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Newsletter International Society of Surgery (ISS) Société Internationale de Chirurgie (SIC) November 2019

ISS/SIC President’s Address John G. Hunter, President ISS/SIC & Congress President ISW 2021

I trust those of you who made it to the World Congress of Surgery in August found enjoyment, refreshed relationships, and new learning. Laura, Jillian (a new University student) and I had a great time seeing old friends, making new friends, and visiting the beautiful old city of Krakow, the historic salt mines and the grim reality of Auschwitz. As enjoyable as it was, we are looking forward to our next time to gather, in Kuala Lumpur (KL) Malaysia in 2021. It is never too soon to put these dates (August 29-Sept 2, 2021) onto your calendar. We hope to see you again in in KL! In the next two years, as your ISS/SIC president, I look forward to working with the presidents of the integrated societies, a great executive committee, a diverse council, and a strong administrative office to move the ISS/SIC into new territory.

World Congress of Surgery WCS 2019 in Krakow, Poland

November 2019


Lively discussions at the Poster Exhibition WCS 2019

This new territory includes the offering of ISS/SIC partnerships with national and regional surgical societies, allowing blocks of surgeons to join our ranks at a reduced annual fee, and providing ISS/SIC and integrated society experts to attend and present at national surgical societies. In the past year, we have signed memoranda of understanding with the national surgical societies of Peru, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Egypt, as well as the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA). We have received additional interest in partnerships from Latvia and Ecuador. In the absence of a ‘block membership’, the new annual dues structure is designed to align dues to be affordable across the broad spectrum of national income averages. In addition, we are launching a membership task force, led by Italo Braghetto, our councilor-at-large from Chile, and

Kathleen Casey, recent past president of ASAP. The charge to the task force is to identify new strategies and tactics to increase our membership. Five strategies immediately apparent include streamlining the application process, facilitating membership amongst interested students, leaning into our integrated societies to help recruit during their regional courses such as Definitive Surgical Trauma Care (DSTC) by IATSIC and the outreach work done by BSI and IAES. As well, Dr Braghetto has re-energized the national delegates to increase exposure of the ISS/ SIC during national congresses, to recruit their peers, trainees, and students. Fundamental to recruitment efforts is the provision of value to prospective members. Half of the value equation is making ISS/SIC and the World Congress of Surgery affordable to the world. A great deal of work has been done in this arena by re-

ducing membership fees, providing travel scholarships, and minimizing the costs of the World Congress. The other half of the equation is the provision of services and opportunities not available anywhere else in the world. I think we can deliver on this. The World Congress of Surgery and the World Journal of Surgery are two “jewels in the crown”, often pointed to by society leaders. While these two items are indeed foundational to our identity as the world’s leader in international surgery, I think there is an even more compelling reason to belong: The ISS/SIC is the seat of international surgical democracy. With our offices in (arguably) the most politically neutral country in the world (Switzerland) the ISS/ SIC is indeed a dispassionate proponent of scientific discovery and surgical care advancement AROUND THE WORLD. There is no other surgical society with the history and track record of bringing the

November 2019


latest scientific advances – wherever discovered – onto the world stage, presented by the most distinguished surgeons in the world and by the brightest young minds from around the globe. More recently, the direction of the ISS/SIC to bring leadership in the provision of surgical and critical care services to low and middle income countries is unparalleled. By combining the strengths of the Journal, a society focused on global inequities in care (ASAP) and through the myriad efforts of the foundation and integrated societies, a small society such as ours can make a big difference. Despite that we are small relative to the American College of Surgeons, or the Royal College of Surgeons of England, our ‘root system’, our network of engaged surgeons around the world and our truly democratic spirit of identifying leadership

agnostic of country of origin is a feature that no one can duplicate. Finally, and most importantly, the ISS/SIC allows surgeons the chance to develop friendships and scientific collaborations with individuals, universities, and societies that they could never have imagined. Durable mentorship relationships develop that span specialty and geography. The international catalog of colleagues grows exponentially. There is hardly a country in the world that you might visit where there isn’t a friend in the ISS/SIC. It has been my experience that surgeons in the ISS/ SIC are the most gracious and hospitable of any in the world. I believe I would be welcome in most surgical departments around the world, so you too are welcome to our surgical department, tucked into the

northwest corner of Oregon, USA. Come visit. And if I don’t see you for a couple of years, see you in Kuala Lumpur!! John G. Hunter President ISS/SIC & Congress President ISW 2021

Report Secretary-General Kenneth D. Boffard, Secretary-General ISS/SIC

Welcome to this first newsletter since the Congress in Krakow – One of the best Congresses we have had – the Congress Centre was filled, the situation beautiful, and the interaction between the delegates, amazing. As you will see elsewhere in this newsletter, we are making a sustained effort to be inclusive of a far wider spectrum of participants than in the past. We have completely revised the fee structure, recognizing the financial difficulties suffered by our members especially from lower- and middle-income countries. Both our membership dues, and Congress fees are now linked to the World Bank classification. While not perfect, our attendance of participants from many of these countries was significantly increased on previous Congresses, and the variety of disciplines from Anaesthesiologists, Crit-

ical Care specialists, and the enthusiasm of our Medical Students and Residents was fantastic. This is one of the only Societies which has the breadth of surgical from first contact (student) to retired and active surgeons. The Congress was truly three dimensional, (all ages – young to old, all surgical care disciplines – no single branch of surgery, anaesthesia, or intensive care, and all incomes, including a very special presence of our Travel Fellows). Our members now fall into all three “categories”: “learn, earn, and return.” See the other parts of this newsletter. A reminder to those members who qualify to consider applying for the Fellowship of the International Society of Surgery (FISS). This is the highest peer recognition we can give, and many of our members have earned the right to apply for it. Details are in the website. We are working hard to share our access across our diverse Integrated Societies, to some of the world’s best teachers, with the widest possible audience. At time of writing, we have had shared sessions with many International Societies, including Sociedad de Cirujanos Generales del

Perú (SCGP), College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka, College of Surgeons of the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia, The Egyptian Society of Surgeons, and the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa. IATSIC has introduced the NTMC to Ethiopia, also currently taking place in India and Sri Lanka. BSI and IAES have extensive education programmes. We look forward to broadening our footprint further and involving many of our current and future members. Preparations are already underway for our next meeting, using our traditional name: International Surgical Week – the World’s Congress of Surgery. This will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 29 August to 2 September 2021. Save it in your diaries now. We have extraordinary regional support and Malaysia is an amazing country to visit. To our members, and new partner organizations, Welcome. We hope that you have as much fun and pleasure within the Society, as we have working with you. Ken Boffard Secretary-General ISS/SIC

November 2019


ISS/SIC Activities Andrew G. Hill, Past President ISS/SIC

History was made in Egypt in the last week of September 2019. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Egyptian Society of Surgery (ESS) and the International Society of Surgery. This MOU establishes a special relationship between the two societies and heralds an exciting future for Egyptian Surgery and provides opportunities for the ISS/SIC to grow in North Africa and the Middle East. Five surgeons from the ISS/SIC joined the surgeons from Egypt for their summer meeting in Alexandria. This group was led

The arrangements of the MOU mean that the ISS/SIC will visit on years alternate to the International Surgical Week and so a team will be visiting either the March Meeting or the Summer Meeting in September of 2019.

nity to visit the El Alamein 2nd World War battle site in the morning and early afternoon. We visited the German, Italian and Commonwealth cemeteries and the Museum. As we reflected on the day it came obvious to us that a trip of this type with Surgeons from Commonwealth Countries, Germany, North America and from South Africa, with differing religions could hardly have been imagined in the past. And yet the ISS/SIC allowed something special to occur. United by the vision of the ISS/ SIC to advance the Art and Science of Surgery Worldwide we were able to transcend each other’s differences and learn from each other and enjoy the fellowship which only the ISS/SIC can offer. It was a special time.

A poignant moment occurred on the day after the conference. The team had flights later in the day and so had the opportu-

The ISS/SIC is getting out and about. If you would like to join a team to travel to join us in our outreach activities write to

by Past President Andrew Hill and Secretary General Ken Boffard. Drs Andrew MacCormick, Kristin Long and Hermann Kessler joined the team and made contributions, speaking at the meeting on topics as diverse as Perioperative Care, Trauma, Decision Making, Women in Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery for Crohn’s Disease. The team were welcomed by the team from the Egyptian Society headed by Professor Farid, the Secretary General.

Signing of MoU with the Egyptian Society of Surgery ESS (left to right) Prof. Mohamed Farid, Secretary-General ESS; Eng Islam Shalaby, Planning and Operation Manager: COB; Prof. Abd El Moety Hussein, Vice President ESS; Prof. Ahmed Farag El-Kased, Member ESS; Prof. Andrew G. Hill, Immediate Past President ISS/SIC, Prof. Kenneth D. Boffard, Secretary-General ISS/SIC

November 2019


me, care of the ISS/SIC office and enclose your CV. Speakers are expected to be research active in their chosen field, have an academic appointment at a recognised academic institution and be members of the ISS/SIC and an appropriate integrated society. Speakers will be expected to find funding for the flights but expenses on the ground in country will be covered. Next year we will be visiting Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Zambia, Egypt and Peru. Andrew G. Hill Past President ISS/SIC

Lively discussions at the Writer's Workshop WCS 2019

Report General Treasurer Gerard M. Doherty General Treasurer ISS/SIC

We are convinced that our membership is our strength, and the more widely distributed it is, the stronger we are, both morally and financially. I look for ward to contributing to the smooth function of the ISS/SIC in whatever way that I can, continuing the important work started by my predecessor, Prof. Anders Bergenfelz. Gerard M. Doherty General Treasurer ISS/SIC Rooftops in Krakow

November 2019


Report ISS-Foundation Michael G. Sarr, Secretary-Treasurer ISS Foundation

This year the ISSF supported 15 travelers from around the world (Nepal - 3, India - 3, Russia, Ecuador, Ghana, Pakistan, Malaysia, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, and Moldova) to attend the World Congress of Surgery 2019 in Krakow, Poland. The interaction with one another and with other delegates at the WCS 2019 was superb and far reaching and having read all the summaries from these enthusiastic, deserving, young surgeons and anesthesiologists, these travel awards were a success. The financial support for these awards came from the ISS/SIC, from generous donations to the ISS Foundation from members of the ISS/SIC, from Department Chairs of Surgery in the United

States, and from many generous personal donations from the Japanese Chapter and the United States Chapter of the ISS/ SIC. Please see the summaries of two of these travelers that are at the end of this report. You will be very happy and interested to read them and to see just what a long-lasting impact these awards have given these travelers.

for surgeons in the developing world. The type of outreach programs have in some ways been modeled after the tremendous work done by IATSIC in their NTMC course on trauma where the initial program leads to opportunities to “educate the educators”. Michael G. Sarr Secretary-Treasurer ISS Foundation

In addition, the ISSF had provided financial grants to the IAES and BSI for their outreach programs for 2017-2019. The in-country educational seminars and hands-on workshops put on by BSI and IAES were conducted in Malaysia (x2), Vietnam (x2), and Bangladesh. For more information about these fabulous educational experiences designed to teach the teachers in these countries, please see the ISSF website “”. These outreach programs have helped to support excellent medical care delivery in selected places in these countries and to provide education to further develop skills

Winners of the Travel Awards WCS 2019

November 2019


Reports from two ISSF travel scholars WCS 2019 Theophilus Teddy Kojo Anyomih, Ghana

I aspire to be an academic surgeon involved in Global surgical research, contributing to improving surgical outcome worldwide especially in low- and middleincome countries like Ghana. After fulfilling experiences of tutoring medical students and junior doctors, I look forward to dedicating a good percentage of my time to teaching and mentoring young aspiring surgeons. Attending the WCS 2019 was really an eye-opener and a great opportunity for me to learn from others who are already living my dreams. It offered me the opportunity to partake in two courses that have greatly improved my thoughts on academic surgery and my writing skills; Career Development for Academic Surgeons and the Writer’s Workshop.

Sami Ullah Bhatti, Pakistan

It gives me immense pleasure and excitement while writing this review about the WCS 2019 which I attended in Poland during August as travel scholar. Before I say anything I would like to thank and congratulate the conference organizers for organizing such a conference which I had never expected because I am Muslim and right during the conference days was our holy occasion of EID Ul Azha and it was very difficult for me to decide whether I should attend the conference or

These courses brought together authors, editors and experienced academic surgeons to share their experiences, mistakes, successes and to guide us and essentially mentor us. We interacted with them and learned from their experiences. Thanks to the writer’s course I have successfully reviewed my first article and looking forward to review more articles. Every student, resident or junior doctor looking at a career at academic surgery should definitely attend these courses. I could only get this opportunity because I was supported as a travel scholar. I come from an area with very few academic surgeons. It was therefore great excitement and a rare opportunity to meet 100s of academic surgeons who were overly excited and willing to speak to and guide young doctors like myself. It was an honour to meet with Andrew Hill, Michael Sarr and Herbert Chen and the likes who said very encouraging words to me.

present to a wider group of people with varying backgrounds and levels. I also had the chance to listen to other presentations and abstracts and learn from them. I am honoured to have been selected as a travel scholar to the World Congress of Surgery 2019 – It would have been impossible for me to make it to the congress to learn the things that I learnt without financial support. I thank all those who contributed financially to help me make it to this congress, I am really grateful; I could otherwise have ever attended. The ultimate beneficiaries of this scholarship are the patients who will be in my care and the students and young doctors I will mentor. Thank you. Theophilus Teddy Kojo Anyomih ISSF Travel Scholar WCS 2019

I got to give two oral presentations – this gave me the chance to share the work I have been involved in and confidence to

my holy days, but thank God I am happy that my decision to attend the conference was 100 % right and the whole credit goes to the conference organizers. Conference started with Career Development Course which to me as young consultant was very informative and relevant not only on academic but also on intellectual levels. The curiosity, wisdom and thoughtful discussions and critiques in the course room will be remembered for long. I have a goal now and it has opened my mind that how can I progress and excel in my career and likewise my students and junior surgeons have benefited with my experience of attending the course as I have taught them as well which ever I learnt in that course. Conference was very well decorated with very informative and educational lectures,

videos and posters, explaining advancements in all surgical specialties. It has broadened my knowledge of surgical field and has made me well versed with most advanced surgical procedures and treatment modalities. Now I am more confident while teaching to undergraduate students and junior surgeons. The best part of conference for me was the concept of Global Surgical Education program specially designed for low and lower middle income countries. It was really fantastic, eye opening and thought provoking for me to look at the goals, objectives and work of global surgical education group. After attending this conference, I have realized that these societies are very essential and all of us must join them and support them to get the goals. Right dur-

November 2019


ing the conference, I decided and joined ISS/SIC and promised to myself that I will take part actively in the society activities and will work for the betterment of other fellow surgeons around the globe. Another very important aspect of the WCS and ISSF which I came to know was to establish international connections and to establish a relationship among surgeons from various parts of the world and I don’t hesitate to say that ISS/SIC and WCS organizers have done this job very well, I met with delegates from all over the world both high and low income countries and helped me made new friends from international community. Writer’s workshop was a masterpiece in itself because it was so well constructed

that it addressed all the points according to the individual needs of participants and according to their competence levels. It has cleared many of my concepts and at least helped me a lot to organise my thoughts and I think I will be focused and target oriented in future while writing or publishing any manuscript or conducting any research. I have already planned to conduct a likewise course to educate and teach junior surgeons, and undergraduate students.

bers should be increased so that more and more candidates can attend the conference and witness the great work being done. Sami Ullah Bhatti ISSF Travel Scholar WCS 2019

And obviously the grant was something without which I would never have been able to attend the conference. And I want to send my gratitude and regards to the selectors of award winners for honouring me with travel scholar award and I would recommend that award participant num-

The Wawel Castle, Krakow

November 2019


Report Administrative Office It is renewal season! More than 3,000 medical professionals from across the globe have discovered the value of ISS/SIC membership as an essential investment in their future. ISS/ SIC offers benefits that inspire, drive and connect us in the translation of science to advance clinical practice and improve the lives of millions of people worldwide.

tion to those providing the highest standards to which we aspire.

Discover the benefits at

Next deadline to apply for Fellowship is 31st January 2020! More information can be found HERE

Login HERE to the ISS/SIC Member Area. The Member Area provides access to journals (if membership is paid), donations to ISS Foundation, membership payment facilities, personal data, certificates, invoices and ISS/SIC members listing. We are here to support you, please write us to Become an ISS/SIC Fellow! The International Society of Surgery has created the Fellowship of the International Society of Surgery (FISS) to give recogni-

The ISS/SIC admits to its Fellowship only those surgeons and anesthetists whose professional activity is devoted to practice excellence, and who agree, without compromise, to practice by the professional and ethical standards of the Society.

Awarded FISS: Juan A. Asensio, Omaha, NE, USA | Mutaz Al-Khateeb, Swaifia, Jordan | Agron S. Dogjani, Tirana, Albania | Russell L. Gruen, Canberra, ACT, AU | Andrew G. Hill, Auckland, New Zealand | Chung-Ping Hsu, Taichung, Taiwan | Vinod Jain, Lucknow, India | Kamal Jayasuriya, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka | Giuseppe R. Nigri, Rome, Italy | Alexander Shifrin, Neptune, NJ, USA | Jon Arne Söreide, Stavanger, Norway | BoonLee Tan, Alor-Satar, Malaysia

48th World Congress of Surgery (WCS) 2019 On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committees of WCS 2019, we wish to thank all attendees for their participation at the 48th World Congress of Surgery 2019, which was held in Krakow, Poland on 11 – 15 August 2019. We were delighted to host a number of 2’021 participants from across the globe, who found the Scientific Program, both stimulating and enriching. We are very grateful that so many took time out of their busy schedule to participate. Discover the Congress Impact Report HERE. We are also happy for all positive feedback we have received in view of the WCS 2019 congress organization. Of course, we are well aware that a successful congress organization can only be achieved by means of a joint effort with all involved parties. We are grateful for a thoughtful leadership as well as for the professional handling and support at all levels which made the Krakow meeting so successful. Quite a moving year with plenty of challenges but also with many very positive aspects and memories slowly draws to a close. From the Administrative Office we convey our best wishes for an enjoyable holiday season and a prosperous incoming 2020. Our offices will remain closed during the Christmas/New Year holiday (23.12.2019-6.1.2020). Visit us on: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

The ISS/SIC Administration Team

November 2019


Report WCS 2019

At the World Congress of Surgery WCS 2019 in Krakow, the ISS/SIC convened a Council Meeting as well as a General Assembly and the new slate of officers and council members were appointed as follows:

ISS/SIC Council 2019-2021

President and Congress President ISW 2021 Deadline for John G. Hunter, USA Abstract submission: President-Elect January 2019 Cheng-Har24 Yip, Malaysia Immediate Past-President Andrew G. Hill, New Zealand Secretary-General Kenneth D. Boffard, South Africa General Treasurer Gerard M. Doherty, USA Councillors-at-Large Chair Membership Subcommittee SAVE THE DATE ie (ISS/SIC) Italo Braghetto, Chile Chair Global Surgery Subcommittee crine Surgeons auma Surgery and Intensive Care Hisham Abdullah, Malaysia Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition #WCS2019 Chair Scientific Subcommittee Surgery esia Presence Hiroyuki Konno, Japan Chair Social Media Subcommittee Albert Tuchmann, Austria Editor in Chief WJS (ex-officio) Julie Ann Sosa, USA Secretary-Treasurer ISS Foundation (ex-officio) Michael G. Sarr, USA Representatives of Integrated Societies President IAES Akira Miyauchi, Japan President IATSIC Elmin Steyn, South Africa President IASMEN Anders Thorell, Sweden President BSI Gaurav Agarwal, India President ISDS Alessandro Fichera, USA President ASAP Russell Gruen, Australia

Prize Winners & Honorary Fellowship at WCS 2019 Also, the following distinguished candidates have been awarded the most prestigious Prize Awards resp. ISS/SIC Honorary Fellowship at WCS 2019 – congratulations upon this achievement. Unfortunately, not all awardees could attend WCS 2019 and the missing candidates have been awarded at the ACS meeting in October.

Honorary Membership: Yvonne Chan, USA Ronald V. Maier, USA Sathiya S. Pillay, South Africa

Robert Danis Prize: Juan A. Asensio, USA ISS/SIC Prize (ex aequo): Ian D. Civil, New Zealand James O. Garden, UK

Awarding of Honorary Membership – Ronald V. Maier, USA and Sathiya S. Pillay, South Africa

ISS/SIC Distinguished Lectures The prestigious ISS/SIC lectures were given by most prominent lecturers. The program committee WCS 2019 wishes to extend their thanks to these lecturers for their great contributions at the Krakow meeting. ISS/SIC MARTIN ALLGÖWER LECTURE Difficult thyroid surgery: primum non nocere Lecturer: Hisham Abdullah, Malaysia

ISS/SIC Prize Awarding of James O. Garden and Ian D. Civil at ACS by Peter Angelos & Ken Boffard

ISS/SIC GREY TURNER LECTURE Forty years in practice: Infrastructure and policy to optimize surgeon retooling for a lifetime of peak performance Lecturer: Barbara Bass, USA

November 2019


The ICE Krakow Congress Center WCS 2019 decorated

ACS / ISS/SIC LECTURE Gender equality as a prerequisite for ensuring global access to safe surgery & anesthesia Lecturer: Hilary A. Sanfey, USA ISS/SIC Abstract Prize Winners at WCS 2019 The awards for best ISS/SIC Abstract presentations in the category Free Paper (oral) and Poster were awarded to the following presenters: ISS/SIC LLOYD M. NYHUS PRIZE Presenting Author: Jaymie Henry, Kenya Advancing universal health coverage through strengthening essential surgical care provision in primary care: sharing the results from the Kenya National Surgical Capacity study ISS/SIC POSTER PRIZE Presenting Author: Adrian Perdyan, Poland Circulating tumor DNA in KRAS positive colorectal cancer patients as a prognostic factor: a systematic review

The Martin Allgรถwer Lecturer, Prof. Hisham Abdullah getting awarded

November 2019


WJS Report Julie Ann Sosa Editor in Chief WJS

Hello and fall greetings from San Francisco to members of the ISS/SIC! It was great to have seen so many old and new colleagues and friends in Krakow recently. We provided important updates to the general membership at the ISS/SIC business meeting and to our World Journal of Surgery editors and reviewers at our editorial board meeting, too. Here are the highlights. In Krakow, Dr Dieter Hahnloser of Lausanne University Hospital in Switzerland stepped down from the WJS editorial board after 10 years of excellent service.

Nancy Baxter

is a Fellow of the Association for Colon and Rectal Surgeons. Currently, she is the Head of the Division of General Surgery at St. Michael’s Hospital. She holds a Scientist position with the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute and is a Senior Scientist at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences. Dr. Baxter is also the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and a Professor in the Department of Surgery and Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. She holds the position of Provincial GI Endoscopy lead for Cancer Care Ontario. Dr Baxter is an accomplished clinical epidemiologist and health services researcher interested in the effectiveness of cancer screening, long-term cancer survivorship, and the quality of surgical care. We are thrilled to welcome Dr Baxter as our new Associate Editor. In Krakow, we celebrated Dr Ruth Bush as our WJS Editor of the Year.

Dr Bush is Associate Dean for Medical Education and Professor of Vascular Surgery at the University of Houston College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, USA. Dr Bush is an accomplished vascular surgeon and educator, as well as an attorney. Dr Bush was recognized with this award for her long track record of excellent service to the journal: she has accepted 98% of review invitations, and she has a 6-day turnaround time. To date, she has provided a total of 116 reviews. Dr Bush indeed has set the bar high for her colleagues on the editorial board! Awards also were distributed to the best WJS papers of 2016 and 2017, as judged by their citations/impact and also a vote by WJS associate editors. Dr Angkoon Anuwong of Bangkok, Thailand received the best paper of 2016 award for his single author manuscript (a rarity today in the era of team science) ‘Transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach: A series of the first 60 human cases.’ Dr Kent Lundholm of Göteborg, Sweden was awarded the best paper of 2017 for his manuscript ‘Long-term results following antibiotic treatment of acute appendicitis in adults’ written with his coauthors Jeanette Hansson Assarsson, Cecilia Engström, and Britt-Marie Iresjö. Finally, Yvonne Chan was granted an honorary fellowship in the ISS/SIC; this honor was bestowed for her many years of faithful service as the publisher of WJS, representing Springer. She stepped down in January 2019.

Dieter Hahnloser

He was replaced by Dr Nancy Baxter from Toronto, Canada. Dr Baxter obtained her MD and PhD in Clinical Epidemiology from the University of Toronto. She is board certified in colon and rectal surgery and

Ruth Bush

Yvonne Chan

November 2019


Participants at the WJS Writers’ Workshop

World Journal of Surgery continues to be a more and more popular destination for original manuscripts from around the world. In 2018, we received a total of 2,096 submissions, up from 1,949 in 2017. So far in 2019, we have received 1,187 submissions, putting us on track to exceed 2,000 submissions again this year. In 2018, our acceptance rate fell to 19%, as a result, and our impact factor climbed again, from 2.766 in 2017 to 2.768 in 2018. In Krakow, WJS co-sponsored the Fourth Annual Career Advancement Course in conjunction with the ISS/SIC and the

Association for Academic Surgery (USA). Attendance was excellent, and feedback from the students, residents and junior faculty in attendance very favorable. WJS put on its Writers’ Workshop, which also was a success based on attendance and feedback. Hearty thanks go out to our instructors: Bruce Cairns, Anthony Charles, Herb Chen, Imran Hassan, Melina Kibbe, Marco Patti, Sanziana Roman, Tracy Wang, Victor Zaydfudim... and yours truly. We are now exploring ways to potentially take the Writers’ Workshop on the road to other scien-

tific meetings around the world in order to increase potential authors’ and readers’ exposure to the journal and the ISS/SIC. Please look out for new initiatives and innovations around WJS content over the coming months. And please consider submitting your very best science for consideration for publication! Julie Ann Sosa Editor in Chief WJS

IAES Report to be published in the World Journal of Surgery, was inspiring for both the young and ‘young at heart’ endocrine surgeons in the audience.

Janice L. Pasieka, Secretary/Treasurer IAES

Greetings from the office of the Secretary-Treasurer of the IAES. Yes, we have a fresh ‘new look’ with our new IAES logo, designed by Miwa Miyauchi. This past month we met for the 20th meeting of the International Association of Endocrine Surgeons in Kraków, Poland. For those in attendance, the overall feeling was it was one of our best meetings in recent memory. Not only were the scientific papers, posters, and panel discussions top-

ical, entertaining and insightful, the city of Kraków was a wonderful and welcoming venue. Highlights of the meeting would have to include the Peter Heimann Lecture given by Dr. Megan Haymart, an endocrinologist from University of Michigan. Having Dr Haymart attend our sessions was an added bonus, as she enlighted us, educated us and shared her perspective on the treatment of thyroid cancer. Dr. Jerry Doherty's presidential address, soon

Handing over of IAES Presidency from G. Doherty to A. Miyauchi

November 2019


The State-of-the-Art lectures highlighted the diversity and every evolving changes in the field of endocrine surgery. From Peter Stalberg’s historical address on neuroendocrine tumours to Carrie Lubitz’s exciting work in the field of thyroid cancer care. The two panel sessions on “The Surgeon’s Well-Being” and “Endocrine Surgery Without the Bells and Whistles” were well attended and from the discussion that followed, quite thought-provoking. The surgical scientists among us who gave a brief outline of their work at the IAES sponsored luncheon, clearly demonstrated there is a bright future in the field of endocrine surgery.

Peter Heimann Lecture given by Dr. Megan Haymart

The IAES continues to grow and flourish. Fifty new members were inducted to our membership this past two years. We are pleased to welcome 21 Associate members to the association. Seventeen of these individuals received an IAES Traveler Award to attend the meeting and present their work. We look forward including

them as Active members in the coming years once they become established in their endocrine surgical practice. At our Gala Dinner, Jerry Doherty handed over the IAES Presidential Medallion to Professor Akira Miyauchi from Kuma Hospital, Japan. Earlier that day, the membership voted in Dr. Jan Zedenius from Sweden, as as President-Elect and elected three new counsellors to the council; Barbara Miller (USA), Inne Borel-Rinkes (Netherlands), and Marcin Barczynski (Poland).

were highlighted at our video session. The Council has made a commitment to modernizing and upgrading the website in order for it to be a worthwhile resource in the years to come. Our INTEREST Program continues to reach out to under-serviced countries providing an educational platform for the local surgeons. We continue to look for volunteers and new projects that meet the INTEREST mandate. Please contact Rob Parkyn [] if interested in becoming involved. There are several surgical courses and endocrine surgical meetings that would be of interest to our membership. These will be listed on our website. We are pleased to announce the 19th IAES Postgraduate Course in Endocrine Surgery will be held in Singapore, May 15-17, 2020. Registration details will be found on our website. Already in the planning is the 20th IAES Postgraduate Course to be held in Salzburg, March 17-19, 2021.

Audience at IAES Session WCS 2019

The goal over the next six months for the Council is to upgrade our website so that it will become a much more useful resource for the membership. Stay tuned for features such as “Article of the Month”, a more robust listing of all endocrine surgical fellowships world-wide, biographical vignettes all of our past presidents, and educational videos including those that

All members who would like to become more involved in the IAES please contact me at We are always looking for reviewers for the World Journal of Surgery manuscripts, members willing to participate and help with the ongoing needs of our website, and individuals wanting to become involved in our next meeting in Kuala Lumpur August 29 - September 2, 2021. Janice L. Pasieka Secretary/Treasurer IAES

November 2019


IATSIC Report Elmin Steyn, President IATSIC

IATSIC report on the recent WCS and activities of IATSIC over the past 2 years. Krakow was a beautiful and inspiring venue for the WCS of the ISS/SIC and its integrated societies. IATSIC offered a diverse programme, consisting of presentations not only on trauma care in the high-tec environment, but also on innovative and exciting contributions from low and middle income countries (LMIC). The Donald Trunkey lecture was delivered by the eminent Dr. Amit Gupta on “Development and challenges in the evolution of trauma care systems in an emerging economy like India�. Dr Nobhojit Roy was funded by ASAP and Drs Brhanu and Djimbaye were funded by Tina Gaarder and Paal Naess. The Danis Award was presented to Dr. Juan Asensio and three IATSIC Scholarships were assigned through the ISS Foundation infrastructure.

Krakow Market Place

IATSIC is widening its educational scope by updating audio-visual material, as well as creating baskets of course module options, taylored to the needs and resources of the individual region. Masterclasses for instructors are in the pipeline, as well as generic disaster management training. We are very excited that a new ISS/SIC membership fee structure will allow for more members from LMICs to join. In addition, free membership is offered to DSTC-DATC participants, until the end of the first year after joining IATSIC.

A very special Gala Dinner took place at the Restauracja U Ziyada, shared with special guests and old friend, ASAP. This charming restaurant, situated in an old fortress, provides exquisite views of the pastoral scenes around the historic city of Krakow, reminding us of the complex and poignant history of Poland and the importance of optimizing trauma care all over the world. Elmin Steyn President IATSIC

The formal conference was preceded by two very successful and surprisingly well-attended workshops, organized by the energetic outgoing President, Prof Tina Gaarder. The backbone of IATSIC has always been the phenomenal international training courses it offers, namely DSTC-DATC, and NTMC. The DSTC-DATC courses combine advanced practical skills training with strategic decision-making for the emergency setting. The main theme of the pre-conference workshop was the future of IATSIC and how a group of global experts in trauma education, research, trauma systems and advocacy could optimize treatment of the injured, both in LMICs and HICs. This includes countries like Ethiopia, where NTMC provider and instructor courses had recently been introduced. IATSIC Dinner at Restauracja U Ziyada in Krakow

November 2019


The new executive committee and councilors for IATSIC 2019-2021 are: President Elmin Steyn, South Africa President elect Scott K. D’Amours, Australia Past President Christine Gaarder, Norway Secretary/Treasurer Hayato Kurihara, Italy Representative on the WJS Timothy C. Hardcastle, South Africa

Chair, Education Committee Scott K. D’Amours, Australia Chair, DSTC Committee Tarek Razek, Canada Chair, DATC Subcommittee Jonathan O. White, Denmark Chair, NTMC Committee Ranjith N. Ellawala, Sri Lanka Council Representatives North America: Mark W. Bowyer, USA South America: Gustavo P. Fraga, Brazil

Europe: Eric J. Voiglio, France Africa: Alain Chichom Mefire, Cameroon Asia: Ming-Terk Chiu, Singapore Oceania: Katherine Martin, Australia Middle East: Mahir Øzmen, Turkey Japan and related Geographical Areas: Takashi Fujita, Japan

perspective, the congress indeed appears as a great success, not only for ISS/SIC as a whole, but also for the integrated societies. The IASMEN scientific program offered a broad variety of relevant topics, presented by well-renowned experts, which attracted a lot of attendees. As always, the collaborative sessions with other integrated societies were particularly well appreciated and offered development of new ideas and opportunities to networking for future collaborations. Maybe most important and encouraging, the abstract

sessions included numerous impressive scientific contributions from all over the world where young researchers got the opportunity to present their work and discuss them with senior colleagues with broad knowledge within the various fields. The best abstracts were presented in the IASMEN prize session on Tuesday 13 August and a study from India “Enhanced recovery after surgery versus conventional approach in gastric cancer - a randomized clinical trial” presented by Shritosh Kumar was elected as the winning contribution.

IASMEN Report Anders Thorell, President IASMEN

Dear colleagues and friends It has now passed a couple of weeks since the ISS/WCS in Krakow, Poland. In

Opening Ceremony at WCS 2019

November 2019


We congratulate the group from Bhubaneswar to their great work and wish them good luck in the future. The city of Krakow also took the opportunity to show itself from its very best with tremendous weather and its impressive, well-preserved city center and surroundings. I truly hope that as many of you as possible took the opportunity to spend some extra days before or after the congress. During the Executive Committee meeting the strategies for IASMENs work during the coming two years were discussed. The following executive committee board was elected: President Anders Thorell, Sweden President elect Steven E. Wolf, USA Scientific chair Ho-Seong Han, South Korea Secretary / Treasurer Dileep Lobo, UK Members at Large Olle Ljungqvist, Sweden Andrew G. Hill, New Zealand Secretary SNS Communication Joji Kotani, Japan

Several topics were identified as prioritized areas for the near future: Broaden membership and collaboration – Identify, approach, and attract new potential IASMEN members, in particular young surgeons – Identify, approach, and attract other associations for future collaboration and suggest collaborative sessions at their congresses as well as at ISW, Malaysia IASMEN Scientific program at ISW 2021, Malaysia – Promote additional joint sessions together with other nutrition related societies, such as ESPEN, ASPEN, PENSA – Increase number of delegates from developing countries, especially young surgeons – Setup travel grant for one young surgeon delegate ($ 1,500-2,000) – Reduce registration fee for Allied Health professionals Homepage – Designate responsible person within IASMEN ExCom for SNS information – Improve the information regarding IASMEN´s goals and mission

Other – Expand scientific chair’s role, i.e. communication with ISS/SIC about arrangement of meetings, etc. – Setup group meetings using WhatsApp. (Dileep Lobo +44-7545-766471) – Deepen the relationship and collaboration with other Integrated Societies of ISS/SIC – Establish local branches of IASMEN in other countries (Japan, Korea and other) – Develop integration of ERAS society within ISBI: Collaborative sessions ISBI/ IASMEN at ISW, other meetings (Steven Wolf) – Develop integration of ERAS society within IASMEN: Collaborative sessions ERAS/IASMEN at ISW as well as at other international meetings (Olle Ljungqvist) It is, thus, with good confidence I am looking forward to the two years to come regarding the development of IASMEN´s role as an Integrated Society of ISS/SIC. Anders Thorell President IASMEN

BSI Report

Gaurav Agarwal President BSI

Breast Surgery International at the World Congress of Surgery 2019 in Krakow In Krakow at the World Congress of Surgery 2019, Breast Surgery International (BSI) delivered a very successful and stimulating program in collaboration with our fellow Polish faculty. Over 30 high profile international faculty and leaders were invited, and it was well attended by

Sharon W.W. Chan Honorary Secretary BSI

more than 150 participants from all over the globe, including our young scholars from low- and middle- income nations. The BSI hall was packed to capacity in most sessions, and we received tremendous positive feedback regarding the program, the scientific contents and the extensive experience shared by our prominent speakers.

The program was specifically designed with a theme of breast cancer in young women. Dr Sharon Chan, our program chairlady, had put together a diverse and comprehensive program. It kicked off on Sunday 11 August 2019 with 2 preconference workshops, one on “Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery”, and the second workshop on “Innovative Surgical Procedures”. Participants found the Video presentations and the Live Model workshops interactive and fruitful. The main sessions covered full spectrum of important topics including epidemiology, genetics, surgery and survivorships in young breast cancer women. It climaxed with a debate and concluded with a consensus making session in collaboration with Polish Society of Surgical Oncology

November 2019


Sandelin, who is a founding member of BSI and Honorary Fellow of the International Society of Surgery. She recalled the story of Professor Umberto Veronesi in relation with the foundation and growth of our society. Furthermore, she took the opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our society, which in the past two decades, contributed significantly to the education and development of breast surgery globally. One of the highlights of our meeting was the Presidential address, delivered by our much loved and departing president – Prof Omar Youssef. We had a small glimpse of what has been a remarkable life of his dedication to surgery, especially oncoplastic breast surgery. His aspiration and contributions to BSI was highly commented. BSI Prize session – Best free paper presentation with moderators and adjudicators

BSI poster presentation session with moderators and adjudicators

(PSSO). The BSI lunch symposium, debates and consensus session - all invoked keen interest and participation from the participants and faculty alike. In addition, we were excited to have a joint session with ASAP discussing issues on Global Management of Breast Cancer.

tions, from which we selected our BSI paper and poster prizes as well as our BSI travel scholars. The calibre of these young surgical researchers demonstrates the benefit they will bring to their local communities and bodes well for their bright and productive surgical careers.

BSI received over a hundred research abstracts for oral and or poster presenta-

This year we honoured our Umberto Veronesi Lecturer 2019, Professor Kerstin

New team of officers and council members took over during the World Congress of Surgery. We welcome our new BSI president Prof. Gaurav Agarwal, Professor of Endocrine & Breast Surgery at SGPGIMS Lucknow, India. Prof. Owen A. Ung, Australia, is our president elect, while Dr. SVS Deo, India and Dr. Sharon Chan, Hong Kong, were appointed as Treasurer and Secretary of the Society respectively. Dr. Jean-François Boileau, Canada, was entrusted with the responsibility of being the Program Co-ordinator for the next World Congress of Surgery / International Surgical Week. The Society thanks Prof. Cheng Har Yip, Malaysia and Prof. Elisabeth Elder, Australia who step down from Council after serving it over 4 years. We welcomed Prof. Ines Buccimazza, South Africa, Dr. Farid Meybodi, Australia and Prof. Nur Aishah Mohd Taib, Malaysia who join the existing councillors Dr. Shigeru Imoto, Japan, Dr. Michael Douek, United Kingdom and Dr. Bahadir Gullouglu, Turkey. We also need to thank our ex-officio councillors: Kerstin Sandelin, Sweden, Sarkis Meterissian, Canada, and Mikael Hartman, Singapore (Chair Scientific Committee) for their continued, and unwavering dedication and service to the BSI. We had a most enjoyable dinner at Wesele in a beautiful setting with fantastic local Polish food. We sincerely thank Prof. Wojciech Wysocki, our Polish local coordina-

November 2019


tor, for his support and contributions to the success of the Krakow meeting. The meeting ended with the “Stump the expert” session with Travel Scholars presenting interesting and difficult cases for discussions. We all agree that the meeting was a great success with excellent and enthusiastic faculty and engaged and enthralled delegates. Everyone departed having learnt a great deal and shared in the excellent fellowship and conviviality of the meeting. BSI Scientific Meetings / BSI Outreach Breast Surgery and Thai Breast Disease Society Meeting in Bangkok 1st September 2019 This year, BSI outreach was in Bangkok for the Southeast Asian Breast Cancer Symposium (SEABCS). The BSI faculty this year was BSI President, Prof. Gaurav Agarwal and Secretary Dr. Sharon Chan. SEABCS is an annual programme organised by civil societies and healthcare professionals in Southeast Asia. This is the 4th year BSI supported the symposium. The first was in Hue, Vietnam in 2016, followed by Yangon, Myanmar in 2017, and Kuching Sarawak in 2018, and this year in Bangkok, Thailand. There was a good mix of local and international speakers covering not only surgical topics, but pathology, oncology, survivorship and palliative care. We will look forward to the SEABCS in Jakarta, Indonesia next year. Future events: 1. Breast Surgery Advanced course in Kuching, Malaysia (Part of MOU with College of Surgeons of Malaysia and BSI) Oct 2019 2. BSI collaboration for next SGPGI Breast Course 2020, to be held on 15-16 February 2020 in Lucknow, India Membership There has been a gradual and steady flow of new members. The Society now has over two hundred active members. We are lean but well represented by high calibre breast surgeons from every corner of the globe. It is important to maintain and increase membership. Membership fee for ISS/SIC has been reduced to facilitate membership from low- and middle-income countries. BSI would continue to

BSI 2017–2019 council members and ex-officio councillors

SEABCS Faculty: Prof Julie Gralow, Prof Nur Aishah, Prof Cheng Har Yip, Prof Jane Brock, Prof Gaurav Agarwal and Dr Sharon Chan (left to right)

look for opportunities to improve visibility and attract new members. BSI at the International Surgical Week ISW 2021 (World Congress of Surgery) in Kuala Lumpur The next ISW (WCS) will be held in Kuala Lumpur. Jean-François Boileau, our Program Chair, along with the Program Committee is organising an exciting program to welcome you in Malaysia in 2021 and we look forward to meeting many old and new friends of the BSI community. Gaurav Agarwal Sharon Chan President BSI Honorary Secretary BSI

BSI Council members in SEABCS. Dr Sharon Chan, Prof Nur Aishah Taib, Prof Cheng Har Yip and Prof Gaurav Agarwal (left to right)

November 2019


ISDS Report Alessandro Fichera, President ISDS

Dear colleagues and friends, This is my first report as ISDS President and I must recognize and thank Professor Hiroyuki Konno, the immediate ISDS Past President for his leadership during the past two years. I have learnt a lot from his elegant and always tactful style. He left very big shoes to fill. He will remain active both in ISDS as the immediate Past President as well as in ISS/SIC as a Councilor on the Council. The World Congress of Surgery in Krakow has been a great success in terms of the participation both local as well as international of young and more seasoned colleagues, scientific value and cultural and social growth opportunities. We discovered the warm hospitality of the Polish

people and the rich history and culture Poland has to offer. The Local Organizing Committee did a fantastic job in putting together a spectacular Social Program. We all went home feeling rewarded, enriched and grateful for the experience. This meeting strongly represented the core values of ISDS: Scientific discovery, mentorship of young surgeons and networking opportunities. This was also a bittersweet Congress as we celebrated the life of a Surgical Giant, Professor Masaki Kitajima, that suddenly passed away on May 20, 2019. During the celebration for the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Collegium Internationale Chirurgiae Digestivae (CICD), now ISDS as an offshoot to the SociĂŠtĂŠ Internationale de Chirurgie now the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC), Professors Konno, Young-Fadok and Montori gave touching and warm talks commemorating the contribution of Professor Kitajima to ISDS. He will be sorely missed. As we remember our predecessors and we walk in their footsteps the life of the Society continues to evolve. We are already

planning and organizing the International Surgical Week 2021 - the World's Congress of Surgery - the 49 th Congress of the International Society of Surgery (ISS/ SIC) that will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia August 29-September 2, 2021. We have several new ideas, such as funding two positions for international travelling scholars to the 2021 Congress specifically for low-mid income countries and having pre congress hands on courses in Malaysia covering basic surgical principals geared towards surgery residents and young surgeons. We have in fact assembled a very diverse Executive Committee to oversee all these activities and the organization of the Congress. Please go to our website at to learn more about this very energetic and diverse group and please consider actively participating in the activity of the society leading to the 2021 Congress. Sincerely Alessandro Fichera President ISDS

The Krakow Night at the historic Old Tram Depot

November 2019


ISDS Committee (2019–2021) President Alessandro Fichera, USA President Elect Jamie Murphy, UK Past President Hiroyuki Konno, Japan Secretary General Lorenzo Ferri, Canada Deputy Secretary General Fernando Herbella, Brazil Treasurer Hermann Kessler, USA

Vice Presidents Hideo Baba, Japan P. Marco Fisichella, USA Minoru Tanabe, Japan Councilors Martin Montenovo, USA James A. Madura, USA Tan To Cheung, Hong Kong SAR April C. Roslani, Malaysia Toru Kono, Japan Go Wakabayashi, Japan Pauli A. Puolakkainen, Finland

Francisco Schlottmann, Argentina Matthew R. Walsh, USA James O. Park, USA Consultants Simon Y.-K. Law, Hong Kong SAR Marco G. Patti, USA Tonia M. Young-Fadok, USA Nathaniel J. Soper, USA WJS Editor in Chief (ex officio) Julie Ann Sosa, USA

through our members’ participation in the 3rd Edition of the Disease Control Priorities, the Lancet Commission, several WHO Resolutions, and the G4 Alliance, ASAP retains its commitment to science and research-based improvement. In the past two years we have supported global surgery conferences with the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) in Kigali, Rwanda, and the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, USA. And of the ASAP scientific program at this year’s World Congress of Surgery in Krakow, more than half of the invited speakers came from low-income and middle-income countries.

public health and real life implementation stories. Kathleen has also secured a firm foundation for ASAP, through countless weeks revising the ASAP constitution, working on membership reform, and negotiating partnerships with societies such as the Association of Women Surgeons, the International Association of Student Surgical Societies, and the Global Initiative for Children’s Surgery.

ASAP Report Russell Gruen, President ASAP

The Alliance for Surgery and Anesthesia Presence (ASAP), founded in 2008, is devoted to advancing safe affordable surgery and anesthesia care when needed for the majority of the world’s population who can’t access it today. We are the only global surgery organization that unites concerned clinicians from different fields and at all stages of their careers, throughout studentship, traineeship and specialist practice. We use these lateral and longitudinal networks to foster inspiration, mentoring, advice and peer support, and create the future generations of global surgery leaders.

I must congratulate our immediate past president, Kathleen Casey, on these achievements, and a program that showcased the rich ecosystem of global surgery including experts in surgery, anesthesia, obstetrics and trauma, education and training, financing and surgical systems,

In the next two years we will continue to support the essential role of surgery in Universal Health Coverage by growing our membership, building our networks and our community, and fostering the relationships that are so special in global surgery, between different specialties, people in different countries, and people at different ends of their careers. Russell Gruen President ASAP

The commitment to global surgery by the International Society of Surgery’s executive has enabled such community among today’s and tomorrow’s practitioners. As its Integrated Society specifically for the community interested in global surgery, ASAP is embracing the ISS/SIC’s decision to offer membership for anesthesiologists, obstetricians and gynecologists, and specialist theatre staff, and now to medical students and residents. With our origins in the Global Burden of Surgical Disease Working Group, and

The ASAP Officers with ISS/SIC President J. Hunter at WCS 2019

November 2019


Report IASSS Gabriella Hyman, President, IASSS

IASSS Future Surgeons – World Congress of Surgery The International Association of Student Surgical Societies (IASSS) remains committed to enriching aspiring surgical care providers’ academic careers through meaningful interpersonal experiences, collaborative opportunities and professional development. In this spirit, and with the support of the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC), we are proud to have hosted our first Future Surgeons Program at the 48 th World Congress of Surgery (WCS) in Krakow, Poland. Our delegation comprised 24 aspiring surgeons from 10 different countries and

included medical students and junior doctors interested in surgical care careers – each a leader or innovator in their region. The Future Surgeon Delegates provided conference support; conducted interviews of congress attendees; attended renowned WCS career development courses; and integrated into the global surgical care community. Delegates described this program as career-defining, inspiring and galvanising experience. IASSS also hosted our inaugural society dinner. This meant, that for the first time, WCS trainee attendees were able to network with like-minded colleagues from around the globe at an event dedicated to future surgeons. IASSS hosted 2 panel discussions: The Future of Surgery: Collaborative Research and Education, and The Future of Surgery: Surgical Leadership and Agenda Setting. These sessions signified our inclusion in the WCS scientific program - a humbling and exciting landmark for our organisation and the future of surgery - and provided future surgeons and congress attendees an opportunity to engage the world’s sur-

gical leadership in a candid and insightful manner. Through the success of our Future Surgeons Program and with the continued support of ISS/SIC, a range of international surgical organisations and a group of dedicated individual par tners and mentors, we have matured from being a Grassroots group to an organisation with the unique position to cultivate surgical interest and expertise for aspiring surgeons globally. We look forward to announcing our new Executive Committee in the coming weeks and invite you to join our IASSS community and or to connect us with aspiring surgeons, anaesthetists and surgical care providers (including medical students, junior doctors, interns, residents) so that we may continue to create an equitable, innovative, accessible and unified future for surgery. Gabriella Hyman President IASSS

Leaders of ISS/SIC with the aspiring IASSS surgeons

November 2019


Report ISS/SIC Scientific Subcommittee Hiroyuki Konno, Councillor ISS/SIC & Chair Scientific Subcommittee

Dear Colleagues and Friends, It is my great honor to be elected as Councillor-at–Large and Chair for Scientific Subcommittee of ISS/SIC. I do my best to take over Prof. Seigo Kitano’s work, including the chair of Japan Chapter. Thanks to the ISS/SIC Organizing Committee, the Local Organizing Committee and the Polish Surgical Society, the 48 th World Congress of Surgery (WCS) in Krakow achieved a great success. The program was well organized and so attractive that many participants could surely enjoy the meeting. In addition, the

excellent idea of holding WCS together with a local Surgical Society surely lead to increase of the participants and boosted the value of ISS/SIC. I would also like to congratulate all Integrated Societies for the success of their sessions. In terms of the ISS/SIC sessions, 127 abstracts in total were reportedly registered for 1 Prize Session (Lloyd M. Nyhus Session), 13 Free Paper Sessions, 2 Free Paper / Video Sessions and 2 Poster Sessions. I served as the President of ISDS until the WCS 2019 in Krakow. For ISDS, the 48th WCS 2019 had a special meaning, as the ISDS was incorporated in 1969 as the Collegium Internationale Chirurgiae Digestivae (CICD). I was very happy to hold the special session for the 50th Anniversary of CICD/ISDS. Besides the special session, we launched for the first time the Tumor Board type sessions involving the entire spectrum of specialties in cancer care with a large participation from physicians from Poland and neighboring countries.

I think this trial was successful because many surgeons including Polish surgeons joined the TB sessions and carried out productive discussions. I thank the ISDS Executive Committee members for having planned the fantastic ISDS program. At the ISS/SIC Council meeting held on the day before the WCS, I was strongly impressed by the passion of the leaders of ISS/SIC. Despite many challenges, ISS/ SIC will move ahead with an array of activities based on a new agenda. As well as other Councillors, I will spare no efforts to fulfill the aims of improving the quality of surgery across the globe. Sincerely, Hiroyuki Konno Councillor-at–Large and Chair Scientific Subcommittee of ISS/SIC  

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SURGERY Administrative Office (ISS/SIC) Seefeldstrasse 88 CH-8008 Zurich Switzerland Phone: +41 44 533 76 50 Fax: +41 44 533 76 59 E-Mail: Web:

Regular action at WCS 2019

November 2019


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 29 August - 2 September 2021 49th World Congress of the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC)

Inte Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

rnational S2021 urgical Week 29 August - 2 September T h e Wo r l d ‘s C o n g r e s s o f S u r g e r y

49th World Congress of the International Society of Surgery (ISS Jointly organized with the 48th Congress of the College of Surgeons Academy of Medicine Malaysia (CSAMM)

Internationa Surgical Wee T h e Wo r l d ‘s C o n g r e s s o n S u r g e r y


Jointly organized with the 48th Congress of the College of Surgeons Academy of Medicine Malaysia (CS

International Society of Surgery / Société Internationale de Chirurgie (ISS/SIC) and its Integrated Societies: IAES - International Association of Endocrine Surgeons IATSIC - International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care IASMEN - International Association for Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition 2019 BSI November - Breast Surgery International ISDS - International Society for Digestive Surgery ASAP - Alliance for Surgery and Anesthesia Presence



ISS/SIC Newsletter November 2019