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FISH FARMING TECHNOLOGY #2 VAKI TECHNOLOGY – A NEW APPROACH Vaki has recently announced the introduction of a new Channel Counter designed to accommodate much larger loads. The high capacity and accuracy is achievable by up scaling the same technology that Vaki has been using for more than 15 years

The technique used by the new machine is in fact based on Vaki’s previous Smolt Counters that count juveniles; which has already been delivered to many companies around the world. The Accuracy of their existing counter is 99 percent, and is currently being used to count both smolts at deliveries and larger fish when graded. The new Vaki Channel Counter is specially made to count effectively and accurately large amount of big fish (from 300g to 12kg), with the operating capacity now much larger than previously afforded by earlier models. The counting process is also video recorded, with images saved of every fish counted, so that the farmer can verify the numbers and get a thorough report on the whole counting process.

The counting software

Much of this improvement is afforded by the improved software package, which is used to count the fish as they pass through the counting area. The screenshot to the right shows one second of smolt counting, which has a capacity of up to 100 fish per second. This system works by taking a silhouette image of ever fish that passes over a light source using a linescanning camera. The silhouettes are then analyzed and used for counting and size estimation.

Automatic report function

Once the data has been recorded and automatic count report is then produced. The automatically generated set of statistics report provides both valuable and detailed information yielded from the counting process. The report can be supplied to the receiver of fish along with the counting file containing the images of all the fish. As well as the Automatic Count Report, the software can provides a “throughput chart” which displays the rate of fish passing through the counter. With this information, the farmer can assess the quality of the count, whilst also being

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