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#2 Crosby Europe is expanding its top-performing Trawlex range to meet the specific needs of the aquaculture industry

Profile chain, connectors and components for the aquaculture industry by Crosby’s Trawlex

Crosby’s Trawlex range of profile chain, connectors and components has had an important footprint in the fishing industry since 1971 and a long track record of producing high-quality hardware, designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use in the fishing industry. While many components of Crosby’s Trawlex range were already in use in the aquaculture industry as well, the company has now expanded the brand offering with a full range of hardware designed specifically for aquaculture. Crosby Trawlex Aquaculture range is completely certified to highest standard NS9415 by DNV GL, as demanded by the aquaculture industry. The new aquaculture product range of steel fittings and equipment is now launching its first phase exclusively in the North Sea/ Atlantic region, developed for cage mooring systems that are in widespread use in the Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Scotland. Later this year it will launch globally. “The new range includes shackles, profile chain, connector plates, and masterlinks. There are standard items that Crosby Trawlex already had in its product range, but there is also new equipment, such as the new mooring shackles and mooring plates that have been designed specifically for these applications,” said Rob Van Put, Regional Director at Crosby Europe. “We’re confident that the world-famous Crosby red-pin shackle, with its proven track record, has a great future among this comprehensive new range of aquaculture mooring products,” said Ashley Hall, Crosby Europe’s Trawlex specialist. The company’s special steels and heat treatments are the key to developing super strength capabilities in its products, Hall said, while the heat treatment also ensures that ductility is retained, and the effects of stress are reduced, providing outstanding resistance to wear and corrosion in the marine environment. “The strength and durability of our mooring system components including the possibility to size down the Trawlex Profile Chain will lead to lower operating costs for our end-users,” Rob Van Put said. “We have looked at the challenges users face and have incorporated innovations to make handling easier for them, such as the unique fin on the mooring shackle, which allows one person to assemble the shackle’s nut and bolt without any difficulty.”

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