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BAT Group Implemented Rostirolla’s New Hanging Concept for Awning Components Rostirolla developed and supplied BAT Group, an international leading manufacturer of components for outdoor awnings, with a more flexible, efficient, and durable hanging system making operators more autonomous in the management of the material to be loaded on the coating line.


AT Group specialises in the design and manufacture of

BAT’s product range is divided into two macro-categories: parts and

components for outdoor awnings. The company, founded in

systems for various types of awnings and for vertical drop-down blinds.

1983 in the province of Venice, is one of the main world players

Its component portfolio is among the widest and most complete on

in the sector of components and accessories for outdoor blinds and sun

the market: it includes not only standard systems but also customised

screens, with branches not only in Europe (Spain, France, and Sweden),

solutions that are made to measure according to customer needs.

but also overseas, in the United States. With over thirty-five years of

Diversification and product quality have in fact allowed this company to

experience in the field, this industrial group also owns the successful

establish itself on the market; however, they are also one of the aspects

brand KE, with commercial and production offices in Italy, Spain, France,

that make its production cycle more complex and the coating stage

and the United States.

(which plays a strategic role) more difficult to manage.

© Rostirolla

The new hanging concept for awning components supplied by Rostirolla to BAT Group.


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