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The unexpected Animal By Ethan Palmer Once upon a time there lived a fox. The fox was golden and at the end of his tail was pure white. He went out for something to eat around the city.

He galloped around but then he saw his favourite butcher he liked his lips and charged at the door. “OWWWHHH!� howled the fox he had head but the door because it was CLOSED! The fox was walking away wishing he could read.

He walked round the back too see if he could get in from there. Yes he could there was a window open and 3 boxes a tin and a bin piled beneath. so he jumped box to box then he bounced through the window and all the rubbish tumbled over .

Inside was a stray dog its fur was very curly and he was grey. They started to stare at each other and ask that do they want they both agreed and bit an end of a bag each. Then they scoped up all the meat.

THEN SUDENLLY the butcher came in sprinting in like a wild bull. So they circled him and then launched out the door

he fox took the stay dog to his place and they eat all the meat also they teamed up always teamed up

The unexpected animal  

story for kids

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