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pril 2013



hat a terrific month March was with the Anniversary celebrations.

Christopher May

Barney Coleman

Golf Services Manager

Following on from that was the highlight of the year on 18th March…the 25th Anniversary Members’ Party with over 700 people in attendance. Take a bow Emirates Golf Club senior management for putting it all together, also the engineering staff who set up stages, lighting of the Club etc, and our fantastic staff who worked tirelessly throughout the night and into the early morning, all the while managing to give service with a smile. Congratulations to Founder Members who joined the Club within the first few months of opening in 1988 and are still members today. Most importantly, thank you and congratulations to all the staff who are still at the Club after 25 years.

Andrew Whitelaw

Chief Executive Officer

Julian Danby

Senior Manager - Commercial & Business Development

Kate Philips

Membership Manager

Club Manager

Chef Max Grenard

Andy Meech

Culinary Director

Head of Sport and Leisure

Adele Cowgill

Craig Haldane

Marketing & Director - Golf Course Communications Manager Maintenance

Ganesh Mangathil

Keith Wilkes

In House Publishing Manager

Retail Manager

Chef Benoit Cart

Stephen Deane

It was lovely to see some of the Past Captains who were here for the celebrations - Jean Sullivan, Joan Legnar, Lynne Hood, Jim Carrigy, and past EGC Golf Secretary Shona McRae. Finally, congratulations to Rod Bogg on producing his excellent book, ‘The Desert Miracle’ which has taken two years for him to complete, covering the history of the Club, its members, its staff and how it has progressed over the years. Each member has received or will receive a book so if you have not yet collected yours, please check at main reception. The Anniversary Golf Day on 22nd March was fantastic and again, management and staff made such a huge effort and it did feel like a very special, celebratory afternoon on the golf course...the TV at the 8th of the Majlis with the commemorative DVD playing, the shawarma stand, drinks stands and ‘Beat the Pro’ holes all added to the day, as did the Vpar scoring system which was excellent. Congratulations to incoming Vice Captains Kamal Kosta and Mitsuko Emerson, two long-standing members and people who have been a very big part of the Club and its history.

Jacqui Barry

Steen Simon

Food and Beverage Manager

Executive Sous Chef

Head Academy Professional


anic March has truly lived up to expectations. This month has been one BIG party. We started with the Kohlman Cup, which set the pace and since then it’s been one big event after the other. A special mention must be made of Team Norway Vikings, who really dressed the part for the Kohlman Cup and took the event by storm in their attire – a precedent for other nations to follow next year. 0n 8th March 2013, exactly 25 years since the inauguration of the Golf Club, there was a fantastic dinner for Founder Members and all Past Captains. Chef Francois, the maestro, lived up to expectations and it was a gastronomical journey, interspersed with some fine tales by founder members of their experience and events on that particular date, 25 years ago. So, from the confusion over the gold golf club, to the skydivers, to the inauguration itself, it was nostalgia and bonhomie at its informal best. The Members’ Anniversary Party was magical and a full programme of festivities, fireworks, book launch, the extensive food and beverage offerings and the entertainment surpassed expectations. The party carried on until the early hours of the morning. It was truly a great celebration. To see so many Indian members in Bandh Gala suits, our national dress, and the ladies in their elegant sarees was truly heartwarming. It was elegance at its very best with the Rajas and the Ranis and the Jolly

Nobabs and their Begums. Thank you so much for all your support. The Anniversary Golf Day followed this event on 22nd March, with 150 members playing which was followed by dinner and a great dance performance by the maintenance staff. The Chairman’s Cup was won by Anand Kapoor, truly a worthy champion. Well done. He was runner-up last year and he said that during the previous week he came daily and practised only his chipping and putting. Wisdom profound! Well done!



It kicked off with the Founder Members’ and Past Captains’ dinner on 8th March which was superb and which was specially prepared by Francois who had returned to Dubai for the occasion. It was wonderful getting everyone together and reminiscing about old we are really showing our age!

Emirates Golf Club Senior Management

Captains Co



The month ended with the Mixed Easter Scramble on 30th March and I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Happy Easter. It was good to see past Captain Tom Barry in the prize-winners’ circle again. He said that he performs in every milestone year; when the going gets tough, the tough get going and this is just the beginning…….well done Team Tom, in our Anniversary year. We now get into AWESOME APRIL. The Indian Invitational is on 5th April and I have no doubt that under the stewardship of Past Captain Surender Kandhari it will be another great event. Over forty percent of our membership is Indian and they have hosted this tournament for all members of the Club for 21 years. On behalf of all members I would, as Captain, like to thank them and as an Indian myself, I feel very proud. The anniversary 25-hole celebratory tournament is on 18th April, followed by the Hankook Greensomes on 19th and 20th. An Inter-Club match for ‘The Quaich’ will be played against the Montgomerie Golf Club on 25th April. This is the start of another great event which will be played twice in each golf season. We are hosting the first one on the Majlis course. New food items have been introduced at the refreshment huts and the reduced beverage prices have been implemented there too so I am sure these steps will enhance the membership experience. Thank you. My term as Captain is nearly done and I am already looking forward to my Captain’s Day on 3rd May. May I request participation of all ladies and gentlemen in the tournament which will be played on both courses. With your support I will try to make it a day of fun; I was planning on a scramble using only three clubs and a putter, but now, due to popular demand, we will be playing a shamble format with a complete set of golf clubs. I look forward to welcoming you all. Moshe Kohli Captain 2012-2013


Financial Controller

EGC Key Telephone Numbers Main Switchboard 04 Members Golf Reservations 04 Membership 04 Recreation 04 Accounts 04 SensAsia Urban Spa 04

417 417 417 417 417 417

Haridas Palliyalil

Resident Engineer

9999 9800 9801 9850 9875 9820

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Mashreq/BMW medal championship Friday, 15th March 2013 A DIVISION (HCP. 0-10) WINNER Conor Keegan RUNNER - UP Mathys Oberholster THIRD Nawaf Fawaz BEST GROSS Conor Keegan

68 69 71 73

B DIVISION (HCP. 11-20) WINNER Kish Bandopadhyay RUNNER - UP Haris Michaelides THIRD Iain Everingham

70 71 72

C DIVISION (HCP. 21-34) WINNER Amr Salem


Farhad Irani (Head of Retail Banking Group), Moshe Kohli (Club Captain), Conor Keegan (Champion) and Caetano Fernandes (Head of Mashreq Gold)

4 Captain Moshe Kohli with Anand Kapoor


Anand Kapoor Kevin Roy Choon Park

42 Pts 40 Pts 39 Pts

Division A (0-12) WINNER

Paul Byrne

38 Pts

Division B (13-24) WINNER Nelly Amarnani


hat a month of celebration it has been and will continue to be........25 incredible years of growth and expansion at Emirates Golf Club, resulting in this truly world class establishment and loyal membership! I’m sure everyone will join me in thanking Emirates Golf Club for a wonderful evening of celebration at our Anniversary Party! Thank you to everyone who took part or contributed in the Lady Captain’s Charity Day, in aid of ‘Amar Forever’. It was a huge success, with lots of on-course fun and challenges. Nearly 100 ladies enjoyed the day, with even more joining us for lunch in Le Classique. The day would not have been possible without the support of Emirates Golf Club in particular, who have endlessly agreed to all my requests, of which there are always many - generously donating tournament fees, prizes, the tee times and the list goes on! A personal thank you to Andrew Whitelaw and Chris May for going above and beyond any expectations, and enabling us to raise unprecedented charity funds this year. For me, the day was about respect, remembrance and making a difference, I’m sure the money we raised, in excess of 37,000 AED, will do exactly that. Thank you! March certainly was a month overflowing with events, and April is most definitely the month with far too much chocolate around!

39 Pts

Our Ladies’ Club Championship was strongly contested with Cathrine Clark triumphing over Najla Bartette and defending champion Rosemary Turlik. Many congratulations to everyone who competed and especially to all the winners!

The season really does build into a crescendo during March and April.......straight onto our April Monthly Medal, the last chance to earn Curtisy Cup points, the Camel Trophy, Nations Cup and of course Lady Captain’s Day on 29th. I look forward to seeing you then when we all get a chance to let our hair down and just enjoy a rather intriguing, 18-hole fun format and of course Barbara and Co. get the opportunity to reveal ALL about the Lady Captain! Congratulations must go to next year’s ViceCaptains, who will be Kamal Kosta and Mitsuko Emmerson, both very deserving choices. Happy Easter to all! Glynis Hendry Lady Captain 2012-2013

MONTHLY MEDAL Monday 18th March 2013 SILVER “A” DIVISION (HCP. 0 – 14) Winner Naema Maya Runner Up Catherine Clark Overall Best Gross Naema Maya SILVER “B” DIVISION (HCP. 15 –23) Winner Nina Larm Runner Up Lynne Dickinson BRONZE DIVISION (HCP. 24 –42) Winner Sue Hopewood

NET 70 NET 73 GROSS 82 NET 66 NET 67 NET 67

LADIES CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 3rd and 4th March 2013 2013 Club Champion Runner Up Third Best Net Over 36 Holes Winner Silver Div. Winner Bronze Div. Day 1 Best Net Best Gross Day 2 Best Net Best Gross Most Improved

Cathrine Clark Gross 86 +79= 165 Najla Bartette Gross 83 + 86 = 169 Rosemary Turlik Gross 85 + 85= 170 Veronica Elias Gillian Black

Net 67 + 79 = 146 Net 76 +71 = 147

Sanchia Oberholster Amarjeet Radia

Net 71 Gross 87

Jenny Ayres Mitsuko Emmerson Sandra Chia

Net 70 Gross 81 22 Shots

WINNER Ruth Hatton, Jill Muirhead Sanchia Oberholster, Viv Caley RUNNERS UP Maura Duggan, Najla Bartette Naema Maya, Harini White THIRD Helen Srivastava, Maya Srivastava Rena Sethi, Anjana Thapar NEAREST THE PIN HOLE # 2 (BRONZE DIV.) Carrie Parker HOLE # 8 (SILVER DIV.) Viv Caley NEAREST THE BUNNY HOLE # 12 Barbara Head LONGEST DRIVE HOLE # 16 (BRONZE DIV.) Mieke Slotboom HOLE # 11 (SILVER DIV.) Glynis Hendry

63.6 63.7 63.8

With the Monthly Medal, Captain’s Charity Day, the 25th Anniversary Golf Day and the Ladies’ Easter Scramble, there has hardly been time to breathe! Well done to all!


Glynis Henry presenting Club Champion, Cathrine Clarke with her prize


LADIES’ EASTER SCRAMBLE Monday, 25th March 2013

Club News

in’s Lady Capta Message

CHAIRMAN’S CUP Friday, 29th March 2013

L-R: Head Pro, Stephen Deane with Naema Maya and Gynis Hendry

Lady Captain’s Charity Tournament written by Amit and Amarjeet Radia


n July 12th 2012, our son Amar who was in UK and about to graduate from Manchester University on 17th of July 2012 suddenly passed away in London. Amar was about to turn twentytwo on the day of his graduation. Amar is the Hindu word for ‘eternal’ or ‘forever’ and the irony of the situation was unreal. By nature a very passionate young man, Amar had a friendly disposition, one who loved to socialise and who was very fond of young children. His patience with them was remarkable and a positive attitude towards life was also a blessing. His presence was always welcomed and all our friends and family adored him and the calming influence he had over everybody. Hence ‘Amar Forever’ came about, the charity to build upon his legacy and to ensure that what he stood for would not be forgotten.

Today, nine months after the fact, we as a family are still coming to terms with the situation but feel that our priorities in life have changed and what was extremely important before seems to pale into insignificance today. As a family, we have struggled with the loss but we have made a commitment to bring a more positive aspect to life by helping others, especially children, who Glynis Hendry with Cathrine have no hope Clark and Maura Duggan from the winning team

nor future - Amar would have loved this and we hope we can live up to this commitment. In the last few months we have donated wheelchairs to a spinal unit in Kenya, as well as blankets after we saw the state of the wards there. Undergarments for girls were donated when, through a source in Kenya, we were informed of how girls who reached puberty often did not attend school as they had no access to necessary supplies. This was achieved purely through passing the word around friends and consequently, hundreds of donations came through. Schoolbooks for children in the ‘slum’ schools of Kenya was another project we undertook when a publisher we deal with in Kenya informed us that one textbook for thirty children was the norm in these schools. With their assistance in getting the list of such schools, a deal was struck with the distributor from whom we purchased books at a substantial discount and then arranged for free distribution through them to the chosen schools; we also audited the fact that these children actually received the books all marked with the logo of ‘Amar Forever’ and not resold on the market. Five schools in Kenya have already benefitted from and we hope to help another ten next month. This will be an ongoing project over the next few years as the number of schools is too huge to cater for in one year. On 25th of January, together with the support of approximately 60 friends, we did the 10K run at the Standard Chartered marathon to raise funds for the same project. We feel that with the help of friends, supporters and organisations that have a CSR initiative, we will continue to live for the cause

that meant so much to Amar thereby building upon his legacy.

WINNERS Rosemary Turlik, Maura Duggan, Cathrine Clark, Veronica Elias


RUNNERS UP Sanchia Oberholster, Viv Caley, Ruth Hatton


THIRD Glynis Hendry, Barbara Head Carolyn Thompson, Stephanie Wilson 58.9

FOURTH Hilary Stokes, Delia Fowler Permila Karlsson, Rania Hage 60.1 Hole # 2 Nearest the Cake Helen Srivastava Hole # 3 Straightest Drive Shawn Lunday Hole # 5 (Silver Div.) Longest Drive Najla Bartette Hole # 8 (Silver Div.) Nearest the Pin Glynis Hendry Hole # 9 Nearest the Pin (with 2nd shot) Rania hage Hole # 10 (Bronze Div.) Longest Drive: Stephanie Wilson

HOLE # 12 Nearest the Pin SPONSORED BY PROJECX Rekha Bandopadhyay HOLE # 1 Land your tee shot on the green and win a weekend hire of a Mercedes sports car Elise Hanson


Chia and Formas Clinch Wentworth Invitational



MIXED EASTER SCRAMBLE Saturday, 30th March 2013

Saturday, 9th March 2103

andra Chia and David Formas produced a stunning score of 58.4 over the Majlis course to triumph in the Wentworth Invitational event. The popular mixed members’ event, in its sixth season, attracted 108 players and it was Chia and Formas who won top prize, including rounds on the West, East and Edinburgh courses at Wentworth.

WINNER Jill Muirhead, Robert Muirhead Alison Muirhead, Butch Zeederberg RUNNERS UP Jacqui Barry, Tom Barry Drummond Welsh, Julian Nicholas THIRD Micky Brigg, Keith Prosser Fran Cole, Darren Cole NEAREST THE BUNNY HOLE # 7 Shravan Khanna NEAREST TO THE PIN NEAREST THE PIN # 11 (LADIES) Alison Muirhead NEAREST THE PIN # 4 (GENTS) Kamal Kosta


Club News

Club News


59.9 60.3

l-r: Moshe Kohli, Butch Zeederberg, Alison Muirhead, Robert Muirhead, Jill Muirhead, Glynis Hendry

Ashish Nanda and Shravan Khanna, both single figure handicappers continued their fine run of form with a net 60.1 to take runners-up place. Nina Larm and Pentti Tahvanainen claimed third place with a 61.3 and along with Nanda and Khanna won clubhouse hospitality at the BMW Championship in May courtesy of the sponsors Wentworth. Also in the prizes for their accuracy on the nearest the pin prize holes were Nishith Patel, Sanjeev Gheewala, Noemy Bertuol and David Formas. Jacqui Barry clinched the long drive competition on the par four 12th hole.

l-r: Michael Duffy, Natalie Maclean, Sandra Chia and David Formas

25TH Anniversary Golf Day Friday, 22nd March 2013 WINNERS RUNNER UP THIRD FOURTH FIFTH NEAREST THE HOLE # 4 HOLE # 7

Ashish Nanda, Chanchal Nanda Nikhil Nanda, Shravan Khanna Connie Sayal Dalip Tripathi, Rohit Amin Jayshree Gupta, Rohit Gupta Rashid Ali Maura Duggan, Frank Duggan Paul Byrne, Saeed Fahim Keith Prosser Chris Purchase, Dick Purchase Alan Main, Lorraine Main Barbara Head Nishith Patel, Aaron Loats Suresh Shewakramani Tony Azoulay, Gurmukh Ghuldu PIN Juggie Baar Veneet Mohan

53.4 56.6 57.6 56.6

Winning team with Captains Moshe Kohli and Glynis Hendry


3rd ANNUAL BREAST CANCER ARABIA FOUNDATION GOLF MORNING ON THE PAR 3 COURSE written by Liz Reyes from Breast Cancer Arabia Foundation


ur third annual Ladies Par 3 Competition took place on Sunday 24th March and what a great day is was. The golfing community in the region has been very supportive of our initiative and we have been extremely fortunate and thanks to the Emirates Golf Club this event has become a huge success with both management and staff lending their full assistance. The ladies were treated to complimentary nail varnish and eyebrow shaping from The Nail Spa, live cooking which was arranged by Bespoke Wellness, hair products by Marco and amazing

giveaways provided by Scorpio Golf. The total amount raised from the event was just over AED 36,000 and we are pleased to announce that the bulk of this money will be used to pay for 11 cycles of chemotherapy for a 37-year old patient at Dubai Hospital. To all of the event sponsors and supporters; The Nail Spa, Scorpio Golf, Bespoke Wellness, Marco, Sport In Life, Seawings, DG Golf for providing such wonderful prizes for our raffle, Lindt for the wonderful chocolates and bunnies, Jamie’s Italian and Sandy B with her gorgeous ceramics.

Special thanks again to Emirates Golf Club, their wonderful staff and of course not forgetting all the fabulous ladies who played in the competition. Breast Cancer Arabia is a free internet interactive portal which offers information and support to women (and their families) with breast cancer, or to people wanting to find out more about the disease. The mission of the Breast Cancer Arabia Foundation is to pay for breast cancer surgery and treatment for those women who are unable to afford it.

The Gathering


Dubai, London, Kracow and all over Ireland.

There are clan gatherings, festivals, special sporting events, music and concerts taking place all across the country, all year long. Communities throughout Ireland are showcasing and sharing the very best of Irish culture, tradition, business, sport, fighting spirit and the uniquely Irish sense of fun. Over 70 million people worldwide claim Irish ancestry. The Gathering Ireland 2013 provides the perfect excuse to reach out to those who have moved away, their relatives, friends and descendants, and invite them home. EGC member Neasa Lawless has been instrumental in organising a gathering of her family who are spread all over the world and she agreed to write the following article for Club Life. Coming from a large Irish family

which originated in a small village in Connemara, west of Ireland (one of the Irish speaking areas of Ireland), I have been interested in my family history for some time. Compiling my Family Tree for a number of years I have discovered that I have over 430 living relations around the world on my great grandfather, Myles MacDonagh’s, side of the family. The Irish Government has launched an initiative, The Gathering 2013, to encourage visitors to Ireland during 2013 and beyond. It is aimed primarily at the Irish Diaspora though everyone is most welcome to visit. Details of the types of gatherings being planned are shown on its website, www.thegatheringireland. com . Both my husband, Gerald, and I have been made ‘Ambassadors’ for The Gathering 2013, so I decided as my contribution that I would organize my own Family Gathering for the descendants of Myles MacDonagh, which will take place next June in Galway, Ireland. I am hoping to attract at least 150 relatives to the event with confirmations already received from California, Seattle, Boston, Brussels,

It has been fun organising the weekend from a distance with major help from my family, Facebook and Gmail! Using Facebook has been a huge learning curve for me but I have found it a great way to communicate with my extended family, many of whom I still have to meet in person. I’m sure some young American cousins were puzzled to receive ‘Friend’ requests from an unknown lady in the UAE but all have responded very positively! My grandfather, one of 10 children, remained in Ireland whilst six of his siblings emigrated to America in the early 1900s. The other three passed away while still quite young. The fact that I too come from a family of 10 has been of great help as all of my brothers and sisters are very enthusiastic and willing to assist in the organisation of our Family Gathering. The event will kick off with an Open House at my brother, Myles MacDonagh’s home in Galway on Friday 15th June. Next morning we will go on a walking tour of the city followed that evening by the main event, a buffet dinner at the Ardilaun House Hotel, Galway. Entertainment will be supplied by the Celine Hession School of Dancing who will perform an Irish Dancing display and the Galway Ramblers (www. will provide Irish Traditional music. Little did I know when booking this group that it had already toured the West Coast of America and performed here in Dubai over St Patrick’s Weekend 2012! It promises to be a great celebration and we are looking forward to welcoming cousins from around the world, many on a first visit to Ireland. Hopefully everyone will be in good form next morning, Sunday 16th June as I have organized a bus tour to Carraroe, Co. Galway, so that we can learn about the history of the place where our

ancestors lived, their lifestyle and visit the graveyard where they are buried. The Irish language is still spoken there on a daily basis and it attracts many visitors from around Ireland and the world during the summer months, many of whom go there to learn the language. A number of family members still live there but the village has changed considerably since the 1900s. Our tour will finish up at ‘An Cistin’ (The Kitchen in English), a local pub where we will have soup, sandwiches, tea & coffee plus I’m sure something stronger to help us celebrate meeting our family members. As there will be a number of singers in our midst I hope that we will finish up with a rousing singsong before returning to Galway by bus.

Country of Origin: Alec: Mitsuko:



hroughout 2013, Ireland is opening its arms to hundreds of thousands of friends and family from all over the world, calling them home to gatherings in villages, towns and cities.

9 Member Pr

Club News


England Japan

Came to Dubai: Ready to go to the World Cup

1999 Joined Emirates Golf Club: 1999

With Shingo Katayama, his manager and caddy at the Desert Classic

Current Handicap: Alec: Mitsuko:

In Kyoto

17 8.1

Lowest handicap: Alec: Mitsuko:

Enjoying tatami room in a traditional inn at Yufuin (hot springs resort)

Dressed for our Sumo party

17 4.6

Getting a feel for falconry at Al Maha

Alec AND MITSUKO EMMERSON Two of my cousins have decided to add an extra event, a round of golf at Galway Golf Club, on Monday 17th June, for all those who have survived the festivities. The Family Gathering promises to be a very enjoyable occasion with the only unpredictable issue being the weather! A follow-up to tell you how everything went will appear at a later date … when I have recovered!

Where and when did you start playing golf? Alec: London 15 years ago Mitsuko: Japan 27 years ago Notable achievements? Alec: Tee shot to the green on a long dog-leg par 4 in Japan thanks to a deflection off a tree and a few lucky bounces on the cart path! Mitsuko: Five time Club Champion Favourite player Alec: Miguel Angel Jimenez Mitsuko: Bobby Jones Favourite Pro Tournament to watch? Alec: The Open Mitsuko: The Ryder Cup

Dream four-ball? Alec: Tom Watson, Jodie Kidd, and Seve Ballesteros Mitsuko: Einstein, Sade (the singer!) and George Best, who I met in London Favourite golf course to play and why? Alec: The Majlis- it’s where I got my first handicap and it’s a fantastic course. Mitsuko: Royal Lytham - it’s so unusual to start on a par 3 and a real challenge to keep out of trouble. Most memorable moments since joining EGC? Alec: Hitting my tee shot out-of-bounds on Hole 14 on the old Wadi, reloading and making par. Pity it doesn’t count as an eagle! Mitsuko: Falling in the lake on hole 5 on the Faldo (and I completed the round even though I was drenched).

Keen to learn golf? Our dedicated team of Academy Golf Professionals are on hand to help you with the Learn Golf In A Week Beginners’ programme. Starting from April 7th, you can sign up for our excellent beginners programme covering the basic fundamentals of golf, spread over four x 60 minute evening lessons within a week. Priced at AED 600 per person and AED 550 per member, this is the ideal introduction to golf in a relaxed environment with other like-minded beginners. Call 04 417 9845 or email


Thank you from Glynis Yasmin and Simon from SY Photography for giving me their time yet again and capturing the day. Mr Mukesh Kochar for providing everyone with a gift of the best rice produced. Nishanti, Mary Ann, Ummer and all EGC staff for making the day possible. everyone who took part. Special thanks to the following sponsors: Emirates Golf Club HSBC Mercedes Rivoli KCA Deutag Projecx – Alistair and Fiona Munro Harvey Nichols Stephanie Wilson

Barbara Head Maura Duggan Dick and Chris Purchase Mitsuko Emmerson Jenny Isles Sue Westman Vera Woolnough Emirates Golf Club Professionals Moshe Kohli Janet Curtis



the majority of the Order of Merit events. My first real achievement came in December 2012 when I won the Monthly Medal by shooting a net 66 on the Faldo course. Every week I feel more and more confident about my game and I believe this is down to the C Winning first EG dedication I put into Monthly Medal my practice. I try to get to EGC four to five times a week after school for a couple of hours and practice all aspects of my game. I spend at least half of my time on my short game as I believe this is the most important area in golf.

My Dad got me interested in the game of golf in UK when I was just six years old but it was only in September 2008 after the family moved to Dubai that my passion for golf really kicked in. My brothers and I started to have lessons at Al Badia and it was there that I learned the rules and etiquette and began to get into some good techniques. In October 2011 my family and I became members at Emirates Golf Club and it was at this club, with its wonderful practice facilities, that I began to want to come and practice regularly and get better at golf. I got my first handicap of 28 shortly after joining in 2011 and by 2012 it was down to 20 thanks largely to the help of Mark Bruce at The Academy. I am now currently playing off seven and am rapidly improving all aspects of my game. I have only just started to play in tournaments such as the Junior Opens and the Club With brothers Mark Championship but next and James season I intend to compete in

Ba Colem an

The Rules Wizard

The definitions in the Rules of Golf state, ‘Sand and loose soil are loose impediments on the putting green, but not elsewhere’. Therefore sand and loose soil can be moved from the putting surface when a player’s ball lies on or off the green. Note if a player moves sand or loose soil from the fairway or fringe grass (as Rory McIlroy did at Abu Dhabi in 2012) the player is penalised 2 strokes for improving their line of play.

The Girls’ title was won by Jennifer Vincent who was here on holiday from Effingham Golf Club in UK. Her score of 86 included a fantastic eagle 2 on hole 9. Having never played the course before, Jennifer was shocked that she managed to win and is looking forward to coming back next year to defend her title.

(11th First eagle urse, o C th ar at E olf G h Jumeira Estates)

Since Matthew and I starting working together just over a year ago he has shown great commitment and dedication to the game. Matthew’s technique is very sound and has a repeatable action. We worked very hard on the clubface position to help his body movement at impact. Due to his good knowledge and understanding of the swing he has Mark been able to implement this Br to great effect. Matthew has u started to compete in higher level events for his age and he will continue to develop as a player with experience. One to watch out for in the future.



o increase clubhead speed the golfer must first be able to turn the body back and forwards as efficiently as possible. This creates maximum potential energy, which will transfer into your hand action at the ball. With one or two minor changes to the stance a golfer will be able to increase the speed of the turn which will whip the hands through impact

Head Position to Increase Speed One of the most common faults, that impedes the speed of the turn during the swing, is the head position at address. If the head is set at the wrong angle a fluid turn of the shoulders is not possible. There are two things a golfer has to get right; firstly the head must be set slightly to the right (see picture 1)

Secondly, the chin must be lifted off the chest (picture 2). This is a very common fault as GIRLS’ CHAMPION a golfer is constantly being told Jennifer Vincent (EFGC) GROSS 86 to keep the head down. The BOYS RUNNER UP head must be held high enough Parth Goel (DCGYC) so the shoulders can turn underneath the chin. If the chin GROSS 77 GIRLS RUNNER UP is set too low, the shoulders Aashaka Desai (DCGYC) will bang into the chin on the backswing GROSS 88 THIRD Karan Raj Bhasin (DCGYC) GROSS 79 Hold your head up and set it DIVISION ‘A’ BOYS (HCP. 0-14) BEST NET slightly to the right. Erik Hartzuiker (ARGC) 72 GROSS 72

Picture 1

DIVISION ‘B’ BOYS (HCP 15-28) BEST NET Arm Tension to Increase Hand Speed Adam Savage (DCGYC) 64 GIRLS DIVISION (HCP 0 - 36) BEST NET The correct tension in the arms Emily Siegel (ADGC) 76 at address is important. If the

arms are too tense they won’t react correctly as the body turns. Tension in the arms is dictated by how hard you hold the club. Over the years one of the most graphic examples used is that grip pressure should be no stronger than holding a tube of toothpaste without any coming out.


Do you have any questions about the rules? If so, please email them to Barney on with the subject heading ‘Ask the Rules Wizard’ and we will put a selection of questions and answers in ‘Club Life’ magazine each month.


junior golfers put their games to the test on the tough Faldo course in pursuit of the Junior Open title. Rayan Thomas from Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club shot a fantastic level par 72 to take the Boys’ title. The 13-year old, 2 handicapper had 5 birdies on holes 3, 5, 10, 13 and the par 5 16th.


y rne


C Profession EG al,


Despite being only 13 years old I dream of one day playing alongside some of the greatest players on tour; however I know that this will never happen if I don’t continue practicing hard and stay dedicated to the game. I feel very fortunate to have Emirates Golf Club as my home club and I’m very grateful to my parents for all the time and support they have given me so far.

Saturday, 23rd March 2013

How to Increase Club Head Speed!



ello Emirates Golf Club members, My name is Matthew Baxter and I am 13 years old, I have two younger brothers called Mark and James and I am currently in year 9 at Dubai College. In addition to golf, I play many other sports such as football, cricket, tennis and squash.

S en Dean ph te

eek JuonmiomritLtin C



Pro’s Tip of the Month

Golf Acade



Picture 2

Turn Fast for Club Head Speed Backswing speed has little to do with club head speed at impact, but the speed of the turn on the downswing is directly related to power. From the top of the backswing do not try to flash your hands at the ball. Unless the body turns first it will simply result in a miss strike. Concentrate on your shoulders turning as fast as possible back to their address position. This movement pulls the arms down to the impact zone creating maximum potential energy. When the body stops turning, restricted by the left foot and the head position you set at address, centrifugal force takes over and whips the hands through the ball.

Teeing it up on 8th hole, Majlis

Boys’ champions Rayhan Thomas, Lady Captain Glynis Hendry and Girls’ Champion Jennifer Vincent

Fast hands are a result of a good body action. Work on turning back to the address position as fast as possible for maximum club head speed at impact.


15 Dear Members,

Fit Lab

We have introduced many different services in this time including Padel Tennis, Bespoke Wellness, Sensasia Spa, Artistic Yoga, Scuba Diving, to name a few, and all add fantastic value to the Club. My goal when I arrived at EGC in March 2002 was to add many different sport and leisure activities and services. The idea behind this is when you now join EGC you don’t have to look anywhere else for other activities as we have it all at the same Club and what a fantastic Club it is. No other golf club in the UAE can offer the number of quality services that EGC is proud to offer. Fit Lab has just recently added Pre-Natal Yoga and Core Body Blast to its activity timetable for all ladies interested in keeping in shape before giving birth and looking for an added incentive to keep fit. Exercise Tip of the Month by Alan Walters The majority of the population has rounded shoulders. The main reason for this is weak or non-functioning shoulder blade retractors. Getting the shoulder blade retractors stronger will pull the shoulder blades back into a better position, causing the chest to lift and reduce the rounding of the shoulders.

Pillow Talk

A New Travel and Event Tickets Partner

You bring your PJ’S and we’ll bring the hot cocoa.


re you feeling stressed, fatigued and burned out? Cue Pillow Talk – a soothing deeply relaxing 60 minute massage. Drift away while the lavender oil, with its healing properties and comforting aroma, calms the senses. The magic of Chinese pressure point massage lulls you into a state of tranquility. A treatment to heal the soul, relieve tension in the body and encourage sleep. Carefully selected music with deep delta waves will be played during the massage to release the worries and anxieties of the day and transport your mind to a place of calm. It’s in the details… The journey begins with a lavender and milk foot soak to cleanse the feet and relax the body mind and soul. Then climb under a light duvet as we tuck you in to bed. Take in the soothing scents of the lavender and focus your thoughts on the crescent moon placed under the bed, and calm your mind. This super relaxing massage is performed with slow long soothing movements, with a rhythm that will send you off into dream world. Post treatment our very own hot cocoa will be served with marshmallows - Yummy! (Our signature ginger tea will also be available). To book an appointment, please call +971 4 417 9820

Fitness Activity Schedule

To achieve this try the following exercise: PRONE COBRA Lie face down, with toes together and heels out. Lift head and shoulders off floor, keeping chin tucked and neck long, whilst keeping lower back and legs relaxed. Rotate arms outwards so it feels like shoulder blades are coming together and reach fingers down towards toes. Hold for 10 seconds up, rest for 5 seconds down, repeat 10 times, take 1 minute rest, and repeat for a total of 4 sets












7.30 - 08.30 Artistic Yoga

7.30 - 08.30 Artistic Yoga

7.30 - 08.30 Artistic Yoga

7.30 - 08.30 Artistic Yoga

7.30 - 08.30 Artistic Yoga

08.45 - 09.45 08.45 - 09.45 08.45 - 09.45 Zumba Toning Pure Body Blast Zumba Toning (Tracy) (Elaine) (Tracy) 08.45 - 09.45 08.45 - 09.45 Pilates Reformer Pilates Reformer Intermediate/ Intermediate/ Advanced (Amanda) Advanced (Amanda) 10.00 - 11.00 10.00 - 11.00 Pilates Mat Pilates Mat (Amanda) (Amanda)

08.45 - 09.45 Pure 30/30 (Elaine)

10.00 - 11.00 Pure Pre Natal Yoga

SATURDAY STUDIO 7.30 - 08.30 Artistic Yoga

08.45 - 09.45 08.45 - 09.45 Primary Ballet Zumba (Lisa) (Tracy) 08.45 - 09.45 09.00 - 10.00 09.45 - 10.15 Beginner Pilates Reformer Kettlebell Training Intermediate/ Ballerinas Intermediate/ Advanced (Lisa) Advanced (Amanda) 10.00 - 11.00 10.00 - 11.00 10.25 - 11.15 TRX Team Camp Pre Primary Ballet Pilates Mat Indoor (Martha) (Lisa) (Amanda) 11.15 - 13.15 Pre Primary Ballet (Lisa) 13:30 -14:30 13.15 - 14.15 Private Dance Grade 1 Ballet Lesson (Lisa) (Lisa) 14.15 - 15.30 14:30 -15:30 Grade 2 Ballet Grade 2 TAP (Lisa) (Lisa)

15.15 - 16.00 Grade 1 Tap (Lisa) 16.00 - 17.00 Grade 4 Jazz (Lisa) 17.00 - 18.00 Grade 3 Tap (Lisa) 18.00 - 19.00 Artistic Yoga 19.00 - 20.00 Kettlebell Training Intermediate/ Advance

Healthy Regards Andy Meech

20.00 - 21.00 Artistic Yoga Weightloss

19.00 - 20.00 Artistic Yoga

19.00 - 20.00 Zumba (Tracy)

20.00 - 21.00 Artistic Yoga Weightloss

19.00 - 20.00 Kettlebell Training Intemediate to Advance 20.00 - 21.00 Artistic Yoga Weightloss

18.00 - 19.00 Artistic Yoga

18.00 - 19.00 Artistic Yoga

19.00 - 20.00 Artistic Yoga

19.00 - 20.00 Artistic Yoga

20.00 - 21.00 Artistic Yoga Weightloss

For reservations, please call +971 4 417 9850 or email

20.00 - 21.00 Artistic Yoga Weightloss

20.00 - 21.00 Artistic Yoga Weightloss

Why sports massage is important


lite athletes understand the importance of regular sports massage as they see the difference it makes every time they train and compete. But what about the weekend athlete? Is it still important for them? Donna Masing from Bespoke Wellness explains… The answer here is yes, of course! Sports Massage has a variety of benefits, but most importantly it improves your tissue quality through increased blood circulation and removal of metabolic waste. This means when you train at the gym, it takes longer for your muscles to fatigue, allowing you to train harder, for longer. Recovery time is also reduced as healthy tissues repair faster. Sports Massage is also one of the most effective treatments for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS. This condition is best described as the tight, achey feeling experienced one to two days after activity. People not conditioned to strenuous exercise can suffer from DOMS for up to seven days, keeping them from training again. Not just for treating soft tissue dysfunction, sports massage is a useful tool to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. Increased pliability in the fibers means the tissue can handle a greater load before the point of tearing. Myofascial release also creates length which allows the muscle groups to stretch and move freely. Trigger point therapy addresses how effectively muscles fire, which is vital for proper biomechanical function and pain reduction. Relief is felt almost immediately as the muscle relaxes and normal range of motion is restored. On the topic of pain, it’s no secret that sports massage therapists are known for our deep work. However, treatments are always kept within the patient’s pain threshold by using a one to ten scale. Treatments do not need to be painful if you don’t want them to be! To book your sports massage with Donna, email

Club News


t has now been two years since we rebranded the recreation department to Fit Lab and this has certainly helped the department move to another level.

By Kate Adams, Membership Services Manager

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with The Travel Attaché, a high-end luxury leisure travel boutique as well as The Ticket Attaché, sourcing tickets to sold-out events all around the world. Based in Dubai, both these companies offer superlative services and are ready to fulfill all Emirates Golf Club members’ requests.

Golf Experiences The Travel Attaché can arrange VIP golf experiences at many of the biggest tournaments globally. One example is The Open in July at Muirfield in Scotland. They can guarantee a tee time on the Old Course, St. Andrews and arrange VIP access to the tournament as well as a week of exceptional golf with luxury accommodation and transfers. They can also arrange a round with a past winner of The Open as part of the package.

Golfing holidays The Travel Attaché organises top-class golfing holidays all over the world – they have a great network of contacts worldwide and can organise every facet of your golf break to ensure that you have nothing to do except simply go along and enjoy it. An example of what they can do is an 8-day trip to South Africa splitting time between Ellerman House in Cape Town and Le Quartier Francais in Franschhoek, taking in world-class courses such as Pearl Valley, Steenberg, Erinvale and De Zalze. A Winelands tour, safaris, bookings at the best restaurants and other excursions can be added as well. Tell them what you would like – and they can arrange it.

The Travel Attaché – • Bespoke travel itineraries and tours • Hotel bookings - great rates at more than 200,000 properties • Flights from anywhere to anywhere taking away the headache of organising complex multi-stop flight itineraries • Villas, chalets and private islands - preferential rates and a fantastic selection globally • Air and yacht charters - private charter made easy for you • Exclusive experiences - from flying fighter planes to golfing with heroes of the game

The Ticket Attaché – Sourcing tickets to sold out events globally. • • • • • •

Football - Champions League, English Premiership and many others Other sports such as Tennis, Golf, Horseracing and so forth Concerts all over the world Art events globally Theatre tickets - musicals and all types of plays UAE events - access to the calendar of UAE events such as the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 and Art Dubai

Call +971 4 450 4209, email or contact Kate Adams in the Club House for more information. Please mention that you are a member of Emirates Golf Club to ensure that you get the best rates.

19th HOLE



Club News

Take the Black Tee Challenge at Almouj Golf For the ultimate golfing challenge in Muscat, Oman sign up now for the Black Tee Challenge taking place at Almouj Golf on 18th and 19th April. Spend a memorable weekend in Oman and take on the superb Almouj Golf course from the challenging black tees. The winner will be lowest 36 hole gross score total and in addition there will be daily gross and net prizes.

Bill Wong celebrating his 60th Birthday with family and friends in Le Classique

Ladies’ European Tour player and past winner of Dubai Ladies’ Masters Anja Monke gave birth to her daughter Lotta last month (pictured with her husband Kai and Lotta).

Tournament Entry Free

OMR 60 per player

Tournament entry fee includes two rounds of golf with cart and range balls, pre round breakfast buffet on day one and post round lunch buffet on day two. The competition is individual medal format with a maximum course handicap allowance of 18 strokes. In the event of oversubscription a handicap ballot will apply. To register please visit or email Entries close on Saturday 13th April.

HOW NOT TO DRIVE A CART…please drive carefully and look after the carts!


Moshe’s new form of transport. Now you will be able to park up beside the bicycles Moshe.

Past EGC and Creek Golf Secretary, Shona McRae’s nice surprise when we played the Creek last week! Jessie Ocampo (left) came up with the idea of painting the tee markers for the 25th Anniversary of the Club which look fantastic. Dhing Gultia (right) did the painting of the markers.

A group of visiting ladies from Singapore, ‘The Bunker Buddies’, arrived in the Desert on 11th March 2013. Lady Captain Meg Koh from Singapore Island Country Club and Rosalynn Tay from Keppel Golf Club and nine ladies were playing Saadiyat Island Golf Club. EGC and the Jumeirah Golf Estates during their five days in Dubai. Comments from the ladies were: The golf was a ‘desert classic’, shopping was so much fun and nights out with good food was truly enjoyable, Dune bashing was thrilling, exciting and unforgettable. Amateur golfer Mark Mihal is lucky to be alive after a sinkhole opened up beneath him while he was playing a round at Annbriar golf course in Illinois. Mihal fell down the hole which was as much as 18 feet wide and 10 feet deep. It took 20 minutes for him to be rescued with a ladder and a rope and he was fortunate to only sustain a dislocated shoulder.

Friday 5th Indian Invitational 13.00 Majlis and Faldo Monday 8th Ladies’ Competition 08.30 Faldo Friday 12th Men’s Medal 08.00 & 13.00 Majlis Monday 15th Ladies’ Competition 08.30 Majlis Thursday 18th 25 Hole Open 12,25 Majlis Friday 19th Hankook Greensomes Rd 1 06.35-14.05 Faldo Saturday 20th Hankook Greensomes Rd 2 06.30-14.00 Majlis Monday 22nd Ladies’ Nations Cup 08.30 Majlis Thursday 25th Match v The Montgomerie 13.00 Majlis Thursday 25th Members’ Pro-Am 18.05-18.55 Faldo Nine holes with an Academy Professional. Sign up on the events board located next to membership services. Friday 26th Ladies’ Amateur Open 06.30-11.30 Majlis Monday 29th Lady Captain’s Day 08.30 Majlis

SOCIAL EVENTS Sunday 9th May Punchline Comedy Club Night Food served from 7.30pm Emirates Central Please contact the food and beverage office on 044179999 to book your space.

Congratulations to Past Captain, Mickey Bamboat who had a Hole-in-One on The Faldo 8th hole on 26th March 2013

25 year staff EGC Senior Management with the Ryder Cup

Babar Iqbal - Human Resources - Liaison Officer Mohamed Shabdeen Sameem - F & B Kitchen - Senior Chef Parti John Thomas - Engineering - Assistant A/C Mechanic Gurcharan Singh - Engineering - Senior Mason Neri Viador Battung - Golf Operations - Chief Marshal Samir Sharad Gokhale - F & B Kitchen - Junior Sous Chef Beppil K. Damodaran - Engineering - Senior Carpenter

Eravathra Parappurath Ummer - Golf Operations - Golf Operation Supervisor Aboobacker Hamza - Golf Operations - Locker Room Attendant Thomas Chacko - Administration - Head Driver Charlemagne R Cortez - Golf Maintenance - Irrigation Technician Ranjith Ranapurarachchi - Golf Operations - Locker Room Attendant Udayan Kuttilayil - F & B Kitchen - Asst Chef Steward Anselmo Suarez Candelario - Recreation - Recreation Supervisor

To see our culinary schedule, including our excellent Weekend Gourmet Brunch on Saturdays and Ă la carte Gourmet Tuesdays, visit