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Re-Routing Education


Pre-Fab (Barn) Hab


Pushing the Envelope


Cincinnati Performing Arts Center




Shoe Store/Tango Bar


Mapping Rome


Arboretum Visitor’s Center


IMI/ Masonry Design Competition

A proposal for revolutionizing education through architecture A prefabricated housing design project A renovation of a museum in Rome, Italy A new icon for the city of Cincinnati, Ohio A built interactive installation Tying together unrelated venues through design

Creating a route for discovery in Rome, Italy

An Eco-Friendly Design

Technical drawings for a new Earth Science building

Sketches Resume

Cincinnati Performing Arts Center A Proposal for a New Icon in Cincinnati, OH Winter 2011

Brandon Clifford Studio

An icon designed to infuse a new sense of excitement into the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. This 512’ tower not only enhaces the city skyline with its hot pink skin, but also inherently creates types of spaces that provide opportunities for activities that are currently unthought of in Cincinnati. The tower features three different “districts” where spaces for learning, practicing, and even the display of arts are made possible. The theatre at the top of the tower boasts an impressive view of the skyline as a backdrop for the stage. The separation of the volumes of each space as well as the exaggerated height will give birth to types of public spaces that are bound to generate activities for adventure seekers and art lovers alike. * A stop motion video was created for this project.


a less family friendly environment.

, Assoc. AIA Current , Assoc. AIA Current Jasmine McNeil Permanent Address: Jasmine McNeil Permanent Address:     , Assoc. AIA Current       10884 Pennycress Street       10884 Pennycress Street     (703) 895-4329                                                                   Manassas,    Manassas, 20110 (703) 895-4329  VA VA 20110 (703) 366-3336 (703) 366-3336     OBJECTIVE  OBJECTIVE  and Revit and Revit Revit To obtain a position indesign a design company in order to provide quality work to further develop design skills. To obtain a position in aand company in order to provide quality work andand to further develop design skills.     EDUCATION  EDUCATION  State University, Columbus, TheThe OhioOhio State University, Columbus, OH OH May,May, 20132013 B.S. Architecture/ Italian Minor Overall B.A.B.A. Architecture/ Italian Minor Overall GPA:GPA: 3.433.43 B.S. *Morrill Scholar *Morrill Scholar *Architecture ScholarB.S. *Architecture Scholar  

ACADEMIC HIGHLIGHTS  ACADEMIC HIGHLIGHTS  Studied abroad in Italy 3 months, Spring, 2012.  Studied abroad in Italy for for 3 months, Spring, 2012. Studied abroad in Istanbul, Turkey week, Spring, 2010.  Studied abroad in Istanbul, Turkey for for oneone week, Spring, 2010.

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES AND VOLUNTEER WORK  EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES AND VOLUNTEER WORK  Design Institute of America President 2012-2013 school General member 2011-2012.  Design BuildBuild Institute of America ViceVice President 2012-2013 school year.year. General member 2011-2012. of Service Leader.  MLKMLK DayDay of Service 20122012 andand 20132013 SiteSite Leader. Provided quality customer service and gained multi-tasking skills wor Community Commitment Service Event Leader. 2009 Participant.  Community Commitment Service Event 20112011 andand 20122012 SiteSite Leader. 2009 Participant. Nissan Pavilion// Bristow, VA Italian Teaching Assistant at Indianola Alternative School Autumn, 2012.Provided customer service and gained experience working with a lar  Italian Teaching Assistant at Indianola Alternative School Autumn, 2012. a less family Teaching Assistant Pre-Departure Study Abroad course Italian, Winter 2011. friendly environment.  Teaching Assistant for for Pre-Departure Study Abroad course for for Italian, Winter 2011. Office of Diversity Inclusion Mentor 2011-2012 school year.  Office of Diversity andand Inclusion PeerPeer Mentor 2011-2012 school year. Habitat Humanity to Birmingham, AL Spring Break Buck-I-SERV.  Habitat for for Humanity triptrip to Birmingham, AL Spring Break 20112011 withwith Buck-I-SERV. Participated in Habitat Humanity project in Columbus, Autumn,  Participated in Habitat for for Humanity project in Columbus, OH OH withwith AIASAIAS Autumn, 2011.2011. Member of SERVitecture community service 2009-2012; Participated in Habitat Humanity to Sea Island,  Member of SERVitecture community service clubclub 2009-2012; Participated in Habitat Humanity triptrip to Sea Island, SC SC , Assoc. AIAfor for Current building homes studying architecture of Charleston, Summer 2009. building homes andand studying the the architecture of Charleston, SC SC Summer 2009. COMPUTER AND TECHNICAL SKILLS  COMPUTER AND TECHNICAL SKILLS  Proficient in Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator , Adobe InDesign Google Sketch-Up, Rhinoceros AutoCAD,  Proficient in Adobe Photoshop CS6,CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6CS6 , Adobe InDesign CS6,CS6, Google Sketch-Up, Rhinoceros 4.0,4.0, AutoCAD, 3D Max, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel Microsoft Powerpoint. and Revit 3D Max, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel andand Microsoft Powerpoint. years of experience in AutoCAD. Certified in June 2009.  Six Six years of experience in AutoCAD. Certified in June 2009.  

PROJECT EXPERIENCE  PROJECT EXPERIENCE  Drawings Construction Documents Miami Project Corporation Summer  Drawings for for 50%50% Construction Documents for for ZooZoo Miami Project withwith URSURS Corporation Summer 2011.2011. B.S. Studio project renovating expanding Museum in Rome, Spring, 2012.  Studio project renovating andand expanding Art Art Museum in Rome, ItalyItaly Spring, 2012. Designed constructed large scale studio installation Spring Quarter,  Designed andand constructed large scale studio installation Spring Quarter, 2011.2011. WORK EXPERIENCE  WORK EXPERIENCE  Corporation // Columbus, Architectural Intern, Summer URSURS Corporation // Columbus, OH OH Architectural Intern, Summer 20112011 Gained experience working construction documents building codes a professional environment. Gained experience working withwith construction documents andand building codes in ainprofessional environment. Kennedy Commons // Columbus, Student Assistant, Autumn Kennedy Commons // Columbus, OH OH Student Assistant, Autumn 20122012 Served prepared in student dining facility while providing great customer service. Served andand prepared foodfood in student dining facility while providing great customer service. Fired at the Union // Columbus, Cook/Server, Spring Fired Up Up GrillGrill at the OhioOhio Union // Columbus, OH OH Cook/Server, Spring 20102010 Provided quality customer service gained multi-tasking working a fast-paced environment.  Provided quality customer service andand gained multi-tasking skillsskills working in ainfast-paced environment.  Nissan Pavilion // Bristow, Usher , Summer 2009 Nissan Pavilion // Bristow, VA VA Usher , Summer 2009 Provided customer service gained experience working a large unique crowd of customers a less family Provided customer service andand gained experience working withwith a large andand unique crowd of customers in ainless family friendly environment. friendly environment.


Undergraduate Portfolio  
Undergraduate Portfolio  

Selected Works from Undergraduate Studies at The Ohio State University