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The headquarters of Teknos A/S in Vamdrup, Denmark.

Teknos Reduced Energy Consumption by 13% in Its Danish Site Thanks to 20 dataloggers, the Danish site of Teknos managed to cut 1755 tons of CO2 and reduce energy consumption by 13%.


eknos Group has reached one of its sustainability goals:

These data are then measured and analysed, allowing to test

in 2020, the company’s Danish site reduced its energy

different options and make informed decisions.

consumption by 13% in relation to production. Two years

Teknos managed to cut 1755 tons of carbon dioxide while also

prior, Teknos set a target to improve its environmental footprint and

saving tens of thousands of euros in costs in just over two years. This

reduce energy consumption by 5% annually.

reduction is equal to the energy used in one year in 192 homes, or

The Danish site, located in Jutland, produces between 23 and 24

greenhouse gasses emissions from 346 cars for one year.

million litres of water- and solvent-based liquid paints, UV lacquers

“We began datalogging the functions that had the best reduction

and thinners per year. It is almost 25% of the entire Teknos Group’s

potential. The data enables us to improve our processes to operate

production. The site is completely operated on electricity and 70% of

more energy efficiently and detect deficiencies. We also make

it derives from wind energy.

experiments to find new ways of doing things, and the data shows

One of the key elements of this success are 20 dataloggers that

almost immediately the results of these tests”, clarifies Brian Creutz,

monitor and record the use of electricity and natural gas for

Plant Manager of Teknos’ Danish site. “We started seeing the results

ventilation, heat pump, heating of binder tanks and compressor.

enabled by datalogging immediately.


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