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elebrating our loved ones lives is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately often we leave it too late to capture those stories from the past. When we were asked to capture the life of Amita Dani we jumped at the chance as she is a remarkable woman who has achieved the impossible, juggling family life and the demands associated with modern living with a rigorous personal committment to her space, health and well being, a balance many of us struggle to achieve. The wealth of experience and wisdom accumulated throughout her 60 (and counting!) years that we have been able to capture for her resonated all the more as it reminded us of the importance of documenting family stories. Our (great)grandmother came from Jamaica in the 1950’s having grown up close friends with Bob Marley’s mum in St Ann’s and had a lot of stories to share. We’d always promised to write her life story but unfortunately, she passed away after a short illness. All of our family history disappeared and we resolved that we would make it our business to preserve the stories of others. Subsequently It’s My Magazine was born and here we are today, celebrating the life of a fabulous woman 60 years young! We love you Amita! -Pauline & Krystle, Founders, It’s My Magazine Ltd.

Jignar Parmar and Amita Dani


n behalf of the entire family, we are truly delighted to capture and preserve the life and experiences of a beautifully awesome woman, wife, daughter, mother and grandmother, Mrs Amita Dani. From being a shoulder to cry on in my childhood to a glorified taxi service in my teenage years, she has been no less than a Superwoman in our eyes, and within these pages are many incidences of our memories for her and the different ways she has touched our lives and continues to do so on a daily basis. …So, on this milestone occasion of her sixtieth year, I am ecstatic to be able to celebrate an amazing lady, wife and mother who has been exemplary in her example of what a woman should be. I can sincerely say that if I am anything like my mother at sixty, I will be extremely blessed. Mother, you are amazing, you are appreciated… and you are loved. Thank you for simply being you.

Jigna Parmar


ear Amita, When you first got married into the family you always asked “When will I learn to cook like you?” Well, today you are a much better cook than I – you are very talented and creative! You really do bind the family togetherBless you always. Happy birthday!! Love from Ba xx itsmymagazine.com | Spring 2013





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Pauline Downie Krystle Downie Mia Lane It’s My Magazine Ltd

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Amita Dani WIFE,




t’s been sixty years of togetherness and I’ve known Amita since she was ten and myself nine. She has been my teacher, guide and confidante since then. Amita is the pillar of our family, an excellent wife, mother and daughter-in-law and a delight in the kitchen. She has a great nature and strong principals, through which I seriously ask my children to follow in her footsteps and live accordingly. I am very lucky to have her as my beloved wife and I wish her all the happiness on her sixtieth birthday I can’t bless her since I am younger than her, but here’s to another 40 years of marriage! - Your loving husband Nitin

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Love Blossoms Who would have predicted that a chance meeting with a neighbour’s son would shape the life of a beautiful young girl

Day Dreamer Despite being popular at school, Amita enjoyed her own company Below: Amita with Amar A Girl With A Plan An avid reader, Amita was an independent, focused, kind hearted child


rowing up in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Calcutta, India; at the age of ten, an introduction occurred which changed the direction of a young girl’s life. Amita Modi met a young boy called Nitin Dani, a neighbour’s son who also lived within the same apartment tenement. With his boyish good looks and sensitive soul, he soon became a good friend whom she would always greet when passing. Amita soon noticed his great sense of humour and the easy, light conversation that was effortless and comfortable between them and he was unlike anyone she had ever met before. As the two grew older, Nitin’s bright personality and burning ambition to


Autumn 2016 | itsmymagazine.com



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Our ing Parent’s Love Strong trees emerge from humble roots

succeed inspired Amita, and the attractive, and the household was overturned with sparkling pre-teen soon realised that it the joy and movement of two boisterous was love at the tender age of twelve! If young sons. Despite sleepless nights anyone had asked her at that age, what and restless days, Jigna’s welcome arrival she’d like to be when she was older, was a blessing, in particular to Amita. It she would have instantly replied “Nitin’s provided some female balance with wife!”. As an independent, free-spirited the young mother delighted to now be child, Amita was brave enough to sneak able to enjoy pretty baby dresses and her friend onto the balcony with a ladder bows for her young daughter’s hair. A for innocent meetings. This provided conscientious mother, Amita proved her with an opportunity to discover the firm but fair, a kindly disciplinarian who real boy behind the provided a great balance mask, see into his to Nitin’s parenting style. soul and explore his She always dreamed that character. However her children would grow as these things can’t up to be responsible, be rushed, amidst well balanced individuals the distractions of able to pursue their friends, reading and creativity and fulfil school, it wasn’t their potential to the until the age of 19 full. For this reason, in that the pair actually addition to stressing the got married, despite importance of education, having wanted to Young Love The happy couple play she was always quick to marry from the first time they met. Their introduce fun and activities into their chemistry and desire for each other schedule. Domesticated yet independent, have only strengthened throughout the outgoing yet reliable, Amita soon proved subsequent 40 years, and they have to be a wonderful example of nurturing complimented each other perfectly motherhood, and she also encouraged throughout their union. Like any newly in her offspring a love for travelling and wed couple, the Dani’s spent the first embracing new cultures. Amita has always few years of married life getting to know advised her children to follow their each other and enjoying domestic bliss. heart in matters of love and stresses the When their first child Anand came along, importance of making their own choices, they had settled into a wonderful rhythm but always with the balance in mind to and were ready for the next chapter of ensure those choices are well thought their relationship. They knew they would through and encouraging the foresight to be dedicated parents. Amar arrived next safeguard that it is a love that lasts.

Amita’s wisdom had probably originated from her own parents, her father being a successful and charitable business man who had left remarkable legacies addressing the disparities between the city’s reach and poor. Building hospitals and social housing for the less privileged, he was an inspiration to Amita who saw just what could be achieved with hard work served with a side order of vision and entrepreneurialism. Amita’s mother was equally respected for her hard work and dedication to the family. Supporting the man of the house and allowing him to fulful his dreams, she really was the neck to his head – and Amita appreciated her selfless ability to keep the family together. The tree does not spring far from its roots, and with this example to emulate, Amita has been happy to enjoy a loving, harmonious marriage and supportive relationship with her own children.

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A mother’s love can never be beaten, Amita’s children share their messages for this wonderful woman and reveal how she has touched them


rowing up, I’ve had a mix of experiences and opportunities. Being born into this fabulous family, being the youngest sister of two brothers, transitioning from turbulent teens to adulthood, it’s been a crazy ride. However the one constant has always been my mother. Creative, hard working, and just downright funny, she has always been on hand with kind words or a comforting meal to restore my balance. We’ve always been able to talk freely and I’ve regularly depended on her to provide an alternative perspective when I’ve dealt with conflict, confusion or loss in my life. Amita Dani, what can I say..? Words can’t actually express the depth of love and respect I have for her, from her ability to whip up miracles out of nothing in the kitchen, to her subtle ability to diffuse and distract my dad, artfully persuading him in line with her way of thinking if they have a disagreement – she truly is an inspiration and definitely one to watch in the art of feminine wiles!

I have many, many happy memories with my mother, but something that always stands out to me is her steadfast dedication to always ensuring I had the best and achieved my potential. From ferrying me to and from tennis and swimming lessons, art/dance/ drama (delete as appropriate!) classes, she has always done everything possible to ensure I succeeded and developed into a well rounded individual. Whilst teenage years are usually spent desperate to get out and explore, I remember many a happy Sunday relaxing at home with my parents and brothers. They say that perfection doesn’t exist, but I believe we came pretty close...And I have always felt loved. -Jigna MOM.. happy 60th to the youngest 60 year old I know! You are an inspiration to all of us. Love you loads. Amar xx


Mom you are the most inspiring, energetic, beautiful person I know. You are always trying to make life easy for those you love and live life for your family & close friends. All the discipline and the self-control you practice is the legacy of what your dear Father taught you, and that is your trademark. I can only hope that I can give my children what you have given us and instill the same values in them as you and dad have. Love Jigna xx


Healthy is as healthy does A lover of all things natural, Amita can often be found in the park getting active with friends and family. Here they enjoy the fresh air in Regents Park

THE MOTHERLAND Making Britain Great, how India inspired nations Described as the ‘Jewel in the crown’ of the British Empire due to its riches, natural resources and culture, India is a kaleidoscope of traditions, wealth and mystic locations. So abundant with valuable natural resources such as gold, gems, cotton and tea, England was able to expand and control other countries in that region of the world due to its naval and military bases within her territories. It is within this vibrant tapestry that Amita Dani was born on the 24th September, 1956. Nursing a life long love of her Motherland, Amita carries with her a deep respect of the cultural traditions and glory of India’s past alongside overwhelming pride for the developments and opportunities the country’s current growth has inspired within this modern day landscape.

Daddy’s Girl Amita’s beloved Father who passed away six years ago, still remains close to her heart and a poignant connection to her homeland


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The World in 1956 Rare Vintage Indian film poster 1956 Hatim Tai

India’s hockey record-breaking at the 1956 Olympics

Photograph of Hindi Movie Actress Nutan from 1956 FilmIndia

The Jawa moped arrives in India in this fab year

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru flanked by the Dalai Lama

India played Australia in a cricket tournament

Introduction of the metric system in India in 1956.

British Vogue’s 1956 photo-shoot in India with local customs

Which 2 people do you admire most? In addition to her husband, Amita’s mother and father remain the two most influential people in her life. Filled with admiration for them and their long and happy marriage, she is delighted to be their daughter.

FamilyTies From childhood squabbles to the best of friends, with partners of their own, introducing the Dani’s, all grown up


ear Mom Wishing you a wonderful birthday. You are truly evergreen; you really do look younger today than when I first met you 13 years ago! You are a real trend-setter in clean living and a disciplined lifestyle. I hope the next stage of your life is one where you can truly relax and enjoy fun times with all of your children and grandchildren. Lots of love, - Pritesh xx P.S. I will never put plastics in the dishwasher after your teachings!!!


earest Mom, Thank you for being a Super mom & an even more super Grandmom. You definitely are an inspiration for looking so ever young and matching your energy levels is always hard. Thank you so much for always being there. I hope I can be your daughter always. Love, - Anisha xxx itsmymagazine.com | Autumn 2016


Beauty Mum’s top tips to keeping your mind, body and soul sweet after sixty


Always look your best, Whether that’s a touch of lipstick or a new hairstyle, when you look good, you feel good, so don’t neglect yourself.


Stay active, whether that’s yoga, pilates or your daily stretch, ensure you keep the body moving. It will thank you for it.

Forever Young Right: Her inspirational parents from whom Amita gets her wisdom



Catch up with friends regularly, laugh long and hard and don’t take things too seriously or stress over the things you can’t change. Live life, have no regrets!

Juice, juice juice!!! Remember to keep up with your intake of fresh vegetables, and fruit and try to stick to the 80/20 ratio - 80% greens and 20% fruit to keep your body alkaline and healthy.

“Your health is wealth, it is our duty to look after ourselves, after all, we only have one body, so we have to treat it well!”

CELEBRATING SIXTY Give your loved one the VIP treatment It’s My Magazine is celebrating all things sixty and are looking for sixty wonderful people to feature in a special edition for 2017. Do you have a story to tell? Are you approaching that milestone birthday? If so, get in touch to find out more. www.itsmymagazine.com


Autumn 2016 | itsmymagazine.com

-Amita Dani


Summer 2015 |

Amita is a firm advociate of healthy and lives this reality every day. From healthy smoothies using organic fruits to regular yoga, boot camp and pilates sessions, this fitness diva certainly shows her family how to live young and look great. itsmymagazine.com | Spring 2013 13


A family affair Ever full of energy, Doting grandmother Amita plays around with her grandsons Below Who can resist eyes like those? Not this Dadi-Nani!


Spring 2013 | itsmymagazine.com


Diva From travelling around the world to impromtu meetings with Bollywood stars, this fashionista always does it in style...

Hobnobbing with the stars John Abraham, Bollywood actor and producer is delighted to get his chance to pose with Amita at an event Far Left Amita’s sister and close friend Ashita

Nicole’s final preparations whilst the proud Mother of the Bride looks on.

Messages of Dearest Jane Fonda aka Amita aunty. Not very often you meet someone who is full of life and does everything under the sun with all that she has got. Dancing in CSC, Cooking spicy!! Cruising in the Caribbean, Romancing under the sun, Energy bubble, Never to crumble. Bringing the family together, wearing the hat, and a feather. In shorts or saree, the best Nani and Dadi! Still looks naughty when she turns 60!! Wishing you a fantastic 60th birthday. With all our love, - Aanya Annika, Neerav and Hetal

Dear Amita You are more like my best friend rather than my sister-in-law. We have known each other since school and you are more than a sister to me as well. Your loving nature keeps the family bonded together.You have been so giving and done a lot for the entire family- always bringing us all together. Happy birthday!! Love Rekha xx Wishing you a very happy 60th birthday and a blissful, healthy life ahead.You are one such person with whom age can never catch up and so remain young and energetic forever. Love, - Shachi xxx

Congratulations on reaching a golden milestone. Wishing you an ever-lasting journey of good health, peace, love and happiness. May you be blessed forever. With warm wishes Baa, Jay and Rama xxx Dear Amita. Wishing you a happy, joyous 60th Birthday.You have been a right hand to me throughout forty years of friendship.Your dedication has proved how well we gel and understand each other. All these years we’ve worked, enjoyed and shared everything like sisters. Hope God blesses our bonding till the end. With love and blessings - Kirtibhabhi xx

Amitz...You have been my rock, solid support and anchor whom I have adored since I was a kid. The very first time I heard you speaking with Nitin on the phone (I was on the parallel line) I howled!! As this meant you would leave me and move to your husband’s house!! Each and everyday you inspire me to lead a physically healthy life. I follow all of your tips to ensure good health and looks. I commend your awesome ability to organise amazing feasts ...yes..all of your meals are feasts!...you’re truly wonderful. All through my turbulent teens and rocky times, you’ve been there and even now, no one knows the way you support me! Love u.... so so so very much, I’m so proud of you…I treasure and cherish our bond which gets deeper with every passing day. Love from Anu xx”


Spring 2013 Autumn 2016| |itsmymagazine.com itsmymagazine.com

Amita I’ve known you since you were in your teens so you’re more like my younger sister as Sudha & Rekha .You have always fulfilled your duties without any excuses, that’s a very good quality of a woman.You are very kind hearted with a beautiful and charming face . May God bless you with all the happiness in life. Love from Madhu x We all are more friends than any other relations! Amita your youthful personality has a special corner in our hearts. You are adorable. Love, - Sudha x



mita, I didn’t know you so well when at school as unfortunately we left school early and lost contact altogether. Then after 20 or so years, at our friend’s get together in Kolkata it was a pleasure to reconnect and now I know most of your family. We have so many similarities, similar kinds of interests, similar choices, we love shopping together. Of course there are some differences; you hardly eat and when you do eat it has to be healthy and I’m always hungry and I’ll eat anything junk or not, and another annoying one is your repeating habit and ability to be off in your own world when being spoken to. But nevertheless you are THE most interesting person to be with and we

do learn so much about YOGA...BOOT CAMPS...MORNING WALKS..dietary habits etc. Not only do you take good care of yourself ,but you always make sure your lovely family (including your helpers) are happy and content. I’m very lucky to have a friend like you who can really feel from the heart. Amita, I would like to wish you on behalf of all our friends Sudha,Veena, Anjali, Anita, Gita, Sonali, Maya, Rashmi and everyone else I’ve missed, A VERY HAPPY AND MEMORABLE 60th...oops I shouldn’t have mentioned your age -but anyways Amita you do look so much younger, aren’t I right there guys!?!...Happy birthday and have a peaceful..bright..and fun filled future.. Love u so much my gorgeous friend Amita! Your friend for life, - Kalyani itsmymagazine.com | Spring 2013



LOVE Story


ore like best friends than husband and wife, childhood sweethearts Nitin and Amita have lived, laughed and loved hard. Respecting tradition whilst embracing new cultures, they have instilled in their children and grandchildren an unshakable desire for new adventures. As they celebrate 40 years of marriage, may each new year continue to be better than the last.



Autumn 2016 | itsmymagazine.com






Next Generation In addition to being SuperMom, Amita is also the proud grandmother to the new guys in town

Park Life 20

Autumn 2016 | itsmymagazine.com

Baby Love, Anshh in Regents Park , playing with Grandmother

We You


To our lovely Dadi-Nani,

Thank you for being a wonderful grandmother, we love playing with you and running around with you. You make us tired! Our trips out are always an adventure, you have shown us Regents Park, the Natural History Museum and our favourite, the Science Museum! Spending time with you on the big ship with all our family was amazing. We Love You!!! Little Chefs Delight: Ishaan and Riaan dress up as little cooks and work their magic in the kitchen. Above: Baby Riaan dazzles with his cuteness, and doesn’t he know it

Riaan, Aaryan, Ishaan, Anshh xxxx

itsmymagazine.com | Autumn 2016



Bites Embracing the spirit of Wanderlust


anderlust: A deep, uncontrollable desire to hit the road and travel, by whatever means desired, to explore and enjoy the world. Amita has definitely been bitten by the travel bug and has many destinations under her belt. Regularly travelling around the world, including her unmissable annual escape to London, Amita loves to bring the family together and has even organized a cruise to the Caribbean for 40 family members! Regularly enjoying destination girly breaks with her friends, she has also visited Thailand, Switzerland, Barcelona, Marbella, New York, Miami as well as various locations around India.

For 10 years we have spent time together when you come to London every summer and I cherish every moment. We spend time shopping, doing your hisab at night, playing games on your iPad, packing lunches every day for work. I always miss you like crazy when you leave and wait for your arrival the next summer. Every year you say next time you come I will be married, but I am yet here! Thank you for all your support and care and being an awesome mother. You are very dear to me and brighten any day by bringing joy and sunshine in your own special way. Here’s wishing you love and happiness, not only today but for many years to come. Happy bday Amy! Love - Ridhi xx

itsmymagazine.com | August 15th 2015


Autumn 2016 | itsmymagazine.com

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itsmymagazine.com | Autumn 2016


A woman of virtue Whether alone or in a crowd, Amita has always been a thinker. Despite her strong focus and strength, you can find her lost in her own thoughts in a place far, far away

Above: Nitin with his mother and Amita’s Mother-in-Law Ba and Rajni Right: Amita and her brothers and sisters know how to party hard Bottom: Jigna, Amita, Rama and Shelina pose for the cameras

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It's My 60th Birthday  

A beautiful daughter's gift to a beloved mother. What better way to celebrate a milestone birthday than to commission a wonderful life stor...

It's My 60th Birthday  

A beautiful daughter's gift to a beloved mother. What better way to celebrate a milestone birthday than to commission a wonderful life stor...