Interfaith Community Services Impact Report 2023

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Interfaith Community Services Impact Report

FY23 at a Glance


Individuals served

$ 2.38 Million Financial assistance distributed

2.3 Million

Pounds of food distributed

66% MORE



FY 19


FY 20


FY 21


FY 22








FY 23

FY 18



Clients received Emergency Financial Assistance


People participated in Self-Sufficiency programs

More than 100 volunteers contributed to the success of Empty Bowls 2023.


Volunteer hours donated

“From crisis to stability” is the theme, charge, and mission of ICS. There is a tremendous amount of need in our community, so it is imperative that we work to make a difference every day, one person and family at a time. We all hoped the end of the pandemic would bring a return to “normal.” Instead, we have been met with a new norm that includes consistently higher prices for food, rent, and gas, and higher interest rates that affect credit card balances and major purchases. Ultimately, many of our neighbors are suffering more than they did when the world was shut down. Many ICS clients work two jobs to make ends meet or live on a fixed income. The higher cost of living forces them to choose what they can pay for each month: rent or the car payment, groceries or medicine, the phone bill or childcare. They are impossible and overwhelming decisions. Wrap-around services from ICS meet more than a one-time need—they create a pathway that leads from crisis to stability to self-sufficiency. Progressing down the pathway removes those impossible decisions from a person’s life. And they don’t do it alone— volunteers and donors walk the journey alongside them. In the 2022-23 fiscal year, ICS expanded and enhanced its services to meet growing needs. We expanded access to nutritional food for many who never had it, helped more single mothers pursue higher education, and aided more job-seekers in securing employment or higher paying positions. We entered into partnerships to grow our ability to support families with children. Too many people in our community experienced hardship this year. Because of you, ICS is lifting more people and helping them move forward. It is our honor to receive your time and your gifts to serve our neighbors in need of a hand up.

Tom McKinney, CEO Interfaith Community Services

Bob Hendricks, Chair ICS Board of Directors 1

SelfSufficiency Programs


participants in FY22


participants in FY23

Through Self-Sufficiency programs, ICS works with clients to build long-range solutions that take individuals and families from crisis to sustainability.

BRIDGES FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT A 10-week course in which participants work with mentors and financial experts to create their financial future story.

GETTING AHEAD A 16-week, 50 hour program to explore solutions for navigating out of poverty, and building resources for a brighter future story.

RESET A program to help navigate people from poverty to self-sufficiency with guidance, life skills, and support for 12-24 months. DONNA’S STORY_________________________________________________________________________ Donna joined RESET in March 2021. She had her Commercial Driver License (CDL) and had worked in the transportation industry for many years, but with the COVID 19 pandemic she lost most of her work and income. Donna had enrolled at Grand Canyon University to earn a Bachelor ‘s degree, a long-time dream since she finished high school three decades earlier. Because of the pandemic and her financial troubles, she thought she would have to quit school. The RESET program helped Donna maintain her housing and pay bills, provided accountability and emotional support, and helped her remain in college. She graduated with a Bachelor of Political Science degree in summer 2022 and completed the RESET program in December of the same year.


SINGLE MOM SCHOLARS A long-term support program providing financial assistance, practical services, and a peer community for scholars and their children as the women earn college degrees leading to better jobs and brighter futures. A SINGLE MOM SCHOLAR’S STORY_________________________________________________________ A letter from a scholar who graduated from the program in June 2023 and is now a Registered Nurse: “I was accepted into the Single Mom Scholars program in January 2021. At the time I had lost everything, I was a single mom living with my children’s grandparents, trying to work as much as I could and take care of my kids. My goal was to just get myself through the Associate’s of Nursing program at Pima

Single Mom Scholars Program Coordinator Colleen Trevino (center) with program participants

Community College so I could get us a place of our own. “Because of [the SMS] program and the support and reassurance it gives, I not only finished the associate’s program, but in my third semester I had the courage to enroll dually in the bachelor’s program at Northern Arizona University. I just purchased my first home, I bought a reliable vehicle, and I will walk as a graduate from NAU this Saturday.”


SelfSufficiency Programs





Expert staff and volunteers work one-on-one with clients through every step of the job search process.



FRANCINE’S STORY _____________________________________________________________________ Francine has a Master’s Degree in PsychologyEducation. But her prior work experience was in administrative assistant and customer service positions, so her resume didn’t reflect what she is capable of doing. She came to an ICS Workforce Development Center for help. After being hired in a Child Clinician position with benefits and a good salary, she sent this note to ICS:

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude to Evelyn Wright and her entire team of dedicated volunteers with ICS Workforce Development. I could not have landed my new employment opportunity... without their kind support and dedication to the philosophy of positivity and inclusivity.”

VITA TAX ASSISTANCE ICS hosts this United Way program providing free tax preparation for people with low to moderate incomes.

YOUTH ENRICHMENT SUPPORT Support for families enrolled in other ICS programs, allowing children to participate in afterschool sports or clubs, fine arts activities, tutoring, and more. Workforce Development staff and volunteer team members 4


Participated in more than one Self-Sufficiency program

** Includes 22 people who participated in more than one Self-Sufficiency program

Emergency Assistance


financial assistance distributed

EMERGENCY FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE ICS assists individuals and families in crisis with Emergency Financial Assistance (EFA) to meet acute basic needs. These include: • Rent and mortgage payments to prevent eviction • Utility payments to prevent loss of service • Help replacing a state-issued ID or birth certificate • Gas vouchers or minor car repairs to get to work • Back-to-work expenses; permits and uniforms These supports, along with short-term case management, help individuals and families get back on their feet and take steps toward stability and independence. RENE’S STORY __________________________________ Rene is a single father of two. When his nine-year-old daughter developed epilepsy, her new condition took a toll on more than just her health. Rene had to take unpaid time off from work to care for her and learn how to manage her new circumstances. While her welfare came first, the family fell behind on their bills. Rene came to ICS, where a case manager worked with him to get Emergency Financial Assistance to keep his family safe and stable in their home. “Interfaith has allowed me with their help to catch up, so I can continue to care and provide for my daughter,” he wrote in a note of gratitude to ICS staff. “Thank you ICS.”

RESET program participants volunteer in the Northwest Food Bank 5

Emergency Assistance EMERGENCY FOOD ICS distributes food to about 5,000 families or households each month—nearly 20,000 individuals. No one who comes to an ICS food bank walks away empty handed.

THE EMERGENCY FOOD ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (TEFAP) A federal program that helps supplement the diets of people with low incomes. THE COMMUNITY FOOD BANK OF SOUTHERN ARIZONA GROCERY RESCUE Every morning, ICS volunteers visit grocery stores and bakeries to pick up food that is donated because it is unlikely to sell before its expiration date. Instead of going into a landfill, this food is diverted to people in need.

2.3 million pounds of food distributed to



Many clients visit ICS food banks multiple times each month.

FOOD DRIVES AND INDIVIDUAL DONATIONS by faith communities, partner organizations, and other friends of ICS. ICS PURCHASE A portion of each year’s budget is allocated for bulk purchases of staple foods that have not been collected in sufficient quantities through grocery rescue or food drives. CODY’S FRIENDS This Tucson-area nonprofit donates dog and cat food so furry family members can be fed as well.

Mobile Food Bank Expands Route The Mobile Food Bank (MFB) hit the road at the beginning of 2022 to address a barrier limiting access to food assistance. With the help of faith community partners providing host locations and volunteer labor, the truck took food to people who lacked transportation to get to another food bank. Results were almost immediate. In the first four months, 80% of the clients who used the Mobile Food Bank had never been to a food bank before—evidence that the goal of reaching underserved clients was being met. By the end of the first year of operation the MFB made 6

weekly stops at four sites, with a monthly stop at a fifth site. The need for more was apparent.

NORTHWEST FOOD BANK Our brick-and-mortar food bank is open six days a week, with morning, evening, and weekend hours to accommodate various schedules. MOBILE FOOD BANK This custom-built refrigerated truck visits eight sites around Tucson to distribute food to clients living in food deserts or with no means to travel to a traditional food bank. It provides a full food bank experience.

MFB Stops

FREE PRODUCE GIVEAWAYS From November through May, ICS coordinates six Free Produce Giveaways each month at sites around Tucson. These events ensure that rescued produce and other food items get to those who can use them.




Eager to address hunger in more neighborhoods, ICS staff worked with community partners to add additional locations. In December


2022, the truck began making bi-weekly stops at YWCA House of Neighborly Service. Two more sites were added soon after.

* Added in FY23


Senior Services Senior Services help older and disabled adults live independently in their own homes, without the need for institutional care. ICS volunteers provide essential support services while also offering social contact that helps keep recipients healthy and connected.


1,076 older and

disabled adults living more independently

33,473 volunteer hours

dedicated to Senior Services

22,579 Mobile Meals



Volunteers deliver fresh, nutritious meals at lunchtime every weekday, along with a second meal to eat for dinner. FROZEN MEALS

A week’s worth of frozen meals are delivered once a week to the recipient’s home or to the Marana Senior Center for pick up. FOOD BOX DELIVERY

Boxes of fresh groceries and pantry staples from the Food Bank delivered once a month. GROCERY SHOPPING

Transportation volunteers shop using a list and method of payment provided by the recipient. Groceries are delivered to the recipient’s home.


Rides to medical appointments, pharmacy, bank, post office, grocery store, and other essential errands.


BEULAH’S STORY _________________________________________________________________________ When Beulah, age 79, was diagnosed with cancer, her lack of transportation was a huge obstacle to her treatment and recovery. She faced dozens of hospital visits and she doesn’t own a vehicle. Physical limitations make it impossible for her to use public transportation to get to medical appointments. Beulah’s doctors determined she needed both radiation and chemotherapy treatments on top of her many other consultations and procedures. With her health deteriorating, ICS quickly organized a network of compassionate volunteer drivers who understood the urgency of her situation.

She never missed a single appointment, ensuring that her treatments were administered on time. The transportation volunteers provided more than rides. Beulah was fighting cancer alone, without a social support system. The volunteer drivers listened to her, encouraged her, and shared stories. Their friendship and emotional support became a crucial lifeline for Beulah, giving her strength and hope to keep fighting her cancer. ICS staff also made sure Beulah was fed during her chemo and radiation treatments, when it was difficult for her to cook. She began receiving Mobile Meals services and a volunteer shopper bought and delivered her groceries. Beulah is very grateful to have ICS assisting her and eagerly recommends the organization’s services to others. Her testimonial is blunt: “I would be dead if it wasn’t for Interfaith Community Services.”

ICS Help at Home

WELLNESS CHECKS Regular morning phone calls to check on recipients’ welfare. FRIENDLY PHONING Weekly 30-minute phone calls providing conversation

and social interaction.

FRIENDLY VISITING Weekly in-person visits for conversation and social interaction. Visits might include activities like reading aloud or playing cards or other games. MINOR HOME REPAIR Volunteers do minor home repairs. Labor is free; recipients pay only for materials. LIGHT YARD WORK Volunteers perform light yard work like pulling weeds and clearing small debris. BUSINESS HELP Help to sort and read mail, pay bills, balance a checkbook, or organize personal papers. 9

Community Health Outreach


workshop attendees

Mental and emotional well-being are important components of self-sufficiency. ICS offers a suite of learning opportunities that address difficult subjects like mental illness, the strain of caregiving, and the end of life. Courses and workshops are offered online, in ICS offices, and in partner locations throughout the community. HONORING OUR LIVES A program to prepare people of all life stages and cultures for the end of life with advance care planning. ICS is a member of the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership, committed to helping everyone embrace dying and death as part of life.

Health Education Outreach MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID An 8-hour course that teaches participants how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness and substance use. A MENTAL HEALTH DISCUSSION Facts and recommendations for seeking and providing help for those who are suffering from mental unwellness. COMPASSIONATE CARE WITH HEALTHY BOUNDARIES How to give care while setting secure, healthy boundaries. COMPASSION FATIGUE – CARING ON EMPTY Helping participants to take care of themselves when they are responsible for the care of others. DEPRESSION & ANXIETY IN THE ELDERLY Identifies the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety that might be exhibited by older adults. LET’S TALK – EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Various communication and listening styles, overcoming communication barriers, and body language and nonverbal communication. COMMUNICATING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE AND DE-ESCALATING DIFFICULT SITUATIONS How to calm an angry person and remain calm yourself.


Volunteers Since the beginning, volunteers have been the heart of ICS. Our programs and services would not be possible without the skills, dedication, and service of hundreds of incredible volunteers. Volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, traditions, and life experiences, all with a commitment to our community and a desire to share kindness and compassion with others. Currently at ICS there are 49 different job descriptions for volunteers. They take advantage of the vast experience and varied skills of the volunteer corps to meet the needs of tens of thousands of our neighbors in Southern Arizona. AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers are a large part of the volunteer efforts at ICS, meeting essential needs for older and disabled adults in transportation, food delivery, and ICS Help at Home.

ICS volunteers share how they feel about serving: “Driving the town to help people has been so much fun, discovering the nooks and crannies of our city.” John W., volunteer since 2015 “ICS continues to be a beacon of help in our community. I am proud and blessed to have been a part of it over these many years.” Susan L., volunteer since 1985 “Always heard this, but I have experienced it myself and now say the same thing: I get more out of volunteering than the people I give to.” Dick B., volunteer since 1997

49 different volunteer job descriptions 840 volunteers gave at least one hour 62,669 volunteer hours donated –

“I volunteer because it gets me out to meet people. I make new connections and friends while I help others.” Art A., volunteer since 2009

equal to 31 full-time employees


Senior Services Food Distribution Other 5,283


Volunteer Hours

Northwest Food Bank volunteers on a rare snowy day


Faith Community Partners Working side by side we are able to do more than any one individual congregation can do. Interfaith Community Services was founded in 1985 by six faith communities who realized they could accomplish more good working together than separately.

$230,211 donated 77,872 pounds of food donated

>75% of ICS volunteers

come from faith community partner organizations

In fiscal year 2023 we were honored to work with 119 partnering faith communities. They play an essential role in ICS: donating funds and food, providing more than three-quarters of our volunteers, making their facilities and grounds available for ICS activities, adopting families during the holidays for Gifts of Love, and organizing special drives and service projects to meet specific needs.


ICS Faith Community Partners Abiding In Christ Fellowship Abiding Savior Free Lutheran Church Agape Christian Church International Aldea Spiritual Community Alive Church Alive in Christ Lutheran Church Apostolic Deliverance Ministry Arizona Yage Assembly Ascension Lutheran Church Baha’i Faith - Oro Valley Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church Canyon del Oro Bible Church Casas Adobes Congregational Church Casas Church Catalina United Methodist Church Christ Church United Methodist Christ Presbyterian Church Christ the King Episcopal Church

Church of the Apostles Episcopal Church of the Painted Hills United Church of Christ Community Christian Church Marana Congregation Anshei Israel Congregation Bet Shalom Congregation Chaverim Congregation M’kor Hayim ConnectionPointe Church Connections - A Vineyard Church Cortaro Vista Community Church Desert Dove Christian Church Desert Skies United Methodist Desert Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church Dove of Peace Lutheran Church Ebenezer All Nations Seventh Day Adventist Church Episcopal Church of St Matthew Faith Christian Fellowship of Tucson First Christian Church First United Methodist Church

Fountain of Life Lutheran Church Good News Community Church Grace Community Church Grace St. Paul Episcopal Church Grace Temple Missionary Baptist Church Grace to the Nations Greater Emanuel Grace Apostolic Church Greater Faith Word Church International Hope City Church Iglesia Centro de Sanidad Immanuel Presbyterian Church Islamic Center of Tucson Kol Ami LifeBridge Baptist Church Living Grace Ekklesia Lord of Grace Lutheran Church Lutheran Church of the Foothills Maranatha SDA Church Ministerios Manantial De Amor Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Mountain View Baptist Church Mountain Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation New Hope/Nueva Esperanza United Methodist Church New Life Bible Fellowship New Life Community Church of the Nazarene New Spirit Lutheran Church Northminster Presbyterian Church Northwest Community Friends Church Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene Oro Valley United Church of Christ Our Lady of The Desert Catholic Church Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church Pantano Christian Church Resurrection Lutheran Church Rincon Congregational United Church of Christ Rising Star Baptist Church Saguaro Christian Church Santa Catalina Catholic Church Shalom Mennonite Church Southside Presbyterian Church St. Alban’s Episcopal Church St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church St. Christopher Catholic Parish St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church

St. Francis in the Foothills UMC St. James United Methodist Church St. John on the Desert Presbyterian Church St. John’s United Methodist Church St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church St. Mark’s United Methodist Church St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church St. Michael the Archangel Ecumenical Catholic Church St. Odilia Catholic Church St. Paul’s United Methodist Church St. Philip’s In The Hills Episcopal Church Streams in the Desert Lutheran Church Summit Ridge Community Church Tanque Verde Lutheran Church Templo La Uncion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints The Holy Way Presbyterian Church The Journey, An Evangelical Free Church The Village Church Third Church of Christ, Scientist Tortolita Presbyterian Church Tree of Life Baptist Church Trinity Presbyterian Church Tucson Central Church of the Nazarene Tucson Church International Tucson Community of Christ Tucson First Brethren Church Tucson Midvale Park Seventh Day Adventist Church Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson United Christian Fellowship Unity of Tucson Unleashed Christian Church Vida Nueva/New Life Church of God Voyager Chapel Water of Life Metropolitan Community Church

The Peanut Butter Man—a.k.a. Stevie Cupo from Mountain Shadows Presbyterian—is an ambassador for July’s Peanut Butter Party food drive. 13

Financial Stewardship STATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITION As of June 30, 2023



Current Assets



$ 2,153,029

Endowment Funds



$ 5,586,856

Property & Equipment



$ 1,698,274

Total Assets

$ 10,609,240

$ 9,438,159



LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS Current Liabilities





Net Assets

$ 10,255,994

$ 9,053,932

Total Liabilities and Net Assets

$ 10,609,240

$ 9,438,159

Volunteers run Free Produce Giveaways at Unleashed Christian Church (this page) and the Northwest Food Bank (following page)





In-KindContributions General

















Emergency Financial Assistance



Food Bank



Self-Sufficiency Programs



Centralized Intake



Community Engagement









Caregiving & Senior Services



Community Health Outreach



Total Services

$ 10,047,780

General Contributions Government Grants In-Kind Government Grants Faith Communities General Contributions Faith Communities GovernmentIncome Grants Investment Investment Income Faith Communities Foundations Foundations Investment Income Program Income Program Income Foundations Events, Corporate, Other Events, Corporate, Program Income Other Events, Corporate, Other Total Resources



Legacy Society Anonymous (4) Helen Acker & The Estate of Robert Acker Joel & Lidia Allen Nancy Atherton Estate of Hazel Battiste Karen & Bruce Bittmann Michael & Lori Block Ralph & Marliyn Boeker Francis & Barbara Boyle Marilyn Brandenburg Walter & Lillian Caroll George & Toni Chardukian Jack & Peggy Comp Wayne & Carol Dawson Diamond Foundation Lee & Jean Farmer McNeil S. and Ruth V. Fiske Family Trust Estate of Bonnie Fortunato Janet Frichtl Trust Carol Goeman Marjorie & Bert Gustafson Ana Harris Estate of Dora Hartwell Bob & Anne Hendricks William Horst & the Estate of Ann Horst Estate of Jay & Betty Huitsing Kathleen Jenkins & the Estate of Edmund Jenkins Bonnie Kampa Robert & Patricia Kittrell Beth Koch & the Estate of Kevin Koch Susan Lane & the Estate of Larry Lane Estate of Dwight Lang Charles & Laura Lentner Lucille E. Williams Foundation Estate of Edwin Z. Malacha James Marvel & the Estate of Judy Marvel Richard & Julianne McLean Stuart Meinke Alex & Karen Mlawsky James & Dolly Moran Estate of Elizabeth Groty Newton Sharon & John Olbert Estate of April Peck Nancy Peterson & Dave Becker Greg & Lynn Pivirotto Steve & Ruth Pollyea Paul & Pamela Raikunen Estate of Theodore Reynolds Barry & Patti Robinson Larry & Linda Schloss


JENKINS FAMILY LEGACY SOCIETY This special group of donors have made a gift to ICS in their will or estate plans, or a current or planned gift of $10,000 or more to the ICS Permanent Endowment Fund. It is named in honor of Ed and Kay Jenkins, who gave of their time and means for nearly two decades to help solve issues like hunger and homelessness in the Tucson community. Gertrude Schwab Estate of Nancy Schwarzwalder Bob & Sheri Siesennop Maude Shingler Estate of Betty June Simonson Bill & Mary Anne Springer Estate of Allen Stults Scott & Diana Summerford The David and Lura Lovell Foundation Estate of Myrtle Thorne Estate of William & Marcene Thousand Wendell & Rose Tyson Estate of Dorothy Dyer Vanek David & Ellen Vellenga Estate of Loraine Weldon Tim Wernette & Carolyn Brown Estate of John & Leile Wickland Judith K. Wright

Individual Donors $10,000 and above

Richard & Julianne McLean Ken & Margaret McNealy Anonymous (5) Roberta Miller Karen & Bruce Bittmann Paul & Nancy Montgomery George & Toni Chardukian David & Marlys Nelson City of Tucson Housing and Gerard & Grace Pedata Community Development Dr. Thomas C. Rothe Community Investment Bill & Mary Anne Springer Corporation Jane Sterritt Corp. for National and Community Tucson Pima Collaboration Services—AmeriCorps-Seniors to End Homelessness— Federal Emergency Management Continuum of Care System (FEMA) Linda Drake & David Van Wyck Mr. Richard & Ms. Wendy Gilman Wildfire (Arizona Community Katherine & Frank Griffith Action Agency) Jane Elise Hendricks Linda Wurzelbacher Charitable Trust William Horst Kathleen Jenkins $1,000-$4,999 Sherwin & Karen Koopmans Anonymous (17) Pima Council on Aging Anonymous Donors in memory of Pima Co. Community Nathlie Badian Development Laura T. Almquist Pima Co. Grants Management Dr. Quentin Anderson & and Innovation Pamela Henderson Pima Co. Community and Nancy Atherton Workforce Development Richard Backus Department Lisa Bacus Pima Co. Community Jane & Ray Baldwin Development and John Barney neighborhood Conservation Susan Basso Department Thomas & Alison Betts Pima Co. Community Services— Sanford W. Bigelow Outside Agency Kenn & Kathy Boelte Steve & Ruth Pollyea Robert & Judith Bolt Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Timothy & Karen Bondy William & Doris Rubin Steve Boyer Endowment Fund Nancy Bushroe William & Karen Schumacher Debra & Barry Caldwell Estate of Nancy Schwarzwalder Walter & Lillian Caroll Gregg & Kimberly Sciabica David & Docia Casillas Gayle & Thomas Sette Barbara Chadwick Thomas & Susan Silverio Carl & Jeri Cheatum John Stuhlmuller Trust Brian & Patty Clymer Richard Teugh, In Memory of Alice Mrs. Carol T. des Cognets Teugh Greenhouse, Teacher Shirley Coleman Wendell & Rose Tyson Ryan Conti David & Beth Vonk Ms. Joyce Coon Judy Weill James & Charlotte Cordes Douglas J. Wylie Frederic Joseph Dardis Dennis & Barbara Davidson Charles Davis $5,000-$9,999 Will & Linda DeBoer Anonymous (5) Gilbert Decker Jean & Lynn Badeau Janet M. DeKeyser Robert Batey & Christine Weiler Robert & Sue Delaney Debbie Boggs Jose R. Diaz David Brunk Ms. Andrea Dillenburg Susan Comstock & Marc Rolfes Arlene M. Douglas Joe & Arrah Dial David & Barbara Dresher Mr. Ronald Feller Carol A. Duncan Barbara M. Flori Frank & Sarah Earnest Bob & JoAnne Hungate Mr. Frederick C. Ehorn Elaine A. & Edwin H. Jones James & Janet Elkan Ms. Barbara Kelly John Engel Liesl Love Fund Thomas J. & Erika Ennen Philip & Carol Lyons Mr. John & Ms. Rebecca Fenn Family Fund held at the Andrew & Carol Fiore Community Foundation for David & Linda Fisher Southern Arizona

July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023

Geraldine Moisant Ms. Heidi Fisher Carol Monroe Stephen Fiske William & Deborah Montgomery Patrick & Lynn Ford Clayton Moore William & Nancy Fox Julie & Don Morton Tina Frey Michael & Martha Moses Wendell & Pauline Gardner Alan Murray & C.J. Amspaugh Gabriele Gidion Gregory Myers Carol Goeman Nancy Myers Ms. Audrey H. Goldstein William Nicoletti Bernard Gordon Dennis H. Noonan & Suzanne Gross Judith L. Peters Dale & Sally Hallberg Trygve & Leah Noreng Jeffrey & Yvonne Hamstra Delores Norton Mr. Brian & Ms. Misty Hansen Steven & Rebecca Nuckolls Patricia Harrison-Monroe Patricia Havens & Joseph Assenzo Mr. Timothy & Ms. Francene Orrok George Knecht & Maria Ortiz Douglas Hayner Kimberly Oser Joanne Healy Martha & Bill Owen Mr. David & Ms. Sharon Heaps Romana Parobek Bob & Anne Hendricks Gwen Parr Gary & Sue Henshaw Gil & Kathy Parrish Bruce Hinman Roger Phelps Gloria L. Hirsch Jim & Lora Pirzynski Patricia & Dan Hogan Nancy Pound Judith & Michael Holser Jon Powell David Ahmad & Kris Hornback Martha Prince Martin & Linda Horowitz John Phillip & Virginia Houserman John L. Pugh Diane Radtke James & Kathleen Howard Paul & Pamela Raikunen Benjamin Jenkins Howard Reeve Tom & Ellen Jenkins James & Natalie Riley Arline Jeschke Dan & Jan Robertson Deborah Johnson Barry & Patti Robinson Everett & Anne Johnson Fred Roby Bonnie Kampa Steven Rowe Jacqueline Karpen Lynn Ryerson Steve Kellermeyer Timothy Schaffner & Diane & Rodger Kemp Anne Maley-Schaffner Steve & Moon Kim April & Barry Schiller Robert & Patricia Kittrell Randy Schuler Richard & Lois Klein Howard & Yvette Schulz John & Carol Knapp Gerald Schwartz Barbara Knight Doris K. Seames Dennis & Linda Korger Elizabeth Segerstrom Frederick & Frances Krause Suzanne Shiff Steve & Debi Kromer Shaila & Dave Silverio Robert LaFramenta Pamela Simoneaux Daryl & Betty Lamfers Mr. Jeffrey & Caitlin Sklar Darryl & Sarah Landau Nancy K. Smith Nick & Denise Lapins Tim & Mary Soliday Susan & Stan Lau Mr. Christopher & Ms. Gail Staring Thomas & Francy Lee Jim Stelzer David & Margaret Likness Robin & James Stout Thomas & Marilyn Lindell Jeanne Sturgis Ruby Ludwig Mark Sublette Martha Joanne Lyons Scott & Diana Summerford Linda Maholland Amy Synesael Thomas & Brenda Mahoney John Thames Gregory & Cathy Mannel Andrea L. Thresh Mr. Dave & Ms. Norma Martin Gene & Marylyn Tobey James Marvel Robert & Barbara Tomlin Dean Marvin Mr. Kenneth & Ms. Carol Massanari Kay & Scott Turner Robert & Susan Vos Fred & Becky Masterman Tom McKinney & Dee Dee Connel Frank & Linda Williams Darrell & Sandra Wotta Tom & Rose Mary Meyer John & Carla Yost Michele Milensky John Mitchel Sandra Mitchel



950,080 pounds of grocery rescue food valued at $1,491,626

333,886 pounds of

other in-kind donations valued at $524,201

July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023

$10,000 and above


Arizona Complete Health Arizona Multihousing Charitable Foundation Association of Arizona Food Banks B & D Brady Foundation Banner University Health Plan City of Tucson Housing and Community Development Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona Connie Hillman Family Foundation Community Investment Corporation Corp. for National and Community Services--AmeriCorps-Seniors David S. and Norma R. Lewis Foundation held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation ECMC Foundation Federal Emergency Management System (FEMA) HS Lopez Family Foundation Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona John and Carolyn Davis Family Foundation Lester & Millie Rosen Foundation Marshall Foundation Millwood Foundation Mueller Living Trust Pacific Premier Bank Pima Council on Aging Pima Co. Community Development

Pima Co. Grants Management and Innovation Pima Co. Community and Workforce Development Department Pima Co. Community Development and Neighborhood Conservation Department Pima Co. Community Services— Outside Agency Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Social Venture Partners Stone Canyon Community Foundation held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Sundt Foundation The David and Lura Lovell Foundation Tohono O'odham Nation Tucson Electric Power Co. United Healthcare Services, Inc United Way of Tucson & Southern Arizona

$5,000-$9,999 American Heart Association, Inc. Bayer Fund BeachFleischman PC Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Foundation for Community & Health Advancement Commerce Bank of Arizona Elizabeth Read Taylor Foundation Franklin Family Fund held at Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

Fred & Christina Armstrong Foundation J. William and Helen D. Stuart Foundation JNR Networks, LLC Sun City Vistoso Community Foundation Tucson Medical Center Healthcare Tucson Pima Collaboration to End Homelessness—Continuum of Care Wildfire (Arizona Community Action Agency) Witthoft Apprill Family Foundation

$1,000-$4,999 Affinity Kitchens Tucson AmerisourceBergen Assured Partners of Arizona, LLC Cardinals Charities Casas Adobes Elks—Lodge #2663 Denton Family Foundation Desert Sky Roofing LLC Devoted Health El Guero Canelo Placita, Inc Encompass Health Corporation GEICO Philanthropic Foundation Kai Family Foundation Pella Rolscreen Foundation PICOR Charitable Foundation Raytheon Matching Gifts Program Solidigm Spalding (Eliot) Foundation

Splendido at Rancho Vistoso The Carl & Mabel Shurtz Foundation The Gordon Foundation The Lewis Hertz Foundation Thomas and Jeanne Elmezzi Private Foundation Tucson Charity Bridge Club Tucson National Lady Niners Tucson Realtors Charitable Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation William & Ruth Pendleton Memorial Fund WM of Arizona—Tucson Team WYR Foundation


July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023

$10,000 and above Anonymous Food Bank Donors St. Alban's Episcopal Church St. Mark's United Methodist Church St. Odilia Catholic Church

$5,000 to $9,999 Casas Church New Spirit Lutheran Church St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church

$1,000 to $4,999 Alice M. Cook Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church Casas Adobes Congregational Church Charles & Heidi Reichert Christ the King Episcopal Church Church of the Painted Hills United Church of Christ Congregation M'kor Hayim Cortaro Vista Community Church Dove of Peace Lutheran Church Episcopal Church of St. Matthew Faith Christian Fellowship of Tucson Jamie S. Roach John & Karin Hardin Kent Rozelle Lutheran Church of the Foothills Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene Oro Valley United Church of Christ Our Saviour's Lutheran Church Resurrection Lutheran Church Rincon Congregational United Church of Christ Shalom Mennonite Church The Highlands at Dove Mountain Clay Club Tortolita Presbyterian Church


Board of Directors * Rhonda Fure Chair

Francis (Frank) Boyle

Leah Noreng

J. Robert (Bob) Hendricks Vice Chair

Krista Brayer

Liz Rabago

Patricia Clymer

Shaila Silverio

Steve Cooke

Rev. Anita Slovak Ex-Officio

Patricia Harrison-Monroe Secretary Misty Hansen Treasurer (Interim)

Tim Edwards Pattie Feder Pastor Marvin Hugley Pastor Tony Johnson Darryl Landau James Marvel

Steve Pollyea Director Emeritus Barry Robinson Director Emeritus Scott Summerford Director Emeritus


Tom McKinney Chief Executive Officer April Schiller Chief Operating Officer Andrea Dillenburg Director of Development and Communications Cynthia Galas Director of Social Services Aimee Roberts Director of Finance Lauryn Valladarez Director of Self Sufficiency Programs

ICS STAFF Terry Alexander People and Culture Manager Mary Anderson Single Mom Scholars Program Coordinator Curt Balko Food Bank Coordinator Maria Brown Volunteer Engagement Assistant Vicky Buelna Front Office Coordinator, Central/Eastside/Southside Tori Carlson-Foscz Volunteer Engagement Manager Steven Chacon Food Distribution Coordinator Val Clewley Eastside Office Coordinator Vivian Escobar Senior Services Manager


Gabby Felix Centralized Intake Program Manager Maureen Freeman Front Office Coordinator, Northwest Bonnie Galaska Data and Technology Manager Carla Guyton Accounting Senior Coordinator Rebekah Hawes Senior Case Manager Joshua Hennings Program Manager– Food Distribution Monique Johnson Case Manager Tandala Kidd Health and Education Manager Jennie Lane Mobile Meals Coordinator Phil Lynn Outreach and Partnerships Manager


Brandon Miller Mobile Food Bank Assistant

Anne Thwaits Communications Manager

Maryann Moulinet Self-Sufficiency Program Manager

Janelle Taiepisi Senior Services Coordinator

Kaela Nobert Resource and Intake Coordinator

Juliet Torrejas Workforce Development Program Coordinator

Jalena Norzagaray Resource and Intake Specialist

Colleen Trevino Single Mom Scholars Program Coordinator

Armando Pacho Technology Coordinator

Danitza Vargas Senior Case Manager

Jorge Ruiz Program Outreach Coordinator

Felicia Vega Home Sweet Home Coordinator

Phyllis Ripley Transportation Coordinator

Sally Saunders Resource and Intake Specialist

Alexis Wilson Annual Fund Coordinator

Janis Willkom Mobile Meals Coordinator

Beverly Schlosser Accounting Coordinator

Evelyn Wright Workforce Development Manager

Amanda Stanley Financial Assistance Manager

Three valued members of the ICS team retired in June 2023. We thank them for their years of dedicated service to ICS clients and colleagues. Karen MacDonald End of Life Trainer

* As of June 30, 2023




Since 1985, Interfaith Community Services (ICS) has provided pathways leading to more stable and self-sufficient lives. 520-297-6049 | NORTHWEST OFFICE 2820 W. Ina Road Tucson, AZ 85741-2502

On the campus of Christ the King Episcopal Church

SOUTHSIDE OFFICE 265 W. Valencia Road Tucson, AZ 85706

On the campus of Unleashed Christian Church

EASTSIDE FOOD DROP-OFF 8701 E. Old Spanish Trail Tucson, AZ 85710

On the campus of New Spirit Lutheran Church

Platinum Transparency Candid.

CENTRAL OFFICE 122 N. Craycroft Road Tucson, AZ 85711

On the campus of Rincon Congregational UCC

ICS is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization: Tax ID #86-0520997 Arizona Charitable Tax Credit QCO Code #20438

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