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April 2014

Composting Equipment: Turners, Screens, Grinders, Chippers


Volume 22

2 • April 2014


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April 2014 • 3

4 • April 2014


USCC holds 22nd Annual Conference and T rade Show The Oakland Marriot City Center in Oakland CA, was the host of this year’s U.S. Composting Council’s Annual Conference and Trade Show. The USCC Conference involved speakers on various composting and recycling programs plus concurrent sessions on training, certification, education, information, economic development and equipment updates. The program included a trade show exhibit with over 100 vendors and manufacturers promoting the latest product features in the industry. A demo day at the Redwood Landfill and Composting Facility in nearby Novato hosted over 30 pieces of working equipment involving grinders, shredders, screens, windrow turners and feedstock mixers processing materials. Industry awards are also presented in different meetings and at the annual USCC breakfast awards session. The 2015 USCC Conference will be held in Austin Texas.

Alex Clinton, (R) and Paul Elias of EarthSaver Equipment manned the EarthSaver booth.

Mathew Duffrin, (L) and Kim Duffrin handled the Duff Brush exhibit at the USCC Conference.

Russ Console, (R) Morbark Inc. answers questions on the Morbark Wood Hog 4600XL after the grinder demo.

Bret Garrigan, (L) and Kevin Mayhugh were on hand for the show from Diamond Z.

The Vermeer presentation at the Exhibitor showcase was hosted by Brad Van Rheenen.

Wayne Brown of Grinder Wear Parts and Apollo Equipment converses with Mots Yamamoto, (R) of Vision Recycling in CA.

Ray Moore, tech sales mgr., (L) and Hoseas Martinez, Center, from Doppstadt USA speak with an attendee about a Doppstadt 3060K, which was later featured at the equipment demo.

Jim Smith, L, of Airlift Separator discusses the plastic separator systems with a USCC show attendee.

Ed Urbanek, L, of Erichar Inc., Cleveland Ohio, meets with Eric and Michelle Park after the grinder demo. New owners of a Diamond Z DZH4000 TKT grinder, the Parks run a composting and mulch facility in Marion Ohio.

A Komptech Crambo 5000 grinds material at the equipment demo at the Novato landfill.

Peter Moon of O2 Compost covers O2 composting systems with some interested show attendees.


April 2014 • 5

Recycling Innovators Forum seeks game changing proposals PORTLAND, OR — Companies and organizations from across the recycling industry today announced the second

annual Recycling Innovators Forum. Designed to elevate and support actionable ideas that will generate real re-

2009 Doppstadt SM726

Trommel Screen, 477 Hours, 3/4” Punch Plate Drum Price $199,000

turns for recycling companies and stakeholders, the 2014 Recycling Innovators Forum enables inventors, teams, re-

2009 Doppstadt SM720

Trommel Screen, 350 Hours, 5/8” Punch Plate Drum Price $169,000

Roland Machinery Company 217-789-7711 •

MIDLANTIC MACHINERY 2240 Bethlehem Pike Hatfield, PA 19440 215-822-0145 Fax 215-822-7971

6375 Allentown Blvd. Harrisburg, PA 17112 717-652-3190 Fax 717-652-6405

1261 Highway 315 Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 570-824-9891 Fax 570-824-0268

1400 Joh Avenue Baltimore, MD 21227 410-247-2100 Fax 410-536-5712

searchers, entrepreneurs and others to compete for cash prizes, exposure for their ideas and industry attention. Sponsored by Alcoa, the American Chemistry Council, Coca-Cola Recycling, Resource Recycling and Waste Management, the Forum will be held the day before the official start of the annual Resource Recycling Conference, building on the momentum of both events in 2013. Last year, a proposal from Earth911 to more effectively communicate the recyclability of prod-

ucts through smartphone apps beat out nearly 50 other proposals and nine finalists to take home the grand prize. Ten finalists will present their ideas to a panel of judges and an audience of recycling professionals, venture capitalists and clean-tech investors on Sept. 15, 2014 at the Hilton Riverside in New Orleans. Prizes of $20,000 each will be awarded to the top idea backed by an enterprise or institution, and the top idea backed by a single inventor or startup team. The Recycling Innova-

tors Forum is currently seeking proposals to compete in the Forum, and suggests topics that focus on improving recycling collection, changing consumer behavior, sorting and processing technologies, market development for different material types, reducing capital costs, and other ideas to improve and advance recycling. For more information on the 2014 Recycling Innovators Forum, including full rules on entering the competition, visit www.r .

www. wastehandling .com

6 • April 2014


TABLE OF CONTENTS ADVERTISE! April. . ADVERTISING DEADLINE: March 14 Composting Equipment-Turners, Screens, Grinders, Chippers Show: Waste Expo April 29 -May 1, Atlanta, GA May. . ADVERTISING DEADLINE: April 4 Screening / Crushing / Grinding Equipment June. . ADVERTISING DEADLINE: May 2 Wood Waste Recycliing, Biomass Energy July. . ADVERTISING DEADLINE: June 3 Scrap Processing Equipment / Balers, Shears, Shredders, Magnets August. . ADVERTISING DEADLINE: July 3 C&D Recycling - Attachments, Picking Stations September. . ADVERTISING DEADLINE: August 1 Crushers / Grinders / Screeners/ Shredders

USCC holds 22nd Annual Conference and Trade Show . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Grinder Guy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Productive equipment is just what the Doctor ordered . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9 by Larry Trojak

AX900 Axle Scale systems available with fully integrated RFX wireless weighing technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Innovative “Green Efficiency” and safety features marks the first appearance of SENNEBOGEN material handlers at CONEXPO . . . . . . 16 The Rockster Technology: Perfect for asphalt recycling. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-21 RAYCO new T260 self-propelled stump cutter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

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USCC holds 22nd Annual Conference and Trade Show . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Cover photo: Richard Akervik guides material into the infeed of the Tree Doctor’s M18T Beever.

The Editorial Deadline precedes the Ad Deadline by two days. Waste Handling Equipment News readers include owners, operators and purchasing agents involved in construction demolition, asphalt/concrete recycling, wood waste recycling and composting. Our editorial emphasizes new equipment, site stories, association updates, legislation and industry news. If you have news to contribute, contact: Jon M. Casey, Editor Waste Handling Equipment News 6113 State Highway 5 Palatine Bridge, New York 13428 Tel: 717-258-6775 Fax: 518-673-2699 E-Mail:


April 2014 • 7

Hey Grinder Guy, do I need a windrow turner? If you are new to the composting industry, you are probably wondering what, when and why compost operations use windrow turners. Whether you are composting yard waste, food waste or sludge, a windrow turner can be an essential part of composting material but not necessary in every case. Composting requires water and oxygen in an open air environment. We can get technical and discuss carbon and nitrogen levels, but basically, you need water and oxygen. A windrow turner is used to aerate a compost pile. That can include mixing materials, applying liquids and generally loosening the material in a windrow. The more oxygen available to the materials, the more they heat up and start the composting process. It’s pretty simple, just like the leaf pile in your back yard. In general, in a food waste or municipal sludge application, it would be very difficult to convince me of a reason not to use a windrow turner. The mixing action of a turner and the ability to provide oxygen to all the material in the compost pile is something you cannot do efficiently with a wheel loader. Having the ability to break up heavier materials like sludges, and being able to break apart food waste particles, is just something you cannot do with a wheel loader. These heavier, wetter materials tend to block any airflow through the windrow. The more airflow, the more oxygen. The hotter the pile, the more composting of materials. This means a faster compost process as well. If you are short on site space, the faster the composting, the more material you can compost. A windrow turner provides adequate airflow into the materials and increases the porosity of the pile by loosening the materials. Without the oxygen, piles will turn anaerobic. This creates enough odor that neighbors in the next county will be complaining. When it comes to yard waste composting, the

materials are generally loose to begin with, so turning with a loader is generally sufficient. The problem comes when you get to 25,000-30,000 ton per year. With that volume of material, you need to speed up the process and compost faster. With that much material, you can keep a

windrow turner busy and do a much better job of aerating the windrows than with a wheel loader. This will help speed up the process and produce compost in probably half the time as just bucket turning it with a wheel loader. This will also save you a lot of site space because a wheel loader

needs to get in between the piles to turn the windrows, while a straddle Windrow Turner doesn’t. Piles can run together at the edges with some Windrow Turners. So do you need a Windrow Turner? • What type of materials are you composting? • What volume of mate-

rials are you composting? • What kind of site space do you have? • Do you need to apply water or liquids to your windrows? These questions should answer everything for you. There are different types of Windrow Turners.

Grinder Guy 10

8 • April 2014


Productive equipment is just what the Doctor ordered by Larry Trojak


The Tree Doctor team wraps up a day’s work. Shown left to right: Richard Akervik, Ken Coelho III, James Sardinia, Kyle Propatier and Ken Coelho, Jr.

t’s rare that a company name describes the product or service that firm offers. Think Apple, Starbucks, Google or Exxon/Mobil, and those monikers hardly hint at what’s behind them. With The Tree Doctor, however, what you see is literally, what you get. The Rhode Island based company, uses a combination of up to date technology and a proven arborist’s skill, to offer an in-depth knowledge of what’s best for its customer’s trees. As

a result, The Tree Doctor has built a successful tree care business, firmly “rooted” in customer service and customer satisfaction. A great fit Like most in the tree service industry today, Ken Coelho’s start was a humble one. Based in Warren, RI, the man behind the Tree Doctor name started with another area firm where he first split fire wood and then advanced from there.

Kyle Propatier works from the bucket truck, trimming limbs that need attention.

“I liked the business immediately, so I took to it very quickly,” he said. “So I moved on to learn how to chop and saw, then how to climb, then how to work from a bucket and so on. It wasn’t long before I was in charge of positioning and running my own crews.” That company continued to grow, but, as is often the case, was then purchased by another company. The change in management did not bode well for Coelho. “One of the first things the new owners did was try to cut my pay,” he said. “I knew I had to leave and told them, ‘give me three months, and I’ll be a one of your biggest competitors.’ They warned me that I couldn’t call any of their existing customers, but I knew I didn’t have to. Based on the service I provided, I was certain those customers would find me. They did, and I still have them as clients to this day. That other company, by the way, is no longer in business.” Modest start feels right One of Coelho’s first items of business was to purchase a smaller Morbark chipper from his previous employer. “That unit was a Model 290, which was comparable, I guess, to what Morbark today calls their M8D chipper,” he said. “It was small but powerful, and it really helped us hit the ground running and establish ourselves. I knew from using chippers in the past that Morbark’s were some of the best-built machines available. I’m mechanically inclined as a fabricator/welder and mechanic, so I’ve seen my share of weak spots in some of the other chippers I’d used. I can pinpoint stress cracks and weaknesses long before they’re going to happen, just by the way a machine vibrates — I certainly didn’t want to deal with any of that. So, I knew what I was looking for and luckily, I got it.”

Tree Doctor



April 2014 • 9

Tree Doctor from 8 That modest start, just Coelho, one other worker, the chipper and a truck-allowed them to develop their customer base within an 8 to 10 mile radius from Warren. “I focused at the beginning on smaller residential jobs and then decided that that was a pretty good place to be,” he said. “Other companies start out with a plan to grow as big as they can, as fast as they can — I didn’t see us doing that at all. We deal with neighbors and friends and we rely heavily on word of mouth. We’ve done just fine with that approach.” Growth is inevitable Though huge growth wasn’t a consideration, Coelho’s business still grew large enough for them to need to add people and upgrade their existing equipment. Coelho added two more workers to his team. He also traded the smaller chipper for several larger Morbark units over the years: first on a Model 2100, then on to a 15-inch Morbark Tornado. From there, he acquired the unit they are currently operating, a Morbark Beever M18R chipper, purchased through the Swansea, Mass., branch of Schmidt Equipment. “Over the years, I’ve established a great working relationship with the folks at Schmidt,” he said “They are the John Deere and Morbark dealers for this area. Since I’ve used John Deere equipment, backhoes, skid steers and so on, for a long time, I’ve always enjoyed working with them. They will bend over backwards to make sure I am taken care of, and Jeff Mansfield, the salesman who calls on me, is both knowledgeable and hands-on-something we need more of in this business. So when it came time for me to upsize my chipper, I went right to them.” Over time, the steadily rising costs to dispose of debris in the eastern Massachusetts/Rhode Island area necessitated the most recent upgrade in chippers. “Those costs just seem to keep on rising, so the less I have to pay to dispose of wood waste, the better our bottom line,” Coelho said. “Our M18R handles just about all the wood waste that we generate as part of our everyday business, so not only is it more productive, it also benefits us by reducing trips to the landfill.” What’s in a name One of the questions Coelho said he frequently receives is the origin of the “Tree Doctor” name. Though it was not his first choice for a business name, he now sees how much sense it makes. “I was originally going to call my operation ‘New England Tree Service,’ but a guy I used to work with, who had a small trimming business on the side, already had that name tied up. So, I decided I needed something catchy. When I go to a job, more than anything, I feel I read the tree; it tells me what needs to be done. So I see myself as something of a physician to that tree and the name “Tree Doctor” came to mind. Looking back, I think the name alone has helped us get a lot of business.” Today, the Tree Doctor and his crew, maintain a decent backlog of work. Coelho is proud of the fact that, though they might do five jobs in one day, they only do one job at a time. His crew is able to do that using the M18R chipper, an International aerial lift truck with 55-feet of working height and a couple of chipping trucks. “I only have one complete crew, and we won’t leave a job until it’s finished,” he said. “The most I will do is leave one man behind doing the stump work while the rest of us move on to another job. We take a lot of pride in our work and try to leave a job cleaner than it was when we got there. The time it takes to blow the gutters out, make sure the walkways are clean, the decks are all clear and so on can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction.” Making the list The extra effort Coelho puts forth has made an obvious difference, both in his steady workload — he counts more than 70 accounts as regular customers — and in his company’s reputation for quality and dependability. Today, The Tree Doctor holds a pris-

Richard Akervik guides material into the infeed of the Tree Doctor’s M18R Beever tine rating with the area’s Better Business Bureau and he has garnered an even more prestigious endorsement as well. “A while back, I got a call from the people at Angie’s List telling me that they were contacted by so many of our customers giving us a AA rating that they wanted us to be one of their preferred companies. That is a nice thing to hear, but it does not surprise me. We’ve worked very hard to always do a good job,

and the equipment we use plays a big role in that as well. If we had a chipper that was plagued with problems and frequently breaking down — like those some of my colleagues run — we wouldn’t be able to service our customers the way we do now. So everything we bring to bear, from the smallest chain saw to our aerial lift truck to the Morbark M18R, is a part of the bigger picture. After all, even the best doctor needs good instruments.”

At last fall’s Tree Care Industry Association Expo in Charlotte, NC, Morbark introduced this prototype Beever M18R outfitted with the additional capability to transport the company’s new Boxer mini-skid steer loader and two attachments. The M18R, similar to the one used by the Tree Doctor, has the size and capacity to handle trees and tree trimmings requiring the use of a unit like the Boxer. For more information on Morbark equipment, visit their website at

10 • April 2014


Waste Handling Equipment News welcomes new sales rep Waste Handling Equipment News is pleased to introduce Christopher Nyce as the new sales representative for Southeast Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey territory. He will help clients take advantage of the many marketing opportunities available through Lee Publications. Chris brings extensive knowledge to Waste Han-

dling Equipment News, with 35 years experience in sales. In the past, his territory has included Delaware, Maryland, New Jersery and Pennsylvania. He will be an invaluable member of our sales team. Wendell Jennings, Waste Handling Equipment News sales manager, looks forward to working with Chris. “I’m

excited to have Chris on board. With his sales background, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our company.” Chris grew up in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. “I am very happy to join the Waste Handling team,” said Chris. “I will serve our customers with

the same passion that has kept me in sales all these years.” Chris is on the advisory boards of both the Penn State Trial Gardens and the Western Center Technology School in Limerick, PA. He currently resides in Pennsburg, PA. Contact Chris at 267261-4235 or e-mail .

and decide which type will work best; • If you are short on site space, look for a unit that can turn windrows that are inches apart. This saves an incredible amount of site space; • Look for one that can apply liquids while you are turning. Yard waste compost will compost much more quickly when you are adding water to them; • If you are composting sludges and food waste, look for a turner with

some kind of cab air filtration system for the operator. Ammonia and other chemicals build up in windrows and the air quality inside the operator cab can be affected; • Match the windrow width and height to the Windrow Turner size; • Look for a unit that will turn the entir; and. • Ask about options like scraper devices, windrow displacement and tracks or tire drive. While this is just a gen-

eral outline, it should put you on the right path to your needs. Questions, Dave Whitelaw .

Grinder Guy from 7 There is the pull behind type, which is towed by a tractor for example. This style operates alongside the tractor instead of atop a windrow like the straddle type. The straddle type Windrow Turners are able to turn the material in larger windrows and turn heavier loads. The pull behind type is fine for small windrows and startup operations. So what do you look for in a Windrow Turner? • Define your volumes

Spare Parts Custom Made

Screens For All Manufacturers & Models

Most parts custom fabricated and shipped within days not weeks!

Bucket Liners Hammer Bars Split Sprockets Augers Rebuild & New Rotors * All Fabrication Products Are Available in AR450 Plate

Pictured are just a few samples of our quality work Morbark Grinder Screen

Chris Nyce will be covering the southeast Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey territory.

Jones Grinder Screen

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April 2014 • 11

AX900 Axle Scale systems available with fully integrated RFX wireless weighing technology North American Attachments


Loader Rakes

Grapple Buckets

Car Body Forks


Thumbs & Rakes

Skid Steer w/ replaceable teeth

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Intercomp announces AX900™ Axle Scale Systems are now available with fully integrated RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology! This time saving, cable free operation improves safety and efficiency and is made possible by embedded radios enabling wireless communication to a variety of devices, while digital output still allows for cable backup. Calibration is stored at the scale providing users with interchangeability of all components. Alternatively, users are able to interface their own indicator to the scales using analog output versions. For customers whose local regulations prevent the use of any wireless radio communication, radios can be disabled or you can select from hardwired alternatives. AX900 Scales are available in a variety of lengths, capacities and configurations to weigh anything form single to multi-axle vehicles. They feature a 3.6-inch low profile overall height for easy loading, and are used by law enforcement agencies throughout North America as well as, trucking companies, militaries, scrap yards, waste transfer stations and oth-

Reduce Diesel Fuel Consumption in Tub Grinder Operations

EXPLORE THE NEW patented flywheel drive-train technology for tub grinders to lower your diesel fuel consumption cost per ton.


AX900 scales are available in a variety of lengths, capacities and configurations to weigh anything from single to multi-axle vehicles. er transport businesses for quick, effective and dependable gathering of axle, group and gross vehicle weight. The AX900 series utilizes stainless steel, hermetically sealed shear beam load cells that are certified to 5,000 divisions by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technologies to ensure unparalleled accuracy, easy maintenance and increased longevity. Intercomp Company is an ISO 9001:2008 registered electronics manufacturer based out of Minneapolis, MN with offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, proudly serving the Industrial, Racing, ITS/Enforcement, Aviation, Military, Agriculture and Mining and Aggregate industries worldwide. They design scales for most

any weighing application, always keeping an eye on the future. For product or sales inquiries, contact Intercomp’s Sales Department toll free at 800-328-3336 or Worldwide 763-4762531, fax 763-476-2613 or write Intercomp, 3839 County Road 116, Medina, MN 55340-9342. Contact Intercomp by e-mail at or visit them on the web at .

FOR SALE T O NO PHOT ABLE AVAIL Komptech Windrow Turners Komptech Trommel Screens

Demos - 16 1/2’, 18’, 21’, Tracks or Tire Drive, Air Filtration, Bluetooth. Save Big $$ vs New

Both 2011 Hybrid Units, Plug In or 1.5g/hr. Genset, 2800-250 hrs, 3800-1150 hrs. $225,000 & $289,900

813-421-2757 See More Grinders and Screeners @

12 • April 2014


Magnetic Array Filtration by Jeff Fleenor, Fleenor Mfg. Complex industrial systems, power transmission systems, and especially mobile construction equipment designers are many times focused on the mechanical results of the systems they are designing and selecting an oil filtration system is often an after thought. Many times this results in a filtration system that is inadequate to maintain the system cleanliness and ultimately results in system degradation over time. New oil is not clean oil and it is a proven fact that end user customers of these power transmission systems will pour dirty oil into their systems without realizing what they are doing. In addition, a system in operation generates contamination in the normal wear and tear of use. If the filtration system has blind holes for dirt ingress as well as not being sufficient to clean itself up, then the system will degrade over time resulting in reduced performance and ultimately system failure. What this means is that you won’t get maximized return for the investment made in these systems. A system with an intended design life of 6 to 10 years may be degraded down to 1 to 3 years of actual service life. Designing a filtration system capable of removing very fine contaminates has its challenges as finer filtration costs money as well as increased filer service maintenance. However there is a new patented technology called Magnetic Array Filtration (MAF) that can have a significant impact on improving fine filtration with minimal cost and no flow restriction. MAF has the capability to dramatically improve the capabilities for standard spin-on oil filtration by removing the most abrasive contaminates, which are iron based. This capability does not restrict oil flow, is a one time purchase for the system, and directly retrofits to existing equipment. By having improved oil filtration, pow-

er transmissions will last longer yielding a better ROI of the system. Improved oil filtration also reduces friction inside the power transmission which means more power available for useful work,


resulting in improved efficiencies. And lastly, by removing the most abrasive contaminates which are iron based, the oil should last longer resulting in longer intervals for oil changes.


Reduce Volume and Increase Density

What is Magnetic Array Filtration? Magnetic Array Filtration was developed thru a joint research effort between the original inventor, CIRAS (Center for Industrial Research and

Support at Iowa State University) and the Iowa State University Physic Department Ames Lab, which is noted for its world renowned expertise in working with rare earth magnets. The result

of that dedicated research effort was U.S. Patent No. 7,662,282B2 which maximizes the magnetic field strength thru the wall of a spin-on

Magnetic 13


Lower Up Front Investment Lower Maintenance Costs than Hammer Mills

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

A HAMMEL Shredder can be operated for far less than any other shredder! (incl. all wear parts, fuel, and fluids) Highly customizable Primary and Secondary Shredders Please contact us today to learn how we can help you make more $$$



April 2014 • 13

Magnetic from 12 oil filter and into the flow path of the oil. MAF is composed of a circular array of rare earth magnets that are placed on the outside of any standard spin-on oil filter element. The iron based contaminates are then pulled from the oil flow and held against the inside wall of the canister. When it is time to change the spin-on element, the Magnetic Array Filter collar is removed and placed

on the new element and the contaminates are discarded with the old element. This new patented technology dramatically improves the filtration capabilities of traditionally high absolute rated filters by capturing metal contaminates to below one half micron in size. How does Magnetic Array Filtration work? The arrangement, alignment, spacing and circular array of the rare

Magnetic Array Filtration.

The microscopic slide is a very small smear of contaminates from the black smudge bands.

Larger visible particles of contaminates in the engine filter cutaway. earth magnets along with the backing plate optimize the projected magnetic field strength thru the filter element wall and into the flow path of the oil. The coverage is effectively 360 degrees around the oil flow path, optimizing the ability to remove magnetic contaminates. The metal contaminates that are captured include particles measured down to below half a micron in size. This additional level of filtration happens before the contaminates pass thru or are captured by the filter element media itself, thus not only extending the life of the filter element but more

importantly effectively capturing much smaller iron based contaminate particles, down to below submicron size, that would have normally passed thru. How do contaminates cause wear in a system? Under ideal conditions, the contact area transmitting force between two gear teeth or two sliding metal surfaces is separated by a very thin film of oil, typically below one micron in thickness. Small metal contaminates in the oil can pierce this thin film of oil and

Magnetic 14

14 • April 2014


Magnetic from13 gouge out additional contaminates from the contacting elements. Small contaminates can effectively act as a polishing agent by slowly wearing down the system components. Wear is a cascading event where one particle creates many more as it works its way thru a system. Iron and its associated alloys used to make steel such as chromium, vanadium, and manganese, can have a very high relevant hardness as compared to the system components and can cause accelerated wear leading to ultimate failure of the system. Engines for example, typically have a high absolute filter rating sometimes ranging from 25 to 40 microns absolute and thus allow the smaller particles to pass freely thru the filter element. This is because soot is generated during the combustion process and soot is what colors the oil black. It would not be practical to put a fine filter on an engine because of the frequency that would be required to change the oil filter. In addition soot is not nearly as abrasive as iron and its associated alloys. When looking at the efficiency of the filters at the lower particle size one can see that the filter efficiency drops dramatically. What this means is that the oil has to pass multiple times thru the filter before the smaller particles are captured. In the mean time the uncaptured particles breed more contaminate particulates as they wear thru the system. MAF technology helps capture metal contaminates even down to the sub micron size, effectively and dramatically improving the filtration capability of the standard spin on element. This means less particles passing thru the filter element that can pierce the thin film of oil between contacting power transmission components. The use of Magnetic Array Filtration can help extend your system life by capturing these magnetic contaminates including down below one micron

in size, before they make it thru the filter system into the machine components where they can cause wear. This means that less contaminates make it thru the filter, your system components last longer and you get a better return on your investment. Applications Markets for this product are any circuits using standard spin-on filter elements such as diesel and gas engines, hydraulic systems, wet clutches, pump drives,

transmissions and gearbox lubrication systems. In addition fuel systems can take advantage of this technology as well. Today’s fuel injection pressures can approach or exceed 40,000 psi. Most diesel fuel systems are now using 2 micron absolute filtration to prevent damage to fuel injectors. MAF technology can be used to remove contaminates such as rust from dirty fuel tanks before it reaches the engine filter element.

Chadwick Baross Chelmsford, MA New England W.E. Timmerman Whitehouse, NJ Northern NJ

Magnetic 16

W.M. Biers Port of Albany, NY NY & CT

MAF installed on a Ford F150 engine filter.


April 2014 • 15

METTLER TOLEDO premier distributor now serving Charlotte area COLUMBUS, OH — METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce that Carlton Scale, one of our premier distributors, has opened a ninth branch in Charlotte, NC. Since 1946, Carlton Scale has been selling, servicing and calibrating all types of weighing instruments, scales and controls. After recording a record year for business in 2013, Carlton Scale has parlayed that success into opening another branch in Charlotte, NC. As a Premier Distributor for METTLER TOLEDO in each of their regions, Carlton Scale looks forward to continuing to serve both current and prospective customers to ensure maximum efficiency regarding all of their weighing needs. Carlton Scale's focus is set upon customer needs, so they offer a wide range of products,

services, and customized applications to most all manufacturing industries. Domestic manufacturing in the United States is experiencing growth, and Carlton Scale is available to ensure their customers are fully prepared to thrive. They have put together a strong team of product, service and application specialists that are eager to work with you! The Charlotte team will be led by Eddie Hammond, Kevin Maloney and Ben Greenland. Together, they bring with them nearly 95 years of experience in

the industry. To learn more about Carlton Scale, visit . METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global supplier of precision instruments and is the world's largest manufacturer and marketer of weighing instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. METTLER TOLEDO provides weighing solutions that help customers by automating processes, increasing yields, controlling product quality and complying with industry standards and regulations.

16 • April 2014


Innovative “Green Efficiency” and safety features marks the first appearance of SENNEBOGEN material handlers at CONEXPO CHARLOTTE, NC — For its first ever appearance at ConExpo, SENNEBOGEN will introduce its latest innovations in energy efficient, safety and cost saving features at Booth No. 4264 - Silver Lot. Cost saving E-Series Equipped with SENNEBOGEN’s current ESeries updates, the firm’s latest material handlers provide a wide range of

additional cost-saving features. Its “Green Efficiency” package, recently introduced to the marketplace, includes the “EcoMode” and no-load automatic stop functions. The “Eco-Mode” setting combines reduced engine speed with an automatic idle control and a start stop system that will effectively reduce fuel consumption. Thanks to a

The 880 is just one of many in the SENNEBOGEN lineup from 44,000 to 750,000-pounds.

Magnetic from 14 Industry Markets for this product include; • Transportation and logistic companies; • Military vehicles; • Agricultural, Construction and Forestry Mobile Equipment; • Paving and Road Construction; • Wind turbine gearboxes; • Diesel generator sets; • Mining; • Industrial hydraulic systems; • Plastic injection systems; and • Racing and hot rods What are the advantages of using MAF technology? There are several advantages of using Magnetic Array Filtration technology to enhance the spin-on element filtration capabilities of a system. • Extends element life by capturing magnetic contamination ahead of the filter element; • Ease of use, contaminates never touch the mag-

net itself and are discarded with the old element; • Maximized projected magnetic field into the oil flow path; • 360 degree coverage of the oil flow path; • Allows the capture of much smaller particles than the element itself can; • One time expense, reusable over and over; • Reduces friction in overall system; • Directly retrofits to any spin-on filter systems; • Does not induce any flow restriction; and • Captures iron based contaminates which are the most damaging. Summary This new patented technology has great potential to lengthen service life on equipment. We are currently conduction long term field test trials to establish the true capabilities of this technology. If you want to learn more you can go to either web site; or

new intercooler design with direct mechanical drive, the E-Series models reach their operating temperatures quickly and uniformly, reducing overall energy demand. The innovative SENNEBOGEN modular system provides operators with the opportunity to specify their undercarriage to meet their application requirements. Operator comfort and safety

is enhanced with the SENNEBOGEN maxCab including sliding door, comfort seat and an automated heater/air conditioner. Large windows, LED headlights for night work, peripheral safety cameras and a clear view of the working site from their elevated position make it an ideal place to work. E-Series features will be rolled out in new editions of SENNEBOGEN’s

full range of wheeled, tracked and custom mounted material handlers. “We are very excited by these new product developments and look forward to showcasing them to ConExpo visitors,” said Constantino Lannes, president of SENNEBOGEN LLC. Built in Germany, SENNEBOGEN machines are supported in America by a 100,000-square-foot

parts and training facility at its U.S. head office in Charlotte, NC. Its dealer network provides over 250 service locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico, supporting customers in aggregate, waste management, mining, scrap and recycling businesses, inland and ocean port facilities and forestry applications.


17 • April 2014


Equipment You Can Count On

VERMEER MIDWEST INC. 11220 Allisonville Rd. Fishers, IN 46038 (317) 842-1040 3310 W. Coliseum Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46808 (800) 649-1157 3566 Citadel Cir. Newburg, IN 47630 (812) 490-4400 2801 Beverly Dr. Aurora, IL 60504 (630) 820-3030

1801 179th St. North East Moline, IL 61244 (309) 751-9540 Route 24 East Eureka, IL 61530 (309) 467-3716 1005 Thorrez Jackson, MI 49201 (800) 336-3889 1196 A. Franklin St. Marne, MI 49435 (616) 677-5900

VERMEER MIDSOUTH INC. 1200 Vermeer Cove Cordova, TN 38018 (901) 758-1928 5246 Greenway Dr. Jackson, MS 39204 (601) 923-8888

VERMEER SALES & SERVICE INC. OF OH & PA 2389 Medina Rd. Medina, OH 44256 (888) 213-3544 131 Wisconsin Ave. Cranberry Twp., PA 16066 (888) 213-8340 • (724) 935-9277 110 Stanford Pkwy. Findlay, OH 45840 (888) 213-8338 • (419) 424-0572

The worldwide network of Vermeer dealers makes the difference get to know your local dealer. In the field or in the shop, nobody is more determined to see you succeed. Vermeer is an innovative leader in the manufacturing of underground and treecare equipment. They can also be your most valued partner in your day-to-day operations.

Vermeer Is Your Total Solutions Provider Contact your dealer by calling 1-888-VERMEER, or visit the Web at VERMEER-WISCONSIN INC.


5445 North 131st St. Butler, WI 53007 (800) 964-6462 2304 Kelbe Drive Little Chute, WI 54140 (800) 859-9220 W3090 County B West Salem, WI 54669 (800) 759-6897

1235 Rt. 9 Castleton, NY 12033 (518) 732-7201 605 Lewiston Rd. Topsham, ME 04086 (207) 373-0880

224 South St. Hopkinton, MA 01748 (508) 497-0886 770 Derby Ave. Seymour, CT 06484 (203) 736-9542

VERMEER and VERMEER LOGO are registered trademarks of Vermeer Manufacturing Company in the US and/or other countries. © 2002 Vermeer Manufacturing Company. All Rights Reserved.

VERMEER NORTH ATLANTIC SALES & SERVICE 7 Maple Ave. Mt. Holly, NJ 08060 (609) 267-6600 (800) 624-0623 2888 E. Harrisburg Pike Middletown, PA 17057 (717) 930-8780 (888) 572-4283

805 Grundy Ave. Holbrook, NY 11741 (631) 580-4400 (888) 402-7823 129 Route 6, Bldg. #2 Mahopac, NY 10541 (845) 628-9850 (800) 448-9850

VERMEER MID-ATLANTIC INC. 10501 Vermeer Place Ashland, VA 23005 (800) 552-2074 229 Jedburg Rd. Summerville, SC 29483 (800) 246-4307 13005 Balls Ford Rd. Manassas, VA 20109 (877) 661-6566 2803 Grand View Dr. Simpsonville, SC 29681 (800) 850-4710 8424 Norcross Rd. Colfax, NC 27235 (888) 993-9344

3501 Jones Sausage Rd. Garner, NC 27529 (888) 883-7633 8830 Corridor Rd. Annapolis Junction, MD 20701 (800) 492-1274 10900 Carpet St., Charlotte, NC 28273 (800) 768-3444

18 • April 2014


Tim Johnson joins Southeastern Equipment Company New sales representative in Perrysburg, Ohio CAMBRIDGE, OHIO — Southeastern Equipment Company is pleased to announce that Tim Johnson has rejoined the company as sales representative at the Perrysburg, Ohio location. Johnson is selling the full line of equipment throughout Northwestern Ohio, including Wood County. “We’re glad to welcome Tim back to our sales team,” says Charlie Patterson, president of Southeastern Equipment.


“He has a great deal of experience in the field, and we look forward to seeing his contributions.” With over ten years of experience selling equipment, Johnson is a seasoned sales veteran. He was a sales representative at Southeastern Equipment Co. in Perrysburg for six years, then

worked with a John Deere dealership for five years. He currently resides in Weston, Ohio. Southeastern Equipment has been selling, servicing and renting heavy machinery since 1957. The company has eighteen locations throughout Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Indi-

ana. Manufacturers represented by Southeastern Equipment Company include: Case Construction, Kobelco, New Holland Construction, Bomag, Gradall, Kubota Construction, Hyundai Construction, Etnyre, Vacall, Terex, Schwarze, Alamo Industrial, Eager Beaver Trailers, Superior

Broom, Massey Ferguson, Midland Machinery, Badger Equipment Company, DuraPatcher, Case IH, Fecon, Genie, Skytrak, JLG, Sullair, and a wide variety of companies that manufacture heavy equipment attachments. For more information visit their website www. .

www. waste handling .com

from 16

Offering the industry’s widest lineup of purpose built material handlers, the recognizable green SENNEBOGEN machines can be matched to any application with operating weights from 44,000 to 750,000-pounds. SENNEBOGEN has been a leading name in the global material handling industry for over 60 years. Based in Stanley, NC, within the greater Charlotte region, SENNEBOGEN LLC offers a complete range of purpose built machines to suit virtually any material handling application. Established in America in the year 2000, SENNEBOGEN LLC has quickly become a leading provider of specialized equipment solutions for recycling and scrap metal yards, barge and port operations, log handling, transfer stations and waste facilities from coast to coast. A growing network of distributors supports SENNEBOGEN LLC sales and service across the Americas, ensuring the highest standard of professional machine support and parts availability. For more information on the full line of SENNEBOGEN green line material handlers, contact Constantino Lannes, president, SENNEBOGEN LLC, 1957 Sennebogen Trail (formerly 7669 Old Plank Rd.), Stanley, NC 28164. Call 704-347-4910 or fax 704-347-8894, e-mail or visit the web site at .See SENNEBOGEN at ConExpo Booth No. 4264 Silver Lot.

CLEAVES CO. INC. 300 Reservoir St. Needham, MA 02494 781-449-0833 Toll Free (877) 449-0833

WESTCHESTER TRACTOR 60 International Boulevard Brewster, NY 10509 845-278-7766

TYLER EQUIPMENT CORP. TYLER EQUIPMENT CORP. 1980 Berlin Turnpike 251 Shaker Rd. Berlin, CT 06037 East Longmeadow, MA 01028 800-352-4473 • 860-356-0840 800-292-6351 Parts Line 860-356-0848 Fax: 413-525-5909 Chipper Sales Rep Tom Tyler Parts Line 877-255-6351 Cell 203-509-0967 Chipper Sales Rep Tom Tyler Cell 203-509-0967

W. M. BIERS INC. Port of Albany Albany, NY 12202 518-434-2747


April 2014 • 19

Rockster is expanding its range with the R1100DS Constant development is the key to advanced products and so the new R1100DS is exactly in line with the philosophy of Rockster. Flexibility, rapid operational readiness, continuous performance improvements and thus more profit are the most important key terms. “We are optimizing our machines continuously so that we can offer

play the crushing gap can be adjusted fully hydraulically and continuously, so the final material can be defined simply and easily and thus an exact screening curve is guaranteed. The conveying velocity continuously adapts the crusher load and the operating pressure of the main conveyor, which prevents overload and downtimes. If

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Recycling professionals involved in the wood waste, C&D, scrap metal, asphalt & concrete, and compost recycling industries will find Waste Handling Equipment News a valuable source of new products, product innovation and site adaption.

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Rockster’s new impact crusher R1100DS reaches an output of 400 tons per hour.

City ________________________ State _____ Zip __________ Email ________________________________________________ Phone (

) _______________Fax (

) _________________

Date ___________Signature______________________________

Time saving in maintenance by hydraulic cylinders on the screen box.

the best option on the market for our customers. Fact is that our customers can cover a very broad market segment with the R1100, and there is much potential for this kind of machine. That’s why we have constantly being developed this plant, taking into account the ever increasing safety requirements and placing the focus primarily on the ease of operation, application flexibility and performance,” says Rockster CEO Wolfgang Kormann. Increased user comfort With the recently developed multi-function dis-

necessary, the vibrating feeder can be infinitely controlled manually via the remote control. Unique return system The R1100DE impact crusher can be ordered with a screen/return system consisting of screen box and return belt, thus crushing and screening on one mobile plant is possible. With the exceptional double functional return system, which is patented by Rockster, you can use also use the return belt as stockpile conveyor with a discharge height of approximately 13.12-feet. Dismantling

Rockster 22

20 • April 2014


The Rockster technology: Perfect for asphalt recycling


roken asphalt recycling is profitable and it also protects the environment. Recent machine tests conducted by recyclers showed that Rockster‘s technology is ideal for recycling old asphalt. A well known Austrian asphalt mixing plant operator recently supplied Rockster with real value calculations which are definitely impressive. Even with addition of only 10 percent recycled asphalt the ROI

Trummer has been operating already more than 4000 hours with the R1100. process also helps to protect the environment, is undoubtedly an expedient side effect. More importantly, by recycling the broken asphalt, the companies can realize additional earnings and save landfill costs. Why is Rockster such a good choice for Asphalt Recycling? • Rockster’s two swing beam system allows to independently adjust the swing beams; • Exact adjustment of the crushing gap to specify the final grain size and reach a simple modification of the grading curve; • The oversized rotor diameter causes an increase of the impact power and a more efficient crushing process; and • The hydrostatic drive allows an infinite adjustment of the rotor speed (control of fines) and therefore an easily controlled screening curve. Another advantage of the hydrostatic drive is that unlike clutch or clutch similar drives, no wear costs emerge. More importantly, the direction of rotation can be changed (especially important for the duplex system). Most of these features are unique to Rockster and ensure excellent performance with the best final grain quality. It is therefore possible to achieve any desired screening curve by simple adjustments to the crusher. This fact plays an important role in the asphalt recycling industry because there are exact guidelines for the screening curve when using recycled material for the production of new asphalt. Here are two examples of Rockster customers in Europe who specialize in recycled asphalt material and have had valuable success: Trummer: Asphalt recycling specialist with impact crusher R1100 - Rockster customer for about six years. Martin Trummer, CEO of Trummer Maschinenhandel & Aufbereitung GmbH in Styria, uses an impact crusher R1100 with screen box. He says: “For asphalt crushed to 0-32 mm I reach a performance of almost 200 tons per hour with my impact crusher R1100, which is an extremely good value from experience with other crushers. I have been used the R1100 for four years now and it is still

of a Rockster R900 Impact crusher with screen box RS86 and return belt RB75 would slightly more than six months. Where formulations allow, it is possible to add up to 25 percent of recycled asphalt as a cold addition. That scenario, the ROI theoretically could be less than four months. Their calculations also revealed the bitumen savings. When using 25 percent recycled asphalt, 1,200 tons of bitumen can be saved over the same period. The fact that this recycling

Operations manager Simon Nicolussi (far left) with his recycling team.




April 2014 • 21

Rockster from 20 in top form. You can always see further development of Rockster’s products. We constantly notice technological progress, which I find remarkable. You can see that customer requests and suggestions for improvement from experiences in the field are implemented quickly.” Current project is commissioned by a huge Austrian infrastructure company named Asfinag. They use about 15 percent of recycled asphalt for a new motorway near the city of Graz. ARGE Recycling: Asphalt recycling specialist with the impact crusher R900 - Rockster customer for about four years The ARGE Recycling (formerly Naegele construction) from Vorarlberg uses a Rockster impact crusher R900 with screen box and return belt for processing

RAP. Environmental awareness and resource conservation have a great significance in the company and thus they have specialized in the recycling of asphalt and construction debris. “The first argument for purchasing a Rockster crushing plant was the outstanding performance,” says operations manager Simon Nicolussi. “With the combination of the screen box and return belt, we can produce high quality final grain at zero percent oversize, which can be sold

very well. The compact transport measurements of the R900 was another important factor, as we do not only crush at our company site, but also at our customer’s places. Also the customer service of Rockster has convinced us from the beginning. We felt that we were being served by a competent and reliable team.” For more information about Rockster Recyclers, visit the company website at .

The hydrostatic drive allows an infinite adjustment of the rotor speed (control of fines) and therefore an easily controlled screening curve

Martin Trummer is already active in the asphalt recycling business for more than a decade.

Example of a screening curve.

22 • April 2014


Rockster from 19 for transport is not necessary, which mainly reduces setup times. Through the use of screen box and return belt you can produce exact final material, which in turn leads to a significant increase in profit for the customer. Easy accessibility By hydraulic cylinders on the screen box, it can be quickly and easily lowered for maintenance and exchange of the screens, also the connection and disconnection of the main belt is much easier. Moreover the main conveyor can be quickly serviced or repaired by the new main conveyor

belt service device. A permanently installed device carries the belt and keeps it in position, so you have easy access. The optional main belt wear protection increases the life of the main bands significantly. The easily adjustable material protection forms a bed for deceleration and deflection of the material to be crushed, thus reducing the direct charge of the main belt. Flexible applications Of course, the R1100DS is “duplexable” like its predecessor the R1100D. With Rockster’s patented DUPLEX

system, it can be converted in a few hours from an impact crusher to a jaw crusher. Therefore the machine utilization can be uniquely optimized by an almost unlimited application possibility. This provides operators with outstanding versatility to use the machine in a variety of different applications.

The main conveyor belt service device supports the band for maintenance.

PENN JERSEY MACHINERY LLC 120 Gordon Drive LIONVILLE, PA 19341 610-363-9200 Fax: 610-594-0829

61 County Line Rd. SOMERVILLE, NJ 08876 908-218-1919 Fax: 908-218-1959

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DUPLEX exchange from impact to jaw crusher.

www. wastehandling .com

160 Warren Avenue WESTBROOK, ME 04092 207-854-8411 BANGOR, ME 207-942-4838

CARIBOU, ME 207-498-2547 CONCORD, NH 603-224-4063 CHELMSFORD, MA 978-256-9571

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FERTILIZER Compost Mixer Wanted, 3 to 10 ton, preferrably in working condition. 585-526-5954



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Recycling Equipment

Recycling Equipment

STACKERS FOR SALE 30”x80’ Self-contained Diesel Radial Stacker 30”x80’ Radial, Portable Electric Stacker


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Wood Waste Recycling

Wood Waste Recycling

2009 DOPPSTADT 3060 Slow Speed Model DW3060K Serial #070 2483.9 Hours

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April 2014 • 25

KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA to display crawler excavators and new demolition equipment line KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA’s 2014 ConExpo Exhibit, located in Silver Lot Booth No. 4408, will offer show attendees an equal amount of product information and fun, including a first glimpse of

the company’s all new line of demolition equipment and its SK55SRx model crawler excavator. The company’s 2014 exhibit serves as KOBELCO’s homecoming to ConExpo as an independent brand.

Products on display will include 14 of KOBELCO’s crawler excavator models, starting with their compact short radius models up to their production sized SK500 model, plus three all new demolition machines and

six products from HINO, a partner manufacturer who supplies engines to KOBELCO. “While showcasing equipment is of course our primary reason for exhibiting at the show, it’s also important to us to reestablish the

SK55SRx crawler excavator. brand as a market leader in North America,” states Ron Hargrave, vice president of operations for KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA. “There’s been a lot of discussion about KOBELCO in the marketplace this year. We’ve signed over 50 dealers since April 2013, opened a temporary U.S. headquarters, broke ground on a new U.S. headquarters, exceeded our year one sales goals and put the plans in motion for a U.S. based manufacturing facility. For a company that manufactures products that crawl, we’ve sure hit the ground running. ConExpo provides us the opportunity to share all these positive developments with KOBELCO’s international customer base.” The celebratory atmosphere in the exhibit will provide booth visitors the opportunity to compete in a number of traditional and high tech games and serve as a place to kick back and relax, while delivering ample time to kick the tires and get into the operator seats of a wide range of KOBELCO excavators. Entertainment will be provided by Ben Jackson, an award winning magician, as well

as through 3D and interactive content displayed on an expansive video monitor. KOBELCO’s booth is a must visit destination at ConExpo 2014. Visit for more information about KOBELCO products and their forthcoming exhibit or stop by Silver Lot Booth No. 4408 during the show. KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA is dedicated to producing a full range of crawler excavators in the 3,000 to 184,000-pound classes for the rental, landscape, construction, aggregate, road building, material handling, site preparation, recycling and ancillary markets, including zero tail swing, standard, long reach and compact models. KOBELCO is well known worldwide as excavator perfectionists for its steadfast focus on improving and enhancing its singular line of products. KOBELCO machines are well regarded for their advanced technologies, including an innovative noise and dust reduction system, advanced hydraulic circuitry for reduction of pressure loss and superior fuel efficiency.

26 • April 2014


RAYCO new T260 self-propelled stump cutter New from RAYCO is the T260 self-propelled stump cutter. The T260 is

a compact powerhouse for high production stump removal. Easy to

transport from one job to the next, the T260 weighs just 22,500-pounds and

has an overall width of 93-inches. A 260 hp Cummins QSB6.7 turbo

diesel powers the T260 and it travels on a heavy duty steel track undercarriage with two speed final drives. The operator friendly cabin is fully sealed and climate controlled with A/C, heat, LCD control panel, joystick controls, and a heated suspension seat. The T260 utilizes a 40inch diameter by 3-inch thick cutter wheel with 36 Monster Tooth cutter

tools to power its way through stumps. Cutting dimensions allow for 108inch cutting width, 40inch cutting depth, and 59-inch cutting height without repositioning. The cab tilts for easy access to critical hydraulic components. For more information on this, or any other RAYCO, call 800392-2686 or visit us online at .

A 260 hp Cummins QSB6.7 turbo diesel powers the T260 and it travels on a heavy duty steel track undercarriage with two speed final drives.


April 2014 • 27

28 • April 2014


WHEN East April 2014  

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