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ART 4 A CAUSE Helping to raise funds for Non Profits and Organizations



We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight

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COVER STORY MOADE MIRACLES WE walk by Faith and not by Sight.


ART 4 A CAUSE An Art Silent Auction to help raise funds for your Non Profit Organization or your Cause.


MEET WRITER BRENDA KAY DEYO Brenda's Creations. A Prophetic Artist.


MEET WRITER DAWN HUFF Her Inspiration Shines Bright.





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Hello everyone! I am excited and blessed beyond measure for all your love and support. I look forward to this amazing new Journey of our Online Digital Magazine. Our Magazine is simply here to inspire you and help be a Voice to other talented Entrepreneurs, who love to share their stories and writings. This is another wonderful Platform we have put together for you to enjoy. We are here to help encourage those who love to write but don't know where to start, have hidden talents as writers, editors, photographers, graphic designers and so much more, to be a part of our Magazine. We want to inspire you to embrace new talented writers as they will be sharing their stories for the first time. Here at Inspiration 4 Life, we are a judge free zone and love to give others the opportunities to also live their dreams and passions. We have been trying to make this dream come true since 2010 but with so many obstacles in the way, this journey had been on standstill for many years. We are here now and we inspire you to never give up on your Dreams! Photo Credit: Alfonso Chavez III

In this Magazine, you will read about some of our amazing Inspiration 4 Life Team, our Members, Partners, Sponsors, Advertisers and more. There are no boundries of the type of inspiration we will cover in our Magazine. I also look forward to sharing our Inspiration 4 Life Local Hero Articles with you as well. We have so many amazing people in our Communities of San Antonio who give back and have the heart of gold. We definitely want to recognize those with kindness in their heart and ready to serve others. Inspiration 4 Life will always be thankful for our Local Heroes Segment on KENS 5 Great Day SA, Sunday Morning Show from 2011-2015. If you would like to be a part of our Magazine or have any questions, you can visit Get Inspired! Be Inspired! Stay Inspired!

Rita Hernandez


Moade Miracles We Walk By Faith and Not By Sight BY RITA HERNANDEZ

Mo'ade - Appointed time, meeting, place or

I still remember the day, Lucy Huereca with

season. Here are the amazing Moade stories that

Legendary Realty, called me to ask me about the

will inspire you to be a part of our never ending

location I had previously been doing my Radio

miracles at the Moade Center. This is a place you

Shows. I was only there a few times a month but

can call home.

never really felt like home. I quickly told Lucy about the Moade Center and how she needed to

I messaged Lori Hagee in August 2017, to do a

stop by for a visit. That visit also had Lucy making

follow up interview of the one I did back in April

it her new home.

2016. It was for my Inspiration 4 Life Radio


Network and an article I was writing for a

As the Moade Center was growing, so was the

Magazine. Lori has been a great inspiration in my

need for front desk receptionists. I asked a few of

life and I felt it was the perfect way to recognize

our Bold and Beautiful Women's Society

her as one of my Inspiration 4 Life Local Heroes.

members if they were interested and sure

Little did I know, meeting up Lori was going to

enough, Dawn Huff with Partylite/HolyRollers

turn into something more amazing than just an

Ministries and Christina Reimer with Pure Haven,

interview. I left the Moade Center that same day,

jumped on board to be a part of the Moade

making it my new home for Inspiration 4 Life. I

Center. I also had one of our Loyal Inspiration 4

never imagined being in a place, where so many

Life Radio Show Fans, Elizabeth Trevino, to join in

inspiring people worked under one roof. This was

as well. There was so much inspiration going on

the beginning of my journey at the Moade Center.

at the Moade Center, I wanted everyone to feel,





Wisdom is the beauty of holiness.

the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

They are our foundation of support, They comfort us and even put us in our place.

Our love is not only conditional, it is also mercurial.

Photo Credit: Photography by Ora

what I was feeling. You just knew there was something more about being there. It wasn't anything you could see but what you could feel. Of course you can see how beautiful the Moade

We walk by Faith and not by sight.  2 Corinthians 5:7

Center was but when you first walk through the doors, you feel this peace that takes over your

the Moade Center and God blessed me with an

heart. Your Faith heightens to new levels and your

amazing person in my life. That same day, Linda

work ethics change because you believe in

was in my Office, she recieved a phone call

yourself in ways, you never thought you could.

from Margie and Cindy, looking for office space. Before the day was over, Margie and Cindy with

I remember getting a call about Interviewing

Makeup and Dye Studio, headed straight over

several Businesses and Linda Michelle Ortegon

to the Moade Center, and became my Office

with R & M Tax Center/Pronto Insurance, was one

neighbors. I literally had just met them that

of them. She met me at my Office at the Moade

same day and it was as if we had known each

Center and I shared my Mission, Vision and

other for a very long time. I love their energy!

Purpose of Inspiration 4 Life. I shared my passion, dreams and plans of having Inspiration 4 Life at

Another amazing friend, I am thankful to have as my Office neighbor is Brenda Deyo with Brenda's Creations. She wanted a change of venue, from where she previously was before and one day she called me to let me know she was moving from her location. We had a long talk about the situation and I let her know about the open space right next to me at the Moade Center. I simply told her, she needed to make the move and sure enough, she felt exactly what I felt about being at the Moade Center and also called it home. Finally, we have Janet Taylor with Usborne Books and Become, a Non Profit Organization. Janet had signed up as a Vendor for my Christmas Shopping Extravaganza Event, early December 2017. It was a great honor to have her join us. She is such and inspiring and


outgoing person. At the end of every Event I Host at the Moade Center, I always make sure to provide Tours of the Center, to inspire to Guests to join the Moade Membership or make it their new home, with their very own Office. In time, Janet reached out about an Office for her Busineses

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

and I showed her the perfect spot and it is now her home at the Moade Center. There are definitely more amazing Business and Entrepreneurs at the Moade Center, who have wonderful gifts and talents. We all work so well together and we are like one big happy family. We are the Moade Family. Our Photoshoot wouldn't have been possible without the help of Ora Garza, Owner of Photography by Ora. She is a talented and amazing Photographer. Thank you Ora! I feel, all of these experiences were divine appointments that brought us all together. When someone asks me about the Moade Center, I share it with passion because the Moade Center has changed my life. After 13 years, since leaving Christus Santa Rosa Hospital, to pursue my dreams, I finally have my very own Office. I was a huge honor to have 2 Ribbon Cutting Events. One with my friends and one witht the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Moade Center is home to Inspiration 4 Life Radio/TV/Web Network. It's also a blessing to have our Art Gallery in my Studio, Art by Blas and Rita Hernandez/Art 4 A Cause. We were the first Artists at the Moade Center and have inspired an Artist wing with other fellow Artists I am blessed beyon measure to have an extremely supportive family, who believes in me. I am thankful for my Husband Blas Hernandez, my beautiful daughters, Amanda Cantu and Jasmine Hernandez and also my mom, Maria Escobedo. I am also so thankful for my friends, Partners, Sponsors, Members, Volunteers and Ambassadors of Inspiration 4 Life. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am at today. Once again, I would like to thank Lori Hagee for always being my inspiration. I want to give all my thanks to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for all the blessings and all the doors he is opening for so many. We are Moade Miracles. Come see or shall I say, feel for yourself.


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ART 4 A CAUSE Featured Art by Local Artist of San Antonio, Blas Hernandez




Art 4 A Cause is dedicated to help with funding through the Silent Auction Sales of Artwork by Local Artist of San Antonio Blas Hernandez.

* Churches   *Ministries *Schools         *Organizations * Galas            *Luncheons * Non Profits  *Scholarships *Fundraiser Events  *And Much More

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Welcome Bold and Beautiful Women’s Society. We have been dealing with so many Women throughout the years since 2005 as a Business Owner, through our very first Women’s Luncheon, meetings, groups, events and more. We wanted to find a place where our Team can bring you all together to be noticed. We are based in San Antonio but we can Feature anyone from Around the World through our Media Outlets. We meet every 1st Wednesday of every month from 11-2 at the Moade Center, 300 E. Ramsey, Suite 305. We have amazing Speakers, Vendors, Networking, food and fun! Come join us! BBWS is a society for women of all walks of life to come together during our luncheons, special engagements, networking events and more to share our goals, dreams, aspirations, visions, survival stories, bring awareness about life battles and provide friendship for healing, through our toughest times in life. This is also a great place for you to grow with us and we will definitely help bring out your talents. Especially for our Business Women to Network during our Luncheons and Events. Our Target is for All and Any Woman, of all ages to be a part of our Women’s Society. We have many avenues where you all will be featured and able to Inspire others about who you are. We would love for Moms, Housewives, Stay at Home Moms, Single Ladies, Women in Business, Women in Fitness, Inspirational Women, Guest Speakers, Authors, Women in Ministry, Women in the Military, Musicians, Bloggers and so much more to join us.


Past Bold and Beautiful Women's Society Events


The mechanically rigid outer layer of Earth, the lithosphere, is divided into pieces called tectonic plates. These plates are rigid segments that move in relation to one another at one of three types of plate boundaries: convergent boundaries, at which two plates come together, divergent boundaries.





The question is often why? Why do you do what you do? Surely, everyone’s own response will vary widely. Some mention family, others mention freedom and the list goes on. I’ve often asked myself that very question. For me, it would be about doing the best you can do for people and never expecting anything in return. I believe that the world has a way of seeing the good things and it somehow coming back, just put good and positive energy out there. This applies not only in my personal life but also my profession

   LUCY SAYS, " I often put myself in people’s shoes, granted I’m not perfect." 11

These past few months I’ve had the pleasure of being referred to people who want to sell or buy a house. Earlier this month I was introduced to an elderly gentleman by the name of Terry. Terry is a 74 year old retired air force lieutenant colonel with tons of insight and perspective. Upon meeting Terry at the office, I immediately knew he was a person that I’d love to learn from. His gentle nature, wisdom and charm intrigued me. He wanted to settle in our great city and had the goal of purchasing a house to retire in. One morning, Terry and I went to go look at a property. I arrived a little early so decided to did some research on the property. I learned that there were three other offers on the property so the seller was seeking the highest and best offer. As we walked into the house, we noticed some cracks on the ceramic tile floor as well as the ceiling edges. As we looked at the house further, we tried to open the back door and had trouble. This, I mentioned to Terry, is very strange. After some time, we were successful in opening the door. We proceeded to look at the exterior and saw a crack along the brick. I mentioned to Terry that this property most likely had foundation issues that were not disclosed by the property owner. He paused for a bit and smiled a big grin. He asked, “Lucy may I give you a hug”. That took me aback, it was as if I had mentioned some great news to him. To his question, I of course told him certainly. He later explained that he had not met a more honest Realtor, that he had been around a long time and was familiar with things and was happy that past clients had referred him over. He decided he did not want to submit an offer on the property. This was understandable as he wanted a move in ready property, not headaches and heartaches. I often put myself in people’s shoes, granted I’m not perfect, I’m human, but certainly do sympathize with people. I understand that this is one of the largest investments in people’s lives and certainly do take that seriously. When we work with buyers the goal is to find the property for the lowest price considering other similar properties in the area, in the right time with the best terms. On the opposite side of the coin, when we work with sellers the goal is to sell for the highest price, again taking into consideration similar homes, in the shortest timeframe with the least inconvenience to seller. Why is such an important question and most certainly a great motivator. I believe it’s important to ask oneself daily. My mission is to promote goodness and provide services to the best of my abilities as long as God grant me permission in everything I do.






Richard &Â Linda Michelle Ortegon


Owners of R & M Tax Center and Pronto Insurance


Worldwide Voice Worldwide Radio Station Simply Worldwide 19




   Hello, my name is Brenda Kay Anderson-Deyo. I am the owner of Brenda’s Creations Art Studio & Gallery. I am a Christian professional fine artist who loves Jesus and creates prophetic art. I have over 20 years’ experience as an artist, I am a minister and teacher, and now business owner. I began my business in my home by teaching private art lessons. However, I am mostly a self-taught artist with a passion to teach. my grandmother was an artist and after much practice, years of learning, and trials and errors, I chose my career as an artist and followed the call on my life. Today I am the fulltime owner and professional artist and now in ministry with my husband.      My company offers art lessons and acrylic painting workshops that encourage confidence through art and help people express who they are with color and design. On the entertaining side of my business I host painting parties that encourage fellowship with each other and enhance the community through imagination. I also create original prophetic art through live painting and do commissions for customers.

"Family and Friends are there for a reason."    I believe God hears our prayers and will give you the desires of your heart. That is why I am here today!  I have traveled a very difficult road of entrepreneurship as an artist and I have learned many things. One thing I have learned is to treasure your relationships. Family and Friends are there for a reason. Another thing to remember is, do not despite humble beginnings, they are stepping stones to your future. The most important thing, put God first in everything you do!      I personally want to thank Rita Hernandez with Inspiration 4 Life for not only friending me on Facebook 1 year ago but also becoming my good friend in real life. Rita is a wonderful example of who you want in your life to help you in your business ventures. She is a wonderful leader and a beautiful soul. She first told me about the Moade Center only a few months ago. After being in a mall for 2 years realizing my season was ending and a new one was beginning I had to see for myself. The moment I arrived as a guest I knew it would be my new home. But the journey had just begun. I prayed for God to open the doors and he did! Not only did he make a way where there was absolutely was no way, he showed his favor through people like Lori Hagee and set up situations to align with my dream! Now I am here at the Moade Center, but I have not fully arrived, I have simply found the next stepping stone towards my true vision of owning a prophetic gallery, and inviting other artists like me. It will be called Revelation Gallery.


As a prophetic artist most of my paintings are inspired by the bible, creation, and life experiences. I choose my pallet of color carefully by how I feel. When I paint, I paint what I see in my heart, when I read the word, I relate to how I feel, and my worship is my art. I see visions and dreams and interpret them as my subjects as I reach into my innermost self & bring out my passion. My art is my ministry! My husband and I work as a team, our ministry is called Clandestine Revealed Ministries, and we believe the word of God as the only truth. We are all called to preach the gospel but as for me, it comes in a visual way. So, I paint and teach, and he reveals when he preaches! Our mission is to share the gospel visually in a more powerful way revealing the secrets the bible holds.    The Moade Center is a beautiful place, to create with the peaceful surroundings I was looking for. I love going to work every day, the atmosphere literally feeds my soul. The Moade was simply an answer to our prayers! I just want to encourage each person who reads this to remember God is with you, and he has a plan for your life. If you follow him he will direct your path and show you things beyond what you can imagine! You can visit my site and follow me on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked in.  May the Lord be with you.


f f u H Dawn

Her Inspiration Shines Bright!

With the New Year upon us the air is buzzing with excitement for all the things we want to change in the year 2018. After all, this will be our year right!?! Maybe you are considering career goals, health goals, mindset changes, a new home, a new hobby, or becoming debt-free. What if I told you by changing your spirit about giving, you could make the biggest difference in your success in any category of your life? Would you be willing to give it a shot? Here are 4 things that I changed in 2017 that have helped me to explode my goals for 2017, realize new opportunities, gain momentum in my business and ministry, inspire others, and be prepared to totally rock 2018! 1. Believe that you have a God given talent and purpose in your life! When you don’t fulfill your purpose…when you hide your light…ignore your talents and dreams, and squash down your best self, you allow others to rob the world of your best you! Sometimes we oppress who we truly are because we don’t want to look like we are showing off.


Or we allow ourselves to believe what we hear from our own negative self-talk or from others. We become less of ourselves, and we begin to live in a state of lacking. Can you imagine if you were showing up to fearlessly give your all? How much more would you be able to give to your family, your community, your peers, your church, and other causes you are passionate about? I promise if you can grasp this concept the negative will fall away and become replaced by people who are excited for your vision and believe in you. The impact from what you can do will be incredible. 2. Realize that each day you can only show up and do your very best and trust God for the rest. Remind yourself daily that you don’t have to do it all…you just need to do your very best. Show up 100% for the things you commit to and be okay with saying no to the things that are not priority. We can’t give our best if we are spread too thin.

3. Realize that you may have some things mentally blocking you from making money. Become aware of what those things are and how they are affecting you. Read books about how to change your financial mindset. Surround yourself with successful and positive people. Find mentors. If you believe money is the root of all evil you will have a tough time taking the actions necessary to earn money. It was a huge eye opener when someone made me aware that all media, movies, books, etc. say that people with money are the bad guys and people without are the good guys. Being successful in your business, allows you to make more money, which in turn will allow you more opportunities to give and give bigger. 4. The very best thing to do is to be more giving…right now. Right where you are today. My personal faith inspires me to give because God gave so much to me and calls me to love God and my neighbor. I also feel one of the best ways to lift yourself up is to give.

Donate time, energy, and money towards a cause that is important to you. If you feel bad about your own situation go volunteer at a local food kitchen or senior home, help a neighbor, read to kids…do something! It will immediately lift your spirits. Blessing others blesses you even more. I am a part of a special Facebook group called RankMakers, specifically for people who are leaders in direct sales. (see: And one thing that Ray Higdon teaches this group of leaders is to participate in an activity called Wealth Wednesday. The idea is that every Wednesday we should go out and do something for someone else that costs us money. You do not have to reach a magical finance goal to give financially. Pay for someone’s coffee in line, buy a gift for someone you don’t know, leave a huge tip, the possibilities are endless and you can really get creative. The catch is, it must cost you money. There is so much negativity in the media and in society that this act really stuns people and surprisingly creates a chain reaction of people paying it forward. You can’t imagine how great that feels. Why does all this matter? Well first, let’s admit it, giving to others is not a completely selfless act. When we give, we gain confidence, feel better about ourselves, network with new people, and often gain experience, new skills, friendships, and even in some cases a tax deduction.

You can't imagine how great that feels.

. I can’t tell you how much I have been inspired by highly successful business people in our community to take on the challenge of giving back. As small business owners, I would love to inspire you to ditch the small giving mentality and really strive to give back big this year. When you set this priority, your brain will begin to work out the details of how you can increase your income so that you can keep your promise of increasing your giving…and increase your own success in 2018. I believe if just a small percentage of us adopt this mentality the possibilities of influence and opportunity will be endless and we can make a difference in our neighborhoods, our city, and even the world.

Dawn Huff has been a Texan for the past 16 years and calls San Antonio home. Her family sold their home and all their possessions in 2015 to follow their calling to build Disaster Relief Mobile Kitchen & Ministry. She and her husband, Chef and Pastor Daryl Huff, are co-founders of the HolyRollers Ministry Inc, (501c3 Public Charity). They live in a 31-foot Vintage Airstream with their three kids and their chihuahua so that they can be ready to be mobile at all times. Life is an adventure! She is a homeschooling mom, author, musician, painter, and 2-time award winning cook at her church. She is super passionate about building her candle business to help her family have their own personal income while they are on the road as missionaries, serving those in disaster areas. But she is also incredibly passionate about helping other women and families design their own legacies and discovering they can also make a positive difference in people’s lives, hearts, and home. Dawn Huff 210-300-3229 OfficialPage



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"I'm Not Dead, Am I?" By Clicie Lopez “Someone is sitting in the shade of a tree someone planted a long time ago”.               Peter F. Drucker, Making Plans “Wait, I just went to sleep last night; why am I being carried out on a gurney this morning? Why is the neighbor comforting my wife?  Why is my wife crying?  What does she mean by what now?” She’s saying, “We had so many plans.  We were going to do so much. What am I going to do with the children all by myself?  How am I going to pay for the house, the car, and the credit cards?  What am I going to do without him?” She adds, “I don’t know what he wanted because he wouldn’t talk to me about making final arrangements.  He said that if we made plans one of us would surely die.  And he’d laugh. Instead, I now have to sit alone and have the worst conversation of my life with a stranger, the Funeral Director.  How am I going to get through this?  Why wouldn’t he talk to me?  Why didn’t he allow us to plan for this?  What now?  I’m so alone.”


“Wait, I’m not dead, am I? I knew I had to make plans. I wanted to make plans. I figured I had more time. I thought we would do it after the holidays, after the vacation, after the promotion. It was always going to be later.  How could I have done this to my family?  They deserved better. It was my responsibility to protect them. Now it’s too late.” A 2015 survey conducted by the Federal and Memorial                                                                      Information Council found that 69% of responding adults over the age of 40 preferred to make their own funeral arrangements, but only 17% had actually made them.   Why did the 17% do it?  The rationale and motivation for doing so was to protect their loved ones from the stress and anguish of loss.   Have you planted your tree? It is the symbol and legacy of a life well-lived, planned and celebrated.  Pre-arranged funeral arrangements are the final gift of love we leave our family. My name is Cliceria “Clicie” Lopez and I am a licensed Pre - Arranged Funeral Counselor for the state of Texas. My mission is to facilitate the process of end-of life celebrations. I am available to individuals, couples and family members.  To meet with me, please call 210-926-3776.

Adding Sparkle to Life By Christina Reimer One flower stands out in an open field of sunflowers. This one in particular attempts to blend in with the others, yet it's differences won't let it. Throughout my journey of life, I've learned to embrace my differences that tend to hold me back. A hearing loss, speech impairment and learning disabilities won't hold me back from living my life to the fullest! I've worked hard, yet each new day is a new day to learn. I add sparkle to life by making lawns pretty one yard at a time through "Codeman Lawn Service," offering non-toxic products through "Pure Haven" and sharing words of wisdom/encouragement as a Freelance Writer. Within the first time attending an event with "Inspiration4Life" organization, I've been encouraged, challenged and inspired to truly spread my wings more than ever. Back in October 2017 during a conversation with the lovely Rita Hernandez, my curiosity was sparked when she began to share about the Moade Center. Rita was sharing about how positively happy the people were in a co-working environment. So here I am handling the front desk duties one day a week. Having a membership with Moade Center allows me to have a designated place to conduct business in an office setting. Being surrounded by positively happy people in a co-working environment is truly remarkable. My disabilities are differences that add fuel to my uniqueness. It's kind of like a special flower that catches your eye in a whole field of sunflowers. 28

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February Inspiration 4 Life Magazine  

Welcome to Inspiration 4 Life Magazine. Where inspiration meets the world!

February Inspiration 4 Life Magazine  

Welcome to Inspiration 4 Life Magazine. Where inspiration meets the world!