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City Buzz Issue 19 | Edition 1 | April 2018


City Buzz The Official Newsletter of Junior Chamber International City Plus

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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Vijayen Govinden EDITORIAL TEAM Vanisha Rajaysur Ashish Padaruth Shreeya Mohundin EDITORIAL ADVISOR Pavan Gopal MISE-EN-PAGE Ashish Padaruth JCI CITY PLUS Reg No. 10584 Avenue des Goyaviers Quatre Bornes Tel: 5254 1495 E: 2018 Motto: Ignite Your Potential

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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF’S MESSAGE Dear Readers, Welcome to the first edition of City Buzz, the quarterly newsletter of JCI City Plus 2018 brings its lot of exciting new promises and challenges. I never thought that one day I would be responsible for the publication of a newsletter. With the help and guidance of my editorial team members, I have been able to overcome that fear and go ahead. This year many projects are in the pipeline to encourage members to ignite their potential and enhance team building. When I first joined JCI City Plus, my first thoughts was that JCI was solely an organization specializing in social work. However a few weeks later, I found out that social work was only a subset of the projects organized by JCI City Plus. I never thought that one particular day in 2016, I would attend a talk on the Stock Market. Since my three years this year in JCI, I have been able to participate in the various JCI projects and make friends all along. For me JCI has also been a break from my everyday routine. I had the occasion to meet people who had the same thinking mindset as me. This newsletter serves as our guide and reference for all the projects and activities that are organized by JCI City Plus. The motto of JCI City Plus for this year is “Ignite your Potential”. Let’s hope that in ten years when we read this newsletter, we will start memorizing the souvenirs of the activities that we did in 2018. You can have results or excuses but not both Arnold Schwarzenegger

Vijayen Govinden 2018 Editor-in-Chief


LOCAL PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Responsible for the growth and development of members within the organisation, Senator Yudhish Rama organised the orientation session and delivered a training on project management. Our members and aspiring members will soon benefit from a freshly engineered coaching programme.

Dear readers, It is a great honour to address you as the 11th President of JCI City Plus on the issue of the rebranded newsletter – “City Buzz” This year marks the 50th year of independence of our country and our mission as active citizens remain ever so relevant. Our island has known decades of peaceful co-habitation amongst its medley of cultures and people and now is the time to build on the richness of our fabric, embrace our differences and capitalise on our strengths to see the Mauritius we want in the next half century. Every big journey begins with a first step. Our first step is to put our members first! We have introduced the members’ corner and the Ignition corner during all members’ meeting. The members’ corner serves to instigate members to participate in our organisation-wide implementation of the Kaizen philosophy – we leverage on the input of members in changing the organisation for the better. The ignition sessions provide free relevant short trainings to members and aspiring members with invitation extended to all local organisations. Our igniters for this quarter were Mr Atish Bagolah and Mr Kin Tue-Fee.

I am glad to see several development opportunities provided to members and thank the project directors Alisha Hingun for kickstarting the year with assistance to the needy at Cite La Cure, Geetanjali Ramkishore and Elveena Yessoo for showcasing our Mauritian hospitality hosting the JCI Vice President Kolawole Banquet Dinner, Jaya Mulloo and Varuna Govinden on bringing valuable legal assistance to eradicate domestic violence in Cite Sainte Catherine, Sundeep Ruchchan on kickstarting the Let’s Do It campaign at Palmar beach. JCI City Plus is privileged to be hosting the 32nd edition of JCI Mauritius The Outstanding Young Person (TOYP) award and registration to participate is now open on The board of directors is working hard towards achieving the high standards of the 100% efficiency programme (JCI Mauritius) and the Good Governance award (JCI Mauritius Senate). I would like to commend JCI City Plus members Asha Auckloo and Ashveena Mewa on their international achievement serving as JCI Vice President and JCI AMDEC Councillor respectively. Congratulations to Local Vice President Vanisha Rajaysur on being a honoree of the 100 most influential global HR professionals. Our members are shining locally and internationally and this is an exciting year to encourage friends and family to join our local organisation. Pavan Gopal Local President 3

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Serving our organization as President was nothing short of fulfilling. I joined our organization with the aim of making a difference and developing my skills. Through the guidance, experiences and leadership of each and everyone, I had the opportunity of leading our wonderful organization and bring it to even greater heights. It has been an amazing journey with the JCI City Plus family.

Dear Readers, It is with immense pleasure that I am writing to you a few words for the first Edition of JCI City Plus Newsletter.  The year 2017 has been a year of celebrations for our organization for we’ve celebrated our 10th Anniversary. Indeed, it has been a great honor and privilege for me to have served as the 10th President of JCI City Plus.  2017 was a year full of achievements for JCI City Plus. Through our community based projects, we involved the community, partners and civil society. 

I would like to seize this opportunity to thank the 2017 JCI City Plus Board of Directors, Project Directors, Members, Senators and Aspiring Members for their unfailing support and passion.   The strength of JCI City Plus always lies in its members and so, let us all pledge our support and commitment to our organization and to its success.  I wish all the very best to 2018 Local President Pavan Gopal and 2018 Local Board Members. Let’s Ignite Your Potential.

We welcomed new members as well as Senators. Our team building became renowned. At International level, we signed a twinning agreement with JCI  Antananarivo and JCI Dhaka East. During the 2017 Africa and Middle East Conference, JCI City Plus won 3 Awards and during the 2017 JCI Active Citizens Day, we received 6 awards. The JCI City Plus family worked hard and accomplished our mission of providing development opportunities that empower young  people to create positive change.  Tasweena Girdhari Immediate Past President



Dear JCI Friends, It is an honor and privilege for me to address you as the 2018 JCI Mauritius National President in the first edition of JCI City Plus newsletter for the year. First and foremost, I would like to thank JCI City Plus the development opportunity since I joined this wonderful organization and for supporting me to serve JCI Mauritius as the National President this year. JCI City Plus has a great team of experienced and motivated members, senators and aspiring members and by combining this enriching experience gained over time and the willingness to create positive change, this local organization has the potential to reach new heights and make a sustainable impact in the society. 

The first quarter of the year has been full of activities for JCI City Plus with various ignition corners, community and skills development programs, and so on. The National Board is pleased to see that the local organization has till now been able to build on the achievements which have been achieved over years and is continuing to build on those foundations this year under the motto ‘Ignite Your Potential’. On behalf of the National Board of JCI Mauritius, I would like to thank JCI City Plus for successfully hosting the banquet dinner organized in honor of 2018 JCI Vice President Kolawole Osinowo. 2018 will mark the 34th anniversary of JCI Mauritius and it will be a great year as we shall be defining the future of our organization as we prepare the 2019-2023 JCI Strategic Plan. We encourage all the members to continue to pursue our mission that is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. Time has come for us to lay foundations for a strong organization and by working together, we shall make JCI Mauritius grow and prosper in years to come. This year also marks the preparation for the 2019 JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference as JCI Mauritius prepare itself to welcome the JCI family in Mauritius in 2019 and we encourage all members to work together to make this event a memorable one. We would like seize this opportunity to thank JCI City Plus for its continuous support and we look forward to your impactful projects and activities. We are confident that with your support we will surely GO BEYOND. Roumesh Oomah National President


2018 JCI CITY PLUS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr Pavan Gopal - 2018 Local President Pavan Gopal has sworn in as JCI member in December 2014. He is the Business Development Director of Happy Eater Ltd. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Management Sciences and Accounting from the University of Southampton in UK. He has been a Co-Project Director of the 2015 JCI Mauritius TOYP Awards. He served as the Project Director of the ABC Stock Exchange in 2016 which won the award for Best Local Economic Empowerment Program in Africa and the Middle East. Pavan Gopal is also the “founder” of the JCI City Plus Dina Robin Skills development project which started in 2017 and brings bonding and promotes brotherhood among JCI members through trekking, self-discovery and camping activities. Pavan Gopal previously served on the Board of Directors of JCI City Plus as Local Vice President – Business in 2016 and Local Vice President – Skills Development in 2017. Pavan was awarded the Most Outstanding Board member of JCI City Plus and Most Outstanding Member of JCI Mauritius in 2017.

Miss Geetanjali Ramkishore - 2018 Local Secretary Geetanjali Ramkishore sworn in as JCI member in April 2015. She is pursuing ACCA Level 3 and works at Deutsche Bank (Mauritius) Ltd. Since joining JCI as an aspiring member, she has worked on various projects. In 2015 and 2016 respectively, she was the project director of the JCI City Plus ACF workshop. This project was also awarded Best Local Community empowerment Program in 2016. She also served as Project Secretary for the 2016 Africa and Middle East Senators Association Summit Logistics Team. In 2016, she attended the 2016 JCI Africa & Middle East Conference held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mr Ashish Padaruth - 2018 Local Treasurer Ashish Padaruth has sworn in as JCI member in September 2014. He works as Senior Business Analyst at Orange Mauritius. He hold a Bachelor Degree in Computer Applications as well as an MSc in Project Management. He has worked on various JCI projects namely Learning Made Easy, Aret Violence and 2015 JCI Mauritius President Banquet and Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of JCI, where he served as MC. He was the Project Director of the 2015 JCI Mauritius Debate Championship in 2015 as well as for Speed Business Networking in 2016. He served on the Board of Directors of JCI City Plus as Local Secretary in 2016 and as Vice President – Public Relations and International in 2017.


2018 JCI CITY PLUS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Miss Varuna Govinden - 2018 Local Vice President Community Development Varuna Govinden had sworn in as JCI member in October 2015. She is a Barrister-at-Law by profession, after being called to the Bar of Mauritius in January 2016. She holds an LLB from the University of Mauritius, a Graduate Diploma in Law from Brunel University London and the Bar Professional Training Course from Northumbria University. Since joining JCI, she has been working in various projects which include ACF Workshop, 2016 Africa and Middle East Senators Association Summit Logistics Team and Aret Violence, Netoye nu Paradis, JCI Mauritius National Debate Championship, 2017 CYEA and JCI Active Citizen Day. She was the Project Director of the 2017 Aret Violence Project. Varuna has used much of her knowledge and experience as a barrister-at-law to educate women living in areas of poverty on their rights in relation to the issue of domestic violence. In recognition of her efforts and hard work, she was voted Best Member of JCI City Plus in 2017. Varuna Govinden is currently serving for the first time in the JCI City Plus Board of Directors.

Miss Vanisha Rajaysur - 2018 Local Vice President Skills Development Vanisha Rajaysur has sworn in as JCI member in March 2016. She is a Group HR Manager at Shibani Finance Ltd. She holds a BSc (Hons) Management form the University of Mauritius as well as an MBA with Specialization in HRM from London Metropolitan University. She has been Project Director for Aret Violence in 2016 and the Winner of the 2016 JCI Mauritius Debate Competition. She was also the Editor in Chief for the 2017 JCI City Plus newsletters and the special edition of the 10th Anniversary Magazine of JCI City Plus. Moreover, She also figured among the Top 5 Finalists of the 2016 JCI Mauritius TOYP awards. She was the Jury member of JCI Port Louis PAP project in 2016 and has worked on various JCI National projects - JCI Activie Citizens Day, National Convention, VP dinner banquet. Vanisha also forms part of the Top 100 HR Professionals of the World.

Mr Vijayen Govinden - 2018 Local Vice President Public Relations and International Vijayen Govinden has sworn in as JCI member in October 2015. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical engineering from the National University of Singapore. He currently works as an engineer at Air Mauritius Ltd. He has worked on various projects at JCI like ACF Framework, 2016 Africa and Middle East Senators Association Summit Logistics Team, 2016 Aret Violence, Netoye nu Paradis and 2017 JCI Active Citizen Day. He served as Project Director of the 2016 JCI City Plus ACF workshop.


2018 JCI CITY PLUS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Miss Alisha Hingun - 2018 Local Vice President Business Alisha Hingun swore in as a JCI City Plus member in December 2016. Alisha is an Associate Lecturer at Curtin University - Mauritius and is also a Research Consultant. With a Masters in Marketing Management from the University of Mauritius and a Candidate for a Doctorate of Philosophy [PhD] in Marketing, Alisha has 7 years of experience in the field of research. She is currently conducting her doctorate on "An Investigation on the Influence of Branding in Shaping Human Identity". She is currently the project director for 2018 JCI Mauritius TOYP and 2018 JCI City Plus Community Development Project at Cité La Cure.  She has been the Co-Project Director of the 2017 ABC Stock Exchange and has worked on various projects like 2017 JCI Active Citizen Day and Netoye nu paradis. Alisha Hingun is currently serving for the first time in the JCI City Plus Board of Directors.

Miss Tasweena Girdhari - 2018 Immediate Past President Tasweena Girdhari has sworn in as JCI member of JCI City Plus in September 2014. She is a physiotherapist and is currently undergoing her Masters degree in Public Health. She currently works at Victoria Hospital.. She was Project Director for the 2016 JCI Mauritius National Convention. Tasweena Girdhari is a graduate and trainer for JCI Achieve, JCI Impact and JCI Admin, Presenter, Effective Meetings, Effective Communications and Effective Leadership. In 2015, she was awarded the Most Outstanding Board member of JCI City Plus and Most Outstanding Member of JCI Mauritius. In 2016, she attended the 2016 JCI Africa and Middle East Conference where she graduated from the 18th JCI Active Citizenship Academy. She was the chairperson of the Administrative and Good Governance in 2015 as well the Strategic Planning Committees in 2016. She served on the Local Board of JCI City Plus as Local Secretary in 2015 and Local Vice President – Public Relations and International in 2016. She served as Local President in 2017 and was awarded Most Outstanding Local President of JCI Mauritius. Aside from being the Immediate Past President of JCI City Plus, Tasweena Girdhari is currently serving as National Secretary of JCI Mauritius.

2018 JCI CITY PLUS COMMITTEES • Local Constitution Amendment Review Committtee (CARCOM): Varsha Boodhoo • Membership Growth Directors: Ashveena Mewa and Yudhish Rama • Internal Auditor: Nitin Collappen • Strategic Planning Committee: Tasweena Girdhari


JANUARY KICK OFF PROJECT: CITE LA CURE RELIEF PROGRAMME Jaceys provided support to inhabitants of Cité La Cure who were badly affected by torrential rains and flash floods. The project was directed by Alisha Hingun in collaboration with NGO My Coaching Crew. Generous donations in kind and in cash were received from JCI members and the public.



JCI VICE PRESIDENT KOLAWOLE OSINOWO BANQUET DINNER The JCI Vice President banquet dinner, hosted by JCI City Plus with co-project directors Geetanjali Ramkishore and Elveena Yessoo was held at the Intercontinental Resort & Spa Hotel on the 24th of February 2018. The event was attended by over 65 JCI members of all local organisations.



IGNITE YOUR SKILLS WORKSHOP Project Director of the Ignite Your Skills Workshop Vanisha Rajaysur organised a training session to empower young active citizens with useful knowledge on the 10th of March at Holiday Inn Hotel, Plaisance Airport. The trainers were Alisha Hingun on "Research Methodology in Social Work" and Atish Bagolah on "Emotional Intelligence".


THE ABC OF MANAGING A JCI PROJECT A hands-on training in managing a JCI Project organised by the JCI City Plus Membership growth team. The trainer was Senator Yudhish Rama and he shared his experience and know-how with future Project Directors and aspiring members on Project Management and Leadership. The training was held on the 6th of March 2018 at Flying Dodo, Bagatelle.


PARTICIPATION IN THE WORLD NGO DAY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MAURITIUS JCI City Plus was represented by Dalini Servansingh and other members at the World NGO Day Forum organised by the University of Mauritius on the 26th of February 2018.


ORIENTATION SESSION FOR ASPIRING MEMBERS An interactive orientation session was organised by JCI City Plus for all aspiring members to give them an insight of the organisation and introduce the Journey of an Active Citizen as well as an overview of the 17 Global Goals. The session was held on 21st of February 2018 at Flying Dodo. The training was delivered by Senator Yudhish Rama and Senator Veena Langur.



JCI City Plus and Mafubo Mauritius jointly organised a session on takling domestic violence and drug abuse on 7th April 2018 at Cite St Catherine, St Pierre. The training facilitator was Varuna Govinden who explained legal aspects and rights of victims in cases of domestic violence and Mrs Gokhool from the Family Protection Unit explaining the support structure offered by the government. The project Director Jaya Mulloo is planning to increase JCI impact in the St Catherine Community.


LET'S DO IT CAMPAIGN: NETOYE NU PARADIS JCI City Plus members committed to the World Clean Up campaign organised a clean up session at Palmar Beach on the 8th of April. This initiative is one of many to be organised during the year and the project director is Sundeep Ruchchan.




JCI City Plus was an amazing boost for me to go outside more cleanly and confidently to participate in their agenda and my first activity being emcee was more than holistic. Second, I ended up doing a training on a twinning program at Madagascar and yet, my third exposure to serve was the "emotional intelligence" workshop at HolidayInn

I always had a dream: To serve. I kept serving yet until I came across JCI, my medium to serve felt different with more productivity. 

I kept

thinking: What about having a group of individuals with a collective set of high enthusiasm and spirit and there I barged into a

In my humble opinion, I feel I belong here and everybody is striving without a present agenda yet with the sole aim to serve with a purpose and without expectation Hail JCI! Hail JCI City Plus!  I thank every being in this organization for being who they are: welcoming, strong, compassionate and humane.

w o r l d o f y o u n g , passionate and dynamic amalgam of visionary young leaders – Junior Chamber International. My first pin day was an experience while unique on its – it was as well merged with feelings of p a t r i o t i s m , p u r e expectations and a stringent sense of belonging. Abruptly, all of my mind’s world got collapsed in good hands – that was the way I saw myself blending into the mellifluous spirit to serve the world with leaders; not just of the future leaders but of the present. Atish Bagolah Member




JCI was unknown to me until one of my siblings encouraged me to join the organisation. I gave it a try and not knowing what it really was, I found myself competing in the JCI Mauritius National Debate Championships. JCI has transformed my life by providing me with development opportunities and empowering me to go beyond. I am now the Project Director of the Skills project - Top Chef. I am always looking forward to the next project as it is a learning opportunity for me and it creates impact in the community and shapes future leaders. I thank JCI for upholding and elevating my life. I am willing to be in JCI as long as I can so as to learn more and share the knowledge acquired during the years.

Kevin Aubeeluck Member


UPCOMING PROJECTS OF JCI CITY PLUS 1. The ABC of Stock Exchange of Mauritius Objective: To promote the financial literacy of the general public by introducing notions of investment in the stock exchange of Mauritius and Capital Markets. 2. Inspire & Connect Sessions Objective: To promote cross-industry knowledge through workshops and forums with experts and opinion leaders.  Sharing and brainstorming of ideas, common practices and norms.  Networking opportunities. 3. 2018 JCI Mauritius TOYP (The Outstanding Young Person of the Year)  Awards Objective: To recognise the achievement of young people aged between 18-40 in multi disciplinary categories. 4. ART MELA 2018 Objective: To promote inclusiveness of disabled children, create awareness on their condition and break the taboo of disability. 5. ACF WORKSHOP Objective: To promote the JCI ACF Workshop among the members in the conduct of all projects and also, share the framework with all other stakeholders in order to create positive change. 6. NETTOYE NU PARADIS Objective: Clean-up campaign aiming at sensitizing the community on the issue of Dumping, in line with the PM’s Clean Up Mauritius and Embellishment Campaign 7.. EDIKER PU ERADIKE Objective: Empowerment of women on the issue of domestic violence by holding educational sessions with stakeholders such as police officers, social workers and Ministry of Gender officers. 8. NATURAL CALAMITY DISASTER MANAGEMENT & COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME Objective: Development and empowerment of the community of Cité La Cure by holding empowerment sessions on various problems affecting the region. 9. Dina Robin 3 - Koh Lanta Edition Objective: A life changing experience that encourages self-discovery, self-leadership and promotes the brotherhood of man


World Clean Up Campaign JCI City Plus Representative Sundeep Ruchchan Having lived for 10 years in Singapore, where cleanliness is truly next to godliness, it came as a reverse shock of culture, when I returned back to Mauritius to find that untidiness was prevalent and dumping was almost acceptable. In fact, what was more shocking was that people held no accountability in respect to the general state of the island. Instead, there is this prevalent mindset that it is the duty of the Government to take care of the general upkeep of   Mauritius, without realizing that they largely contribute to the issue. I have very often witnessed people having absolutely no qualms in dumping their waste in this beautiful paradise where we live. This was against my values and my passion for ecology. The more so that the recent flash floods gave us a strong reminder of how our habits are nefarious. Something had to be done!  In 2017, I was given the opportunity to become a project director and I knew exactly what I had to do. My mission was to hold each and every citizen of Mauritius accountable for the upkeep of their paradise. If we, active citizens, can put forward our contribution, I believe we can inspire others and make positive change. This is how Nettoye Nu Paradis was created. The idea is simple – our team chooses a spot which needs cleaning, we invite the public to join us and we make arrangements to have the waste disposed of. The project is about sensitization and also about brotherhood, which is why we try to make it fun and we finish off the activity with a picnic. Because helping the community should bring us together and we need to understand that we are ENE LEPEP, ENE NATION! This is how ultimately we can change the mindset of people. Lastly, it is also a great pride that our project was replicated at the national level by the Prime Minister who also took the initiative to encourage Mauritians to clean up the country. Sundeep Ruchchan Project Director - Netoye Nu Paradis



Coffee with Senator Yudhish Rama

You have been conferred the status of JCI Senator. How does it feel? It is a great pleasure and honor to be a JCI Senator. It particularly values and recognizes my commitment and achievement as an individual who has humbly learned how to be an active citizen, how to be a JCI Leader, how and why we should create impact through sustainable projects, how and why the JCI brotherhood is unique and above all how and why I should promote JCI as an organization that provides development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. Since 2008 I have been serving the organization through different leadership positions and it has been a wonderful journey. 2018 will commemorate my 10th year in JCI and as a JCI Senator; I will motivate our new and existing generations of members on how they can be better individuals and why JCI is the organization that unites all sectors of society in providing sue solutions to community needs.�


How can members of different Local Organizations work together for a better JCI Mauritius? It is true that we come from different local organizations but we are all JCI Mauritius Members, we form part of the JCI Family of the Africa & Middle East and worldwide. My advice would be that leaders at local and national level should guide and groom our JCI Mauritius members and aspiring members to focus on the bigger picture: How WE can Be Better as a JCI National Organization? To have a better JCI Mauritius, the impact should be created at local level. For that to be possible, the JCI principles, JCI Mission, JCI Vision are key in planning and implementing projects and also when taking leadership positions. On the other hand, I will favorably encourage local organizations to look for common needs do projects together on a national, regional and even international level. JCI provides guidelines to conduct inter local organization projects and twinning programmes. Thinking together strategically and as ONE at Local Level will surely embark us towards a better JCI Mauritius.� What advice you would have for a JCI member who is considering an international JCI career? Without any hesitation I will advise the member to Go For It. But the person should have a JCI Career Plan and be groomed accordingly. Moreover, hard work, commitment, being a role model, an inspirational leader and having a sound knowledge about JCI are fundamental features. Furthermore, the member should understand about the JCI system of leadership at international level where leaders coming from different countries are given the opportunity to serve whether for an elected or nominated post. As earth great treasure lies in human personality, JCI is an organization that provides you with the opportunities to lead. These opportunities trigger you to better know yourself, it also allows you to discover your potentials, acquire knowledge, and experience. You should share your stories to inspire others to step forward to lead and create impact. What do you think JCI members can do for better bonding/ cohesion? Nowadays we do not only need bonding and cohesion within one local organization, neither the national organization nor because we are a worldwide organization. But we need bonding and cohesion to sustain the philosophy of the JCI Movement for the years to come and even for next 100 years. We should not only focus on the impact we can create at local level or national level. We should be driven by what impact we can create with other local organizations in the Africa & Middle East region or around the world. Experienced members and senators have the knowledge about the JCI methodology of doing things and the wise words for the smooth running of the organization and projects; in building bridges with partners and sponsors. Go towards them, be humble, listen carefully and always have that eagerness to learn share and create. JCI is an incredible learning journey. And remember in JCI simple persons do extraordinary things�


Coffee with Senator Asha Auckloo You have been conferred the status of JCI Senator. How does it feel? It’s a feel good factor to be recognize for the commitment and achievement during my JCI Journey. You feel valued for your contribution as a volunteer and was also a time to reflect upon the transformation that occurred throughout this journey! How can members of different Local Organizations work together for a better JCI Mauritius? Well I simply do not believe in hearsay and that “many people at JCI say” are we referring to JCI Mauritius or and to be more precise is it about JCI.  Very often we tend to believe in what other say before knowing what is the actual situation, my only views on this will be its so easy to stand far away and criticize but it takes courage and commitment for one to change the situation and be better as at the end of the day we are JCI Mauritius Members. If we stay limited to our local or national organization we are limiting our growth, there are countries with over more than 100 Local organizations and they are still creating impact required, so the purpose of being in JCI is not divide and rule but uniting all sectors of society to create that sustainable impact and this should start from us. Change begins with me. What advice you would have for a JCI member who is considering an international JCI career? It is indeed a great opportunity to serve at international level and I wish each member dream about growing in their JCI Career but according to me the focus should be simply guided by the mission and vision and serving selflessly. Prove to be outstanding in your journey, begin with your own community, in your own country, at your National level and then step forward. What do you think JCI members can do for better bonding/ cohesion? Focus on the bigger picture and not be limited to your personal benefit as we are part of an awesome family, JCI Mauritius family that has created history and is considered to be one among the best within JCI Africa and Middle East. We need to focus on the positivity that each and everyone brings to the organization rather than the differences.


Coffee with Senator Roumesh Oomah You have been conferred the status of JCI Senator. How does it feel? It is recognition that I accepted with a lot of humility and I would like to thank 2017 Local President Tasweena Girdhari, 2017 Local Board Members and all the members of JCI City Plus for this recognition. It is a great honor to receive this recognition as it comes after a lot of hard work for the organization and receiving it at a young age is a special feeling, which cannot be described by words. Being awarded JCI Senatorship, is a lifetime recognition and I believe it also give a person the opportunity to serve the organization throughout his lifetime. How can members of different Local Organizations work together for a better JCI Mauritius? There is no reasons why members of different Local Organizations cannot work together. Each Local Organizations may have different ways of working but at the end of the day we are all JCI members adhering to the same JCI Mission, Vision and Values. I would encourage all Local Organizations to work together as this will give them the opportunity to learn more. What advice you would have for a JCI member who is considering an international JCI career? If a member is considering an international JCI Career, I would advise him to grab all the opportunities that will present to him during his JCI Career. This will enable him to learn and work in different circumstances and by doing so he will discover the organization more and will be able to serve at any position be it at international level. What do you think JCI members can do for better bonding/ cohesion? To be able to create more bonding among JCI Members, I believe that more team building activities can be organized and Local Organizations may also invite members from other Local Organization to work on some of their local projects.Â




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JCI City Plus City Buzz Issue 19 - April 2018  

City Buzz - The Quarterly Newsletter of JCI City Plus Issue 19 - Edition 1, April 2018

JCI City Plus City Buzz Issue 19 - April 2018  

City Buzz - The Quarterly Newsletter of JCI City Plus Issue 19 - Edition 1, April 2018