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It’s April and finally, finally we’re seeing some sunshine. Our fashion pages are full of gorgeous styles to inspire you for the months ahead, and in the true spirit of austerity we’ve tracked down some fabulous places to get hold of designer labels and top quality fashion for less. Our cover star, Heston Blumenthal, clearly loves talking about food – and he does just that in our interview with the award-winning chef. Who know anyone could wax quite so lyrical about a root vegetable? In the spirit of investigative journalism, I paid a visit to the Nuffield Health Fitness Centre in Cambridge to sample their excellent Health MOT and find out more about the gym. The results were quite surprising – and it’s no shock that I won’t be running the London Marathon this year...perhaps next year? If you’re taking part, good luck – and we have plenty of tips for what to wear and to how to prepare. We love to hear your stories so please get in touch and let us know your Marathon successes, or anything else you think we should know about. Enjoy Inspired …bye for now! All the best


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Horoscopes Tracie - Magic & Glitter Contact Number: 07956622279.

Aries March 21 - April 20 Have you been thinking about improving your appearance, go on treat yourself. Avoid not finishing what you started.

Taurus April 21 - May 21 You may be called upon to lend a helping hand, it will help you move forward on a personal level. Avoid thinking on the bad side of things.

Gemini May 22 - June 21

Button it! The fashion scene is seeing the world in black and white this season, with QDOS Buttons to brighten up phones everywhere! The QDOS Buttons Cameo iPhone 5 case gives your precious new iPhone 5 the latest in style makeovers with its funky, innovative design. A cut-out in the back of the black and white striped case shows off the classic Apple logo, but every case also comes with a selection of three pop-in 3D buttons, each showing off a different design, allowing this unique, on-trend design to be refreshed time and again.

It’s all about hopes and wishes this month, time to let people know how you really feel. Avoid ignoring your long term friends.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

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You’re looking at ways to maintain your self- confidence. Be attentive to those that count. Avoid becoming involved in others problems.

Leo July 23 - August 22 Stay calm and optimistic, go with the flow changes may expand your horizons. Avoid rows with the in-laws.

Virgo August 23 - September 23 Still keeping things to yourself, you will feel much better getting it off your chest. Avoid being so secretive.

Libra September 24 - October 23 The spotlight is on your relationship, Time to give your partner your full attention. Avoid being sharp with people.

Scorpio October 24 - November 22 It’s a great time to start that new health regimen, or any other self-improvement habits. Avoid criticizing your work colleges.

Sagittarius November 23 – December 21 Your social life needs a bit of help, its time to take up a new hobby or interest. Avoid being to extravagant.

Capricorn December 22 - January 20 Thinking of improving your environment, a move of home maybe in your thoughts. Avoid making changes that unsettle you.

Aquarius January 21- February 19 Family and loved ones are on your mind, show how you feel by giving them your attention. Avoid developing a fearful attitude.

Pisces February 20 - March 20 It’s looking like a profitable month for you, safeguard those important papers.



Free shoes!

New research has revealed women in the UK spent around £3.35billion on shoes last year but still leave two thirds of their collection of high heels, boots and sandals in the wardrobe. The survey, carried out by Diamond, showed that the average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes but only wears seven of them regularly, and that one in twenty shoe-a-holic women own more than 50 pairs! We go for quantity over quality too; 69% said if they were given £300 to spend on shoes, they would rather buy lots of cheaper shoes rather than one expensive pair, even though the most lusted-after shoes were the iconic red-soles of the Louboutin, with almost one fifth (18%) of women saying it’s the brand they most crave. If you’re looking for a chance to win some lovely free shoes, and by chance your insurance is due for renewal, head on over to the Diamond website and take part in their competition. Anyone who takes out a policy direct from Diamond before 30th April 2013 has the chance to win £300 a month to spend on shoes – every month - for a whole year.

Avoid feeling down and negative thoughts.

Visit for more information on the competition.

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How well do you know your neighbours?” Thousands of people in Chelmsford don’t know their neighbours – because they’re too busy to make an effort or just don’t think they have anything in common. Does that sound like you? Research carried out among 3,000 Chelmsford adults by The Big Lunch - found that almost half of those surveyed in Chelmsford don’t know more than their neighbour’s first name, with 20 per cent having no idea what their neighbours’ names are. The good news is that three quarters of people would like there to be more community spirit in their area, with 51 per cent of those saying it would make their neighbourhood feel safer

know, you might even end up with a new best friend, simply from knocking on your neighbour’s door to say hello.”

while 71 per cent think it would make people happier. Sir Tim Smit, Co-Founder of The Big Lunch, said: “There was a time when everyone was very friendly with the people living next door. But as time has gone on, this seems to be becoming rarer, and it’s a shame to see that there are many people in Chelmsford who haven’t got the time or are too shy to get to know their neighbours. “If you get to know your neighbours, not only does it create a happier, safer environment to live in, but you will probably find they are happy to help you out with your pets or water your plants when you go on holiday. You never

Behavioural Expert, Judi James, said: “There’s no need to feel you’re taking a huge plunge when you start to get to know your neighbours. It’s the ice-breaker effect that is needed to convert strangers into possible friends or acquaintances. We need a good reason for knocking on the door and The Big Lunch is just that, the perfect ice-breaker that gets everyone involved in a positive experience.” Here’s your chance to get friendly with the people who live near you… on 2 June 2013, The Big Lunch will take place in Chelmsford, encouraging neighbours across the UK to come together on one day to share a few hours of food, friendship and fun. For further information or to request a free pack containing invitations, recipes a planner, posters and other materials to help organise your Big Lunch, visit: | ISSUE 24 - 2013 | PAGE 7



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Heston Blumenthal could arguably be described as Britain’s most ambitious chef. A self-taught chef who has risen sharply to become one of the world’s foremost authorities on food and especially known for his fantastical creations, he finds inspiration for his experiments everywhere. His flagship restaurant, The Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire, with its three Michelin stars, his numerous books and television shows and appearances… despite all this success, it seems not too much of it has gone to his head. His humility in character apparently transfers easily over to his business ventures. “It’s great that The Fat Duck has succeeded without being a grand venue itself,” he says. “It doesn’t have grounds, a lake at the front or a view of the ocean. It’s a little old cottage on the side of the road that has achieved what it has because of what goes on inside it.” The restaurant continues to enjoy success despite the on-going recession putting a squeeze on people’s finances. People always need to eat – and they are evidently not cutting back on eating out when the experience is so highly valued.

“No matter what kind of industry you are in, I think there are business fundamentals that are particularly important during times of austerity,” he says. “For me, everything comes down to food, service and value for money. Value for money isn’t always to do with how much you pay; you can have value for money at a really expensive restaurant and be totally ripped off at a cheap one. “I think service might be even more important than food,” he continues. “If food goes out as it should do, then it’s the service that will make or break whether a customer will come back. For us, time has never been more important, and when we go to a restaurant we want to be relaxed; we want to have a good time. If food is served properly, friendly and humanly, then people will invariably have had a great experience.” Blumenthal’s approach to food comes from the thrill of creation – taking inspiration from all sources, however unlikely, that he encounters wherever he goes and from the people he meets. He believes there is a misconception that food is all about taste – and the several hundred dishes in development at his lab could be seen as something of a mission statement. “I think we’re all looking to change food, just at different levels,” he says. One of his earlier TV shows, Heston’s Michelin Impossible, was aimed at transforming offerings within various national institutions such as within the NHS and at the cinema. But for people watching at home their equivalent transformation could be preparing

something in a different way, or turning a sauce on its head to re-invent vegetables or meat. Reinventing vegetables seems to be something at the forefront of Blumenthal’s mind: “If you have ambition and versatility then what you can create in food becomes pretty much endless. Vegetables will always offer you that more than anything else because of the way you can prepare, blend and dress them. “For me, onions and potatoes represent entirely that versatility. They’re so simple yet the options are incredibly complex – the flavour, the texture... everything.” Of course, such simplicity wouldn’t quite reflect Heston’s persona – that of a culinary magician who has inspired millions to experiment just like he has – and so dishes such as cucumber ketchup with roasted scallops bear his mark. In his current TV series, Heston’s Fantastical Food, he creates supersized versions of meals and treats, evoking the wonder of childhood food. This is all part of the feeling of excitement he aims to generate through his creations – the experience being the overriding factor. “I think people do need to be more excited about fruit, vegetables, and meat for that matter,” he says. “I feel that public health campaigns have probably gone too far in that they only talk about nutrition. We need to get back to people enjoying their food for the smell, the flavour and the overall eating experience. If you turn people on to that within the right kinds of foods, then the health aspect will take care of itself.” Interview from INTERVIEW HUB |

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Why Heston Blumenthal’s passion for innovative food continues...

Top marathon training tips

The final countdown to the 2013 London Marathon has begun and the capital will soon throb to the sound of thumping feet and cheering crowds. Runners from all over the world are making last minute preparations, and running their last few practice miles before they take to London’s famous streets. Some will be running for glory; others for charity; or just for a laugh, but whatever the reason, everybody wants to finish. Training can be an exhausting, lonely pursuit. Lots of determined individuals will have allowed their training to slow down, or even lapse completely. Follow the advice from CryoClinics on and you can make your marathon a great achievement.

Last-Minute Training If training has lapsed then there still may be time to save it; however, there are some basic levels of fitness required at this stage. With four weeks to go, if you can’t run for 16 miles without stopping, then the London Marathon is too long a race and it would be dangerous to take part. If you you’re your training schedule could involve the following: • MONDAY - Each week should be started with either a 30 minute, hard swim or interval running. • TUESDAY - Rest and Recovery. Hill running every first and third Tuesday. • WEDNESDAY - Strength building exercises, such as weight or circuit training.

• THURSDAY - Rest and Recovery. Steady-speed running every second Thursday. 8-10 miles. • FRIDAY – Distance Running: fourth last week – 20 miles; third last week – 22 miles; second last week – 6 miles; last week – rest. • SATURDAY - Rest and Recovery. At least 24 hours rest after the long run. • SUNDAY – Gentle swim, jog or Yoga/ Pilates class to strengthen core.

Rest and Recovery Rest and recovery does not mean sitting around watching TV or going to the pub: a massage to soothe those aching and recovering muscles; an ice-bath; or relaxing walk can help. Cryotherapy is a useful technique for athletes, using low temperatures to increase recovery rates and cellular survival. Mo Farah used it before the London Olympics. Race visualisation can be an amazing tool, especially in the final weeks and days. Visualising prepares your body and mind for the race, and some people can feel their muscles twitching in response to their imagined exertions. It can aslo calm you down, as in your mind you’ve run the race a thousand times.

Stretching Stretches should be performed after each ex-

ercise to get rid of lactic acid build up and help muscle recovery. Stretching doesn’t prevent injury, and if done incorrectly, it can even cause it, so it’s important to know how to stretch properly. There are four types of stretching: ballistic; static; dynamic; and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. It’s vital to know the benefits of, and how to do each.

Race Day Preparation Pack the night before; it’s important not to have to worry about packing shoes or train tickets on the day. The route should be planned and travel reports checked in advance. Arrive in plenty of time to meet with other runners; the London Marathon can be a very long race without running mates. Water will be provided along the route but energy bars and drinks should be packed the night before. Nutrition intake should not be changed on the day, as a change (even in brand), can lead to disaster. The most vital considerations are to stay hydrated and avoid glycogen depletion. Have a light, nutritious breakfast. Muesli or porridge and a couple of bananas, or toast and honey should do the trick. Everybody hits ‘the wall’ at some point, but if the time has been put in pounding the road and in the gym, and a healthy and nutritious eating plan has been followed, success, and the enormous euphoria that accompanies it, can be enjoyed. Good luck!

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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

Getting fit for summer… I’m not great at winter. I tend to abandon my fitness efforts once the clocks go back and replace gym visits with nights in front of the TV and salads with stodge. So when Nuffield Health asked me if I wanted to pop in and sample their Health MOT service, I agreed… with more than a little trepidation. I travelled to the Cambridge club, but the Health MOT is something the Nuffield group is justifiably proud to provide at all its fitness and wellbeing clubs. It’s a genius idea; you have tests carried out when you join, and if your results improve, you’re rewarded with a month’s free membership. If they don’t, after two Health MOT tests, you can cancel at absolutely no penalty. Of course, they know if you’ve actually been or not, so there’s no cheating. Jenny Dipple, General Manager at Cambridge, said that very few people ever exercise this option – presumably because most people find the mix of fitness and motivation at Nuffield so inspiring?

The Health MOT takes around an hour and involves lifestyle questions and diagnostic tests carried out by clinically-trained staff members. Jenny emphasised that although staff are trained to carry out the tests , they aren’t doctors, so they will flag up anything they think might be a problem and refer you to your GP. In my case, a previous bout of high blood pressure and Repetitive Strain Injury meant that I was advised to only train at 70% of my maximum effort, unless my GP advised otherwise. Gareth, who tested me, said that it was a precaution and they were very keen to make sure members weren’t at any risk. My height, waist and hip measurements were taken and I was weighed. Ouch. From that my BMI was calculated and it was high, but that was no surprise. Other tests involved taking my blood pressure, strapping on a heart monitor to measure my resting heart rate and aerobic fitness, and pinprick blood sugar and cholesterol tests. I was pleased to hear that

everything was fine, apart from my BMI and a slightly raised cholesterol reading. Excellent! The smile was soon wiped off of my face when everything was fed into the computer and my high BMI wiped out all the rest of the good results and classified me as off the bottom of the scale when it came to my overall score. I’m afraid to say that I might have pouted. At least I have something to work with, and in fact Jenny has agreed that I’ll go back in three months to see if there’s been an improvement, so I had better get to the gym pronto! Fees to join Nuffield Health Clubs aren’t the cheapest, but the personal touch is very evident and the contracts are fairer than most; if you’re made redundant or move more than five miles from your nearest club, you can cancel your membership with just a month’s notice. The club is light and airy, with a big pool, a spa, a café and an enormous gym. The studios are crammed with interesting classes, including one I hadn’t seen before called Flexibar which looked like fun. I can’t wait to go back and find out if I’ve improved in a few months… Find out more: Chelmsford or Hertford |

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Spring Health – by Rosie Orgles Spring is here - the days are getting longer, the weather warmer and flowers are starting to bloom. It’s time to unfurl from your winter hibernation and put that spring back in your step. Your body takes a battering during winter and all oomph can be zapped out of you but with a few simple changes to your diet and lifestyle you can feel refreshed and rejuvenated ready for whatever the next season has in store! During the cold dark months your body gets used to warming comfort foods, lazy days indoors and a constant fight against illnesses but in spring this can all change. The best things for your body now are fresh nutrient-packed foods, daily physical activity and a re-stock of vitamins and goodness.

Diet It’s quite simple, with longer more active days upon us our bodies need to be more energetic than they did in winter. Your energy-levels can easily be boosted by cutting back on the heavy foods you indulged in during the cooler months, introducing superfoods to fuel your body and increasing your intake of water. These changes will not only rid your body of toxins and give you a new lease of life they’ll cut calories from your diet too. The healthy mantra for this season is fresh is best. To restore your body with energy after winter, always choose whole foods over processed foods to ensure you are putting only goodness into your body, no nasties. As the weather brightens, our tastes naturally turn to healthier options. We no longer crave that frothy hot chocolate but fancy something a little lighter, green teas or smoothies are great alternatives. Substituting your carb-based meals for lighter options will also help boost your metabolism. Simply swap your toast for cereal, hot paninis for salad and stodgy dinners for steamed fish with vegetables. Introducing more fibre into your diet can prevent bloating and make you feel a lot less clogged. For a quick boost, beans, vegetables, fruit and whole grains in any shape or form are great.

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ISSUE 24 - 2013

If you fancy a bit of detoxification, leafy greens are a must. Lettuce and spinach will kick-start your body’s clear-out and re-balance your inner nutrients. Another easy adjustment you can make to your diet to lighten your meals and calorie intake is switching from white to brown – bread, pasta and rice. Louise Digby, Nutritional Consultant BSc (Hons) mBANT, who practices at The Nutri Clinic in Chelmsford shares her expert advice on dietary, lifestyle and supplemental change: “The transition from winter to spring has been long awaited and there are some simple dietary changes that can be made in line with the change of season. Buying at local farmers markets ensures you’re eating fruit and vegetables that are fresh and locally grown. You should see lots of watercress, radishes, new potatoes, purple sprouting broccoli, peppers, apples, pears, apricots and gooseberries at this time of year. Eating in season not only means you’re eating recently grown produce, it also ensures that your diet is varied as we go through the year, preventing ‘food boredom’ and maximising the range of nutrients in the diet.


“A good supplement to consider taking after the long winter is vitamin D. Our main source of vitamin D is from the sun and after what feels like an eternity without sunshine our levels of vitamin D may be depleted. We can get vitamin D from the diet, however, the best source is salmon and we would need to eat around 20 fillets a week to get the RNI! (You shouldn’t eat more than 2-3 portions of fish per week). Researchers agree that D3 seems to be the most beneficial form, however, D2 is available for vegetarians. “Make the most of the lighter evenings by walking the dog, gardening or maybe even a bike ride! We can be left feeling sluggish and sleepy after the comforting food we indulge in during the winter and getting active will lead to deeper sleep, helping you to feel more energised during the day. “Why not have a spring clean? Housework is great exercise, with fantastic toning benefits and you can relax in a nice clean house after!” For more information about The Nutri Clinic and the services available visit

Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

Exercise Winter will soon be a distant memory and your thoughts will turn to planning a summer holiday but if the idea of unveiling yourself from under your snuggly jumpers and exposing all in your swimwear terrifies you, then here is your chance to adjust slowly. James St Pierre, Founder and Personal Trainer at Unique Results in Chelmsford, gives his advice on changing routine and getting active as you head into the warmer months:

Dip 1 & Dip 2

“As the evenings get lighter and the clocks go forward our natural inclination to move more and get more active should kick in. If that natural changing of the seasons doesn’t provide us with enough incentive to step up our game then the prospect of a summer beach holiday may provide an additional stimulus! “

My 3 top tips to ‘Spring into Fitness’ are as follows:

Lunge 1 / Lunge 2 and Plank

1) Use a mode of activity or exercise that you actually enjoy! If you enjoy walking – walk. If you enjoy cycling – cycle. If you enjoy swimming – swim. You will be far more likely to sustain and keep to a programme of regular exercise if you actually enjoy the process and it doesn’t feel like a slog each time you come to do a session.

Press Up 1 & Press Up 2

2) Exercise within a group or supportive environment where you will be encouraged and held to account. Most of us in our nature enjoy being around other like-minded people. Find a group of friends who have similar goals to you, join a local exercise class or hire a personal trainer. These people will help keep you on track and encourage you on days when you otherwise may be tempted to stay on the sofa! 3) Think about consistency rather than intensity. To begin with, the main thing will be exercising regularly (2 – 4 times per week) Exercise at an intensity you are comfortable at. With increased intensity comes an increased risk of injury and if you’re injured you can’t train at all. After you have a few weeks of training behind you, slowly start building the

Images (Source: Unique Results) Squat 1 & Squat 2 intensity of what you are doing. Remember the hare and the tortoise! James’ recommended daily workout: 5 basic bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere and cost nothing! Squats and Lunges for your lower body. Press-up and dips for your upper body. A plank for your whole body (also focusing on your midsection)

Each of the exercises can be progressed (to make them more challenging) or regressed (to make them slightly easier) but they are a great place to start. If you would like any more help or information please go to or follow them on twitter @UniqueResults.

So as you wave goodbye to winter, simply eat more fresh food, boost your vitamin D levels and get active to feel re-energised and say hello to a season full of goodness and vitality. |

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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

Hypnosis helps Perfect you sleep well. Curls - By Claire Rich. It is a well known fact that sleep is a biological necessity and an essential part of our daily life. We need sleep to maintain a healthy mind and body so we can function and perform at our best. It is equally as important as eating a healthy diet and doing regular physical exercise. We all need a good night’s sleep but the amount we need does differ from person to person. Some people function well on very little sleep whilst others need at least 7 hours per night in order to feel even half human the next day. Anywhere between 3 to 11 hours per night can be considered normal but there’s no right or wrong, you’ll just know what works best for you. Of course, everyone has the odd bad night’s sleep from time to time but when it becomes a regular occurrence you know you’ve got a problem. So how can you tell if you are getting enough sleep? The best way is to see how you feel at 11am and 2pm. If you feel jaded, are struggling to concentrate, feel tired and all you want to do is have a nap or a strong cup of coffee then you are probably not getting enough sleep. On the other hand if you feel awake, focused and full of energy then whatever you are doing is probably okay. What is clear though is that if we don’t get good quality sleep on a regular basis then we get tired, fed up, run down and eventually become ill. This creates stress on our mind and body and affects everything we do. Things we usually take in our stride become an effort and it can feel like we are stuck in a vicious circle with no way out.

The perfect curl is something that eludes most of us…so the professionals at BaByliss have come to the rescue, making us curl perfect with the new BaByliss PRO Perfect Curl. This wonder gadget automatically draws hair into the ceramic curl chamber where it is held and heated from all directions, gently creating curls. You can choose from three different timer settings and three heat settings up to 230˚C to create looser waves and soft curls or more defined curls. Perfect Curl can also create tumbling curls on longer hair to mid length styles and a range of different hair types from fine, delicate and coloured to thick and wavy hair. Launched this month, it’s available online at @BaBylissPROUK

Mineral Detox

However don’t despair, I am always helping clients overcome sleep difficulties such as: 1) 2) 3) 4)

Trouble falling asleep. Waking up constantly during the night. Waking up early in the morning. Waking up feeling drowsy, tired and unrefreshed.

The good news is that when you go into this totally natural state called ‘hypnosis’ your mind and body automatically heals and re-energises itself at the cellular level leaving you feeling calm, relaxed, positive and more confident. More importantly people tend to sleep well after sessions. But the best bit is that just 20 minutes of hypnosis is the equivalent of 8 hours good quality sleep. Yes you read that right... and that’s before we even work on the specific goal whether that is to overcome insomnia, lose weight, feel more motivated, sort out a fear or phobia, reduce stress and anxiety or increase confidence. So if you want to really maximise your performance, wellbeing and success take control now and call me on (01245) 444105 to book your ‘Free Initial Consultation’. Better quality sleep is only a phone call away! |

Fancy a bit of an at-home spa treat? Look no further than lovely Champneys, who have introduced a new Mineral Detox collection is inspired by the Thalassotherapy treatment available at Champneys Spas. The collection combines four products enriched with sea minerals and seaweed extracts to help detoxify skin through the removal of surface impurities. They contain Lipofirm to help firm skin along with a blend of mineral based ingredients to condition and scents of patchouli, lemon peel oil and orange oil revive and refresh. The collection includes Mineral Detox Body Scrub (£8.00), Mineral Detox Bath Salts (£8.00), Mineral Detox Shower Gel (£6.00). Mineral Detox Firming Hip & Thigh Gel (£10.00). The Mineral Detox Collection (£12.00) contains a trio of the Champneys Mineral Detox range in travel size (40ml) along with a body massager. Available exclusively at Champneys Resorts & Day Spas and online at, Boots stores nationwide and

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at Marc by Marc Jacobs RED



Did you know we do nails too... Book to have your OPI Gel manicure or pedicure done and you can have your hair blow-dried for HALF PRICE ! Only with selected stylists Excludes Saturdays and Evenings. (Not in conjunction with any other offer).

just mention inspired Redken Global Styling Director Guido created absolutely amazing big retro curls for Marc by Marc Jacobs at NYFW 2013 and it’s looking good! Guido said: “The inspiration for this look was a 1940′s-era woman, an uptown girl, but then we made it more fun, and thus more Marc by Marc. We didn’t want it to feel symmetrical or too perfect, the backbrushing gives a teased effect, a little crazy.”

#2. When dry, make a deep side part and then pin curl hair in small sections, alternating with a 1-inch curling iron and 1 1/4 inch iron, pinning each curl to the the head with setting pins. #3. When finished curling the whole head, leave to set and when then when hair has cooled unpin each curl. #4. When finished unpinning each curl, run fingers lightly through curls and then gently brush out with a boar bristle brush for more volume.

#1. Apply Redken guts 10 root

#5. Backbrush the top front section and then sweep the section across the forehead and secure in place with a bobby pin.

targeted volume spray foam from roots to ends to create volume and a base for styling and blow-dry hair.

style with Redkin fashion work 12 versatile working spray to smooth the surface and hold the style.

To create the look Guido used Redken products and here is a step-by-step:

#6. Finish by spraying the entire

Photos Courtesy of Charles Sykes for Redken.

Opulent Styling To book an appointment call:

01245 256 872

Kings Head Walk | Chelmsford | CM2 6FH |

ISSUE 24 - 2013 | PAGE 15

Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

Hair by Redken

Ladies Fashion

Affordable Glamour Glamour comes at a price, right? If you want to look a million dollars, you’d better be prepared to spend as much on getting the look, because there are no short cuts. Actually, no. Cash-strapped times call for ingenious measures when it comes to looking fantastic, and with pre-loved fashion, discounted designer gear and secret sales popping up all over the place, there’s never been a better time to get all the best looks at a price that won’t make your bank manager suck his or her cheeks in disapprovingly. Shannon Kovacs from www.MyCelebrityFashion. has some advice if you’re looking for good quality, designer-style fashion.

“Missguided, New Look and River Island have fantastic, bargain pieces which look like they’ve stepped straight off a designer catwalk. Not only are they affordable places to shop, but you literally cannot tell the difference if you popped a designer dress next to a high street lookalike. Why paying thousands of pounds for something, when we have the Great British High Street, which offers amazing fashion at purse friendly prices?” My Celebrity Fashion has been researching the styles we most covet, and found out that the dress most people want to copy right now is

Designer Discounts If it’s designer labels you’re after, but you can’t really justify designer prices, don’t fret! is a great place to get clothes, shoes and accessories online and you’ll be able to get your hands on discounts for all the family – including Lipsy shoes and Bench tops. A great place to start but be warned, the great discounts will wreak havoc on your credit card if you’re not careful…

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You might already have heard of – well have a look at their amazing deals and you’ll want to sign up. Not just fashion, but beauty and home ware too. I found some amazing bargains – a Bastyan Black Lucky Corset Dress for £124.75 (RRP £275) and some beautiful D&G green leopard print sandals for £114 (RRP £303). The sexy and sophisticated Hunters and Gatherers shift dress is an amazing £59 (RRP £150) too. Brand Alley is a members -only site but registration is completely free and there are great bargains to be had with flash sales and a permanent online outlet sale too.

ISSUE 24 - 2013 |

the red dress that Rihanna wore to the 2013 Grammy Awards. The other most searched-for items are Angelina Jolie’s black Versace gown and Pippa Middleton’s Maid of Honour dress, even though the Royal Wedding was two years ago! Some hopeful people even wanted to find a copy of Lady Gaga’s meat dress too…each to their own. was launched in August 2008 by a group of fashion addicts who were fed up of not being able to find their favourite celebrities clothing at prices that they could afford.

Get The Label 1 Clubl Cap Sleeve Skater Dress £14.99 RRP: £34.99 2 Little Mistress Jean Scallop Dress £14.99 RRP: £44.99 3 Henleys Single Jacket £69.99 RRP: £174.99 4 Henleys Biker Jean £24.99 RRP: £74.99 5 Bench Repetition Top £17.99 RRP: £29.99 6 Rare Metallic Dress £19.99 RRP: £45.99 7 Rare Bandeau £29.99 RRP:£64.99 8 Lipsy Kourtney Platform snake skin & pink £34.99 RRP: £74.99 9 Lipsy Court Shoe £29.99 RRP: £69.99 Brand Alley 1 Dolce & Gabbana @BrandAlley, Green Leopard Print Sandals, RRP 303 BrandAlley Price £114.50 2 Vanessa Knox @BrandAlley, Black Grace Silk Blend Dress, RRP £495 BrandAlley Price £89 3 Sticky Fingers @BrandAlley, Gold Daphne Silk Dress, RRP £155 BrandAlley Price £47 4 Hunters and Gatherers @BrandAlley, Green Celeste Shift Dress, RRP £150, BrandAlley Price £59 5 Bastyan @BrandAlley, Black Lucky Corset Dress, RRP £275 BrandAlley Price £124.50


Get The Label

Designer Discounts #8

#5 #3


#9 #6


Brand Alley

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Ladies Fashion


Ladies Fashion




– Danilo Gabrielli is currently offering Inspired readers an amazing 45% discount. The offer is open until April 30, 2013. Just quoteVIP2013 at checkout!

You can see some of the key pieces with their pricing at

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Ladies Fashion

Timeless occasion dressing Inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood, Danilo Gabrielli’s timeless collection is designed to make women feel strong, elegant and confident. Perfect for weddings, cocktail parties and that special event, the flowing silk chiffons, delicate organzas and beautifully tailored silk linen suits will impress friends and family, and look wonderful if you’re lucky enough to be going to any of this year’s most prestigious country or society events. You can see some of the key pieces with their pricing at |

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Ladies Fashion

Here Comes the Bride The thought of snooty shop assistants and size 8 sample sizes is enough to put any bride-to-be off their stroke when it comes to searching for the perfect dress for their big day. It’s even harder if you’re a size 14 or above, and on a budget. Stress no more – Simply Be has introduced a bridal range that suits the discerning curvaceous bride and her budget too. Be the picture of bridal glamour in this ivory, wrap front wedding gown. Falling beautifully to the floor, this V-neck dress is designed in an ultra-flattering double-lined stretch fabric. The front drapes into a waterfall finish drawing attention to the waist and giving a gorgeous hourglass shape. The gown also features three-quarter-length sleeves and an embellished, detachable brooch. Wear it with skyscraper heels to finish off the statuesque look. Price £100

Seal your status as a bridal goddess in this Grecian-style, oyster-hued wedding gown. Designed with a satin lining and overlaid with a delicate, soft-feel fabric, the empire-line cut ensures this dress is perfect for brides with bigger chests. The waist is cinched with a stunning beaded trim and the split angel-style sleeves offer delicate semi-coverage of the arms. Sitting just above the ankle, the dress will showcase your wedding shoes of choice and will look flawless with silver and pearl accessories. Price £90

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Ladies Fashion

Classic bridal style combined with eye-catching detail; this petal trim maxi gown truly stunning. Cut in a clean empire-line, the simple design of the dress shows off the striking petal trim detail to maximum effect. The petals cover a generous enough area to hide bra straps, so that comfortable bridal lingerie can be worn beneath. The bodice is double layered for extra support and the back features a tie fastening and ruched elastic. Price ÂŁ100

The unique knot-front maxi dress comes in a soft, blush-peach colour way and falls just above the ankle. Featuring a ruched front that pulls in the waist, the centre is detailed with diamante and beads, overlaid on a delicate mesh panel. The V-neckline is cut to enhance the bust and the thick straps allow for your choice of supportive lingerie. The dress is fastened with a concealed zip to the back and the skirt is structured with careful panelling to create a luxurious finish. Price ÂŁ100 |

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Ladies Fashion

RiverislandDione Animal Print Jumpsuit £45, Amber Floral Print Jumpsuit £45 Black Kasabian sandals £40 Black TEX Trainers £35

primarkDenim sweat £6, printed short £4, wedge trainer £15, pink bag £6, visor £2.50, necklace £6

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Ladies Fashion

Update your wardrobe for less at Lakeside Whatever your budget, updating your wardrobe for spring/summer has never been easier. Angela Poplett, Lakeside’s Personal Shopper, shares her top tips on the items to invest in now to see you through the season ahead. “The key trends that we’re seeing in the shops at the moment – monochrome, pastel shades and army chic – have made it easier than ever to update your wardrobe for less. A few well chosen accessories and key pieces will ensure you look up-to-date and on-trend, whichever style you go for. “You can’t miss monochrome at the moment. All the celebrities are wearing it on the front row at fashion week and there are beautiful window displays in the shops at Lakeside tempting us back to black and white. Get the celebrity look with a pair of black skinny jeans or leather-look trousers and a crisp white shirt (one from T.M. Lewin will be worth the investment). These items stay in fashion year after year so your money certainly won’t be wasted.

“This spring/summer, cool ice cream shades are going to be everywhere and they’re perfect if you’ve got light hair and pale skin. A few basic tops and pretty dresses from in pastel hues of pink, blue and yellow will have you looking the part in no time. Or, if you’d rather stick with a strong colour palette when it comes to your clothes, accessorise with a candy-coloured bag or belt from River Island or Primark at Lakeside. “You can mix and match pastels as much as you like but be careful when you pair together two shades of the same colour – you don’t want to look over-coordinated.


“Accessories are also the perfect way to achieve the army chic look without breaking the bank. The aim is to look tough but also chic so stick with basics like white t-shirts and combats then add chunky accessories like leather belts and jewellery with plenty of embellishment. Lakeside’s new Forever 21 is the place to go for amazing accessories at affordable prices. “The best thing about experimenting with trends through accessories is the opportunity to make every look individual without spending a fortune. Take a reasonably priced basic item; add your own twist with jewellery, belts or a bag and you’ll have everyone asking where you got your new outfit!” To book your very own FREE personal shopping session with Angela, call 01708 869 933 or visit Lakeside is open from 10am - 10pm weekdays, 9am – 9pm Saturday and 11am – 5pm Sunday. |

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Gentleman’s Den

AppToyz - AppCopter

Have you ever thought about flying a helicopter using your iPhone or iPod Touch? Now you can with the AppCopter – a gyro stabilised 3 channel helicopter controlled using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Together with a unique ergonomic peripheral you’ll be able to turn them into the most intuitive remote controls ever! Simply plug the peripheral into the iPod Touch or iPhone and use the DPAD (traditional remote control) or the built-in accelerometer to fly the helicopter using the tilt function – and get ready for the coolest flying experience.

With an 8 metre flying range, an integral speaker and an amplifier for sound that allow a wide range of sound effects within the app to enhance the experience. The peripheral unit is charged using a USB charger so no batteries are required and has strong suckers to attach to your controlling device. Let your phone become the cockpit to fly the latest gyro ‘copter. The ‘copter will react to your every move and leave you believing you’re a pilot.

About AppToyz: AppToyz is a new concept in fun. Using all the genius of the iPhone and the iPod Touch 4th generation and combining them with physical toys to create an amazing gaming experience - the ultimate device becomes the ultimate toy.

Doodle Case for iPhone 5

The launch range includes the AppBlaster, AppCopter, AppRacer and the AppWheel.

Features: * For use with iPhone 3GS/4 and iPod Touch 4G or newer * Use applications to enjoy the toy * Control unit charges using a USB charger * No batteries required * Check out our range of AppToyz Please note: iPhone 3GS/4 or iPod Touch 4G or newer required to play the AppToyz Price: £39.99 FREE UK Delivery Available from:

Give your iPhone 5 a personal touch with this customisable Doodle Case. Just use the included pen to decorate the slimline case, then clip it onto your iPhone 5 to protect and add some creative artwork. If you ever get bored of the design, just wipe the case clean with the included solution and you can start doodling a new design. It’s a great way to make your iPhone 5 stand out from the crowd. With the included wipe-clean black marker pen, you can customise the design in anyway you want e.g. graffiti style writing, intricate patterns or inspirational quotes/lyrics, it’s down to you to decide. When the ink has dried on the case, the only way it can be removed is by using the cleaning solution and soft cloth included to remove your design. - A.D.

Contents: * Clip-on case * Black marker pen * Spray bottle of cleaning solution * Soft cleaning cloth

Features: * * * *

Customisable doodle iPhone 5 case A fantastic way to protect and personalise your phone in one Lightweight cover provides protection against knocks and scratches Note: Doodle iPhone Case is only compatible with the iPhone 5

£12.99 FREE UK Delivery Available from:

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Gentleman’s Den

Karl Lagerfeld Launches Watch Collection to the World The Karl Lagerfeld watch collection was launched in March at Boutique Goldsmiths. The collection of these modern and fashion inspired time pieces have been created in collaboration with Fossil, and feature some unique and bold designs. Born from the mind of Karl Lagerfeld, the watch collection boldly represents the designer’s vision translated to modern time pieces. Iconic and edgy, the seven watch platforms are presented in an assortment of colours and sizes, offering the ultimate in fashion versatility. One of the most unique pieces in the collection is the ‘Karl Zip’ (pictured main), Lagerfeld’s favourite silhouette. The Zip embodies everything that is Karl Lagerfeld with irreverent design and enduring appeal. The exposed zipper is fully functional and does more than lure the eye—you can wear this runway-ready style as multiple accessories. The most striking without a doubt is the square dial studded watch, which features zips and three leather fastening straps. The watch collection is available to buy now online and in store, prices range from £139 – £549 * Black Steel Rectangular Watch – £279 * Stainless Steel Chain Watch – £279 * Round Polished Stainless Steel Watch - £185 Available at Boutique Goldsmiths nationwide

Bentley’s first fragrance for men Think Bentley and your mind will conjure up a lifestyle image of luxury, success and elegance. Feel Bentley, if you’re lucky enough to step into this classic car, then you’ll be cocooned in the aroma of fine leather, see the smooth glossy wood veneer and chrome fittings. And if you’re lucky enough to drive in a Bentley you’ll feel the smoothness, comfort and quiet power of the ride. Now Bentley have collaborated with perfume houses Firmenich and Robertet to capture the essence of this iconic car into a bottle and have created three men’s fragrances:

Only 999 flacons have been made of this collectable item and will be available in Harrods, Lalique boutiques and the Bentley motor stores as from April 2013. |

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Gentleman’s Den

Picking A New Men’s Hairstyle “What Are We Doing For You Today?” When you visit a hairdressers, do you dread the question: “What are we doing for you today?”. For some people, it can be one of the hardest questions in the world to answer accurately. Not only can it feel quite intimidating when you are sat in the chair and your stylist is waiting expectantly, you’re also probably thinking

“you’re the hairdresser, you tell me”. However, it is extremely important that you have a decent idea of what you really want, before you step foot in the salon.

Finding Inspiration Let’s say you are bored with your current hairstyle – where do you find inspiration for a new one? We only have to look around us to see the latest hair trends – glossy magazines, celebrities, sports stars and popular culture can be huge influences on what we personally desire from our own hair and clothes. Not only that, dedicated online resources (like FashionBeans’ very own hairstyles gallery) collate excellent examples of modern cuts, which you should consider saving to show your stylist. I often find that customers feel awkward bringing pictures to a consultation but I personally find it an enormous help. What better way to show your stylist how you want your hair to look than to actually show them an image of the finished style? Even if the image is not exactly how you want it or the model’s hair is not the same texture/density as yours, it’s great to have that image as a starting off point – you can then collaborate with your stylist in order to mould it to your individual specification and needs.

Before You Make The Leap There are several influential factors that need to be seriously considered before you choose your new hairstyle: * Maintenance - How often will you need to get your hair cut to keep on top of the style? * Time - How much time are you willing to spend styling your hair? * Products/Budget - Are you willing to style your hair with hair products? Leading on from this, are you prepared to invest good money in purchasing the exact products you need to recreate the look at home to the same standard? * Equipment - Are you open to using a hairdryer or maybe straighteners to keep the style looking its best? * Personal Style - What kind of clothes do you wear and how would you describe your personal style? There is probably no point opting for an edgy, rockabilly-inspired slicked-back undercut if you like to dress timeless and refined at all times. * Job - Is your haircut smart/practical enough for work? This may seem like quite a big list but work your way through it and figure out where you draw the line. Be realistic as it will be easier to make decisions and guide your stylist if you are honest about your answers. Once you have considered all the factors above, you can then start to really think about how you want your hair to be styled. This can be quite hard, especially if you’re only used to having a simple short back and sides.

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Pinpointing Your Ideal Hairstyle It can be hard to come up with a vivid image of the type of hairstyle you would like, especially if you are considering the style as a whole. I always try to break the haircut down into sections, which makes it easier to get your head around: * Start With The Sides - Would you like to see your scalp or would you like some movement in the hair? Do you like it tidy or untidy over the ears? * The Back - Would you like it to be the same length as the sides or longer? Do you like the hair to be cut into the neck or left unkempt? * The Top - How will you wear it? Flat, unkempt or spiky? * The Front - Will you want it longer or shorter than the sides? Do you prefer the hair to be on or off your face? Alternatively, you could sweep the hair to the side.

I personally feel I have a great relationship with all of my clients and love trying new styles with them. One thing I have never been able to wrap my head around is if someone has been visiting the same stylist for an extended period of time and then opts for a new salon and a new stylist just because they wanted to try a ‘new look’. I would like to think most stylists out there don’t just give the “same again” service – it is a huge part of our job to inspire clients, so give them a chance to help and make them aware during your consultation that you are considering a change. On the flip side, if your current stylist is not willing to entertain the idea of a new hairstyle or proactively tries to put you off every single idea you come up with, it might be time to try a new one.

Men’s Hairstyle Inspiration For better or worse, the most requested hairstyles we get asked to recreate are: TOWIE men, One Direction, David Beckham and Gary Barlow. S Below you will find the four most popular cuts from the FashionBeans hairstyles gallery over the past thirty days. Remember there are hundreds more listed in their dedicated gallery, which is updated weekly.

Your Stylist Of course, your stylist should always be there to help, guide and advise you on what will suit you and your face shape, as well as detailing what’s currently ‘in’.

So whether you have short, mid-length, long, curly or afro hair, or just fancy stealing the style of your favourite celebrity, make sure you check it out regularly:

Final Word Many clients come to the salon for the first time and find it hard to decide what style they would like. Those that don’t have any idea of what they want are generally the clients that you don’t see coming back – but this is down to the individual not having a clear idea of what they want and expecting the stylist to be a mind reader. This is why I personally feel that it’s so important to consider exactly what you are trying to achieve BEFORE going to the salon. It’s imperative that you come away proud of how your hair looks and know that it reflects your personality and personal style perfectly. I also find that doing an initial consultation with a new client can sometimes make them feel uncomfortable. But as a stylist I need to find out a lot about them – lifestyle, time constraints, budget and even their personal style – in order for them to walk out feeling confident. Just be honest and practical with your answers and you can’t go wrong, nobody is judging your responses. Hopefully this article has opened your eyes to possibilities and options available to you when you fancy a change of style. Although some guys know exactly what they want, others need a lot of guidance to reach their desired look. The most important piece of advice I can give you is: remember that even if you don’t know exactly what you want, you ALWAYS know what you don’t want. Be clear with your stylist and make sure the next time you walk out the salon your cut presents you and your personality in its best possible light. Article By Dion Padan |

ISSUE 24 - 2013 | PAGE 27

Gentleman’s Den

Bear in mind that you may need to grow your hair for a while in order to have enough length to get the desired shape, although this is no excuse to walk around with a mound of un-styled hair on your head. You will still need to go and see your stylist to get it tidied up, but you may leave it slightly longer between cuts in order to allow for more growth. This part requires patience, so don’t give up.

Gentleman’s Den

Topman Lux Topman launched their the new Lux Collection last month, a collection that was all about giving you a super luxurious, elegant evening look with an edge. It’s an eclectic themed collection – the overall look is rather dapper, long and elegant with luxurious trims and fine details.

Beautiful super 120’s Mohair wools and brilliant blue cobalt colours feature heavily, as do Dobbie Satin and Jacquard wools, contrasting lapels and trims.

neck knitted t-shirts for starters. The jacket collection includes a full length stone mac, a black leather bomber and a black leather biker jacket.

Knitwear is navy, with fine lightweight yarn and finishing. Check out the easier to wear crew neck jumper and high sheen bold coloured crew

Accessories include basket weave high top trainers, a basket weave document holder and a backpack available in black. Go glam…if you dare.

The Big Black Book The first issue of The Big Black Book, a new biannual style magazine for men, has hit the newsstands. The Big Black Book id perfect for style hounds, with 164 pages, of on-trend comment and features on men’s fashion, art, design, drinks, watches, cars, travel, fragrance and skincare. Contributors include two Booker Prize-winning novelists, John Banville and Howard Jacobson, leading cultural critics Alice Rawsthorn and Michael Bracewell, and international fashion and portrait photographers Tom Craig, Finlay Mackay and Chris Brooks. It costs just £6 and is promising to be ‘the’ way to get in the know.

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What to look out for at the ODEON this month... Evil Dead

Olympus Has Fallen

Promised Land

Genre: Horror UK Release Date: 18/4/2013 Directed by: Fede Alvarez

Genre: Action, Thriller UK Release Date: 17/4/2013 Directed by: Antoine Fuqua

Genre: Drama UK Release Date: 19/4/2013 Directed by: Gus Van Sant

Who’s in it? Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas What’s the plot? Director Fede Alvarez lifts the lid on the 1980s cult classic ‘Evil Dead’ for a new legion of horror fans made with the blessing of original production team Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

Who’s in it? Gerard Butler, Angela Bassett, Robert Forster What’s the plot? In thriller ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ the White House (Secret Service codename: Olympus), has been taken over by a ruthless terrorist who is holding President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) to ransom.

Who’s in it? Matt Damon, Frances McDormand, John Krasinski What’s the plot? In ‘Promised Land’, a salesman for a natural gas company experiences life changing events after arriving in a small town, where his corporation wants to tap into the available resources.

When a young woman and her friends head for a break in a remote cabin in the woods, they discover a mysterious book whose pages open up a gateway to a terrifying and deadly world.

The man called in to free him is Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), a disgraced Presidential Guard whose knowledge of the Presidential residence is the only thing that can save the U.S. Government from disaster.

What seems like an easy job becomes complicated when a slick environmental activist arrives, and the stakes, both personal and professional, rise to boiling point.

‘Evil Dead’ stars Jane Levy (Fun Size) and Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood).

‘Olympus Has Fallen’ also stars Angela Bassett (Malcolm X).

‘Promised Land’ is directed by Gus Van Sant and stars Academy Award winners Matt Damon and Frances McDormand, plus John Krasinski, star of ‘The Office USA’.

Love Is All You Need

Song For Marion

Genre: Romantic comedy UK Release Date: 19/4/2013 Directed by: Susanne Bier

Genre: Drama UK Release Date: 19/4/2013 Directed by: Mathieu Kassovitz

Who’s in it? Pierce Brosnan, Trine Dyrholm, Kim Bodnia What’s the plot? Uplifting romantic comedy ‘Love Is All You Need’ stars Pierce Brosnan (GoldenEye) as a world-weary widower who finds life really can begin again…if you want it to.

Who’s in it? Mathieu Kassovitz, Iabe Lapacas, Malik Zidi What’s the plot? From director Mathieu Kassovitz (La Haine), drama ‘Rebellion’ tells the real-life and little-known story of the 1988 uprising in the French colony of New Caledonia.

Travelling to Italy for his son’s wedding, he meets Ida, the mother of his prospective daughter-in-law. In between coping with troublesome wedding guests and rescuing arrangements that go awry, they gradually discover they have a lot more in common than they think.

When 30 police officers are kidnapped by local separatists, the stage is set for a showdown with France’s elite special forces. But when negotiations fail, they soon turn to the methods they know the best with bloody consequences. ‘Rebellion’ is based on the novel ‘La Morale et l’action’ by Philippe Legorjus.

‘Love Is All You Need’ also stars Trine Dyrholm (A Royal Affair) and Kim Bodnia (Pusher). |

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Home style

Spice up your Bedroom

– Louise Eddon

Is your bedroom feeling as tired as you are? Well take a good look at said tired bedroom and give it some sparkle with a touch of individuality with the use of accessories and statement pieces, and some great tips from Around the House. The monochrome striped trend is set to take over both the fashion and interiors market this year. The simplistic look of this trend gives a sense of elegance and timeless chic and can be personalised to suit the individual. To recreate the look you could go for simple white walls and use dark furniture and let that do the talking. Or you could keep furniture simple and go for the full on black and white striped walls, which look fabulous in any room of the house. It’s easy to think of this trend as looking flat and cold but through the clever use of finishes and textures you can make it as soft and inviting as your heart desires. Follow the five easy steps below to transform your tired bedroom into a place that is fit for Royalty!

1) Create a feature above your bed Be creative and take the feature wall one step further by using mirrors or artwork to act as a wow factor that will catch your eye when you enter the room. For this scheme I would recommend the shadow box style artwork, as the frames and boxes are chunky and will sit off the wall rather than getting lost amongst the stripes, or any other pattern you may have on there. If you choose to use a mirror or some other style of wall art, again apply the same principles and choose something dark and chunky looking that will stand out from the wall itself.

2) Use symmetry either side of the bed

5) Use console tables to break up a space

Using symmetry within a space helps to calm your eyes and mind, as our brain likes to process things that are symmetrical. Without consciously realising it, by creating that sense of balance we are also promoting a calm and serene environment, allowing our brains to switch off and relax – just what you need after a stressful day at work! The easiest way to replicate this symmetry is using matching bedside tables with matching lamps on each one. However you can also break the symmetry slightly by showcasing different accessories on each one. For instance you may have a photo frame on one and a decorative jewellery stand on the other.

Console tables are fast becoming a staple piece of furniture in the home as they serve as a stylish way to break up an empty area without being too bulky and taking up a lot of space. I would apply the same rules as you do with your bedroom. Keep the table symmetrical and balanced out. This can be done by adding a chair either side of the console, and a lamp or other accessory on each end. By placing a mirror above the console table it reflects the light from the lamps around the space – this is perfect if you have a dark hallway that needs brightening up.

3) Use a range of textures One of our most sensitive features aside from our sight is our sense of touch. By using a range of textures, you can easily break up a space and stop it from feeling cold and flat. Use chrome and shiny pieces to make the space feel high end and modern, this is usually best done on the bedside tables, lamps or ornaments. By having furry cushions and a headboard covered in a soft material such as suede or crushed velvet you create a contrast between that and your crisp white bedding.

4) Use accessories to add a design statement The most effective way of giving your bedroom the personality that reflects your style is by using accessories. These can be items such as photo frames, mirrors, artwork, ornaments, vases and cushions which can all easily be changed should you feel like refreshing your room. By using accessories you’re setting your space apart from everyone else and making your design unique.

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ISSUE 24 - 2013 |

Around The House Furniture is an up-andcoming company with a desire to sell top quality furniture and provide design advice to those with a great interest in home furnishing. The company provides up to date and stylish pieces of home ware and accessories and then shows you how to make the most of them in your home. Why not pay a visit to and submit your design questions on the ‘Ask The Designer’ blog. This will then be answered by the talented Louise Eddon - A qualified Interior Designer with a vast knowledge and experience of high end interiors.

Home style |

ISSUE 24 - 2013

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Home style

When it comes to kitchens ‌do Italians do it better?

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ISSUE 24 - 2013 |

So what should you be looking for? According to Kevin Miles, Managing Director at Spazio Design in Chelmsford, you need look no further than Italian brands for a solution to suit every design, finish and budgetary requirement. “Italy is renowned as the design capital of the world, particularly in the home furnishings sector. Whole towns and areas can specialize in one particular material or industry, where small and medium sized family businesses benefit from generations of manufacturing experience.” Kevin is passionate about the Italian products on offer at Spazio Design.

“During my 18 years in the kitchen industry, I have dealt with kitchen manufacturers from all across Europe, but the Italians have the design flair and manufacturing skills to offer the best quality and choice available. In fact, you will find in many cases when you buy and English or German kitchen that the doors are actually made in Italy, especially when it comes to the specialist finishes such as high gloss lacquers and real glass doors. Other countries just cant compete with Italian quality”.

the kitchen is supplemented by Italian appliances by Falmec and Barazza, and designer lighting by Foscarini or Contardi, the results are breath taking”.

This is certainly the case when you visit Spazio Design`s state of the art showroom on New Street, Chelmsford, which shows a comprehensive collection of not only Italian kitchens, but also appliances, lighting and home furniture. “Our Spazio Cucine range of kitchens have been made by our family business in Milan since 1924, and every piece is made to our exact specification in an endless range of finishes, including gloss and matt lacquers, wood veneers, real woods and glass. The attention to detail and choice sets them aside from any other manufacturer I have seen. Even German manufacturers whose build quality is world renowned, do not offer the flair and flexibility possible with our ranges. When

“We want our clients to have a memorable experience when choosing a kitchen with us, from the moment they walk into the showroom, through the design process and finally on installation by our experienced tradesmen. In addition to this, we will fly our clients to Milan to visit our factory where they can see their kitchen being built, followed by visits to a choice of stunning locations including Lake Como, historical sites in Milan such as Bergamo Alta and the Piazza Del Duomo square, and also famous shopping areas such as the Swiss city of Lugano on the Italian border, where designer boutiques, cafes and restaurants are aplenty. Lake Como is a particularly popular location, especially the ancient town of Bellagio that gave its name to the famous Las Vegas Casino, where lunch can be taken Al Fresco on the banks of the lake”.

Spazio Design further enhances the Italian experience by offering a free trip to Italy with every kitchen supplied and fitted from their Spazio Cucine range. Alessandro Basile, marketing director for Spazio Design, explains this exclusive offer.

For more information contact Spazio Design on 01245 299331, visit the stunning showroom at 40 New Street Chelmsford, or visit the website |

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Home style

SPAZIO design clearly think so. With an ever increasing choice of design, finish and quality, it can be difficult to know where to start when deciding on a new kitchen for your home. In the past, quality kitchens from Europe came with heavy price tags and were difficult and time consuming to source, but in the world we live in today where Europe is one open marketplace, one can choose from a endless list of quality manufacturers.

Home style

Designer modern living for your home

Twiggy floor lamp Created by Marc Saddler, the Twiggy floor lamp with its long arched arm and lacquered glass fibre base creates perfect mood lighting for snugs and reception seating areas. Available in four chromatic finishes, prices start from ÂŁ1,058.00

Totem coffee table A simple and elegant coffee table available with a circular or rounded square top in 2 heights, 38cm and 45cm. The metal base can be colour lacquered finish or mat stainless steel, and the glass top is available in over 50 colours and finishes. Prices from ÂŁ564.00

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Designed by Alain Gilles, a stunning and modern fixed or extendable table with vibrant coloured legs. Available in a wide range of sizes starting from 200cm long by 100cm wide. Lacquered steel legs and a table top available in glass,veneered wood or solid wood. Prices from ÂŁ2,130.00

These pieces along with a substantial collection of other designer furniture are available to buy from Spazio Design of New Street, Chelmsford, or directly from their brand new online shop, |

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Home style

Big Table

Home style

Introducing Matthew your local Dulux designer When spending money on creating a new look for your home, getting some expert advice can be a really good idea. With the Dulux Design Service you can get the help and expertise from your very own professional interior designer, directly to you at home. Our experienced and friendly designers have access to everything you need to create a beautiful new room, from fabrics and furniture, right through to skilled tradesmen to put it all in place. What’s more, you can choose from three levels of service to suit your needs and budget.

Contact your local Dulux designer Matthew on 0845 880 6888 or visit

M atthew Fennell ‘Dulux’, ‘Dulux Design Service’ and the Dulux Design Service logo are trademarks of AkzoNobel. Photography courtesy of Harlequin.

K9815_matthew fennell 135x186 col-aw.indd 1

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07/06/2011 12:51

Home style

Big Bang light A modern suspension lamp made of intersections of white or coloured metacrylate panels, ideal as a centre piece to any reception room, or over a dining room table. A dynamic composition that offers diffused and reflected light. Designed by Enrico Franzolini. Prices from £637.00

Big Table

Dragonfly lounger

Designed by Alain Gilles, a stunning and modern fixed or extendable table with vibrant coloured legs. Available in a wide range of sizes starting from 200cm long by 100cm wide. Lacquered steel legs and a table top available in glass,veneered wood or solid wood. Prices from £2,130.00

An extendable seat, which effortlessly flaps out from a chair to a chaise longue. Designed by Karim Rashid, it is available in real leather, faux leather or fabric, in an extensive selection of colours. Prices from £1,662.00

Tree coat stand Designed by Mario Mazzer, the Tree coat stand is a stunning piece to place in your entrance hall. Available in a choice of colours, or in the popular “light” version with internal fluorescent lighting, this piece is a truly original take on conventional coat stands. Prices from £252.00 | ISSUE 24 - 2013 | PAGE 37

Dine in Style

TANTALISE YOUR TASTE BUDS WITH RACHEL’S ZESTY NEW LIMITED EDITION LOW FAT GINGER & LEMON Rachel’s relaunches ginger with an exciting new twis Revive tired taste buds with Rachel’s refreshing new Limited Edition low fat ginger & lemon yogurt – Now in stores nationwide.

Edition flavour and all Rachel’s yogurts contain no colourings, artificial flavourings, preservatives or sweeteners.

Delightfully different, Rachel’s latest culinary creation is a blend of whole, fresh Sicilian lemons and chunky pieces of warming crystallised stem ginger; lovingly laced into Rachel’s signature smooth and sumptuous low fat yogurt. Bursting with real fruit flavour, this invigorating new Limited Edition yogurt delivers spoonful after spoonful of guilt-free pleasure with added zing.

Enjoy the Limited Edition low fat ginger & lemon yogurt straight from the pot or use it as an ingredient to get creative in the kitchen; simply coat strips of chicken breast or raw tiger prawns with this new flavour before griddling for a delicious fuss-free marinade or - to top off a special dinner party - combine with cream for a tangy lemon crème brulee with warming subtle ginger overtones.

Made simply and with care, using only the finest organic fruit and locally sourced milk, Rachel’s yogurt has a gorgeously pure taste. Plus, as a certified Organic brand by the Soil Association, you can be sure that Rachel’s new Limited

However you choose to experience it, Rachel’s new Limited Edition low fat ginger & lemon yogurt is available from March onwards at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Booths and Ocado nationwide priced at £1.75 for a 450g pot.

DELIGHT IN RACHEL’S RASPBERRY RAPTURE THIS SPRING Enjoy Rachel’s latest Special Edition low fat multipack flavour Revive tired taste buds with Rachel’s refreshing new Limited Edition low fat ginger & lemon yogurt – Now in stores nationwide. Delightfully different, Rachel’s latest culinary creation is a blend of whole, fresh Sicilian lemons and chunky pieces of warming crystallised stem ginger; lovingly laced into Rachel’s signature smooth and sumptuous low

fat yogurt. Bursting with real fruit flavour, this invigorating new Limited Edition yogurt delivers spoonful after spoonful of guilt-free pleasure with added zing.

you can be sure that Rachel’s new Limited Edition flavour and all Rachel’s yogurts contain no colourings, artificial flavourings, preservatives or sweeteners.

Made simply and with care, using only the finest organic fruit and locally sourced milk, Rachel’s yogurt has a gorgeously pure taste. Plus, as a certified Organic brand by the Soil Association,

Enjoy the Limited Edition low fat ginger & lemon yogurt straight from the pot or use it as an ingredient to get creative in the kitchen; simply coat strips of chicken breast or raw tiger prawns with this new flavour before griddling for a delicious fuss-free marinade or - to top off a special dinner party - combine with cream for a tangy lemon crème brulee with warming subtle ginger overtones. However you choose to experience it, Rachel’s new Limited Edition low fat ginger & lemon yogurt is available from March onwards at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Booths and Ocado nationwide priced at £1.75 for a 450g pot.

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A quick and easy frugal food recipe using leftover vegetables Ingredients: 1kg potatoes, a mashing variety such as King Edward 25g butter 80g Rachel’s natural yogurt Salt & pepper 500g cooked vegetables or a packet of prepared vegetables Olive oil, for frying To Serve: Slices of streaky bacon Preparation time: 10 mins Makes: 8 fritters

Recipe of the month Bubble & Squeak Fritters with Bacon

PER 400g SERVING: 390Kcal, 9.4g Protein, 44.1g Carbs, 7.9g Sugar, 18.3g Fat, 11.3g Sat Fat, 5g Fibre, 0.7g Salt COST PER SERVING: £1.32

Cooking time: 25 mins Serves: 4

Method: 1.Boil the potatoes for 10 – 15 minutes until tender. Drain and return the potatoes to the hot pan. Allow the potatoes to dry a little before mashing. 2.Add the butter and mash well until smooth, stir in the yogurt and season. 3.Add the vegetables and continue to mash.

4.Form the mixture into cakes and fry in a shallow frying pan with a little olive oil until crisp and golden. Tip: if the mixture is too wet, add a little plain flour to your hands as you are making the fritters. 5.Fry in batches and transfer to a baking sheet, keeping the fritters warm in the oven if necessary. 6.Serve with crispy bacon slices.

Classic Thai chicken recipe served with a peanut & coconut dipping sauce Ingredients: 4 skinless chicken breasts, cut into strips 5 cm piece fresh ginger, grated 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

Chicken Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Satay Sauce: 5 tsbp crunchy peanut butter 1 small red chilli, chopped pinch chilli powder 1 tsp brown sugar 1 tbsp dark soy sauce 1 lemon, juice only 150g Rachel’s Greek Style coconut yogurt Preparation time: 10 mins Serves: 4

PER 225g SERVING: 523Kcal, 47.8g Protein, 11.2g Carbs, 8.3g Sugar, 31.4g Fat, 8.7g Sat Fat, 2.6g Fibre, 1.9g Salt COST PER SERVING: £1.42

Cooking time: 10 mins

Method: 1. Marinade the chicken with the ginger and garlic, for two hours or ideally overnight. Thread the chicken onto bamboo skewers. Tip: soak the bamboo skewers in water for 5 minutes as this will prevent the skewers burning.

3. To cook the chicken skewers, heat a griddle pan until very hot or heat the grill on maximum heat. Cook on each side for 5 minutes. Tip: try on the barbecue in the summer instead of the grill. 4.Serve straight away with the satay sauce.

2. In a small mixing bowl add all the satay sauce ingredients together and mix until smooth. Transfer to a serving dish. |

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Dine in Style


Dine in Style 40 PAGE | ISSUE 24 - 2013 |

Everest Gurkha Bar & Restaurant

Loch Fyne

The Bay Horse

The Spotted Dog

We would like to invite you into the

Situated on Bond Street, our restaurant

Situated in the heart of Chelmsford this

The pubs vibe is stylish yet relaxed and

restaurant for a fine-dining and cultural

has a large bar area, restaurant seating

beautiful 15th Century Tudor Style

hints at the culinary delights to come.

experience with our truly authentic

for 120 guests. Come and join us for the

building, maintains all its original

With it’s high quality food and bar offer-

Nepalese cuisine that is sure to give

freshest, most delicious seafood - we’re

features, with the decor and quirkiness

ing a choice of real ales and wine by the

you an exotic taster of the vibrant yet

open all day from breakfast through to

of a more modern, contemporary

glass. The menu offers a range dishes

equally peaceful country. There will be

dinner for drinks, light snacks and

cutting edge establishment. The

created from fresh seasonal produce,

frequent dates of Live Jazz Night, with a

seafood feasts! We are delighted to

beautiful Bay Horse in Moulsham

generous in portion and a delight on

cleared dance floor for our customers to

offer a first rate à la carte menu at our

Street has been transformed into an

the palate. Apart from sourcing the

catch the rhythm including special

Loch Fyne Chelmsford restaurant and

amazing upmarket eatery, combining a

best ingredients, staples like bread and

traditional performances of Nepalese

you will be treated to a great array

traditional wine bar and bistro concept,

ice cream are made on the premises.

folklore dancing. We hope you can come

of fresh and seasonal dishes that are

with exquisite yet contemporary tastes.

Just off the beaten track, this gem of a

to enjoy the Nepalese atmosphere and

perfect for every palate - come down

The ultimate destination for mouth

country pub offers the visitor a warm

we look forward to welcoming you.

and see us soon.

watering food, refreshing drinks and

welcome and an experience that won’t

exceptional service.

be forgotten.

01245 293620 Bond St, Chelmsford

01245 251 371 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford

01245 231 598 Barnston, Dunmow, CM6 1N.

The Lion Inn



Sapori Ristorante

The Lion Inn offers diners a unique

‘South of the border’ passion is always

Strada describes itself as ‘a group of

Located in the Atlantic Hotel. Translated

eating and drinking experience as well

served up at Chiquito. A menu of

stylish, contemporary Italian restaurants,

“Sapori” is italian for flavours. This

as hotel facilities and a new style to rival

bold Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine is

serving good quality, simple and freshly

essence has been incorporated in every

many. Our menu is based on good pub

prepared however the diner likes it.

prepared dishes’. Each outlet retains

detail of this elegant restaurant and

grub that’s been given a continental

Burritos, sizzling fajitas and tacos can

the feel of being a local neighbourhood

bar. The menu focuses on the region of

feel. We know you’d expect to find

all be customised for vegetarians or

Italian restaurant. The menu includes

Abruzzo on the Adriatic coast. Sapori

steak, fish & chips and a delicious

those wanting more spice. A kids menu,

pastas, risottos, salads, and fish dishes,

offers an a la carte menu, as well as a

shortcrust pastry pie but we also hope

games and entertainment add to the

but they are best known for their quality

bar menu for those who prefer a lighter

to tempt you with Thai style mussels

family-friendly vibe, and there is a great

pizzas. They present authentic Italian

meal. Specialising in fresh seafood,

and rotisserie garlic & herb chicken to

range of exciting cocktails, mocktails,

dishes in contemporary surroundings

home-made pasta with a variety of

name but a few of the freshly prepared

wines and tequilas.

and aim to use only the freshest and

mouth watering sauces, rustic breads

and cooked to order dishes on our

finest ingredients, imported from Italy

and flamboyant desserts.


to provide exactly the kind of rustic,


British, Modern

Classic Pub

Finest Nepalese Cuisine

01245 493929 8-10 Broomfield Road www.everestgurkhabarandrestaurant.

British, Modern




traditional dishes.

01245 394900 Boreham, Chelmsford

01245 240800 Army & Navy, Chelmsford

01245 491 991 Baddow Road, Chelmsford

01245 268 179 New Street, Chelmsford | ISSUE 24 - 2013 | PAGE 41

Dine in Style


Feature your restaurant here... call 01245 252575





Y Tel: 01245 401 368 All vehicles come with a warranty. All clear HPI printout supplied. 7 days full comprehensive insurance. ALL INCLUDED IN THE PRICE

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Commuting Leaves Us Stressed, Tired And Anxious

Driving to work can be a pleasure, but more often than not it’s a pain. This is exactly what research from Allianz Your Cover Insurance has found; only 15% of UK drivers enjoy their commute. However this downbeat attitude perhaps isn’t surprising as the survey shows that the average commuter drives 7,130 miles on the roads each year – which is the same as driving to New York and back. No wonder only 13% of us say we would be ok with a longer drive to work! We are also spending nearly an hour a day commuting and a third of us admit to feeling rushed, stressed and anxious from our morning journey. Basically this isn’t the best way to start the working day. The research also reveals that the majority of commuters think the UK ’s roads are in a poor state and making their commutes that bit worse. However commuters do think their drives could improve if more commuters paid attention to road etiquette, a fifth of drivers want better driving from their fellow commuters.

are giving away a variety of prizes on their Facebook page including an overnight stay for two in London with dinner at a Michelin star restaurant and a Harrods shopping spree. To take part visit the Facebook page or follow Allianz Your Cover Insurance on Twitter @YourCoverUK.

The top improvements to our commuting journeys would be: 1. Cheaper fuel 2. Less traffic 3. Better roads 4. A nicer car 5. Better weather Destination is also key for commuter’s feelings as a fifth of commuters wish for a better job and nicer colleagues to improve their daily drive. In particular those aged 18-24 are most likely to want a better job to drive to. It turns out we are a friendlier bunch than you may think. One in 10 of us would have a better start to the day by having someone to share their journey with. This is something co-workers could definitely look into as not only is it more fun to have driving buddy but in turn could lead to a more environmentally-friendly driving-force and save you money. To recognise the hard work and long hours that commuters put in, Allianz Your Cover Insurance appleyard/4065468814/

What’s The Best Option – New Or Used Cars?

When the time comes that you need to buy new tyres for your car, it can be difficult to find information about where to go for the best deal and top quality – so here is a list of the pros and cons of purchasing tyres from your local garage or a national retailer, and what you should think about when considering each.

Variety One huge bonus of a large retailer is that they carry a broad selection of stock and will be able order particular tyres if they aren’t carried onsite. A local dealer on the other hand might only stock tyres from one company and have limited resources to order the tyres you want.

Speed If you choose a chain retailer, you might be able to get your tyres fitted immediately. You may have to be patient if you get your car booked for a local service, though a local dealer might be more flexible.

Cost National chains often give deals and discounts on their servicing which can mean you save money, but as with everything there is fine print and there might be hidden costs.

Customer service


Large chains in all areas tend to be focused more on quantity of customers than retention and so this can mean that there is less focus on maintaining customer satisfaction and going the extra mile, as an independent retailer might.

All national retailers are held to high standards of quality assurance and all dealerships are kept at a high standard. Local garages may not be so closely regulated. However, as they have only their name and local word of mouth to rely on, they will usually provide a high standard of service and expertise. – but make sure you do your research on your local garage to make sure.

Convenience With national retailers there is often an option to buy via the website and have your new tyres delivered to your door and fitted at your house – excellent for convenience. In the case that a replacement will take longer than expected, national chains often also offer courtesy cars while you wait.

Asking around and reading reviews online will be one of the major ways you decide where to replace your tyres; remember in this situation, your priority should be trust and expertise rather than cost, because good tyres are your safety mechanisms when driving a car. |

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Why good graphic design is so critical for businesses Graphic design may not be the first thing that businesses think about but graphics are a major part of all businesses. From the website to the company letterhead, graphic design is very much part of the business process, so much so that many major companies keep graphic design services on a contract basis to cover their basic needs for materials for their online and hard copy publications.

The role of graphics in business In advertising and marketing, visual presence is one of the core elements of product presentation and public image of a product or a business. The graphics are quite literally the public face of the business. The development of online business and the rise of new media have added a few more dimensions. A simple PowerPoint presentation, for example, generates a lot of visual information, and that information needs to be very well presented to have an impact. The same applies to videos, now used by practically all businesses online and elsewhere. The conventional market role of graphics is simply presentation, but there’s another extremely important factor – competition. Some graphics are better than others, and in the marketplace, graphic design often affects choices made at point of sale, which means that the standards of production of everything from commercials to basic logos are constantly being raised to meet higher expectations.

indicator of the level of demand for a vast range of digital graphic options from professionals in all forms of visual and graphic media. The borderline between graphics and other media has been eliminated, and new media is really just a hybrid of different media, with graphics as part of the package. Quite literally everything related to modern business nvolves graphics and graphic design issues, at some level.

Graphic design best practice for businesses There are two basic options open to businesses regarding graphic design:


Engage the services of a graphic design company to streamline the production of visual content. This is a cost-efficiency exercise as well as administrative best practice, keeping the expertise of the graphic design company available to deal with any needs for new media, publications, etc. on standby.

2. Get good graphic design through an advertising agency or marketing consultancy. This is a default quality control, ensuring professional standards of graphics work are available for promotions, literature, etc. on a needs basis.

Graphics in digital media Digital media and new technology have done a lot to enhance and develop new graphics options, too. What were once very expensive visual effects are now standard, and there are more options becoming available every day. The big Adobe Creative Suite packages are a good

Phone +44 (0) 1245 333300 | Email Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1SS

44 PAGE | ISSUE 24 - 2013


Graphic design is now very much part of the business mix. It’s important to ensure high standards of presentation and professional quality materials are standardized, and that production of new materials can be done cost-effectively. Quality and talent are the core elements of business graphics, so lock in a good provider for your business. Agency founder and creative director Graham Conway cut his teeth with large London ad agencies, designing campaigns for even larger blue chip brands. As senior graphic designer he worked on accounts such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Fosters, JP Morgan, Volkswagen and Virgin, building up both an impressive portfolio of work and a heaving contact book of top-notch creative professionals. He noted that many were freelance, and most chose to live outside London. With encouragement from clients, and drawing on those two factors, he branched out on his own in 2008 winning a contract with Telecom giant BT and many others along the way. DesignG London is boutique in size but full-service by nature. In a digital age where no-one can possibly specialise in everything, we have the experience, skills and connections to match the right person to each job. We work with developers, copywriters, printers and fulfilment houses. Regardless of the brief we put you, and your design and communications objectives, first.





London Southend Airport... hello Europe

Belfast Dublin Amsterdam

Waterford Jersey

Barcelona Alicante

Mallorca Ibiza

Faro Malaga

Fly direct to 11 destinations from London Southend Airport. Flying in 2012 just got easier. Flying with

A Stobart Group Company. | ISSUE 24 - 2013 | PAGE 45



If you’re serious about having a truly exceptional corporate brand, then we are serious about giving you the results you deserve.

Logo Design Corporate branding Rebranding Stationary Design


Graphic Design Print Brochures Press adverts



Why wait until tomorrow.... Call or go to our website

01245 252575 |

CAD Services

We supply all Joinery Design & Detailing with working drawings and cutting sheets

3D MODELLING 2D CAD SERVICES 3D VISUALISATION Manufacturing drawings for the: Engineering, Joinery & plastics industries 3236









Typical Ribb-Plan View SCALE 1 / 5

















Side View SCALE 1 / 5

Suggest Curve machined after ribb has been assembled



70.00 172










258 127

Fornt View SCALE 1 / 5







48 49

See drg 101 For Details






120 157















Showing Cut Out for TV Aperature at Bottom SCALE 1 / 10

See drg 101 For Details


Showing Cut Out for TV Aperature at Top SCALE 1 / 10



Solid Timber





40 48



70 181.4 133



806 127


ITEM 2 3 40 49 50 48

49 2

QTY 12 12 2 6 12 2

DESCRIPTION Rib-1 Rib-2 Rib Insert Ribb-Rear Spacer Ribb-Front Spacer Rib Insert

THICKNESS LENGTH 12.00 mm 2430 mm 12.00 mm 806 mm 23.00 mm 1300 mm 44.00 mm 2982 mm 44.00 mm 1650 mm 44.00 mm 1400 mm

WIDTH 277 mm 277 mm 70 mm 44 mm 44 mm 44 mm

+44 (0)1245 257194 +44 (0)7779 392870 50


Parts List MATERIAL MDF MDF Softwood Softwood Softwood Softwood




Changes to accomadate TV Bracket As Detailed @ A1















Ribb Construction



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Gadsby Wicks - Priory Place




If you would like to support the hospital through a community group or campaign, simply contact Mary Atkins at Mid Essex Hospital Charity on 01245 516462 or e-mail her at For more information about the charity go to:

Mid Essex Hospital Services


NHS Trust

Success for Mid Essex Hospital Woodland Project they have scooped up in recognition of their hard work. They have been using waste wood from the woodlands on the campus, by creating wood chippings to resurface footpaths and using tree stumps to protect grass verges from vehicle damage. This is a really good example of sustainable practice and a good use of available resources.’

Pudding Wood is an area of ancient woodland which has been improved significantly for patients and visitor use over the last few years. With help from the local community, the Trust manages the woodland, with a small team of volunteers, supported by the grounds and gardens team, and assisted by teams from MENCAP, Intel and Essex County Council. Malcolm Stamp CBE, Chief Executive of Mid Essex Hospitals NHS Trust said: It’s important that all of our resources focus on patient care in these challenging timers so its good news that external funding and support from our local community has enabled us to achieve these 4 awards at no cost to the NHS. The Director of estates and facilities, Carin Charlton said: ‘I am very proud of the team and the award that

Ronan Fenton and Simon Rides for our Hospital Charity RideLondon-Surrey 100 Ronan Fenton, Medical Director at Mid Essex Hospitals and Simon Shelter from the hospital project office will be riding in the prestigious RideLondon-Surrey 100 which takes place in August. They are both keen cyclists who are delighted to have been selected to ride for MEHT charity and aim to raise thousands for their chosen charity at the hospital.

The Trust’s Fundraising Manager, Mary Atkins said: “This is the 4th award that Pudding Wood has received over the last year so we are definitely doing something right! All of the important conservation work here on site has been externally funded and we aim to make the woodlands fully sustainable by training volunteers and providing them with the equipment and skills to make this to happen.

Your donations will provide services and equipment over and above NHS provision, like renovating our children’s playground or providing reflexology treatment for chemotherapy patients.. Just set up your on line giving pages at, register for the event and away you go!

YES WE CAN!!! Abseil for Charity

Projects like this are achieved by local community support and enthusiasm. The Department of Health report on “Our Natural Health Service” clearly demonstrates the value of this type of project and we are really pleased that we can achieve this with the help of others’

Feeling Sporty? Want to try something different in 2013? If fitness is your thing, or you like to take part in events, there is a lot going on locally that you can be a part of for a very small cost. You can support them by going to http://www. and making a donation. Our charity has also secured London Marathon and Ride London Surrey places for the next threeyears. If you would like to raise funds for your hospital and be part of some of the biggest events in the world, please contact Mary Atkins on 01245 516462 or by e-mail at We will be looking for entrants for 2014 shortly, so please get in touch to tell us how much you intend to raise.

For the sixteenth year in succession the Rotary Club of Harlow Tye will be running it’s Abseil for Charity in 2013. Sponsorship raised by participants and distributed from previous years’ now totals almost £650,000. This event will take place on: Saturday 4th May and Sunday 5th May the Affinity Water Tower in Harlow. Minimum age to participate is 16 years or older on event day. Go to to download and print a registration form with full Terms and Conditions of entry, and contact the organisers with any questions at, e-mail: abseil , telephone: 01279 734211, by post to: White Cottage, The Street, Sheering, Bishop’s Stortford, CM22 7LY. |

ISSUE 24 - 2013 | PAGE 47

Local Support

Local Support

Broomfield Hospital receives tremendous support from the community throughout the year. Below are just a few examples of how the generosity of local supporters has made a positive difference to life at the hospital.


Women in Business Our own resident business brains Sarah Brockwell started sarahBee marketing on a budget of just £250 in June 2010. Now a successful, award-winning small business, her clients include a range of Essex based as well as national companies.

There’s no doubt that Essex is the County of style, but did you realize that Essex is also the County of Female Entrepreneurs? Forget Essex girls, Business is the new vogue for the ladies of the County.

Queen Bee of marketing Sarah said “One of my business heroines is Jacqueline Gold (Ann Summers) because I appreciate her no-nonsense style”. She continued “I know for a fact that there are hundreds of great business woman across the County and we are not to be underestimated”. Here’s what some of the County’s other successful businesswomen had to say: Sadie Nine, BBC Essex Award-winning Presenter

With a number of self-made millionairesses, Essex certainly knows how to do business. Add up the wealth of all of the County’s millionaires + esses and it totals almost £7 billion. Women are not only bringing home the bacon but are wearing the smart-pants too. From female Architects to Zumba instructors, being a woman in business is exciting and empowering. It’s a well-known fact though, that to succeed in business as a woman is more difficult than as a man. Good old Ford of Dagenham set the benchmark in the 1960s when it finally agreed to pay its female seamstresses an ‘equal’ wage to their male equivalents (although equal, in fact meant only 92%). With the help of Rt. Hon. Barbara Castle the Ladies at Ford won a major victory in equality of pay. Mary Portas is a good example of a successful businesswoman in the public eye. Mary has won ome major victories in terms of drawing government attention to much needed investment in business. One of her campaigns is the Portas Pilot scheme which aims to re-vamp our high streets. Essex’s own Braintree and Halstead are at the forefront of this nationwide project. Somewhat further back in history, (in AD61 to be precise), the original Essex girl, Queen Boudicca, revolted against the Romans. The result, despite huge bloodshed, was that the Romans re-built most of Colchester and the area flourished. Shrewd business move to get someone else to pay to re-develop your towns and cities!

48 PAGE |

1. KNOW your strengths and work to them. 2. Look for what a company is NOT doing then offer it to them, but in a way that only YOU can do it. 3. Get a personal meeting - if only a coffee – or hand your application in if possible. Make contact, become a ‘person’ not an email. 4. Be strong but be approachable and willing to hear others. Very strong women frighten men ( !!) so don’t be frightened to be prepared to take other opinions and just ‘agree to differ’ at times – you can still get your own way with a smile as a scowl. 5. Treat EVERYONE in the same way, the cleaner or the M.D.- this prevents you feeling intimidated when facing a hard boss. 6 . JUST DO IT!! Too many women prevaricate – through a lack of self-confidence or just a fear of failing. JUST DO IT and see what happens. Better to regret the things we did than regret the things we didn’t do.

ISSUE 24 - 2013 |

Liz Storey, MD Ignite (Enterprise Agency)

“I’m fortunate as I get to meet many inspiring people, but what I find drives them most is the passion for what they are doing and it’s this passion that gets them through the hard times and even though in some cases the odds can be stacked against them (like money, family commitments, general luck etc) they keep the enthusiasm and make it happen. Proving that anything is possible if you want it enough! These women usually have a hunger for knowledge and like to share their success, but most importantly are willing to learn, adapt and overcome.” And from a successful male Entrepreneur: David Bell, Director APC Solutions, Kelvedon, Essex www.apcsolutionsuk. com APC Solutions is sponsoring the Essex Business Awards on 10th May 2013. ‘Businesswoman of the Year’ is one of the most popular categories for entry. As Chair of the judges (and previous Businessman of the Year) I know the standard will be even higher this year. From my experience in judging the awards I know that Essex businesswomen are tenacious and focused. The thing that I most appreciate is that businesswomen have a particular skill-set which augments their male counterparts. A strong woman on the workforce is a valuable asset to any company. About sarahBee marketing sarahBee marketing provides affordable, no-nonsense PR and marketing to SMEs and start-up businesses across Essex. sarahBee marketing was awarded best business to business in 2012, best new company in 2011 and 2010 in the Newsquest Essex Business Awards. (W) (E) (T) 01371 859104

Women in Business Tips from Jacqueline

Gold on how to be a success as a business woman (or a man)

-If you are looking to set up your own business, research your potential customer base and make sure there is a demand for your business idea

If you’re an employer, you probably already know that there are changes coming to the way you calculate your employees’ PAYE. From 6 April 2013 there will be an important change to the process of paying employees by implementing Real Time Information (RTI). This is the biggest change to the payroll industry in years and will affect every employer operating a UK payroll.

plete this as a separate task as your records will be reconciled as part of your first FPS (see below).

This change is required to support the government’s overhaul of the UK benefits system; this will combine most existing benefits into one individually tailored benefit called the Universal Credit. RTI is required to provide the Universal Credit system with up-to-date information on every employed person’s income.

• EPS – Employer Payment Summary. If the monthly or quarterly payment to HMRC will differ from the amount recorded on the FPSs for the tax period (e.g. you offset CIS suffered or recover statutory pay), the employer will need to notify HMRC with an EPS before the monthly or quarterly payment is due so that they know.

RTI will change the way that you need to report payments to employees and any associated deductions made.

• NVR – National Insurance Number Verification Request. If an employer is missing a National Insurance number for any employee, this information can now be requested from HMRC by submitting an NVR as and when required.

Currently HM Revenue and Customs require forms P35 and P14 to be submitted annually, shortly after the end of each tax year. Going forward employers (or their agents) will now be required to submit several types of return more frequently. • EAS – Employer Alignment Submission. This will reconcile your employee records with those of HMRC. It is required if you have more 250 or more employees or if the payroll is processed on more than one system. In all other cases it will not be necessary to com-

• FPS – Full Payment Submission. This is a submission of employee details, payments made and associated deductions from each employee “on or before” the time of each payment made to them.

• EYU – Earlier Year Update. The EYU is the submission used to correct small errors made in a previous tax year. Therefore, these will not come into use until after 5 April 2013. LB Group has a dedicated payroll team at its Colchester office and, for a monthly fee, will run your payroll for you and facilitate a smooth transition to RTI, making sure that your business is fully compliant with the new reporting requirements.

-Whether you are running your own business or working for someone else, never stop listening to your customer. They will give you the best insight in to your business and will help you to deliver growth -Don’t doubt yourself, have the confidence in yourself and your abilities to make it happen. So many women don’t realise just how powerful they are -Make time for the things that are important to you. If you are strict with your diary and time then you can make it all work. -Don’t ever lose the passion for your career / business |

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Changes to PAYE – keeping the Revenue updated in real time!


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Inspired Magazine Issue 24  

Inspired Magazine Issue 24