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OWCASE Vónin Net Washing system Vónin’s Net Washing system thoroughly washes nets of all sizes for the aquaculture industry, effectively minimising the effectiveness of spreading fish diseases. The Vónin Net Washer is made of AISI 316 acid-proof stainless steel, which is strong, durable and highly-resistant to corrosion. The Vónin Net Washer can be custom made, with a size of up to 50m3, with adjustable washing programmes and a heavy-duty washing drum. It comes with a large waterproof sealing door for loading and unloading the nets and is 100 percent water-tight.

Cretel RS 25 The Cretel RS 25 fish scaler ensures the fast and efficient removal of scales from all kinds of fish. The inner drive cable is made up of two layers of steel, and is spray water protected. The outside of the machine is also rust-proof, to ensure extended life. The. RS 25 has a 1.5m cable and the spindle moves at 1360rpm. Optional extras are also available, including a 2m long drive and housing cable, and a spindle type, named extra. A polyacryl protection cover is also available.

Simatek Drum Feeder with Forced Feeding System Simatek Bulk Systems introduces a new Forced Feeding System which – in the combination with other initiatives – makes pendulum bucket elevators very suited for conveying complex powders that are non-easy flowing, fragile, abrasive or explosive. By adding a screw feeder module to the patented Simatek Drum Feeder it is possible to secure a high filling degree of the elevator buckets. This feeding system is based on individual batch feeding of the elevator buckets without product spillage. In combination with the Simatek Drum Feeder it is possible to convey with elevator buckets without overlap. This is to eliminate mechanical contact between the buckets, friction and the use of guides. In traditional pendulum bucket elevators the buckets are suspended between parallel roller chains. However, certain powder types will generate significant wear and therefore roller chains are generally not the best solution for abrasive and fine powder types. However, when it comes to very abrasive products or applications for which chain lubrication is not an option, Simatek Bulk Systems offers bearing suspended buckets. With these buckets the wear on the roller chain is basically eliminated. To document the effect of conveying with a Forced Feeding System, clients are offered a free test run of their product in the Simatek Bulk Systems test center.

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DEC 2018 - International Aquafeed magazine  

DEC 2018 - International Aquafeed magazine