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October 17th 2016 | October 17th 2016



Spring | | October 17th 2016



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EDITOR Krystle Downie CREATIVE DIRECTOR Pauline Downie PHOTOGRAPHERS Daniel Khalid Ryo Yoshihara Pauline Downie SENIOR COPYWRITER Mia Lane CONTACT | October 17th 2016


e h t t Ge

k o Lo A

firm advocate of simple yet chic styling, Lili opted for a natural look to off set her extravagantly detailed dress. Selecting palettes of warm caramel, gold and dusky rose hues, qualified make-up artist Lili was keen to undertake her own make-up in order to get it just right. Flawless skin and defined eyes were her preferred look and to achieve this, the preparation began in earnest prior to the big day. Lili reveals her secrets: “My best piece of advice is to take care of your skin. Invest in a good cleanser, moisturiser and toner and use these religiously.� Left: A straw cowgirl hat and Victoriana inspired lace boots with front cut aways and ivory ribbon ties Bottom Left: Caramel, dusty rose and autumnal tones completed Lili’s classic look


Spring |

“It’s really worth the expense as a good ‘base canvas’ means lighter coverage makeup can be applied and it won’t look ‘cakey’ as it wears throughout the day. Make sure you clean your make-up brushes so they are fresh to use, as this really makes all the difference to how your make-up applies. Decide on your look in advance. If you are doing your own make-up, practice it over and over until it’s second nature, as it’s then much less stress on the day. Finally, invest in a good make-up setting spray, as then there’ll be no need to keep constantly reapplying.” Having been a fan of chic, short hairstyles, it was only natural for Lili to choose a textured pixie crop for her big day. To inject another element of stylish sophistication, a bejewelled fauna and flora pearl head piece was added to really set the style off. Delicate pearl and diamante drop earrings and a pearl and diamante encrusted silver bracelet in a unique floral design matched the exquisite head dress. For the ceremony, the bride wore cream Victoriana inspired ankle boots by Harriet Wilde in a vintage style lace. True to form, for the evening, Lili’s fun personality came out and in a nod to her western theme she wore her tan cowboy boots! Holding a special significance, they were actually the boots Lili wore on her very first date with Richard, so each step in them set off new treasured memories to cherish.




With a bridal party consisting of all of her nearest and dearest, Lili wanted the experience for her ladies to be as memorable as possible and was keen to ensure that they all felt FABULOUS!

12 October 17th 2016 |


very bride wants her bridesmaids to look and feel fabulous on their big day. For Lili, choosing dresses which were flattering yet stylish for each body type was paramount. For this reason, Lili selected blush pink multi-way dresses to be worn in the style of each of her ladies choosing. A floral pin and funky cowboy-inspired boots completed the look. The Flower Girls were Richard’s nieces Sophia and Skyela Huntington. Their lace dresses by Monsoon echoed the vintage lace featured on the bride’s dress, with a light pink underlay featuring coral floral embroidery.

With my girls by my side: Lili couldn’t imagine embarking on this adventure without the support of her cherished friends and bridesmaids Amanda Page (Maid of Honour), Fay Lofts (Groom’s Sister), Louise Bates (Groom’s Sister), Daniella Murphy and Maizie Gordon, (Richard’s nieces), Louise Ody, Kezia Chivers, Anouska Driskel, Jemma Cummins, and Lynsey Ivin Huntington (Richard’s nieces) | October 17th 2016





y oldest friend is Anouska, we met at TOYT’s theatre drama classes and always ended up being paired together as we had the same surname but spelt differently. We have been friends ever since, and she is the kindest person I know. I was fortunate enough to meet my Maid of Honour Amanda through work. We clicked instantly and have been causing untold amounts of trouble ever since! I don’t know what I’d do without her, we are inseparable and have a shared love of Karaoke and dancing. We often get asked if we are sisters and I really do think of her as such. Jemma, I met through work and it was a similar scenario; we just clicked instantly. We think in the exact same way and have the same silly sense of humour. Louise Ody and I also met at work, in fact I was actually her supervisor. We found we had loads in common and got talking from there. We have been on so many girly holidays together, including the most memorable holiday to China and Japan, that it feels odd whenever I go away without her! I was actually going to move in with her but meeting Richard changed all that. Kezia and I met via a friend from the gym and she always gives the best advice. Once we had the funniest experience making our own homemade hair removal sugar wax...long story short, we ended up sticking ourselves to her floor, we made such a mess! I actually work with her fiancé now who is a pest but lovely also. Lynsey and I met via a pole fitness class I went to with Amanda and we all got on so well we ended up going out most weekends together, in fact we still do! Don’t be fooled by Lynsey, she seems quiet when you first meet but once she gets going she’s such fun and so full of energy; we like going on fitness weekends also and have so many memories from them. Fay, Louise (Bates), Daniella, Maizie, Sophia and Skyelar I met via Rich and I am so happy that they are now my family. They accepted me instantly and we all get on really well. I love them all so much and I’m proud to call them family. Skyela’s nickname for me is Yiyi as she can’t pronounce it properly. It’s so cute.

14 October 17th 2016 |

16 October 17th 2016 |

A rose by any other name: The bride’s bouquet was composed of white, tan and dusky pink silk roses, with lace and diamante applique so that it could be preserved for memories. Lili also selected seasonal white roses for the venue decorations, as well as Three Vine Hearts | October 17th 2016


She wears it well: “THE DRESS” was a beautiful piece called Abigail from the Private Label by G. A lace beaded mermaid gown embellished with sequins, pearls and diamante jewels, it was perfectly fitted to enthasise Lili’s trim silhouette. Beloved as soon as she first slipped into it, this piece was sure to accentuate her best assets and hourglass figure

18 October 17th 2016 |


y only bridal dress appointment was booked at Isabella Grace Bridal, with my Mum, Sister-in-law Louise Bates and Maid of Honour Amanda in attendance. I was really excited to experience this part of the planning process and I was assisted by Angela who was brilliant fun and great at her job. She was the one who actually found the dress. So after giving Angela an idea of what I was looking for, we were ‘let loose’ on the store to pick dresses that we liked the look of. We seriously were like kids in a sweet shop! However, just before I went to try them on, she rushed out the back to collect a dress she said she could see me wearing that would be perfect for my pale complexion, dark hair and body shape. It also had everything I was looking for, it was an absolutely gorgeous full length, off white, lace gown with pink/gold underlay and a long train. Featuring beautiful detailing around the bust, the delicate shoulders are made up of pearls and crystals and the laced detailing leading to the corseted back is incredible and well…she was right! I fell in love with it on the hanger there and then. Although when she asked if I’d like to try it on first I said no, replying that I was sure it was ‘the one’ but if I tried it on first, I wouldn’t try on any others and I wanted to be sure and try on at least one Disney princess poofy style ball gown! I tried on two dresses out of the six and just couldn’t wait any longer. As soon as I stepped into it, I truly felt the most beautiful I ever had in my life, it fit perfectly and was definitely ‘The One.’ I cried, my Mum cried and the girls were so excited. We all celebrated with a glass (or two) of champagne. Angela really knew what she was doing and throughout the whole experience I felt special and treated like a princess from beginning to end, I cannot thank them enough. I was so lucky to find the dress on my very first try. They gave me a rose scented candle which matched the fragrance of the shop and whenever I use it at home, I am immediately transported back to that really happy, positive experience. When I went for my adjustment fittings at Miss Kay’s Seamstress (opposite the shop) I was treated just the same way, and luckily my dress only needed a slight adjustment around the shoulders. So there you have it, another match made in heaven!

With all the lights and decorations up. We both thought the venue looked amazing! - R ichard

Hats off Partner Just why did this creative couple select this unique venue for their western themed bonanza? Read on to find out more...


ooling Castle Barns was the perfect venue choice for the couple’s western theme. The rustic barn was transformed by the team as well as Richard’s fair hands and looked utterly authentic; western saloon meets swanky Moulin Rouge style lighting. Despite the notoriously macho western theme, Lili and Richard also wanted to inject a touch of femininity to represent an alternative, romantic side to the occasion. These were represented in the soft furnishings, an example being the thoughtfully selected ruffled dusky pink chair coverings of the venue. Lili explains further: “We wanted muted, natural, complimentary tones of tan, pink, brown and gold to suit the western theme, which also complimented the bridesmaid’s dresses and chair covers.” Particularly attractive architectural features that enticed the couple to choose the Barn included the circular turrets, wooden beams and stunning staircases.

20 October 17th 2016 |

VENUE | October 17th 2016


Slicker than your average: Sporting dark blue suits, trousers, jackets and waistcoats the boys were ready to roll. Finishing the look were crisp white shirts, western string neck ties and belts chosen by Richard for each of his groomsman. Both Best Men also wore matching Stetson hats

e r e H e h t e m o c

. . . s y Bo


Spring |


g f a O B s k c i Tr


The Mod Squad... Having two Best Men was a no-brainer for our groom Richard. The Sheriff needed two Deputies, and there were no better partners in crime than the two Steves


ong time buddies Steve Roles, Steve Rule, Dave White, and Lily’s brother Thomas Driscoll were on hand to support the groom and they played their roles well. Dressed in all black, Johnny Cash style with western themed Stetsons and leather boots, the men had a great time accessorising to fit in with the cowboy theme. Steve Roles is a school friend that Richard has known for 22 years and Steve Rule a friend he’d met whilst working in the police force. They hit it off immediately as they realised they shared a lot of common interests. Richard has gotten closer to groomsman Thomas and was delighted to have him in his squad. Richard shares more: “Thomas is Lili’s brother and we get on well with each other which I’m glad about. I’m happy that I get on with her family so well and I really wanted to involve Thomas in our wedding day.”

e r a s y o B The

n w o t n i k ac



ere Rich shares more about these special guys: “I’ve known Steve Roles for over two decades! We met in year nine of school at Axton Chase secondar y school in Longfield. We’ve always got on really well and I consider him one of my best friends. He has a ver y similar sense of humour to me and we have a good laugh when we’re together, and he is always there if times get tough. I knew straight away that I wanted both Steves to be Best Men at my wedding, so I couldn’t have just one Best Man!

26 October 17th 2016 |


met Steve Rule when I joined the Metropolitan Police in 2003. We seemed to hit it off straight away with a mutual interest in custom computers. However we soon found out we had a lot more in common, we we both enjoy photography and go to the Royal International Air Tattoo ever y year to get photos done. I’ve been in some sticky situations with Steve whilst working for the police and I know I can always count on him. It’s always great to have somone like that in your corner.” So there you have it, welcome to The Squad. | October 17th 2016



d a D

30 October 17th 2016 |

Far left: An emotional Lili is escorted down the aisle by her first main man, father Andrew Driscoll Left: Lili’s father and brother Thomas plant a smacker on First Lady, Jane Driscoll

So where do i begin ‌ It seems like only yesterday that I was chasing Lili around the front room in a vain attempt to change her nappy. When I was finally successful and pinned her down, without fail she would take great pleasure in weeing all over me, giggle and was off again. As chapter one ends, so another begins in their journey together as Mr and Mrs Lofts. Today my daughter stands before me, all grown up and very beautiful. She is radiant in her stunning dress and in every way looks the queen of this castle.| Spring 2013


he bridal party entered the romantically adorned ceremonial area where Richard and his groomsmen were waiting. As Lilian and her ladies entered to How Does She Know from Disney’s Enchanted, each bridesmaid walked with a framed picture of the couple. Afterwards, a mix of instrumental Disney songs played during the signing of the registry.


Tohave and to hold

Two became one: The beaming couple walked in separately and exited together, united as husband and wife. They happily exchanged rings in front of emotional family and friends

R ichard,

I promise to always make your cup of tea exactly how you like it... And to keep the fridge stocked with Rola Cola.

I promise to embrace the camera and the fact you really do love technology. -Lili’s Promise Lili,

I promise to embrace your inner crazy cat lady. I’ll always do my best to ensure there is wine in the house...

And accept that you can never have too many shoes. -Rich’s Promise | October 17th 2016



Spring |

t s Ju

d e i r r a M | OctoberSpring 17th 2016| 2013


Ok, it’s official: Lili and Richard sign their first signatures as husband and wife. Right: The couple were delighted that friends old and new were able to join them at such an intimate, happy time

y l r a De

d e v o l e B


36 October 17th 2016 |

hilst a fan of the fun and quirky, Lilian has an extremely sentimental side which emerged at various points throughout the day, particularly during the ceremony. Lilian explains further: “My top memory of my day, and I have two, is when Rich and I read our personal vows to one another. I could really see the love in his eyes and it meant a lot that they were personal to us. The second was walking into the dining room after the ceremony and seeing how well all of our little special touches had come together. We’d created our own little western-inspired world! My eyes lit up as bright as our initialled letters above the stairs and I nearly cried again. It was all so incredibly beautiful.”

It’s a western affair: Friends and family all did their part, bedecked in all of their cowboy inspired finery


G ot the l o o k


G o t th e l o o k

Spring |

The look of love T

hey say that men are visual creatures, and Richard is no exception, here he explains his favourite moment of the day. “My top memory by far was seeing Lili coming down the aisle in her dress, she looked more beautiful than I’d imagined and I was so excited to finally make her my wife!” | October 17th 2016


It's All In


The Detail

Spring |

Giddey ON UP!!!

Chaps, tassels and checked tartan are just some of the ingredients for the average cowboy garb

Above Left; Chaps the way to do it These chaps are guaranteed to have you looking more John Wayne and less Christina Aguilera in the Dirrty era. Bottom Right; These boots are made for walking: No cowboy outfit is complete without mottled leather cow-hide boots | October 17th 2016




42 October 17th 2016 |

electing a ring was a significant milestone for the couple and a lot of thought went into the process. The bride chose a ring that complimented her engagement ring from the jeweller Aura, Lili explains further: “I wanted a band that was 2mm (the same as the band width on my engagement ring) with a few small complimenting diamonds so that the heart on my engagement ring was still the focus. It’s particularly special as Rich said when he chose it he thought it was like me; unusual, beautiful and one of a kind.” The groom chose a ring that he 100% liked the look of. This was a priority as he doesn’t usually wear any jewellery, so choosing a ring to wear every day for the rest of his life was a task that couldn’t be taken lightly.



hen we were younger, Steve Roles and I would go out to bars and pubs for a drink and to see if we could chat to any ladies! Steve seemed to have a habit of doing something silly in front of the girls he liked, such as accidentally pouring his bottle of beer down himself! We also used to prank call his dad on a Saturday night after he’d been out drinking. His poor dad got some strange calls from Steve who would ask him random things like whether he could replace a punctured car tyre with a bicycle wheel! Steve Rule and I go to an international air show every year and often choose a theme for the weekend, just for fun. On one of our weekends Steve had to wear a T-shirt far too small for him (it was a child-sized Donkey Kong T-shirt) and a bright red wig with some crazy nerd glasses and then walk around the camp ground saying hello to people. It was very funny seeing the looks he got, as people didn’t know what to make of his peculiar ‘outfit’. Give us a hand: Lili shares a moment of fun supported by her loved ones Bottom Right: See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil The fellas clown around outside

43| Spring 2013

44 October 17th 2016 | | October 17th 2016


s f e i h C

s e b i r T e h

t f O

46 October 17th 2016 |



One loved one who was sorely missed was Ralph, the couple’s fluffy ragdoll cat. “We regard Ralph as our ‘fluffy baby’. He provides no end of entertainment.”

Family Ties: Although it took a while for both sides to meet, the Lofts and Driscolls are firmly in each other’s corner | October 17th 2016



48 October 17th 2016 |


sked the best thing about being Mrs Lofts, Lili reveals… ”Knowing that my husband wants to be with me for the rest of our lives is amazing. Richard is someone who really knows who I am, whom I will always be on the same side as. He truly is my best friend and someone that I can share everything with. He always makes me laugh, has a mischievous side to him that is as silly as mine and I’m looking forward to our future adventures so much. My Mum says he grounds me, and I can honestly say I agree.” Rich explains: “The best thing about being married to Lili is the feeling that I have someone who wants to be with me forever and I know she will always be there for me, as I will, her.”

My Beautiful Wife... Kind, thoughtful and generous sums up your wonderful nature. -Richard Lofts | October 17th 2016

49 | October 17th 2016


We T

s l i a t De

he couple selected a western theme to accommodate their eclectic, quirky sides. To achieve this look without a Wild Wild West overload, they infused subtle western references into standard bridal features. Examples of this included bespoke western themed invitations, customised wine bottle labels boasting of Lili’s Nan and Granddad’s ‘Moonshine’ juice and personalised WANTED posters featuring their guests’ faces in place of standard table cards. Guests were kept enthralled and entertained in equal measure, with magazine Roving Reporters roaming the grounds profiling guests and the Photo Booth which had been “westernised” with custom designed cowboy backgrounds.Table centre-pieces were handcrafted using empty ‘Sailor Jerry’ rum bottles with each bottle featuring a picture of a cowgirl and filled with fairy lights and silk petals. These were then lovingly placed in wooden heart shaped trays along with other nods to the Wild Wild West including a cactus, a Lego cowboy figure and decorative gravel.


Spring |


Claim your booty: Above Left: Guests’ WANTED photos were placed into fridge magnet frames so they could be taken home. Top Left: They were also rewarded with little hessian loot bags of chocolate M&M sweets. The customised M&M’s had pictures of both Rich and Lili or of the cowboy boot and cowboy hat used on the invitations

u n e M e



ichard and Lilian have a mutual appreciation or should we say luuuve of great food. One of their top requirements for a great wedding was that all of their nearest and dearest would be well fed and watered. A joint favourite memory of their big day was the infamous pre-dinner fish and chip cones. “A memory that still stands out for us were the delicious fish and chip cones with the gherkins and pickled onions we had just after the ceremony. They were lovely; everyone enjoyed them and are still talking about how nice they were now! It’s a memory that every time it is mentioned reminds us of our day and makes us smile. To this day everyone has said it was one of the best weddings they have been to as the theme was fun and it was so relaxed and joyful.”

e k a C he



he couple selected delicious red velvet cupcakes from Lola’s Cupcakes. Both firm converts of this recently popularised Yankie influenced flavour, it fit in well with the US themed occasion. Richard explains further, “We both love the flavour of them and they looked great at the wedding showcased on a multi tier display. There was also a giant red velvet cupcake on the top of the arrangement, which is the one we actually cut, the taste was fantastic and really lived up to the hype.” There was also a cake topper on top of the giant cupcake, which was a mirrored silhouette of Mickey and Minnie Mouse kissing.

Let them eat cake! The couple slice the fabulous red velvet sponge creation adorned with butter cream icing and Mickey and Minnie Mouse cake toppers. A selection of Lola’s Cupcakes were also available for a tasty treat

October 17th 2016


Kidz Corner


Spring | | October 17th 2016


When did you realise it was love and when did it dawn on you that you wanted to get married? Phil - I realised about 2am in the morning in the back of a packed minibus somewhere between Scot-land and the Lake District. Norma-Jean was asleep with her head on my lap, with my jumper over her keeping her warm. She was comfortable and warm and asleep, I was cold, tired, and with about 18inches of room to sit in, had the cramp from hell. I looked at her, she looked so peaceful and content, I knew I always wanted to look after her. I bent over and kissed her whilst she slept. That’s when I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.


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58 October 17th 2016 |

Norma-jean – Well for me it was a gradual build up we had been meeting up for a while...had gone on a few lovely dates... and then we had a charity event to go to after we all got dressed up I was so nervous as we had not seen each other dressed up to the full...the evening went really well and we had a brilliant time...and it was time for Phil to at the time he lived quite far I really did not want him to go but he had to...we both looked at each other and he said I’m so sorry I have to go...I wanted to tell him then that I had fallen I love with him. But the words could not come out...I had never felt this way before I knew this was the real deal... | October 17th 2016


60 October 17th 2016 |

s e h c e e p S e r o Gal

My favourite moment...? Hearing R ichard’s beautiful speech and the wonderful praises he bestowed on me. It was emotional! - Lili


hen you tell people you’re getting married, they sometimes ask ‘How did you know she was the one?’ I’ve thought about that and I can’t say it was any one specific thing, it’s a collection of things. When I would smile thinking about her. When I realised that Lili was the first thing I thought about when I woke up...and the last thing I thought about before I went to sleep. She was also in my thoughts throughout the day actually! When she knew the worst thing about me but it was ok. When I realised that I wouldn’t want to be without her, I knew she was the one that I wanted to spend my life with. Lili, you are the love of my life. You’re beautiful, smart and funny. You bring me balance and keep me grounded. You’re the missing piece that makes me whole. Right from the start, I knew you were special as you were so easy to be with and to talk to. I can be myself around you and we can both be a bit quirky and I love that. I love your honesty, your integrity and your generosity. You make me smile every day and you’ve made me a very happy man. I love you.” Your Husband, Rich x

& e v Lo To my one and only boy and his beautiful wife. Glad you’re my new daughter! Keep each other safe and happy. All my love, Mum (Nearly cried, just managed to hold back!)

Today my daughter sits before me, all grown up. A very beautiful young lady, radiant in her stunning dress and in every way the Queen of this castle. And to my son in law Richard (how strange that sounds) Richard or Mr Gadget/ Mr Lego/Mr Romantic. Handsome, considerate and a great cowboy fan. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the family! LOVE, DAD



“I wish true love the

Congratulations! Welcome to the family Richard, you both look amazing! Wish you all the happiness Lots of Love Thommo xx




s e s s i K & To Rich and Lili. Have a wonderful day and a happy ever after, Lots of Love, Always Fay, Skyela & Sophia xxx



Dear Rich & Lili, I hope you have a lovely day. Beautiful service for an even more lovely couple From Jack


To Rich & Lili, I hope you both have a lovely day. Lots of Love, Daniella xxxx


ss ndle of e you o life h a w iss. eing pend e’s k To s , just se rue lov big bro t s y s bli ugh s to m ! Hope n thro w love atulatio er-in-la y in the r a t Cong new sis best d Sam & e d ou th an ve L had o L u o ! y world


To Richard & Lili, All good wishes for the future. Love from Barbara & Tony Dobson FOR POOL HUSTLING AND ILLEGAL GAMBLING

Spring |



s e s s i K






Your wedding is pretty cool! We wish you happiness all of your lives. Joanna & Beatrice


Rich & Lili, May the future be bright and your life prosperous! Callum :)

Rich, Enjoy the wedding night, Lili - Be gentle with him! Enjoy many years of happiness together, Alex xx











Left: Lili was whisked away for the weekend with her mum, aunt, and her bridesmaids to the sunny shores of Brighton Below: Snazzy gold bridal tattoos showcased their glitterati credentials Bottom Right: A surprise Disney princess theme had Lili transformed into Belle



he couple initially collaborated on a joint family friendly stag/hen do. A fun BBQ with a few games which all of the stag, hen and bridal party attended as well as additional family members, so that everyone could meet and start to get to know one another. It was a fantastic day, with perfect weather and everyone pitched in to bring food, drink and games. For Lili’s Brighton excursion, she was whisked away for the weekend with her mum, aunt and the bridesmaids. They enjoyed the fairground at the pier, had their fortunes read, spent time at the beach and played silly games at the hotel. This adventure seeking squad even went to see a Dreamboys show which was certainly an eye opener. As part of their evening repertoire, they surprised the bride-to-be with a fancy dress theme of Disney princesses, and Lili was fabulous as the sweet yet sassy Belle. What ensued was a great weekend of fun and laughter with the ladies returning with sore heads and stomachs from laughing so much!


Who needs enemies when you have your two minions on hand to carve you right up like a kipper? These special guys ensured Richard’s batchelor experience was one to remember


t was on a balmy early evening in late September that Richard was summoned by friends Steve Roles, Steve Rule and David White for an evening not to be forgotten. An ambitious plan was brewing to accompany the groom-to-be on a Monopoly board bar crawl, traversing the streets of London. However, with 14 men in tow, (including Andy and Tom, Lili’s father and brother) and travel times estimated, a more realistic plan was formulated which allowed them to stay locally within the West End. Richard wasn’t let off the hook entirely though, as the two Steves hustled the bemused stag into Oxford Circus’ flagship Primark store where he was treated to a make-over of a fabulous nature. Emerging bleary-eyed and dazed onto what is notoriously one of London’s busiest streets, Richard now sported a wardrobe even Lili would have been proud of. A woman’s white fur gilet on top of a pair of gold skintight jeans and a black lacy top with a hot pink peek-a-boo bra visible through the sheer material! The cherry on the top was the gift of breasts or socks rather, that the boys had thoughtfully bestowed on him to pad out his front. Richard was then whisked to Boots where the make-up girls had a blast providing a cosmetic transformation for this up for a laugh groom-to-be. Friend (and we use this term in the loosest way possible) Chris Handscome took a perverse joy in filming Richard in a Facebook Live broadcast as he walked down the high street, which was hilariously viewed by a number of Richard’s work colleagues. From here, drinks, fun, frolics and food ensued, with friend Graham delighting a beat boxing busker and his crowds outside of Tottenham Court Road tube station with his signature break dancing moves. Rich was then taken to a BBQ spot near London Bridge called Bodeans which has since become a firm favourite due to it’s amazingly authentic cuisine.

n o i s s Pa n o i h s Fa


ling, i f o r p ng and gs and i l y t s were ad ra Guests p in their gl away u t h d g e i c n u spr rty the a p o t ready


Spring |

n O y t r Pa HoeDown


ntertainment was a major ingredient of the good time vibe the couple were keen to create. Fortunately a friend of the bride and groom, Leigh Hunnable arranged for the band he plays with to come and perform at the wedding. Leigh played guitar in the band and the crowd agreed, the live set was amazing. The first dance song was a special number called Everything by Life House with the second being Your Body Is A Wonderland by the hugely talented John Mayer.

Above: Friend of the couple Leigh Hunnable and his fabulous band perform a live set and jam for the couple and their guests. Middle: The couple enjoy their first dance. Bottom: The bridesmaids swish their gowns and showcase their boots


Spring |

Spending time with the man I love is wonderful, he’s my best friend. - Lili | October 17th 2016


t x e N r e e t h T hap T C

he couple enjoyed a two week Mini-moon straight after the wedding and had a Disneymoon in December. In the first two weeks, they filled the time with a long weekend to Center Parcs, one of their favourite holiday destinations. Indulgent days were spent in relaxing spas or actively exploring the forest. In addition, the honeymooners enjoyed spending time exploring London, decorating (the new past time de la mode for newlyweds) and frolicking at Thorpe Park’s Fright Night which they steadfastly try to attend each year. “We adore Disneyland as this is where we got engaged and there is nothing quite like spending our favourite time of year there. Christmas and New Years is celebrated so well there that you can’t help but feel like big kids again. We enjoy all of the rides, the atmosphere, the displays and parades and had the most amazing New Year’s Eve meal in the Blue Lagoon (the Pirates of the Caribbean restaurant).” Here the couple feasted on eight courses buffered extravagantly with wine and champagne, it was a chance for their very talented chefs to showcase their culinary prowess. The couple felt spoilt from beginning to end and remember this break with fondness. Heading back to the city of love, they’ll be returning to their proposal stomping grounds in Disneyland Paris for five days from the 29th December. Celebrating the New Year in the capital, they’ll be London bound from the 2nd of January 2017.

We are now riding off into the sunset for more adventures and our Happily Ever After…. Yee Haa!!


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s n o i t a r e n Ge e v o L f o Family is vital to this history loving couple, and lili had generations of experience to call on as demonstrated by the happy marriages of her mother and grandmother

To Lilian and Richard, Have a happy, wonderful life together, Stay healthy! Love & best wishes, Nan & Grandad




Boy Meets



aving had enough of the single scene, both Richard Lofts and Lilian Isabel Driscoll decided that one last attempt at online dating on popular dating website Plenty of Fish was in order before hanging up their fishing rods for good. Painstakingly selecting the best pictures she could find of herself, Lili uploaded her last image with a flourish and snapped her laptop shut, leaving her fate to the universe. At the same time in cyber space, Richard was putting the same effort into finessing the details of his profile intro piece, reading then re-reading prior to hitting send. This was at the end of 2012 when Lili was 26 and Richard 31. Stumbling across her profile, Richard was intrigued by the quirky, pretty female who seemed to exude confidence and know what she wanted. Playing it cool, he didn’t message straight away. Lili on the other hand was taken by the interesting, sensitive man behind the profile, and was instantly attracted to his handsome face and tall, toned physique. Lili picks up the story, “I noticed that Rich had looked at my profile but hadn’t messaged me. So after a few glasses of wine one night I messaged him, jokingly telling him off for not doing so and asking what was wrong with my profile. We got talking and agreed to meet up after finding we were getting in touch with each other quite a lot!” Their first date was supposed to be coffee in TGI’s in Bluewater Shopping Centre, just a quick meeting to ascertain if the interest was mutual in the flesh. Lili was happy that Richard suggested a mid-week, midday meet up as it was quite different from the usual bars and club suggestions that can be relied upon from Plenty of Fish candidates.

It was this normality that encouraged Lili to go, despite almost cancelling due to a bad day at work the previous day. Not wishing to let him down, as well as a strong curiosity to meet the mysterious man she’d been conversing with convinced her to give it a go. Lili was soon glad that she did, as the quick coffee stop soon turned into a nine hour sojourn where drinks and laughs were enjoyed aplenty. The pair didn’t want to leave each other, hopping from TGI’s to Nandos and the cinema, ending with a Starbucks as they walked around the lake. The cherry on the top was when Richard dropped her home and they shared their first kiss. Ever the gentleman, Richard escorted her to the door ensuring she got in safely. This was the start of good things, and both were soon pleased to realise their feelings were real enough to exit stage left from the web’s dark dating scene and take themselves “offline”. The term love at first sight is often overused but for this couple a shared sense of humour, a dash of eccentricity and an intense physical attraction was enough for them to both recognise that this coupling had the possibility of a future. Boyfriend/girlfriend titles soon followed as they settled into a happy routine of date nights out and duvet days in. A mutual love of unusual, outlandish outings soon ensured that this couple were experiencing everything from haunted ghost trips to zombie apocalypses. Richard’s calm, easy going demeanour soon became the yin to Lili’s fiery, tempestuous yang and they found a steady delight in each other’s company and that the relationship just “worked” without much effort at all.




t was almost love at first sight for this happy couple as once they met, they never wanted to leave each other. Despite never having a formal marriage “conversation” they kept talking about the future together as if it was already decided, and when the proposal happened, it just felt natural. How did it happen and what was the reaction? “Rich and I had gone shopping in October and he took the opportunity to ask which rings I liked. I did say at the time I was pleased he was thinking about it, but I almost wished he hadn’t said anything at all as we had a few special occasions coming up and I’d probably be disappointed if they came and went without him asking!

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Luckily however he proposed at Disneyland Paris on our Christmas holiday on the drawbridge right in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. It was a clear winter’s day and a complete surprise. We have a photo of the exact moment kindly taken by a member of staff. Having the moment photographed was important to Rich as he loves photography and it gives us something to look back on. I was so happy when he asked. He also re-proposes on the same day each year (Well so far!), the 29th of December and did so on our Disneymoon.” So what started as a love of fun, quirky places soon became a tradition of annual declarations of love and post-proposal proposals which our ecstatic bride wouldn’t have any other way.

We carried on seeing each other and Lili would stay round. Then after a few months I noticed

moreand more of her things were in my house

and I thought ‘I don’t think she’s going home’ But that was ok, she was growing on me!

- R ich

tory For my beloved: Richard hand picked a chic heart cut diamond set in white gold having thoughtfully asked Lili her preferred style of ring | October 17th 2016


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