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UV systems allows the performance to be monitored remotely via an Ethernet connection. Erling Lorentzen of Norsk Fisketransport was impressed with the UV equipment, “We used the UV systems during smolt transport and, despite the demanding conditions on the vessel, the UV systems maintained the required UV dose”, he said, “We will use these systems in the future on our boats.” Disinfection by UV is gaining rapid acceptance in the aquacultural sector because it satisfies a number of important criteria. Firstly, it is a highly effective biocide but also meets consumer pressure for chemical free production. The equipment is robust enough to meet the challenges of the marine environment and its low energy consumption contributes to low operating cost and sustainability. All in all, the future for UV is bright.

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log reduction. The WF range was designed to be compact enough to fit into the limited space available on well boats and similar marine vessels and provide a high level of disinfection for intake, discharge and recirculating water used during fish transportation. The minimum required UV dose of 25 mJ/cm2 is ensured by varying the lamp power proportionally to the measured UV intensity in the lamp chamber and the flow rate. The medium pressure lamps used in the units are low in operating cost, and a low UV dose alarm function is provided which can be interlocked with overboard valves to ensure that no untreated water is discharged into the sea. For on-shore aquaculture sites, the Data Stream feature on the

The company has over 35 years’ experience in UV disinfection covering industries from oil and gas to food and beverage and pharmaceuticals. atg UV, established in 1981, are industry experts in the design, production and maintenance of ultraviolet disinfection/treatment systems and are recognised as a market leader for the supply of high-quality UV equipment and services. With thousands of installations worldwide, a strong commitment to research and development and an ongoing validation programme, atg UV offers a wealth of industry experience, specialised knowledge and expertise. Contact: atg UV Technology, Genesis House, Richmond Hill, Pemberton, Wigan, Lancashire WN5 8AA Tel +44 (0)1942 216161

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