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   27 years ago, Bareo Co. Ltd has grown to become one of Thailand’s leading interior design companies. Its continued expansion inevitably lead to the need for new offices, creating the perfect opportunity to extend Bareo’s skills into architectural design, taking total control of its destiny. Incorporating fundamental concepts from the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, design cues were taken from the ideas of bubbles and sponges to meet the basic element of ‘water’, complementing the dominant ‘earth’ element of Bareo’s founder. This has translated to gentle, curvaceous forms utilising insulation foam and FSC wood that avoid sharp edges and corners, with double skin facades sporting rounded cutouts over large glazed areas.

Careful adherence to the flow of Qi encourage a flow of money and prosperity through the positioning of the main office areas. Seven entrances fulfil specific functions, covering staff, visitors and services. Temperature management is a major factor in Thailand, so the physical building design is intended to minimise heat uptake, supporting air conditioning and reducing energy usage. The building includes a cafeteria and fitness area for staff, ensuring all their wellness needs are met. The office also incorporates a luxurious residential space on the second floor, with a sweeping spiral staircase connecting to the open-plan living area. The end result is a striking and eminently usable building that will take Bareo into the next few decades of existence.


Bareo Co., Ltd.

118 Intrawas Road, Bangramad, Talingchan, Bangkok 10170 t: +66 2 408 1344 e: w:

 BEST OFFICE ARCHITECTURE THAILAND Bareo New Head Office by Bareo Co., Ltd. Asia Pacific Property Awards

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