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Your Zakat is an amanah (trust) and obligation, and we want to ensure this is a transparent and trusted experience for you.

This is why we’ve highlighted some

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What Does Zakat in Trusted Hands Mean?

Did you know? We follow a scholarverified Zakat Policy to ensure our Zakat activities have maximum impact and are executed in full accordance with the teachings of Islam.

What’s a scholar-verified policy? It’s our policy to ensure Islamic principles are consistently adhered to every step of the way, from project design and community fundraising discussions to project implementation. Ultimately, it enables us to fulfill our obligation and the trust we owe to you as a donor in the best way possible.

At Islamic Relief, your Zakat is not just a simple transaction but rather a means to uplift and transform We identify those well below Nisab, working with the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable to help bring immediate relief, alleviate poverty and protect the rights of those in need.

You can trust that each of the listed projects in this catalogue has a zakateligible component, funding some of our most crucial work with people and communities living in disaster, poverty and conflict zones.

Learn more about our Zakat Policy 3 2


Zakat Catalogue







These are just some of the countries where we implement our Zakat-eligible projects! Give your amount with confidence knowing that your Zakat is transforming lives in all the ways listed here.

Accessible Support

Education Support

Emergency Support

Income Generation

Maternal Health

Palestine Support

Water & Sanitation

Where Most Needed

5 4

Safe Water and Hygiene Awareness

Sunamganj and Jamalpur are disaster-prone districts facing extreme difculties accessing safe drinking water due to poverty. Working alongside local communities, we are installing 200 deep-set pumps and 200 shallow tube wells, hosting hygiene awareness sessions, assembling local task forces to support the upkeep of water infrastructure, and distributing hygiene kits.

Your Zakat can improve access to clean water, sustain the livelihoods of all who depend on this agricultural land, reduce vulnerability to disease, and improve overall well-being.

Zakat Eligible Cost


$520 can construct one shallow tube water well to provide water for 6 families

$1,180 can construct one deep set pump water well to provide water for 10 families

*Please note that custom inscriptions or personalized reporting for water wells are not applicable to donations given through our catalogue, which will go towards funding Zakat-eligible water wells at large. For more personalized options, please donate through or contact us at 855-377-4673 .

7 6

Sustainable Livelihoods Through Islamic Social Enterprise

More than 4 years after an earthquake struck Central Sulawesi and triggered a devastating tsunami, communities in the region are still grappling to rebuild their livelihoods. Alongside the distribution of food packs, shelter, and hygiene kits as part of our emergency response in the region, Islamic Relief is providing long-term development support through sustainable livelihood assistance.

Your Zakat can directly provide families with cash grants, and help them gain operational support through training, mentorship and business incubation via self-help groups, and business inputs.

Zakat Eligible Cost


$500 can provide a business start-up grant to one family to create a sustainable livelihood

9 8

Clean Water & Sanitation Support for Displaced Families

Over 1 million displaced persons and returnees in Iraq urgently require water, sanitation, and hygiene support. Islamic Relief is enhancing access to safe drinking water through water trucking as well as maintaining water distribution networks across 3 camps. We are also building bathrooms, maintaining sewage systems, and facilitating the proper removal of waste within the camps.

Your Zakat will help improve the well-being of vulnerable displaced people in Erbil, Iraq, by providing life-saving support, building a cleaner environment, and reducing health risks and waterborne diseases.


Zakat Eligible Cost $200 $640 $1,450 can support the maintenance of existing water facilities, supply networks and water storage tanks can provide water trucking for a week to a camp for displaced people can install an inclusive latrine designed for people with disabilities for vulnerable floodaffected families

11 10

Fueling Economic Futures for Youth

Jordan hosts 1.4 million Syrian refugees, many of whom struggle to make ends meet. The country’s resources have been stretched thin in recent years, resulting in heightened poverty for Jordanians and Syrians alike.

This project focuses on youth of all ages in the regions of North Irbid, Karak, and Zarqa through the rehabilitation of schools, construction of playgrounds, and entrepreneurship skills training. Your Zakat will strengthen resilience among vulnerable Syrian refugees and Jordanians to help tackle the root causes of poverty in the region.

Zakat Eligible Cost


$250 can provide essential education supplies to 10 refugee students

$1,200 can cover the costs of a 6-week English language and job support training for one vulnerable youth

13 12

Agriculture Growth Potential

In Kosovo, agriculture is one of the main contributors to its economy. Yet, this crucial sector faces various challenges, including limited access to finance and the need for infrastructure improvements. We aim to support farmers in the Kosovo municipalities of Gjilan, Han i Elezit, Kacanik, and Podujeva, by providing vulnerable families with livestock, water wells, greenhouses, and agricultural machines and tools!

Your Zakat will provide families with sustainable livelihoods, increased food security, and income-generating activities to develop new skills and become self-sufcient.

Zakat Eligible Cost


$250 can provide one family with 40 chickens and poultry farming support to support sustainable income

$2,000 can provide a farming greenhouse to support sustainable agriculture and income generation for an impoverished family

15 14

Food Assistance in Bekaa

In response to growing food insecurity in Lebanon, exacerbated by the ongoing financial crisis, disasters, and rising cost of food globally, we aim to build resilience and provide food packs and vouchers to those in most need. We are specifically reaching women, children, the elderly and those in poverty living within the Bekaa area, to meet their immediate food needs and continue to provide access to essential food supplies throughout the year.

Your Zakat has the power to ensure no child sleeps hungry in this blessed month, that there is food on the table, and families do not fall further into poverty.

Zakat Eligible Cost


$410 can provide food supplies or vouchers to help increase food security for a vulnerable family for 12 months

17 16

Harnessing Opportunities for Poverty Eradication

Niger is among the poorest countries in the world, with its people highly vulnerable to economic shocks, health crises and natural disasters.

This project aims to support communities in Niamey, Niger through solar water system installations, education and training, and financial start-up support and capital. This is with the aim of moving ultra-poor households on an upward trajectory out of poverty, gradually improving their living conditions and future prospects.

Your Zakat will uplift vulnerable households through food security and nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene, social inclusion and protection, and livelihood support!

Zakat Eligible Cost


$90 $180 $330 $700 can provide a hygiene kit or voucher to support an impoverished family with life essentials can provide prenatal health consultation training or malnutrition screening and prevention training to community and health workers can provide skills development, tuition, monthly stipends and internship opportunities for youth can provide 1 nutritional rehabilitation leader with training on Infant Young Child Feeding (IYCF), Essential Family Practices (EFP), and Maternal Health

19 18

Flood Recovery in Sindh and Balochistan

After Pakistan’s worst climate disaster in a decade, our ef orts are focused on providing livelihood assistance, establishing disaster risk reduction teams, and rehabilitating water infrastructure. Islamic Relief is constructing water systems and hand pumps, distributing water storage kits, conducting hygiene awareness sessions, and rehabilitating facilities in schools.

Your Zakat can uplift flood-af ected communities through increasing access to clean drinking water, better-equipped and disabilityfriendly sanitation facilities, and improved hygiene practices.

Zakat Eligible Cost


$90 $500 $750 $1,450 can provide a water storage kit to a floodaffected family can provide a business start-up grant to one floodaffected family to create a sustainable livelihood can provide assistive devices and rehabilitation services for people with disabilities can install an inclusive latrine designed for people with disabilities for vulnerable flood-affected families

21 20

Emergency Relief for Gaza

Islamic Relief is on the ground in Gaza, delivering daily Zakat-eligible ready-to-eat meals and have so far distributed over 5.2 million meals, as well as other aid such as hygiene kits, food packs, bedding, and psychosocial support for children. But the enormity of the crisis means that much more is needed.

Your Zakat can help deliver lifesaving relief and essentials to the people of Gaza. We are focused first on areas that are accessible and where our teams can obtain and deliver aid, working with local partners to reach as many people as possible.

*Please note that our immediate activities can be subject to change due to the nature of the situation. In the case of any changes to our planned activities, your donation will then fund diferent Zakat-eligible activities to continue bringing relief to the people of Gaza.

$500,000+ Zakat Eligible Cost



$550 $780 can supply life-saving hot meals to feed 50 people can provide life-saving food supplies to feed 5 families for 2 weeks

can provide life-saving hygiene or bedding kits to 15 families can provide first aid psycho-social support for 1 week to shelters for displaced people

23 22

Flood Recovery in Beledweyne

Recent flooding in Beledweyne, Somalia, amidst years of conflict and instability, has displaced over 70,000 people and left them without access to life-saving essentials. Islamic Relief aims to improve the livelihood of flood-af ected and vulnerable communities through a multisectoral response.

Your Zakat provides rights-holders with unconditional cash transfers, shelter items, hygiene kits, and jerry cans for water collection. Your support has the power to strengthen community-level resilience and transform lives!

Zakat Eligible Cost


$90 can provide a water storage kit or living essentials to a floodaffected family

$280 can provide an emergency cash grant to one family to help meet their immediate needs

25 24

1-1 Orphan Sponsorship

Your kindness transforms lives

We believe that every child deserves a positive start in life and the hope for a bright future. Our Orphan Sponsorship program supports orphaned children af ected by war, poverty and sickness, of ering them the chance for a better future.

Through a true one-to-one sponsorship, your monthly donation continuously goes to the same orphan, to care for their basic needs and well-being. Your support is life-saving and gives them a real opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their families.

Your monthly gift provides the necessary financial aid to help the child as well as their family.

You will be paired with an orphan in need from 20+ countries worldwide

Afghanistan · Albania · Bangladesh

Bosnia · Ethiopia · India · Indonesia

Iraq · Jordan · Kenya · Kosova

Lebanon · Malawi · Mali · Niger

Pakistan · Palestine (Gaza)

Somalia · South Africa · Sri Lanka

Sudan · Syria · Turkiye · Yemen

Sponsor An Orphan $90/month

How It Works


Visit us at orphans or call 1-855-377-4673 to start your sponsorship.


Get paired with an orphan or family in need within a few weeks of your donation being processed.


You’ll receive an initial report that outlines the current status of your orphan and a progress report every 12-15 months.

*For Zakat eligibility purposes, we may pair you with Muslim-only orphans

27 26

Give Where Most Needed

If you can’t decide where to donate your Zakat, we encourage you to simply give it where it’s most needed!

By donating to our general Zakat fund, you’re funding our most crucial work and can be assured it will bring relief for countless people in need.

Thank you for trusting us with your Zakat, and we look forward to delivering it in the most ef ective manner.

How to Donate Your Zakat

Scan the QR code below to give where most needed!

Large Zakat Gifts

Thank you for strengthening your Zakat impact with Islamic Relief! Here are some examples of Zakateligible project components that your gift could fund.

$5,000 can provide increased cash support to support special needs for one extremely vulnerable Gazan family in Turkiye $28,500 can rehabilitate and maintain one public school that has been affected by the Syrian crisis and is in urgent need of infrastructure improvements in Jordan $55,000 can construct a solarpowered borehole well with a water supply system benefiting 2,000 people in Niger

To help ensure your large Zakat gift is allocated to the project you intend or for further options, we encourage you to contact us. We will be happy to provide any support beforehand, and confirm your Zakat allocation once you’ve made your donation.

How to Donate Large Zakat Gifts

Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with our Major Gifts team 855-377-4673

29 28

The Difference Yr Zakat Makes

Your Zakat is so often the gift of life itself and we take special care to reach those who are most at risk. With your support, we can sustain the costs of our Zakat-eligible programs to bring relief and hope to so many vulnerable people across the world.

Not only will your donation mean that people benefit immediately, but so many of our programs provide rights-holders the tools to support themselves and pass on to the next generation, and the benefit will be ongoing.

This means the effect of your one donation will be multiplied to help family after family access food, medical care, clean water, and education in a dignified manner for years to come!

Jazakum Allahu Khairan, we look forward to making a difference in the world with you!

31 30
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