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August 15th 2015 |


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CJS Bride: Charlotte Jane Spurway

A hair stylist, make-up artist and a father’s tears all contributed to the final vision that met Tom at the aisle, but just how did this bride prepare?


harlotte’s make-up artist was Amy’s Make Up Box who also transformed the bridesmaids and mothers of both the bride and groom. “My make-up was quite subtle on the eyes with rouge red lipstick to match my rouge nails. We used my favourite coloured gel and lipstick as I thought that despite it being my wedding day, I should still essentially remain me.” The bridesmaids make-up was a reverse of the bride’s, darker, vibrant eyes with soft natural lips. They were truly the ying to Charlotte’s yang! The chosen hair stylist was RachelLouise from The Retreat. Selecting a half up, half down style, Charlotte’s hair was twisted around the front to flow into an ‘over one shoulder’ creation. The remainder was lightly curled with a gorgeous head piece called ‘India’ from Britten featuring

a silver hair vine with fresh water pearls throughout. This could be bent and shaped to Charlotte’s head and really stood out as a focal piece of the look. Despite the recent resurgence of ‘The Veil’, fashion forward Charlotte decided against wearing one as she explains, “I decided not to wear a veil as every time I tried one on, I felt like I was on-set in a horror film as the killer bride-not a good look!” Charlotte’s dress was a piece by award-winning designer Madeline Issac James. “I saw one of her dresses in a magazine and loved it, so booked an appointment and took my Mum, Dad and Katie with me. I tried on several before I found ‘The One’, not the one I originally drove there for, but my perfect wedding dress! It was a very strange feeling, and the decision to actually pick one was very hard! However, when I saw a tear in my Dad’s eye I knew it had to be, and I’d found it!”

Get the look: A stunningly classic and elegant silk gown, boasting a fitted sweetheart neckline with empire waistline and low cut back. A classic long train with shiny pearl buttons placed from the top of the dress through to the end of the train finished the ensemble

Beauty Details


Top Left; Maid of Honour and best friend Phoebe Patterson Right; Kylie Springall, Tom’s sister Far Right; Bridesmaids dazzling in Two Birds bridesmaid dresses in heather. A flattering multiwrap dress which can be worn a minimum of 15 ways, the one shouldered Grecian design, gave all the ladies an elegant and chic silhouette


August 15th 2015 |

’ve known Charlotte since we were four years old. We went to primary school together and have stayed friends ever since. I have always called her ‘Char’ and always will (much to her protests!), she always wanted me to call her ‘Charlie’, but it never seemed right - she is my Char! When we were growing up, I always picture us together at her immaculate house eating delicious food (it’s still the same now even in her and Tom’s house!), being welcomed so warmly by her mum and dad (Jane and William AKA SPUD). During primary school, we both loved sports. Char was a fab swimmer and sprinter and obviously so was I! This didn’t go down too well with Char’s competitiveness during sports day the Mohicans VS the Siouxs! Despite Charlotte’s sporty background, she was also a bit “badass” and we had so many funny times together and naughty ones! Oh... and let’s not forget the parties! Boy, could her family host a good party - we used to have a ball at her house-parties. We shared our first Bacardi Breezer and WKD through a straw, got drunk together, fell over together, threw up together (no wait, that was probably just me, Char wouldn’t do such a thing - she could handle it!) - Phoe xxxx Love you both!


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Boys The

Groom: Tom Morris Springall


Supporting the cause; University friend Hamish, Charlotte’s brother Luke and ex-Navy comrade and Best man Kev show Tom how it’s done

The man of the day Tom Springall was ready to take this momentous step surrounded by his supportive groomsmen. Best man Kev Keen shares why he thinks this couple is pretty special


ast memories that stand out to me about this couple...? Well a perfect example of their harmony and “oneness” might be the time a few years ago, when Charlotte was visiting Tom at Uni. Everyone’s mood was high and jovial, and the topic of conversation drifted towards the time when the two of them used to spar at Tae Kwon Do. During one of their playsparring sessions, each boasting how they could best the other, and both ultra competitive -the silly sods punched each other directly in the fists. Yes that’s right, like in the movies where the tough hero beats the bad guy by meeting the punch with a punch of their own. Except I don’t recall it hurting the hero that much. I can only imagine they were in pain, as they spent the next few minutes nursing throbbing hands and raw knuckles. I found it funny as hell, and it still makes me chuckle to this day, but it also serves to remind me of why no matter how turbulent their battles are, when it comes down to it, they in some unique way are destined to be joined, like the meeting of two fists.

I’m really delighted that Tom and Charlotte have found each other and that they’ve been able to find such happiness. I couldn’t have wished for a better friend. Since meeting whilst in the Navy, Tom’s more like a brother and I’m honoured to support him as best man, may they have a long and successful union, they both deserve it. - Kev x | August 15th 2015




Having piloted a couple of kamikaze suicide missions with Dad in tow, this daughter couldn’t imagine sharing this moment with anyone else apart from her father, William


ver the years, Charlotte has attempted to kill both herself and her dad in a few accidents, the first being when Charlotte was a small child. One sunny afternoon sat on her dad’s bicycle, Charlotte decided to stick her little boot in between the spokes of the wheel and launched both herself and her father into the air, landing in a heap on the main road! Luckily Charlotte’s first attempt failed! The second episode happened a lot later in life, only a year or so before the wedding. After a Saturday full of Christmas shopping, Charlotte and her dad decided to drive up the motorway to watch the new Hobbit movie.

However, they didn’t quite make it, as Charlotte aquaplaned the vehicle and managed to roll the entire car over about four times, landing upside down in the central reservation of the M5! Her dad dragged her to safety, and again they both managed to escape with only scratches and superficial bruising. William still remembers to this day that Charlotte sent him back to save her handbag from the crash! Both were ok thankfully, and still swap war stories today. | August 15th 2015


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O L S ’





August 15th 2015 |

Love Birds

United C

harlotte came into my brother’s life as a beautiful young lady who was fun, outgoing and a breath of fresh air that swept Tom off his feet. A young lady who was willing to except the challenges of a long distance relationship which over the years has been testing for

them both. I once thought it was impossible for someone to love my brother as much as I do, but the love Charlotte shows is unconditional. She is a beautiful person both in and out and I believe a friend for life. -Kylie Springall, Sister of the Groom

It has been a wonderful seven years getting to know you both and seeing you together.

The first time I ever saw Tom was in our first year of Uni and Tom was at yours, and I thought to myself ‘Blimey who’s that chap? Is that Charlie’s boyfriend?! He looks a bit old for her!’ Hahaha! Sorry Tom! You’ve built a fabulous life together and I wish you all the happiness and joy for the future. Love you both lots. -Katie, Bridesmaid

Left; The three bridesmaids, Kylie and Katie undertook speeches in the ceremony, and Phoebe’s speech took place during the wedding breakfast Right; Emerging triumphantly, Tom clasps his new wife to his side | August 15th 2015



LOVE Kisses


ather of the Bride, William was a bit worse for wear by the end of his speech. Each time he started to get emotional, he would pause, make a toast to the couple and take a huge swig of Merlot to compose himself before continuing! This happened repeatedly and became a standing joke throughout the speech, with everybody shouting, ‘To Tom & Charlotte!’ whilst he drank. Cheers Dad!


Spring 2013 | | August 15th 2015

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A Love

Renewed S

peeches are always a wonderful way for emotions and sentiments to be expressed. The couple were especially moved by the Father of the Bride’s tribute. “When Charlotte arrived in our lives, we were not ready for this whirlwind, and every day was a challenge. Dressing her was a battle, feeding was messy and nappy changing was a scene from a Bear Grills programme as he’s grappling with a crocodile! The teenage years came along and she dressed as a witch, listened to a noise that was supposed to be music, vibrating down the stairs and going to weekend parties with Phoebe who was in on those antics at that time. Pretty sure a bit of this and a bit of that was done! But I was always glad to get the call to pick them up from those house parties - Dad to the rescue!

“Tom is a great guy and will strive to achieve in his chosen career whilst being Charlotte’s husband. As a team, they can combine their strengths and look forward to a loving future” Slowly those times passed by, thank God! Whilst concentrating on her studies, Tae Kwon Do became her release, and always needing a challenge she had to find a black belt to reign her in, which happened to be Tom! Well done Tom! Well, every session was fight night! We all know how Tom likes a challenge, and that challenge knocked him out! It became not love at first sight, but love at first fight! So Tom arrived in our lives and we did not see much of him to start with as he was travelling with the Navy. I myself dabbled in Tae Kwon Do but after watching Tom perform, I soon ascertained he might be too much of a challenge, so I thought Squash would be a good leveller! However, as his surname suggests, it was like playing Go-Go Gadget man and Spider man combined! After these silly sports, I thought it was perhaps best to share a bottle of Port and introduce Tom to Stilton! I’m truly delighted to introduce him - William Spurway, into our family.” Father of the Bride

The couple’s wedding transport was Tom’s vintage green mini trike which was first built with his late Father.Tom wanted to incorporate the trike in memory of his dad and feel that he was still part of the day and there in spirit.




Summer 2015 |

From rambunctious children and moody teens to considerate adults, this couple’s humble beginnings revealed...


ur very first memorable moment of Charlotte was when I was rushed down to the operating theatre to have an emergency C-section. When I woke up, they handed me a little bundle in a blue blanket. I had been convinced all through the pregnancy that I was having a little girl and I can remember my husband telling me the hospital had run out of pink blankets and it was indeed a beautiful little girl! Another proud memory was watching Charlotte compete in her first Tae Kwon Do competition. This was hard as parents, but one fight stands out from all the rest‌ Looking down from the balcony, Charlotte was fighting a larger girl. Both were fighting well when all of a sudden this girl punched Charlotte directly in the face! Charlotte turned around and looked up at us as if she was going to cry, but after she was checked out by the referee she entered the ring once more and did a 360 turning kick and won the fight! This was a very proud - Jane Spurway, moment for us all! Mother of the Bride | August 15th 2015


Tom was an adorable child, full of fun, always lively and very mischievious.

-Nicky Springall



Love T

hen asked to write something about my son and daughter in-law, I wondered how I would confine all the memories and stories I have into such few words. As you know, Tom and Charlotte’s mutual passion for Tae Kwon Do is where their love story begins, and how Charlotte was introduced to our family. At only 16, Charlotte was a very outgoing, beautiful young lady and my son’s instant love for her was soon apparent. But don’t be fooled, she could certainly hold her own both inside and out of the Tae Kwon Do ring!

om; you are the first of my two children to get married and I couldn’t be oozing with more pride. Both your father and I have been so proud of the gentleman you have turned into, you are a truly wonderful son. -Mum

MATTERS Charlotte’s ability to hold a conversation and debate about subjects she felt strongly towards was something my late husband Kev had a lot of respect for, (even if he disagreed immensely) which if you knew him, took a lot of doing! I am very proud of what both Tom and Charlotte have achieved over the years, both qualifying from university, and now having really good jobs. Though if you had said to us that Tom would go to university when at school, we would have said you were talking about the wrong boy, as he was always the class clown and none of his teachers thought he would amount to anything, how wrong they were! I wish you both all the best and I love you both to bits!

- Nicky Springall, Mother of the Groom

We L

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Your Event Your Magazine

Commission your very own luxury heirloom magazine to capture all of your fabulous memories.

Not only did they receive a gospel performance, this lucky couple also won their very own magazine heirloom...


more sweeter love story couldn’t be found; Tom and Charlotte, a badass Tae Kwon Do loving ninja couple who have both had their share of love and loss balanced with a long distance relationship! As fans of love and history, the It’s My Magazine team were delighted to capture Tom and Charlotte’s story within their very own magazine, and so here we are today. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries and new births, It’s My Magazine is the ideal memento for couples seeking to capture and preserve their slice of history for the enjoyment of future generations. Founded by mother and daughter duo Pauline and Krystle, the idea of recording stories came about

entirely by chance. “My great grandmother was best friends with Bob Marley’s mother so growing up we had all of these great stories about this icon and his interaction with our family. I’d always promised to write her life story, but life just got in the way. Until she passed away suddenly, and that was all of our family history gone because nothing had been written down. I remember thinking that there must be a way that ordinary people can capture extraordinary tales, without being ultra rich or famous. So that’s where It’s My Magazine started, documenting life stories, before moving into love stories. We were delighted to collaborate with Gospel Essence and create a beautiful testimony of Tom and Charlotte’s story as they’re a gorgeous couple who deserve a lifetime of love and happiness.”

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Your love story, captured within copies of your very own bespoke luxury magazine Copies available from 10-1000 0203 086 8982. | NOVEMBER 2015


Love Birds Just how did a forgotten dating anniversary and a trip to Bath turn into a romantic proposal...?


he big proposal occurred on the couple’s anniversary of eight years, on April 1st 2014. Charlotte had completely forgotten the significant date that morning and awoke to a card and flowers before she went to work. Tom had already informed her that they were due to go Go-karting after school, and Charlotte had excitedly accepted. As they say however, ‘true love never runs smooth’ and during work, Charlotte suddenly remembered that she’d had an after school end of term meeting booked and could no longer get away at 3pm. Luckily, Tom made out that something awful had happened, and left a voicemail on her phone. Charlotte ran out of school and left the meeting for the emergency, and received an elusive text message with a postcode. She then sped to Bath where she met Tom who surprise surprise, was waiting beside…a hot air balloon! Tom shouted “Happy Anniversary!” and none the wiser, a delighted Charlotte clamoured on board ready to enjoy the ride.



Until half way through the balloon ride when mustering his best romantic capabilities he muttered… “I better get on with this…” Then, summoning his best contortion skills, Tom somehow managed to get down on one knee in the small basket and proposed with Charlotte’s grandparent’s engagement ring. To his surprise, she grabbed both cheeks, kissed him and called him a ‘little shit!’ It wasn’t until the balloon Captain gently interrupted and said, “I think you should give him an answer” as Tom was still kneeling on the basket floor that Charlotte cried “Yes!” A well prepared Tom had a bottle of Champagne and flute glasses at the ready as well as some little Easter cupcakes too! Tom explains “I had a small bottle of champagne tucked away inside my rucksack to hide from Charlotte, but to my surprise the balloon pilot already had a massive bottle of champagne hidden away, which made mine look miniscule!” Once the newly engaged couple had landed back in Bristol, Charlotte immediately rang and told her parents, (whom of course already knew, as Tom had asked for her dad’s blessing for her hand in marriage the previous weekend in the garden shed!), then many, many, many phone calls later, lots more kisses and of course a picture of the rock on Facebook and the couple were engaged- result!





tor | August 15th 2015



♥ ♥


Taking place at the stunning St Audries Park in Taunton, Somerset, the couple engaged a distinctly vintage feel to their wedding’s special touches. From beautiful table settings to rustic wellies as flowerpots, the theming matched the natural elegance and sophistication of this historic country manor house.


Spring 2013 |

Many rooms with many views St Audries provided the perfect backdrop. Located within 100 acres of tranquil deer park, overlooking the rolling Quantock Hills, this fairytale manor house is romantically picture perfect


GOSPEL Essence Competition


Gospel Essence &

Naked Choir


Whilst preparing for the lovely Springall wedding, Gospel Essence were secretly filming the captivating BBC2 series. TV show The Naked Choir followed Gareth Malone’s search for the UK’s most entertaining a cappella group.


cappella supergroup Gospel Essence were excited to work with It’s My Magazine to offer one fabulous couple the chance to capture a wedding in a truly innovative way. “It was difficult to select the finalists, but when we met Charlotte she left an impression on us. Her touching story about the untimely passing of Tom’s father a mere two weeks after becoming engaged made her a worthy addition to the shortlist. The competition was steep, but Tom and Charlotte clinched the prize from the front-runners in the last few hours. The support of their friends and family illustrates how special they think their love is”. Rebecca, uniquely arranged each of their chosen songs for the choir to create a personal soundtrack to their most special day: “The venue and the setting were gorgeous, so we hope that we were able to complement their day and help make it unforgettable for both them as well as their guests. May they share a long and happy union, they are both so deserving”.

Filming, rehearsing for the wedding and supporting the multi Grammy Award-winning, gospel legend Kirk Franklin made for an unforgettable summer. Gospel Essence reached the last 5 of 300 applicants - not bad for their first competition! For more, contact Rebecca at

We Could Not Have

Done This Alone


he couple would like to say a huge thank you to Jane Bryant for making a gorgeous cake for their wedding gift. Jane has been a very good friend of the Springall family ever since Tom was a young child. She did joke and say they could have whatever they wanted as long as it wasn’t over six tiers!! Striking and elegant, the creation featured vast amounts of intricate beading and detailing on the icing to match with Charlotte’s love of pearls and classic styling.

A big thank you to Charlotte’s Auntie Judith! Once a professional cake maker in her spare time, she was soon persuaded to create some very detailed and pretty cupcakes! Following the theme of soft pastels, eight different styles of cupcakes were created featuring bows, roses and mini chocolate balls. Each came in it’s own pretty personalised box with individual name tags. Tom reveals, “All of our close friends and family worked so hard to help us to achieve the day of our dreams”.

A NightOf Love

My most memorable moment was finally having Tom to myself for 10 minutes where we left our guests and went and sat on a stone bench in the grounds and just cuddled, kissed and took a moment to absorb all of the fantastic events that had taken place so far in the day.

-Charlotte Springall

ur most memorable moment together was actually when we were taking our vows and holding hands throughout. “I promise to give you my love and friendship, to be there for you when you need me the most. To laugh with you, to cry with you, and to confide in you, to trust you, to comfort you, to support you, all that I have, I share with you.” However, in the evening was where we really came alive and had finally got used to the surrealness of it all. --Tom Springall



Days Forfeits for the Stag! The loser would have to strip naked and walk the plank over the lake! Tom didn’t come last but ended up getting naked with Ant (who lost) and walking the plank anyway


August 15th 2015 |


night out with the boys is always a welcome prospect, especially when you have thirteen mates in attendance. From a campside BBQ to a day riding the waves white-water rafting, quad biking and archery, this trip couldn’t be more action packed if they’d landed in Syria. A lap dance from a well-endowed, black male stripper was an unsual end to a great day.



Girls On Top Clay pidgeon shooting, lap dancing, canapes and cocktails, what better way for sixteen women to spend a hen trip...?


Nights harlotte’s ladies really came out in full force to join her for a hen party extravaganza. Beginning in a hot tub in Hafod Lodge, Cardiff the next night involved a Pimms infused slumber party where games, shots and gossip were shared aplenty. The next day was a fun packed day of clay pidgeon shooting pefect for a war wounded flock of hens!



Bliss A ten night break in the South of France was the honeymoon destination of choice for the Springalls, where a post-wedding diet of red wine, cheese and bread was just what the doctor ordered...


om and Charlotte wanted their first trip as a married couple to really be a restful break in the heart of rustic sophistication. A hidden gem nestled at the edge of the natural reserve of the Camargue, the picturesque Mas de la Fouque is situated on two kilometres of deserted beach. Where else can you find black and white swans, wild ducks and a perky parrot called Marius in residence?

In terms of activities, the couple decided upon a more laid back approach, Charlotte explains, “We wanted a relaxing holiday where we could just take some time out to be together. We spent most days by the pool, soaking up the sun and drinking champagne! An August trip, the taste of the high life was definitely well deserved for this hard working couple, and the south of France was their ideal spot for a

romantic get away; Tom reveals, “We wanted a peaceful and hassle-free holiday which Europe tends to be the best at offering! We have always loved the south of France and the delicious and varied cuisine it offers. Plus we also wanted to visit the Champagne region of France, which was located only a short drive away.� A chance to recover from the rigors of wedding planning, this was a destination they would happily revisit.

The couple were delighted with their suite with memorable features including their exquisite four-poster drift wood bed, huge central bath and monsoon shower | August 15th 2015



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