ipcm n. 77 | September-October 2022

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Flocculated paint accumulating during the paint overspray treatment process.


KleerAid® EZ Treat 2.0 − Atotech’s Highly Sustainable, Efficient, and Cost-effective Answer to Paint-overspray Treatment Sylvain Masson MKS Atotech – Berlin (Germany)


Paint wastes are often ‘sticky’ or ‘tacky’ and are very difficult to remove or separate from water streams that are often used to catch the over-spray. Atotech presents its KleerAid® EZ Treat 2.0 technology which improves the handling of existing over-spray and the detackification process.


applicators. The procedure typically involves excessive cleaning

The easiest way to high-performance paint overspray treatment

due to incomplete detackification of solvent-based paints. When

KleerAid® EZ Treat 2.0 is a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective

aint overspray treatment is frequently a challenge for wet paint

water-based paints are mixed into the same system it often results

paint-overspray treatment process that addresses common challenges

in unpleasant odour, excessive foam generation, and sludge with

associated with paint detackification: it reduces the stickiness of paint

high water content. These burdens impact cleaning and maintenance

sludge, generates a lower quantity of waste, improves the overall system

operations and can be a source of increased paint defect rates when

cleanliness, and reduces foam generation.

water circulation systems are no longer able to carry out their dust

The robust KleerAid® EZ Treat 2.0 solution is highly versatile and

control function.

suitable for the most demanding configurations and is therefore the


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