLUS team was the camaraderie reigning among all the members together. You could definitely feel the sense of belonging of the members to their organization, followers believing in the JCI creed and ready for challenges but mind you they do know to have a good time and I have witnessed this during the peace is possible.JCI is an organization where lots of activities are done to help the needy people to come back from poverty, or any other social issues. It also avers the government of any crisis situation. It acts as an intermediary.JCI is now recognized

And here’s to my forthcoming days at JCI CITY PLUS…

JCI as an organization can truly help make a difference to society and promote the voice of the fresher generation around the world.

Vinay Bokhoree Aspiring Member


Yashna Conoo

I started my JCI adventure in JCI City Plus project, SDLA, which is an inspiring way to recognize and compensate Mauritians who created a lasting and positive impact in any field promoting sustainable development. It's an amazing experience as a volunteer whereby every personal contribution is valued and appreciated. Joining JCI City Plus was unquestionably the best decision I ever made – Hopefully, I will be swearing as a member soon and continue in contributing fully in creating positive change in our society.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead Those very inspirational words aroused my interest in joining JCI as an aspiring member in 2017. In JCI, I saw the potential to prove myself outside of the traditional 9-5, careering approach and be part of something that I could grow and develop with at the same time; therein lies the best part - we can keep growing! It is incredible how JCI allows members to take an idea and turn it into reality. The safe environment to try different things and learn new skills means that anything and everything is possible! Planning and leading a business conference, starting a local community movement, establishing a charity allowing members made trustees, arranging out-of-hours business tours, organizing networking events are among the various opportunities to be seized and implemented.

Yashna Conoo Aspiring Member






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2017 JCI City Plus - City Zenes Focus - Issue 18 - November 2017  

This is the third edition of the City Zenes Focus e-newsletter showing the projects and activities of JCI City Plus

2017 JCI City Plus - City Zenes Focus - Issue 18 - November 2017  

This is the third edition of the City Zenes Focus e-newsletter showing the projects and activities of JCI City Plus