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We didn’t make this car for everyone. We engineered it for the daring. The question is - are you one of them?

The all new Audi TT Coupé. You dare or you don’t. Visit Audi Centre Centurion for more information and to book a test drive. Audi Centre Centurion. 1016 Lenchen Ave North, Centurion. Tel: 012 663 2200. *The Audi TTS model will only be available in South Africa later in 2015.


We didn’t make this car for everyone. We engineered it for the daring. The question is - are you one of them?

The all new Audi TT Coupé. You dare or you don’t. Visit Audi Centre Centurion for more information and to book a test drive. Audi Centre Centurion. 1016 Lenchen Ave North, Centurion. Tel: 012 663 2200.

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The History of

April Fool’s Day 1 April was once the New Year’s day in France. In 1582, the Pope replaced the Julian calendar with the Gregorian calendar and New Year’s Day was officially changed to 1 January. Some people heard of the news, but it took some time for everyone in France to hear about the major change. Many continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on the first of April. This earned them the name of ‘April fools’. The tradition was born with the idea to mock and play practical jokes on one another. These pranks were initially called ‘poisson d’avril’ or ‘April fish’ because of the idea that a young naïve fish is easily caught. This created the common ‘April fools’ practice to hook a paper fish on the back of someone as a joke. With this evolving over time, prank-playing became a custom on the first of April.

B r ief timeli n e o f t h e pr ac t ic e o f A p r i l F o o l ’s Da y IN 1989

IN 1933,

Richard Branson, the chairman of Virgin Records, flew a hot air balloon, which had been painted to resemble a UFO, near London. Police were made aware of the incident from drivers who had noticed the UFO floating above a field. As the police walked towards the UFO to investigate, a small door opened and a man walked out, leading them to believe it was an alien. Instead they soon realized who it was.

the “Madison Capital-Times”, in the USA announced that the city’s capitol building had collapsed after a series of strange explosions that they attributed to “large quantities of gas, generated through many weeks of verbose debate in the Senate and Assembly chambers.” Many were outraged, those with a sense of humor laughed.

IN 1957

The jokesters at BBC ran a segment on the coming of spring after a mild winter and what that meant for Swiss farmers. The answer? An unusually large spaghetti crop according to the Museum of Hoaxes, “Huge numbers of viewers were taken in. Many called the BBC wanting to know how they could grow their own spaghetti tree. To this the BBC diplomatically replied, ‘place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best.’”

IN 1997, there was a famous prank about the Internet. According to a famous e-mail, it was going to be cleaned from 31 March to 2 April. The e-mail said that powerful Japanese computers would clean out old e-mail and websites. Everyone was warned not to use the Internet during the cleaning time. Although most people understood that the e-mail was simply an April Fools’ joke, there were many people who believed it and disconnected their computers during that day.

IN 1975

On 1 April 1975, “This Day Tonight”, an Australian television news programme reported that the country would change how it counted time. Instead of 60 minutes in one hour, the Australian government would make 100 minutes in one hour. There were other changes too. One day would only be 20 hours long and there would be 100 seconds in one minute. Many people believed the hoax and phoned television station in anger.

IN 2007

“Gmail Paper is a scrap-booker’s dream. I paper archive all of my son’s emails, cut them out in creative shapes, and paste them in my binders,” a user testimonial from Anna-Christina D. Lifecoach, reads. In 2007, Google revealed that it would print and ship all your email to you on demand. It would offset the cost by ads which would appear on the back of your Gmail Paper prints in red, bold, 36 pt Helvetica.




Office hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 until 16:30 012 809 0142

Security Access Office hours: First Saturday of every month, 08:00 until 11:00

SECURITY Security Control Room 24 hours 012 809 0424/5 G4S Security Shift Manager From 18h00 to 06h00, weekdays. 24 hours Sat, Sun and public holidays 072 615 5862

CLUBHOUSE Clubhouse 012 809 0281

GOLF Pro Shop 012 809 0430

EMERGENCY NUMBERS 012 809 0424/5 Boschkop Police 012 802 1087/4 Netcare 911 082 911 Willows Hospital 012 807 8100 Life Medical Centre (near Hans Strijdom Entrance) 012 809 1004 Intercare Medical and Dental Centre (Hazeldean Centre) 012 809 6000 Fire Brigade 10111 Power Failure 012 339 9111 City of Tshwane Call Centre 012 358 9999


On Friday, 6 March 2015, Daniel Young from Scotland hailed his victory in the Sanlam South African Amateur Championship as the pinnacle of his career. Young defeated South Africa’s Jovan Rebula 8 & 6 in the 36-hole final at Silver Lakes Golf Club. Rebula is golfing great Ernie Els’ nephew and was the firm favourite amongst the spectators, but Young played some sublime golf on the final day to lift the trophy. We only heard positive comments from the organisers of the event, the South African Golf Association, and from the players on the condition of the course and our facilities, even though we battled with conditioning due to a lack of rain. Our golf and course management staff and volunteers thoroughly deserve the recognition and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the successful hosting of the event. April also marks the start of our new financial year, and we are look forward to implement the capital developments as approved at the last AGM. Construction work in and around the clubhouse, including the restaurant, change rooms and old pro-shop area will commence towards the end of the month and we are planning to have this project completed by October 2015. We apologise for the disruption this will cause, but the changes are necessary to upgrade the entire facility to the high standard that we expect in an estate such as ours. From a security perspective, a tragic fatal shooting incident at a neighbouring golf estate at the beginning of last month highlighted again that no

community, no matter how secure, is immune from crime. The HOA and our security service provider recognise this and remain vigilant but still would urge residents to report suspicious activity to the security control room, no matter how trivial it may seem at the time. I would lastly continue to encourage residents to communicate with me should there be any issues you would like to bring to our attention. Please feel free to make an appointment via my assistant Michele on (012) 809-0142 or secretary@silverlakes. Regards Jan

ur golf and course management staff and volunteers thoroughly deserve the recognition and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the successful hosting of the event.

Smart Meter Call Centre 012 943 9950 INTRA MUROS APR 2015 (8) DESIGNED BY



R5.95 Million

One of the best views within this award winning estate. Well planned layout which doubles as a great family home and the perfect home to entertain. Guest bedroom downstairs with the 3 family bedrooms upstairs, as well as comfy pyjama lounge. Drink a cocktail in the pool while watching the ducks in the dam and the golfers play. 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 3 Garages Web Access PT1200594 Inge de Klerk 083 700 3911


R4.995 Million

A stately home, with loads of open living spaces and big bedrooms. Live and entertain downstairs and sleep upstairs. Beautiful Rosewood kitchen with separate scullery and laundry. The dining room flows from the kitchen and into the indoor braai room, with a view of the pool. Buy a best seller! 4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, 3.5 Garages Web Access PT1205829 Inge de Klerk 083 700 3911

Should you wish to sell or rent please do not hesitate to contact me for a free market-related valuation of your property. SALES AND RENTALS Inge de Klerk 083 700 3911 Pretoria Office 012 365 9000,

to live a balanced lifestyle. My family and friends play a pivotal role in my life and I am truly blessed to have them. I am a hands-on person and love to get involved in my community and assist where possible. I insist on a job being done correctly. I am really looking forward to getting my hands dirty and continuing to maintain the standard, Intra Muros, as our magazine is so aptly named, (behind these walls) and for everyone to be proud of their estate. Greetings Mike Westman”




Rainfall 2014

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POWER OUTAGES / LOAD SHEDDING - SAFE USE OF GENERATORS In an article published in the Pretoria News, it was reported, that the Tshwane Emergency Services Department has issued a warning on safe use of generators. People are investing in portable generators due to continued load shedding and power failures, yet many are unaware of the risks.


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Consider these safety measures. When using a generator: • Always use them in well ventilated locations. • Never use in an attached garage, even its door is open. • Install a carbon monoxide alarm in your home and follow instructions for correct installation and mounting height. • Never refuel a generator while it is hot or still running. • Keep generator fuel in a correctly labelled and safe container outside living areas. • Report emergencies to 10177 or (012) 310 6300/6400” Furthermore, please be considerate. Keep your adjacent homeowners in mind when using a portable generator. Talk to each other and find amicable solutions to this difficulty experienced. Remember that as generators are noisy and they vibrate, they are a nuisance. Please be considerate and sensitive to your neighbours. Consider the elderly people, young children, people that are sick, students studying, people with babies, etc. living on the Estate. Your co-operation and understanding is appreciated.

OUR NEWLY APPOINTED ESTATE SUPERVISOR We recently appointed an Estate Supervisor namely Mr Michael Westman who commenced duties as from 2nd March 2015. He will be responsible for maintenance and environment matters and assist me. We were very pleased with his application and welcomed his arrival. Michael is well experienced and demonstrates great potential. He got into the work from the outset regarding allocated responsibilities on the Estate – he is on a steep learning curve! Kindly support Michael and make him feel at home on our estate.

Herewith a personal introduction by Michael himself:

“I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the residents of Silver Lakes. My name is Mike Westman and my hometown is in Somerset West in the Western Cape where my family still reside. I relocated to Pretoria to take on the position of Estate Supervisor at the beginning of March. My wife, Bobby will follow suit in the near future. Born in Kuruman, I attended Kimberley Boys High and was an avid rugby player and participated in many other sport disciplines. Today I love to play golf and I am always up for a challenge. One will often see me pacing the Silver Lakes Estate as I believe it is very important

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WAT SÊ OF DINK DIE KINDERS? Spreek woordelik, “…vanuit die mond van die suigeling (kind) sal jy die waarheid hoor…” ‘n Groepie kinders skryf soos volg (let ook op die spelling): Wat is ‘n Ouma? Oumas is tannies wat nie kinders het nie en daarom het sy anner mense se kinners lief. ’n Ouma hoef niks te doen nie, sy moet net daar wees. As ‘n mens saam met ‘n ouma gaan stap, staan sy by mooi goed soos parastoele en gogas stil sodat jy kan kyk. Oumas sê nooit jy moet gou maak nie. Oumas is gewoonlik vet maar nie te vet om kinders se skoene vas te maak nie. Oumas dra ‘n brul en snaakse onderklere en kan hulle tanne en tandvleise uithaal. Oumas hoef nie slim te wees nie, hulle moet net weet hoekom bakly katte en hone en hoemkom het hoenners vere en kan nie vlieg nie en oumas moet ook weet wat is husse met lang ore. Almal moet tog probeer om ‘n ouma te hê om met kinners te speel. Wat is ‘n Oupa? Oupas is mans-oumas. ‘n Oupa is slimmer want hy kan jou help met goed waarmee jy nie self kan regkom nie. Oupas gaan stap met Klein sienkies en gesels net oor visvang en trekkers. ‘n Oupa werk nie en daarom het hy tyd vir jou behalwe wanneer hy wil slaap, want oupas slap graag. ‘n Oupa kan ook nie mooi sien nie, daarom wil hy altyd weet wat jy doen. Oupas het baaie geld, want hulle koop elke dag die koerant. ‘n Oupa is iemand wat altyd bly is om jou te sien want hoekom het hy dan altyd swiets in sy sak? Elkeen moet tog probeer om ‘n oupa te kry. Hulle is ook beter as telenwiesies...”



Tecomaria capensis (Cape honeysuckle) with yellow or orange flowers feed adult butterflies. The majority of butterflies found in Gauteng are specific to our climate and you will find different ones in a Cape Town or Durban gardens, which will utilize different hosts.


BUTTERFLIES - A SECRET WORLD IN YOUR GARDEN Butterflies have been around for 50 million years and have been studied by people for more than 300 years. During the last century, 64 butterflies and moths have become extinct and 75% of all butterflies are in decline. Pollution is one reason why climate patterns are unpredictable and why environmental change is a real threat to all butterflies. Their fragility makes them quick to react to change. Butterflies are indicators of a healthy environment and healthy ecosystems. The adult butterfly would mostly feed on nectar from flowers. Butterflies also feed on juice from ripe fruit and even open wounds on plants. Eggs are deposited on specific hosts, where they develop into larvae (caterpillars) that feed on leaves, flowers and wild grasses. The “Common Blue” butterfly is often seen in Gauteng gardens. It is attracted to wet mud. Only the male shows the blue colour and the larvae feed on the flowers of Plumbago plants. The “Citrus Swallow Tail” is a butterfly with beautiful black and yellow colouring that feeds on citrus flowers. The larvae, a bright green colour, consume leaves at an alarming rate. Some butterflies migrate like birds with their flight paths formed by wind passages. One such migration flight path is from Namaqua National Park all the way to Kruger National Park, into the direction of Madagascar and further north into Africa. Supplying food for butterflies in the garden, does come at a price. Some leaves and flowers will be eaten by their larvae. At a certain time of the year, Dovyalis (Kei Apple) will be without leaves as the larvae of the “African Leopard” butterfly feed on this tree. Once the larvae change to pupae new leaves will grow and the tree will show no damage.

Grow the following plants to encourage butterflies to visit your garden: Acacia trees (now split into two new genera; Vachellia and Senegalia) supply food to adult butterflies and larvae. At least nine different Butterflies use different Acacia trees as a host. Asystasia gangetica (creeping foxglove) a hardy trouble free groundcover will be appreciated for the flowers as well as the leaves. Bulbine frutescens a hardy ground cover has flowers popular with adult butterflies. Carissa macrocarpa (Big Num-num) have white sweetly scented flowers for adult butterflies. Buddleja salviifolia (Sagewood) provides food to larvae and adult butterflies.

The most important problem facing the presence of butterflies in our suburban gardens is the use of pesticides by homeowners. Although the use of organic pesticides has gained momentum during the past few years, too few people are serious about organic gardening. The majority of gardeners want to eliminate the pests in their gardens, instead of controlling it. A few caterpillars will cause limited damage. No caterpillars will bring about a sterile environment without the magic of our beautiful butterflies. If you have any queries please contact The Garden Group on: Tel: 012 804 1807 / 1581 Fax: 012 804 0278



With the game reduction project behind us, our wild animals are once again flourishing and roaming freely thanks to all the removed encroachments.

The year is speeding ahead and all of us had to hit the ground running with all the challenges and opportunities coming our way.

Following the setback of the recent spate of petty thefts from homes, our security is being beefed up, and some CCTV cameras are already operational, with more to follow.

On a personal note, last year I have turned the “big 50” and managed to make Sannchen my lovely wife finally, whilst my beloved daughter, Marie, is turning into a real teenager this year; so too many activities are going on behind the scenes on our estate.

You may have been the unfortunate recipient of malicious emails regarding the legality of our access gates, but let me assure you our security is water-tight and will forever remain so.

We are once again in final negotiations with a very reputable operator for the outsourcing of the clubhouse that will render a 5-star facility, product and service. With a little wind behind our backs and a little luck on our side, the deal may already have been clinched by the time you read this. We will keep you posted. We are aiming for management take-over in April and completion of all internal and external renovations by September. Hold thumbs!

All praise must go to our hardworking staff, including our new CEO, Jan de Wet and our new Finance Manager, Liezel Jordaan for assisting the Board on this exciting journey. What a pleasure to work with such talented managers! This year we will also present you with the much-anticipated rewrite of the MOI, with of course ample time for your valued input before presentation for approval at the next AGM in November.

Our various business units are performing above expectations with our golf membership having risen from around 550 and approaching 900, our relocated and revamped pro shop has doubled turnover, range revenue has doubled, clubhouse losses have been contained, the outsourced garden services is realising significant savings, HOA admin is running like clockwork, resulting in an all-round healthy estate.

Who said change is easy? But change is always manageable and invariably brings golden opportunities for renewed growth. I am 100% satisfied that this hardworking and committed Board is delivering what we promised, and all my gratitude goes to my fellow Directors. It even surprises a staunch ‘obsessive-compulsive’ like me that I have nothing to huff & puff about.

With these savings and through efficient management we are achieving much on the operational side; with the added funds from our capital levies, we have finally commissioned several of the much needed capital improvements to our facilities.

So what do we ask of you? With an outstretched hand of friendship, only that you support our sincere efforts and, of course, that you promptly pay all your dues. Then sit back, relax and enjoy a wonderful lifestyle in this beautiful paradise of ours.

The resurfaced swimming pool is again sparkling bright, the Koi fish are again cavorting (and multiplying) in their revamped ponds, the clubhouse is freshly painted and the upstairs terrace has a new roof for those long lazy lunches or dinners with a view to die for. The 18th bridge is complete with a spectacular design and rock finish, the new Short Game Facility is operational for the golfing enthusiasts, and regular teaching sessions are planned by our local coaches through our Director of Golf.

Till next time. Steven Dr S Pretorius (Chairperson)

We have also commissioned the building of the new ramp and starter’s hut in front of the clubhouse, which will greatly enhance the flow (and spending) of patrons through the clubhouse. So too the gents and enlarged ladies cloakrooms will be redone with a vibrant modern look. The old canvas blinds on the restaurant patio will be replaced with stack glass doors and a new roof slab; so no more chilly winters while we dine indoors. Our street corners project is complete and we will now start adding classy features to selected corners to direct traffic and further enhance the look. The fountain at the Silver Lakes Drive entrance has been revamped and what an improvement it has made to our first impression. Our main entrances have also not been forgotten. The Von Backstrom Drive entrance will get a modern make-over and the Silver Lakes Drive entrance will be completely redesigned, complete with a roof for those rainy days. Corlia (Environment Director) is paying particular attention to simplifying whilst beautifying every aspect of our gardens and we can already see the difference. INTRA MUROS APR 2015 (12) DESIGNED BY




SILVER LAKES AND GOLF CARTS Each afternoon as I drive through the control points at Silver Lakes into the estate, I get such a relaxed feeling, as if I am on holiday. I want to jump into my shorts, take off my shoes and walk barefoot on the grass. I love seeing people strolling around, jogging, and walking their dogs, all of which is contributing to the relaxed atmosphere inside Silver Lakes. This, unfortunately, also leads to some people thinking that all the rules and regulations applicable can be left outside the gates. Silver Lakes has approximately 1 640 houses and to co-ordinate and regulate the co-habitation of so many people, rules are necessary. After all, I have been told, that even nudist beaches have rules and dress (undress?) codes. Many people erroneously view the roads inside Silver Lakes as being “private” roads and that all rules and regulations applicable to “public” roads can be abandoned. This however is a misconception. All the roads inside Silver Lakes are in fact “public roads” and are regulated by the provisions of the National Road Traffic Act (NRTA). The controls that the Homeowners Association have put in place, are enforced in terms of contractual arrangements with the residents, landowners, visitors and other road users within the estate and have been taken up in the Homeowners Association’s Rules. This does not replace the NRTA and law enforcement authorities (provincial- and local authorities) can enter the estate at any time to, for instance, put up roadblocks, speed traps, etc. The Homeowners Association, through our security services providers, however, enforces the Homeowners Association’s Rules according to the procedure set out in these Rules. The other act applicable on public roads is the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act (AARTO) and will no doubt change the process and the enforcement of traffic laws in the future. Although AARTO is already partially implemented, they are still experimenting with the point demerit system, which seems to be very close to being applied throughout the country. Provision is made in AARTO that under certain circumstances, the HOA may also apply and enforce the points-demerit system. If such an agreement were reached with the authorities by the Homeowners Association, all the members will be informed thereof timeously. Golf carts are considered by many people as toys but, like all vehicles, are rather dangerous and potentially lethal. Golf carts and their drivers are all subjected to the NRTA and AARTO as well as the Homeowners Association’s Rules. Therefore, what is applicable to all motor vehicles outside the estate is also applicable to driving golf carts inside the estate. Despite the fact that the cart is registered only with the Homeowners Association, all traffic laws are applicable to its use. This means that an unlicensed person may not drive a golf cart anywhere within the estate. The owner of the vehicle and the person driving would be contravening the NRTA and would be liable to prosecution. More significantly, however, the owner and/or driver could be prosecuted should there be a serious accident, in which case your insurance would normally not cover the damages and the parent and/or the driver of the vehicle would face significant civil claims. The HOA does not want to operate a “police force” checking on each and everyone driving a golf cart, but the HOA does receive complaints and is duty-bound to act thereon.

Generally speaking we would urge all owners and drivers of golf carts to stick to the rules and: • not allow anybody to drive a golf cart unless he/she is in possession of a valid driver’s licence; • not to drive golf carts in the main streets but to stick to the golf cart paths; • not to drive any golf carts which are not in a well-maintained or roadworthy; • everybody on the golf cart should be seated and no more passengers should be carried than the number of seats available; • Most of the accidents recorded are from people falling off the golf carts. Drive slowly – a quick walking pace should be sufficient and definitely no speeding on the golf cart paths. I have personally witnessed some golf carts travelling at astonishing speeds up and down the golf cart paths. It seems that the younger generation and the beverage cart drivers are mostly guilty of this; • use your lights at night; • at all times abide by all traffic regulations and HOA rules applicable to vehicular traffic; • consider your fellow residents at all times in Silver lakes when driving a golf cart. Regards Eugene Kruger (Vice-Chairperson) (Attorney in private practice)


By Corlia Mathews

NEW MONTHLY EVENTS We are planning new events for all our residents, keep a look out for fliers and emails with more information in this regard. Every first Tuesday of the month: Over 60s’ Breakfast Family evenings: Wednesdays family nights: family buffets Fridays: downstairs, with music



Dear All April Fools’ Day, Easter, Passover and Freedom Day all occur in April. 22 April is International Mother Earth day, a day to remind us how much our existence relays on mother earth. So much has already been achieved this year and so much still to tackle. MidMarch saw the delivery of two new 16-seater shuttle busses for the transport of domestics and gardeners inside the Estate as well as the end of both the SA Amateur Golf Championships and Club Championships. April will see the installation of a speed regulating device as part of a campaign to reduce speeding in the Estate. While attending school in Cape Town, we used to sing the following song in school assembly. This is such a lovely song which I hope you too will find meaningful. Fill The World With Love In the morning of my life I shall look to the sunrise. At a moment in my life when the world is new. And the blessing I shall ask is that God will grant me, To be brave and strong and true, And to fill the world with love my whole life through. (Chorus) And to fill the world with love And to fill the world with love And to fill the world with love my whole life through In the noontime of my life I shall look to the sunshine, At a moment in my life when the sky is blue. And the blessing I shall ask shall remain unchanging. To be brave and strong and true, And to fill the world with love my whole life through (Chorus) In the evening of my life I shall look to the sunset, At a moment in my life when the night is due. And the question I shall ask only I can answer. Was I brave and strong and true? Did I fill the world with love my whole life through?

The 2015 Silver Lakes Events will be approximately on the dates below : Since we are negotiating with a new service provider and as you will see in the Environmental article there are big changes and building activities planned for about 5-6 months, starting in April 2015. We will have to work around what is happening at the Club around our normal yearly dates – so PLEASE keep reading notices to know exactly what is happening around those dates, where and when. YEARLY 2015 APRIL Easter Holidays Garden Competition MAY Mother’s Day - Sunday 10 May JUNE Race of Faith Father’s Day – Sunday 21 June – Special Sunday Lunch JULY Winter school holidays July - September - Charity Month AUGUST Women’s day - Sunday 9 August - revisit this day and make it more exciting, maybe include in a golf day? SEPTEMBER Spring Day - Saturday 12 September Heritage Day - possibly make this day Silver Lakes International day in the future? OCTOBER Rose Garden Competition Halloween Trick-or-Treat - Saturday 31 October NOVEMBER Christmas lights drive and dinner - Saturday 31 November

(Chorus) Enjoy the month of April.


Regards KATHY

whose house at 7 Player Street was announced as the House of the Year for 2014 by the House of Leisure magazine.





SOCIAL Silver Lakes is a small town all on its own- if we count the people living here. In our endeavour to accommodate the different ages we will be extending our events, but we are also proposing a ‘Country Club’ set-up, as you will see in the environmental articles. We use these events to help create a sense of community for those of us who are so inclined. It was ‘fashionable’ to hold street braais in the early years of Silver Lakes. Here the few people who lived on the Estate at that stage, met each other and really made good friends. We have seen the street braais coming back. It is great to see, because this is how we build a super Silver Lakes Community. If you are planning such an event, please contact Kathy O’Connor at the HOA offices to notify the rest of the community of these events for logistic and traffic control purposes. We would like to support you as much as we can in these events to make it as friendly as possible. Enjoy, I am looking forward to a street braai near me soon.

Some changes and challenges are in the pipeline during the next 6 months when we will be starting with the construction at the Clubhouse, the corners and the two gates. The restaurant will be run downstairs until work starts on the inside of the building, and then it will move to the conference rooms upstairs. We will try to make the changes as easy on the homeowners as possible, but there is always something to look forward to, such as a beautiful new and user-friendly Clubhouse and family restaurant. These changes will include major changes to our play area(s) as well. We will be creating a new area at the restaurant for the smaller kids/toddlers and then take it through to the existing play area which will be made more accessible from the restaurant with a ‘no crossing streets’ policy in our proposed design. Have a look at some of the proposals in the images.

Enjoy the last bit of summer and join us at the Club for our events and bit of autumn fun!

ENVIRONMENTAL After a month of some extreme heat we were still, after some very hard work from the grounds men of the golf course, able to successfully pull off a wonderful SA Amateur championship. The golf course is looking beautiful and we are working hard at making the estate gardens look fantastic as well. Pathway blocked

New trees screening New Play Area from golf course PLAY AREA CONSIST OF:

Putting green

Rock Climbing wall against golf cart parking with free shape sand pit underneath Young toddler play area left of climbing wall at the old blue gates and golf bag stand - spring riders Jungle Gym - small tree house type on special flooring with flowing patterns and with Silver Lakes logo Sandpit, exciting rocks, mushroom houses inbetween and a wooden platform in/underneath a large exciting tree Exciting T-box lawn activities such as rope climbing frames, stepping ladders/ platforms and riders Keep height differences Some walls (behind large tree sandpit) and possible large steps for ‘pavilion’ type seating around sandpit at climbing wall Exciting grasses as border will define another height difference A bag of jumping castle balls to play in this area Possibly some water sprouts for summer fun in Jungle Gym area (drainage important) Site preparation as prescribed by the equipment manufacturer



Main entrance to restaurant and convenience store Small Toddler play area

Gungle Gym

Rock climbing wall with freeflow sand pit



The above proposal include a wooden deck and sandpit area underneath the large tree next to the 1st Tee. This will form part of a larger ‘soft’ play area for toddlers, which will include a few riding toys and a climbing wall. We will look at extending it later to more equipment shown in the image above as we see the need arise. In the meantime, we will be adding new equipment and changes to the existing play area. We would like the older kids to also have an area where they can enjoy the freedom and safety of Silver Lakes while their parents are enjoying the food and wine of the new look restaurant. We are only in the proposal stages of these developments and will appreciate your inputs. We will extend the play area for the older kids at our existing play area -possibly introduce new active type play equipment with a beach volley ball court, new tennis courts which we can also use for court volley ball and other events on our ‘Silver Lakes Days’ such as Youth And Spring Day. This type of active equipment will be introduced to the old play area. We may extend the play equipment to be used in the other play areas throughout the Estate as well. This will be proposed and designed and then budgeted for in the next few years. Have a fantastic April. I will keep you updated of new developments, events and the changes happening around Silver Lakes. Have a fantastic time in our ‘bit of heaven’. Corlia Mathews Environmental Trustee







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The February Hunt Koos Marais It was the second of July 1967, almost fifty years ago. With the atavistic blood of the hunter rushing through my young arteries and veins, I was scouring the hills surrounding the Olifants River’s meandering course through the middle veld of today’s Mpumalanga. I was about to experience the rite of passage of every boy of my age, my first real hunt. The elation, the pride, the soft fur and the sharp little hooves stayed with me for half a century. I know that it does not sit comfortably with today’s sensitivities, but the hunt of that little grey duiker launched me on many hunting paths, from the desert plains of the Kalahari, the lush paradise of the Okavango, and the magnificent Zambezi Valley, to the mopane bushveld north of the Soutpansberg. But today, the hunter’s blood flows slower. The language of the veld and the animals have touched and transformed my soul, so that more and more I hunt with my camera, capturing their images rather than their lives. For the past year, I have been focusing my camera on the wildlife of the paradise where we live, Silver Lakes. We share this beautiful

land with a wide array of wild animals and birds. It was relatively easy to photograph the large antelope, such as the kudu, nyala, springbok, blesbok, zebra and impala, but there are several species, which have been very difficult to locate and photograph. These are the grey duiker, the common reedbuck, the steenbok and our sole, I think, the mountain reedbuck. These species are very skittish, running off at the first sign of a human approaching them. Grey duikers are known to live in close association with humans, raiding their crops and vegetable gardens at night. They also have some rather unpalatable habits, not the subject of polite discussion. Suffice to say that they will eat anything found on the outskirts of human settlements. Silver Lakes’ grey duikers are no exception. They are found inside our game reserve, as well as outside. They seem to sleep in some residents’ gardens, in the reed beds, and in the open veld. I have witnessed them running down Gleneagles road, as well as bounding down the fourteenth fairway in front of our house, without offering me the courtesy of stopping to pose for a decent photograph.

Our grey duikers are special in the sense that they have not been introduced to our game reserve, like the other large antelope. Their ancestors have been living here for centuries. They are the actual original landowners. We are the intruders. When Silver Lakes was developed and fenced, they just happened to be trapped here. This is their natural habitat. I drove around the game reserve’s circle road many times, hoping to catch a glimpse of a grey duiker. I even walked kilometres through the veld, carrying the heavy 400 mm lens, converter and camera, in the vain hope of surprising the duiker and capturing its image, all in vain. In the last week of February, I suddenly discovered the grey duiker’s hiding place, well at least for that week. Two morning’s in a row, when jogging, I saw it emerge from its hiding place in the reed beds next to one of our dams, staring at me with those hazelnut eyes, before flitting away through the gardens into the thick bush. I planned my “hunt” for the next day, foregoing the pleasure of jogging, and was at the same spot just before sunrise. Nothing. Grey duiker: 1. Me: zero.

one arm. I was expecting the duiker to rush off at any moment, but this time it did not. I sat down, checked the white balance, the aperture, the mode and started shooting. The duiker just carried on grazing and chewing, allowing me to savour and capture its ethereal presence for that moment and ever after. I slowly moved closer, changing the angle and eliminating the obstructions of the tall green grass. Afterwards I just sat down and reflected on a life of hunting dreams. I took a great deal of pleasure in this camera hunt, perhaps as much as the first hunt almost fifty years ago. I have grown soft. That is all right, because that is what life does to you, if you are lucky. The end of previous Februaries always brought with it the urgency and excitement of planning and making reservations for the year’s hunting expeditions. This year I wondered. And then I felt the old thin blood stirring once more. In June or July I will again be staring at the grand old baobabs, and peer through the dense mopanes, the trusty old 375 H&H in my right hand, hoping to catch a glimpse of the grey fur of a kudu…

I moved on to get another photograph perhaps of the springbok or zebra, feeding around the dam. Then I saw a small grey shape, silhouetted against the rising sun. My prey!

But in the meantime, I will be more than content to traverse our beautiful game reserve, camera in hand, hoping to take a decent photograph of the common reedbuck or the mountain reedbuck, or the steenbok. Or perhaps even of the elusive otters, or the secretive civet, the wily meerkat or the porcupine.

I slowly moved forward, hunched over, carrying the heavy camera. My breath started racing and the sweat drops formed on my lip. My throat was dry. When I came into range, I went down on all fours and awkwardly crept forward, cradling the Nikon in my

We are blessed with a rich diversity of wildlife. We should nurture, cultivate and jealously guard this diversity. The loss of one species is a tragedy, when viewed on a global, or a local scale. And it is true for us as humans as well.



SILVER LAKES MATURE GOLFERS NEWS FROM THE MATURE GOLFERS GROUP PLAYING AT SILVER LAKES GOLF COURSE The year has really kicked off with a bang. Our number of golfers keeps on increasing with new senior members joining the group. The competition remains healthy with a different winner emerging every week. Of huge interest will be the singles knockout championship which begins in April. The guys are keen to topple André Meij, our champion for 2014. It is simple to enter – all you need is a few Rands and to put your name on the entry list with Sid Pretorius ( after having completed at least 5 games at Silver Lakes with the Mature Golfers by the end of March. Do not forget to put your name down at the Silver Lakes Proshop before midday on a Wednesday if you would want to join the Mature Golfers for a game of golf on Thursday mornings – the draw takes place at 06h45 and tee-off from 07h00. No membership fee is payable to become a member or regular player of the Mature Golfers’ group – only weekly green fees of R105. We have 67 members of which at least 30 to 40 play at Silver Lakes every Thursday morning. All senior male golfers are welcome to join the old boys for an enjoyable and competitive weekly game of golf. Theo O’Neil (Captain of the Mature Golfers)

MATURE GOLFERS 05 FEBRUARY 2015 Frikkie Wessels/Bugs Dryburgh (43) Herman Prost/Hennie Coetzee (42) Pieter Grey Garth Maree Pieter Grey Colin Gibson André Basson


# # # # #

9 13 16 18 3

2-CLUB No 2-Clubs 12 FEBRUARY 2015 Koos le Roux (36) 1st Arthur Ketcher (35) 2nd Theo O’Neil (34 c/o) 3rd Joe Botha NTP # 9 Hennie Coetzee NTP # 13 Pieter Grey NTP # 16 Johan Cilliers NTP # 18 Theo O’Neil NTP # 3 2-CLUB Chris Kruger Eddie Orsmond John Jessup Tienie Wessels 19 FEBRUARY 20155 Paul Laesecke (42) 1st Jannie v d Watt (35 c/o) 2nd André Basson (35 c/o) 3rd Theo O’Neil NTP # 9 Colin Le Grange NTP # 13 Joe Botha NTP # 16 Paul Laesecke NTP # 18 Koos le Roux NTP # 3 2-CLUB EColin Gibson EJannie Duvehage EColin le Grange 26 FEBRUARY 2015 Johan Grobbelaar (40) 1st Frikkie Wessels (36) 2nd

André Basson (34) 3rd Tienie Wessels NTP Jannie v d Watt NTP John Jessup NTP Johan Grobbelaar NTP Frikkie Wessels NTP

# # # # #

9 13 16 18 3

2-CLUB John Jessup Jannie v d Watt

COMPETITION results 4 FEBRUARY WEDNESDAY BB STABLEFORD POINTS Christoff Els 47 Kyle Norris 47 Jakes Jacobs 46 Christo Bekker 46 Shaun Norris 44 Mac McCallaghan 44 7 FEBRUARY SATURDAY MONTHLY MEDAL POINTS Gross Winner Gary Todd 71 A - Division Zander Lombard 68 B - Division Marius Nadel 68 C - Division Mike Payne 41 Ladies A - Division n/a n/a Ladies B - Division Frances Jacobs 71 Ladies C - Division Susan Venter 31 8 FEBRUARY SUNDAY I.P.S POINTS Warren Schultz 170 Zander Lombard 100 11 FEBRUARY WEDNESDAY BB STABLEFORD POINTS Derek le Roux 49 Marli le Roux 49 Lodewyk de Wet 49 Leon Scheepers 49 Gideon Pienaar 49 Michiel de Villiers 49 14 FEBRUARY SATURDAY 4 BALL ALLIANCE POINTS Delius van der Merwe 96 Gert Wessels 96 Billy Combrink 96 Derik de Beer 96 Jose Gonsalvez 93 Joe Cabeleira 93 Victor da Silva 93 Fernando Ferrreira 93 Andre Botha 93 Hein Bekker 93 Franswa Bekker 93 Peter Peters 93 15 FEBRUARY SATURDAY I.P.S POINTS Duncan Gibbison 38 Reymond Gibbison 37 18 FEBRUARY WEDNESDAY BB MEDAL POINTS Will Ferreira 60 John Joubert 60 Jose Gonsalvez 61



J. Da Silva 61 Nico van Rensburg 62 Eben Kruger 62 21 FEBRUARY SATURDAY IPS POINTS NJ Aroldi 43 Wessel Richter 42 Mike De Jongh 40 Arno Vermaak 40 22 FEBRUARY SUNDAY IPS POINTS Paul Ascroft 32 25 FEBRUARY WEDNESDAY BB STABLEFORD POINTS Nico van Rensburg 46 Eben Kruger 46 Werner Riedinger 46 Deon Botha 46 Geof Heath 45 Raul Dippenaar 45 Sarel Naude 45 Steve Senekal 45 Greg Wiegand 45 Daniel Swart 45 Fernando Ferreira 45 Victor da Silva 45

2 CLUBS 4 FEBRUARY WEDNESDAY RANDS Christof Els 106 J. Breytenbach 106 J. Jacobs x2 212 Mac McCallaghan x2 212 J. Ackerman 106 Marli le Roux 106 Gerhard Olivier 106 Lumar Fourie 106 7 FEBRUARY SATURDAY RANDS Marius Nadel 117 Anton Lombard 117 Diane Boote 117 V. Du Plessis 117 Marius du Toit 117 Andre Botha 117 Hein Bekker 117 Raoul Dippenaar 117 N.J Arnoldi x2 234 Chris Wagener 117 Barry vd Vyver 117 Christoff Els 117 Ian Kettlety 117 Martyn Wissing 117 Donny Doncaster 117 Murray Louw 117 Keith Tremble 117 Madelein de Wet 117 Les Wood 117 8 FEBRUARY SUNDAY RANDS Warren Scultz x2 74 Johan du Toit 37 Stanley Fenwick x2 74 Lameez Boughan x2 74 A vd Linde 37 Zander Lombard 37 11 FEBRUARY WEDNESDAY RANDS Lodewyk de Wet 63 Leon Scheepers 63 Derek le Roux 63 Marli le Roux 63 Gideon Pienaar 63 Michiel de Villiers 63 Vernon Fowler 63 Mac McCallaghan 63 Deon Botha 63 Anton Lombard 63 Eric Rautenbach 126 Jan Meyer 63 Fred Louw 63 Peet de Beer 63

Jakes Jacobs 63 Willem Coetzee jnr. 63 14 FEBRUARY SATURDAY RANDS Fernando Ferreira 183 Hein Bekker 183 Franswa Bekker 183 Jan van Dyk 183 Gustav Oosthuizen 183 Pieter van Wyk 183 Vanessa Brown 183 Johan du Preez 183 Wessel Richter 183 Leon Snyman 183 Willie Booysen 183 Lukas Fourie 183 15 FEBRUARY SUNDAY RANDS Duncan Gibbison x 2 220 Warren Schultz 110 Wayne Walker 110 18 FEBRUARY WEDNESDAY RANDS Wynand Booyens 100 Jan Meyer 100 Danie van der Westhuizen 100 Henry Roodt 100 Kyle Norris 100 Kyle Beattie x 2 200 Jannie Botha 100 Danie Visser 100 Grant Supra 100 Johann van Vuuren 100 John Kinear 100 21 FEBRUARY SATURDAY RANDS Martin Human 153 Arno Vermaak 153 Jerry Olivier 153 Wessel Richter 153 Zander Lombard 153 Jan Meyer 153 Darren Reeksting 153 Jason Ackerman 153 Dean Armitage 153 Erasmus Meyer 153 Franco Kinnear 153 Pierre Lombard 153 Mike Lester 153 Phillip Liebenberg 153 Nicol Kromhout 153 22 FEBRUARY SUNDAY RANDS No two clubs made 25 FEBRUARY WEDNESDAY RANDS Werner Riedinger 100 Greg Wiegand 100 Jp Kerneck 200 Kyle Norris 100 Christo Bekker 100 Gideon Pienaar 100 Anton Lombard 100 Jeff Meyer 100 Dawie Lubbe 100 Keith Tremble 100 Johan Faul 100 Kobus Mostert 100



Silver Lakes Golf Academy & DRIVING RANGE At the Silver Lakes Golf Academy, we continuously strive to enhance our facility and service to establish Silver Lakes Country Club as a world-class golfing venue and benchmark for golf instruction. We are introducing new and exciting services at the Silver Lakes Golf Academy in 2015. In this month’s edition we would like to put focus on our junior golf programme Silver Lakes Junior Golf Academy is proud and excited to announce the 2015 junior golf programme. Our junior golf programme is set up to improve the participants’ golf by giving them all the tools needed to become a skilled golfer. Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) have been included into our golf programme. These skills include agility, balance coordination, speed and accuracy. Developed by Hungarian kineticist, Istvan Balyi, it is a model of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). Based on the idea that for each phase of development there is a corresponding type of training that will maximise their athletic ability.

The Programme consists of 4 phases: Test phase, Beginner phase (Par), Adaption phase (Birdie, Eagle) and Advanced (Albatross phase). Specific test criteria will ensure that all juniors are fairly placed into their respective groups. What is new? • New look swing analyses centre, • New lesson packages and clinic specials, • New junior academy programme (based on the Long Term Athlete Development programme), • Exclusive green keeping programme, • Professional club fitment centre and • Golf related physical assessment and screening services. All our golf instructors are committed to the most professional services the industry has to offer and have a common goal in mind: To introduce as many individuals to the great game of golf and to improve each person striving to play better golf. For any enquiries about the services we offer, please feel free to contact Sjac on- cell: 071 889 8072 or email: sjac@

LESSON DAYS AND TIMES The days available are Mondays through to Sundays. Coaching is available from 7:00am -19:00pm daily.

PRICE LIST Beginner Monthly Group (max 8) R200 Individual R400

Session Time 45min 30min

Adaption Monthly Group (max 6) R300 Individual R500

Session Time 45min 45min

Advanced Monthly Group (max 4) R400 Individual R600

Session Time 45min 45min


Derek Daly

Louis Coetzee

Sjac Weideman

Norman Riley

• Internationally Certified Green keeper • Diploma in Golf Course Management • Member of The British & International Golf Green keeping Association • Director of Education for the International Green keeping Qualification for the past 2 years • 10 years’ experience maintaining Links & Parkland Courses in Ireland, the U.K. & Europe • European Tour & Major Tournament Course Preparation Experience • R&A Green keeping Scholar

• PGA Professional – Class AAA • National Diploma – Sport Science & Coaching • Logical Golf Instructor • 18 years’ experience in coaching Juniors, Top Amateurs and Touring Professionals • Worked with world renowned coaches Robert Baker & Grant Hepburn • Swing Coach • Golf Fitness Specialist • Club Fitment consultant

• PGA Professional Class A • 7 years’ teaching experience as a teaching professional • Teaching Pro at Silver Lakes Golf Academy for the past 5 years • Experienced in teaching the golf swing and short game specialist • Junior League Captain of the Silver Lakes junior league team for the past 4 years, winning captain 2013

• PGA 3rd Year Student • 2 consecutive years academic student of the year at the Golf School of Excellence • 1st Year Student at the Health and Fitness Professionals Academy • Experience in coaching physically and mentally handicapped juniors • Experience in coaching Juniors and Top Amateurs • Swing Coach

The Parkinson’s Golf day ANDRÉ MEIJ, CHAIRMAN

The Parkinson’s Golf day, held at Silver Lakes, raised near to R500 000. What a course and what infrastructure! This allowed us an excellent measure of sophistication and finesse that complemented our marketing, planning and execution!!! This publication pays tribute to both and we, the Parkinson’s Fund Raising committee, hope that it provides

Silver Lakes GC with the promotion and recognition it deserves! Please browse the link below to see the publication: May this mutual benefitial relationship be repeated in future!

Brand New Showroom: Parkview Shopping Centre, Garsfontein. 012 940 6807



Leather Couches

Plasma Units

Dining Room Tables



GEAR YOURSELF UP FOR A GOLF DAY If you are new to playing golf, properly stocking your golf bag, knowing how to use the equipment and wearing the correct clothing is an essential part of playing the game and ensuring an enjoyable experience. Always expect the unexpected, having these items with you at all times will be beneficial and remove any obstacles to the perfect game.

GOLF BAG 101 Tee – Tees are vital to the game and are available in a variety of lengths. It is the best to stock your bag with long and short lengths as different weather conditions will determine the type you need.

Spare Teeing Pins – Tee pins break easily and a tee shot without one is not always easy. Buy extra pins and keep them in your bag. If you have everything stocked-up, you might be able to help a friend out of a tight spot.

Gloves - Make sure to buy a glove that fits well; an uncomfortable glove that is too tight or loose can ruin the game for you.

Golfing Rule Book – A golfing rulebook is a great way to avoid an argument and gives you a fool-proof opinion of any wrong or right within your game.

Clubs – visit a golf pro shop to ensure you have the correct set of clubs for you. Sun Block - You never know how high the level of harmful UV may get so it is always ‘better safe than sorry’. Sunburn is uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Keep a bottle of sunblock in your golfing kit at all times. In case you forget, after sun lotion is a great help to sooth the skin. Cap – Between the sun in your eyes and the sunburn on your face it is so much simpler to keep a cap in your golfing kit. Raincoat and umbrella – With summer, rain is inevitable. The best way to avoid getting drenched during your game is by having a small raincoat folded up in your golfing kit.

Water and Snacks – A game can be tiring and dehydrating. Have water and a few snacks to keep you hydrated, energized and ready for the next shot. A second water bottle is never a bad idea. This element of the perfect golfing kit needs to be re-packed before each game. Bug Spray – this is essential, especially if you are playing on a course with dams during hot weather. First-Aid Kit – you never know what could happen on a golf course. Towels – particularly important during the hot summer.

Head covers – covering your golf bag with a cover will protect your woods and drivers from water and sun damage.

Divot-Repair Tool – it is very important to keep the green in the same good condition that you found it to help preserve the course.

Spare Golf Balls – Count your stock and consider how often you play and how many balls you lose. Pack enough spare balls so that you aren’t caught without one in the middle of a game.

Small Pouch – for your wallet, money, car keys and cell phone (which is turned off / on silent).



Step 1: Fill a bucket with a few good inches of warm wa-

Golfers must repair the marks that they make on the green, but if done incorrectly it can cause additional damage to the course.

ter. Hot water will damage your clubs and this is not what you want. Add a few drops of dish detergent or a mild soap, use your hand to stir the mixture. Stand your club in the water, making sure that ONLY the club is submerged into the water.

Step 1: Insert the divot tool at an angle of 45 degrees outside the edge of the ball mark.

Step 2: Leave the club head in the water for 5 minutes,

Step 2: Press down and forward on the tool to help press the ground together, in the direction to the centre of the hole.

Step 3: Use an old toothbrush, scrub off any of the dirt and dust and give the club a bit of a shine.

Step 3: Move the divot tool to the side to help close the ball mark.

Step 4: Use a damp cloth and wipe of the handle, then

Step 4: Repeat this process until the mark is covered by

allowing it to soak through the dust and dirt on your golf club.

wipe of the club. Lastly use a towel and dry you golf club. A clean club will give you a clean game, no need for the dirt or dust to damage your score.


Step 5: Tap lightly down on the fixed area with a putter to complete the repair and level out the ground.

GOLFING ATTIRE Having the correct equipment but impractical clothing can make your golfing experience unpleasant. It is also very important to wear the correct clothing when you are on the golf course as there are rules to what you should wear esspecially regarding the correct type of shoes on the green. Moisture Resistance Moisture-wicking fabrics are hi-tech fabrics that provide moisture control for athletes. It will help keep you cool during your golf game. They remove sweat away from the body to the fabric’s outer surface where it can evaporate into the atmosphere. These fabrics are generally soft, lightweight and stretchy. This makes them convenient and comfortable for sportswear. Moisture-wicking fabrics are used to make clothing for outdoor activities and due to the popularity of the fabric and clothing made from these fabrics; more variations are being introduced to the market.

Movement You have to be prepared for anything that might happen on the course. You need to ensure that the new outfit does not obstruct or restrict your swing, legs or movement. The last thing you want is your cloths determining your game and ruining your shot. When fitting the clothes try your swing, swing your arms, lift your legs and ensure that every movement you would need in your game is unhindered. Comfort There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable while playing a round of golf. Ensure that your clothing allows movement, doesn’t stick to your body and doesn’t fit too tightly. Also consider the season, with summer coming you don’t want clothing that will have you boil during your game, but will at the same time protect all the right places from the sun. Feel good in what you are wearing and that you are comfortable.

THE COOK ON THE CORNER From Seline van der Wat EASTER TIME! Ah, every since I was a kid, Easter was always my favorite holiday. I love bunnies, spiced buns and chocolate (because which woman doesn’t?) which were all combined into a holiday centered on new life and hope. Bunny rabbits have even gone on to become the logo for my company, Es. by Seline, as it’s a symbol that so many of my supporters associate with my image. Leandri and I both wore wooden bunny brooches throughout the second season of MasterChef SA (mostly by accident), something that seemed to captivate the audience – we continually got asked about them. Back to Easter though, I remember growing up, how my parents would hide Easter eggs in our garden for us, so that we could run around and find the most fascinating assortment of chocolates, sweets and marshmallows. One year, my father found a set of glow in the dark eggs, which came in a set with 6 torches that would help us find the eggs. Mylittle sister was 7 at the time and hid the eggs over and over again (on the same weekend) because she was so entertained by the novel idea. In fact, she’d bring the eggs to us and beg us to hide them for her again. I treasure those memories with my family – running around the garden, frantically trying to find the Easter bunnies before the others do, but then sharing your spoils with everybody anyway. Another reason that I love Easter is because it’s the last real opportunity for a good family holiday before the cold of winter forces us to bunker ourselves into our homes for a few months. Famously, the N3 to Durban is chocn-block full with South Africans rushing to the North Coast for a little rest and recuperation. Packed into the car for padkos are strings of marshmallow eggs and (my favorite) white candy coated chocolate eggs. I would always place my white egg in a sunny spot in the car, waiting for the chocolate on the inside to melt ever so slightly before biting into the hard candy shell. However you choose to spend Easter this year, whether on the beach or on your couch at home, may it be a wonderful and hopeful time. Eat one too many white Easter eggs because life is short and we should enjoy ourselves. Hug your family and let them know that you love them. And lastly, hide Easter eggs for your kids, no matter how old they are. We all need to be reminded to have fun, like we did when we were little. Life is beautiful. Happy Easter.

TO KEEP IN TOUCH: Keep in contact with me on Twitter and Instagram (@SelineVW) or by visiting my website www.EsBySeline. or my MasterChef South Africa page on Facebook. I am available for private demonstrations or cooking classes or special dinners or birthday parties!




3 cups flour (any, but I use white bread flour) 10g dry yeast 1tsp salt 1/4 cup brown sugar 10ml mixed spice 3/4 cup warm milk 60ml softened butter 2 eggs Handful of white chocolate chips Handful of raisins WHAT TO DO:

1. Mix together the flour, yeast, spice, salt and sugar. Make a well in the centre 2. Add the warm milk, softened butter and eggs. Knead the dough for about 10 min – it is sticky dough! 3. Work in the white chocolate chips and raisins 4. Place back in a floured bowl and cover – leave to prove for 2 hours 5. Turn out and form into buns. Place buns in an oiled baking pan or dish. 6. Mix together the 80ml cold water and 80ml flour into a paste. Use this to create the traditional crosses over the buns 7. Leave to prove for a further 45 minutes. Brush on the beaten egg once ready for baking 8. Bake in 1800 Celsius oven for 20 minutes 9. These are best served with plenty of softened butter, straight out of the oven I won’t be doing any special events at Silver Lakes this month, but I’ll definitely see you all in May again. We’ll be doing something special for the mothers on Mother’s Day. To get more information contact Corlia Mathews (Mathews@ or 083 448 9441) or your nearest representative at the Home Owners Association.





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Oh Chocolate!

Y O U W I L L H AV E T O S E A R C H FA R A N D W I D E T O F I N D S O M E O N E W H O D O E S N ’ T LO V E C H O C O L AT E ; W H E T H E R D A R K , M I L K , W H I T E O R A L L O F T H E A B O V E . T H E R E A R E E N D L E S S WAY S T O E N J O Y C H O C O L AT E ; H E R E A R E A F E W.

CHOCOLATE FUDGE Ingredients 6 tbsp. unsalted butter 3 cups sugar 1 tbsp. cocoa powder 3 tbsp. golden syrup Pinch sea salt 1 cup milk 120 gm baking chocolate (unsweetened chocolate) 2 tsp vanilla extract Directions 1. Whisk the sugar, cocoa powder and salt together 2. Heat the ingredients together over low heat and add the golden syrup and milk. 3. Add the chocolate and keep on stirring until all the ingredients are melted and well mixed 4. Cook the mixture, stirring occasionally, until it reaches softball stage. 5. Let the mixture cool for about thirty minutes and then add the vanilla. 6. Pour the mixture into a pan lined with baking paper. 7. Let the fudge cool completely before placing it in the fridge to set.

3. Melt the butter and add to the mixture. 4. Scoop the dough into your pie dish and press the dough tightly against the bottom and sides. 5. Bake for 10 minutes and let cool. Filling ¾ cup sugar, sifted ¼ cup maizena ¼ cup cocoa powder Pinch salt 2 cups buttermilk 4 egg yolks 120 gm baking chocolate, milk / semi-sweet 120 gm dark backing chocolate 2 tbsp. butter 1 tsp vanilla extract 1. Mix the sugar, maizena, cocoa powder and salt together.

2. Whisk the buttermilk and egg yolks together and mix into sugar mix 3. Cook the mixture over medium heat, stirring constantly until it begins to boil. 4. Let it boil for 1 minute then remove from heat and add the semi-sweet and dark chocolate, butter and vanilla extract. 5. Cover the filling with a cloth / cling wrap and allow it to cool for 30 minutes. 6. Spread the filling over the cooled crust and cover with cling wrap and chill in the fridge for a further 30 minutes. MOUSSE ¾ cup chocolate chips 1 cup double thick cream 1. Melt chocolate chips with 3 teaspoons cream to help

prevent easy burning then let it cool down. 2. Beat the rest of the cream until it forms soft peaks. 3. Fold the cream into the melted chocolate and mix gently until well blended. 4. Pour this onto your chocolate covered crust and let set for 8 hours in the fridge. TOPPING Whipped Cream 1. Just before serving top your pie with some whipping cream

COCA-COLA CHOCOLATE CAKE Ingredients CAKE BATTER 1 cup Coca-Cola ½ cup buttermilk 1 cup butter 1 ¾ cups sugar 2 large eggs 2 tsps. vanilla extract 2 cups selfraising flour ¼ cup cocoa powder Pre-heat oven to 180ºC 1. Mix the Coca-Cola and buttermilk then add the flour and cocoa.


2. Beat the butter until creamy then add the sugar, eggs and vanilla, mix until light and creamy.

Ingredients CRUST 2 cups crumbed wafer cookies (alternatively Marie or Tennis biscuits) ½ cup pecan nuts, toasted lightly ¼ cup sugar ½ cup butter

3. Mix the Coca-Cola and butter mixture together until well blended. 4. Pour the batter into a grease pan and bake for 35 minutes until a knife comes out clean when pocked.

1. Preheat the oven to 180º 2. Using a food processor, grind the cookies, nuts and sugar together until fine.



FROSTING ¼ cup cocoa powder 6 tbsp. Coca-Cola ½ cup butter 3 cups icing sugar 1 tsp vanilla 1. Heat the cocoa powder, coke and butter over medium heat until melted 2. Remove from the heat and add the icing sugar and vanilla. Topping Chopped pecan nuts 1. Pour warm frosting over the cake and sprinkle with pecan nuts.


Pre-heat oven to 160ºC 1. Melt the white chocolate over medium heat with the cream until smooth. 2. Beat the cream cheese, flower and sugar together until creamy. 3. Add the eggs, 1 at a time, mixing until well blended in between.

TOPPING 350 gm fresh cranberries 1 cup sugar ½ cup raspberry jam (seedless) ¼ cup water 1. Bring the cranberries, sugar and water to a boil, stirring often until the mixture thickens.

4. Add the cranberries, chocolate, liqueur and melted chocolate mixture.

2. Remove from heat and add the jam, stirring until well combined.

5. Spoon the filling into the prepared crust.

3. Cool the mixture completely before covering and chilling in the fridge overnight.

6. Bake for 30 – 35 minutes until set. 7. Chill the cake until completely cool before covering and placing it in the fridge overnight.

4. Spoon the topping over the pie before serving.

CRUST 2 cups crumbled wafer cookies (alternatively Marie or Tennis biscuits) 120 gm baking chocolate ¼ cup sugar ½ cup butter 1. Preheat oven to 180ºC 2. Grind the cookies and chocolate in a food processor until fine. 3. Melt the butter and mix into the crumbs with the sugar 4. Scoop the dough into your pie dish and press the dough tightly against the bottom and side. 5. Bake for 10 minutes and let cool. FILLING 170 gm white chocolate 1.4 cup whipping cream 225 gm soft cream cheese 2 tbsp. flour 1/3 cup sugar 4 eggs ½ cup dried cranberries, cut into small pieces 120 gm milk backing chocolate ¼ cup Amarula liqueur



National Sibling Day Sibling day is a day that can be celebrated by all ages. Claudia Evart established this day in 1997, having lost two siblings when she was younger. Sibling day is celebrated on April 10, the birthday of her late sister, Lisette. The bond between siblings is a relationship that lasts a lifetime, usually the longest relationship that you will have with anybody. This day honours siblings who have helped shape us into who HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS ON HOW YOU CAN MAKE THIS DAY A LITTLE BIT MORE SPECIAL If you’re older and not living together: -Send your sibling a hand written note or call them and tell them all the things that you love about them most and how much you appreciate them. Make it personal. - Send them flowers, balloons, chocolates or their favourite treat! They will most probably not know that it is Sibling Day making it an extra surprise. - Invite your siblings over for a home cooked meal and talk about old times. - Get together and take a family picture. If you are still living with your siblings: - Get up early before school and make breakfast for you and your sibling to enjoy together. - Have lunch with them during recess instead of your friends. - Hide a treat or message under their pillow for them to find later. Something for parents of young siblings: -Do something together as a family highlighting to your children the importance of each other. - Ask your kids to write list about things they like about each other - Take a photo of your children and put it up in their rooms. - Plan a special outing for them And if all else fails, a hug is a great way to express your love and thankfulness. Just remember to cherish your sibling and every moment you have with them.

we have become, with whom we shared many tears with, laughed with, joked with, fought with, shared the misery of parental discipline and had many adventures with. This day reminds us just how important they are, even though this is something you should recognise every day. Take a little time this Sibling day to show your appreciation to your brother or sister. FUN FAMILY OUTINGS Pretoria Zoo Get closer to nature! The zoo is a trip that will never fail to entertain; with animals such as chimpanzees, komodo dragons, gorillas, penguins and much more. In December they welcomed Molly, a South American fur seal to their zoo family. The zoo, situated in Boom Street, is open 7 days a week from 8h30 to 16h30 entrance from R44 to R66. The Farm Inn County Hotel and Wildlife Sanctuary Enjoy a magical experience on a game drive. The Wildlife Sanctuary boasts with 23 indigenous species and even lion and tiger cubs at times! They also have a leopard-breeding plan. Call reception at 0128090266 to book a once in a lifetime experience from only R105 per person, children at half price. The Sancturay is just around the corner in Silverlakes Road. Friends Of The Rail A fun family adventure that you will ever forget! Take a ride on a vintage steam train in and around Pretoria or to Cullinan or Rayton. The train leaves from its own private station in Michaelson Street with secure parking to leave your car. Tickets ranging from R100 to R200 per person can be bought through Computicket or from their website directly at sales/index.html. Call 012-767-7913 for more information. Train runs only on selected scheduled days. Irene Dairy farm This little jewel is hidden away in Nellmapius Road Irene. This picturesque quaint farm has a dairy shop and a barn and deck restaurant. Your children can have a fun day playing around the farm and stalls of the herd of dairy cows and their calves. Something they will enjoy immensely is watching the cows get milked at 15h00 as well as the bottle feeding of the calves. The Naked Canvas Arts and crafts emporium! Launching this month at their new venue, The Naked Canvas offer classes and tutoring for young and old; wanting to share with you a new artistic journey. This is such great fun for young children to do together, especially being able to express themselves creatively without your home walls suffering. Contact Elke at 0832064321 or visit their website at for more information.



Clarens is known as a small but stunning and inspirational town, situated in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains. These mountains provide the perfect variety of trails for mountain biking enthusiasts. The fifth MTB challenge will be held in Clarence, sponsored by Ashburton Investments. This is a circular loop race, starting and finishing in the Town Square. This route crosses the Maluti Mountains on the edge of the Lesotho border.


18 April 2015


Fun Ride - R70.00, Fun Race - R120.00, Half Marathon - R240.00, Marathon - R250.00, Ultra - R280.00


Town Square, Clarens


10 km, 20 km, 45 km, 75 km, 120 km


Single Track, Game Trails, Jeep Track, Gravel Road, Savannah, Rocky, Hardpack

Entries Close 15th April 2015 06:00 or when the cap has been reached for this event For more details visit: theseries/races/clarens



How to prepare: M E N TA LLY:

The final days, hours, and minutes before an event are unlikely to improve your physical fitness. But they can make a big difference in your mental state. It is important to be mentally prepared for your physical capabilities during the event. Developing a strategy that you can depend on to get there is a crucial part of mental fitness. Designing your pre-event routine starts with selfawareness, and the answers to three questions:

1. WHAT’S YOUR OPTIMAL MENTAL STATE ON THE START LINE? The idea is to create a mood or emotion within you that will make you feel motivated and confident for the race ahead. Think back to an event where you felt exactly the way you want to when you stand at the starting line. Whether it is relaxed, excited or focused, talking or silent, thinking, spacing out and feeling strong, confident or purposeful? Your thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviors are the ingredients of your mental state, so take inventory of all four as you recall the memory. If this is your first race, what also motivates you is if you think about the end, when you will be finishing. Think about what you will be receiving, like a prize, a medal or a special surprise from the sponsors or even a special someone.

2. WHAT HELPS YOU GET THERE? Think about the week leading up to the event. Think about all the things that contributed to that feeling on the starting line? Whether it involved other people or if it was solo?

To be motivated and to stay motivated is two completely different things. To stay motivated you have to think about all the things that will contribute to positive feelings and thought. Keep on focusing on positive actions and surround yourself with positive people that will motivate, inspire and encourage you.

3. WHAT GETS IN THE WAY? During the week, hours, minutes leading up to the start you should refrain from negative thoughts such as doubt in yourself, doubt in your partner and anything that can tweak your mental state. Be in control of your thoughts.


To prepare physically for a race it, depends on the terrain and profile of the race and most importantly, the kilometres that you have entered for. It is always a good idea to train at areas that has a similar terrain as the race you have entered for. These races will always indicate on the website what the terrain and scenery is like so that you know what to expect and how you can train accordingly. You can also have a look at the profile of the race to know if you have to focus more on uphill or downhill. Another important thing to remember is the weather. Keep tracking the weather patterns and temperatures to see if the area is known to be hot and dry with winds and sand or if it is known to be cold and rainy with fog, mud, dams and bridges. This is an important factor to keep in mind, as this will help when you prepare your luggage such as a rain jacket, an extra pair of brake blocks, second skins, what type of glasses to pack et cetera. In every race, there are different lengths to run. This will give you a good indication of how much you have to train. If you have entered the fun ride, then this means it is only for the fun and you don’t have to take too seriously.

If you have entered for the fun race, which will usually be more kilometres than the fun ride, you should exercise at least twice a week. For the more serious races such as the 45 km and 75 km, you have to start training early and follow a healthy diet. It is always better to start training long before a race, than to start a month before the race. Start by riding 20 km a day. If your body is comfortable with it, you can start to pick it up and add 5 km each week to slowly increase your kilometres and prepare your body for it. If you want to enter for the 120 km race, start even earlier, as this takes a bit longer to prepare for and to get fit. Your training should grow exponentially with your kilometres.

PLACES WHERE YOU CAN TRAIN: Groenkloof Nature Reserve Red Barn Voortrekker monument PWC MTB Park Fort Klapperkop Wolwespruit Rosemary Hill

EASTER ELEGANCE By Michelle van Zyl from Make-up by Michelle




Now is the time to match your mellow mood to delicate soft shades before winter is upon us. Colours like pink, lilac, peach, teal and pale green, also known as ice cream or candyfloss colours are what you can wear to give you that fresh and soft look.



FOUNDATION, BLUSHER AND EYEBROWS Keep your complexion sheer and dewy. Avoid using powder, this will minimise the dewy look. Use a sheen blusher to enhance the dewy and fresh glow needed. As this look is feminine, bushy and unkempt eyebrows will spoil the look – ensure to have well groomed and shaped brows.

EYES AND LIPS Ideally, you won’t wear pastel lips and pastel eyes at the same time. Decide which of these areas you would like to focus on and keep the other neutral and very natural. If your focus is on the lips, wear a soft beige colour on the eyelids (this can be matt or shimmer), a thin line of black eyeliner on the top lid to make your lashes appear fuller and a few layers of mascara. Be careful to wear black eyeliner in the water-line (the inner lid) as you will lose the fresh look.

colours always that you used on the top lid, on the lower lid. Only a tiny bit, very close to the lash line. This finishes the look and looks like your make-up was applied by a pro. To enhance the look even more you can add some coloured mascara to the tips of your lashes and/or some coloured eyeliner. Choosing the right colours PINK - If you tend to suffer from sensitive or red eyes, are prone to have redness in your face or have a very fair skin tone and hair colour, avoid shadows with a pink or purple tone. This can make you look tired and run down and can enhance any redness in your eyes and face YELLOW - Yellow is a very difficult colour to apply, so I would suggest not to attempt this GREEN - Green works well on brown eyes BLUE - Blue works well on brown and blue eyes PURPLE - Purple works well on brown eyes and green eyes ORANGE - Orange works well on blue eyes

If you focus on the eyes, wear a lip-gloss that matches your natural lip colour or even a lip-gloss with no colour. The Eyes Pastel colours can look ashy and have a tendency to fade quickly. The best way to avoid this is to use an eyelid primer, as this will ensure that your make-up lasts the whole day. A great trick to make your pastel colours stand out is to create a white base before you apply your eye shadow. This base can be created by using a very light foundation or concealer on the eye lid only, or using a white eye liner pencil to colour in the entire eye lid and then smudge it with the tip of your finger. White or flesh coloured eyeliner can be applied in the water line to brighten the eyes more. If you would like to tone down the innocence of pastel colours, add black eye liner and loads of mascara. You can also incorporate a darker shade of the same colour, e.g. lilac and purple, powder blue and dark blue. Apply the pastel colour on the inside of the eyelid and the darker colour on the outer corners of the eyelid. Remember to use the same

The Lips A lipstick with pink and orange tones is ideal. Please do not attempt blue, purple, green or yellow on your lips. Like yellow eye shadow, leave them for the professionals to play around with on the catwalk and for editorial shoots. For good looking pastel lips, ensure they are well moisturised and don’t use a lipstick with a shimmer in it, as you want your lips to have shine, but not shimmer. To achieve this, apply a matt lipstick and then a lip-gloss over it. Ensure your lipgloss has no sparkly or shimmery particles in them.




Michelle van Zyl • Tel: 082 302 0287 Email: Web:




Origami Bunny Envelope

YOU WILL NEED: 1 X Square Paper (A4 21.1cm X 21.1cm) Scissors or Knife Glue (Optional) or doublesided tape
















STEPS: 1. Start rabbit colour side down with each corner facing north, south, east and west. Fold the left corner to the right, and make a fold. 2. Then take corner B & C and fold to corners D & A. 3. Repeat this step for the other half with corners C & D folded to A & B. 4. Now, open the page up, and flip it over to have the colour face up. And take the bottom right corner and fold over to the top left corner to create a fold. 5. Repeat this step to create another fold line between the other two corners. Open up the fold and flip over again to have the colour facing down and your fold lines looking like image 6. 7. Fold the top corner down to the centre point of the square. 8. And fold the bottom corner up to the centre point you just created with the previous fold. 9. Flip over the paper again to have the colour face up, and fold the bottom corner to the centre point of the paper again (See image 9). Flip over again to have the colour face down.



10. Fold corner B and C corners up to centre point, folding just along the fold (line shown in image 10) from corner C halfway to corner B. 11. Repeat this step for corner C and D. 12. Now take a pair of scissors and cut along each fold line shown in image 12 and halfway along the fold line as shown in image 13. 14. Now pinch the sides in and fold the start of the bunny’s head up to form the diamond looking fold. 15. Fold each triangle up to the half way fold to create two folds on either side. 16. Now fold the entire corner of the diamond shape along the centre fold (as shown in image 16). 17. Tuck the fold back to create a fold line for the bunny ear. Repeat this step for the other side. 18. Fold the piece back to the start up position we had, and then make a small triangular fold downwards (see image 19), fold this point down again to the halfway fold of the small square (see image 20).









21. Fold the right panel left, and fold the top corner to meet with the centre fold of the small triangle. Fold these flaps back and repeat this step for the other side (Image 22). Fold the flap under to achieve as shown in image 23. 24. To start creating the envelope base, fold the right corner in as shown, and repeat for the other side. 25. Then fold each entire fold in again to the centre point of the page, and repeat for the other side. Pull the bunnys head up from below through the paper slit, fold it forward to create a fold below, and flip it around to the other side. 26. Fold in each small corners as shown and fold the bottom base up, along the fold line shown, to create the final envelope base. Stick the bunny head down using glue or double sided tape (See image 27). 27. Fold the bunny’s ears down at an angle (along the lines shown) and open them each up again to make a pinch in the centre (as seen in image 28) This will create the bunny’s ears to finish off the origami bunny envelope. All you still need to do is write a nice card for your loved one and pop it inside!









- Just Nuisance As you all know Just Nuisance was in trouble for coming back to the barracks late…and on finding him late he was brought in front of his commanding officer (CO), with Leading Seaman Clark who has to look after him. After he arrived safely at Froggy Pond his mates were very glad to learn that he was safe and sound and a dead dog that was found was not Just Nuisance. The CO reprimanded Able Seaman Just Nuisance, but let him off lightly when it came to light that he was fed by the cook at Afrikander, which made him late. When Leading Seaman Clark was asked if he ever had problems with Just Nuisance he told the CO of some of the incidents, but mentioned that ALL the seamen loved the dog. Especially when the CO asked if Able Seaman Just Nuisance needs to be transferred to another unit Leading Seaman Clark denied this vehemently. He said that all the seamen in hut no 1 will be devastated if Just Nuisance were placed somewhere else. He said that his seamen will probably start a mutiny or just asked to be transferred to where Just Nuisance was transferred to. The CO used that exact timing to tell Leading Seaman Clark that he was put up for promotion. Meaning that he will be leaving Froggy Pond soon. Leading Seaman Clark mentioned that he was very glad for the promotion, but that it was sour with the sweet that he had to leave Just Nuisance behind. He then mentioned that whoever will be looking after Just Nuisance will be glad to do so, but that he must be wearing a ‘square rig’ (you remember the square collar Just Nuisance preferred ‘his seamen’ to wear) because those who didn’t he thought of as ‘enemy. This probably came from the time when Just Nuisance still lived with Mr. Chancey at the Institute in Simons Town; it was the ‘lowly’ ratings wearing these square collars that spoiled him most of the time. Mentioning that Just Nuisance has no favourites, he spends as much time with new seamen as he does with those he knows for a longer time. The CO smiled and said thanks for the information and said he noticed that Just Nuisance did not show much respect for officers. Here after they were dismissed, and Leading Seaman Clark took Just Nuisance to the galley (kitchen) since he thought after this scolding for Just Nuisance, he must be famished. The chief cook, when he heard Just Nuisance was dismissed from punishment, laid out a good meal for the Great Dane together with his usual quart of milk. On arriving at the hut at midday when all the other ratings came to check on Just Nuisance, they all patted and spoiled him when discovering that he was not punished. At dinner time Just Nuisance headed for his bunk, thinking he was full probably, but noticing all his mates trooping to the mess tent, followed them. After dinner they got back to the hut and found a messenger waiting for them. He gave them an official warrant card, which they fastened to his collar, right close to the steel ring where Just Nuisance could not reach it, remembering the previous card he destroyed. Next month….some sad news once again for Froggy Pond… how will they handle it? Compiled by Corlia Mathews from the Book: Just Nuisance – his full story by Terence Sisson INTRA MUROS APR 2015 (44) DESIGNED BY


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Step one: Complete the home business application form and register your home business (Cost R900).

Guesthouses first need local municipality approval before completing the “request to register a guesthouse” form.

If your home business is already registered, complete the business renewal form (Cost R360). The annual renewal of all registered businesses conducting operations in Silver Lakes (including home enterprises, guesthouses and estate agents) is compulsory. A Certificate of Registration for the year will be issued by the Silver Lakes HOA which must be displayed on the premises at all times. A business must be in possession of an original valid Certificate of Registration.

Guesthouses will also need to annually complete the business registration renewal form and will receive a Certificate of Registration for the applicable year.

Step two: Once the business is registered, apply to list the business. This step is not compulsory.

Forms available on the Silver Lakes Communication Portal If you have any queries please contact Kathy O’Connor on 012 809 0142 or

Forms available on the Silver Lakes Communication Portal

BUSINESS LISTING The cost per annum is R7500 (excluding VAT). Additional benefits include display of limited business details and logo or name on the Silver Lakes Golf Estate website, receive one free quarter page advert in the Intra Muros magazine per annum, opportunity to advertise at own cost at preferential rates in the Intra Muros, link on the Silver Lakes Golf Estate website to your business’ website, opportunity to participate in visible financial sponsorships on the Estate and opportunity for unsolicited client references to be posted on the Silver Lakes website about the business.




San-Karin Jacobs 082 254 2504

R4 750 000

Web 302532839


A north-facing, modern masterpiece, offering only the finest of fittings throughout. Three immaculate bedrooms boasting a crisp and clean-cut atmosphere, complemented with warm toned, designer light fittings that will make you feel right at home. Two full bathrooms as well as an additional guest toilet all fitted with imported bathroom and sanitary ware of the highest quality. Gourmet kitchen, fully equipped with Caesar stone counter tops, breakfast nook, scullery

and pantry. A beautifully designed, easily maintained garden, complemented by the salt-water lap pool is overlooked by a sheltered patio and spacious wooden deck area, perfect for the entertainer! Neat staff accommodation as well as four garages. There is so much more to this one of a kind, work of art. Book your “private tour” today and discover all it has to offer.

R3 825 000


Web 302497209

An absolutely inviting, wheelchair-friendly home, offering four comfortable bedrooms with television wall ports and air-conditioning. Four quality bathrooms, recently renovated, of which three are en suite. Wonderful, sun-drenched kitchen, fully equipped with a pantry, scullery and breakfast nook. Spacious open plan living areas allows for elegant entertaining. High quality fittings throughout, including chandeliers and imported window frames. The


sheltered patio features both a built-in braai and surround sound and overlooks the beautiful, lush garden with automatic irrigation. The sparkling pool also features a separate jacuzzi. Extras include an air-conditioned study, storeroom, staff accommodation as well as two garages. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make this haven your home. Make your appointment to view it today. EXCLUSIVE MANDATE



SMALLS DOMESTIC WORKERS Betty Mahlangu is opsoek na ‘n voltydse (inbly) werk. Maandag tot Vrydag. Sy het 20 jaar vir my gewerk, is uiters betroubaar, vriendelik en kan kook. Sy is ook baie goed met kinders. Skakel my gerus vir verwysing. Dawn 082 789 9260 of haar direk 08 239 65774. Priscilla Monkwe is an excellent domestic worker seeking sleep-out two day per week employment in Silver Lakes. She has been working for us for the past three years, proving to be a hard-working, reliable, independent, trustworthy and responsible lady with a lovely character. As to cleaning, she is very thorough, has a good insight in what needs to be done and knows to organize her time well. We relocated abroad and would love to find her a good family where she can use her skills. Priscilla speaks English and Afrikaans and has experience as a nanny too. Please phone Priscilla on 079 614 8068 for an interview or contact Jan at for reference Hard-working, diligent and enthusiastic domestic worker, Martha is looking for work 1 or 2 days a week. Good with children. Can read and write. Please contact Nicky Venter at 071 471 5082 for a reference. Martha can be contacted on 073 263 1456. Available from April. Olga Modipa is looking for full time employment as domestic worker, Mondays to Fridays live-in. She has been working with me for 5 years and is extremely reliable, trustworthy and hard working. For a reference contact Corli 082 334 4521; or phone Olga 073 588 9042 Jane is a hardworking and very reliable person and has worked in Silver Lakes for 17 years. She is looking for a new place to work as one family returned to Europe. Jane is very open-minded, child friendly and works diligently at any time. For more information call Christoph 076 583 0064 or just contact her 082 218 2816). Theresa is looking for domestic work in Silver Lakes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (7:30 to 14:00). She has been employed with us for 9 months now, and is a lovely lady to work with. Very trustworthy, punctual and polite. She understands and speaks English and Afrikaans and her duties included daily house cleaning tasks as well as liaising with our gardener. Unfortunately, we require full time and sleep-in help from this year, as we will be adding a baby to our family. Theresa will be available for interviews on request and can start with a week’s notice. Please call Theresa directly: 072 505 0623 For reference call 082 418 8241 Julia is looking for domestic work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, sleep in/out. She speaks Afrikaans/ English, is trustworthy, reliable, a hard worker, good with children and always on time. For a reference, call 082 925 5285 or Julia on 071 825 9556. Thebogo is opsoek na werk Dinsdae en Donderdae. Sy is ‘n ster met huis werk en uitstekend met kinders. Skakel gerus Carla 076 060 5014 of Thebogo 079 815 3897.




Dedicated baby facility ( Babies to five years Spacious farm atmosphere ( Excellent security Internet monitored by the school Afrikaans and English classes ( Christian basis Professional qualified teachers ( Evaluation reports during the year Meals and snacks included Open school holidays

SERVICES Guitar, Bass and Drums lessons in Silver Lakes. All Styles. All ages. 18 years’ experience. Young, Energetic and Fun. Please call Joel on 082 462 9620. Painter looking for work. Simon has painted numerous houses in Silver Lakes. He is friendly, humble, hardworking and honest. Superior workmanship. Call Simon directly at 084 318 4005. References Annalene 082 551 7330 and Corinne 072 280 3999. Handyman – Are you too busy or need a small job done in Silver Lakes, please call me. Anything from changing a light bulb or lock to painting, waterproofing, tiling, paving, ceilings, cornice, small brick work and plaster, almost anything. Call Protus 061 0291 850 or Johan 082 4110 451. INTRA MUROS APR 2015 (49) DESIGNED BY



SMALLS Painting and Waterproofing - Aubrey Phago is a handy and honest worker with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, with own tools and bakkie. Call 082 256 9886. For reference call Pieter van Zyl, a resident 082 550 0561. SILVER LAKES BUSSIE vervoer na en van Afrikaans Hoër Seuns, Meisies, Boys en Girls High. Oplaaityd 06:25 soggens vanaf Silver Oaks winkelsentrum en word direk by huise afgelaai in die middae na skool asook 17:00. KOSTES R1650 pm. Kontak Chris 071 498 6913 indien jy belangstel, beperkte spasie. GARDENERS Eric Nkululeko would like work on Mondays and/or Saturdays in Silver Lakes. Has been working in the estate on other weekdays for a long time and has biometric access to Silver Lakes. Very reliable and trustworthy. Can work independently without supervision. Call Eric at 074 449 4849 For reference call Mrs LN Oosthuizen 083 283 4463. Gilbert Muzamba is looking for garden work for on a Wednesday. He is a good and honest worker and is working for us 2 days a week. Contact Gilbert on 078 993 9960. For a reference, please call Doreen at 082 375 0245. Tatedi, our reliable and honest gardener for many years (on our estate) now has openings on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Please contact him on 082 79 15 906 or Sandra 079 64 66 548 for a reference. JOBS WANTED Position Wanted: Urgently looking for a position for Financial/Administrative Manager. I have 30 years of experience in bookkeeping, debtors, creditors and other financial aspects as well as all admin functions required to run and manage any office. Kindly contact Alyssa on 083 442 5949. FOR SALE Pajero Sport Seat Covers: Escape Gear Seat Covers: Pajero “Sport” (2009 - 2013); 2 fronts with airbags, 60/40 rear bench with armrest, 2 jumps. Excellent condition: R4 000 Contact Venessa: 083 6563640

Merry Christmas

Baby items: Sleigh Cot and Compactum (Oregon Pine); R 3 500 Chelino Camping Cot: R450 Chelino High Chair: R150 Chelino Snug and Safe chair: R250 Chelino Snug and Sage Base for car: R200 Contact Venessa: 083 656 3640 All items in excellent condition and can be viewed or photos can be sent.

to all our patients



Profile for Pistachio Designs

Intra Muros April 2015  

Intra Muros April 2015