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FEATURE 54 A JOURNEY INTO DESIGN A Fargo couple builds their home to be a family sanctuary. DEPARTMENTS 18 HUMOR Hosting a garage sale is an art. 24 DESIGN Discover the historical importance of paint colors in the architectural design and societal norms of our nation’s infancy.

42 DISCOVERIES Be our guest as area businesses and photographer Yvonne Denault capture the beauty and colors of summer with elegant tablescapes.






Wine Wisdom



48 PETS Dr. Amy Anderson offers tips for keeping pets bug free this summer. 68 EVENTS Wellspring for the World organizes an art auction to raise money to build wells in Africa.

30 COLOR Explore of the lasting beauty of the “couleur bleu.”

76 STYLE A local jeweler shares his passion for natural gemstones.

34 ELEMENTS Spice up your garden with beautiful standalone pots and create artful drama outdoors.

84 CUISINE Chef Granville Wood shares a colorful way to a healthier life with smoothies.

8 | JULY/AUGUST 2017


90 INGREDIENTS Turn your floral bounty into a tasty treat with rose water cupcakes.



Distributed through The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead (selected distribution area) Inspired Home Associate Publisher Terri Ferragut Phone: 701.866.4405 Email: Find us on

(Inspired Home Magazine)

PhotograPhy Lauren Ferragut CarLson


elcome to the Inspired Home Color issue! Color Matters. Color impacts our lives and plays a vital role in the world in which we live. Color can sway our thinking, change a course of action and cause us to react. It soothes, irritates and even affects our body in physical ways from lowering and raising blood pressure to changing our appetites. Color communicates. Consider the importance of the universal importance of color in a simple stoplight. Red means “stop” and green means “go!” Colors used in products, business logos or websites can cause powerful reactions. Color fosters harmony. In the design industry, color becomes an essential tool for interior designers to convey their client’s personality by creating a unique and memorable presence in their home. In a business office, it has the power to excite and empower or to calm and promote restfulness. The language of color is indeed powerful and in this issue we set out to explore that notion from the paint on our walls to the stunning color of a natural gemstone. Summer is the busy season for us northerners. We at Inspired Home, encourage you to sit back, take a moment to relax and revel in the color that surrounds you. Absorb the vibrant colors nature has to offer you from flower gardens to the verdant greens of the trees that line our city streets. Enjoy the Color issue!

Editorial Director Terri Ferragut Contributing Editor JoAnn Ohma Creative Terri Ferragut Susan Walker Amy Pollard Director of Operations Scott Drzewiecki Contributing Photographers Jill Ockhardt Blaufuss Lauren Ferragut Carlson Zach Davis Yvonne Denault Zainah Haider Elena K Granville Wood Contributing Writers Lauren Ferragut Carlson Bernie Erickson Terri Ferragut Bailey Hovland Ashley Ferragut Johnson Dayna Del Val Wanda M. Perkins Granville Wood Social Media Director Bailey Hovland

Production representative

Terri Ferragut Associate Publisher Editorial Director 10 | JULY/AUGUST 2017

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SHErI l. FErCHO An NDSU business graduate, Fercho lives in Fargo with husband Bill, son Ben and their beloved black Lab Jaguar. Fercho appreciates architecture, and good design. Things that bring joy to her heart-a beautiful rose garden reminiscent of her grandmother’s, beautiful landscapes and her faith. kATE PODOlAk Kate has always had a love for art and fashion. She enjoys painting abstracts with vibrant colors, spending time with family, traveling and creating recipes in her kitchen. Cuddle time with her cat Ollie is important and she believes the best things in life aren't things. BAIlEy HOVlAnD As an English writing major at Concordia College, Hovland is passionate about writing and social media. "Blending my obsession for interior design with writing and scrolling through the endless feed of tweets, pins, and Instagram posts is my idea of 'living the dream,'" she says. Hovland enjoys reading, coffee shops, DIY projects and working out. BErnIE ErICkSOn Specializing in helping his clients make small changes with maximum impact, Erickson is a sales associate with Park Company REALTORS® in Fargo.

14 | JULY/AUGUST 2017

TErrI FErrAGUT Every issue, we take great pride in presenting this beautiful local home and lifestyle guide we call Inspired Home. Truth of the matter is, without the heart and dedication of this talented and professional team, this publication would not be possible. Issue after issue, their creativity brings Inspired Home to your doorstep or area business. They inspire me.

WAnDA PErkInS For nearly 20 years, Perkins has creatively written stories about local, national and international people and topics. Her book, Blessing After Blessing − Seeing God’s Blessings in All the Seasons of Life was published in 2006. An NDSU speech communication graduate, she lives in Fargo with her intelligent rescued dog, Jake.

DAynA DEl VAl Del Val is the executive director of The Arts Partnership, where she writes a monthly column on the arts for The Forum, manages two staff members and an active board, and works to support the mission of cultivating the arts in our community through a variety of ways. In other words, she wears 27 hats! She is also a professional actor and writer. She lives in Fargo with her husband and their golden retriever, and she loves when her college-aged son is home on breaks.

ZAInAH HAIDEr Ever since she was young, Haider remembers her parents always taking pictures. “They have inspired me to love photography. We get pretty competitive when we travel, and we see who can take the best pictures,” she says. Competition or not, Haider says she will always love photography as an art form.



Every issue we share a fresh and local approach to your home and life.

JOAnn OHMA Ohma has always had a passion for words and how they work together. She loves working behind the scenes at Inspired Home, honing and polishing each story into what you read on the page, all while making sure the author’s voice shines through. GrAnVIllE WOOD Wood is an international chef who has worked in London, Stockholm, Toronto, Vancouver, Palm Beach and Houston before moving to Fargo with wife Susie, a doctor with Sanford Health. Most recently he operated The Blue Goose Café in the Plains Art Museum. lAUrEn F. CArlSOn Carlson, a Fargo native and geologist, is a research assistant at Cornell University at the New York Agricultural Experiment Station, where she conducts field work and data collection for the study of shrub willow as bio mass. She enjoys cooking, baking, running, renaissance art and writing. JIll OCkHArDT BlAUFUSS Photographing people, businesses, homes and families, Jill Ockhardt Blaufuss places an emphasis on creating technically flawless images, and capturing the spirit, character and emotion of the people and places she photographs. With a background in both photojournalism and video production, Jill also enjoys documentary style video creation for businesses and families. INSPIREDHOMEMAGAZINE.COM

ASHlEy F. JOHnSOn Ashley Ferragut Johnson, formally from Oklahoma City, has found her way back into the heartland. Living once again in her beloved Fargo— with husband, and two children, she is a Registered Nurse at Sanford Medical Center and writer. She lives for her family, to travel and taste great food and wine. She views life as an adventure, and can't wait to show her children the world.


PHIl STAHl Stahl began his lifelong passion for all things creative in South Dakota, where time and long landscapes are plentiful. An NDSU architect graduate, with emphasis in art/photography, his two-decade practice with Stahl Architects has led him places to observe life, including Europe and the Middle East. He is an adjunct lecturer at NDSU, national speaker for Intern Development, a regular contributor to regional and national home magazines, and has been featured on HGTV and in Dwell. yVOnnE DEnAUlT Yvonne is a women's portraiture photographer, creator of Pinup on the Plains, and owner of Vivie's Boutique. Empowering women to embrace their beauty is what fuels her passion. She is inspired by high-fashion editorial and "fantastical" fine art photography.

ZACH DAVIS Davis loves capturing stories with his camera. He is a photographer and videographer who specializes in weddings and portraits. He has a weakness for wanderlust, feeling the urge to leave the country whenever possible. He currently curates The Open Window Exchange, a collaborative online travel journal. INSPIREDHOMEMAGAZINE.COM

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The price is right The lovely art of yard sales BY BErnIE ErICkSOn


veryone knows I’m of the “when in doubt, throw it out” mindset—a “why file it when you can pile it?” type. The quantity of our stuff at home was out of control, and I realized it was time to take on something I’d vowed I would never do: host a rummage sale. I’m aware that to many, rummage sales are a summer weekend sport—sort of a challenge to see what treasures can be found for a mere pittance and bragged about to friends and family. Not so much for me. I feel I’m invading someone’s privacy if I sneak a peek at someone’s restaurant entrée. I have no interest in checking out anyone’s previous fashion mistakes or late-night-infomercial regrets, like a $600 rotomix blender or the $150 men’s bald-spot-disguise hair hat. I took the plunge, ran an ad in the local media and began prepping

18 | JULY/AUGUST 2017


for mayhem and determining my rummage sale items. I started with my old lawn mower. The concept that I would need a back-up lawnmower in the event my current, superultra-deluxe model failed was preposterous. If it didn’t perform to my standards three years ago, in what universe would I ever use it again to cut my grass? Next item: Our garage has bicycles hanging from the rafters. They hung there minding their business, totally untouched for five to six years until one day a gale-force wind whipped through the garage, and one fell down and landed on my car. Those who know me realize there is only one thing I am more particular about than my lawn, and that is my car. There were some choice words spoken that day. There were the $300 snakeskin cowboy boots from the delusion I had that Urban Cowboy was going to experience a resurgence any day now. And that late-night infomercial exercise contraption that was going to turn my “Dad Bod” into a “Rad Bod.” After six months of staring at it in the corner of the basement, I still had my “Sad Bod.” Why do we have six snow shovels? I haven’t shoveled a flake of snow in 10 years. And the foray into wine making—which was a success if you consider success 4,000proof jet fuel that ate its way through the plastic 5-gallon bucket it was fermenting in, ruining the basement carpet. As in every group event, including garage sales, there is exactly the same cast of characters, only with different names. There is the know-it-all. The bossy one. The whiner. The one who cannot be anywhere on time. The flirtatious one. The one who overindulges in food or grown-up beverages, most often both. The bully. The shy one. The one whose financial success is rivaled by no other. However, I wasn’t prepared for “her.” She was driving a giant four-door pickup truck with dualies and ditch-burners. (That’s a truck with two wheels on each side of the back axle beneath huge fenders and chrome exhaust pipes mounted on the bottom of each side of the cab. They’re known for being extremely hot and setting the long grass on the side of rural roads on fire. Which adds a whole new level of excitement to late-night misbehavior in northern rural Minnesota. Hence the name ditch-burners. So I’m told. INSPIREDHOMEMAGAZINE.COM

Five years together ... at Touchmark! As coach for the Minnesota State University Moorhead Dragons, Larry collected countless stories during his time on the court and in the locker room. As a resident of Touchmark, he’s collecting more.

It’s been an important part of my life to get to know people, to learn their stories. Everyone has a story and I’m interested in hearing it!

— Resident Larry MacLeod, five years living at Touchmark

During her senior year at North Dakota State University, Anne-Marie Fitz was an intern at Touchmark. She loved working with the residents and staff, and when a position opened up, she wasted no time applying for a full-time job.

I would agree with Larry about gaining a new group of friends. Residents are interested in knowing my story and I’m just as interested in knowing theirs. — Life Enrichment Director Anne-Marie Fitz, six years working at Touchmark

Stay longer … work happier … live well! TOUCHMARK AT HARWOOD GROVES Full-service Retirement Community 1200 Harwood Drive S • Fargo, ND 58104 Learn more: 701-552-9559 • 1715038 © Touchmark, LLC, all rights reserved


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Elegance Meets the Industrial Revolution

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20 | JULY/AUGUST 2017

She was pulling a huge trailer like people who show prize horses would own, stuffed full of all kinds of household goods. It looked kind of like what I’d expect Jethro Bodine to have convinced his uncle Jed Clampett to purchase for the family’s move to Beverly Hills had Milburn Drysdale given them an advance on their oil extraction revenues. She parked the behemoth and casually sauntered up my driveway, like I was supposed to believe she was simply out for a Saturday morning stroll and happened upon my rummage sale. She lingered at my lawn equipment, and I slowly made my way over to her. We exchanged pleasantries. I introduced myself, and she told me her name was Maudine, pronounced Mo-Dean. Maudine told me it was way too late in the season to hope to sell all the lawn equipment, but perhaps she may be convinced to take it off my hands so I wouldn’t have to haul it to the dump. It was the first weekend in June. My pristine bicycles caught her attention, with down-curled handle bars that hadn’t been manufactured since the late 1970s. Maybe $25 each was a bit of a stretch. Maudine was a pro, but so was I. I was thoroughly prepared for buyers to show up with some store coupon for 25 percent off the lowest price on any three items and expect me to honor it. I could handle Maudine. She offered me $9 for my mower priced at $25. I said thank you and asked her to leave me her name and number. I told her my neighbor Alex was considering buying the mower and went home to measure his yard to determine if it could accomplish his lawn mowing productivity goals. I don’t have a neighbor Alex. She said my snakeskin boots smelled funny. I replied they’re dead snakes that have been on sweaty human feet. What do you expect? She told me I priced the bicycles like they were classic antiques. I didn’t reply. When it was all said and done, Maudine and others relieved me of all kinds of stuff I no longer used, and I had a few newfound dollars burning a hole in my pocket. Maybe it was time to watch some late-night TV infomercials to see if there was something to help me get rid of my “Dad Bod.” INSPIREDHOMEMAGAZINE.COM

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The comforting elegance of this formal living room is accomplished by period style paints from the WilliamsburgÂŽ Collection. Wall: Cochineal Red; Trim: Capitol White; Ceiling: Timson Sand This traditional staircase area is richly bathed in colors of the WilliamsburgÂŽ Paint Collection. Stairs and wainscoting: Williamsburg Wythe Blue; Wall: Palace Pearl; Back hall: Claret

The birth of a color legacy The important role of paint in American history



aving celebrated the Fourth of July, our thoughts at Inspired Home turned to the historical aspect of paint colors and their importance in the architectural design and societal norms of a nation in its infancy. Paint color is an expression of a time and value system and is a reflection of the mood of a country. To consider paint only as a protective coating truly underestimates its importance in America's heritage. To find out more, we contacted Benjamin Moore about their research and its eventual result: the Williamsburg® Paint Collection. In the words of Carl Minchew, Benjamin Moore vice president of color, innovation and design, “We’ve created a timeless palette that fuses history with contemporary design.” To accomplish this, Benjamin Moore collaborated with the INSPIREDHOMEMAGAZINE.COM

revolutionary city of Williamsburg, Virginia, and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. The shared dedication to understanding the 18th and early 19th centuries’ color pigments led Benjamin Moore to curate the rich 144 colors in the collection. The Williamsburg Foundation collaborated with Benjamin Moore scientists and color experts by examining historical documents, 18th-century wallpaper and original paint pigments from more than 250 years ago. This research led to the development of an intense color palette not typically associated with colonial America. New technologies revealed evidence that historic pigments were more saturated than originally believed. In previous years, determining paint chronology (the sequence of colors applied to a surface) meant INSPIRED HOME | 25

Whether you are honoring the history of your home or simply love the richness of the colors, they will remain timeless. Wall: Carter Gray; Trim: Bruton White; Ceiling: Bruton White

26 | JULY/AUGUST 2017

scraping or sanding to expose lower layers of the faded colors that had lost original tones due to sun exposure, oxidation and the passage of time. Today, with scientific techniques such as cross-section microscopy, organic and elemental lab analyses, restorers can see residues of pigments and oils, giving us a new understanding of colors of the past. European countries often influenced paint color trends throughout American history. In 1815, President Thomas Jefferson, known for his appreciation of good design, secured a supply of lead chromate bright yellow pigment from France. The color was fashionable and was his chosen hue for the dining and tea room at his Monticello plantation home near Charlottesville, Virginia. Few people complained of its intensity in an era when illumination of evening darkness consisted of candles and lamps that produced the mere equivalent of less than 5 watts of electric light.

Covered in Wedgewood-blue since 1936, President Thomas Jefferson's Monticello dining room was changed to this rich marigold yellow after paint studies revealed the space had originally been painted this hue around the year 1815.

Paint historians have determined that surprisingly bright colors, like Jefferson’s chrome yellow, were fresh and exciting hues in their time. By the turn of the 18th century, Germans were producing the first chemically synthesized color, using a salt compound of iron and potassium to create Prussian blue. The striking richness of this color, which became extremely popular, caught the eye of President George Washington and wife Martha, and it quickly became the color of the west parlor in their Mount Vernon, Virginia, plantation home. Verdigris green, another vibrant and fashionable color made from a crystal formed by suspending copper sheets in a vat of vinegar, became the president’s choice for the dining room.


To consider paint only as a protective coating truly underestimates its importance in America’s heritage.

Historically accurate, these Williamsburg® paint colors provide a beautiful backdrop to this period style sideboard. Wall: Williamsburg Stone; Door: Mopboard Black; Trim: Harwood Putty

Over 38 years of artisan excellence in wood flooring.

natural hickory

hand scrape hickory

maple stained black

A welcoming warmth and charm is achieved by incorporating multiple colors in the Williamsburg ® Collection. Wall: Spotswood Teal; Trim: Everard Blue; Cupboard: Damask Yellow

The paint Americans used in the past is undeniably a part of our history. The colors we select—whether lively and exuberant or purposefully sedate—reflect our nation's cultural influences and our individual tastes. Whether you own a historic home and wish to pay due regard to its color ancestry or simply fell in love with the rich palette of colors that the Williamsburg® Collection offers, you will bring new life and beautiful vigor to your project.


reclaimed tobacco barn pine hickory with accent border

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Turn of the century meets contemporary elegance in this Edison Style lamp by Tech Lighting. The ‘Beacon’ pendant adds architectural interest and a quiet boldness to any home or office. TECH LIGHTING,

Lapis lazuli is a deep blue metamorphic rock prized for its intense color. The deep celestial hue with flecks of gold is captured for eternity by jewelry designer David Yurman. DAVID YURMAN,

Enjoy outdoor grilling with Hestan culinary inventions. From Nappa Valley, California, inspired by good food and wine comes this performance grill. It's available in a myriad of colors from orange (Citra) to aqua, (Bora Bora.) HESTAN, Available at JW Kitchens, Fargo.

Got the blues?


Who knows more about food than the French? Experience the colorful world of this handcrafted French range. Traditional yet cutting edge, LaCornue is culinary-focused and an exquisite piece of art. Available in over thirty colors. LA CORNUE,


here is a wax and wane from year to year in the popularity of color trends, but for many fascinating reasons, blue reigns eternal. From studies revealing the most popular and frequently visited websites to the design of offices and workspaces, the incorporation of the color blue increases our focus and efficiency. Low wavelengths on the spectrum of color—such as blue and green, the two most common colors in nature—have been proved to create the most calming effect on us. Blue, universally known to increase productivity, fosters stability and concentration. The psychology of color tells us this restful color can even lower blood pressure and body temperature. Around the world, blue is the most common answer when people were asked for their preference of color. According to Elle Decor—and Americans agree—when it comes to our home décor, blue gets the vote by a landslide. Inspired Home set out to find beautiful products that were inspired by this preferred color of the human race. From kitchen stoves to doorknobs, we invite you to explore with us the lasting beauty of the “couleur bleu.”

This glass mosaic by daltile® touts colorful elegance. The blue jewel tones and random linear patterns create a stunning addition to backsplashes and feature walls. DALTILE, Available at McArthur Tile Co. and Floor to Ceiling Carpet One, Fargo.

Add a delightful pop of blue in your bathroom with Topex wall mounted glass vanities. From its Armadi Art Acqua Collection, this sleek look is available in a rainbow of custom colors. TOPEX DESIGN,

This heirloom-quality blue crystal door knob by Nostalgic Warehouse adds a touch of unexpected glamour to any décor. Add drama with brilliant hues of emerald, cobalt, pink or black. NOSTALGIC WAREHOUSE,

Bring on spirited blue décor from Thibaut, the nation’s oldest designer wallpaper firm. This peppy and lively collection boasts both large and small scale prints. THIBAUT, Available at McNeal & Friends and Rosecreek Design, Fargo.

Blue bold color runs deep at Kohler as portrayed in this bathroom basin. From cobalt to acid green, areas of color are energizing bathroom spaces in a myriad of styles. KOHLER, Available at Ferguson Showroom, Fargo and Waterfront Kitchen & Bath, Fargo and Grand Forks.

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Asian Architectural Pottery Add colorful artisan beauty to your landscape

By Ashley Ferragut Johnson | PHOTOGRAPHy courtesy OF Asian Ceramics, Inc. and Roger Klocke, Natural Environments Landscaping

“The "waffle" jars from Thailand are an example of a classic we have sold for over twenty-five years. Local craftsmen pound the fresh clay of the jar with a wooden paddle leaving the waffle imprint.” Rob Susan, President, Asian Ceramics, Inc.


ew things are as welcoming as summer foliage and flowers. In the heat of the summer, bright colored flora of varying textures and heights can take any space from plain to flourishing; however is not just plantings that transform a garden. The actual vessels in which they are planted or stand alone pots create artful drama outdoors for homeowners and passersby alike.

The global market for gardening products is forecasted to exceed $284 billion in 2017, which is good news for Rob Susan of Asian Ceramics, Inc. Since 1990, Asian Ceramics, Inc., Duarte, California, has outsourced beautiful handmade clay pots from Asia, Europe and South Africa. President, Rob Susan, travels the world searching for quality artisan planters and jars for their customers.

Local artisans carry the result of their ancient pottery endeavors to market by bamboo rack and rope.

35 | JULY/AUGUST 2017

He says, “As a buyer, I have always looked for exquisite hand-made garden pots and jars, preferably in large sizes.” Many of the Asian sourced pots are handcrafted in time-honored traditions. Glazing is applied by hand and pots are fired using traditional wood firing kilns. “In Myanmar (Burma) we source large glazed jars from villages that are traditionally used to collect rain water for domestic use

A quiet pond reflects the ancient tradition of the beauty of Asian artisan potters and their hand crafted wares


The sculptural beauty of Asian Ceramics, Inc. is evident here in the orange architectural waffle jars made prominent in this outdoor garden pathway at Natural Environments Landscaping, Inc. outdoor showroom in Fargo.

and can frequently be found in front of their homes,” Susan adds. Roger Klocke, owner of Natural Environments Landscaping Inc. in Fargo is very familiar with these pieces and offers a variety to his clients. He explains that some of the pots that are outsourced by Asian Ceramics are up to 400 years old and are equally pieces of garden art, as they are functional planters. Certainly the appeal of these large pots is their individual uniquenesseach pot is handcrafted, no two are alike. The vibrancy of every color imaginable is another beautiful reason for their popularity. Klocke adds, “the “orange color” of Asian Ceramics pottery doesn’t deserve to be called simply orange”, because the hue is incredibly exceptional. In addition to the availability of endless palettes and sizes, each piece

36 | JULY/AUGUST 2017

undoubtedly offers its own credible history and “personality.” Susan explains that the pots they distribute originate from potters in small villages across the globe, and have their own story to tell as they have been created the same way for hundreds of years. “The "waffle" jars from Thailand are an example of a classic we have sold for over twenty-five years. Local craftsmen pound the fresh clay of the jar with a wooden paddle leaving the waffle imprint. The South African "bright" pots we offer are crafted in Johannesburg where artisans began producing tableware for their people over two generations ago and now create brightly glazed small pots hand thrown by Zulu potters.” These stunning conversation pieces add colorful drama and artistry to any outdoors or indoors space, and, if properly cared for, can

Ancient traditions reflect a 45 century span of fired clay pottery in Asian history, with its ceramic art being one of uncontested brilliance.


A beautiful display of various shapes and sizes of Asian Ceramics, Inc. exemplifies the rich colors and textures the artisans are able to create.

Asian sourced glazed pottery in a local market in Myanmar (Burma), many of which are traditionally used to collect rain water for domestic use.

A waffle jar from Thailand created by beating fresh clay with a wooden paddle stands beautifully in a local cafe'.

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701-280-1993 • 800-380-1993 • 2310 3rd Avenue N, Fargo, ND 58102 Beautiful rich greenery adorns this glazed Asian rain water pot, created by century old traditions of local potters.



Some of the pots that are outsourced by Asian Ceramics are up to 400 years old and are equally pieces of garden art, as they are functional planters.

Sometimes its what’s underneath that counts.

last for generations. If using them for planting, Klocke recommends filling the bottom of the pots with empty, plastic pop bottles, or packing peanuts prior to adding the soil. He also suggests using a very light and powdery planting medium, which will keep the soil from becoming too heavily compacted and prone to expanding. Another suggestion he offers is to put the Asian Pottery planters on square blocks for the winter months. This will keep the bottom of the clay pot off the damp earth during the colder months of the year and will help preserve the structural integrity of the vessel. Adding colorful character to your patio, your home’s front entrance or as accents to your planting beds can be accomplished in many ways. When you incorporate Asian Ceramics, Inc. architectural jars, there is a story to be told -one of history, traditions and functional beauty. For more information vi sit or visit their indoor/outdoor showroom at 5508 53rd Avenue SW, Fargo.

Add natural indoor beauty to your exteriors with waterproof InsideOut® Underdecking panel by QUALITY EDGE

Maintenance Free | Titanium Aluminum Alloy Lifetime Warranty | Beautiful Palette of Colors 1805 23rd Street South, Moorhead, Minnesota


Seamless Siding I Soffits I Fascia I Gutters Downspouts I Residential I Commercial 38 | JULY/AUGUST 2017

In a Burmese village, a local potter inspects his pottery awaiting transport to another market to sell his wares.


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We love flowers. Inspired by nature, we love tending our gardens and incorporating their bounties into unique and personalized arrangements for events, weddings or that special day that requires a thoughtfully designed bouquet.

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42 | JULY/AUGUST 2017


Feast for Your Eyes


wood farmhouse table with blue velvet cushioned chairs creates a nostalgic fête with mint greens, lemon yellows and Juliet garden roses to infuse your senses. Clear and opaque colored goblets nestle alongside baroque etched crystal plates—deserving of the luscious lemon meringue tart sitting prettily upon the wooden pedestal. Inspired Home invites you to Be Our Guest and feast your eyes on this carefree summer scene.

Mint & Basil: dining table and chairs, linens, dinner plates, cake platters, vintage green glassware, cookbooks, gold candle sticks; White House Company: colored goblets, gold flatware, floral plates, candlesticks, napkin rings, wood bowls; Love Always Floral: bouquet of David Austin Juliet garden roses, eucalyptus, Queen Anne's lace, lisianthus and scabiosa pods. Nichole's Fine Pastry: Key Lime pie, plated croissants, lemon meringue tart and iced cookies Follow us on Instagram @inspiredhomemagazinefar to see more Be Our Guest photos. Follow the participating businesses on Instagram to learn more about their products and services: @mint_and_basil,, @lovealwaysfloral, @yvonnedenault, @nicholesfinepastry.




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44 | JULY/AUGUST 2017


Nature sets her beautiful course: Table reservations in this scene offer hearts a treasure of natural beauty. Robin's egg blues and luscious limes harmonize with dinnerware that is graced by the elegance of a wren and her exquisitely patterned eggs. A stunning floral arrangement of peach spray roses, tweedia and eucalyptus completes this manuscript like a rare find in the library.

ZANDBROZ VARIETY: TAG chargers; Bloomingville dinnerplates/mugs; PPD salad plates; Roost mercury glass tumblers; Michel Design Works table runner/napkins; Vance Kitira candles/slate coasters; vintage bentwood chairs by Jacob and Josef Kohn, Austria, circa 1900; vintage books. BLUE BARN EVENT FLORAL: Tweedia, eucalyptus and peach spray roses. Follow us on Instagram @inspiredhomemagazinefar to see more Be Our Guest photos. Follow the participating businesses on Instagram to learn more about their products and services. @zandbroz, @yvonnedenault, @bluebarneventfloral



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Jason Plecity


The creepy crawlies… Dr. Amy Anderson shares advice on navigating tick season BY ASHlEy FErrrAGUT JOHnSOn


s the summer sun heats up, so does tick season. This summer has proved to be more tick filled than usual, as predicted by organizations such as The small, disease-carrying parasites do not only pose a threat for us but also for our pets. Though ticks seem to be everywhere, we don’t have to let them suck the fun—pun intended—out of our summer. Keeping ourselves and our pets free from tick bites and the subsequent diseases they can carry can be tricky, but not impossible. With a little effort and know-how, we can keep the pesky creepy crawlies at bay. We’ve reached out once again to our friendly local veterinarian, Dr. Amy

48 | JULY/AUGUST 2017


Speaking to your local vet about what meds are best for your animal is important, so reach out for advice regarding which pharmaceuticals are available for your furry family member.

Your best friend. Ours too. Anderson of West Fargo Animal Hospital, for some sound advice and helpful hints to keep our four-legged family members happy and healthy this tick season. One of the first lines of defense when it comes to ticks is prevention. Using products like a tick collar, oral pill or tick topical preventives can help kill the insects before they become a problem. Speaking to your local vet about what meds are best for your animal is important, so reach out for advice regarding which pharmaceuticals are available for your furry family member. In addition to preemptive seasonal medication, it is also paramount to make it a habit to check for ticks when coming in from outside. By getting into the routine of diligently searching ourselves as well as our pets for wood ticks, we can lower the risk of a bite. The CDC and Dr. Anderson explain that for people and pets, ticks are most likely to end up in areas like the groin, between toes, behind the ears and under armpits. For pets specifically, vulnerable areas are near the anus, tail and anywhere on the face. For pets with thicker coats, Dr. Anderson recommends using your fingers to check for ticks, threading them through the fur and getting as close to the skin as possible. If you do find a tick, don’t panic! (Though I totally would.) Do, however, forego home remedies for tick removal. “Please, please, please do not try to drown the tick in oil or toxic substances, and never try to burn the tick off,” she says. “Believe it or not, these methods have been tried, and INSPIREDHOMEMAGAZINE.COM

We take providing the best possible medical, surgical and dental care for our valued patients very seriously. Trust us to care for your best friends.

Paisely and her best friend Wally

Wellness exams

Dental Care

Emergency/Critical Care

Hospice/Euthanasia Services Nutritional Counseling Radiology



Pain management Vaccinations

West Fargo Animal Hospital 816 Meyer Drive • West Fargo, ND 701.282.2898

Amy Anderson, DVM, Practice Owner

Carrie Summerfield, DVM, Practice Owner




often the result is worse than the tick bite!” Dr. Anderson recommends simply using your fingers or tweezers to grab the tick nearest its head and pull it off. “It is important to not leave any of the tick's mouthparts behind, because this can cause prolonged inflammation.” Tools are available for those who want to put as much space between the tick and the tick remover as possible. A quick Google search reveals all kinds of tools like the Tick Twister, Tickety-split Tick Remover and the Tick Key. These handy gadgets can help quickly remove the blood-sucking nuisance without having to touch the creature itself. Ticks, of course, are not only unsightly but are known to cause diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, anaplasmosis (dog fever) and ehrlichiosis just to name a few. If your pet has had a known tick bite, watch for symptoms like fever, loss of appetite, low energy, stiffness or pain and nausea. Any abnormal behavior in your pet following a tick bite is worth reporting to your local vet. Don’t be wary of the prairie. Encourage your pet to frolic and play this summer—just make sure you take the time to check your pet for any uninvited guests who may be looking for a free meal .


Dr. Amy Anderson


Canine Acres Pet Resort & Spa

Greg & Lynn Permann with “Rueben”; Seth & Hope Dagoberg with “Daniel”

The owners of Canine Acres Pet Resort invite you and your pet to visit their safe, comfortable, state-of-the-art facility!

Canine Acres Pet Resort & Spa 24663 County Hwy 111, Fergus Falls, Minnesota 218.793.4398 |

Basic & Luxury Boarding | Grooming | Cattery | Daycare

In-home pet sitting.... we’ll love them like you do.

Deborah Hemstad, owner LVT, CCMT

Reliable & caring in-home pet sitting | Dog walking | Training Bonded | Insured | Pet First Aid & CPR Trained

Ashley Hahn, owner NREMT, MSEE

Serving Fargo/Moorhead,Valley City and Tower City | 701.532.0843

COMING SOON...Our new daycare and boarding facility.

Naturally Fresh For 3 generations for over 36 years, the Hildebrant family farm has proudly served the FM area with fresh, naturally grown fruits, vegetables and flowers. Trina Hildebrant Kalm, third generation farmer

fruits | hanging baskets | perennials | herbs | sweet corn cucumbers | tomatoes | cabbage | green beans | potatoes | beets | onions

Hildebrant’s Farmers Market 4th Street East & Main | West Fargo, North Dakota

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Hours: Monday-Friday 10-7 Saturday 9-5 Sunday 11-5 INSPIREDHOMEMAGAZINE.COM

Enjoy summer...with flowers & gifts from Shotwell’s

Shotwell’s has a quality selection of garden decor, quality floral arrangements, and gifts that you will love! Spring HourS: M-F 8-6 Sat 8-5 Sun 12-5

SHotwell Floral Company 4000 40th Street South Fargo, North Dakota


A Journey into Designing a Forever Home A Fargo family creates a sanctuary where all who gather feel happy and refreshed.


An outdoor entertainment area is the family’s perfect summer getaway. A large, inviting pool provides fun in the sun, while the step-down sitting area surrounds a fire pit for cool nights.

Sunny and bright, the bistro is a family favorite room. Designed in black and white with a yellow accent game table, the bistro’s bi-fold doors open to the outdoor pool and entertainment area.



ith two busy careers and three boys with baseball and hockey schedules, one family desired to build their custom forever home. They sought a location on a private lot—one big enough for a pool—close to family and schools. “This is our getaway, our sanctuary from the world,” the homeowner explains. “The world can wear you down, and home should be a place where family comes together to recharge. I want people that leave our home to feel happy and refreshed.” At first glance, the home’s stately exterior is striking amidst the setting. Two-tone seamless steel siding utilizing 4-inch and 10-inch lap siding in charcoal gray and dove gray complements Dark Iron Spots Velour modular brick accents, Moiré Black shingles and black exterior and interior Pella Impervia fiberglass windows with white window extensions and casings. “We knew we wanted to work with Chris Hawley, Chris Hawley Architects, as we had


Open and spacious, the home’s main living areas show easy transition from room to room with dramatic overhead lighting.

“The world can wear you down, and home should be a place where family comes together to recharge. I want people that leave our home to feel happy and refreshed.”

the dining and living rooms enjoy expansive views of the pool area.

A farm-style dining room table is a perfect addition to complement a home designed for family and friends.

seen his work,” the homeowner adds. “Even though one of us prefers contemporary and the other appreciates a more traditional style, our home reflects a perfect blend of both. We trusted the creative ideas Chris proposed, such as lowered ceilings in the back quarters of the home and adding the artistic wood screen wall. In the end, the architectural risks that pushed us out of our comfort zone have become some of our favorite features.” Construction of the 3,540-square-foot, two-story home started in October 2015 with

completion in June 2016. “From the beginning of this home project, we were involved in helping ensure the design details translated to the building process as well as respecting the client’s budget requirements,” notes Dave Berdal, builder and project manager at Radiant Homes. “We worked closely with the architects involved to ensure the entire project progressed smoothly and all communication worked flawlessly.” Spacious and contemporary, the home includes five bedrooms, three full baths, two



overhead rustic beams, pendant lighting above a large kitchen island, white cabinetry and a gas range create a functional kitchen space with a modern, elegant appeal.

the custom wood bar is a wonderful refreshment spot during a day spent near the pool.

58 | JULY/AUGUST 2017

half baths and a lower level that provides an additional 1,180-squarefeet of living space for the family. With an exceptional team to work with, the homeowners were excited that their dream home was becoming a reality. Inside the entrance is an office space and a mudroom containing built-in cabinetry and shelving that offers handy organization of personal items. An oak baluster screen wall at the upper hallway creates an open, bright appeal. The custom-finished oak stairway’s 5-foot wood treads and risers offset reclaimed ceiling beams and engineered oak flooring. “The homeowners desired a contemporary home with an eclectic


Centrally open and well-suited to indoor and outdoor entertaining, the family’s kitchen functions beautifully with a nearby butler’s pantry and bistro. A view from the kitchen towards the dining area reveals a closer look of a themador professional range with decorative metal band designed for the hood. Directly behind the kitchen’s island, a sliding reclaimed wood barn door divides the kitchen from the bistro.



A comfortable corner of the bistro area highlights a picture the homeowner had taken while living in Europe.

When friends gather, this welcoming space offers a comfortable place to converse over a glass of wine.

feel,” Berdal adds. “This was achieved by combining modern details with rustic wood accents in ceiling beams, as well as weathered wall paneling/planking in the great room and bath. Black windows also provide a frame to outdoor views from main living areas with a wonderful outdoor pool area.” Bright yellow and blue area rugs offer playful pops of color to the entryway, kitchen and butler’s pantry. Thermador appliances, crisp white cabinetry displaying colorful glass and a grand island with stylish chrome and gray upholstered bar stools make the kitchen space as beautiful as it is functional. A nearby butler’s pantry features blue cabinetry, chrome hardware, a double oven and a stainless steel backsplash. Kristen Williams of Williams Design assisted with interior design, refining the homeowners’ taste and style ideas. The family most enjoys the cheery bistro area. Sliding reclaimed wood barn doors reveal a sunny yellow game table and custom wood bar and cabinetry. A Marvin Ultimate Bi-Fold door opens the space completely to the outdoor wraparound deck and swimming pool. A cedar pergola lends a welcoming touch to this fabulous summertime entertainment space, and a sunken fire pit and

60 | JULY/AUGUST 2017


this close up of the stainless steel backsplash reveals the beautiful contrast of metal and the blue wall color.

Brilliant in blue, the butler’s pantry shows a double oven and stainless steel backsplash with colorful floor rugs.



the office space introduces a brilliantly colored floor rug and an interesting sphere-shaped light fixture above the desk.

62 | JULY/AUGUST 2017


Designed in neutral shades, the couple’s master bedroom adds a sunny yellow accent table to the mix.

Serene in white, the master bath showcases a glass shower, silver floor tiles and chrome finishes.


retaining wall designed by Matt Tollefson, Opp Construction, brings warmth to chilly nights. Designed for comfort with a focal gas fireplace, the great room features a dramatic circular black metal light fixture suspended from a 14-foot ceiling peak. Another eye-catching fixture combining metal and tubular glass hangs just above a farm-style dining table. The master suite proves to be a peaceful oasis for the homeowners. Silver floor tiles, wainscoting and a glass shower in the master bath convey tranquility. The home also includes an exercise room with an Amorim interlocking rubber sports floor and a lower-level theater and bar. “Mike Dawson, architect at Chris INSPIRED HOME | 63

Hawley Architects, was phenomenal!” the homeowner exclaims. “He worked alongside Chris and collaborated with Radiant Homes to bring everything together. Radiant Homes showed incredible attention to detail every step of the way. After one year, they still call asking if we’re happy with our home and, ‘Can we do anything for you?’ This is amazing to us!” Accessible, livable and filled with happiness, this forever home reflects its occupants’ styles and preferences with classic design, colorful accents and exceptional craftsmanship.

the tranquility of the outdoor living space was a major component of the homeowner’s design wishes.

A guest bath features weathered wall paneling/ planking and a vanity with an industrial appearance.

there’s plenty of room for guests to relax and unwind next to the welcoming pool.

64 | JULY/AUGUST 2017


A winding driveway leads to a three-stall garage and stately exterior design. Black windows, interesting rooflines, brick accents and two-tone grey steel siding create dynamic curb appeal.

Contributor Section:

Dave Berdal, builder and project manager, Radiant Homes David Reid, President, Radiant Homes

Architect: Chris Hawley, Chris Hawley Architect & Co. | Concrete: Opatril Concrete | Decorative band, kitchen hood: Straightline Design Framing and timber: Radiant Homes | Trim and interior door: Simonson Lumber | Lumber and building materials: Meland Lumber Siding, soffit, fascia and gutters: Western Products | Window and exterior doors: Pella | Floor covering: Carpet World | Wood floor: Kelley Hardwood | Tile: Jacobson Tile | Appliances: Rigel's | Shower doors: Frontier Glass & Mirror | Closets: Dave Wagner, Dew-It Construction Cabinetry: Sammy's Custom Cabinetry | Countertops: Northern Stone | Mechanical and plumbing: Precision | Plumbing and fixtures: Ferguson | Electrical: Static Electric | Audio/video: Smart Home | Landscaping: Opp Construction | Swiming pool: Olson Pools and Spas.



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At the home of Keith and rondi Mcgovern, event attendees enjoy refreshments and hor d'oeuvres before the art auction begins.

Sally Klabo and Laura Brudvik enjoy an engaging conversation as they await the auction festivities.

Patrick Chaffee, auctioneer for the event begins the bidding process on a beautiful local art piece.

tommy grisafi and Keith Mcgovern converse during the social hour leading up to the art auction.

Art for Water auction attendees Erik Diederich and Andrew Young convey the lively, engaging and celebratory mood of the evening.

68 | JULY/AUGUST 2017

Erik hatch enjoying the evening along with many others at the 1st Annual Art for Water event.

L to r: Jake LeClair, Kylee Seljevold, Bethany Freeland, Abby Freeland and Wellspring board member Bonnie Freeland smile for the camera as they enjoy the evening.

rob Lauf, r.D.offutt and Shelly McNeal enjoy a spirited conversation at the 1st Annual Art for Water auction that benefited Wellspring for the World in direct partnership with World Vision.


Art for Water, Art for Life

Donated art piece by rando



he Red River winds through the plains of North Dakota, its water carving the rich soil, traveling north to Canada. The river has been a life source for the city of Fargo, and the town has thrived in the presence of this boundless water supply. Constantly moving, aside from the river's standstill in 1934, the water is relatively clean and provides 12 million gallons of water every day to Fargo residents. But what if our city didn't have easy access to water? What if it was unclean and toxic? Not all people have access to clean water. Nearly 1,000 children under the age of 5 die daily from drinking contaminated water in the developing world, and Fargo resident Maureen Bartelt is dedicated to changing that. Maureen Bartelt



Fargo artist Kathryn Luther donated this mosaic tile vase with brilliant shades of orange, twilight blue and jade-some imprinted with watery waves to carry the event's theme.

70 | JULY/AUGUST 2017

this spectacular woven glass piece "A La Klimt" by area artist Jaci trefz, was a beautiful addition to the auction line-up of exquisite donated art pieces.

Bartelt, a Berkshire Hathaway Realtor and photographer, is board president of Wellspring for the World, a Fargo-based nonprofit that partners directly with World Vision, the largest nongovernmental provider of clean water in the world. Founded in 2005, Wellspring for the World is working to fund its 1,000th well in Africa, providing an average of 300 people with clean, life-giving water per well. With dedicated leadership of board members and event co-chairs Bonnie Freeland and Kim Lauf, as well as board members Sue Anderson, Rynell Freeland, Jon Forness, Al Jaeger, and Carl Wall, the recent Art for Water raised will be multiplied six times by local and national programs, providing enormous global impact. Every dollar Art for Water raised will be multiplied six times by local and national programs, providing


Concrete beauty since 1984. We specialize in ALL aspects of residential concrete!

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Your Continuous Concrete Edging Experts the successful auction not only brought crucial awareness to the worldwide need for clean, live-giving water, but also opened hearts; fostering a willingness to help and to become involved.

Contributing artists personally invested in the Tidy up your yard and add beauty with continuous concrete edging.

auction by donating from their collections or creating new pieces

Durable | Easy Maintenance | Customized Colors | Textures | Patterns

specifically for the event.

4401 12th Ave N


I Fargo, ND I 218.233.1400 I INSPIRED HOME | 71

We specialize in remodeling too! For over 50 years we have restored calm in chaotic events from flooding to fire. Trust us also for your kitchen and bathroom remodels! Our experience counts! Remodeling Services Fire Damage Mold Remediation Storm Damage Water Damage

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…to an easier home buying or selling experience. Backed by specialized training and state-of-the-art resources, CENTURY 21® Sales Professionals are here to help make every aspect of your buying or selling a home easier and more successful. Stop by a local office at 5012 53rd St. S, Suite G Fargo, ND 58104 or call us at 701-281-7222 CENTURY 21: The Gold Standard.

72 | JULY/AUGUST 2017

FM Realty ©2017 Century 21 Real Estate LLC. CENTURY 21® is a trademark licensed to Century 21 Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated. C21Ad72

Every dollar Art for Water raised will be multiplied six times by local and national programs, providing enormous global impact.

enormous global impact. Altruistic individuals such as Keith and Rondi McGovern, hosts of the event, and artists from Eighth Street in downtown Fargo to Zambia were an integral part of the event’s success. Bartelt believes that the highly successful event allowed the community to empathize and connect with the world water crisis through beautiful art. Contributing artists personally invested in the auction by donating from their collections or creating new pieces specifically for the event. Artist Kathy Luther designed an exquisite mosaic vase using clay tiles in orange, twilight blue and smooth jade, some imprinted with watery waves to carry the event's theme. Rando, a local painter, contributed a work featuring a bison in splashes of color— turquoise and tangerine, crimson and amethyst. "Art stays with you and gives you a personal connection to the issue," says Bartelt. She emphasized that a $50 donation gives water for one person for their entire lifetime, but viewing the auctioned artwork on your living room wall every day helps you contemplate daily the importance of clean water. From brushing your teeth to hopping into the shower or filling a glass, the precious liquid is necessary for life. For 663 million people globally, those simple, mundane acts are impossible. Women and girls most often responsible for water collection face long, perilous walks to retrieve the unhealthy water, missing school and the chance to become educated, thereby missing the opportunity to impact the future of their countries. Contaminated water perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Bartelt, looking forward to 2018’s second annual Art for Water fundraising event, believes that water gives them hope. It gives them a future. It allows them to dream.


d on


Br ing i

nest, brightest a e l c s ’ d and rl o w whi e h t tes u td o y iam ng G a l l e r y

o f

J e w e l r y

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be beautiful Private salon suites available for rent. Call for information.

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Dazzling Gemstones of the World


A local jeweler shares his passion for natural gemstones.



ince the beginning of time, humankind has shared a fascination for specific rocks, minerals (crystalline) and organic materials, each of these considered an origin of gemstones. When discovered, intricately cut and polished, these become exquisite creations of sparkling color and beauty. Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies—the most valuable and probably the most familiar gems—are often referred to as precious stones.

76 | JULY/AUGUST 2017

For almost 40 years, Jeff, owner of A Cutting Edge Gallery of Jewelry in Fargo, has shared in this fascination and passion for beautiful gems. His intrigue began following a gem-hunting excursion deep in a sapphire mine in Montana. After years of extensive research and travels to mines around the world, Jeff brings a wealth of specialized knowledge and experience in the creation of personalized pieces of gemstone jewelry for clients.


Yellow sapphire and Tsavorite pendant in collegiate colors. Uncut, raw gemstones are shown in a rainbow of various colors.

Natural Alexandrite, blue zircon and morganite rings.

Custom-crafted pink sapphire, diamond and rose gold ensemble.

Jeff is seen here seated, working at his desk made of stunning royal blue sodalite.

Burma ruby (Myanmar) and diamond ring.

78 | JULY/AUGUST 2017

A master cutter, goldsmith and GIA (Gemological Institute of America) gemologist, Jeff believes manmade or labcreated gems are simply not comparable to the brilliance of natural gemstones. “There are only two things in which you can see all the colors of nature—flowers and gems,” he explains. “Flowers fade, but the beauty and luster of gemstones last a lifetime. Mother Nature only makes a few stones that are very rare. You could fill the Fargodome to the rafters with artificial gems, and they would still hold no value, whereas one rare gemstone may be considered priceless.” INSPIREDHOMEMAGAZINE.COM

...Precious hair care.

222 North Broadway | Fargo, North Dakota | 701.297.9025

Although color and clarity of gems are intricately important, Jeff says that it is the cutting that gives a gemstone life. “If you have a stone with great color and clarity, then you need a cut that best maximizes its natural beauty,” he adds. Jeff recalls one exquisite custom piece of jewelry he designed for a client, a spectacular 20-carat total weight diamond necklace with a 15-carat pear-shaped tanzanite pendant. “We buy rough gems from mines throughout the world and then cut and finish each piece of jewelry with a mounting that most complements the stone,” he notes. “When creating a gemstone piece for someone, we begin with their birthstone or a color they love. Then we build a piece that matches both their personality and lifestyle.” Customers are often surprised to learn that tourmaline comes in nearly every color, topaz is available in eight colors, sapphires come in every color but red, and the true December birthstone is actually blue zircon. And for the local sports enthusiasts, Jeff says that handmade jewelry pieces to match favorite team colors for North Dakota State University, University of North Dakota and the Minnesota Vikings are very popular. INSPIREDHOMEMAGAZINE.COM

6120 53rd Avenue South


Fargo, North Dakota


Celebrating area artists

“There are only two things in which you can see all the

Kaddatz is a non-profit gallery fostering visual arts education and a gallery that celebrates area artists and honors the legacy of Charles Beck. 111 W Lincoln Ave Fergus Falls, MN 218.998.4405

colors of nature—flowers and gems. Flowers fade, but the beauty and luster of gemstones lasts a lifetime.” Spring Flowers, Charles Beck

Jeff, owner of

Hours: T, W, F: 12-5 | Th: 12-7 | S:12-5

A Cutting Edge Gallery of Jewelry

We Do Lights It’s worth the drive. technology driven | certified designers | LED experts free lighting design | in-home consults

L I Sara G HWirkus TING


S EJonRMatt V Ison CE


E X Sonia P E RRoberton TISE

What began in 2002 as a small store with three jewelry cases is now a new, state-ofthe-art showroom bursting with stunning jewels. Jeff notes that the building was actually designed to match their jewelry. Custom glass cases contain an array of colorful gems, including zircon in shades of coffee, gold and orange from Tanzania; blue/green tourmaline from Afghanistan; emeralds from Columbia; sapphires from Ceylon, Thailand, Australia, Montana and Tanzania; rubies from Burma, Madagascar and Mozambique; aquamarine from Zambia; rubelites from Nigeria; peridot from Pakistan; topaz from Brazil; and natural alexandrite from Ceylon, Brazil and Russia. Beamed 26-foot ceilings, modern LED lighting and floor-to-ceiling windows create a space perfect for highlighting each gem’s beauty. In addition, a fascinating sample of raw gem specimens in mineral form are on display from around the globe. Even Jeff ’s desk, made from sodalite, is itself a “gem” of a workspace. Gorgeous, remarkable, brilliant gems— they just may be nature’s most beautiful creation.

Visit A Cutting Edge Gallery of Jewelry at their new showroom, 4507 33rd Ave. S., Fargo.

1200 South Washington, Grand Forks, North Dakota Toll Free 877.724.8880 •

80 | JULY/AUGUST 2017


We create landscape beauty by day...and by night.

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Exceptionally durable Neoroc composite material is engineered to the highest standards for long-lasting beauty. Its matte finish is the perfect complement to any countertop.

See Neoroc at your nearest Waterfront Kitchen & Bath.

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84 | JULY/AUGUST 2017


Eat the rainbow— or drink it! Colorful ways to a healthier life BY gRANvIllE WOOD


at the rainbow’ is a catch phrase, a mantra for eating the foods that will do your body the most good, meaning fresh colorful foods, bright and vibrant. For clarity, that does not mean a new bag of Cheetos- it means the beautiful fruit and vegetables adorning the tables at your local farm-stand and produce shelves of your grocery store. It is no secret that “eating” colorful foods is good for you but there is another way to catch this lighting in the bottle and that is to drink it. Either way, if you are eating or drinking colorful goodness, the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow is a vibrant, healthy life. Most kitchens have a blender of some sort and they look great on those granite counter tops and in front of the subway tile backsplash. I know mine does, and it helps hide those unsightly plugs in the wall, but my blender is also a useful tool in our homes and commercial kitchens. We fire them up for a refreshing batch of margaritas in the summer and perhaps for a creamy butternut squash soup in the fall, but outside of that they sit idle — a garnish for our counter tops. To jump start your day, fire-up that lonely blender, toss in some berries and maybe some


Bright, White & Clean It’s spring! Get the quality cleaning you deserve!

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chunks of fresh cantaloupe. Add pomegranate juice and almond milk along with a couple of ice cubes and put that kitchen tool to work. To power-up your breakfast, add honey and protein powder and you are good to go. Living in North Dakota, summer becomes a carpe diem; seize the moment kind of thingwe enjoy the lakes, long warm days and local produce from backyard gardens and farmers markets. That edible rainbow is right outside our doors and readily accessible, but what about the other nine months of the year? Although stores still carry berries and other

fruits year-round, they are tasteless compared to vine-ripened and tree-ripened so we buy up as much as we can to bag and freeze for the long winter days. When we do run out, we resort to the frozen varieties from our local markets, which are adequate. But remembersmoothies are not just about fruit. There are numerous combinations using fresh vegetables combined with fruit that give you all the vitamins and minerals to keep you going all day. If you don’t fancy kale, blend it with a banana, some apple juice, ginger and tahini paste — or cucumber, mint

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and spinach for a bright refreshing lift. The combinations are endless and for a helpful guide to navigate your way, pick up a copy of Julie Morris’ book Superfood Smoothies, the last word on creating delicious powerpacked drinks. A word on blenders — depending on how much you plan on using your blender and how much you want to invest, there are several options. You can get one for twenty dollars or six hundred. I wouldn’t recommend the low range as there are some good middleof-the-road ones that do the job. KitchenAid and Oster both have decent models with the Oster Vera 1400-watt professional model being a good choice at around $150 as compared to the Vitamix at $600 in change. Granted, the Vitamix could grind up a Volkswagen beetle in minutes; we use them in commercial kitchens for their staying power and muscle. If $600 is out of your range, for a paltry $400 you can pick up the Blendtec which is a close second to the Vitamix. Note: these three are not dishwasher safe. Discover your own path to your nutritious and delicious ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.’ It is probably sitting on your kitchen counter right now, just waiting to get to work!

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• 1 cup each strawberries, blueberries and cubed cantaloupe • ½ frozen banana • 2 tablespoons honey • ½ cup each POM pomegranate juice and skim or almond milk • 2–3 ice cubes throw everything in your blender and blitz until smooth. If too thick, add more pomegranate juice. Enjoy! INSPIREDHOMEMAGAZINE.COM

WATErMELON CUCUMBEr Melon goes very well with cucumber. I also make a honeydew-cucumber salsa to go with grilled fish or chicken. Like this smoothie, it is refreshing and

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screams summer. • 4 cups seedless watermelon, cubed


• 2 cups English cucumber, seeded and chopped (peeling optional)

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• 1½ cups chopped frozen spinach • 1 tablespoon fresh basil, chopped • 1 teaspoon fresh mint, chopped • 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice • 2 cups ice • Sweetener of choice to taste

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Blend watermelon and cucumber. Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Add sweetener as desired.

hONEYDEW CUCUMBEr SALSA • 1 cup ripe honeydew, peeled, seeded and medium diced • 1 cup English cucumber, seeded and medium diced • 1 fresh jalapeno, seeded and finely diced • ¼ cup finely diced red onion • 2 tablespoons fresh chives, minced • 1 tablespoon fresh tarragon minced • 1 tablespoon fresh basil, minced • 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil • Kosher salt to taste toss together well, adjust seasoning, and refrigerate for 20 minutes. Serve over fresh grilled fish or chicken breasts.

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Add a heavenly host to your baking A timeless, natural and fragrant flavoring—rose water StorY AND PhotogrAPhY By lAuREN fERRAgut cARlSON StorY AND PhotogrAPhY By lAuREN fERRAgut cARlSON

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From Turkish delights to facial toner, gin cocktails and cupcakes, rose water has been a staple in my kitchen and bath over the past years.


rom Turkish delights to facial toner, gin cocktails and cupcakes, rose water has been a staple in my kitchen and bath over the past few years. From edible flavoring added to food to a relaxing and fragrant sensory addition to your bathwater, rose water is heavenly. It has been a desirable essence since medieval times, when it was first used for washing hands before a meal. It is common in both Muslim and Hindu religious ceremonies and is at the center of many Turkish and Mexican desserts and candies. Rose water began its genesis in Iran through women in the villages steeping the sepals and petals of roses to condense their fragrant aroma. It didn’t take long for the pleasing floral fragrance to be a desired addition in flavoring food. Friends personally introduced me to rose water from Turkey. They were crazy for it, and soon, I was an enthusiastic believer, too. As an avid baker, it was a natural progression in my interest of natural flavorings for me to introduce rose water into my own baked goods. First, I incorporated it as a distinctive addition to a traditional Turkish delight recipe, which we shared in a past issue of Inspired Home. Most recently, I decided to add this unique and delicious flavor to cupcakes. My preference is to bake cakes rather than cupcakes, but it was time to create a treat for my co-workers. My roses were in full bloom on the patio, and the timing seemed right. Rose water or “rose scented” nearly anything can be either ethereal and elegant or soapy and pungent. Just remember: A little rose water truly does go a long way in flavoring. I researched a few recipes and ended up cutting the amount after a few test runs. The following recipe is so simple. You can whip up these cupcakes in a matter of minutes. For those who haven’t experienced the deliciousness of rose water, you will be surprised and greatly pleased. This is a great introduction to subtle, floral, summery aroma of rose water. INSPIREDHOMEMAGAZINE.COM



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these cupcakes are super easy and quick to make! they are made of the usual suspects but with a floral twist: flour, butter, sugar, flour, and leavening agent. the special 'ingredient' in this recipe is of course, rose water.

Before frosting the cupcakes, I spread a very small amount of rose jam on the cupcakes for extra deliciousness! Note: When you are hungry for a snack, rose water jam pairs very well with Parmesan cheese.

I have never owned a pastry bag, but with Zip Lock around, who needs them? So easy to do- just fill the bag, snip the corner and you are ready to go! When you are done, just toss them into the garbage can.

Wine Wisdom In the heat of summer, batch-style cocktails are a no-brainer. The recipes are usually simple and can be made ahead of time—perfect for boating or backyard entertaining! Your guests will be more than impressed when they are greeted with a warm welcome and a signature cocktail. If you are an avid reader of Inspired Home, you know that I am all about rosé, so I decided to share one of my favorite wine cocktails. Chelsey Malstrom Seven Sisters Spirits Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Strawberry Rosé Spritzer Ingredients 1 pint strawberries, stems removed and sliced in half 1 750mL bottle of rosé wine 2 cups of soda water 1/3 cup Aperol 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice Lemon twist for garnish Place strawberries in a large pitcher and cover with the rosé. Chill for 3 hours so the strawberries can absorb all the rosé deliciousness! After 3 hours, remove the strawberries with a slotted spoon; set aside. Stir in soda water, Aperol and lemon juice. This drink is ready to go! Pour mix into ice-filled glasses; garnish with the wine strawberries and a lemon twist.

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Dollop batter into 12 lined cupcake tins. For the frosting, add butter, sugar, vanilla and rose water to the bowl of a stand mixer. Beat until frosting is light and fluffy, about 8–10 minutes. Add food coloring until the desired color is reached. Finish off by frosting each cupcake with a swirl. Learn how to make your own rose water on page 94.

Beautiful Quartz and Granite prices you can afford. rOSE WATEr CUPCAKES For thE CAKE ½ cup unsalted butter, softened ¾ cups sugar 1 egg 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 1 1/8 cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder ½ teaspoon salt ½ cup whole milk For thE FroStINg 1 cup unsalted butter, room temperature 3 cups icing sugar, or to taste 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 1.5 teaspoons rose water 2–3 drops pink food coloring DIrECtIoNS Preheat oven to 325 degrees. In the bowl of a stand mixer, cream the butter and sugar. Add the egg, followed by the vanilla and rose water. Mix until pale yellow. In a separate bowl, sift the flour, baking powder and salt. gradually add to stand mixer at low speed, alternating with the milk.

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Pure Rose Water

Pure rose water is a heavenly flavor traditionally used in Greek pastries, pudding and cakes. Though rose water is quite easy to make at home, we did a little research and found two local companies that sell rose water, just in time for your first foray into the rose water experience! Swanson’s Health Products, 109 Broadway N., Fargo, 701.293.9842 Tochi Products, 1111 2nd Ave. N., Fargo, 701.232.7700

Homemade Rose Water


original beauty with artisan stained glass.

SErVES: 1.5 LItErS. COOK TIME: 30 MINUTES INgrEDIENtS: organic roses, approximately 7 stems Distilled water, enough to cover rose the petals (about 1.5 liters)

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1. remove petals from stems, rinse with luke-warm water to remove any residue.

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2. Add petals to a large pot and top with just enough distilled water to cover petals. 3. Over medium heat, bring to simmer and cover. Simmer 20-30 minutes until petals have lost their color to pale pink. 4. Strain mixture to separate petals from water. 5. Discard petals, place in sealed glass jar and store in refrigerator. INSPIREDHOMEMAGAZINE.COM

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he lyrics from George Gershwin’s stunning musical “Porgy and Bess” seem to sum up so much about what I want summer to be. They sum up so much about how summer used to be. But is that summer today? As I write this, I am sitting on my back deck, looking out over my backyard that is blooming with lush plants, shrubs, flowers and, yes again this summer, weeds. The pots of flowers are well into their season of abundance; my vegetables are growing along despite the rabbits’ insistence in “sharing” in my produce. This is a rare moment of quiet during what is supposed to be the longest and laziest season. But even this rare moment of quiet is engaged in a “task.” You’ll notice I started by saying I’m writing while I am out enjoying my backyard. Summer is not a long and lazy season for me or for nearly anyone I know. People use the extra hours of daylight to put in additional hours in their gardens or at their lake homes. I find myself waking up earlier and using the time to read the leadership books I need to be reading. I guess you could argue that taking time to read anything is a leisurely, slowed-down activity, but there’s something different about feeling an obligation to use my favorite pastime to try to fill my brain with more knowledge of how to better serve my constituents or how to better engage


with investors or manage staff. Much as I am interested in being a better executive, I find myself missing the mornings I used to have to read historical novels or biographies of interesting women—or even a simple magazine. I keep seeing all these articles encouraging parents to “let your kids be bored this summer.” Where is that admonishment for adults? In my office, we take summer Fridays and technically stop working at 1 p.m. But last summer, I left my office early one Friday, and even that was closer to 3 p.m. than 1 p.m.—one Friday in a long summer of Fridays. That needs to stop. This relentless pace so many of us are on needs to not just slow down but actually come to a screeching stop. I heard Garrison Keillor speak recently, and he said something that keeps running through my mind. He was talking about aging and pondered, “How many springs do I have left? How many lilacs will I still smell?” None of us knows how many anythings we have left, so we better be mindful of how we are spending our time, because even a long life is short in the big picture of time. I’m wrapping this up because there’s a stack of mindless magazines waiting for me, and then there’s a long nap to take as well as a glass of wine to enjoy and so much more. I hope the same for you this summer. INSPIREDHOMEMAGAZINE.COM

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