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abundance surrounding these islands am writing this editorial from washed down with rich Spanish wine. Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, On other matters, it is interesting Canary Islands having last been to hear that having achieved ISEAL here 20 years ago. My reason is associate membership in Brussels last the same as before to attend the month, IFFO RS Ltd will further support International Symposium on the marine ingredients industry drive Fish Nutrition and Feeding. towards sustainability in promoting Again, there is a great opportunity these very important ingredients for to engage with leading scientists Professor Simon Davies aquaculture feeds. from all over the world to discuss the Editor, International Aquafeed Also, we all now know about the latest developments in the science and importance of cleaner fish in the technology fields of specialisation mitigation of the sea lice issues affecting pertaining to fish and shrimp mainly. farmed salmon. So, we welcome a new book by Jim Treasurer, So much has happened in the last 20 years since the eighth editor of the first ever review of the use of wrasse, lumpsuckers and symposium where so many of my PhD students attended with other cleanerfish species on salmon farms setting a good platform me under the blue sky of these beautiful Spanish administered to build our science and expand the use of these invaluable fish islands. Much has changed since then, and we will assemble friends to maintain good quality Atlantic salmon for the future. for the 18th venue to celebrate over 40 years of research and There are new developments in the use of single cell organisms’ development in aquaculture nutrition with a new generation of high value proteins for fish to include in a new generation of scientists, student and industry representation that has grown aquafeeds with trials being launched with salmon in Norway as widely due to much closer commercial interactions these days. well as more scale- up potential for insect meal with insect larvae I am fortunate to be accompanied by several of my former fed on various organic substrates. We are truly entering exciting students and we will have no doubt much to discuss over the territory for fish nutrition and feeds that will continue well into session. There are are many new and timely additions such as the 2020s. a workshop on the role of yeast as a potent feed additive and Aquaculture now plays an increasing part in our lives and being with health benefits in fish species. There will be talks covering recognised at last by governments in many countries. essential fatty acid (Omega-3) requirements of fish as well as In this respect, I will be attending a meeting in the Houses presentations on dietary carotenoids in salmon and novel feed ingredients such as terrestrial plant proteins, insect derived meals, of Parliament in June to discuss aquaculture in the context of transparency of the food chain, human health and well- being and single cell proteins. with a select committee panel including MP’s, members of the This conference is very important and I will be noting it House of Lords and some celebrity chefs, food scientists and further in a future edition to elaborate on the many views and nutritionists. developments being advocated. It will be a time of ‘catch-up’ Please keep sending in your news and reposts as well as the and the meeting will be held in the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus de quality features and articles that give us the cutting- edge in this Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. We will have the usual conference field. dinner and hopefully samples of the very fine sea food that is in



PROTEIN: FeedKind - Trials continue to show value of single-cell protein in aquafeed page 30

UV: Lighting up the oceans: The control of parasites and pathogenic bacteria using UV irradiation- page 40



FEED: Investing in feed production capabilities - page 4

EXPERT TOPIC: Crayfish - page 34 Aquaculture’s biggest dilemma that has recently burst onto the front pages of mainstream media: The challenges of sea lice and their effects upon both farmed and wild salmon.

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JUN 2018 - International Aquafeed magazine  

JUN 2018 - International Aquafeed magazine