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Wedding MR& MRS, JUNE 1ST 2013


Love Story



The Wonderful Union Of

Prina Bhavjeet




Prina& Bhavjeet Vaid 04 The Love Story


Our Union

16 Traditional Ceremony



Cutting The Cake

The Party

ur O Love Story They say we spend up to 70% of our lives in the work place, how fortunate for this couple then, that they found love...


igh onwell Anthony and and Nicole’s more matched list of enjoyable wedding happier couple you couldn’t related included wish to activities meet, similar sensetheir engagement photoshoot with of humour and outlook on life,Dottie this Photography, “Theyinreally did Just a great was a match made heaven. job ofdid putting us at easebegin? and helping us how the love story to relax natural “We metsoatour work, I wascharacters Bhav’s hostcould be conveyed to film. It’sday always on his final assessment and ita bit nervethen wracking shoot, and was that hedoing knewa Iphoto was “the we didn’t tonot come across as two One”. Hiswant words mine... After corny star-crossed lovers, wedrinks, wanted our an exchange of emails, a few to of reflect our true personalities.” ashoot couple breakfast deliveries and So whilst loved-up,hethey alsomanaged wanted some chocolates, finally remain clued-up, with their to persuade me to let him takesession me demonstrating therest depth their shared on a date and the wasofhistory.” experience as well as their quirky, playful sides. Their fun personalities and willing sacrifice for “their vision”were captured in abundance.

ighWhen on Anthony and Nicole’s of and where waslist your enjoyable wedding related activities first date, who asked the included engagement photoshoot othertheir out? with Dottie Photography, “They PRINA: “Our first date was thisreally didrestaurant a great job of putting ease called Pho. I us wasatdreading and helping us tohad relax so our natural it as I’d never Vietnamese food characters could be conveyed to film. before. I am a super fussy eater (and It’ssuper always a bitand nerve wracking doing a slow) didn’t want Bhav photo shoot, andsome we didn’t want to come to think I was kind of weirdo across twodripping corny star-crossed lovers, with as soup off my chin. Bhav wehowever wanted was our shoot to reflect our very sweet, he helped true So perfect whilst loved-up, mepersonalities.” tailor something from they wanted to down remainhis clued-up, thealso menu, slowed pace of with theirand session demonstrating eating needless to say, therethe was depth of their shared experience as well a second date.” as their quirky, playful sides. Their fun personalities and willing sacrifice for “their vision”were captured in abundance.

igh on Anthony and Nicole’s list of What appealed to you about enjoyable eachwedding other? related activities included their engagement photoshoot BHAV: “I loved her great personality withand Dottie really her Photography, smile. Prina is“They the kindest did aindividual great jobthat of putting us atwish easeto you’d ever and helping us she to relax so our meet and just gets my natural sense of characters could be conveyed humour. Sometimes we’ll to be film. laughing It’s always nerve wracking doing a away ata bit something that other people photo shoot, and we didn’t to come probably wouldn’t evenwant chuckle across as two corny star-crossed lovers, at but when we’re together the we wanted our shoot to reflect time just goes so fast, and weour really trueappreciate personalities.” Soeach whilst loved-up, finding other at such theyaalso wanted clued-up, special timeto in remain our lives. I’m so withhappy their session that thisdemonstrating is the womanthe I’ll be depth of theirmy shared experience as well spending life with.” as their quirky, playful sides. Their fun personalities and willing sacrifice for “their vision”were captured in abundance. | June 01 2013


Boy Girl Meets

From dreams of meeting her Bollywood Prince, this Princess always knew she would meet someone special. Bhav brought these dreams to life, in technicolour!


rina: I was born in Perivale and I grew up with one older sister in Southall, London. We fought a lot as little kids but eventually became partners in crime and are now really good friends. I was a geeky yet creative child, interested mainly in maths and art and all things Bollywood. I was so creative in fact, I would often try and recreate many of the works from Art Attack which my parents would then discreetly throw away. When I grew up I wanted to be an Astronaut! That dream slowly fizzled away, and then I decided I wanted to be an Accountant (I told you I was a geek) but instead I upgraded for the glamorous life of a Tax Advisor instead. I had an idea that the person I’d like to marry would be a romantic Bollywood superstar, waiting to serenade me with lots of songs and an occasional dance number.... Then I met Bhav, he ticked most of the

boxes and was a very sweet and charming guy too. I studied Economics at UCL and my hobbies were dancing and discovering lots of new foods (including beans on toast...). Those three years were definitely some of the best years of my life and I met some incredible people along the way, who I’m still fortunate enough to call my best friends.

Bhav: I was born in London and grew up with one brother and a sister in Harrow. I was an active child, interested in playing football. When I grew up I wanted to be a footballer, David Beckham was my idol. 
I had an idea that the person I’d like to marry would be kind beautiful and funny (just like Prina!)
 I studied at university, an English degree and political philosophy at MA level, and my hobbies are photography, football and seeing new places.

B 4 Px

She Said Yes! A true romantic at heart, just how did this man ask this woman to be his wife? A clue...the Ritz...shhh!


e are both tea lovers and Bhav very finely picked an opportune moment to surprise me by proposing at afternoon tea in the Ritz. Whilst in the most spectacular tea room, serenaded by a beautiful pianist, I sat sipping my tea, eating the most delicious scones followed by reading a handcrafted story book of our love story.


As I finished the last page with a tear in my eye, Bhav was kneeling on one knee in front of me. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment! It was so romantic, and I just knew that this was the man I wanted to marry and spend the rest of my life with. He’s truly my soulmate. - Prina

The chance to take romantic pictures around scenic leafy parts of London was an opportunity not to be missed

Bhavjeet and Prina enjoyed a beautiful fun filled pre-wedding engagement shoot which really showed off their dynamic personalities

“It took us a long time to sift through all our images as there were so many great snaps from the days to choose from. This made it really hard to narrow them down for our album, but we got there in the end.When we got our final album printed through, we were both extremely impressed with the quality of it, and we couldn’t be any happier with how it looked.” -Prina Vaid, Bride


A life less


H “When I first met Bhav and

igh on Anthony and Nicole’s list of enjoyable wedding related activities included their engagement photoshoot with Dottie Photography, “They really did a great job of putting us at ease and helping us to relax so our natural characters could be conveyed to film. It’s always a bit nerve wracking doing a photo shoot, and we didn’t want to come across as two corny star-crossed lovers, we wanted our shoot to reflect our true personalities.” So whilst loved-up, they also wanted to remain clued-up, with their session demonstrating the depth of their shared experience as well as their quirky, playful sides. Their fun personalities and willing sacrifice for “their vision”were captured in abundance.

Prina I was amazed at their connection and intuitive understanding of each other. They were most definitely a couple in love and a pleasure to work with. Being a part of their three “big days” was wonderful as you could really feel the love for this couple in the room and all the kind wishes of their families and friends.”

-Neil Horne, Eye Imagine Photography | June 01 2013

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Beauty the


Three celebrations, three outfits...globe trotting Prina knew exactly what she wanted and was even prepared to source a sari in an aptly named little town called Navsari...a bride will go to great lengths for perfection any self respecting bride-to-be A sknows, the bridal preparations


are an exciting start of the festivities, and often a chance for the bride to prepare surrounded by love. Tell us about your make-up and styling... “My make-up artist was Dil Matharu who I absolutely loved, and my husband even commented that I looked even more beautiful with every single event!” The bride has these following words of advice; “Ladies - do not compromise on how you look and feel on the day. At the wedding, people focus on the bride mainly, therefore make sure you feel comfortable and confident! It’s your day, ensure it’s as you want it.” June 01 2013 |

Describe your gown, including the material and any style details? “My main wedding outfit was a very traditional Gujarati outfit, consisting of white, red and green. The material was silk crepe and the jewel embroidery was all hand woven. I bought it from Gujarat, India, in a little town called Navsari. I can’t say it was the easiest find and there were lots of tears (and tantrums at time) but even when I saw it, I wasn’t convinced. However as soon as I tried it on and they draped the chundari (shawl) over my head, I felt like a princess and knew it was the one. My family welled up in tears as I wore it and I never looked back!”

Right; Prina waiting to enter the festivities. Thinking about what Bhavjeet must also be going through at that very moment, she was keen to meet her husband-to-be.


Waiting for my debut was nerve wracking. Seeing Bhav was the thing that kept me strong and gave me confidence.

� | June 01 2013



Left; Prina dressed to perfection for her next ceremony Right; Walking down the aisle to meet her beloved husband-to-be

I can't wait,

It's finally



She looks AMAZING...


- Bhav’s first thoughts upon seeing his bride walking towards him.


June 01 2013 |

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was walked down the aisle by my favourite aunt and uncle. As soon as they each held my hands to take me to the Mandap (where my parents were waiting to give me away), any nerves disappeared and I walked down with the biggest smile on my face to meet my husband to be!! The wedding was a religious ceremony performed by Rajubhai Pandya. He was very welcoming to both sets of families, and translated aspects of the ceremony in English to ensure that everyone understood what was happening, and the importance. The entire ceremony was very emotional and there were lots of tears and laughter along the way.

6 | June 01 2013



June 01 2013 |













e were keen for our photographer Neil igh on Anthony and ( Nicole’s list of enjoyable wedding to reflect thetheir vibrant colours related activities included engagement and traditions of both our photoshoot with Dottie Photography, “They really did a great job of As putting us at three ease and cultures. we had cerehelping us tomonies, relax so our natural there werecharacters more than could be conveyed to film. It’s always a bit enough opportunities to take nerve wracking doing a photo shoot, and we socome many stunning didn’t want to across as twoimages corny so we were fortunate! star-crossed lovers, we wanted our shoot to reflect ourWe true personalities.” So whilst really wanted the significant loved-up, theyelements also wanted to remain clued-up,to of the ceremonies with their session demonstrating the depth of be captured and preserved as their shared experience as well as their quirky, allpersonalities so special. and willing playful sides. they’re Their fun sacrifice for “their vision”were captured in abundance. We first met Neil at a wedding

fair and absolutely loved his

igh on Anthony and Nicole’s list of enjoyable work. Although we looked at wedding related activities included their a few photographers, engagement photoshoot with Dottie we knew we wanted withjob Neil Photography, “They reallyto didgo a great of - and putting us at after ease and us to relaxatsohis we helping met him again our natural characters be conveyed to his studio tocould see some more of film. It’s always a bit nerve wracking doing work, we booked him! a photo shoot, and we didn’t want to come made us feel very confident, across as twoHe corny star-crossed lovers, and used his years of experience we wanted our shoot to reflect our true personalities.” whilst loved-up, to So calm and nervesthey we also may wanted to remain withday(s). their session have clued-up, had on the He is demonstrating the depth of their shared also really funny and charmed experience as well as their quirky, playful sides.

many of our guests. So much so, that quite a few friends have booked him since! | June 01 2013


Party People 20

June 01 2013 |


his couple certainly don’t do things by halves. From three dresses and three ceremonies to the entertainment booked for their wedding day(s!) extravaganza. “My friends surprised us with a video about us - which was amazing and Bhav’s family also surprised us with a hilarious song and dance performance of “Bhav and Prina style” in the tune of Gangnam Style! We also had Shiv Gopal in attendance who is a wedding DJ, specialising in playing background music whilst the ceremony is conducted. Shiv was personally one of my favourite aspects of the wedding, his music was phenomenal and perfectly timed. We didn’t have a wedding band as that’s not really our style but we found fabulous DJs, and we also had a special dhol (Indian drums) performance which lasted around 15 minutes. The DJs were great, and made sure they played all of our favourite songs, so we couldn’t have been happier with the entertainment! We had quite few speeches - the best men, my friends, my Dad and of course, the groom. They were all a combination of funny, emotionfilled and thoughtful - and I definitely shed a tear on more than one occasion. I couldn’t have wished for a better celebration.” | June 01 2013


T T 22

June 01 2013 |

♥ ♥


“As someone with a sweet tooth, I couldn’t resist having a sweet table at the wedding, so that everyone could take a little piece of sweetness home with them. Obviously I am biased, but it was one of the best sweet tables I’ve visited, probably because it had all of my childhood favourites!”


“There was no theme for our wedding as such, however we were fortunate enough to have an outdoor Indian wedding, which we kept quite earthy and clean. Our Mandap (essentially a four pillar structure) was carved from wood, decorated with fresh flowers and drapes, all courtesy of Wed in Style.�


How He

Loves Her A few years have passed and Bhavjeet still adores his bride Prina, the lady that to this day is still his Princess. Just where do you take royalty on honeymoon?


June 01 2013 |


efinitely a little social butterfly and a little actress, Amber is the keen thespian. When ur honeymoon wasshe Daddy goes away, slightly longermy than says “I miss Daddy and then does a most -so wemuch” went away to Central littleAmerica sniff andfor wipes and South sevenaway imaginary tears. She will weeks - starting off with a week always tell Kyle and Dad in a luxury resortare in handsome, Mexico, that they working through Be-look andour to way Rachelle? “You beautiful”.Honduras, She’ll forever lize, Guatemala, Nictalk about things, aragua, Costa Ricabeautiful and ending and LOVES make up and with doing the Inca Trail and nail polish. One day she seeingdecided the absolutely incredible to have some fun Machuand Picchu in Peru, dressed poor(which Kyle and did hisreally make-up. my husband wanted


to see!). We were fortunate enough to have been able to get time off work to do this - and I only wish that we could have gone for longer!

Our first dance was to “Lucky” by Jason Mraz. | June 01 2013


-Prina always ensures her nails are in tip top shape, and treated herself to a gorgeous deep red for her wedding day(s) celebrations

A stylish Mont Blanc pen for Bhav, which the couple first used to register their marriage

Cute little “two peas in in a pod” salt and pepper shakers for when the happle couple moved into their house Russell and Bromley kitten heel shoes to dance the night away


A beautiful platinum diamond eternity ring from Prina’s sister

surprise It’s play time! Here’s a list of the Vaid’s favourite gifts. From engagement presents to personal love tokens, the Vaid’s nearest and dearest have presented the couple with some of their favourite things!

Bhav surprised Prina with a Michael Kors handbag when he came back from a holiday to Vegas in the lead up to the wedding

A colourful mug set from Prina’s best friend, which is used every morning for an enjoyable cuppa tea.

Prina surprised Bhav with tickets to Rome for their ‘mini moon’ as a wedding present which is his favourite place in the world


June 01 2013 |



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All Photography by Neil Horne courtesy of Eye Imagine Photography 07970 757 506 CAPTURE THE GREATEST LOVE STORY NEVER TOLD...Yours Your personalised album in the style of a luxury magazine

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