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Beauty Details the

Despite a drama-free planning process, a last minute no-show led to a God-blessed shared experience for Gillian and her girls

Above: Nude, bejewelled “Isla” Kurt Geiger heels

Maid of Honour: Older sister Melissa and her son Romario

Above: The bride wore a teardrop diamante necklace with matching earrings


air and beauty were very important elements for this bride as she wanted to look glamourous yet feel comfortable. Gillian was blessed to have many good hands around her and planned for Stacey Bramble to take care of her hair on the day. Extremely warm, experienced and a really close family friend, Gillian feels she is more of an adopted sister. Here she shares further: “Stacey and I have been friends for many years, she has been there for me since the beginning and has always listened and given me sound advice. Stacey is someone I can depend upon and I know she always has our best interests at heart. Therefore there was no other option when it came to who was going to help me look my very best on my all important day.” Preferring the subtle approach, Gillian didn’t plan to have a high-glam look when initially hiring her make-up artist. “I am not one to wear lots and lots of make-up on a day to day basis, so on my wedding day I wanted just that “little bit extra” whilst still having a natural appearance for my husband-to-be. My cousin Latika “Charm” Revers ended up living up to her name, as there was a slight panic when my MAC make-up artist did not turn up and did not contact me. However, nothing was going to ruin my big day and I was blessed to have all of my nearest and dearest in attendance helping to beautify me and get me ready. This whole experience made my preparations all the more personal and special. Thankfully my cousin stepped in and helped me to stay calm and it all went smoothly as if this was supposed to be the plan all along. God is always in control! Thanks cuz xxx”

Blushing bride-to-be: Gillian shares a moment with her mother, wearing an elegant updo finished off with diamante appliqué


I realise as I marry, what it takes to be a wife. It takes the things you taught to me all throughout my life. It’s believing in another’s dream until it has come true. Cheering in the background ‘I am so proud of you!!’ It’s having your convictions and admitting when you’re wrong. It’s showing you have weaknesses but knowing that you’re strong. And so the day they say to us We pronounce you man and wife… I’ll strive to be just like you, the one who gave me life. Thank You Mom For Everything...

From Your Gillian x

l a ir darty BP ks y M


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he women in Gillian’s bridal par ty were all pretty in pink. Spor ting fiitted mermaid dresses in the bride’s favourite shade, the ladies rocked their gowns effor tlessly. Flattering Chiffon dresses with scooped backs and a bejewelled satin belt and collar ; the bridesmaids were photo-shoot ready. Gillian selected a variety of women as her bridal attendants, with different bonds cemented with each person. Gillian shares more: “Melissa and Jan-Marie,

From old time friends to new work colleagues, Gillian’s collection of bridesmaids were really ready to represent on her big day

aka my “Day Ones!” I love my sisters. They have been there for me through ever ything – they both posess their strengths and are ver y suppor tive of Samuel and I. I really could not have enjoyed the day without them. My awesome cousin Latika Charm is someone I grew up with in Jamaica and even though we live in different parts of the world, we still stay in touch – Love her. Chantelle is one of my longest and dearest friends. We met in school as we were in the same tutor group and have been firm friends ever since 2001.

As we have grown and have done various things in our separate lives, we have remained great friends. Rachel is my lovely work colleague. We met in 2012 at a random training group, but then started working together in 2013 and especially at work – we were inseparable. We have a lot in common, from our parents being ministers, to our family structures and our morals. A true friend! Denisha – We met at a family event ashe is married to Jami, Samuel’s cousin. A new but trusted friend, we have grown so much closer over the last few years, she is so funny!!!

It’s finally happening! Sister of the bride Jan-Marie excitedly views the bride for the first time. Below: Gillian and her ladies pose by the gazebo My girls and I: Jan-Marie Revers, younger sister & Maid of Honor, Melissa Revers, older sister & Matron of Honor. Bridesmaids included friends Rachel Hall, Chantelle Patrice, Samuel’s cousin Denisha Kirwan and cousin Latika Revers. Samuel’s daughter Shayanne was Flower Girl. Mini bride was Gillian’s niece Meira Campbell

Shayanne is my beautiful future stepdaughter. She is one of the most mature and clever little girls I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Very polite and kind, I love her. She is so much like Samuel, it’s cute. Meira – my little-big niece. She is such a joy to have around and so smart, my little helper throughout my planning and organising – she wanted to do everything; from making my favour and cake boxes to sorting all the bridal party gift bags. Oh and not to mention sorting the children’s goodie bags – I think that was her favourite – she would have them all if she could!”

Samuel’s lovely daughter Shayanne and Mini-bride Meira can’t wait to see the bride



Claredon Garth




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Myron AUGUST 25TH 2016 |



Left: Father of the bride Gladstone gives his soon to be son in-law some words of encouragement. Below: Here Come The Boys; Gillian’s brother in-law Garth Campbell was a groomsman in addition to Samuel’s cousins Alexon Kirwan and Jami Kirwan. Samuel’s older brother was Best Man Syrone Lindsey and final groomsmen included cousins Claredon Corbett, Myron Lindsey and Jaelon Corbett

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Are Back IN TOWN


AUGUST 25TH 2016 |

Suited and Booted: The groomsmen were resplendent in their royal blue morning tail-suits. All wore the same suit but the groom’s stood apart in that he sported a white waistcoat, pink cravat and white corsage. In contrast,, the groomsmen wore royal blue waistcoats, matching their suits with white cravats and pink corsages

Daddy’s Girl

They say there is no closer relationship than father and daughter; dedicating a poem to her father, the Revers are truly a case in point...


To Dad

alking down the aisle is a very special moment and With the morning I will have emotions running free. I just wanted you to know, I’ll need you there with me. there was no-one Your strength and love will continue to guide me, Gillian wanted as I become the bride. more in attendance than her father, As I start this precious journey, I need you by my side. Gladstone Revers. Very happy and proud of his daughter, Gladstone was As I stand with Dad, at the beginning of the aisle. delighted to welcome Samuel into Please look at me, my dear Mom, the family. Gillian’s father was also on I’ll need to see your smile. hand to offer words of encouragement Your smile and Dad’s arms will steady me. to the nervous bride, giving his full As I take this first step for all guests to see. blessing to the happy couple’s union. Thank you Dad for always, looking out for me. “My Father Gladstone Revers has been my rock and very supportive of Samuel and I.” Thanks Dad x from Your Gillian x

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alk w an wn i l l Gi e do st g n ei ds m as ju e S “ ar e w tow e aisl l. it th agica when she m at’s that Th nk in lly ome su s rea o bec wa out t e.” ab y wif l m mue a -S

of er s ecy, b h m me rop a re of P have g a o in ple od ou of G een t onsist c k e h al s th hurc both ny. C gion ch, e o C R ur re m ed the y we cere their e ch bless h e s t y n th giou r s b s in nio being reli raye nister heir u ading mn p of r Mi ave t ed re ial hy ce as 0 io h c r 3 an Sen ed to favou e spe gnific ding 2 d i h d n t y s 01 a e T of rl gh s w er’s 2 r s s eer deli ticula -13. t a s n r w r e ve a ist re re 1 Ov y we A pa 13 v lness ’s pa her s g Re ded n n u . u e i l t f th God ians aith Gillia d a com inc illian al e by orinth Thy F g at eatur xt up y also ter. G ition er y d n 1C at Is st su hen f e ne emon regis e tra our v ” e fir r, t t th er the b r p G as r lie a to sked z u f ec ti w r s ea d due . Th ing o rance so I a o “jaz ide”. n t g r t yea on an eddin he sig y en dern, ozier he B to i t T m e le. o n w C t s u ily p and ted it m ys” me ibu fam mon I wan d a b “JKe e Co stic tr y cou e r r p “ n a e se eals at a rom f H fant hap rev upbe nd Je r us o ng a f this a e yet d fri l cho lso s iage o a sa o d rr o i g br an ma the Kirw e the e Th ebrat cel




pen to love, life and oppor tunities... could be the status used to describe the attitudes of Samuel Lindsey and Gillian Revers when they enjoyed their first date on a balmy evening late in September 2008. Catching a film at the Greenwich Odeon, Samuel earned brownie points by complimenting Gillian on her beauty and making her laugh, so it was definitely onwards and upwards from there. Gillian elaborates fur ther : “We like going out for dinner and treating ourselves to a nice meal and a cocktail or two, he likes to laugh as do I.” This funloving couple adore watching movies, both at the cinema and at home. Firm food aficionados, tr ying new restaurants is a par ticular favourite past time. Samuel is a nature buff, so exploring and being active is often on the cards, as Samuel explains: “We went to Kew Gardens for Gillian’s bir thday where we visited all of the flower gardens, the monuments and lakes – it was a lovely day.” The couple also star ted going to the gym together in preparation for the wedding. Samuel reveals fur ther : “We realised we were falling for each other after a few months of dating. Marriage had always been high on the agenda for both of us, so it was definitely a long-term goal in our minds.”


AUGUST 25TH 2016 |

Our Rings


o the story continues... Rings are always seen as the physical symbol of a love match, swapped to serve as a continual reminder throughout the day of the other’s love and commitment. Romantic Samuel actually chose Gillian’s ring over a year before he proposed, selecting something he knew she’d adore.


Samuel chose the ring that was meant to be! It was just the right size and extremely dazzling–

I love it!



The Lindseys exerted lots of time and energy in their quest for the perfect wedding experience for their guests. Here’s an insight into just how they brought their special touches to life...


verall, the couple found planning their big day exciting and Samuel expected that Gillian would find it particularly so. Deciding on a one year engagement, they knew they’d be exchanging rings sometime in August. The timing was also perfect as the end of the month was right before the bank holiday and exactly between their birthdays; the ideal time for a celebration. Gillian explains further: “I had been waiting for this day and imagined it for so long, so when it came to planning and organising the different sections, logistics etc, I was in my element. We knew where we wanted to get married; at our Church in Wembley by our Regional Overseer who knew us both. We were also sure of the reception venue, the guests and some of the suppliers. We discussed and agreed on the decorations, photography, suppliers, stationery and the finer details (entertainment and favours), the food (important task!), the cars and our honeymoon destination.” The wedding transport was unsurprisingly Samuel’s favourite part of the wedding planning process. The couple chose two cars – a sleek, white Lincoln Excursion and a white Rolls Royce Phantom. Boasting fabulously comfortable leather interiors, the vehicles were both adorned with pink ribbons and bows across the front, and were a spectacular way to make an entrance. Samuel shares more: “Wedding planning was something I thought Gillian would love, as I knew for a while she had her folders, Pinterest accounts and had bought magazines etc, so with as much help from me as possible, I totally trusted her to organise a beautiful occasion, and it really was amazing.

Importantly, we both played to our strengths and relied on our black book of contacts we had made for various reasons. One of my interests is cars so I already knew where to go to get the Rolls Royce Phantom! We also both knew we wanted a delicious Caribbean menu, so I knew just the right person to contact and set up tastings with. For me personally, music was one of the most important parts of the reception so that’s another area I had quite a hand in.” Whilst there were a few stressful moments in the process, the couple knew they had to compromise, particularly in areas where they both had strong opposing preferences, so things fell into place. Photography was of extreme significance to this sentimental pair as they wanted great ways to capture their big day. So in Gillian’s hunt for the special touches, she attended bridal shows and trade fairs to really secure the pieces and prices she wanted. The planning process was bitter sweet as it was right in the middle of it that Gillian’s beloved Grandfather was re-diagnosed with cancer and given a six month prognosis. He would reach his next birthday, but not her wedding date as they only had three months with him before his passing in January of 2016. At this time, certain arrangements had to be put on hold as the couple travelled from London to Nottingham to see him. Gillian shares “I even remember the Sunday before he died when we travelled up to the home with all of our favour boxes and fillings to make and pack them. We literally sat in the room with him, making up the boxes whilst keeping him company. That was the last time I saw my Grandad alive so it’s a very special memory. We miss him dearly!”

AUGUST 25TH 2016 |


I'm so blessed to be marrying the man of my dreams... -S&G

We all went to Barbados in the summer of 2013 and whilst there, I had a serious talk with Sam and he told me that within two years he would propose to Gillian. So when I heard that they’d gotten engaged, I was so happy and had to remind him of just what he had said.

-Stacey I am so happy that Sam and Gilly finally got married. I remember once that Sam and I were coming from somewhere and the whole way in the car, all he was talking about was Gilly and how he knew all along that she was the one! I was so excited when I heard about the engagement and couldn’t wait to see all the photos. Marriage is a good thing and they will be a good example for people older and younger hoping to make that step, they really could help teach others.

-Tabi It’s the boom ting! Amazing build up to the big day. Don’t wait too long to have babies lol.

-Denisha & Jami

JustMarried This well loved couple had only the best of wishes from their beloved family and friends, from both near and far...

Samuel dedicates a beautiful message to his bride as she looks on with pride. Below right: Gillian’s sister gets the bride all emotional with her sentimental stories and encouragement


fter what was a very emotional ceremony, the speeches were extremely touching and the happy couple appreciated all of the kind words of encouragement. Gillian shares further: “My dad’s speech was lovely – our table names were fruits of the spirit and characteristics that we want for our marriage. He had people call out their table names and after a few were read out, he said that all of these are characteristics of me. Rachel’s speech was funny, then tearjerking. She spoke about our friendship, my obsession with Samuel and the fact that I was constantly talking about him. My sisters both had lovely words for the both of us as well as my new in-laws …. Oh yes and Jan sang me a lovely song, My Princess Gone Far, Far Away by Jah Mason”.


amuel’s speech was well worth the wait and had me blushing throughout it. He told me months before that he was writing his speech, and he really did cover everything. The way he spoke about our families, in particular his Nan and my Grandad really brought me to tears, and I was so proud.”


ord, it’s a joyous occasion to be cherished – happy times are here again! - Mel fficially the best couple in the world. they are like two big kids – in a good way! Happy for them. -Jan

ery pleased that Samuel and Gillian have gotten married, it’s about time! - - SYRONE

specially proud and happy for the two of you. Put Christ at the centre of your marriage. Stay prayed up, stay unified, stay blessed, be fruitful and multiply. Beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple! - Rochelle


Little did I know that Brian McKnight had two songs with the same title until the DJ started playing the other version for our first dance! I had already started singing the lyrics from my version before it started and then… You can imagine the look on our faces!

Samuel’s stand out recollection of the speeches were Sis Anne’s speech, which was touching as she had been one of the first people who saw Samuel when he was born and watched him grow up. Having seen the pair grow together, now witnessing the couple’s wedding day was particularly poignant and special to her. For the groom, Syrone and Uncle Everton’s speeches were also memorable...mainly at Samuel’s expense, which coming from his groomsmen and “Boys” was only to be expected. They enlightened the audience with tales of Samuel’s younger years and laughs were had aplenty. In addition to a DJ, the couple hired a video and photo-booth with props and instant personalised photos. A candy table with a variety of flavours – mostly following the pink theme, was also available for the sweet toothed members of the party. There was also a kids play area with a basketball hoop, board games, tents and tunnels. All the children enjoyed goodie bags with a Christian story book, personalised colouring pad, crayons and miniature toys to keep them happy.

A FEW OF OUR FAVOURITE THINGS My top memory was the speeches. They were all so touching and really meant a lot to my wife and I. Writing and presenting my speech was also a special moment. - Samuel Lindsey My top memory was walking down the aisle, as marriage is so sacred and honourable. I absolutely love my husband and so pleased to start this journey the way we did in front of God, our family and friends! - Gillian Lindsey Our joint shared memory is the fabulous reception, having all our closest family and friends in one room to support and celebrate with us, which was great. The celebrations were the highlight of the reception – although we wished we had more time to party, it was still one of the best parts of the day for us.

A beloved father, a well lived life Norris always had a smile and a story

My Grandad – Mr Brown aka Mr Miyagi… Norris Brown was my partner in crime, my one and only and I love and miss him dearly. He was so happy for us when Samuel and I got engaged and I would talk to him about Samuel a lot. They are quite similar in some respects and I love that. When Grandad became ill in November 2015, I prayed it was only for a short while but things happened so fast and it’s something I still struggle with every day. I will always remember my mom telling me how sad he was saying “Judith I’m not going to make it to Gillian’s wedding” with tears in his eyes, and her consoling him and being hopeful. I have lost people in my life but this one hurts to the core! I am so happy that I got to know him and spend his last few months together. I am happy that Samuel also got to know him and spent time with him. All our trips to and from Nottingham were worth it.

Wish were you


Rest in eternal peace Norris Brown 03.04.1929 ~ 27.01.2016








Pumpkin oup S Mom’s


Serves 4-6 1 heaped tablespoon of dried oregano Pumpkin Squash Potatoes Spinach (optional) Vegetable stock Double cream Freshly ground black pepper Olive oil 1 bunch fresh basil 1 medium onion 2 cloves garlic Bread rolls (optional)


Boil pumpkin, squash and potato. Add spinach by boiling seperately. Add vegetable stock, salt and pepper to season. Use your Bamix/soup blender to smoothly blend. Add double cream and bread if desired.









Boy Girl Meets


amuel grew up between Monserrat and a quiet area of North London. An inquisitive, adventurous child, he grew up close to his parents and brother Syrone. Gillian was born on the sunny island of Jamaica with her mum, dad and sisters Melissa and Jan-Marie. Samuel Lindsey and Gillian Revers first met in 2006 at church. That year heralded the arrival of a new Pastor and Samuel became well known as the drummer for the church. After an initial introduction, the couple’s friendship developed slowly. Gillian explains further : “We became friends and spoke occasionally in the beginning, then eventually over time, we spoke every day; sometimes several times a day! After a few years, we eventually went out on our first date. Samuel asked me to go to the cinema with him and I thought he was a nice guy, so I said yes.” The couple visited the Odeon in Greenwich watching tear-jearking romantic comedy PS, I Love You. Samuel grins with a warm glint in his eye as he remembers their first date. “We talked about anything and everything. It just felt right, really comfortable.”


AUGUST 25TH 2016 |

Despite her budding crush on Samuel, Gillian knew she had to move slowly. Cautious of the fine line between church members, she was determined to keep the friendship at a distance until she was sure. They stayed friends dating more frequently and slowly getting to know each other; as both weren’t interested in a casual relationship and marriage was definitely the end goal. “I knew I loved him very early on in the relationship and I had always wanted to get married. When Samuel asked me to be his girlfriend after months of serious dating, it felt really natural and like we were taking just the right step.” Samuel shares his recollections: “I loved Gillian for a long time too, and after working through a few things in my life, I knew she would be my wife. I made the decision that I wanted to marry her and the hunt for the perfect ring for my love began!” This was the beginning of something truly special. The relationship continued to blossom, until that all impor tant romantic proposal, witnessed by loved ones.

When you know she’s “The One” you just have to put a ring on it. With a dash of family, and a touch of WhatsApp, Samuel organised a proposal event worthy of his Queen


fter seven long but happy years of knowing and loving each other, August 10th, 2015 was a very auspicious date. Making plans to sweep his girlfriend off of her feet, Samuel knew it was time to start putting some talk into action. “Gillian was at a work conference in Westminster and I had taken the day off of work to get everything prepared. I had created a WhatsApp group with her parents and sisters as well as my grandmother, brother and aunt. So they were all in on what was set to be one of the most memorable nights of my life and I was ready. A few days earlier, I had stealthily kept an itinerary she had shown me -without her knowing so that I could make my way to Westminster by the time she was finished. We usually speak during the day but that day we didn’t, as I wanted to ensure there were no chances of discovery. As I watched her walk out of the building, I called her phone from a distance then told her where I was – let’s just say, she was very surprised! I told her that as it’s our anniversary, I planned for us to go out to dinner. We leisurely made our way to a Japanese restaurant in Islington, making small talk all the way. I was kind of preoccupied with thoughts of how things were going at the venue but I smiled, chatted and kept it cool. We arrived at the restaurant, Sen Nin. It’s a really nice place and the perfect setting for what was about to unfold. When we arrived, thankfully everyone was already there and I could see in her face that she was shocked. We had a private area where our own chef prepared our food right in front of us,. It was really different and a delight to see such skill. He performed juggling acts and fire tricks – it was really good! Throughout all this, in my head, I am recalling my speech. The chef knew when it was time – he began writing “Will you marry me?” with the special fried rice he was cooking for us. I got on my knee and held her hand and asked her to marry me. Happily SHE SAID YES!!! jumping up and hugging me. It all went down without a hitch and to have all of our nearest and dearest both helping me to arrange it, and being there sharing our moment…it was really special. So to my wife I’d like to say: Thank you for saying yes, for sticking by me, for never changing who you are or what you stand for, for your consistency, commitment and your unconditional love. I cherish and celebrate you.”

She Said


Gillian reveals more: “Now thinking back, I remember previously meeting Samuel one day after work and telling him about this conference...He had asked so many questions and had even taken the email confirmation with all the details without me noticing- clever guy! I didn’t think he could have pulled off the group chat and all the prep without me knowing a thing – and my family, especially my sisters and my best friend Rachel did well in keeping it all from me. The whole experience was surreal and when the chef began to write, I knew it!!! To have such a thoughtful proposal in front of all our loved ones on that special day was perfect. I am so proud of him for organising it and pulling it all together. We have always talked about getting married and when he asked me, I knew I had nothing to fear because we wanted the same thing for our future and it is going to be an amazing life together. Our family and friends were all so happy for us and sent lots of messages with love and excitement for us.”




Staying at the Coconut Court Beach Hotel, the couple arrived in Barbados on a Friday afternoon, just in time for Oisten’s Fish Fry Night. Where in addition to food huts selling the best of Bajan cuisine, they also offered arts and crafts, clothing, jewellery, live music and dance. Gillian continues the story: “The next morning, our rental car arrived and the adventure began. We didn’t have a Satnav, so we went back to basics with a road map and started our journey to each corner of the island. We visiting the apartment we had previously stayed at in Speights-town as well as the restaurant and beaches we had enjoyed back in 2013. One stand out trip was our visit to Gun Hill, the highest point on the island and very beautiful. Another stand out memory was the secret dinner I planned with the staff for Samuel – right on the beach!!! I had always wanted to experience that and thought it was a romantic idea. The kind restaurant manager was really nice and just as imaginative as I was. Unfortunately we weren’t as discreet as I would hope, as Samuel was catching on to us! One evening I asked Sam to get dressed up really nice as I was taking him out. He didn’t think much of it as we had to walk down towards the restaurant (where we had breakfast every day) but he soon realised something was up when we walked past it and onto the beach. There stood our resourceful manager with a rose welcoming us and showing us to the table in the middle of the beach surrounded by candles in a heart shape. She had created our own personalised menu with scattered rose petals and sea shells and assigned us our own waiter and bartender. It was so beautiful – much better than I had imagined. The night was excellent, having dinner under the stars in Barbados, listening to the waves lapping to and fro and of course entertaining the September | odd sea life – a crab that tried to crash our dinner!

Goodbye Having shared their love story so far, the future looks bright for this prayer led couple. So guys, any last thoughts...?


ust to say, on behalf of my wife and I, we would like to thank all of our family and friends. It means the world to have you celebrate our special day with us, as you are all a part of our love story. Thank you for all the support, encouragement, antics, love and laughter you have contributed to our lives. Thank you for being there for us through the ups and downs, it’s appreciated. For being our teachers, partners in crime, guides and most favourite people in the world. You have helped to make us who we are and for that, we are forever grateful. We hope that you enjoyed our wedding celebrations and those memories we will share for years to come. Your presence, your kind words and gifts were very much appreciated. We Love You All!!!

s U m o r F

Samuel & Gillian (S&G forever) xxx



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