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Newsletter International Society of Surgery (ISS) SociĂŠtĂŠ Internationale de Chirurgie (SIC) December 2017

Welcome by the President

Andrew G. Hill, President ISS/SIC

Dear Friends Greetings from New Zealand where the weather is turning from Winter into Summer. For those of us who were able to make it Basel for the World Congress we have many happy memories of a fantastic conference (and swimming down the Rhine). Pierre-Alain Clavien and Nicolas Demartines, along with Victor Bertschi, led a fantastic organising team (including Felix Harder, Doris Henne-Bruns, Marcel Jakob, Georges Mantion, Raffaele Rosso, Daniel Scheidegger, Walter Schweizer, Albert Tuchmann, and Elio Tomasetti from Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland) who were brought together at relatively short notice. Our next meeting will be in Krakow, Poland where Adam Dziki and his team will be hard pressed to

At the World Congress of Surgery WCS 2017, Basel, Switzerland

December 2017


M. Patti hands over the ISS/SIC President’s Medal to A. Hill

improve upon Basel. Having said that the plans for Krakow are well advanced and things look very promising. My first real task as the new President is to thank my predecessor, Professor Marco Patti. Marco has lead the Society through some challenging times over the last two years and has handed over the baton to me with the Society in good shape and ready for the future. His support as the Past President will be much valued over the next two years. Professor John Hunter, the current editor of the World Journal of Surgery, is our President elect and will take over from me in Krakow. A big loss to the Executive Committee has been Dr Sats Pillay from South Africa. He has been our treasurer for the last six years. He has done an outstanding job and the Executive Committee will miss his friendship, commitment, passion, good humour and wisdom.

Practical hands-on GI Course at WCS 2017

The second task is to set a direction for the future. Our constitution clearly states

December 2017


ISS/SIC Honorary Members 2017, Victor Bertschi, Alberto Montori, Tatsuo Yamakawa

Prize Winners WCS 2017 Ronald V. Maier (ISS/SIC Prize), Mark W. Bowyer (R. Danis Prize), Gregorio A. Sicard (R. Leriche Prize)

that “The purpose of the Society is the advancement of the science and art of surgery, worldwide and that we will “promote and facilitate surgical education worldwide through the activities of the Academy of the Society (the “Academy”)”. This educational role is to be the focus of my Presidency. There are two components to this. The first is our excellent World Congress held every two years. We need to work to make this conference easier to attend financially and as relevant to our members as possible. We must be cognisant of the fact that many of our members are from Low and Middle-Income countries where paying to go to an overseas conference is a major imposition and that the conference must

consider the context in which they work (I call this ‘surgery without the toys’). This is a priority for the new Executive Committee. Second, we must work harder at developing our international teaching programmes. ASAP, IATSIC, BSI and ISDS are already invested in this sort of work but we need to expand this and include our other societies and members who are not a member of one of the Collective Member Societies. Through the reinvigoration of our Academy, supported by a growing Foundation, we will be able to offer faculty from our Society to the conferences of other surgical societies and help surgeons from Low and Middle-Income countries to develop guidelines that work on the ground where the surgeons do not have ‘all the toys’.

Finally, we have the opportunity to work in a more meaningful way with our Anaesthetic colleagues and in the advocacy area in Global Health. These are exciting times for our Society, the oldest and most prestigious international Surgical Society in the World. I look forward to hearing from you all. Andrew Hill Auckland, New Zealand President ISS/SIC

December 2017


Letter from the Secretary General Kenneth D. Boffard, Secretary General ISS/SIC

Dear Colleagues No sooner do we wind down from one Congress, when the planning of the Scientific Programme for the next one begins. We look for ward to meeting you in Krakow, Poland, in August 2019 https://www.wcs2019.org The Basel Congress was concluded, both as a financial, and an intellectual success. Despite the unfortunate need to transfer the venue for the Congress to Basel, Switzerland, at a relatively late stage, the Local Organising Committee led by Pro-

fessor Clavien and Professor Demartines, together with Victor Bertschi, and Felix Harder did an amazing job and delivered one of the most enjoyable meetings we have had. Our thanks go to all who helped to make it such a success, and the Office staff here, led by our Administrative Director, Mike Iliopoulos, Congress Administrator Chris Storz, and assisted by Denise Eggler Braun and Laurie Lazaro did a great job to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the meeting. My thanks to all concerned. The Board of Directors attended the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress in San Diego in October and held a successful strategic planning meeting during the time at the Congress. The President of the American College, Professor Barbara Bass, from Houston, Texas, and the President-Elect of the College (President from 20182019), Professor Ronald V. Maier are both ISS/SIC members. We congratu-

late them on their prestigious appointments, and wish them every success. Things are moving fast within the Society. It gives me great pleasure to advise that the Society has decided to recognise the work performed by many of our members, through the award of the Fellowship of the International Society of Surgery. This prestigious award will recognise our hardest working and most loyal members, and will be available by application, with effect from 8 January next year. Details appear elsewhere in this Newsletter. If the necessary criteria are met, the member may place the designation FISS after their name, and be recognised as a leader in Surgery. We are also looking urgently at simplification for applications for membership, to be done online, with as short a delay as possible. At the same time, we are looking at ways of reducing both the cost of membership, and the cost of attending the meeting.

Traditional Swiss entertainment at WCS 2017 – Basel Night

December 2017


The traditional Rhine swimming happened during WCS 2017

This Organisation exists as a tripod. We are supported by three primary components: The International Society of Surgery (ISS/ SIC), itself the world’s oldest International Surgical organisation. The ISS Academy, which will assume a coordination and brokering role for all Society education initiatives. We will be partnering with both our own Collective and our Participating Societies to spread educational initiatives. These could be driven as courses, or by partnering with local Congresses to provide joint sessions supported by ISS/SIC. Members in our Global village can help us provide this educational initiative, especially in areas where surgeons are challenged for cost reasons, from attending the meeting.

The International Society of Surgery Foundation (ISSF) exists to attract financial support, both for Travel Scholars to our own Congresses, and for support of Courses achieved with cooperation with local organisations. We have developed a joint relationship with the International Association of Surgical Students’ Societies (IASSS). Those of you who attended the meeting in Basel, will have noticed the large number of medical students from all over the world, present and assisting the operational organisation, and the enthusiasm they helped bring to the meeting. Members may consider mentoring students who would like to visit institutions in your country, and providing local guidance and support. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

The platform on which the Society really rests is you, its members. The Executive is working hard to make the Society even more relevant to you, more representative of your needs, and with better representation of your views. We have a unique membership base, more widely spread across the world, and with a greater variety of needs than any single National Group. We are also working harder to support and to expand the roles of our National Delegates, who often without reward, serve our members at a local level. The Society exists to serve the needs of its members, and its mission is to advance the science and art or surgery world-wide. On behalf of the Society, I wish everyone a peaceful and successful year to come. Kenneth D. Boffard Secretary General ISS/SIC

December 2017


Fellowship of ISS/SIC The International Society of Surgery has created the Fellowship of the International Society of Surgery (FISS) to provide recognition for those providing the highest standards to which we aspire. The International Society of Surgery admits to its Fellowship only those surgeons and anesthetists whose professional activity is devoted to practice excellence, and who agree, without compromise, to practice by the professional and ethical standards of the Society. Surgeons and Anesthetists voluntarily submit applications for Fellowship. In so doing, they are inviting an evaluation of their practice by their peers. In evaluating the eligibility of applicants for Fellowship, the International Society of Surgery investigates each applicant's clinical practice. Applicants for Fellowship are required to provide all information deemed necessary for the review and evaluation of their practice.

Fellowship Requirements Only completed applications from surgeons and anesthetists who fulfill the following requirements will be considered for the award of Fellowship: • Graduation from a medical school acceptable to the International Society of Surgery. • Full membership of the ISS/SIC for at least five (5) years. • Clinical practice of five (5) years, after the completion of all surgical/anesthetic training (training appointments such as resident, registrar, fellow, etc., do not count as practice). • A current appointment as a specialist on the surgical/anesthetic staff of your primary hospital, and a current clinical practice that establishes the applicant as a specialist in that discipline, with no reportable actions pending that could adversely affect staff privileges.

• All applicants are expected to be clinicians who have primary independent responsibility for the treatment of patients, in these disciplines. • Certification by an appropriate national surgical/anesthetic board from the country where you are currently practicing, confirming your completion of specialist training. • A full and unrestricted license to practice in your country.

least 10 years as member) of the ISS/SIC to serve as referees who know you, and who can provide an evaluation based on their knowledge of your clinical practice, and who can address the quality of your practice. Ideally these referees will practice surgery/anesthesia in your country or specialty. To find referees, go to the online Membership Directory. To apply send the following documents to fellow@iss-sic.com: 1. Completed application form

• A Certificate of Standing from the Medical Board which registers you in your country (issued within three months of the date of receipt of the application). Applicants are expected to have ethical fitness to practice, as well as professional proficiency. This determination is based upon information obtained from peers consulted as referees, and from other sources. Applicants are also expected to have an interest in pursuing professional excellence both as an individual surgeon/anesthetist and a member of the surgical/ anesthetic community. Such interest may be evidenced by membership in local, regional, and national societies; participation in teaching or mentoring programs; serving on hospital committees; continuing medical education through attendance at professional meetings, courses, and seminars. Surgeons/Anesthetists who fulfill all the requirements may apply for Fellowship.

Completing the application To access the application form, go to our website ht t p: //iss-sic.com /member s hip/ fellowship.html. You will need your current ISS/SIC member login information to the MyUserArea to complete the payment of the application fee of CHF 150.00. The application will ask you to select the names of two established members (at

2. Current Curriculum Vitae (CV) 3. Certificate of completion of surgical training 4. Letter from your primary Institution confirming the nature and duration of your appointment 5. Letter from the appropriate examination/registration authority, confirming your specialist status 6. Certificate of Standing (CoS) from your Registering Authority confirming current Medical Registration, Surgical/Anesthetic Board Certification in your country, and that there are no reportable actions pending, dated no older than 3 months at the time of submission 7. Copy of full and unrestricted license to practice in your country 8. Letter of support from your ISS/SIC National Delegate/Representative. If there is no National Delegate for your country, then a letter of support of the Head of Department or Dean can be included. 9. Two members (at least 10 years as member of the ISS/SIC), who serve as referees. 10. Proof of payment of CHF 150.00 application fee via MyUserArea (Login and go to MyMembership – choose “Fellowship” and complete payment)

December 2017


These documents must either be submitted in English, or a certified translation must accompany each document. Applications must be received by the closing date to be considered at the next Executive Committee. See closing dates below. By submitting your application, you have agreed to abide by the terms set forth in the Authorization to Release Information.

Application Closing Dates The International Society of Surgery has designated May 31st and November 30th of each year, as the final date for acceptance of applications. The completed application with all accompanying documentation must be received by the Administrative Office in Zurich by this date. The application will be considered by the Executive Committee of the ISS/SIC at its next meeting following the receipt of the complete application. Applicants will be notified of the outcome no later than 6 months after the closing date.

Application Fee A CHF (Swiss Francs) 150.00 fee is required. The fee must accompany every application for Fellowship and is paid at the time the application is submitted. The fee covers a portion of the cost of reviewing and processing the application and is not refundable. No application will be processed without payment of the fee.

Annual Dues Annual dues are the same as for membership of the ISS/SIC.

Evaluation of Applicants for Fellowship The evaluation of an applicant for Fellowship is based on information relating to the applicant's clinical judgment and experience, professional competence, ethical conduct, and professional standing in the local community. This information is obtained from referees named by the applicant, the National Delegate of the country concerned, and others if required.

The International Society of Surgery appraises information and recommendations from all sources relating to Fellowship applications. Upon review of all information received, the Executive Committee of the ISS/SIC will make the final decision regarding application approval. Successful applicants will be admitted into Fellowship during the Convocation at the World Congress of Surgery, held in August / September of each alternate year. No action is taken when an application is determined by the International Society of Surgery to be incomplete.

Opening of the Application Service The application ser vice will open on January 8, 2018.

Information regarding National Delegates ISS/SIC The Mission Statement of the ISS/SIC is “Advancing the Science and Art of Surgery Worldwide”. To achieve this, the Society: 1. Holds the World Congress of Surgery (the “Congress”), a biennial event where present progress and problems of interest to all surgeons are presented. The Congress also offers venues for simultaneous meetings of various surgical specialties provided during joint presentations, panels and workshops; 2. Promotes and facilitates surgical education worldwide through the activities of the Academy of the Society (the “Academy”), which is responsible for promoting, coordinating and facilitating the teaching activities of the Society, in-

It is our intention to expand our activities, especially in Lower and Middle Income Countries (LMIC):

2. Through partnering with surgical societies/organisations in LMIC to help them in educational efforts for surgeons within their own countries. This will be done at their request (through our National Delegates based in each country) either through specific courses or through contributing to their annual conferences by providing speakers, judges and discussants for research, moderators for sessions, examiners for surgical trainees and other areas that the specific country sees as helpful and needed, not what we think they need!

1. Through the bringing of young surgeons from LMIC to our World Congress. This is our ‘travel scholars’ programme. Currently, we bring around 40 to the World Congress. We aim to increase that to 100 travel scholars.

National Delegates are the heart and soul of the ISS/SIC. Our National Delegates are the direct connection between the ISS and its Executive Committee, and the membership. National Delegates are expected to represent the ISS in their coun-

cluding regional scientific meetings and courses to be held under the auspices of the Society; and 3. Disseminates knowledge of the science and art of surgery through the regular publication of the World Journal of Surgery (the “Journal”), the official organ of the Society, as well as through the publication of books, manuals and newsletters.

December 2017


try. Relationships with National Surgical Societies can only be maintained and developed through our ISS representatives on the ground. In addition, National Delegates are expected to seek out and communicate educational needs for surgeons in their countries with the Academy. National Delegates will also be required to be available to identify those who are able to help with those educational needs. Appointment Each country that has 10 or more Active Members of the ISS/SIC the members shall constitute a Chapter. The Members of each Chapter shall elect a National Delegate. In countries without a Chapter, the Executive Committee of the ISS/SIC may appoint a National Representative. Term of office: Four-year term, with eligibility for one additional term (maximum eight years). If a Chapter fails to elect a National Delegate once the term of the previous National Delegate comes to its end, the Executive Committee of the ISS/ SIC will appoint a new National Delegate or Representative.

Responsibilities of National Delegates and Representatives

a congress is to be held will have major responsibility for helping to organize the congress.

Link with the ISS/SIC: The National Delegate (or National Representative) is the link between the ISS members, and the Executive Committee of the ISS/SIC, and is responsible for maintaining communication with the Administrative Office and the Secretary General.

Additional duties:

Educational: The National Delegate/ Representative will help to identify national educational surgical needs, especially in Lower and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) in cooperation with the ISS/SIC Academy. Where appropriate, the National Delegate/Representative will help the Academy to identify those who are able to help meet those needs. Travel Scholars: The National Delegate/ Representative will help the Foundation to identify Travel Scholars (see above) to the World Congress of Surgery. World Congress of Surgery: The National Delegate of the country in which

• represent the interests and wishes of members within the country • approve new member applications (sent by the ISS/SIC Administrative Office) • Support applications for Fellowship of the International Society of Surgery (FISS) • recommend to the Executive Committee, the location and dates of future congresses • recommend to the Executive Committee, candidates to be considered for the award of: o Honorary Membership o Prize of the "Société Internationale de Chirurgie" o Robert Danis Prize o René Leriche Prize o other prizes sponsored by third parties Such recommendations must be addressed to the Secretary General in writing, no later than by the end of the year preceding the next General Assembly.

The whole group of Travel Scholars WCS 2017 with society representatives

December 2017


Welcome by the ISS/SIC Treasurer Anders Bergenfelz, Treasurer General ISS/SIC

I am happy and honoured to be elected as the new treasurer of the ISS/SIC. As reported at the General Assembly in Basel, the ISS/SIC is in a good and stable financial situation, thanks to the hard work of my predecessor Sathiya S. Pillay, and the rest of the Executive Committee. A stable economy is important to carry out

the missions and goals for the ISS/SIC. The World Congress of Surgery in Basel was a great success, and once the books have been closed, I hope to report more in detail on the financial outcome. Anders Bergenfelz Treasurer General ISS/SIC

Report Editor in Chief WJS John G. Hunter, Editor in Chief WJS

Holiday greetings to all in our ISS/SIC family around the globe! This will be the last message that I write as the Editor-in-Chief of the World Journal of Surgery (WJS). I have enjoyed my role, over the past 12.5 years, facilitating the mission of the ISS/ SIC by publishing original scientific work, reviews, guidelines, commentary, and letters to help transform surgical science and the practice of surgery around the world. A few reflections from the road loom large, as I look back. Read on if you wish….. I have shared – previously – my surprise at receiving a letter from Michael Cotton, a surgeon in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in 2005, suggesting that he wanted to cancel his subscription to the Journal, because we published nothing of relevance to the majority of the world’s population who live in challenging economic settings. I published his letter in the front of the journal and declared a new direction. More than a decade later, we have published original research, declarations, symposia, evidence based guidelines, and editorials supporting and promoting access to high quality surgical care in low and middle income countries. Along with Lancet and a

small handful of journals we are the preferred journal for such publications, especially as they relate to surgery. Representing the needs of low and middle income countries, it has been especially gratifying to see the Alliance for Surgery and Anesthesia Presence (ASAP) become the only collective society to join the ISS/SIC in the last decade, to gather wind in their sails and bring such a strong program to our last World Congress in Basel. At the other end of the spectrum, I have taken great pleasure in promoting and publishing evidence based guidelines that help organize the world’s literature to generate a standard of practice that best approximates the “truth” as we know it today. The latest society to join the journal and affiliate with the ISS/SIC is the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) group. We have published many ERAS guidelines in the past several years, all of which have been heavily cited and downloaded hundreds of times from the Springer website. While citations and downloads have been the traditional metric by which a journal usage is measured, the future value of a journal may be linked to its impact in the more immediate electronic media, the social media through portals such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, What’s App, and other similar sites. The WJS has been successful in this space, many thanks to our younger editors who have hosted electronic journal clubs (Hasan Alam MD)

and created visual abstracts (Hari Keshava MD and Mohammad Abbass MD). Many thanks to all of you who have driven our WJS Twitter family to 2500 followers strong. The Writer’s Workshop emerged as an idea from a strategic retreat in New York City more than a decade ago. As a truly “world journal” we attract writers from all over the world, most of whom have native languages very different than English. Not only is writing in English a challenge, there is minimal instruction in medical school and surgical training on how to design a study and how to structure a scientific report. The WJS has stepped into this space. While our three day course at the World Congress of Surgery is only a ‘teaser’ in many ways, it has sparked the imagination and excitement of eager young minds around the world, resulting in new papers for the WJS, new reviewers, and – yes – a new editor of the journal. Adam Gyedu from Ghana has emerged as a “graduate” of our travel scholars and writer’s workshop students to join the editorial board of the WJS a few months ago. In addition, international mentorship relationships extending for years beyond the course have been created. Mike Sarr MD, our Foundation Secretary and an editor of Surgery has been selfless in giving his time to the students he teaches at these courses. This is what success looks like. Editing a journal of the magnitude and importance of the WJS has not been easy

December 2017


Another most successful Writer’s Workshop at WCS 2017

work. For twelve years, not a weekend in winter, spring, summer, or fall, and not a vacation, holiday, wedding, graduation, or reunion passed where I haven’t had to hide away for hours with my laptop or desktop to attend to the WJS. I have had to be heavy handed with authors, editors, friends and colleagues with news of editorial delay, rejection, or massive revisions. This is not enjoyable. But what has been immensely enjoyable has been the opportunity to meet and work with the smartest most dedicated surgeons in the world, the authors, editors and associate editors of the WJS. While I have received a stipend to acknowledge my work, the editors work for free. Multiply 2400 submissions (including revised manuscripts) by 2-4 re-

views/manuscript and you have an astronomic amount of worked hours in service to the journal. I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom and your guidance, as we try to sort those articles that will change surgical practice from those that will not. A thousand blessings on all of you who have done this work!! I’d like to close by thanking the leadership of the ISS/SIC in Basel, in Zurich, and around the world who have supported the WJS. I’d like to thank our publishers, Springer, in New York. The names of the many that have supported us would read several pages long, but I need to call out two people that are the bedrock upon which the journal rests. Laura Shearer,

our managing editor, has been amazing, bringing customer service and IT savvy to the WJS. Yvonne Chan, our publisher from Springer, has always been there to help make the journal successful, whether it was preparing the next strategic plan or printing participant attendance certificates for the writer’s workshop. My hats are off to both of you. I am confident that the future will bring higher heights for the WJS with these two individuals, working side by side with our brilliant new editor-in-chief, Julie Ann Sosa MD. The journal is in good hands. Godspeed! John G. Hunter EIC WJS, soon to be emeritus!

Some positive feedback re: the Writer's Workshop! Dear Dr. John Hunter, Thank you very much for your decision to accept my manuscript for publication in WJS. I am very glad to hear that. I believe the reason that my manuscript was accepted was my attendance to the WJS Writer's workshop of by ISS/SIC & Springer in Basel this summer. It was a very instructive experience and it made me very clear how to write a paper. Thank you very much again and I will continue to contribute to the journal.

Introduction of the new Editor in Chief WJS at WCS 2017

Best regards, Kiyomi Horiuchi

December 2017


The World Journal of Surgery Visual Abstracts Follow on Twitter @worldsurg and @iss_ sic to see more visual abstracts created by the World Journal of Surgery (WJS)

Featured Papers Discover the featured papers of the World Journal of Surgery published every month on the ISS/SIC website http://iss-sic.com/world-journal-ofsurgery-wjs.html

Report ISS-Foundation Michael G. Sarr, Secretary/Treasurer ISS-F

As the world has become “smaller�, we all recognize the importance of education in the developing world, and especially so in the field of health care and surgery. The primary goal of the ISS Foundation is to help to educate surgeons in the developing world on new techniques, stateof-the-art ideas, and the ability to deliver these advances to their citizens. Our Society and this Foundation are dedicated to these educational endeavors. With the support of donors from across the globe the ISS Foundation funded this year 13 Travel Scholars to get to the 47th

The ISS-F Travel Scholars at WCS 2017

World Congress of Surgery in Basel, Switzerland. This exactly met our aim which is to provide means of furthering the professional training, developing the technical background and promoting the education of individuals in training, through seminars, special courses, granting of scholarships, travel and research fellowships. Applications may be received from all member nations, but surgery students from underdeveloped nations will be encouraged to apply for study in those ar-

eas fortunate to be more developed and advanced. We thank all donors for their support of the ISS Foundation: Michael G. Sarr Secretary/Treasurer ISS-F Please consider donating to the mission of the ISSF by visiting the website https://www.issfoundation-issf.org/

December 2017


Impact Report WCS 2017 International Society of Surgery (ISS) Société Internationale de Chirurgie (SIC) Collective Member Societies: IAES, IATSIC IASMEN BIS ISDS, ASAP

1‘781 delegate from 98 countries 34% of delegates from Europe, 12% from USA 10% from Japan 45% rest of the world

48 travel grants awarded

WCS 2017 Congress Impact Report The 47th World Congress of Surgery 2017 was a landmark event in the field of surgery, bringing together almost 1,800 participants to exchange science and advance the field through the dissemination of knowledge as well as by facilitating the exchange of ideas on a formal and informal basis that allow for the advancement of patient care. Thank you to all attendees & supporters!

1'258 abstracts submitted 257 oral & video presentations 567 posters 2 plenary sessions 6 named lectures 3 state-of-the-art lectures 64 main sessions




New Editor in Chief

ISS/SIC Notecards

from January 1, 2018

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50.3K Tweet impressions 132 Mentions 1,691 Profile visits 131 New Followers

2,228 Likes Facebook

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Save the date: World Congress of Surgery (WCS) | Aug 11-15, 2019

1,689 connections LinkedIn

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Pictures and movie impressions of WCS 2017 can be visited at: http://iss-sic.com/world-congress-of-surgery-wcs.html or at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_lMqW1raUjL67fCqaeiP4Q

December 2017


Report WCS 2019 together toward real-time and patientoriented solutions. Mark the date for abstract submission: Be sure not to miss the deadline to submit your abstract for the WCS 2019. Opening of the submission link will be in September 2018. 24 January 2019 will be closing date.

The International Society of Surgery (ISS) / Société Internationale de Chirurgie (SIC) is proud to present the 48 th World Congress of Surgery (WCS) formerly International Surgical Week (ISW) in Krakow, Poland from 11-15 August 2019. Both engaging and insightful, WCS 2019 is unlike any other meeting. It is an excel-

lent and affordable scientific event in the field of surgery that brings together the world's leading experts. Through the efforts of hundreds of specialists, WCS congresses are vivid platform for scientific and clinical working groups that lay the foundation for future diagnostic and surgical challenges, discussing novel approaches and standards that allow the field to work

ISS/SIC members get reduced fees: Become an ISS/SIC member before December 2018, or renew your current ISS/SIC membership and enjoy reduced fees to the 48th World Congress of Surgery. Discover www.wcs2019.org and follow #WCS2019

Report by the Administrative Office Follow us Be informed and join us on social media:

payment or update your address details please visit: https://esociety.netkey.at/iss/myuserarea After completion of payment you will get access in the MyUserArea to the following journals:

Membership 2017 only lasts another few days. Validate your membership today and stay connected with the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC). Keep all your benefits as a member such as discounted registration for the World Congress of Surgery, free subscription to the newsletter, online access to the World Journal of Surgery (WJS) and many more. To complete the

• World Journal of Surgery • Annals of Surgical Oncology • Archives of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery • International Journal of Colorectal Disease • Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery • Langenbeck’s Archives of Surgery • Neurosurgical Review • Pediatric Surgery International • Surgery Today • Surgical Endoscopy Your ISS/SIC membership team, Laurie and Denise, is at your disposal for any issues at: membership@iss-sic.com

The year 2017 is coming to an end and we hope it was a very successful one for you and your families. We like to convey to you our very best Season’s Greetings and wishes for a healthy and happy 2018 ! The ISS/SIC Administrative Office

The ISS/SIC Administration Team: Laurie Lazaro, Chris Storz, Denise Eggler Braun, Mike Iliopoulos

December 2017


Report IAES

www.iaes-endocrine-surgeons.com Janice Pasieka, Secretary/Treasurer IAES

After a successful meeting in Basel, Switzerland, Dr. Jerry Doherty has assumed the position as president of our association. Dr. Chen-Hsen Lee and Dr. Greg Randolph, after six years of service to the council, have rotated off and the new counsellor members Dr. Fausto Palazzo (U.K.) and Dr. Amit Agarwal (India) are welcomed into the group. Dr. Akira Miyauchi (Japan) was elected as President-Elect. The remaining council consists of; Sally Carty (USA), Tsuneo Imai (Japan), Jean Louis Kraimps (France), Stanley Sidhu (Australia), Euy Young Soh (South Korea), Karl Göran Wallin (Sweden), Martha A. Zeiger (USA), Rob Parkyn (Australia), Geoffrey Thompson (USA), and Janice L Pasieka (Canada).

J. Pasieka welcoming the new IAES President Gerard M. Doherty

Voted on at the General Meeting of the IAES was the adoption of a new category of membership called the Associate Member. This membership category is tailored for either Fellows training in endocrine surgery, endocrine surgeons in the first three years of practice or general surgeons in remote areas of the world doing the endocrine surgery for their community. These individuals do not have a robust endocrine surgical practice nor the publications to meet the standard requirements of an

Climbing Mt. Pilatus

Active membership. However, given their circumstances in remote communities and to encourage endocrine surgeons early in their careers, it was felt that they would benefit from being part of the International Association of Endocrine Surgeons. The current executive will be working hard to secure a different fee structure from the ISS/SIC for this new category. In the interim, until we can secure this, we will be recruiting associate members and absorbing the cost of the bringing these people into our great association. All currently active members are encouraged to recruit new members into this category which is limited to three years upon which these individuals are expected to transition to full Active membership. The day before the start of the Basel meeting, a somewhat fit, clearly enthusiastic and energetic group of endocrine surgeons set out to climb Mt. Pilatus in the Swiss Alps. The group was led by our very own ‘Swiss guide’, Dr. Frédéric Triponez, and his family including their dog Lucky. This international group walked among the cows in the alpine meadows before descending by tram back to Lucerne. The Basel meeting was a success both scientifically as well as socially. Highlights

of the meeting included two State-ofthe-Art lectures, the first by Dr. CY Lo, outlining the value of clinical practice guidelines. Dr. Nancy Perrier took us through the current knowledge and future treatments of patients with MEN1. Our Peter Heimann lecturer, Dr. George Chrousos, world expert on adrenal metabolism, provided an excellent talk for all levels of endocrine surgeons dealing with Cushing's syndrome/disease. Dr. Dimitrios Linos, in his presidential address reminded us all of the importance of caring and nurturing of the surgeon's health and well-being, is an important facet in the treatment of our surgical patients. New to the IAES program this year was a video session moderated by Dr. James Lee, which was well attended despite the fact it occurred early in the morning before the main sessions started. The room was packed as experts presented "how I do it" videos encompassing lateral neck dissections, lateral parathyroidectomies, RFA of neuroendocrine tumors, retroperitoneal paraganglioma resections and the trans oral thyroidectomy. These videos will be made available on our website in the new year for IAES members to view at their own leisure. The program included two

December 2017


IAES State of the art lecturers at WCS 2017

panel sessions that were also very popular; one on “The Milestones of the Endocrine Surgeon” moderated by Dr. Clive Grant and the other on the future of the IAES and its role in the training, education and development of endocrine surgery throughout the world. For many, the highlight was the luncheon session entitled, “A tribute to our mentors and friends” moderated by Dr. Paul Gauger and Dr. Lee Delbridge. This open mic session allowed us to reflect on many of the icons in endocrine surgery and how they have contributed to the development the current generation of endocrine surgeons. Our annual banquet on board the MS Christoph was a huge success, giving the opportunity for members to socialize as we sailed down the Rhine River. This evening clearly inspired a large group of endocrine surgeons to take to the Rhine River the following day with their newly purchased wickelfisch and float down the Rhine River in the warm Basel sun. We are already planning for our next meeting which will be held in Kraków, Poland August 11-15, 2019.

The IAES President giving the Presidential Address

INTEREST continues to be an ongoing endeavor for the IAES as it reaches out to provide education on endocrine surgical diseases in remote communities throughout the world. It has been highly successful in Malaysia in conjunction with the Breast Society International (BSI). A reconnaissance mission in early January to Vietnam has led to a new relationship for INTEREST under the auspice of Dr. Rob Parkyn. Dr. Tobias Carling was successfully awarded a grant from INTEREST for his project in Uganda, Africa. The IAES is committed to continuing to foster and develop INTEREST projects going forward in the coming years. Moving forward in the upcoming year, we hope to enhance our website to meet the needs of our membership. We will continue to actively recruit new members to this society. A record number of 52 new members were welcomed into the IAES since our last meeting and I encourage all active members to look to sponsor upand-coming endocrine surgeons in their communities. Congratulations to one of our own, Dr. Julie Ann Sosa who has been named the Chief Editor of the World

Journal of Surgery. Julie Ann steps into the shoes of Dr. John Hunter who has, after 12 years of dedicated service to the World Journal of Surgery, moved on to bigger and better things. Seventy percent of the podium presentations, after peer review, were accepted for publication in the IAES issue of the WJS, coming out in January 2018. Look for this issue as it also contains many editorials and invited reviews. On behalf of Dr. Doherty and the rest of the IAES executive, we look forward to the coming year and working hard on your behalf with the ISS to ensure that both societies continue to flourish and expand and meet their mandate of education and research in the area of surgery throughout the world. Janice Pasieka Secretary/Treasurer IAES

December 2017


News from IATSIC www.iatsic.org

Tina Gaarder, President IATSIC

It was a great honour for me to take over as President of IATSIC at the WCS in Basel. I really look forward to serving IATSIC and its members over the next two years, counting on the continuous and invaluable support from several great Past Presidents like Manjul Joshipura and Charlie Mock, as well as an engaged and enthusiastic Council. I take this opportunity to congratulate the new officers in the executive team and welcome the new members of IATSIC. Elmin Steyn (South Africa) is the new President Elect, and we are honoured by Mark Bowyer (US) and Kate Martin (Australia) joining as new council members. In spite of changes in plans for the 2017 WCS, the Basel conference was a huge success and IATSIC sessions attracted large number of delegates, from the very first to the very last session. And who would be more appropriate to deliver the Donald Trunkey Lecture in Basel than Etienne Krug from the WHO? His topic: Addressing injuries and violence – a call to action, was timely and thought provoking and in my mind addressed issues central to IATSIC’s vision. I would like to thank Manjul Joshipura for running the office of the President during the past two years facilitating necessary adjustments after major constitutional changes were made in Bangkok in 2015 to make IATSIC more inclusive, moving towards increased focus on teamwork and communication between involved personnel groups. The formalization of the DATC committee within DSTC, and the promotion of anaesthesia involvement in more and more DSTC programs, represents a large step forward, but will need ongoing efforts and adjustments in order to optimize the educational outputs for

all personnel groups. My personal bias, coming from a country where all trauma courses, including DSTC have been team based, is that teamwork and communication are of paramount importance and probably where we are most likely to fail in trauma care. Since Bangkok, IATSIC has been welcoming as members all colleagues interested and engaged in the field of trauma and critical care. We do hope these changes can be made more widely known over the next years and that more non-surgeon colleagues will consider joining us and help IATSIC broaden the scope of its trauma engagement worldwide. Last but not least, IATSIC as a global contributor with long experience in trauma educational programs and advocacy efforts, is in the perfect position to increase cooperation with humanitarian agencies for coordination of necessary and individualized educational programs for austere environment, as well as providing competent instructors for a wide array of conditions. IATSIC is in the process of formalizing a link with ICRC and hoping for other rele-

vant partnerships to follow. Furthermore, it is important to connect projects to research, and one of my visions ahead is for IATSIC to become a research hub, starting with exchange of trauma research experience for low to high income countries. The connection to trauma systems development and implementation addressed in the robust advocacy work performed by several Past Presidents is an obvious one, and I will aim for maintaining IATSIC’s cooperation with WHO in this regard. The World Journal of Surgery, published by ISS/SIC, includes material from IATSIC as a Collective Member Society in the form of academic publications. I will be more than happy to receive your suggestions and inputs for WCS 2019 in Krakow, our courses, increased global surgical engagement, any research and advocacy effort and anything else to strengthen IATSIC in general. Don’t forget the IATSIC website: www.iatsic.org/ Please accept my best wishes for 2018! Tina Gaarder President IATSIC

The Donald Trunkey Lecturer at WCS 2017, Etienne Krug of WHO

December 2017


Report IASMEN www.iasmen.org

Takashi Higashiguchi President IASMEN

IASMEN, under the leadership of Professor Dileep N. Lobo (Past President and New Vice-President) and Professor Anders Thorell (Past Programme Chair and New President Elect) contributed successfully to the 47th World Congress of Surgery WCS 2017 (formerly named International Surgical Week ISW) held from 13-17 August 2017, at Basel, Switzerland. IASMEN contributed to seven sessions, two of which were in collaboration with the International Society for Digestive Surgery (ISDS), two in collaboration with the International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care (IATSIC) and the International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI), and one in collaboration with Federacion Latinoamericana de Chirugia (FELAC). The topics of the sessions included “Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)“, “Metabolic Surgery”, “Current Challenges in Trauma Patient Management“, “Organ Failure in Trauma Patients” and “ERAS/ACERTO Protocol, Meeting of Two Worlds”. The J. F. Patiño Lecture was delivered by Professor I. Macdonald from UK on “Nutritional and Inflammatory Influences on Macronutrient Metabolism”. The Graham L. Hill Prize Session showcased the four best free papers submitted to IASMEN. A variety of papers were presented by young researchers and the standard was very high. The prize was won by Dr. Nianjana Tewari from UK for her paper entitled “Postoperative Inflammatory and Insulin Resistance in Relation to Body Composition, Skeletal Muscle Tissue: A Randomized Study”.

The new executive council members of IASMEN, 2017-2019, at Basel

Elections were held for the new Executive Council for 2017-2019 and the following office bearers in IASMEN were elected. Professor Takashi Higashiguchi (Japan) President Professor Dileep N. Lobo (UK) Past President and Vice-President Professor Anders Thorell (Sweden) President Elect Professor Olle Ljungqvist (Former President), Professor Anders Thorell (President Elect), Takashi Higashiguchi (President), Professor Dileep N. Lobo (Past President): The Presidents of IASMEN at Basel

The Executive Council has prioritized increasing the membership of IASMEN / ISS/SIC and a major objective along with developing better communications with the constituent societies of ISS/SIC and regional societies dealing with surgical nutrition and metabolism. It is also looking into the possibility of introducing worldwide young surgeons and medical students at the next congress.

Professor Joji Kotani (Japan) Secretary and Treasurer Professor Ho-Seong Han (South Korea) Membership Secretary Professor Steven E. Wolf (USA) Programme Chair Professor Olle Ljungqvist (Sweden) Member at Large

Takashi Higashiguchi President of IASMEN

The Society placed on record its gratitude to Professor Dileep N. Lobo after two very successful years of providing leadership to the Society and wished him well for the future with his strong assist continuously to IASMEN.

December 2017


News from BSI www.bsisurgery.org

Omar Youssef, President BSI

Owen Ung, Honorary Secretary BSI

Breast Surgery International at the World Congress of Surgery 2017 in Basel In Basel, we enjoyed another wonderful conference in a convivial and collegiate spirit at the World Congress of Surgery 2017. Thanks to Elizabeth Elder and the program committee, Breast Surger y International (BSI) delivered yet another successful and stimulating program along with two well attended workshops in oncoplastics and genetics. Participants came from far and wide and we were thrilled and pleased to have a strong contingent from many of our underdeveloped nations. These countries may lack health resources, but the surgeons that have involved themselves with our international community have demonstrated much dedication and resourcefulness. BSI was once again pleased to welcome 6 travel grant recipients who were sponsored to attend the meeting and workshops. Our programme commenced with the workshops on Sunday. The first World Congress main session on Monday was a great opportunity for the collective member societies to come together and honour the many travel scholars, many of whom were in Europe for the first time. The BSI scientific program followed and was comprehensive covering a range of topics encompassing early to advanced breast cancer and oncoplastics and reconstruction. Whilst the program dealt

with practical issues for our less well resourced countries, we also had many state of the art lectures. Some novel oncoplastic procedures or lymph node transfer with microvascular anastomotic techniques, for instance, are very much in the domain of quaternary referral. We were absorbed by the lectures delivered by Professor Monica Morrow who was our Veronesi lecturer. Her ability to draw on her vast experience complemented a range of succinct and evidence based lectures delivered in her indomitable style. The overall strength of the program was also due to the extensive international experience to draw upon, with so many guest lecturer contributions from prominent opinion and thought leaders in their own respective countries.

BSI President C.H. Yip congratulates M. Morrow for an outstanding Veronesi Lecture.

Six proffered papers were selected from nearly a hundred submitted abstracts. The calibre of these young surgical researchers demonstrates the benefit they will bring to their local communities and bodes well for their bright and productive surgical careers.

Emeritus Professor Cheng-Har Yip. We had a small glimpse of what has been a remarkable life of dedication to surgery in her Malaysian community and internationally. Truly Cheng-Har has had a stellar career with achievements too extensive to list in this brief report.

We had a most enjoyable dinner at Volkshaus in a beautiful setting and we have Christoph Rageth to sincerely thank for being a wonderful local host.

So as Cheng-Har Yip – immediate past president – departs, we welcome our new BSI president Omar Youssef, Professor of Surgical Oncology National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Cairo, Egypt. Gaurav Agarwal (India) is our president elect and SVS Deo (India) is treasurer. We give our warm thanks to Ines Buccimazza (South Africa),

One of the highlights of our meeting was the Presidential address, delivered by our much loved and departing president –

BSI Travel Scholars at WCS 2017

December 2017


our former treasurer and Tiina Jahkola (Finland) who both step down from council. We welcomed new councillors Shigeru Imoto (Japan), Michael Douek (United Kingdom), Bahadir Gullouglu (Turkey) who join existing councillors Owen Ung – honorary secretary (Australia), Sharon Chan – 2019 BSI program convenor (Hong Kong), Elizabeth Elder (Australia) and Jean Francois Boileau (Canada). We also need to thank ex-officio councillors: Sarkis Meter-

issian – nominations committee (Canada), Kerstin Sandelin – BSI editor for WJS (Sweden) and Mikael Hartman – Chair scientific committee (Singapore) for ongoing unwavering dedication and service.

forward to greeting many old and new friends of the BSI community.

Sadly all good things must end, and the meeting concluded Thursday with all agreeing it was another great success. Now planning begins in earnest for Krakow Poland in 2019 and we look

Owen Ung Honorary Secretary BSI

Paper Prize Sessions (Kitajima & Grassi Prizes), four Free Paper Sessions and one Free Paper/Poster mixed Session.

The ISDS was incorporated in 1969 as the Collegium Internationale Chirurgiae Digestivae. At the 48th WCS in 2019, ISDS will celebrate its 50th anniversary of incorporation. We will celebrate this important milestone at the Meeting in Krakow.

Omar Youssef President BSI

Report ISDS www.cicd-isds.org

Hiroyuki Konno, President ISDS

Dear Friends, The 47th WCS 2017 in Basel was a great success. It was well-organized with an excellent scientific program and entertaining social program thanks to the outstanding organization of the Local Organizing Committee and ISS/SIC President Prof. Marco Patti. Our society sponsored eight main sessions and six combined sessions, two each with IASMEN and IATSIC, one each with EAES and SSAT. There were also two

At the recent Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons in San Diego, the newly installed ISDS Executive Committee discussed the ISDS contribution to the program of the 48th WCS in 2019. In line with our mission statement, basic surgical principles and advanced surgical skills will be discussed in the ISDS sessions of the 48th WCS in 2019 to contribute to the education of medical students and young surgeons. To foster discussions in the cancer sessions, ISDS will set Tumor Board type presentations involving local doctors including pathologists and oncologists from Poland and neighboring countries.

The ISDS will continue to be an integral component and contributor to the development of ISS/SIC and to work for the success of the 48 th World Congress of Surgery in 2019 in Krakow. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the beautiful city of Krakow in 2019. Sincerely, Hiroyuki Konno President ISDS

December 2017


Report ASAP www.asaptoday.org

Kathleen Casey, President ASAP

Greetings, It my pleasure and a great privilege to be penning this update as the new President of the Alliance for Surgery and Anesthesia Presence (ASAP). I am grateful for the leadership of my predecessor, Dr. Stephen Bickler, and for the fact that he will continue to advise me during these next two years. I am equally grateful for the wisdom, dedication and camaraderie of the other officers of ASAP – President-elect, Dr. Russell Gruen of Singapore/Australia; Secretary, Dr. Elizabeth Drum of the US; and Treasurer, Dr. Miliard Derbew of Ethiopia. As ASAP enters a celebration of our 10 th year, it is an appropriate time to reflect on all the progress that has been made in bringing greater awareness of, attention to, and measurable progress in global surgery and anesthesia, as well as the role that ASAP has played in these. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to continue to evolve our approach to ensure maximal relevance and impact in this more enlightened and (thankfully) more active landscape. We will need the voices of all who are interested in ensuring access to safe, timely access to surgery and anesthesia around the globe – and welcome your ideas and your efforts and your partnership. It was wonderful to see so many friends and colleagues in Basel, Switzerland for the 47th World Congress of Surgery. The beautiful and historic city provided a fabulous backdrop for all our activities there. Dr. Bickler and ASAP had the honor of representing all of the Collective Societies during the Opening Ceremony, and later in the week his Presidential address was widely remarked upon as among the most inspiring messages of the meeting.

ASAP put on an impressive scientific program, our largest yet, offering seven expert panels and presentation of thirty abstracts over three sessions. Three of our panels were collaboratively presented – with either the International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care (IATSIC) or the Association of Women Surgeons (AWS). Thanks to the many thought leaders who contributed to the success of all of these programs. Our Executive Council member, Prof Stephen Deane of Australia delivered the keynote ACS lecture entitled, “The Weaving of Threads – Progress Through Partnership.” We are hoping that this masterful talk will soon be published. In addition, ASAP was thrilled to host a screening of the award-winning film produced by Lifebox, “The Checklist Effect,” which focuses on surgical safety. Finally, a grand time was had by all at the combined ASAP/IATSIC dinner at the spectacular Schloss Bottmingen castle – complete with moat and other medieval features – the perfect place for a raucous feast and fellowship!

Collective Societies as we plan for the Krakow meeting in August 2019, as well as ways to partner in the interim. Please spread the word about the value of ISS/SIC and ASAP membership to your colleagues and friends. We would welcome their participation. Kathleen Casey President ASAP

Thanks to all of you who contribute their time and expertise to advancing surgery and anesthesia around the world, and in particular for those most in need. We are already exploring expanded opportunities for collaboration with each of the ISS/SIC

Special exhibition at WCS 2017 including the Red Cross, Médecins sans Frontières amongst others

December 2017


Report ISS/SIC Chilean Chapter The Federación Latinomericana de Cirugía FELAC and International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC) held an integrated symposium during the Chilean Surgical Society annual congress. We have received a report from Prof. Italo Braghetto, our National Delegate from Chile. During the Congress an integrated FELAC / ISS/SIC symposium entitled “How I do it” focused to the technical details and management of different diseases was held. The chairman, moderators and speakers included in this symposium are active members of FELAC and ISS/SIC.

• Biliary-digestive anastomosis: how I do it? – Dr. Franco Innocenti • Thyroidectomy, a frequent operation: how I do it? – Dr. Patricio Cabané • Current management of pneumothorax – Dr. Raúl Berríos • Hemorrhoidectomy: how I do it – Dr. Mario Abedrapo • Group discussion

This symposium included an invited speaker, Prof. Dr. Albert Tuchman, who is the National Delegate of ISS/SIC from Austria. This symposium was very interesting with a big discussion among the speakers and the attendees (about 30) and the evaluation at the end of the session was very successful. Regards. Italo Braghetto National Delegate Chile

The scientific program developed was: FELAC / ISS/SIC Session Introduction: Italo Braghetto Moderator: Marcelo Barra

• Initial management of the patient with shock – Dr. Eduardo Labarca • Control of damage in abdominal trauma – Dr. Daniel Roizblat • How I treat choledocholithiasis nowadays – Dr. Albert Tuchmann • Current management of acute cholangitis – Dr. Hans Lembach

Pucó, Chile, November 2017

December 2017


FELAC WCS 2017 Report Dear friends and colleagues As coordinator of the FELAC scientific events, I am sending the report regarding the recent participation of FELAC in the World Congress of the International Society of Surgery/Société Internationale de Chirurgie (ISS/SIC) in which FELAC participated as invited organization. There were 2 scientific instances in which the presence of FELAC played a prominent role as symposium co-organizer, one of them was the International Association for Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition and FELAC (IASMEN / FELAC) symposium dedicated to nutrition and surgery and the other one was the FELAC symposium dedicated to general surgery problems. The symposia were: 1. IASMEN / FELAC MAIN SESSION Title: ERAS / ACERTO PROTOCOL, MEETING OF TWO WORLDS Moderators: S. Shuchleib, Mexico; T. Higashiguchi, Japan 2. FELAC MAIN SESSION SURGICAL TREATMENT FOR CHALLENGING SITUATIONS IN DIGESTIVE SURGERY Moderators: S. Shuchleib, Mexico; I. Braghetto, Chile

Both symposia generated great interest and the attendance exceeded the 100 attendees with an excellent discussion between moderators, panelists and attendees to the session. This congress was attended by almost 2’000 specialists from 93 countries, of which 28 were from Latin American countries, counting only the "Invited speakers" or "Presenting authors" which were distributed as follows: Mexico (7), Brazil (6), Argentina (5), Chile (5), Colombia (2), Ecuador (2), Panama (1), Venezuela (1) During the meeting of National Delegates, the delegates from Argentina, Chile and Mexico were present. In an extra-official meeting with the members of the ISS/SIC Executive Committee, it is being considered that in 2023 the World Congress will be held in a Latin American country.

….. and their audience

more if we have a great challenge as it is to organize a world congress in a Latin American country. Once again, a cordial greeting to all of you. Italo Braghetto

But, once again, we have a great challenge for the leading surgeons of Latin American countries, which is to encourage the entry of new members into the ISS/SIC, to get more involved in their programs in order to insert us even further into this great society. This is a task for the national presidents and delegates of each country. This way we can achieve not only being a guest organism but also being considered as an associated academic institution and not invited. Even

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SURGERY Administrative Office (ISS/SIC) Seefeldstrasse 88 CH-8008 Zurich Switzerland Phone: +41 44 533 76 50 Fax: +41 44 533 76 59 E-Mail: surgery@iss-sic.com Web: www.iss-sic.com

Panelists at a FELAC Session…

December 2017


International Society of Surgery / SociĂŠtĂŠ Internationale de Chirurgie (ISS/SIC) and its Collective Members:


December 2017

IAES - International Association of Endocrine Surgeons IATSIC - International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care IASMEN - International Association for Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition BSI - Breast Surgery International ISDS - International Society for Digestive Surgery ASAP - Alliance for Surgery and Anesthesia Presence

23 #WCS2019 www.wcs2019.org

ISS/SIC Newsletter December 2017  

Our constitution clearly states that “The purpose of the Society is the advancement of the science and art of surgery, worldwide and that we...

ISS/SIC Newsletter December 2017  

Our constitution clearly states that “The purpose of the Society is the advancement of the science and art of surgery, worldwide and that we...