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positive way. I have always therefore Welcome to the last issue of International served to give a balanced and educated Aquafeed for 2018. What an amazing year it has viewpoint as best I can to my abilities been, with conferences around the world, where based on over 35 years in aquaculture I had the privilege to attend and meet up with so research and teaching. many loyal readers of this now prestigious trade I am confident that the magazine will magazine representing the aquaculture industry, go on in the 2020’s, to remain a bastion including so much more of the associated of robust opinion and healthy debate, to technology advancing each year to support the Professor Simon Davies give this industry a voice and political wider fish and shrimp farming needs. Editor, International Aquafeed capacity to influence legislator’s, NCO’s Back in 2008, when Roger Gilbert asked me to international agencies and government become the Editor in Chief with my first editorial bodies and academic institutions etc, thus presented in 2009, little could I have imagined providing a powerful and informed mechanism to promote aquaculture the vast global audience I would be reaching with our hard-printed and give the world an agenda for a prosperous and sustainable future for professional magazine, and the ever-increasing digital platform, with its aquatic food production. ability to target so much more and keep you all up to date? International Aquafeed will be relaunched in 2019 to reflect these You have all come to know me and relate to my absolute enthusiasm much wider technologies in such fields as engineering and materials for the subject and disciplines from a practising academic professor and science that are now at the fore of aquaculture in all its heterogeneous consultant in realisation of the need for a true and sustainable bespoke forms. There are many new interdisciplinary areas covering novel animal feed industry that caters for the 21st century. candidate species, breeding and genetics, disease and prevention, Indeed, I am always complimented by so many for the way this diagnostics, health management as well as new business and marketing magazine has developed and evolved and although so grateful for domains. this acknowledgement, I am indebted over the last decade for the fine We have to appreciate that all these affect the aquatic feed industry editorial staff, and the team at Perendale in Cheltenham. England for much more than in the past and we too must embrace these initiatives at their amazing input of skills in acquiring such interesting articles and IAF. In the last month’s November issue, Roger Gilbert announced our feature, news and briefings that have given this magazine its deserved changing face and format, and I take this opportunity to thank him so reputation as a leader. much for his appreciation of my Editorship over these last 10 years. The technical and scientific community, as well as academia, around Many colleagues and friends can now have their opportunity as Guest this planet Earth, with its finite resources within the aquatic and marine Editors for engagement with you and to bring their vast experience and and terrestrial environment giving us our seafood supply, is a crucial knowledge to our global community and help enter into a new phase for embodiment of this requirement. Over the decade, I have been able to growth and dissemination to reach new frontiers. meet so many talented and wise people from all walks of life and every I will still be present, and our International Aquafeed and Nutrition nation it seems. brand will continue as before in a new and very exciting context! Please Learning is a two-way event, and I have been able to appreciate the enjoy our latest Issue! many changes and developments in this dynamic and fast flowing I wish you all a very happy seasons greetings for Christmas and a great field with the introduction of so much new science and technology that New Year celebrations for 2019! has impacted on our magazine, ethos and mission statement in a very



FUMONISINS: Fumonisins in aquaculture - page 22

WORKBOATS: The Steinsvik HardRIB - page 40 ROV: New ROV combines autonomous capability with live remote operation - page 46

MARINE INGREDIENTS: Asking the tough questions to ensure a prosperous future for marine ingredients - page 28



EXPERT TOPIC: Blue crab - page 34

GRINDING: Grinding of raw materials for aquafeeds - page 26

Blue crabs are named so due to their sapphire claws. Their shells, or carapace, are a mottled brown colour, whilst females have red highlights on the ends of their pincers. Their Latin name, callinectes sapidus, also literally translates into savoury, beautiful swimmer, so it is unsurprising that they are so very popular in coastal towns for their tender, sweet meat.

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DEC 2018 - International Aquafeed magazine  

DEC 2018 - International Aquafeed magazine