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“Algae when you need it” INSTANT ALGAE CONCENTRATES


by Eric C. Henry, PhD, Research Scientist, Reed Mariculture Inc.

eed Mariculture has produced its Instant Algae product line of longshelf-life microalgae concentrates for more than 20 years, providing to hatcheries the microalgae that are essential for their operations. Instant Algae concentrates are used in commercial and research hatcheries in more than 80 countries around the world for fish, shrimp, and shellfish larviculture, as well as in public aquariums and hobbyist reef tanks.

Microalgae are essential for hatchery operations

Microalgae are required for creating greenwater for finfish larviculture, and they are the natural and most effective food for culture of rotifers and copepods, essential first-feeds for larval fish. Microalgae are also first-feeds for many crustaceans and are the irreplaceable feed throughout the life cycles of bivalves. A supply of Instant Algae at the hatchery eliminates the need for on-site microalgae production, which can consume up to one-third of

hatchery budgets and requires specialised labour and constant management, always with the risk of culture failures that can jeopardise the success of the entire hatchery. Instant Algae concentrates can also supplement on-site microalgae production to cover seasonal or unexpected peaks in demand, or interruptions of on-site production.

What are Instant Algae concentrates?

Instant Algae products are formulated from pure, highly concentrated, phototrophically grown marine microalgae. The algae are mass-cultured at Reed Mariculture’s inland facility in a recirculating synthetic seawater system. No pathogen vectors such as finfish or shellfish are allowed at this facility, and no pathogens have ever been detected by regular product testing. The algal cells in Instant Algae are non-viable but intact, retaining all their nutritional value. Instant Algae concentrates provide all the advantages of live algae without the large investment of infrastructure, time, and skilled labor required to grow algae. Thanks to Instant Algae, there is now no need to worry about the threat to hatchery phytoplankton culture crashes. Instant Algae concentrates have long shelf-lives so they are always available when you need them—no worries about planning schedules of phytoplankton production to coincide with your zooplankton or larvae production schedule. Instant Algae concentrates are very easy to use because they disperse instantly in water. The concentrate can be pumped directly into your zooplankton culture system, or simply add concentrate to a bucket of water, stir, then add to your zooplankton culture system or greenwater tank manually.

Instant Algae: Not just “algae”

Instant Algae concentrates are feeds: Highly concentrated liquids that are ready-to-use. They are ideal for automated feeding by dosing pump. This convenience contrasts with dry feeds, which must be subjected to carefully controlled highenergy blending before they can be used. It can be difficult to fully disperse dry feeds, and particles that remain clumped can be too large to be ingested by bivalves and zooplankton, resulting in inefficient feeding and fouling of culture tanks. Dry feeds are also susceptible to leaching of water-soluble nutrients when they are re-hydrated. 28 | June 2018 - International Aquafeed

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JUN 2018 - International Aquafeed magazine  

JUN 2018 - International Aquafeed magazine