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: Nortel 920-115


: Communication Server 2100 SE08/SE09 Support Specialist

Version : R6.1  

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1. A customer has just installed a CS 2100 solution, but they do not understand the function of the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP). For which purpose is the RTP used within a CS 2100 solution? A. to transport time sensitive data streams B. to provide translations and routing for an IP network C. to transport data over a Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) network D. to translate Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) data streams before routing Answer: A 2. A customer is planning to install a Greenfield CS 2100 Compact Server solution. Which required hardware component for the Call Agent component is necessary for this deployment? A. a Mediatrix 1124 B. a STORM SAM-XTS server unit C. an AudioCodes Mediant Gateway D. a Mototola MCPN Single Board Computer (SBC) Answer: D 3. Which client manager does the Succession Element and Sub-element Management 7 (SESM) /CS2100 Management Tools system support? A. DSP Manager B. STORM Manager C. OTM 2.2 Interface D. SAM21 Element Manager Answer: D 4. Which slots on the front and rear of the SAM21 shelf provisioned with a CS 2100 Compact have predefined purposes? A. front slots 7, 8, 9, 10; rear slots 15, 16 B. front slots 7, 8, 9, 10; rear slots 7, 8, 9, 10 C. front slots 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16; rear slots 7, 8, 9, 10 D. front slots 7, 8, 9, 10; rear slots 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 Answer: D 5. Once a new call path has been established between two separate Integraged Access Devices (IADs), which logical path will all voice packets follow? A. IAD, IP network, IAD B. IAD, IP network, CS LAN, IP network, IAD C. IAD, IP network, CS LAN, GWC, CS LAN, GWC, IP network, IAD D. IAD, IP network, CS LAN, GWC, GWC, CS, LAN, IP network, IAD Answer: A  

6. A customer is installing a CS 2100 and wants to insure they are installing the cards properly. Which three cards are minimally required on CS 2100 SAM21 shelves? (Choose three.) A. bridge cards B. gateway modules C. transition modules D. Gateway Controller (GWC) cards E. hot swappable controller system cards Answer: ACE 7. A customer needs to apply a patch for a CS 2100 Compact Server. From a Network Patch Manager (NPM) interface, which window provides this functionality? A. Files window B. Status window C. Applications window D. Maintenance window Answer: D 8. A customer needs to access the Application Launch Point for the SAM21 Element Manager. When launching a web browser to the following link: http://<host>, what should be input for <host>? A. the SAM21 Network Element B. the IP address of the Mate Controller C. the IP address of the SAM21 Element Manager D. the name or IP address of the CS 2000 Management Tools Server Answer: D 9. The shelf controller card in slot 7 is currently active, yet it requires routine diagnostics to be performed. How do you run the diagnostic routine? A. Lock shelf card 7, run diagnostics. B. Unlock Shelf card 7, run diagnostics. C. SWACT, lock shelf card 7, run diagnostics. D. SWACT, unlock shelf card 7, run diagnostics. Answer: C 10. Which tool is required for the Product Computing Module Load (PCL) patching in a CS 2100 Compact Server? A. FTP Client B. Call Agent Manager C. Patch Download Utility D. Post Release Software Manager (PRSM)  

Answer: D 11. The H.248 protocol is used for communication between which two components of a CS 2100 solution? A. IAD and GWC B. MG 3500 and GWC C. Call Agent and GWC D. IP client and MS 2010 Answer: B 12. From which path does a new Integrated Access Device (IAD) call request follow towards the Call Agent? A. IAD, IP network, GWC, Call Agent B. IAD, IP network, CS LAN, Call Agent C. IAD, IP network GWC, CS LAN, Call Agent D. IAD, IP network, CS LAN, GWC, CS LAN, Call Agent Answer: D 13. A customer is testing a Call Agent card in a SAM21 shelf. What is the main difference between BRIEF and FULL diagnostics? A. With BRIEF testing, only the serial connection is tested. B. With FULL testing, additional memory elements are tested. C. With FULL testing, Network Devices on the card are tested. D. With BRIEF testing, only the Real Time Clock (RTC) is tested. Answer: B 14. When replacing a SAM21 Shelf Controller, the new Shelf Controller will auto-provision. What must be changed manually using the SAM21 Element Manager? A. the IP address of the physical Shelf Controller card B. the directory path, relative to the SDM, where the software load is stored C. the Physical Media Access Control (MAC) address of the Shelf Controller card D. the IP address of the SDM that contains the Shelf Controller and application card software loads Answer: C 15. There are two tables in the call processing application that require datafill, before the components in the LAN can communicate with the Call Agent. One of the tables is Table IPHOST. What is the other table? A. Table IPINV B. Table NETINV C. Table SERVRINV D. Table IPNETWRK Answer: D  

16. A customer with a CS 2100 Compact Server wants to control the state of Call Agents. Which additional sub-level, from the Core Maintenance (COREMTC) sub-level, is required for this operation? A. System (SYS) B. Application (APPL) C. Connectivity (CON) D. Call Agent Maintenance (CAMTC) Answer: D 17. Due to a maintenance problem, a technician is required to switch activity from the active Shelf Controller to the standby unit. From which Shelf Controller should the SWACT command be issued? A. either Shelf Controller B. the active Shelf Controller C. the standby Shelf Controller D. the inactive Shelf Controller Answer: B 18. Which database technology is used to store event and inventory data on the IEMS servers? A. Oracle B. MySQL C. Microsoft MSSQL D. Microsoft ACCESS Answer: A 19. A customer has just installed a CS 2100 solution. They need to verify the current installation to determine if certain functionality can be supported. Which command is used at the Call Agent Manager to verify the current release of platform (non-call processing) software? A. Qryv B. Qryld C. Version D. Imagename Answer: B 20. A customer needs to conduct database audits. They want to schedule these audits to occur on a regular basis. Which two database audits are available to be performed on a scheduled basis? (Choose two.) A. APS Audit B. IEMS Audit C. Trunk Audit D. CS 2100 Data Audit Answer: CD  

21. A technician has been notified of a requirement to patch the Call Agent call processing application software. Due to business requirements, this will be an in-service patch. Which tool would be selected to complete the in-service patch? A. Gateway Controller B. Network Patch Manager C. Post Release Software Manager D. CS2100-Compact Call Agent Manager Answer: C 22. A customer needs to backup their database by a telnet session to its associated Sun server or cluster. Which three systems can be backed up or restored in this manner? (Choose three.) A. Gateway Controller (GWC) B. Core Billing Manager (CBM) C. Universal Audio Server (UAS) D. Audio Provisioning Server (APS) E. Integrated Element Management System (IEMS) Answer: BDE 23. A technician has been tasked with upgrading card firmware and software for various components of the Sam21 shelf. Which component should be chosen to complete this task? A. Integrated EMS B. Shelf Controller C. Gateway Controller D. SAM21 Element Manager Answer: D 24. A technician has been requested to perform a maintenance release upgrade. Which two methods can be used to deliver the software? (Choose two.) A. CDROM B. electronic transfer C. electronic dropbox D. Regional Patch Selector Answer: AB 25. A maintenance technician has been directed to configure scheduled instances of all available CS 2100 database audits and data synchronization. Which statement about how the audit schedule should be configured is true? A. No more than one audit should be run per day. B. All audits should be configured to run on different days.  

C. It is recommended to run all available audits simultaneously. D. The audit schedule should be configured to run consecutively. Answer: D 26. A customer is planning to install a Greenfield CS 2100 Compact Server solution. Which required hardware component delivers conferencing services in this deployment? A. a Mediatrix 1124 B. an AudioCodes Mediant Gateway C. an Audio Provisioning Server (APS) D. an AudioCodes Media Server (AMS) 2010 Answer: D 27. A law enforcement agency needs to have recorded announcements, conferencing, and lawful intercept service for a CS 2100 solution. This requires two components, one of which is a AudioCodes Media Server (AMS) 2010. In addition to the AMS, which component is also required to provide the recorded announcement feature? A. IP Client Manager (IPCM) B. Packet Voice Gateway (PVG) C. Audio Provisioning Server (APS) D. Mediatrix Analog Station Gateway (ASG) Answer: C 28. A customer has installed a CS 2100 solution to provide mirroring of their data. On which CS 2100 component is RAID-1 mirroring used for data redundancy? A. Call Agents B. Storm servers C. Gateway Controllers D. Media Gateway 9000 Answer: B 29. In a CS 2100 solution, what is the purpose of providing Diffserv capabilities within the Ethernet Routing Switch 8600s? A. It is used to filter out CS 2100 applications-related traffic. B. It is used to filter out Internet-related traffic, such as HTTP, FTP, etc. C. It is used to filter all but the call-related traffic, preventing any QoS issue. D. It is used to prioritize specific types of traffic, ensuring that they receive the appropriate QoS level. Answer: D 30. A customer recently installed CS 2100, with a geographic solution in place between two buildings. Which component is required at both locations?  

A. IW SPM B. AMS 2010 C. CS Core Manager D. Service Application Module 21 Answer: D 31. Given the following information: The entire CS 2100 solution is based on a TCP/IP network. All major components of the network are connected to the Communication Server Local Area Network (CS LAN) via Ethernet Routing Switch 8600s. What are the minimum amount of Ethernet Routing Switch 8600s that are required in this CS 2100 solution? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 Answer: B 32. A customer recently installed CS 2100, with a geographic solution in place. With a geographic solution, the call servers are located in different locations. With respect to the gateway controllers, which consideration must be taken into account? A. The Gateway Controllers must be separated by a firewall. B. Each unit of the Gateway Controller pairs must be in separate locations. C. The Gateway Controller must be located within 300 meters of the Call servers. D. The Gateway Controllers must be located no more than 120 Kilometers from the call servers. Answer: B 33. Nortel recommends an IP addressing scheme for Call Agent and other call processing nodes in the CS LAN. How should the nodes in a CS 2100 Compact Server solution be provisioned? A. in a predetermined Class A address network B. in a private call processing subnet of the CS LAN C. each node in its own special subnet of the CS LAN D. in the widely known IP address range of 192.168.0.x Answer: B 34. A customer has installed a CS 2100 solution. They have two Ethernet Routing Switch 8600s also installed in their system. Which purpose are two redundant Ethernet Routing Switch 8600s used for in a CS 2100 solution? A. They are used as the CS LAN.  

B. They are used as gateway modules. C. They are used as a primary interface to the PSTN. D. They are used as message controllers to convert ATM traffic to IP. Answer: A 35. The CS 2100 Compact uses redundancy at several levels to reduce data loss in the event of a fault. The STORM server units store data on internal disk drives using specific drive configurations. What is the drive configuration called? A. Dual Drive Sets B. RAID-5 72GB drives C. Redundant 72GB drives D. RAID-1 dual 72GB drives Answer: D 36. A customer has several components in their system; however, some components are not communicating. Which three are verified by the ping command? (Choose 3.) A. Routing is working properly. B. How long it takes to get a response back. C. IP address exists and can accept Telnet requests. D. The host computer you are trying to reach is actually working. E. The hops between the source host and the destination host have been recorded. Answer: ABD 37. A specific procedure must be followed to configure a query for Lines in a trouble state. Which CS 2000 Management Tool is used to perform this task? A. Network Patch Manager (NPM) B. QoS Collector Application (QCA) C. Line Maintenance Manager (LMM) D. Succession Server Platform Foundation Software (SSPFS) Answer: C 38. A customer has several offices spread across the country. All communications are down between two of remote offices. To begin gathering information about the problem, which layer of the OSI model should be checked first? A. Session Layer B. Network Layer C. Physical Layer D. Application Layer Answer: C  

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