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The wood energy Trail

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Particularity : a bi-fuel boiler (logs and wood chips).

Andelot en Montagne : using wood energy from the land A small-scale community boiler

Andelot en Montagne

Fuel supply

The forest is very important to the inhabitants of the little village of Andelot en Montagne. At the Angonnet farming collective, surrounded by the forest, wood is the product that the owners turn to naturally. They have always



Jura Department

The fuel for the boiler is produced by the owners or delivered by a professional. In the first case, the farm rents a mobile shredder which is then attached to a tractor, so that wood can be ground where it is collected after clearing. The annual consumption of shredded wood chips is 90 m3. The silo is equipped with a rotating base, diameter 4 m, with flexible blades for emptying the fuel from the silo into the fuel extraction screw with an antiblocking system, which transfers the fuel to the boiler.

A bi-fuel boiler : logs / wood chips

Rotating arm for emptying fuel from the silo

Programme of the Jura Department

Information on the community • Altitude : 630 m, • Population : 563 inhabitants, • Forest : 435 hectares.



burned logs for heating, and they recently chose to install an automatic boiler equipped with the latest technical innovations. The boiler heats three homes, a studio and an agricultural outbuilding. The association SITE from Montmorot-39, which provides work for the disadvantaged, has a branch in the village which has access to a wood shredder. This made it possible to produce wood chips from the wood cleared from hedges and the forest. The equipment was put in place in 1998.

View of the boiler

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The building heated by the boiler

The Hargassner boiler chosen has an output of 45 kW and a combustion chamber with underfeed screw. The boiler is equally capable of burning logs and wood chips (maximum moisture content 35 %). The boiler’s fireproof lining stops at the level of the grate where logs are burned, so there is no risk of it being affected by the great changes in temperature. For burning wood chips, the boiler is also equipped with two ventilators: the first for primary air, allowing pyrolysis to take place, the second for the secondary air necessary for a complete combustion of the



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The wood energy Trail

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Feeder silo Rotating arm with flexible blade Transfer screw Feeder screw Automatic lighter Combustion chamber Primary air ventilation Post-combustion chamber Secondary air ventilation Heat exchanger Chimney Point of departure for the heating network System controls cupboard Mobile grate for ash removal Ash clearing screw Ash container Access to heat exchanger for ash removal


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The wood shredder

Information on financing • Total cost of the investment : - Equipment for the boiler : 24,803 € before tax, - Civil engineering costs of the silo : 7,775 € before tax, - Total cost : 32,578 € before tax.


Programme of the Jura Department

ITEBE - European Technical Institute for Wood Energy 28, boulevard Gambetta - BP 149 F-39004 Lons-le-Saunier Cedex Tel.+33 (0)3 84 47 81 00-Fax.+33 (0)3 84 47 81 19 E-mail: - Web:

Alain Gold (fitter) Chevrette - F-58170 Millay Tel. +33 (0)3 86 30 12 05 - Fax. +33 (0)3 86 30 07 62 Hargassner (manufacturer) A-4952 Weng OÖ Tél. +43 (0)77 23 52 74 - Fax. +43 (0)77 23 52 745


Forest wood chips


ADEME (French energy agency) 13, chemin des Prés de Vaux F-25000 Besançon Tel. +33 (0)3 81 47 96 81 - Fax. +33 (0)3 81 61 16 81

• Contractor : Angonnet farming collective

This factsheet was designed by AJENA as part of the Altener wood energy programme, financed by the European Union (DG XVII), the Jura Department (programme contractor), ADEME (the French energy agency), AJENA (Jura association for the promotion of renewable energies), ASEB (Swiss association for wood energy), and the Styrian Chamber of Agriculture (Austria).

• Financial partnership as part of the Wood Energy and Local Development Plan : Jura Department and the French Energy Agency (12 %).

Lons-le-Saunier - France

gas produced. The secondary air is preheated in crossing the hot fireproof lining. The logs are burned by forced draught, or even reverse draught since the grate is placed above the fireproof lining. Finally, the boiler has an automatic lighter which means the boiler can stop automatically when it has not been in use for a while. The ash is cleared automatically by means of a mobile grate and a screw which transports the ashes to a receptacle on the front of the boiler.

For visits, contact : M. & Mme Angonnet Rue de la gare - F-39110 Andelot en Montagne Tel. +33 (0)3 84 51 45 57 To receive copies of the other factsheets in this series, contact : (see address above)


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mml burned logs for heating, and they recently chose to install an automatic boiler equipped with the latest technical innovations. The boil...