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Jap Sam Books, headed by Eleonoor Jap Sam, is an independent international publishing house based in the south of the Netherlands. Jap Sam Books publishes titles that explore developments in architecture, art, philosophy, design, photography and theory as well as the fields that touch them, such as urbanism, landscape, sociology and history. Jap Sam Books has been established to reflect, connect and respond to developments in these fields, by bringing out a range of critical and reflective books for an international audience. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach and cross-border thinking. The books that we publish are not only educational and inspirational, but also very beautifully designed, and all produced in close collaboration with our contributors. The following pages contain a complete catalogue of available publications and journals, together with a list of forthcoming titles. –





Remy Jungerman. Where the River Runs design  Mainstudio (Edwin van Gelder, Florian Schimanski), Amsterdam print and lithography  robstolk®, Amsterdam binding Patist, Den Dolder special design features  Swiss-style binding, hotmelt, paper interior 100 gms Arcoprint Milk 1.5, 140 gms Muskat Grey, 120 gms Forever Red, cover material 290 gms Muscat Grey. Font and foundry Funktional Grotesk. The essays are printed with four layers of white offset ink on red paper. This refers to Remy Jungerman’s work in which he uses kaolin clay and scratches it away so that the bottom layer becomes visible.

Edited by Rob Perrée. Final editing by Eleonoor Jap Sam. With thext contributions by Remco de Blaaij, Ingrid Braam, Leontine Coelewij, Esther Darley, Roel Hijink, Charlotte Kotik, Charl Landvreugd, Adi Martis, Tumelo Mosaka, José Manuel Noceda, Rob Perrée, Sally and Richard Price, Benno Tempel, Joseph L. Underwood, Vincent van Velsen and Lilly Wei. Translation by Jane Hall. Made possible with the support of Mondriaan Fund, Jaap Harten Fonds, Creative Industries Fund NL. softcover, 160 pp, 21.1 x 31.2 cm, English, ISBN 979-94-92852-13-7, €29.50 This publication was also selected by the student jury as one of 30 Best Dutch Book Design 2019. From the jury report: ‘Four layers of white ink printed on red paper is the method derived from DutchSurinamese artist Remy Jungerman, explored in the monograph Where the River Runs. As a result, the artist’s work is treated with great consideration and the reproductions of his work might hint to what the real-life experience is like. As long as the work’s originality is not compromised, there is no question of misrepresentation. However, the student jury doubted whether it might come over as ‘purist’ or ‘religious’. Perhaps the greatest issue that has been discussed in connection with reproductions is whether or not the book itself tries to become the artwork. This book balances in between. Among all the entries we’ve seen it was the example we loved most, not just for the concept or for the target audience but for the absolute direction and execution.’


Rattle! Rattle! Ide André design  Team Thursday (Loes van Esch & Simone Trum), Rotterdam print  Graphius Group, Gent (BE) special design features  Singer sewn book binding, paper interior 100 gms Lessebo Design 1.3 White, cover material 200 gms Lessebo Design 1.3 White

Edited by Mirjam Westen. With text contributions by Dominic van den Boogerd, Koen Delaere. Translation by Gerard Forde. Co-publisher Sieger White Foundation / Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. softcover, 100 pp , 21 x 29.7 cm, English/Dutch, ISBN 978-94-92852-15-1, €20.-




author Friedrich von Borries translator Ian Pepper proofreading Aaron Bogart, Eleonoor Jap Sam design Ingo Offermanns print & binding Graphius release date May 2020 softcover 48 pp 21 x 30.3 cm English ISBN 978-94-92852-21-2 € 15.Made possible with the support of HFBK Hamburg

The World as Project A Political Theory of Design * Special design features: Singer thread sewn binding, leather look cover (Surbalin Vario) with round corners. * First edition in English. Previously published in German as Weltenwerfen: Eine politische Designtheorie, Suhrkamp, Berlin 2016. * Friedrich von Borries (1974) is an architect and since 2009 Professor for Design Theory at the HFBK Hamburg University of Fine Arts. He studied architecture at the Berlin University of the Arts, the ISA St. Luc Bruxelles and the Karlsruhe, Institute of Technology (KIT), where he received a Ph.D. in 2004. In 2008, he was general commissioner and curator of the German Contribution to the XI. Venice Architectural Biennal. *

In the past, designers created objects. Today, practically everything is designed: the climate, processes, refugee camps. But when everything is designed, it is high time to stop judging design solely on aesthetic criteria. According to Friedrich von Borries, we need a political theory of design. Man is forced to design the conditions under which he lives. If this happens in such a way that options for action are reduced, we are dealing with subjugation.

In his manifesto The World as Project. A Political Theory of Design, Friedrich von Borries argues for a design (of survival, society, the self) that evades the totalitarian logic of securitization and imagines new forms of living together against the ideology of lack of alternatives. – www.friedrichvonborries.de www.hfbk-hamburg.de/en/



N E W – L I T E RAT U R E | A R C H I T EC T U R E | U R BA N I S M


text, translation & photography Jacqueline Schoemaker proofreading Aaron Bogart, Eleonoor Jap Sam design Paul Gangloff print & binding Wilco Art Books release date October 2020

editors Dees Linders, Siebe Thissen, Patricia van Ulzen, Eleonoor Jap Sam authors Carel Blotkamp, Dees Linders, Siebe Thissen, Patricia van Ulzen, Toke van Helmond-Lehning, Eleonoor Jap Sam, Sjoerd Westbroek, IEF Capital beeldredactie Sannetje van Haarst, Nienke Post translation Marie-Louise Schoondergang design 75b partner Sculpture International Rotterdam/ Beeldende Kunst & Openbare Ruimte (BKOR)/CBK Rotterdam release date Spring 2021

softcover with flaps 160 pp 11 x 17.6 cm English | Dutch ISBN 978-94-92852-25-0 € 15.-

‘Antwerp-Noorderdokken. The loneliness is intense, the concrete shelter ridden with graffiti. Even the nettles next to the wall are dripping with pink and black paint. In the small wilderness between the local train station and the tracks for the future high-speed train, there’s an apple tree that no one can reach. I eat sandwiches sitting on the bench in the shelter, a second breakfast. No train drives by, there’s not a soul to be seen on the platform. The strange familiarity of the town I once left seizes me. I’ve never been in this station before, but the space envelops me like a coat I could never take off. I may have left Antwerp, but Antwerp hasn’t left me.’

Every Day until Antwerp A Walking Trip along the Railway Line Alle dagen tot aan Antwerpen Een voetreis langs het treinspoor * Jacqueline Schoemaker is a researcher and writer. * Her earlier publications include The Undivided City (2012) and Het failliet van de Javastraat (2017). * Fonts text: Pirelli Regular, Jung-Lee Type Foundry. Fonts page numbers: Vaguely Specified Objects, a dingbat font assembling Dutch and Belgian railroad signs, Our Polite Society. *

Every Day until Antwerp is a literary travel journey about a walking trip from Amsterdam to Antwerp, along the railway line of the old Benelux train that by now has ceased to be. Determined not to go home at the end of a day’s walking but to camp on the land that up till then she had only known as an image seen through the train window, Jacqueline Schoemaker set off, pulling a tent and a sleeping bag in a shopping trolley behind her. She walked in this way from the city where she lives to the city where she grew up.

Against a background of geographical, commercial and political borders (The River Hollands Diep/the fence round a campsite/the national border), the informal, personal use of space of the traveller becomes more and more perceptible: What is it like to traverse the territory of Schiphol Airport on foot? Or to have a wash in the bushes along the motorway? Every Day until Antwerp is an exercise in appropriating (public) space, an exercise which, through discomfort and confrontation, ultimately leads to a sense of autonomy. – www.jacqueline-schoemaker.nl


GABO Portrait of a Sculpture Portret van een sculptuur * This publication is an initiative of Sculpture International Rotterdam (SIR), CBK Rotterdam’s international programme on art and public space. * Richly illustrated: drawings, maps, archive footage and contemporary photography, but also material that has never been published before. *

hardcover 192 pp 20.7 x 26.5 cm English | Dutch ISBN 978-94-92852-27-4 € 30.Made possible with the support of Jaap Harten Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds / Breeman Tall Fonds, Mondriaan Fund

GABO: Portrait of a Sculpture focuses on one artwork: Gabo’s sculpture for department store De Bijenkorf on the Coolsingel in Rotterdam. The spatial construction from 1957 and the artworks by Zadkine and Henry Moore are seen as the three key works of Rotterdam’s unique international collection called Sculpture International Rotterdam. The history of this untitled sculpture by Gabo is interwoven with the history of the city in many ways. The immediate reason for the publication is the completed and long-awaited restoration of the work. The book examines the sculpture from many angles: the history of the sculpture then and now as well as

its relationship to Rotterdam, the sculpture in relation to Gabo’s thinking and oeuvre, and the restoration and the changing meaning of the sculpture in the public space. – www.sculptureinternationalrotterdam.nl www.cbkrotterdam.nl




author Maurice Bogaert copy editor Basje Boer translator Jason Coburn final editor Eleonoor Jap Sam design Mainstudio (Edwin van Gelder) print robstolk® Amsterdam release date September 2020


softcover 224 pp 16 x 23.2 cm English ISBN 978-94-92852-24-3 € 30.-

Maurice Bogaert The Walter Benjamin and Albert S. Project * Maurice Bogaert (1975) currently lives and works in Amsterdam. * With a beautiful design by Edwin van Gelder of Mainstudio in black and white. * Black & white images. * The text is printed in silver on black paper (Notturno 110 grs). * On the shorlist of the DAM Architectural Book Award 2020, Deutsches ArkitekturMuseum. *

In recent years, visual artist Maurice Bogaert has worked on a series of projects in which he brings different media, such as architecture, film, text and visual art, together to create an immersive encounter for the audience. All of these works, including The Walter Benjamin and Albert S. Project, are attempts to create a cinematic experience without actually making a film. The Walter Benjamin and Albert S. Project is a book about the parallel lives of Walter Benjamin and Albert Speer and the quest to bring these two lives together. – www.mauricebogaert.nl

Made possible with the support of Mondriaan Fund, Jap Sam Books, Amsterdams fonds voor de Kunst (AFK), Jaap Harten Fonds, Stichting Stokroos, Voordekunst, Art Agent Orange

‘Walter Benjamin and Albert S. sit simultaneously – I can’t imagine it any other way – at their respective writing and drawing tables, bent over their papers. One in Paris, the other in Berlin. Perhaps there is a moment when, as in a choreography, they both lift their right hand from the paper, in exact synchronization, and look to the side. Staring into the distance, for a moment, to summon a thought – and then, the moment is over. Albert S. stands up, and Walter Benjamin crosses out the sentence he has just written.’




author Rolando Vázquez editor Rosa te Velde foreword Eelco van der Lingen proofreader Angela Jerardi translator foreword Mari Shields final editing Mirjam Beerman, Carmen Muskee graphic design Stout/Kramer print Zwaan Printmedia release date October 2020

Vistas of Modernity decolonial aesthesis and the end of the contemporary Mondriaan Fund Essay 014 * Vistas of Modernity is a new title in a series of essays commissioned by the Mondriaan Fund. * Rolando Vázquez is co-organizer of the Middelburg Decolonial Summer School. He is associate professor of Sociology at University College Roosevelt and Cluster Chair at University College Utrecht, Utrecht University in the Netherlands. *

We are living in a time of polarization. Cultural and educational institutions are confronted with the responsibility to provide tools and spaces for critical reflection, for engagement, and, more fundamentally, for meeting and recognizing each other in our differences. In this decolonial essay Rolando Vázquez introduces his critique which offers an option for thinking and doing beyond the dominant paradigms. It provides a critical analysis of modernity understood broadly as the western project of civilization, while it seeks to overcome the dominion of western epistemology and aesthetics and their embedded eurocentrism and anthropocentrism. Importantly for decolonial thought we are all located in relation to the colonial difference that structures our modern/colonial order. It is only from an awareness of our positioned realities that we can enter in relation with each-other, that we can listen to each-other and learn each-other. – www.mondriaanfonds.nl

hardcover 184 pp 12.4 x 18.6 cm fc & bl/w illustrations English ISBN 978-90-76936-53-6 €15.AVAILABLE TITLES IN ENGLISH IN THIS SERIES

The emancipated museum (2017) Steven ten Thije ISBN 978-90-76936-49-9 The Myth of Artisthood (2013) Camiel van Winkel ISBN 978-90-76936-40-6 Creativity and other Fundamentalisms (2013) Pascal Gielen ISBN 978-90-76936-39-0 Wild Park, Commissioning the Unexpected (2011) Jeroen Boomgaard ISBN 978-90-76936-28-4 Koolhaas in Beijing (2010) Edzard Mik ISBN 978-90-76936-27-7 Post-Propaganda (2009) Jonas Staal ISBN 978-90-76936-22-2





concept David Bergé authors David Bergé, Dieter Roelstraete, Marcelo Rezende photography Junyong Cho copy editing Aaron Bogart, Eleonoor Jap Sam design Studio Remco van Bladel (Remco van Bladel and Laura Brouwer) release date January 2020 softcover 96 pp 19 x 26 cm / 7.48 x 10.24 inches numerous bl/w & fc illustrations English ISBN 978-94-92852-22-9 € 20.Made possible with the support of Platform

David Bergé A Walk in High Resolution * David Bergé practices photography through the lens of the body. * Bergé currently lives in Athens and holds an MA from the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) and an MFA from LUCA Brussels. *

Since 2008, artist David Bergé has been making Walk Pieces, during which he guides participants in silence along a precise trajectory and within a precise timeframe through textures and infrastructures that comprise the city. Walking together resonates with the phenomenological minutiae of street life, and for the entire duration of the Walk Piece, participants refrain from verbal exchange and picture taking. Participating in a Walk Piece and/ or your personal experience of reading this book are the only valid materializations of David Bergé’s ephemeral works.

0090, Jap Sam Books, PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPANDED, Out of Sight and the Flemish Community

A Walk in High Resolution deals with corporeality, sleeping, awakening, and walking through the interiors and fissures of urban infrastructures. Almost touching neighbouring bodies, reliving experiences in cities by being absorbed in space that is at once personal, reflective, consumptive, and the other, we walk through cities. A Walk in High Resolution joins together texts by David Bergé, photos by Seoulbased Junyong Cho, and essays by Dieter Roelstraete (author of Richard Long: A Line Made by Walking) and Marcelo Rezende (co-director of the Archiv der Avantgarden in Dresden). – www.davidberge.be




authors Hans Maarten van den Brink Anne Bruggenkamp Erik Odijk Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer Paul Roncken project development, coordination & advice AB Cultural Producers Anne Hoogewoning Bonnie Dumanaw final editor Eleonoor Jap Sam design Studio Joost Grootens (Joost Grootens, Dimitri Jeannottat) print robstolk®, Amsterdam release date May 2020

Erik Odijk The Academy of the Sublime

softcover 104 pp 27 x 36 cm /10.63 x 14.17 inches numerous bl/w & fc illustrations English | Dutch ISBN 978-94-92852-21-2 € 35.Made possible with the support of the Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Jaap Harten Fonds and crowdfunding/ voordekunst

photos @North_East_Co

* With text contributions by artist Erik Odijk, landscape architect Paul Roncken, novelist and poet Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer, artist and writer Anne Bruggenkamp and writer and journalist Hans Maarten van den Brink. * With a beautiful design by Studio Joost Grootens. *

The work of artist Erik Odijk (1959) consists of drawings, photographs and works of art in public space. Odijk is best known for his large, monumental drawings, often made on location or in his studio, in which fragments from nature always form the most important visual elements. Drawings that let your gaze wander and amaze you with the effects he achieves using mainly black and white drawing material, for example charcoal. The book The Academy of the Sublime shows a selection of Erik Odijk’s work from 2005 to the present. The book consists of three separate ‘magazines’

and illustrates the three different disciplines in the artist’s oeuvre by means of 100 illustrations. The separate magazines are combined in a single large format folder. The large format allows the viewer/reader to become absorbed in Odijk’s work, as it were, because the details of the work are clearly visible in this way. – www.erikodijk.nl



[UN]FINISHED Atlas of Athens’ Incomplete Buildings A Story of Hidden Antimonuments

* Maria Lalou is a Greek artist based in Amsterdam and Athens. Her work focuses on the topic of “viewing” through large-scale installations, performances, and publications. She incorporates cinematic and surveillance apparatuses as her tools, with references to the politics of the viewer. * Skafte Aymo-Boot is a Danish architect based in Amsterdam. In 2009 he co-founded NEZU AYMO architects in Amsterdam. Since 2019 he is a partner at Open Platform in Copenhagen. * Since 2012, Lalou and Aymo-Boot have worked together on the project [UN]FINISHED, a continuous archival research project on the unfinished concrete buildings of Athens, engaging the spectator in a process of viewing parts of the void in the history of the city, architecturally, socially, and politically. * The project has been presented at Contemporary Art ReMap 4 (Athens), UNIDEE/Fondazione Pistoletto (Biella), The Symptom Project (Amfissa), as well as Università Iuav di Venezia, ETH Zürich, and Princeton University, among others. In 2020 they established cross section archive in Athens. *

authors and editors Maria Lalou & Skafte Aymo-Boot contributors Elpida Karaba, Brooke Holmes, Platon Issaias graphic design Sam de Groot release date Spring 2021 softcover 288 pp 19 x 29.7 cm numerous bl/w illustrations English | Greek ISBN 978-94-92852-26-7 €30.-

‘With its character of a ruin of a forgotten purpose the unfinished building is at the same time pointing to the past and to the future.’

Made possible with the support of The J.F. Costopoulos Foundation and the Danish Arts Foundation

[UN]FINISHED: Atlas of Athens’ Incomplete Buildings is presenting the phenomenon of a particular pending architecture mutely present all over Athens. The concrete skeletons of polykatoikia – multi-storey apartment buildings – are emblematic of the development of modern Greece throughout the second half of the 20th century. The book deals with the politics of urban space by treating the unfinished buildings as study objects and tracing their individual histories. Through the words of current owners and by means of photographs, archival documents and found artefacts, a different chronicle of the development of modern Athens is taking shape.

Essays by Brooke Holmes, Platon Issaias, and Elpida Karaba critically touch upon the phenomenon from different perspectives. Moving in scale from a tactile portrait of one specific concrete structure to a complete building index, the Atlas introduces a method for extracting forgotten memories and hidden structures, suggesting an alternative reading of the city. – http://un-finished.org





concept & artist Nishiko editors Nicola Kirkaldy, Patrick M. Lydon, Nishiko text contributors Philip Peters, Yuu Takehisa translation Roxane van Beek, Nicola Kirkaldy, Nishiko design Janneke Hendriks, Sepus Noordmans release date Spring 2021 softcover 224 pp 16.5 x 24 cm numerous fc illustrations English | Japanese ISBN 978-94-92852-12-0 € 30.-



Made possible with the support of Jaap Harten Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds / Tijlfonds, Mondriaan Fund, Stroom Den Haag

Repairing Earthquake Project 2011-2021 * Nishiko (1981, Japan) lives and works in the Netherlands. * She studied photography at the Tokyo Zokei University, and Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. She was longlist nominee for the 2017 Prix de Rome. *

An art project dealing with an extensive natural disaster—the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of 11 March 2011— the Repairing Earthquake Project started with a simple idea: repairing objects that were destroyed in the tsunami.

The project naturally grew to encompass work and action on multiple levels, including interactions with visitors during the repair sessions in exhibitions in Japan, participation of Dutch audiences in repair or by adopting the repaired objects, collaborative searches The first trip to the tsunami hit areas of for tsunami debris carried to Canadian Miyagi was in 2011, with an aim to find beaches by ocean currents, and the broken objects, and to undertake careful remarks and questions left by hundreds observations of the tsunami hit areas of passers-by during the entire process. and the people who lived there. The trip has since been repeated multiple times The publication Repairing Earthquake over the past eight years, following Project 2011-2021 examines the the progression of reconstruction of dynamics of nature, human endurance, buildings, memories, and observing and sympathy. The project has been changing traces of the aftermath as they led not by a single person or group, but are slowly wiped away. collectively, by everyone involved, and is reflected as it ripples within and through our daily practices. – www.nishiko55.com


N E W – A R C H I T E C T U R E | U R B A N I S M | T H E O R Y | S E R I E S – P R E V I O U S LY A N N O U N C E D

editors Dick van Gameren, Nelson Mota design Studio Joost Grootens (Joost Grootens, Dimitri Jeannottat, Megan Adé, Julie da Silva) editorial assistants Gonzalo Zylberman, Ramona Scheffer proofreading Aaron Bogart, Eleonoor Jap Sam print robstolk®, Amsterdam release date October 2020

Global Housing Dwelling in Addis Ababa * Global Housing: Dwelling in Addis Ababa is the first book in a new series about Global Housing, edited by Nelson Mota and Dick van Gameren, published by Jap Sam Books in cooperation with Delft University of Technology. * With contributions by Anteneh Tesfaye Tola, Bregje F. van Eekelen, Brook Teklehaimanot Haileselassie, Dick van Gameren, Elias Yitbarek, Nelson Mota, and the students of the Global Housing Graduation Studio at TU Delft (2014-2017). *

Global Housing: Dwelling in Addis Ababa brings together essays and architectural projects that discuss housing as a key component in the social and urban development of Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. Over the last two decades the urban landscape of Addis Ababa has been changing at a fast pace, with disruptive consequences for the physical and social fabric of the city. Housing has been one of the key factors for this transformation, affecting job creation, craftsmanship, social and spatial equity, and dwelling practices, to name but a few. This edited volume brings together essays by international architects and educators, and twelve architectural projects developed by graduate students from TU Delft’s Global Housing educational program.

softcover 224 pp 17 x 24 cm / 6.69 x 9,45 inches numerous bl/w & fc illustrations English ISBN 978-94-92852-20-5 € 27.50 Made possible with the support of Delft Global | Seed Fund

Divided into two sections, this richly illustrated book offers a unique perspective of the past, present, and future of Addis Ababa, focusing in particular on the role of housing design to tackle the challenges brought about by Africa’s urban revolution. Part 1 includes reflections on the urban transformation of Addis Ababa and its different types of traditional and contemporary housing; Part 2 includes four portfolios of the projects designed by the students enrolled in the program. Each portfolio is structured around a theme or issue encountered by the participants in the studio. This book brings about a comprehensive account of the shortcomings and prospects set by Addis Ababa’s rapid urbanization, bringing about innovative architectural approaches to tackle the challenges of an increasingly urbanized world. – https://www.tudelft.nl/en/ architecture-and-the-builtenvironment




author Thomas van Leeuwen editors Salomon Frausto, Helen I Jessup proofreading Eleonoor Jap Sam design Eliane Beyer / Joseph Plateau Grafisch Ontwerpers print & binding Oro Grafisch Project Management publisher Les Éditions du Malentendu Amsterdam/Paris release date November 2020

The Magic Stove: Barry, Soyer and The Reform Club or How a Great Chef Helped to Create a Great Building * Second revised edition. First published in 2017. * Thomas A P Van Leeuwen was professor of architectural history, cultural history and art criticism at Leiden University and at The Berlage Institute, Rotterdam. * Author of The Skyward Trend of Thought: The Metaphysics of the American Skyscraper (MIT Press, 1988), The Springboard in the Pond: An Intimate History of the Swimming Pool (MIT Press, 1998), and Columns of Fire: The Un-doing of Architecture, largely published as articles in Cabinet Magazine, Harvard Design Magazine and Hunch. *

This little book with the lengthy title explores the architecture and technology of the London Reform Club building (1837-1840), a noted but generally misinterpreted work of Charles Barry, Britain’s most famous unknown nineteenth-century architect. Barry’s fame rests mainly on two over-familiar monuments: the Houses of Parliament and Highclere Castle, the decor of television drama Downton Abbey. The other name is Alexis Soyer, almost mythical chef-de-cuisine who introduced not only French style of cooking but also mechanization of food preparation on a large scale, which he first practiced in collaboration with Barry in the design of the futuristic kitchen of the Reform Club. The result was a machine like building of pro to-fire-proofing construction, in which a steam engine drove the spits of the

hardcover 92 pp 17 x 22 cm English ISBN 978-90-826690-0-8 € 22.-

kitchen, smoke and cooking odors were evacuated by a primitive form of air-conditioning and in which gas was introduced not just for lighting but for the first time for cooking. Contemporary visiting French architecture critic César Daly called the building ‘almost a living being’. Foundation Les Éditions du Malentendu, an imprint of Jap Sam Books, publishes studies in the field of art and culture that are of an outspoken artistic and scholarly inspiration, but for which no immediate commercial interest is offered. Yet the work should be of such global urgency that the world is thrilled with expectation. – www.malentendueditions.nl


editors Steffen Nijhuis Bart Schultz Michiel Pouderoijen design Thomas Soete release date Spring 2021 hardcover 224 pp. 24 x 30 cm 9.45 x 11.81 inch numerous fc & bl/w illustrations English ISBN 978-94-92852-06-9 € 39.50 Made possible with the support of Delft University of Technology, and the Creative Industries Fund

Polder Landscapes of the World

* Polder Landscapes of the World consists of three parts: First, the backgrounds and characteristics of polder landscapes are explored. Second, polder landscapes are mapped using Geo-information technology resulting in global and regional overview maps of polder landscapes. Third, a selection of iconic polder landscapes are analysed and described by local experts and serve as ‘windows’ that open perspectives on regional variation and particularities. * Examples include: Beemster (the Netherlands), San Joachim Delta (USA), Nile Delta (Egypt), Lammefjord (Denmark), Hachirogata polder (Japan), Ning Shao Plain (China), Vistula Delta (Poland), Holland Marsh (Canada), the East Anglian Fenland (UK) and others. *

Polders can be found in coastal and alluvial lowlands all over the world. Water levels are artificially controlled so people can live and work in these reclaimed areas. This often centuriesold interaction between man and water has produced a rich variety of polder landscapes with their own cultural identity and spatial, functional, and ecological characteristics. These landscapes are under threat due to climate and economic change along with the standardisation tendencies of globalization.

This book addresses polder landscapes as cultural expressions rather than simply as results of water engineering – while providing background, overview maps, and descriptions of iconic polders as a means to understand the similarities and differences of these particular landscapes. The book aims to raise awareness on these flood-prone lowland landscapes, their cultural identity, and their problematic situation of intensive cultivation and habitation, while providing clues for future development. – https://www.tudelft.nl/bk/



Footprint 25

The Human, Conditioned

editors Dan Handel, Victor Muñoz Sanz softcover 138 pp. 19 x 25.7 cm 7.48 x 10.12 inches bl&w illustrations English ISBN ISBN 978-94-92852-18-2 Autumn/Winter 2019 € 25.* Footprint is a peer-reviewed journal presenting academic research in the field of architecture theory. From this perspective, the journal encourages the study of architecture and the urban environment as a means of comprehending culture and society, and as a tool for relating them to shifting ideological doctrines and philosophical ideas. * The journal promotes the creation and development – or revision – of conceptual frameworks and methods of inquiry. It is engaged in creating a body of critical and reflexive texts with a breadth and depth of thought which would enrich the architecture discipline and produce new knowledge, conceptual methodologies and original understandings. *

The anthropocentrism of architecture has seldom been challenged. However, some architectures function with a set of values emanating from the industrial economy, creating spaces to which human bodies must adapt and survive. The radical conditioning of humans by the built environment reaches over geographies, times and scales. These spaces could provide architecture with the opportunity to reimagine the relationship between humans and ‘technical objects’, and reconsider humanism. This issue seeks to highlight spaces of radical conditioning, in which humans have to operate according to the logic of industrial economy and technology, through an understanding of the machine and its rise in contemporary societal and architectural instances of such spaces. Contributions challenge ideas about technology, economy, and the built environment, while uncovering the rationale, values and motivations behind their conception and functioning, and the stories of their human users. To what extent can deconstructing technological determinism in architecture reveal new forms of human/machine agency? With contributions by editors Dan Handel, Victor Muñoz Sanz, Sandra Kaji-O’Grady, Sarah Manderson, Nina Stener Jørgersen, Frederik Torisson, Phillip Denny, Andreas Rumpfhuber, Elizabeth Gálvez, Nitzan Zimberman. –


Footprint 26

The Architecture Competition as ‘Contact Zone’: Towards a Historiography of Cross-Cultural Exchanges

softcover 144 pp. ISBN 978-94-92852-19-9 Spring/Summer 2020 €25.Competition is key to the architectural profession. On a daily basis, practicing architects compete for the recognition of their ideas, new commissions, team approval, media attention, prizes and awards. This issue studies different modalities of architecture competitions, and the ways in which they collectively produce knowledge. Architecture competitions are considered as a productive site of negotiation and exchange, or ‘contact zones’, an open arena for debate between different architecture cultures that produce moments of friction and wisdom. From this perspective, the study of architecture competitions is essentially a study of exchange. Like other contact zones intrinsic to the profession, architecture competitions can be considered intense transcultural and transdisciplinary exchanges of architecture knowledge. As such, they have significantly affected the way architects have thought their profession. Recognizing the architecture competition as a contact zone stimulates innovative reflections on the theory and methodology of architecture.


editors Armina Pilav, Marc Schoonderbeek, Heidi Sohn, Aleksandar Stanicic

Footprint 24 The Architecture of Housing after the Neoliberal Turn ISBN 978-94-92852-08-3

ISBN 978-94-92852-29-8 Autumn/Winter 2020

With contributions by Cathelijne Nuijsink, Jorge Mejía, Bénédicte Zimmermannn, Bruno Gil, Susana Lobo, José Ribau Esteves, Carmela Cucuzella, Jean-Pierre Chupin, Véronique Biau, Bendicht Weber, Jodelle Zetlaoui-Léger. –

Footprint production editors Andrej Radman Nelson Mota Stavros Kousoulas layout editor Ania Molenda copy editor Heleen Schröder co-publisher Architecture Theory Chair, Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment, Delft University of Technology


Footprint 27

Conflict Mediations

editors Cathelijne Nuijsink Jorge Mejía Hernández


This issue of Footprint will present, discuss and assess the blooming, yet unexplored young field of studies revolving around theoretical and practical works that use media(tic) tools for exploration, disclosure and critique of various forms of spatial conflicts. Footprint 27 thus aims to shed light on a selection of contributions to the ‘Mediating the Spatiality of Conflicts’ conference, organized by the Borders & Territories research group at TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, held in November 2019. Footprint 27 will present contributions of researchers, scholars, activists, practitioners and artists addressing the relationships between spatiality, mediation and conflict from a variety of perspectives. These contributions will explore new or alternative theoretical and methodological approaches and insights on: (1) Spaces of conflict as transitional spaces of material interactions between violence and everyday life; and (2) Spaces of memory as transformative space of violence. The issue’s editors hope to be solidifying the existing base as well as defining a much-needed methodological framework for future investigations in this emerging and relevant research field. –

Footprint 23 The Architecture of Logistics ISBN 978-94-92852-07-6 Footprint 22 Exploring Architectural Form: A Configurative Triad ISBN 978-94-90322-98-4 Footprint 21 Trans-Bodies / Queering Spaces ISBN 978-4-90322-92-2 Footprint 20 Analytic Philosophy and Architecture Approaching Things from the Other Side ISBN 978-4-90322-84-7 Footprint 19 Spaces of Conflict ISBN 978-94-90322-72-4 Footprint 18 Constellation of Awakening: Benjamin and Architecture ISBN 978-94-90322-64-9 Footprint 17 The ‘Bread & Butter’ of Architecture ISBN 978-94-90322-61-8

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editors Daniel Keith Elkin & James Stevens copy editor Khokela K.A. Daula design Gabrielle Lai and Daniel Echeverri co-publisher The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Environmental & Interior Design, School of Design release date Autumn 2020 Softcover 208 pp. 20 x 26.5 cm 7.87 x 10.43 inches numerous fc, bl&w illustrations English ISBN 978-94-92852-10-6 € 25.-

CUBIC JOURNAL No. 4 Design Education: Pedagogy – Critique – Transformation

CUBIC JOURNAL No. 3 Design Making: Practice, Making, Praxis As the twenty-first century moves forward, technological changes re-propose the act of making, the actualization of design agency, in different contexts. New notions of craft redefine movement from desire to reality as continuous and decentralized in the assignation of value. The liquidity of the archive of things-about-to-be and things which will only ephemerally be define a new schema of what it means to make at all, and their boundaries ask profound questions about the value of bodily experience. Within and without technological advancements, design making imposes demands upon design praxis in both disciplinary and professional contexts. The adjoining of the two words implies distinction from centrist practice where the immediacy of making is absent. What are the starting-point

biases privileging this immediacy? In most cases, the value structures are indelible or internal. In practice and pedagogy, clients and young designers each wonder why designmakers insist upon expensive and time-consuming processes moving objects from desire to actualisation. In the process, designers become something between and other from normative practitioners and fabricators, articulating a definition of what design-makers uniquely contribute. But theirs is a difficult path to justify. How do designmakers continue, and what do they, and the society around them, gain through their work? – www.cubicjournal.org

* Cubic Journal is a peer-reviewed journal, published in conjunction with Cubic Society and the Cubic Research Network as an academic platform aimed at the dissemination of design-related research. * Operating from within The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, the platforms aims to draw together global scholars in order to generate, exchange and discuss contemporary questions within the pursuit of advancing knowledge through and within a number of design disciplines. *

editors Jae-Eun Oh & Francesco Zurlo release date Spring/Summer 2021

ISBN 978-94-92852-28-1 learning management systems (LMS), € 25.massive open online courses (MOOC), small private open courses (SPOC) and many others. Several higher education institutions have begun to adopt the flipped classroom model, which is a form of blended learning that has become an integral learning approach for 21st-century education. Cubic Journal Number 4, Design Education, explores new intersections in the areas P R E V I O U S A V A I L A B L E I S S U E S of technology and design education. This collection of essays questions C UB I C JO UR N A L No. 1 With the swift development of the fusion between education and Design social: technology, the outlook of education technology, while critiquing how Technology - Activism - Anti-Social in the 21st-century has transformed or if technology empowers design Gerhard Bruyns & Peter Hasdell (eds) rapidly. Technologies such as smart education from perspectives of spatial ISBN 978-94-92852-05-2 devices and laptop computers support design, product design, digital media, our daily communication, in addition and communication design amongst C UB I C JO UR N A L No. 2 to enhancing teaching and learning others. Also included are several short Gender in Design: methodologies. Advanced technologies vignettes on adaptations to education Other - Different – Wilful help us to connect through diverse afforded through technology due to Hanna Wirman & Uta Brandes (eds) platforms such as social media, the unfolding 2020 pandemic. ISBN 978-94-92852-09-0 – How can technological development today help studio-based learning take place in virtual spaces? Can technologies transform and reform design education? Can online learning replace face-to-face tutorials across different disciplines within design education? What has technology done to enhance our learning and teaching methodologies? And how should design educators adapt to the new direction this era is facing?



‘Like no other artist, Ian Berry is able to scrutinise contemporary life without moralising. He is an archaeologist of the modern human condition and brings it all so close to home that it crawls under your skin.’ Diana Wind, Curator Contemporary Art Museum Rijswijk

authors Diana Wind Arnoud van Aalst Ian Berry design Tim Ho @duotone.hk partner Museum Rijswijk release date November 2020 softcover with flaps 160 pp 24 x 24 cm fc & bl/w illustrations English ISBN 978-94-92852-30-4 €25.With support of Pepe Jeans

Ian Berry. Splendid Isolation * This eponymous publication accompanies the first solo-exhibition of Berry in the Netherlands. Ian Berry. Splendid Isolation, Museum Rijswijk, November 29, 2020 – April 5, 2021. * Ian Berry (1984, Huddersfield UK) is based in East London. He is internationally known for his works made out of only pairs of jeans. * Illustrated with numerous images that aim to convey the depth and texture of Berry’s work, which explores our urban environment and examines community issues, or the lack thereof. With this everyday material he portrays contemporary life, and for him there is no better medium to depict it than the material of our time, denim jeans. *

Ian Berry has emerged as an exciting young British artist over the last decade. He has been making virtuous figurative paintings and installations of denim for over 15 years. He uses discarded jeans, cuts them up into pieces and sorts according to hue like a painter places his colour nuances to his palette. At first glance the work seems two-dimensional, but when you zoom in, you can see how different layers of denim are placed on top and over each other. The ‘paintings’ are in fact denim collages so perfectly put together. They are almost impossible to distinguish from a realistic painting. Ian Berry also makes three-dimensional denim installations, which have been on display on multiple continents and at museums.

Ian Berry is a socially committed artist. With his work he responds to topical developments in society. His work is made of denim not only because he likes the material, it is as well because the textile industry is one of the most polluting industries. In his work he asks attention for this. In 2019, Ian Berry was proclaimed one of the 50 most influential people in the denim industry in the world. – www.ianberry.org https://museumrijswijk.nl

Selection of art works included in the publication and exhibition.





The Living Surface An alternative biology book on stains Lizan Freijsen With text contributions by Lizan Freijsen, Ed van Hinte, Hanneke Gelderblom. Translations by Art English / Michael Meert. Final editing by Eleonoor jap Sam. Printed by Graphius. softcover, 272 pp.,23.2 x 30 cm, English / Dutch / French ISBN 978-94-90322-77-9, €32.First edition 2017, Second edition 2020 Awarded With a beautiful design by Studio Renate Boere, The Hague. This publication received the following awards/nominations: Best Dutch Book Design 2017, European Design Award 2018, International Design Award (shortlist), German Design Award 2019 GOLD

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LTR: Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science Ingrid van Engelshoven, winner Prix de Rome 2019 Rory Pilgrim, Queen Máxima, director Mondriaan Fund Eelco van der Lingen. Photo: Shinji Otani

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The Artist Interview For conservation and presentation of contemporary art. Guidelines and practice

RCE | Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and UVA | University of Amsterdam.

The aim of this handbook is to equip conservators, curators, art historians and students with tools to retrieve a wealth of accurate information from the artist and to allow the interested public a Edited by Lydia Beerkens. With text view behind the scenes of conservation, contributions by Liesbeth Abraham, Lydia preservation and presentation of modern Beerkens, Jaap Guldemond, IJsbrand and contemporary art. Hummelen, Frederika Huys, Mark-Paul Meyer, Ingeborg Smit, Sannke Stigter, Softcover, 27.5 x 21 cm, 160 pp., English Sandra Weerdenburg. ISBN 978-94-90322-32-8, €28.Graphic design by Ariënne Boelens office. First edition 2012, Second edition 2020 Published i.c.w. SBMK | Foundation for the Conseration of Contemporary Art,

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Global Housing Dwelling in Addis Ababa Dick van Gameren, Nelson Mota [eds] [E] ISBN 978-94-92852-20-5 € 27.50 HUNCH

Hunch 1 Jennifer Sigler [ed.] FOOTPRINT [E] ISBN 90-805362-1-0 [sold out] Footprint 17. The ‘Bread & Butter’ of Architecture Hunch 2 Jennifer Sigler [ed.] [E] ISBN 978-94-90322-61-8 €25.[E] ISBN 90-805362-2-9 €15.- [sold out] Footprint 18. Constellation of Awakening: Benjamin and Hunch 3 Jennifer Sigler [ed.] Architecture [E] ISBN 90-805362-3-7 €15.- [sold out] [E] ISBN 978-94-90322-64-9 €25.Hunch 4 Jennifer Sigler [ed.] Footprint 19. Spaces of Conflict [E] ISBN 90-805362-4-5 €15.[E] ISBN 978-94-90322-72-4 €25.Hunch 5 Jennifer Sigler [ed.] Footprint 20. Analytic Philosophy and Architecture. [E] ISBN 90-805362-5-3 €15.- [sold out] Approaching Things from the Other Side Hunch 6/7. 109 Provisional Attempts to Address Six Simple ISBN 978-4-90322-84-7 €25.and Hard Questions About What Architects Do Today and Footprint 21. Trans-Bodies / Queering Spaces Where Their Profession Might Go Tomorrow Jennifer Sigler, ISBN 978-4-90322-92-2 €25.Roemer van Toorn [eds] Footprint 22. Exploring Architectural Form: A Configurative Triad [E] ISBN 978-90-805362-6-5 €29.50 [E] ISBN 978-4-90322-98-4 €25.Hunch 8. Double Dutch Penelope Dean [ed.] Footprint 23. The Architecture of Logistics [E] ISBN 978-90-805362-7-2 [sold out] [E] ISBN 978-94-92852-07-6 €25.Hunch 9. Disciplines Penelope Dean [ed.] Footprint 24. The Architecture of Housing after the [E] ISBN 978-90-805362-7-2 [sold out] Neoliberal Turn Hunch 10. Mediators Penelope Dean [ed.] [E] ISBN 978-94-92852-08-3 €25.[E] ISBN 978-90-78525-01-1 [sold out] Footprint 25. The Human, Conditioned Hunch 11. Rethinking Representation Penelope Dean [ed.] [E] ISBN 978-94-92852-18-2 €25.[E] ISBN 978-90-78525-02-8 [sold out]


iA#1 – Interactive Architecture Kas Oosterhuis, Xin Xia [eds] [E] ISBN 978-90-5973-058-8 €18.iA#2 – Interactive Architecture Kas Oosterhuis, Xin Xia [eds] [E] ISBN 978-90-5973-062-5 €18.iA#3 – Emotive styling Kas Oosterhuis, Xin Xia, Owen Slootweg [eds] [E] ISBN 978-94-90322-08-3 €18.iA#4 – Quantum Architecture Kas Oosterhuis, Han Feng, Xin Xia [eds] [E] ISBN 978-94-90322-27-4 €18.iA#5 – Robotics in Architecture Kas Oosterhuis, Henriette Bier [eds] [E] ISBN 978-94-90322-31-1 €18.L’ E D I T I O N S D U M A L E N T E N D U S E R I E S

The Magic Stove: Barry, Soyer and The Reform Club or How a Great Chef Helped to Create a Great Building Thomas A P van Leeuwen [E] ISBN 978-90-826690-0-8 €22.SOLECA PLANEDO SERIES

Boxset Soleca Planedo. Susan Kooi [E] ISBN 978-94-92852-00-7 €60.Lonely Planet. Campania Felix. Susan Kooi [E] ISBN 978-94-90322-82-3 €21.50 Lonely Planet. Escoural-O-Novo Susan Kooi [E]  ISBN 978-94-90322-99-1 €21.50 Lonely Planet. Yamatai Koku. (邪馬台国) Susan Kooi [E] ISBN 978-94-90322-93-9 €21.50 M12 / LAST CHANCE PRESS SERIES

An Equine Anthology. Nell Boeschenstein, Josh Garrett-Davis, Richard Saxton, Kirsten Stoltz [eds]

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Creativity and Other Fundamentalisms Pascal Gielen [E] ISBN 978-90-76936-39-0 €15.Koolhaas in Beijing Edzard Mik [E] ISBN 978-90-76936-27-7 €15.Post-Propaganda Jonas Staal [E] ISBN 978-90-76936-22-2 €15.The emancipated museum Steven ten Thije [E] ISBN 978-90-76936-49-9 €15.The Myth of Artisthood Camiel van Winkel [E] ISBN 978-90-76936-40-6 €15.-



Utwrydsk pietsjanke fokkema ISBN 978-94-92852-17-5 € 29.50

Vistas of Modernity Rolando Vázquez [E] ISBN 978-90-76936-53-6 €15.Wild Park. Commissioning the Unexpected Jeroen Boomgaard [E] ISBN 978-90-76936-28-4 €15.MYVILLAGES BOOK SERIES

A Photographic Portrait of a Landscape. New Dimensions in Landscape Philosophy Pietsie Feenstra, Wapke Feenstra (Myvillages) [E] ISBN 978-94-90322-37-3 €24.50 Company: Movements, Deals and Drinks Kathrin Böhm (Myvillages), Miranda Pope [eds] [E] ISBN 978-94-90322-56-4 €24.50 Images of Farming Wapke Feenstra, Antje Schiffers, (Myvillages) [eds] [E] ISBN 978-94-90322-24-3 €24.50 PRIX DE ROME SERIES

Prix de Rome 2019 Beeldende Kunst / Visual Arts Mirjam Beerman, Eleonoor Jap Sam [eds] [D/E] ISBN 978-94-92852-16-8 € 15.SOURCE

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[E] ISBN 978-90-5973-085-4 €15.SOURCE 05. Designing Global Choice Louise Schouwenberg [ed.] [E] ISBN 978-94-90322-19-9 [sold out]

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