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IPCRI Program  Manager     The   Israel/Palestine   Center   for   Research   and   Information   is   a   joint   Israeli-­‐ Palestinian   action-­‐oriented   think   tank   that   is   committed   to   ending   the   occupation  and  promoting  a  just  and  sustainable  solution  to  the  conflict.  To  that   end,   IPCRI   works   in   the   fields   of   research   and   information,   conflict   transformation  and  environmental  issues.     IPCRI   is   currently   looking   for   a   Program   Manager   that   can   start   as   soon   as   possible.   The   program   manager   will   be   responsible   for   the   implementation   IPCRI's   strategic   plan,   development   of   IPCRI’s   programs   and   the   day-­‐to-­‐day   management  of  office  activities  in  relation  to  the  ongoing  projects.  The  program   manager   is   the   third   member   of   the   upper   management   team,   which   includes   an   Israeli  and  a  Palestinian  co-­‐director.   The   position   is   fulltime   and   based   in   East   Jerusalem.   A   prospective   candidate   must  show  a  commitment  to  stay  with  IPCRI  for  several  years.     A  candidate  with  proven  experience  in  the  local  NGO  sector  is  highly  preferred,   especially   successful   project   development   and   fundraising   is   important   for   this   position.   And   the   successful   candidate   must   be   completely   fluent   in   Hebrew,   Arabic  and  English.   For   work   purposes   the   candidate   will   be   required   to   occasionally   travel   to   different  locations  in  Palestine  and  Israel  and  sporadically  attend  events  outside   of  working  hours.     Responsibilities:   Program  development:   • • •

Identify partnership  and  funding  opportunities   Project  development   Project  planning  

Resource development:   • • • •

Respond to  funding  opportunities   Proposal  writing     Online  and  offline  fundraising   Donor  relations  

Communication and  outreach:   • •

Develop communication  and  outreach  plans   Coordinate  all  online  and  offline  communication  and  outreach  activities  


• • •

Supervise and  manage  a  team  of  interns   Manage  small  to  medium  sized  projects   Monitoring  and  evaluation  of  projects  

Requirements:   • • • • • • • •

Personal commitment  to  end  the  occupation  and  contribute  to  a  just  and   sustainable  solution  to  the  Israeli/Palestinian  conflict.     Native  Hebrew  or  Arabic  speaker  with  full  proficiency  in  Hebrew,  Arabic   and  English  (both  verbal  and  written).   University  degree  in  a  relevant  field.   At  least  3  to  5  years  of  work  experience  in  a  local  or  international  NGO.   Demonstrated  successful  project  development  and  fundraising.   Experience  in  proposal  writing  and  donor  relations.   Experience  in  project  or  office  management.     Legal  resident  of  Israel  or  Palestine  prior  to  application.  

Necessary skills:   • • • • •

Excellent writer   Self-­‐motivated  independent  worker   Good  analytical  abilities  and  strategic  thinker   Enjoy  tackling  complex  problems  and  situations  pro-­‐actively   Excellent  interpersonal  and  intercultural  skills  

To  apply:   Applications  are  reviewed  on  a  rolling  basis.  For  application  please  provide:   • • •

CV in  English   Letter  of  motivation  in  English,  Hebrew  and  Arabic   3  references  (names  and  phone  numbers)    

Send to   above   to   Mirthe   Biemans:   with   ‘IPCRI   Management   Trainee’  in  the  subject  line  of  the  email  BEFORE  Wednesday  March  6th.   Please  only  apply  if  you  meet  all  requirements.  No  phone  calls  about  the  position   please.  We  will  confirm  receiving  your  application.       Previous  applicants  need  not  apply  again.        

IPCRI Program Manager vacancy  
IPCRI Program Manager vacancy  

New deadline: apply before March 6th.