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Director’s  Welcome Welcome to the

As with most years, 2017-18

present to hear Mr. Yousafzai talk

International School

gave us the opportunity to

about both his family’s journey

welcome numerous important

and his unflinching commitment

of Prague Annual

visitors, including royalty! Prince

to education and the

Report 2017-18.

Edward, Earl of Wessex, of the

empowerment of girls, starting

United Kingdom came to ISP in

with his own daughter, Malala.

September 2017 in his role as Patron of the Duke of Edinburgh

at ISP, where we welcomed

International Award. The Award

a record enrollment of 877

Program has grown and grown

students to the first day of

in recent years at ISP, and gives

school and we completed an

our students tremendous

teachers conference. With the

accreditation process with

leadership and self-development

theme of Empowered Learners,

"The fact ISP put itself forward to

publication of the reports from

opportunities. His Royal

I was particularly inspired by

pilot this approach speaks highly

the New England Association of

Highness’s visit and keen interest

our keynote speaker, Zauddin

of what the school values: future-

Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

in life at ISP was testament to

Yousafzai, who opened the event.

oriented thinking, a willingness to

and the Council of International

this growth, with 25 ISP students

Schools (CIS) in December 2017.

having completed the Gold, Silver

We are proud that ISP was

or Bronze Awards over 2017-18.

chosen to be the first school in the world to pilot what was a new type of evidence-based accreditation process!


ISP’s accreditation journey

2017-18 was a memorable year


reached an important milestone in 2017-18 as we partnered with NEASC and CIS to pilot their new

Mr. Yousafzai is a Pakistani educator and an educational activist in his own right, but


take risks, and a determination to achieve transformational change." -NEASC Accreditation Report 2017-18

ISP also had the opportunity

he is probably best known

to welcome about 500 of our

internationally as the father of

After more than a year of self

educational colleagues from

Malala Yousafzai, the youngest

study and self reflection, involving

around the region and further

Nobel Prize winner who survived

all ISP constituents, ISP submitted

afield to Prague in March 2018

an assassination attempt from

a thorough compilation of

as we hosted the 28th Annual

the Taliban due to her activism

evidence and learning stories

CEESA (Central and Eastern

in support of girls’ education. It

to the two accrediting bodies.

European Schools Association)

was truly inspiring for everyone

In November 2017, eminent

Neville’s final year as an ISP Board Trustee and Chair and we have enjoyed an excellent professional and personal relationship, working in partnership to fulfil the Mission of the School. Neville has given so much to the school during his tenure and I know that he will continue to be engaged as a parent and Building and Grounds Committee member. I also look forward to working with Neville’s successor as

As the NEASC report states, "...all in the ISP community are educators from both organisations visited ISP for six days and the official reports of their findings were sent in December 2018.

extremely proud of their school and rightly so." I couldn’t agree more!

Board Chair, longtime parent, "The learning environment

Board Member, Treasurer, and

at ISP supports true inquiry,

now parent of ISP Alumni (like

questioning, and exploring

myself!), Staffan Erenmalm.

a range of perspectives. Learners view learning as a process and there is an explicit understanding that this includes making mistakes, getting feedback,

We were proud of the many

reflecting, and learning from the

superlatives both organisations

whole process."

expressed about our school which

-NEASC Accreditation Report

we view as a confirmation of our


educational approach and a strong

As the NEASC report states, "... all in the ISP community are extremely proud of their school and rightly so." I couldn’t agree more! It is our unique community which makes ISP the special place of learning that it is and allows us to continue on the path to our strategic objective - to "Unleash

We are happy with this very

our collective potential so that

positive report and see it as

our school is greater than the

"The Evaluation Team is

an endorsement by eminent

sum of it parts."

unanimous in observing and

educators of our progressive

confirming that the International

approach to teaching and learning

School of Prague is mission-

and our role as global leaders in

driven, student-focused,

international education.

encouragement to stay the course:

future-leaning, progressive on many levels, high performing and a safe, secure place for learning." -CIS Accreditation Report 2017-18

I would like to take this opportunity to express my personal thanks to Mr. Neville


Dr. Arnie Bieber ISP Director

Parry. 2017-18 marked



From the Chairman of the Board of Trustees In this my final year as Chair of the Board of Trustees, the IB results were outstanding as a non-select entrance school, with an average score of 35. Our congratulations go to the IB students, their families, their teachers and the ISP faculty in general.



community I have been always

2017-18 was a very noteworthy

so impressed and heartened

school year for me on a personal

by the friendliness and true

level as it marked the final year of

internationalism of our unique

my time as a Board Member and

community. The willingness

Board of Trustee. I pass on the

of my fellow parents who are

baton to a long-standing Board

active in the School Community

colleague, Staffan Erenmalm, and

Association and others to get

I do so in the knowledge that the

involved is a shining example

International School of Prague is

something that the accreditation

an organisation in good health.

bodies noticed immediately:

Perhaps more importantly,

"It is clear to the Visitors that all in the ISP community are extremely proud of their school and rightly so."

Noteworthy is the number of

that the following quote from

students that attempted the

the CIS Report sums up well the

IB. We know that every year

relationship between Board,

is another year, with different

Leadership and Director and

students, but it is still good to

our shared commitment to our

reflect on the good work being

school’s Mission:

The willingness of

"It is the observed espirit de

my fellow parents

done at our school. 2017-18 saw the publication

corps and quality of conversation

of Accreditation Reports by

between board members and the

the school’s accreditation

precision of language and how

organisations, The New England

they speak about the unique and

Association of Schools and

positive relationship between

Colleges (NEASC) and The Council

the Board of Trustees and the

of International Schools (CIS).

Director and Leadership Team

These glowing reports represent

that further confirms a unified

important external endorsements

sense of purpose, direction, and

of the strategic direction of the

consistent with the ISP Mission,

school and the fantastic day-

high-level cooperation and

to-day learning that takes place


here. The important role of the Board of Trustees has made an important contribution to the school’s ongoing journey. I think

my children have also passed important milestones in 2017-18 in their ISP journeys, with my daughter and son moving up from Middle to Upper School and from Elementary to Middle School respectively! I would like to thank Dr. Arnie Bieber and the Leadership Team, all Faculty and Staff, all my Board of Trustee colleagues and all my

who are active in the

fellow parents.

School Community


Association and others to get involved is a shining example.

Neville Parry Chairman of the Board of Trustees

The overwhelmingly positive accreditation report did not come as a surprise to me. Every year I have been part of the ISP



Leadership Team Teresa Belisle Director of Learning Dr. Arnie Bieber

Dr. Cindy Gause-Vega

Research and


Elementary Principal


Jimena Zalba

Sheldon Bradshaw

Elementary School

Director of Information

Associate Principal


Danielle Fredericks

Joe Monks

Middle School



of Activities

Matt Smith

Petr Draxler

Middle School


Associate Principal

of Human Resources

Dr. Mark Frankel

Clive Watkins

Upper School



of Advancement

Barry Freckmann Finance and Operations Director



The Board of Trustees The all-volunteer Board of Trustees oversees the governance of the International School of Prague. The Board of Trustees

Neville Parry

Ivo Barta



the ISP Director as the Chief

Staffan Erenmalm

Martin Blecha

Executive Officer and charges him

Vice Chair


Dave Sturgeon

Ben Maudling



establishes policies and procedures as needed to enable the school to function efficiently and effectively. The Board of Trustees recognises

with the administrative functions of operating the school.

Kim Strebel Secretary and Member

Tim Shaw

(until November 2017)


Anne Wilder Member (Secretary from

Peter Ridder

December 2018)

Honorary Member

Jan Sykora Member



ISP Board of Trustees Committees The Board of Trustees of the International School of Prague s.r.o. maintains four standing committees: Governance, Finance, Advancement and Building and Grounds. Committees are populated with Board of Trustees and include members of the ISP community with skills, experience and expertise in specific fields.



Advancement Committee

Finance Committee Members

The Advancement Committee

The Finance Committee,

oversees ISP’s fundraising

working in partnership with

activities. The Advancement

the Director and Finance and

Committee gives advice to the

Building and Grounds Committee

Operations Director, develops

Committee also facilitates trustee

The Building and Grounds

includes setting tuition levels for

and volunteer involvement in

Committee develops

Board approval, monitoring the

fund and friend-raising activities

the Masterplan for the

implementation of the budget

and oversees marketing and

school’s building and grounds

and making periodic reports to


in cooperation with school

the Board.

Board on the financial goals of the annual fundraising. The

Board of Trustee Members: Tim Shaw (Chair) Martin Blecha

employees for Board approval. The Committee also periodically reports to the Board on major plant and campus issues and

the long-range financial plan and yearly operations budget. This

Board of Trustee Members: Dave Sturgeon (Chair) Staffan Erenmalm

Non- Board Members:

informs the Finance Committee

Non- Board Members:

Dorota Keleher

of building, grounds and facilities

Gary Mazzotti

Marie Bossan

requirements. The Committee

Ajit Virk

Susan McKinnon

provides oversight and advice for

Kiril Georgiev

Sean Krebs

major building projects but does

Nikolay Hadjyski

Julie Becker

not act as the project manager.

Governance Committee Members The Governance Committee coordinates the identification, cultivation, recruitment and orientation of new trustees. The Committee also facilitates Board self-assessment, identifies the

Ex- officio Members:

Board’s personal development

Board of Trustee Members:

Arnie Bieber

needs and designs ways to

Ex- officio Members:

Ben Maudling (Chair)

Barry Freckmann

meet them. The Committee

Arnie Bieber (ISP Director)

Ivo Barta

Lenka Obodova (Finance Manager)

also has a reviewing role and

Mike Kimsey

Clive Watkins (Director of Advancement)

Andrea Koudelkova (Admissions Manager)

Tony McLaughlin (Communications Manager)

Non- Board Members: Albin Sybera

makes recommendations on governance issues.

Yaron Sapir

Board of Trustee Members:

Ronald Dasbach

Anne Wilder (Chair)

Susanna Backman

Ivo Barta Staffan Erenmalm

Tereza Tresnakova

Ex- officio Members:

(Advancement Associate)

Arnie Bieber

Elizabeth Perry

Barry Freckmann

Ex- officio Member:

(US Technology Coach)

Martin Valasek (Facility Manager)

Arnie Bieber

Neville Parry



Mission, Learning Research and Development




Mission Statement and Strategy Everything that we


do at ISP is geared

We inspire learners to lead healthy,

towards fulfilling our

them to adapt and contribute responsibly

Mission, which is to Inspire, Empower and Engage.

fulfilling and purposeful lives, preparing

During 2017-18, the ISP Community retained focus on our our strategic purpose, ISP2020, which is: To unleash our collective potential, so that our school is greater than the sum of its parts.

to our changing world. To help us to achieve this aim,


which is integral to fulfilling our

We engage a diverse community in

upon one or more of which

an authentic global education, within

everything we do at the school is

a nurturing student-centred environment.

based. These are:

EMPOWER We empower learners to: T hink critically and creatively ork cooperatively and independently W Listen and communicate effectively Act with compassion, integrity, respect and intercultural understanding

mission, we have five strategies,

We create change that’s bigger than we are.

Personal relevance, individual progress and real-world experiences are at the heart of our learning.

Curiosity drives what and how we learn.

How we learn is coherent and connected through the school.

Everyone in our community

takes active steps to learn with and from each other.



Accreditation Reports 2018 ISP is accredited by external

Evaluation by all these

"A very palpable culture of care

organizations, the New England

organizations takes place at ISP

emanates throughout the ISP

every five years. The 2017-

campus and from those who

Association of Schools and

18 academic year included

learn there."

Colleges’ (NEASC) Commission on

a visit from 12 visitors from

CIS Accreditation Report 2017-18

both organizations, as well as

International Education and the

a reauthorization for our IB

Council of International Schools

organizations confirmed that we

Diploma Program. These external

"...all in the ISP community are extremely proud of their school and rightly so." NEASC Accreditation Report

(CIS). Accreditation reassures

know ourselves and applauded

current and future parents

our efforts at strategic

"ISP is future-leaning. The school

innovation and improvement.

is highly aspirational in design,

Some extracts from the reports

innovation and strategy for the

are shown below:

future of teaching and learning

that we provide a safe, secure, fiscally responsible, operationally efficient and (most importantly)

"The Evaluation Team is unanimous in observing and

effective learning environment

confirming that the International

aligned to our mission and our

driven, student-focused,

strategic direction.

School of Prague is missionfuture-leaning, progressive on

with this organisational culture coupled with passionate and sophisticated school leaders, teachers and support staff. Ambition personified." CIS Accreditation Report 2017-18

many levels, high performing and

"The learning environment

a safe, secure place for learning."

at ISP supports true inquiry,

CIS Accreditation Report 2017-18

questioning and exploring a range

"ISP has created an environment where creativity thrives." NEASC Accreditation Report

of perspectives." NEASC Accreditation Report 2017-18




Learning Research and Development In our efforts to

In addition to our ISP Mission,

Learners persist with relevant

We are all learners at ISP, with

prepare ISP learners

our Definition of Learning and

and rich challenges.

Learners consider and connect

our Professional Learning Inquiry

our Learning Principles explicitly

to "adapt and

state the learning we value at ISP.

complex ideas.

contribute responsibly

Based on educational research,

Learners apply their learning

these statements guide the why,

in diverse and challenging

Co-Teaching, Mathematical

to our changing

how and what learning is at ISP.


Understanding, Community

world," we continually

ISP Definition of Learning: What

research and reflect

Learning is a transformative

We continued our efforts with


on how to best

process that builds on what we

our ISP2020 goal to Unleash our

To support our ISP 2020 strategic

facilitate learning

know and can do, deepens what

Collective Potential. A central

efforts, we invite experts from

we understand, and changes

way we learn with and from

around the world to connect

and wellbeing across

who we are.

each other at ISP is through

with our adult community--

our community,

ISP Learning Principles: Learning

professional learning salons

faculty, staff and parents-- to

where faculty and staff share their

better understand what, why,

expertise with other employees

and how we can best facilitate

from across the school. Offerings

Learning at ISP. During the 2017-

included 3D Printing, Critical

18 school year, we hosted the

Thinking Strategies, Drawing to

the following experts:

enhancing and refining our programs and practices, for both children and adults.

does it mean to learn at ISP?

best happens when ...

Learners’ curiosity drives what and how they learn.

Learners know what they’re

and belonging.

learning and why it is

Learn and Rethinking our Learning



Learners know where they are as learners and how to go further.


Learners feel a sense of safety


Focus Teams (LIFTs). Areas of focus for these professional inquiries included Assessment, Feedback,

Connections, Student Voice & Choice, and Cascading Inquiries.

Garfield Gini-Newman, Critical thinking and inquiry

avid Schwartz, author D E wan McIntosh, Strategic Storytelling

anhar Yeap, Maths B J on Nordmeyer, Co planning

administrators attended and

and co teaching

conferences, workshops, courses,

Every February, we host IBICUS

presented at more than 100 trainings and school visits.

International Baccalaureate

We’ve enjoyed another powerful

Diploma workshops. In March this

year of learning research

past year, we had the pleasure

and development at ISP. We

of organizing and hosting the

look forward to continued

regional CEESA 2018 Annual

transformation to ensure that

Conference with pre-conference

ISP remains a world leader in

sessions held at the school and

International Education.

over 500 attendees at the full conference in downtown Prague.

Teresa Belisle

In addition to the extensive

Director of Learning

onsite professional learning

Research and

mentioned above, we supported


the attendance at targeted workshops and conferences in the region and around the world. Faculty, aides, counselors, and


Principals’ Reports



The Elementary School Over the summer the newly remodeled Early

Throughout the week different

classrooms, teachers of older

Childhood classrooms were completed. It was

teachers and aides took time

students developed a greater

an exciting moment when the teachers and

from their own classrooms to

understanding and empathy

lend a hand to their PK / Kinder

for what it takes to support

aides saw the beautiful new spaces, but the

colleagues. The facilities and

the learning of the youngest

PK and Kinder teams were initially faced with

maintenance staff, realising the

members of our ISP community.

enormity of the task in such

What makes this story even more

what seemed like an insurmountable task.

a short amount of time, stepped

remarkable is that everyone

They had (literally) mountains of boxes to

up and devoted extra time

there had a lot of their 'own'

and personnel to supporting

work to do to get ready for the

unpack and put away, furniture to assemble

the team. And then on the

arrival of students on Tuesday.

and classrooms to set up. For those who are

start a host of teachers, their

Saturday before school was to

not an Early Childhood teacher, it's impossible

spouses, and colleagues from

to understand the level of work involved.

to put together IKEA furniture

different sections showed up and baskets, sort, label, put out

beautiful spaces within which the Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten children learn and thrive! Our Partnership with Lysolaje

was in good spirits as they

School - The Czech Mother

laughed and chatted while

Tongue Program

working together!

A major strategic focus for

means to be a part of the ISP community. Not only was significant progress made in setting up the


inspired classrooms provide

materials, and clean. Everyone

The day epitomised what it


The newly designed Reggio-

2017-18 was to create greater community partnerships, partnerships in which 'learners are regularly engaged with partners in the Prague community.' Our longstanding

The newly designed relationship with Lysolaje School

teaches in this program, she has

is an outstanding example of

worked in close collaboration

what just such a partnership

with the Asst. Director of the

can look like. For the past nine

Lysolaje school to create Mother

years Daniela Krejbichova, the

Tongue classes that reflect

Elementary Czech language

ISP's values and beliefs about

teacher, has led the development

learning. Together they have

and implementation of our after

crafted a program that engages

school Czech Mother Tongue

children in active learning and

program in collaboration with

ongoing assessment while

the Lysolaje School. The small

meeting the rigorous learning

program that started with a few

outcomes detailed by the Czech

Czech students in grade one has

education system.

grown to almost 80 students in the Elementary, Middle and Upper schools. Daniela not only

Reggio-inspired classrooms provide beautiful spaces, within which the Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten children learn and thrive!

helped ISP to forge deeply rooted connections within the Czech education community. For most of us as expats at ISP, this program takes place in the margins of our experience. However, it is a very important part of our Czech students' learning experience at ISP and a significant connection to our host country. In September Daniela and I, Dr. Cindy Vega, the Elementary

The Czech Mother Tongue

Principal, experienced first

Program, led by Daniela, has

hand the significance of this



partnership when they were invited to the school in Lysolaje to attend the opening of the beautiful annex to their school and were welcomed with open arms to the ceremony. It was a real honor to be a part of this moment in their school's history and to celebrate with them their new learning spaces. The fact that representatives of ISP were invited is a testament to the relationship between ISP and the Lysolaje school which has developed over time. Goal setting conferences Setting goals is embedded in our western culture, in how we see life. Implicit in setting a goal is the belief that we can get better at what we set our

document students' learning,

minds and efforts to improving.

and how we draw on and spark

Also implicit is the belief that

children's curiosity so that it

there is always room for growth

drives what and how they learn.

and improvement. In January

As a school we have strategic

every year adults set goals for

goals that guide our collective

the coming year in the form of

efforts to grow and improve.

New Year's Resolutions. At the start of each new school year, ISP educators set goals for our pedagogical practice, for how we're going to better support students' learning that year. As an Elementary faculty during the 2017-18 school year we had shared goals: improve students' mathematical thinking, how we



Our reporting system is explicitly designed to teach children this habit of self-reflection, to develop a sense of responsibility for their own efforts to get better,

The Elementary faculty and children are fortunate to be able to experience this slower pace of being in nature

the first time. Participating in Goal Setting Conferences actively encourages students to reflect on their learning experiences and set learning goals with parents

all year long throughout

and teachers.

the Grades.

Purpose statement for Goal

to grow, to learn, and how to take

Setting Conferences

action to accomplish these goals.

A Goal Setting Conference

In January, Elementary students

Shares the student’s strengths

from PK3 to Grade 5 participated

and areas for growth.

in Goal Setting Conferences for

Discusses goals set by the student

of teachers and aides think of every detail to make sure the experience is memorable and meaningful for all the children. While there they work tirelessly interacting with the children, the hotel staff, and each other. The children and faculty spend quiet time in the forest, talking as they take long walks, laughing as they play games, and chatting as they share meals. The children 'walk with nature' and with each other, making it worth all the effort. Throughout the three days, teachers see how thoughtful, caring, and responsible the children are, how independent and how ready for Middle School. The Elementary faculty and want our children to see learning

children are fortunate to be

(and life) this way, then the Goal

able to experience this slower

Setting Conferences should be

pace of being in nature all

a safe experience, one in which

year long throughout all the

children are learning how to be

grades. In what can often feel

and the teachers.

adult, sharing our weaknesses

self-reflective and vulnerable and

like harried lives of too much

Identifies strategies to support

and how we want to improve

supported in this process.

time connected and online and

the student to achieve their goals.

means making ourselves

It isn't easy. It isn't easy for us as adults to look at ourselves critically and change how we do things. It isn't easy for children either. And we raise the ante when they are required to share their areas of growth and their goals with their teachers and parents. For any of us, child or

vulnerable. It means having to trust that those who are listening won't judge us as having failed because we don't already know how to do whatever it is we've decided to get better at, or

There is nothing more important than explicitly teaching children how to be responsible for their own learning, how to live life as

so much to do, the time they devote going into the Divoká Šárka forest that is just outside our door is time well spent.

a learning journey of growth and improvement.

change, or start doing. It means

Walking with Nature

all those involved have to believe

Organising and running the

that life is a learning journey of

Grade 5 trip to Podlesi is a huge

growth and improvement. If we

undertaking each year. The team

Dr. Cindy Gause-Vega Elementary School Principal



The Middle School In 2017-2018, we

Social Emotional Wellness

continued our

relevance and coherence, one

strategic work through

of the central areas of focus was

Middle School

learning and wellness of students.

amplifying the social emotional

divisional tactics.

The rationale for this focus is

Three significant

through increased well being.

a belief that learning is improved

highlights of the year

To realise this goal, we gathered

in Middle School

data on students’ interests

were our work on

teachers. Through gathering this

amplifying social and emotional wellness,

and passions amongst the information, this helped us get to know students even better; to build empathy and increase

and possible areas of support

friendships, decision making and

that might be helpful.

managing peer conflict.

implementation of our

the intentionality of connection

We also undertook a review of


new Electives program

and positive relationships. We

our Advisory program, looking at

of New Electives Program

also prototyped the "Wellness

what was working well and what

In line with the strategic areas

and the launch of our

Tracker" across all Grade levels.

could be further strengthened.

of relevance, curiosity and

Grade Free Opt-In

The Wellness Tracker is an

By the end of the year, we

coherence, we implemented

instrument used to take the

included additional resources in

our new Electives program.

temperature of how students are

our Advisory program to provide

Our desired impact from this

feeling and coping with their day

a scaffolded approach across the

tactic was for learners to

to day experiences. Over time,

Middle School in Grades 6-8, with

more regularly engage in their

this data helped us to identify any

a focus on common themes such

strengths, interests and passions

trends in the student community

as mindsets and goals, values and

in personalized ways.



In line with the strategic areas of


The rationale for this prototype is that research has shown that for some learners, grades can actually interfere with learners’ growth and wellbeing. Effective (non evaluative) feedback is the key to students knowing where they are and how to move forward for maximum learning. At of the end of 2017-2018 we had a number of families who signed up to be part of this prototype (around 30 students). We look forward to implementing this prototype in 2018-2019 and reporting back to the ISP community on our findings. Exploration. Feedback from

role of mentor. One student with

students indicated that they really

a passion for architecture chose

enjoyed the electives and found

to design his own dream home,

them relevant and engaging.

with the help from a parent in the

The number of students who

community who is an architect.

participated in FSN increased over the year due to high student interest. At the end of semester 1, some students came forward with a new idea of wanting to study and perform Shakespeare. Hence an Elective was created

From the implementation of the new Electives program, it was very clear that we achieved our desired

These highlights illuminate ways in which our Middle School team continues to work together to realise ISP’s mission. We are very proud of all we have achieved in Middle School for 2017-2018.

impact of providing students with opportunities to be engaged in

Danielle Fredericks

more relevant and personalised

Middle School Principal

learning. We look forward to

We gathered data from students

and at the end of semester 2

about their passions and interests

students presented a variety

in order to determine what

of performances. Another

elective options we would offer.

area which generated a lot of

Grade Free Opt-In Prototype

Some of the electives options

student interest was the personal

In line with the strategic areas

included ISP FSN TV (Falcon

exploration option. This appealed

of relevance and curiosity, at the

Student News), Outdoor Skills,

to some students as it put them in

end of 2017-2018 we launched

Photography, Coding/App Design,

the driver’s seat of their learning,

the Middle School Grade Free

Service Learning and Personal

with a teacher/adult acting in the

Opt-In Prototype.

further developing the Electives program in 2018-19.

Matthew Smith Middle School Associate Principal



The Upper School As the Class of 2018

we should not waste them. We

came together one

and use the changes which have

must therefore welcome change

final time at their

shaped us to then shape the

graduation ceremony

I don’t think I could put it any

world and make a difference."

in Žofín Palace, they

better than that.

had time to reflect on

The 2017-2018 school year was

their time here at ISP.

of university placements and

an exceptional one in terms IB results, but while these are

The two students chosen by

impressive, what stays with me

their peers to speak at the event

more are the myriad ways that

highlighted that journey, though

ISP students demonstrate their

in different ways. Francesca

curiosity and passion. Below

Lanzarotti pointed out that

are just two examples of ISP

whether the students had known

students exceeding expectations

each other for one or for thirteen and taking ownership of their years, their experience at ISP had bonded them together. But she also argued that the experience of being at ISP should not be seen as something that is over; instead it was pre-payment on a duty: "We are privileged to have had these opportunities and



own learning.

ISP Robotics program has grown so much over the past few years that it is now one of our largest activities. Students work after school (and on weekends and during lunch and free blocks!)

As all Czechs know, the word

to repeatedly build and rebuild

"robot" was coined by Karel

their robots.

Čapek, the great writer, in R.U.R., his 1920 play. And so it is more than appropriate that ISP has a robust robotics program in place. In less than a decade, the

In the 2017-2018 season we had over 30 students participating in Robotics. These students formed four seperate teams, three of

which went on to compete in the CEESA First Tech Challenge in Bucharest, where one of our teams made it all the way to the final. Their ability to be self-motivated and to work independently and in groups is truly remarkable and with our growing reputation as a Robotics powerhouse, our students were invited to represent the Czech Republic at the First Global Robotics Competition in


Mexico City. Five students, along

The 39 Steps: After participating

and decided that ISP had to put

with two mentors, attended,

in the terrific Fall theatre

it on. The problem, though, was

flying down on a fully sponsored

production of Tom Jones,

that Vicki Close, our incredible

trip this past August where they

a number of the cast and

Theatre teacher, already had too

placed 8th out of 161 teams, an

crew had had such a powerful

much on her plate and couldn’t

incredible achievement for the

experience and had formed such

take on another production. The

students, their mentors and the

a tight bond, that they decided

solution? The students decided to

entire ISP community that has

to continue working together.

do everything themselves!

supported them. Their success

Dimitri Maksimovic, an 11th

is proof of what students can

Grader at the time, had become

achieve when their curiosity and

fascinated with physical comedies

passion is allowed to flourish.

and theatrical farces and after reading a number of these plays, he came across The 39 Steps



The result was a 100% student led, directed and designed school play. The older students recruited their friends and peers who had taken other

Choice and Autonomous Real

the data on the following pages

Life tasks.

shows, the Class of 2018 had

As we continue to move ahead with our ISP2020 strategies, we never lose sight of our responsibility to ensure that each of our graduates is well-

We continue to Theatre electives. They then pulled in new and younger students and figured out how to work planning meetings and rehearsals around everyone’s sports and activities schedules. They found, or borrowed, or made, all the

move ahead with our responsibility to ensure that each of our graduates is well prepared for life after ISP.

prepared for life after ISP. We pride ourselves on viewing our success in this regard through the lens of each individual student and as we work with the student and the parents to create a student's academic and post-secondary plan, our goal is always to find the best fit

some of the best IB results in the school’s history. With a 96% IB Diploma pass rate and with over 60% of our students earning 35 or more points, our graduates are clearly well-positioned to contribute to the world and find both professional and personal success. These results are a testament to the hard work of the students as well as to their teachers’ expertise and dedication, and it is confirmation that we can indeed balance academic rigor with our Mission-

costumes, props and set pieces.

for that specific student. That

And the final play was a huge

said, we also look at overall

triumph! These students are

statistics to give us a sense of

shining examples of what

how well we are doing and by

Dr. Mark Frankel

we aspire to at ISP: Student

every measure, the 2017-2018

Upper School Principal

Leadership, Student Voice and

year was an exceptional one. As

driven goal to "inspire, engage, and empower."







Upper School Achievements

IB Results 2018 In 2018 ISP student’s average IB score was 35 against a world average of 30, the most impressive average for over a decade, with a 96% pass

The International Baccalaureate

rate and with over 60% of our students earning 35 or more points. ISP is a non-selective school and does not require applicants to take exams that

Founded in 1968, the

Diploma, a rigorous pre-

might prove their ability to do

International Baccalaureate

university course of studies,

well on standardised exams.

Organization grew out of

leading to examinations, that

Nevertheless, the average scores

international school efforts to

meet the needs of highly

of ISP IB Diploma recipients

establish a common curriculum

motivated students.

consistently remain above world

and university entrance credentials for geographically mobile students. Designed as a comprehensive two-year curriculum, the IB program at ISP allows its graduates to fulfill requirements that are recognized worldwide.

Students at ISP earn the ISP


diploma by acquiring the requisite number of credits in various curriculum areas and may also pursue the International

Number of Candidates


Average Diploma Score


Baccalaureate diploma. A full host of academic and elective courses offer students

ISP is one of 4,000 schools

a challenging program while

throughout the world to offer the

also allowing them to stretch

the International Baccalaureate

themselves by exploring interests in a variety of special areas.

(World Average 30)

Average Exam Score (World Average 4.7)

Pass Rate



5.54 96%

University Destinations for ISP’s Class of 2018 ISP Graduates spread themselves


North America


Alumni typically enrolling in


United Kingdom

prestigious higher education

Rygerson University

Cardiff University

Czech Republic

institutions in several countries

University of British Columbia

City University of London

Anglo-American University

Plymouth College of Art


around the world, with ISP

each year. Completing the ISP

The New School – Parsons Paris

Diploma and/or the IB program

United States of America

University College London

Charles University Prague

provides an excellent pathway

Berklee College of Music

University of Bath

Czech Technical University in

to prestigious universities in

Boston University

University of Cambridge


the United Kingdom, the United

Cape Western Reserve University

University of Exeter

States, Continental Europe and

Fordham University (College of

University of Hull


around the world.

Business Administration)

University of Leeds

Cologne Business School

James Madison University

University of Liverpool

New York University

University of Manchester


Northeastern University

University of Newcastle

Franklin University Switzerland

(College of Social Sciences and

University of Oxford


University of St. Andrews

Northwestern University

University of Surrey

Pratt Institute, New York

University of Warwick

Quinnipiac University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The Netherlands

Savannah College of Art &

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam


Hotel School the Hague

Seattle University

Rijks Universiteit Groningen

University of California, Berkeley

Techische Universiteit Delft

University of Georgia (College of

Tilburg University

Arts & Sciences)

The Hague University of Applied

University of Montana, Missoula


University of Utah

Universiteit Maastricht

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Universiteit Utrecht

Rest of the world Australia University of Melbourne Hong Kong University of Hong Kong

Universiteit van Amsterdam


ISP Journeys

Haseeb Babar

Chris Brewer

My family moved to Prague in 2010 due to my

After having gone to preschool in another school, my

father's work. I came to ISP in 2011, since 6th Grade,

family decided to place me in ISP in the fall of 2005

and can proudly say it was the best decision my

for Kindergarten. My sister had already been studying

family has taken.

at ISP and enjoyed it, so it was a logical decision.

Personally, growing up in the tight-knit international

Having studied at ISP for 13 years, needless to

community of ISP helped shape me into a diverse,

say that I have encountered and experienced

culturally aware, open-minded and caring human

a countless amount of memories. From those many

being. In addition, I carry attributes of my excellent

years at ISP, my favorite memories have always been

education I received from quality teachers in my

from the trips that I have gone on with the school.

University and career as well. I am and will always

These include: CEESA events, class field trips, and

be immensely grateful for my opportunity to study

WWW trips. Those trips really helped me form

in the school for over 7 years.

a strong relationship with my classmates and let me

Currently, I’m pursuing a bachelor's degree at


experience and learn a lot of new things.

Fordham University, in New York City, where I plan

I am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree at

to major in Finance and Business Management.

University of California, Berkeley. I plan on earning

I hold my experiences during ISP as valuable

my business major at the Haas School of Business.

lessons throughout my life, and one day plan to

The intercultural environment of ISP has taught me

come and give back to the school just as much as it

about communication and open mindfulness and

has given me.

has helped me smoothly transition into college.

Audrey Frankel

Ania Sharipzhan

I came to ISP in 2012 from another international

I came to ISP in 2006 after my family moved houses

school in Germany. My six years at ISP have helped

in Prague. My parents thought that this school

me grow as a global citizen and prepared me for the

would be the best option for me, so I studied there

next step in my education. I use the organizational

since the first grade. I am truly grateful for all 12

and academic skills I learnt at ISP constantly at

years spent in ISP due to the many benefits it had

university, but more than that I value the cultural

given me. I have become more open-minded,

understanding and international-mindedness

curious, and internationally aware. One of my

I developed thanks to my international education.

biggest takeaways from ISP was the outstanding

I am currently pursuing an Economics degree at the University of St Andrews. I don’t yet have firm plans

support from both students and teachers; I wish to be the same for others.

for my future after university, but I hope to continue

I am currently studying at the Savannah College of

living and working internationally.

Art and Design in Atlanta to receive the bachelor of fine arts degree in illustration. Being a part of such a diverse community from ISP allowed me to have connections all over the world and to be able to branch out in the United States is very exciting. In the future, I hope to continue making new connections from as many places as possible and to learn more about different lifestyles at the same time. Hopefully, my future illustrations will reflect my experiences with culture and inspire others.



Information Technology, Activities and Athletics



Information Technology

2017-18 was a year of

ISP robotics continues to grow,

Republic at the First Tech Global

continued innovation,

thanks in part to the Noen fund,

Challenge, held in Mexico City

with enough student interest

in August. Competing against


to allow for teams at both the

over 160 teams from around the

and engagement,

Middle and the Upper School

world, the ISP Falcontech team

level! Our Middle School club

placed an amazing 8th! Another

in addition to

met weekly and represented ISP

amazing result for ISP robotics!

a significant focus on

Upper School club was active

well in local tournaments. Our

coherence across our

in both outreach, working with

community. Below

School students, as well as in

our Middle and Elementary

are a few of the many

competition. We were able to

highlights from the

First Tech Robotics tournament

past year.

send three teams to the CEESA in Romania, with teams from around Europe competing in both technical challenges and engineering design. Our MechaFalcons team reached the tournament finals! As well, our


This past spring we once again had the honor of hosting the 8th annual Czech Teachers Summit, in collaboration with

year in 2017-18. ISP Middle

Apple Europe and

School students received new

This event had over 150 Czech

MacBook Air computers, giving

Educators and Administrators

students and teachers more

coming to ISP to learn about

ways to enhance their learning

leveraging digital tools to

and collaborate both locally

enhance student learning. Once

and globally. This year saw ISP

again, ISP’s Daniela Krejbichova

teachers exploring solutions for

(ES Languages) presented to

elementary digital portfolios

high acclaim.

and a new digital classroom

Upper School robotics team was

The Petr Mares 1-to-1 laptop

chosen to represent the Czech

program completed the 10th


environment for the Middle/ Upper Schools. These solutions

Our commitment to will be fully deployed to parents

running the cameras, control

and students in 2018-19.

room and providing play-by-play!

We continued expanding our live streaming initiative this year. We were able to share live video of events like Upper School graduation from Zofin Palace, Grade 8 graduation and all ISP dance shows. Additionally, ISP

In addition to our live video work, ISP also began student-run journalism and news shows in both the Elementary and Middle Schools. Falcon Student News (FSN) and FSN-Elementary can be seen online weekly!

students took over the controls

The ISP Library is a place that

and streamed CEESA basketball

strives to engage all segments

and softball tournaments,

of the community with a variety

digital as well as print media continued to grow with substantial gains in our ebook and audiobook collections.

of resources and activities. We were very fortunate to have the author David Schwartz on campus working with our students. Our amazingly popular toddler storytime continued to grow for those children too young to formally start at ISP. Additionally, our commitment to digital as well as print media continued to grow with substantial gains in our ebook and audiobook collections.


The Library Maker Space proved

to support our increased focus

hugely popular after school, with

on design thinking and design

students able to explore designing technology. This room continued and making creative objects in

to see high use and develop as

a number of different media.

a space to support authentic

2017-18 was the second year of our "Idea Lab." This is a room connected to the library that aims


learning. This was evident in our first "Cardboard Party," where parents and students spent the morning designing and building

Supporters of Robotics at ISP

together. Additionally, the Lab

Finally, the myISP portal continued

ISP calendars and departmental

is our hub of app programming,

to grow as a source of coherence

websites into the new system.

with students from Elementary

across the school. In 2017-18,

to Upper School creating mobile

we were able to move all reports

apps of their own design. To

and transcripts, Parent Contact,

enhance our ability to rapid

full re-enrollment and our Upper

prototype, we added two more

School online gradebook into the

3d printers in addition to the 2

system. As we move forward,

that were purchased to support

we continue to look for ways in

the robotics programme. As well,

which this portal and database

we added a smaller computer-

can replace many of the systems

controlled cutter to support our

that parents, staff and students

larger laser cutter. This allows

use, providing them with a single

students to quickly turn their

site to access the information they

Sheldon Bradshaw

ideas into reality in paper, plastic

need. The end of the year saw

Director of Information

and wood!

the preparations for migrating


We are proud of our accomplishments for 2017-18, but even more excited about the year ahead. We look forward to supporting our community of learners, and providing the support and programs to enhance our learning at the International School of Prague.




the diversity of our population.

installment of TEDex Youth at ISP

The introduction of service

in as many years has made this

coordinators at each school level

event an anchor on our calendar.

has enabled a coherent approach to service across the school.

The upgrading of our sports


facilities enabled us to enhance

ISP continues to present

the provision of our programs.

performances of a high standard

The all weather surface on

from the fun and vibrancy of the

the main field has allowed for

annual Dance performance to

year round usage as well as ‘all

the mastery and theatrics of the

weather practice’. The bubble

Our Activities Program

‘A year full of weeks’

High School Play, Tom Jones being

over the tennis court has given an

continues to be

Acting with compassion, integrity

the theme this year. The Middle

additional teaching area for the

a source of inspiration,

and intercultural understanding.

School performances of "Hoodie"

winter season to enable expansion

We have seen numerous

and "This Phone 2.0" showcased

of our Elementary School ASA

engagement and

examples of this in our activities

the talents of the up-and-coming

program in particular. The leasing

empowerment to and

program throughout the year with

performers. Also the third

of these facilities to external

culminating activities impacting

groups has also connected us

for all those involved

on our wider community. Earth

more with our community and

in it. 2017-18 saw

Week demonstrated the fragility

we are seeing our students more

of our planet and how we as

some wonderful examples of how our program connects



collective individuals can have a positive impact. Refugee Awareness Week, highlighted the plight of who find

closely with the

themselves in difficult situations

mission. Opportunities

The year also saw the beginning

through no fault of their own.

involved in their offerings.

The upgrading of our sports facilities enabled us to enhance the provision of our programs.

STEM Interest in our Science Technology Engineering and Maths activities is growing. Last year we saw two new initiatives ‘coding weekend?’ and the ‘BIG cardboard building party’ in the Elementary School.

abound for all students

of the Happy Caravan Project

Our Middle School robotics

across all sections and

where ISP supports refugee

program goes from strength to

children in a European camp.

strength with expanding numbers

we are very proud

Ally Week, giving a voice and

and the inclusion of the Upper

of the progress and

sense of belonging to all in our

School student mentors. The

community regardless of gender

high school season was rounded

achievements of this

and orientation, Language Week

off with a trip to Mexico for the

past year.

and International Culture Weeks

First Global Championships , this

were an opportunity to celebrate

was an International Robotics


the honour of HRH Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex KG GCVO visit the school as a patron of the program. It was inspiring for those in the community that had the opportunity to attend the ceremony as well as the 90 students enrolled in the program. CEESA Honours While our sports teams achieved many successes throughout the year notable mentions go to the competition whereby ISP

off the ’Prague Hipster Culture’

upon the collective contributions,

represented the Czech Republic,

through our graffiti themed

strengths and skills of our

competing against 161 national

Middle School cultural Arts event

community to be a success.

teams from around the world.

and also to be able to show

Hosting ISP played host to eight CEESA events this year. We hosted many of the regular activities but after many years absence it was exciting to be able to show

off the natural beauty of our school's surroundings through the Cross Country event attended by over 200 competitors. The provision of both events, like so many others, required drawing

following CEESA championship teams: Varsity Boys Football, Cross Country and Volleyball. Varsity Girls Volleyball, Middle

The International Award

School Boys Football and Softball

We are pleased to observe our

and Middle School Girls Football

International Award program

and Tennis.

continues to grow. Last year we saw a record 8 students receive their gold level award and we were fortunate enough to have

Joe Monks Director of Activities



Supporting ISP



Supporting ISP Through Fundraising ISP is a not-for-profit

As its name suggests, fundraising

opportunities, and to meet

might not have the financial

school. While tuition

for the Annual Fund takes place

unexpected challenges. Most

means to study at our school.

every year. 2017-18 was the

importantly, it is the reason

is not inexpensive,

fifth year of the ISP Annual Fund

behind ISP’s global reputation

all proceeds go

and the fourth with an all-

for excellence in education

volunteer committee. Donations

amongst international schools.

towards improving

to the Annual Fund confirm the

the experience of ISP

the cost of tuition to purchase


community’s desire to go beyond items and programs that have an immediate impact on current students.

The Annual Fund Committee also makes an important contribution to social life around the school, organising events, such as Pub Quiz and Cheese and Wine nights. These evenings, as well

totalled an impressive 4,244,744 CZK in 2017-18. Special thanks to Eltodo whose donation of their new sign at the school gates has considerably brightened up the entrance for ISP families, faculty, staff and guests!"

as raising awareness about

Thank you also to the ISP

to the level of excellence that

the Annual Fund, also play

community who responded with

tuition alone cannot provide.

a valuable role in bringing the

typical generosity to raise our

It touches every part of the

ISP community together.

impressive total.

Scholarships at ISP make the

Thank you,

academic programs, financial aid, technology, athletics, arts, and facilities. It provides the school with the flexibility to respond quickly to new

ISP experience available to a diverse range of students. Genourous donations from the ISP Community from Night at the Tower, the highlight of the ISP social calendar and the student raffle, make an ISP education a possibility for students who


other donations to the school

The Annual Fund elevates ISP

school’s budget including


Annual Fund, Scholarship and

The ISP Advancement Office and Susan McKinnon & Julie Becker 2017-18 Annual Fund Committee Co-Chairs

Annual Fund Donors The Comenius Society

The Falcon's  Society

The Gold & Black Society

The Supporter's  Society

100.000 CZK and up

50.000 to 99.999 CZK

5.000 to 24.999 CZK

1 to 4.999 CZK

Tomáš Krsek

Staffan & Charlotta Erenmalm

Arnie & Marianne Bieber

Teresa Beisle

Otakar Motka & Jana Motkova

James & lnez Cusmano

Bertrand & Veronique Debret

Neville & Beata Parry

Petr Draxler & Jana Draxlerova

Josiah & Lee Rose Emery

Peter Ridder & Carol Stanford

Patrick Frape & Jenny Snively

John & Lynne Evans

Viktor Kruglyakov & Olga

Barry Freckmann

The Nebusice Society 25.000 to 49.999 CZK Georgiev & Dessislava Kiril

Golubenko Steven Scheers & Amina Tirissi Andrey Sorokin Petr & Ivona Svrcek Todd & Anne Wilder

Danielle Fredericks Park Hynchul & Imju Lee Ben & Renata Maudling Joseph Monks & Avis Beek Park Shinjeong & Kim Changlee Elizabeth Perry Timothy & Eva Shaw Matthew Smith & Megan McLain Jeffrey & Katherine Stoner Dave & Pip Sturgeon



ISP Scholarships and Night at the Tower The ISP Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program at

shape of Advancement Associate

exists to make the ISP educational

ISP is partially funded through

Tereza Třešňáková! We worked

donations to the School

hard together to organise a new,

experience available to a diverse

from parents, corporations,

exciting and fun event which

range of students. Scholarships are

Alumni and others. In order to

people would enjoy and which

ensure the long-term viability

would raise a significant amount

of this program, the School

for Scholarships at ISP.

based not only on financial need, but also on merit. In addition to

for scholarships, in 2017-18,

fulfilling the normal requirements

historical setting of Novoměstská

for admission to ISP, a student who wishes to be considered for

"Night at the Tower", held in the Radnice (New Town Hall).

It is important as Committee members to always keep sight of the aim of the event, which is to raise significant funds for Scholarships as they provide life-

Report from the Night

changing opportunities for those

at the Tower Co-Chairs

who might not otherwise see

a Scholarship must demonstrate

Dear ISP Community and all

our school as a place to further

an excellent academic record,

Attendees and Supporters of

their education. It was deeply

Night at the Tower,

inspiring for the Committee,

a strong command of the English

Thank you all for the fantastic

language, a desire to obtain

support we received for the

an education in a multicultural

Scholarships at ISP - Night at

environment, and an intention to enroll in the full International Baccalaureate program. 52

holds an annual fundraiser


8th Annual Fundraiser for the Tower! We had several new faces on the Committee this year - not to mention a new face in the ISP Advancement Office in the

and indeed for all those present, to hear Vahe Asatyran and Tereza Matoušová, (both Class of ‘16) talk so eloquently and passionately about what an ISP Scholarship had meant for their lives and futures.



As a Committee, we would like to sincerely thank Vahe and Tereza for their moving speeches. We would also like to express our deep thanks to everyone who in any way helped us put together this great event. There were a vast range of people involved; parents, teachers and staff, the wider ISP community, local and international businesses. Without the hard work, generosity, support and donations of time, energy and such fantastic auction items, we simply would not have an event.

hours planning and coordinating

at the Manes Gallery and

the event. Numerous mornings

Sacre Coeur respectively, the

and afternoons were devoted

Committee visited several

to sourcing great food and

venues around Prague

drink, decor and auction gifts

before unanimously choosing

to build on the success of the

Novoměstská Radnice (New Town

events of previous years while

Hall). All Committee members

simultaneously offering the

agreed that this beautiful and

community something new.

historic space would make a perfect venue for the 8th year of the gala event of the ISP calendar.


The committee spent many

After the previous two years

As co-chairs, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who supported the event in any way

to the team and worked tirelessly

We have always had steadfast

on the event.

support for the gala event of

The Night at the Tower

but in particular, we would like

Committee, the ISP Advancement

to thanks our Night at the Tower

Office and the Board of Trustees

Committee colleagues - Vera

We must thank the management

all work together to ensure that

Newbold, Pip Sturgeon, Alejandra

and employees of our corporate

the gala is a success. Committee

de Maria de Campos Orrico,

supporters for the commitment

members always have it in

Markéta Zajícová and Andrea

they have shown to education

mind to try to please the entire

Koudelková. Thanks also to

through Night at the Tower.

community while also being

everyone in the ISP Advancement

Profound gratitude to ADP, Avast,

focused on the ultimate aim of

Office, in particular Tereza

Doosan, TV Nova, UPS, 24Safe

Thanks also for the energy and

raising funds for Scholarships.

Třešňáková, who was a real asset

and Engel & Völkers.

enthusiasm of our Upper School


the Board of Trustees. Board Members, who already freely give their time to the betterment of education at ISP, also made a significant financial contribution to the success of the evening.

equipment, drinks and people between ISP and Novoměstská Radnice. Thanks also to Petr Koubek and Veronika Tichá, who very cheerfully and efficiently looked after our safety and security on the night. Finally, we would like once again to express our sincere thanks to the entire ISP community and everyone who made a contribution to ensure that this event was a fun night and ran as smoothly as it did. Everyone involved in any way has made an important input into the delivery and continuation of scholarships at ISP. With this support, be it in your time, attendance, purchase of raffle tickets, bids for auction student volunteers who helped with the sale of tickets for the Advantage Cars Supercar Raffle. Sophia, Elizabeth, Oscar, Daria, Marek and Will (who is not an

items or anything else, you have contributed greatly to the success of the event and in doing so made a real difference in the lives of young people!

ISP student but who was very

Sheridan Barnett

willing to help out his friends!)

Henrica De Jong

all showed fantastic negotiation

Night at the Tower Committee

and sales skills to net total of


47,000CZK! Thanks also to the ISP staff members who were on hand to help the event run smoothly. Particular thanks to Sváťa Soukup for his endless patience in transporting all manner of auction gifts, decorations,







Cumulative Corporate Scholarship Donations 2011-18 The Comenius Society

The Falcons Society

The Gold and Black Society

500,000 CZK and upwards

250,000 CZK to 499,999 CZK

100,000 CZK to 174,999 CZK

The Supporters Society 25,000 CZK to 99,999 CZK

The Nebušice Society 175,000 CZK to 249,999 CZK



Corporate Scholarship Donations 2017-18

Corporate Gifts-In Kind

The Falcons Society 250,000 CZK to 499,999 CZK

The Supporters Society 25,000 CZK to 99,999 CZK

gifted by Erika and Jan Sýkora



Individual Donations The Falcon's  Society

The Gold & Black Society

50.000 to 99.999 CZK

5.000 to 24.999 CZK


Dominique & Elizabeth Marie Bossan

The Nebusice Society 25.000 to 49.999 CZK Anonymous Giuseppe Giordo & Adele Rossetti Timothy & Eva Shaw Dave & Pip Sturgeon

Sheldon & Laura Bradshaw Dave & Vlasta Caraway Ronald Dasbach & Rineke Smits Joseph & Landy Elliott Konstantin & Nadezda Eropkin Chris Hunt Thomas & Vera Newbold Lasse & Tina Schmidt

Jan & Henrica De Jong Hadley Dean & Johanna Salovaara-Dean Mark Frankel Barry Freckmann Andrew & Amy Hetletvedt Simona Jirásková Andrea & Jiří Koudelková Aaron & Joanne Lockard Nicolas & Leanne Monaghan Michael & Monica O'Mara Gabriele & Donatella Pagliuca Neil & Jessica Percifull

The Supporter's  Society 0 to 4.999 CZK Steven & Kelly Adams-Smith Anonymous Paul & Sheridan Barnett Ivo Bárta & Markéta Bártová Jes & Anne Bengtsson Emery Ray & Radka Brewer Daniel Carrera



Peter Ridder & Carol Stanford Mark & Helena Robinson Katja Seidenschnur Mark & Catherine Sinclair Iva Třešňáková Mikko & Tanja Vainio Zuzana Veselá Ajit & Katerina Virk Clive & Tasha Watkins

Due to accounting changes in 2017/18, tickets to Night at the Tower cannot be classified as "donations" and therefore ticket purchasers cannot by included in this list, as in previous years. We nonetheless sincerely thank everyone who bought a ticket or who contributed to the success of the Night at the Tower in any way. Additionally, only monies over and above the initial value of auction items are now classed "donations". We therefore thank our donors listed, whose generosity and support for Scholarships at ISP is in some cases even greater than it appears on the figures shown on this page.

Auction The Supercar Weekend Raffle, Casino and Silent Auction Sponsors, together raised the tremendous sum of 545,500 CZK for Scholarships at ISP.

Auction Sponsors Advantage Cars Adventure Golf Horní Bezděkov Alexander Onishenko Aline Derer, Junko Photography

Firms and individuals who

Aria Hotel

provided auction items have

Artěl – Karen Feldman

demonstrated their support for

Automyčka Express

the ISP Scholarship Program.

The Barnett Family

Please, therefore, whenever you

Barber Shop Diplomat

frequent their businesses, be sure

Bistro U tří bratří

to let them know you are aware

Canadian Medical Care


of their support for ISP and that

Carlo IV Hotel


you appreciate their commitment

Chateau Mcely

Jáma Steakhouse

to Scholarships at ISP.

Chef Parade

James Hair

Concierge Management

Radek Kubina

Smetana s.r.o. – Dr. Hauschka


Květiny Čarodějka


Crossfit Committed

Latin Gallery

Soline Butik

Delso Interiéry

LG Electronics

Stezka korunami stromů

Dolce Villa Hotel - Burger Bar

Losers Cirque Company

Studio Namaste


Merlin Jahodová

The Sykora Family

Petra Faitova

Monkey Park

TAP Academy Prague

First English Speaking

Neckermann cestovní kancelář

Tenis Balance

International Ballet School in




The Newbold Family

Vienna House Dvořák Karlovy

Galerie Jakubská

Northern Hikes



O2 Czech Republic

Vlado Vovkanič

Golf Klub Botanika

Pilsner Urquell

Yellow Point

Hadovka Health and Fitness

Rony Plesl


Hurricane Factory Prague

Private Donor

Zátiší Group

Inge Outdoor


Jiří Zavázal

Inspired Choices – Alexandra

Silent SPA Hotel















Student Raffle The Student Raffle is a firm


favourite of ISP Students! The


Raffle, held in March 2018, gave

Foto Škoda

students the opportunity to win

Fresh & Tasty

fantastic prizes, but also gave


students the opportunity to make

ISP Activities Office

a contribution to fundraising for

ISP Arts Departments

the Scholarship and Financial Aid

Julia Paniagua

Programs at ISP.

Jump Aréna Zličín

The Raffle made a magnificent 102,500 CZK contribution to Scholarships. Please join us in thanking our wonderful raffle gifts!

Klub virtuální reality K-Servis Lego Group LG Electronics Lowpolya

Student Raffle Donors

Markéta Zajícová

Adventure Golf Horní Bezděkov


Andrea Koudelková

Mega Books

Aquapalace Čestlice

MindMaze – Escape


Mr. Hot Dog

The Candy Store

Museum of Senses

Caravan Metropol Karting

The Newbold Family

Choco Muzeum Praha




Surf Arena

Da Ezio Pizzeria

The Sykora Family

Distinguished Friends of Al Bundy

The Room

– Prague Chapter

Tomáš Česálek

Dolce Villa Hotel – Burger Bar

Waf Waf 24U





ISP Community



The School Community Association The School

The SCA is committed to

and other worthy activities


promoting an active partnership

throughout the school year.

among parents, students,

A great number of events and

Association (SCA)

faculty, staff, administration

activities went on throughout

supports community

at ISP. The SCA is dedicated

2017-18, organised by the

to helping provide the best

SCA. Among them were these

life through the

possible educational and social


volunteer efforts of

parents old and new and the

its active members. All sections of the School (Elementary, Middle and Upper) are represented and supported by the SCA.

environment for ISP students,

New Family Orientation Day

Committee, are introduced to

This day is organised annually

newcomers from their own

on the day before the official

countries. Newcomers are also

start of the new school year,

given a Welcome Pack and

and is organised by the

a Newcomer’s Handbook (which

SCA’s Newcomers Committee,

is continually updated year-on-

who work closely with the ISP

year by the SCA), which contains

All parents and guardians

Admissions Office to ensure that

essential information designed

automatically have membership

the day is as useful as possible

to smooth the transition of new

of the SCA and everyone is

for new families finding their

families into the ISP community

encouraged to get involved in

feet at ISP.

and the Czech Republic. The

entire School Community. The SCA supports community life through volunteer organization of student and community programs, activities and events.

volunteering and in coming up with new ideas! The SCA also has a Community Service Section that organises charitable events



world, who, organised by the

In 2017-18 the SCA Newcomers Committee was supported by parents from many parts of the

Newcomer Committee didn't just organise this day, however, and provided support to new families through additional meetings

The SCA is dedicated to helping provide the best possible educational (and built new friendships) throughout the year. Annual Information Fair, Fun Run and Welcome Back Picnic The Information Fair and Welcome Back Picnic is traditionally the first major social event of the ISP school year but in 2017-18 the event was joined

and social environments for ISP students, old and new and the entire School Community

have the chance to introduce

success with students, teachers,

and promote their products and

parents, friends and even some

services. The Welcome Back

four-legged friends, all getting

picnic involves a Barbeque which

involved and taking in the

allows new and old members of

beautiful Šárka Valley in the

the ISP Community to mingle.


This event is organised by the ISP Advancement Office in close collaboration with the SCA.

Adult Education The SCA Adult Education Program in 2017-18 continued to go from

by a new addition to this day - an

We at the SCA, however,

strength to strength with a quite

all community Fun Run!

suggested that this traditional

staggering array of learning

event be enhanced by holding

choices for ISP parents, in many

a Fun Run for the whole

cases provided by fellow parents.

community prior to the main

These included activities as

event. This event was a great

diverse as; Board Games for

Through the Information Fair, new and returning families have the chance to meet new people and local businesses



Adults, Ukulele and Songwriting,

members time just to hang out

theme and each faculty and staff

Wine Tasting, Yoga, Czech

with old friends and build new

member was presented with

Language and Culture, Yoga and


a ceramic owl!

Staff Appreciation Day

International Food Fair

All SCA are most appreciative

The Food Fair was again

There were also many fantastic

of the work of our faculty

attended by over one thousand

‘Let’s Go’ trips mainly around

and staff and like to show this

members of the ISP community.

beautiful Prague, but also

appreciation every year by

Hundreds of ISP families

further afield. These trips

providing them with a delicious

prepared sumptuous culinary

allowed ISP parents to take in

lunch in the Elementary Theatre.

treats from over 30 countries.

new sights and experiences

This year’s theme paid tribute to

The Food Fair is probably the

but also allowed community

the wisdom of staff with an owl

most colourful of all ISP events

Wellness, Spinning, and many, many, more.


My message to all families is simply to get involved!

all parents and guardians. All meetings start with a ‘meet and mingle’ which allows parents to meet other parents with children in the same grade. The SCA also works with principals at all school levels to have specific coffee mornings for Elementary, Middle and Upper School. On a personal note, I greatly enjoyed working with our colleagues in the SCA Executive Board during 2017-18 and it is always a particular joy to see and the 2017-18 fair was no


new families getting involved

exception. There was a dazzling

The SCA Booster Club supports

in SCA events and life around

array of national costumes on

CEESA tournaments held at

the school. My message to all

display which both showcased

ISP. The club, through the SCA

families is simply to get involved!

the amazing diversity of our

Activities Reps, organises snacks

Doing so will really allow you to

community and complemented

and refreshments around sports

make the best of your time in

perfectly the delicious food on

and other inter-scholastic

Prague and at ISP.

offer! The entire SCA parent-run

tournaments and events.

event also allowed children to be entertained through enjoying sports and craft activities in the small gym. Every year this event seems to get bigger and better!

With best wishes,

SCA Coffee Mornings SCA General Meetings take place on a bi-monthly basis and are thematic events aimed at

Susan McKinnon SCA Chair 2017-18



SCA Executive Board 2017-18

The School Community

strategic aim to “Unleash our

Elementary School Reps

Activities Reps

Association (SCA) is an

collective potential so that our

Ravit Avidor and Liza Bergmann

Vlasta Carawayova

active, diverse, all-volunteer

school is greater than the sum of

organisation. The SCA supports

its parts."

community life through the volunteer efforts of its active


members, who represent all

Susan McKinnon

sections of the School. The activities of the SCA reinforce the ISP mission statement – to Engage, Inspire and Empower - and are key to the ISP2020

Vice Chair Mari Schindele Treasurer Beatriz Iturriaga Secretary Elizabeth Frausto



Middle School Reps

and Poonam Sharma

Dalia El-Hadidy and Kathy

Community Service Rep


Sheridan Barnett

Upper School Reps

Let's Go Rep

Amy Seymour and Pip Sturgeon

Tamara Tomasetto

Adult Education Rep Susanna Bäckman Newcomers Committee Reps Stacey Eckstein and Liv-Monica Klungtveit

Our Community Just under 900 students, drawn from 64 nationalities learn and develop in a challenging and nurturing environment at the International School of Prague, which is defined by compassion and intercultural understanding





New Zealand

South Africa

United Arab






South Korea








United States



Hong Kong




of America


Czech Republic
























Saudi Arabia
















ISP Alumni Association Anyone who was ever a student at the International School of Prague automatically becomes a member of the ISP Alumni Association. As an alumnus (Class of ‘04), Secretary of the Board of Trustees, and Chairman of the Alumni

More and more alumni of the

plans are already underway for

Council, it delights me to report that

school have been returning

alumni to commemorate the

to Nebušice, culminating in

school’s 70th year of operation.

alumni relations at ISP have continued to

a reunion party held on campus

Like the previous year’s event,

strengthen over the past academic year.

in June 2018, which was attended

former students took the time to

by over 70 alumni. Although

re-acquaint themselves with their

I was out of the country at the

old school and with many of their

time, I was informed that a great

former teachers.

evening was had by all and that



of active members. The system allows alumni to search for fellow ISP graduates based on their location, occupation, or interests. While still in its naissance, we look forward to growing the platform in the coming years, with more alumni signing up and additional features being added. Improving our outreach is one of the key goals of the Alumni Council for the coming year, with a reunion party to be held in one

The passion shared

of the major international hubs. I am confident that the passion

by our alumni will Bi-monthly networking events have become a fixture in the diaries of many Prague-based alumni. Fittingly, these meetings were held at Polpo by Kogo, kindly hosted by its owner and fellow alumnus, Stefan Savic (Class of ‘09). Many classmates have enjoyed spending time

support the further development of alumni relations at ISP.

shared by our alumni will support together, along with making

the further development of

connections with other former

alumni relations at ISP.

students from different classes. After long preparations, we have

Martin Blecha

successfully launched an online

Chairman, ISP Alumni

social media platform, ISP Alumni


Connect <https://alumni.isp. cz>, which now has hundreds



Financial Report



Financial Oversight From the Board Treasurer & Director of Operations

We are pleased

During the 2017-18 fiscal year,

of budgeted expenses) while

economic and financial situations,

to report that ISP

tuition income increased by

also providing for the long-term

such as currency fluctuations,

2.6%, reflecting the increase in

improvement of the campus and

inflation and differing enrolment

ended its 70th year

student numbers. Tuition and

its facilities.

levels, on its operations.

of operations with

for 97% of total institutional

The financial information

Your Fees and Donations at Work

set out above and in the

ISP is able to provide its

consolidated financial results

educational model through the

through June 30, 2018 of the

fees it charges, and also thanks

grouping of entities comprising

to the donations it receives. The

steady enrolment (888 students) and

Capital Assessment accounted income for the year. Operating expenses increased by 0.2% to CZK 411,765 thousand.

a healthy financial

As with most schools, salaries

the School demonstrate the

information below is given to


and benefits continue to

overall financial health of the

provide clarity around the use of

represent the school’s greatest

institution. ISP’s Financial

your fees and donations.

expense, at 74% of total

Statements and Annual Report

expenses. The school’s net

are audited annually by

positive result increased to


CZK 24,084 thousand in fiscal

Audit, s.r.o.

year 2017-18 from CZK 16,441 thousand in the prior year, primarily due to a reduction in non-educational spending. This result allows the school to maintain its dedicated annual financial reserve (25%



ISP is a non-profit institution in the form of a Czech corporation (an "s.r.o - společnost s ručením omezeným" or in English, Limited

Financial Risk Management

Liability Company). Educational

Through its activities, ISP faces

regulations in the Czech Republic

a number of market risks.

require that an international

ISP’s focus in this area is to

school offering a non-Czech

prevent potential risks, thus the

curriculum be owned by

School uses available tools to

a non-Czech entity; the non-

minimize the impact of particular

Czech owner in our case is the

International School of Prague

current year expenses as well

(and, as mentioned above,

parents, corporations, alumni, and

Foundation, a U.S. not-for-profit

as towards planning for the

usually a portion of the capital

others. The goal of the program

entity (a "501(c)(3)"). This type

future. This is essentially "paying

assessment) and the amount

is to make the ISP educational

of non-profit organisation has

it forward"; current families

that we expect to raise from

experience available to a diverse

decades of legal and tax standing

are the beneficiaries of the

donations to the Annual Fund.

range of students. ISP Scholarships

in the USA. The foundation

Capital Assessment paid by prior

document of the Czech s.r.o,

families, just as future families

for its part, stipulates that no

will be the beneficiaries of the

dividends or benefits are to be

Capital Assessment paid by

distributed; all monies the school

current families.

raises are reinvested in the school

A commonly asked question about the Annual Fund is why this amount is not simply added to the cost of tuition. There are many answers, but perhaps

Funds that are in excess of the

the most pertinent in financial

above needs may be placed by

reporting terms is the following:

Each year, like any well run

a vote of the Trustees into the

the goal is to have Annual Fund

organization, the school

School’s Endowment.

donations eventually represent

and no profits accrue to anyone.

endeavours to finish the year with a positive financial result. This is planned as part of the

The Endowment Currently, ISP’s Endowment consists mostly of donations

5% of the School’s annual budget (which at the moment would represent the equivalent of

are available to Czech citizens and other permanent residents of the Czech Republic. Currently, scholarships are only granted to students in the Upper School. These scholarships are based not only on financial need, but also based on merit. ISP actively seeks excellent students who will benefit from an ISP education, and who will be an asset and inspiration to ISP’s community of learners.

€700,000). Adding that amount

We hope that this section

to the cost of tuition may put the

provides clear information about

cost of an ISP education beyond

the finances and our financial

the reach of many of our families.

goals for the future. If you have

We believe that with the support

any questions, concerns or

of everyone in the ISP community

suggestions please feel free to

The Capital Assessment may

ISP intends to build sufficient

(parents, alumni, teachers, and

contact us.

be used for current year capital

reserves to provide a cushion

others), we will achieve our goal

expenditures (investment in

during more lean economic

(this year and into the future) so

infrastructure), to assist in

years; an Endowment enables

that all our students can benefit

retiring debt incurred for the

the school to plan for its long-

from the additional programs

major capital investments of

term sustainability. The current

that this income will provide -

the School, or be allocated to

Endowment holding amounts to

and each and every one of us can

a capital fund to help in the

CZK 19,415 thousand.

take immense pride in the School

budget process. During budget planning, fees (which include both Tuition and Capital Assessment) are set. Tuition is intended to meet the cost of educating current students.

future funding of major strategic investments in the facility.

made by corporate friends of ISP, whose contributions are restricted to be used for scholarships and improvements to the programs such as robotics.

Annual Fund The Annual Fund supports

and the accomplishments of our students.

Although the exact amounts

the current year’s operating

Scholarship Program

vary annually, payers can

budget. The amount budgeted

The Scholarship program at

expect that the majority of

to be spent on the current

ISP is partially funded through

their overall fees are going for

year’s expenses include tuition

donations to the School from

Barry Freckmann ISP Finance & Operations Director

Dave Sturgeon ISP Board Treasurer 2017-18


Consolidated Balance Sheet (Czk ‘000) 30.06.2018 Assets





1 311 522

-291 790

1 019 732

981 262

850 778

-291 790

558 988

541 120

2 410

-1 824



Tangible fixed assets

848 368

-289 966

558 402

540 808

Current Assets

438 404


438 404

426 868


1 120


1 120

1 037


8 853


8 853

22 695


428 431


428 431

403 136

Prepayments and accrued income

22 340


22 340

13 274

TOTAL ASSETS Fixed assets Intangible Fixed Assets

Liabilities and Equity




1 019 732

981 262

593 669

580 092



Share premium and capital contributions

634 669

646 232

Retained earnings / Accumulated losses

-66 240

-85 130

Profit / (loss) for the current period

25 140

18 890


422 603

397 772


12 858

12 723


409 744

385 049

Long-term liabilities

3 806

2 495

Short-term liabilities

405 938

382 554

3 461

3 398

Equity Share capital

Accruals and deferred income




Consolidated Income Statement (Czk ‘000) Sales of products and services Sales of goods



435 735

424 470



Cost of sales

96 209

93 428

Staff costs

281 267

280 938

Value adjustments in operating activities

25 582

26 806

Operating income - other

7 112

7 607



Operating Expenses - other

3 362

5 890

Operating Result

36 731

25 425

Financial Result

-3 991


Net profit / (loss) before taxation

32 740

24 598

Net profit / (loss) after taxation

25 140

18 890

Net profit / (loss) for the financial period

25 140

18 890

Net turnover for the financial period

447 475

435 536

Sales of fixed assets

Consolidated Income Statement (Czk ‘000) 2017/18


Net profit on ordinary activities before tax

32 740

24 598

Net cash flow from operating activities before tax and changes in working capital

55 006

54 618

Cash flows from operating activities

Net cash flow from operating activities before tax

72 830

50 271

Net cash flow from operating activities

68 733

50 590

Net cash flow from investing activities

-43 438

-15 492

Net cash flow from financing activities



Net increase in cash and cash equivalents

25 295

35 301

Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of the year

403 136

367 835

Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the year

428 431

403 136




Nebušická 700 164 00 Prague 6 Czech Republic phone: +420 220 384 111 fax: +420 220 384 555 email: web: