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HOWAIDA WERFELLI Tripoli's Mediterranean Grill & Coffee Shop


JULIE & MARCOS Concha Style


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RAUL & DAWNA VARGAS Raul's Sports Store


DAWN C. REVELL Heroes N More

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Miosotis Saldana Missy's Creations

My name is Miosotis Saldaña. I was born and raised in Panama City, Panama. I start painting since I was in high school and study art under Panamanian artist Sandra Moreno. Participated in numerous art exhibitions in Panama and organized an art exhibition with the support of my college. Moved to USA in 1995 Arizona, later in 1996 moved to Killeen Texas where became a member of the Killeen Civic Art Guild and the Central Pastel Society in Tempo. In 1997 won Best of show at the eight annual Festival of Flags spring art competition with my oil painting titled “El Diablico Sucio” or “The Dirty Devil”. Study oil portrait with artist Richard Harvey from Harker Heights. Currently I have my art in different Galleries and Festivals. Art galleries as River Art Group at la Villita, San Antonio Artists Collective at la Cantera. Member of the Texas Pastel Society in San Antonio. My business Missy’s Creation – Miosotis Saldaña. I am a very creative person and like to project that in my art. I like to express everything I like in life through my painting, art craft and photography.


On my business I do not only sell painting. I print my paintings in pillows, tote bags, journals, hats, fans, pastel portraits and card. Later I will keep expanding and get more ideas where I can share my painting. My idea is that everybody has a part of me in their houses. When you started the Business as an Artist? I start painting since I was in high school and start selling the painting since 1987 but I become continue selling informal since I moved to USA. Since 2016 I start displaying in Festivals and Galleries and letting people know that I am here and want to share a part of me with them. I goal is to make people happy with my painting or portraits. Why did you start your Business or become an Artist? I start my business because I wanted to bring my name out. I wanted people to recognize me and recognize my name. I became an Artist because God gave me that talent and it help me to express myself. Painting helps me to travel to another dimension. Painting is my passion in life. What is the main message or purpose of your Business? The main message is when you have a passion in life follow your heart, do not listen to nobody if they say you need to stop doing because they do not believe in you. You need to believe in yourself and always stay humble and kind. Do everything with love because people will notice the love you put into your work. The purpose of my business is to provide a part of me to them. I want people to remember me forever. Who or what Inspired you to do what you do? Several people, animals or things inspire me. I just love to express the beauty in live. I do not have anything in particular.

Do you have a Team or Staff? I do not have any helpers. I do everything myself. How can you help others through your Business/Artwork? Painting is a therapy. I show on my Facebook my art step by step. I noticed that I make an impact on some of my followers during the days. I love to share this because I know that someone out there is having a bad day, bad time or problems but when they see my painting make them happy or relax. For example, I have one friend that was going through Chemo and my painting was her only entertainment during her treatment. You can find me in Facebook search for Miosotis Saldana and send me a message Phone: 210-605-1622 Email: miosotiscreations@yahoo.com Website: None Social Media Links: www.facebook.com/miosotis.saldana.7


October Awareness 2021

• Domestic Violence Awareness Month • Eye Injury Prevention Month • Health Literacy Month • Healthy Lung Month • Home Eye Safety Month • National ADHD Awareness Month • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month • National Bullying Prevention Month • National Dental Hygiene Month • National Down Syndrome Awareness Month • National Medical Librarians Month • National Physical Therapy Month • Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month • Spina Bifida Awareness Month • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month • Mental Illness Awareness Week (Oct. 4–10) • Malnutrition Awareness Week (Oct. 5–9) • World Cerebral Palsy Day (Oct. 6) • National Depression Screening Day (Oct. 8) • World Mental Health Day (Oct. 10) • Pastor Appreciation Month • Bone and Joint Health National Action Week (Oct. 12–20) • Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day (Oct. 13) • Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day (Oct. 15) • National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (Oct. 15) • International Infection Prevention Week (Oct. 16–22) • World Food Day (Oct. 16) • National Healthcare Quality Week (Oct. 18–24) • World Pediatric Bone and Joint Day (Oct. 19) • National Health Education Week (Oct. 20–24) • International Stuttering Awareness Day (Oct. 22) • Respiratory Care Week (Oct. 25–31) • World Psoriasis Day (Oct. 29)

FACT Institute, Inc 1. Introduce yourself and tell us a little about “You” I am the owner of FACT Institute, Inc. I am also a registered Behavior Technician. I write and implement Behavior Support Plans that focus on reducing students’ problem behaviors and increasing positive or replacement behaviors. I provide direct care to students in a one-on-one or group setting to implement skill acquisition and behavior reduction actions, collect and record data on student behavior, collaborate, communicate, and assist with the training of students, parents, and staff, provides a safe and supportive environment for students, carries out assessments and other administrative duties, maintains strict confidentiality, attends training to acquire further knowledge. I teach classes on communication and social skills for all ages. I assess reading skills and place students with the appropriate reading program. I have been in the specialeducation field for more than two decades. I was the Behavior Support Teacher at The Academy at Morgan’s Wonderland for 6 years prior to opening FACT, since The Academy closed its doors in 2019. I also taught grades Pre-K thru 12 at The Winston School in San Antonio for 12 years. I have also served as a private tutor and life coach throughout my teaching years. I currently hold a nail tech license and have previously owned a full-service salon for 35 years. 2.Tell us about your cause/non-profit FACT Institute, Inc. is a non-profit 501 C 3 school/ job training center providing the San Antonio community a facility that will educate, engage, and enrich the lives of students and adults with special needs ages 7 and up. FACT Institute, Inc.’s objective is to provide world-class education for individuals with special abilities. Objectives include: • Prepare individuals with the tools necessary to function as productive members in the community. • Provide multipurpose experiences that enhance both the educational and vocational skills of our participants. • Utilize research-based methods in instruction It will be an institute for a diverse student body, with a caring faculty and a needsbased curriculum. FACT Institute, Inc. believes that their location in San Antonio will give the community of young special-abilities adults an incredible opportunity to examine, change, and explore the range of opportunities available in the Community. Our program is for LIFE. Our families are with us for life. They will be supported through all aspects of their lives, no matter their age.


3. When did you start your Cause/NonProfit? I started FACT June 2019. 4. Why did you start your CAUSE/NonProfit? I started FACT because I was employed at The Academy at Morgan’s Wonderland, and they closed their doors June 2019. I felt in my heart these students and their families needed a place to go and not ever worry about where their loved ones would go or who would take care of them. 5. What is the main message or purpose of your Cause/Non-Profit? We believe each person is a unique individual who needs a caring, secure, and stimulating environment in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. It is our desire to help them meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing an environment that is safe, supports risk-taking, and invites a sharing of ideas. At FACT Institute, Inc. our students’ and participants overall best interest will always come first, and everything we do is guided by our values and professional ethics. 6. Who or what Inspired you to do what you do? I was inspired by my son. He has Dyslexia. I took every class learning how to teach students with Dyslexia to help him. Once he started school, I started volunteering at his schools. I knew I wanted to help as many students with special needs as I could. So, I began teaching students with special needs. 7. Do you have a Team or Staff? I have a staff of 4. 8. How can you help others through your Cause/Non-Profit? We can help individuals with special needs learn how to communicate, transition from school to adult life, navigate through our community, volunteer, and get a job with support from our dedicated staff. We will also guide their families through educating them on the resources available for their loved one with special needs.

9. How can someone get in contact with you for more information? Phone: 210-267-9134 Email: life@factinstituteinc.com Website: www.factinstituteinc.com Social Media Links: https://www.facebook.com/thefactinstitute

HOWAIDA WERFELLI What is the main message or purpose of your Business? The main purpose behind any business to be a successful and financially profitable entrepreneurial venture that provides economic opportunity for the team behind the business as well as the community it serves. We are no different in that regard. We strive to do that while serving as a bridge between the east and west. We want Tripoli’s to be a place people travel to for an experience. We want our guests to be able to taste the Mediterranean and experience its culture through food, handcrafted beverages, pastries, art, music and overall decor. We want people to recognize that not everything that is said about the Arab Mediterranean countries is true and that the cultures of the region are rich in tradition, colors, flavors, etc. Who or what Inspired you to do what you do? I will have to tell you the story!

Our vision is to serve our community a Mediterranean experience through our cuisine, handcrafted specialty beverages and ambiance while nurturing appetites one person at a time. We strive for Tripoli’s to be a fully operational hot spot for lunch, dinner, pastries and handcrafted beverages all day long. We want Tripoli’s to be a place people travel to for an experience. We want our guests to be able to taste the Mediterranean and experience its culture through food, handcrafted beverages, pastries, art, music and overall decor. We want Tripoli’s to be a recognized element of our community and the community-at-large through our patronages and to serve as a place where all our guests feel like they are part of the Tripoli's family. When you started the Business? September 2011 Why did you start your Business? Three of the four partners were already business owners. We wanted to establish an extension of our original location but make it a full-dining experience that was more accommodating to families and more culturally flavored. 11

Do you have a Team or Staff? Yes. We have a team of Servers, Server Assistants, Baristas, Cooks, a Catering Coordinator and Catering Assistants. How can you help others through your Business? We are an opportunity for people to experience something new and different. We are an opportunity for people to expand their horizons while gratifying their hunger and satisfying their taste buds.

Phone: 2106454450 Email: howaida.werfelli@tripolissa.com Website: www.tripolissa.com Links: IG: @tripolis_sa FB: @Tripolis.SA TikTok: @tripolis_sa

We were nominated in 3 categories for SA CURRENTS BEST OF SA 2021. We were top three in the BEST MEDITERRANEAN category.

Hi, we are Julie and Marcos and we run Concha Style. Julie creates the recipes and bakes the conchas and Marcos sells the conchas! We are getting married November 2021 for our 7-year anniversary. We enjoy eating organic food and living a peaceful life together. Our sourdough conchas are vegan-friendly and allorganic. They’re a healthy twist on traditional Mexican pan dulce. We make many of the ingredients in-house and select the best organic ingredients we can find. We go above and beyond with our conchas so anyone who eats them can feel our love and care. We started our Business during the pandemic in November 2020. Julie wanted to make something special for her best friend’s birthday and decided on creating a new recipe of sourdough conchas, out of curiosity. Once they came out of the oven and cooled down, we were blown away by her creation. We had to share it with everyone around us. Our main message for our Business is to share how our favorite memories of Mexican pan dulce can transform into a healthy option for anyone. Our inspiration for our Business came from Julie’s best friend birthday. It inspired her to create the first batch of sourdough conchas. Julie, Marcos, and Prachy consist of the Concha Style team. Prachy helps with our social media marketing. We are focused on bringing more people on board soon. We can help those who want a healthier option for their favorite pan dulce. Especially those who are lactose-intolerant, gluten sensitive, and those who want to eat organically.


Our Conchas are $25 for 6, $40 for 12, and free delivery in San Antonio! We deliver on Sundays 8am-1pm in San Antonio, TX and popup around the city. Follow us @concha.style on Instagram to find out where. DM us at @concha.style on Instagram DM us @conchastyle on Facebook

Text us at (210) 756-2893 Phone: (210) 756-2893

Email: julie@conchastyle.com marcos@conchastyle.com Website: conchastyle.com Social Media Links: Instagram.com/concha.style Facebook.com/conchastyle

Makers Market Monthly Pop Up & Shop Event


For more information, please Text Rita Hernandez 210-237-7496 Email: rita@inspiration4life.org


Photo Credit: Darren Maslach Hello Inspiration 4 Life! I am Brandie

commissioned into the Air Force

Bedore, your newest contributor to this

reserves in 2011 as a flight nurse and

amazing organization. My passion is

continue to serve, holding the rank of

serving others to serve the Lord and I

captain. I made a bit of a switch in 2018

have been afforded several venues to do

and began the police academy. I

just that. First, I’m sure you would like

graduated in 2019 and now work full

to know a little about who I am. I have

time as a patrol officer, while working

been an Emergency and Trauma

part time in the emergency department

department nurse for eleven years. I

in New Braunfels, Texas. I currently hold

have held positions from staff nurse to

the title of Texas Choice Pageants Ms.

department educator. Additionally, I

Classic Texas 2021 and enjoy spending

was a professor for six years with the

time with my pageant family as we get

UTHSCSA School of nursing. I 17

out into the community to make the

day a little brighter for others. I have two adult children and one cute dog. In my spare time, I enjoy dancing and skydiving. I look forward to partnering with Inspiration 4 Life to bring stories of inspiration, discuss opportunities for community service, and bring a positive, uplifting word to each of you. I look forward to hearing from each of you as I begin this journey. Until next month- be the change you want to see in the world! Capt. Brandie Bedore, MSN-Ed, RN Email:brandie1976@hotmail.com



Follow Us On Social Media @BoldAndBeautifulWomensSociety






ART 4 A CAUSE Featured Art by Local Artist of San Antonio, Blas Hernandez



* Churches *Ministries Art 4 A Cause is dedicated to help

*Schools *Organizations with funding through the Silent

* Galas *Luncheons Auction Sales of Artwork by Local

* Non Profits *Scholarships Artist of San Antonio Blas

*Fundraiser Events *And Much More Hernandez. For more information, please Contact Rita Hernandez at


RAUL'S SPORTS STORE favorite merchandise for game day! It’s the best feeling when you can represent your team wherever your at. Even if it’s not a Texas team!

My name is Raul Vargas and this is my wife Dawna Vargas. I was born and raised here in the Alamo city. I graduated from Holmes high school in 2004. Dawna and I started dating in 2005 and we got married in 2012. We have two boys who are 7 and 3. We are very family oriented and love spending time with our family! We have a variety of sports products to choose. We carry everything from grill sets, apparel, electronics and memorabilia. We started the business in November 2018. I wanted to bring that same excitement to people that I had growing up. Getting up on Sunday afternoon and getting ready for the big game! My brother Steven and I would barbecue for the game and get all of our cowboys gear out and have a big party at the house! I want to bring that same excitement to my customer supplying them with their 21

Our main goal or purpose of our Business is to fulfill every sports fan with their favorite team products on game day! Who Inspired us to do what we do? My cousin Mike actually gave me the motivation to do what I do! He always said no matter what, never give up and keep growing your business. Don’t worry about the problems but work on a solution! I have a team and my team is made up to of family. My wife Dawna is the one that runs everything at the store. My god son Nikolas was my first employee. My sister in law Debbie helped us set everything up to have a smooth grand opening, and my brother Steven and my sister in law Loree would run the store when my wife and I couldn’t. Finally our friend Tara is one of our dedicated employees that would help us out and always come through when we needed her the most. Especially organizing our paper work!

I want to show people who have dreams of owning their own business that anything’s possible if you just believe in your dream! With hard work and dedication anything is possible. I started off by selling lanyards and now almost 3 years later I have a store front and living out my dream every day. Phone: 210-260-9494 Email: raulssportsstore@yahoo.com Website: raulsssportsstore.com

Social Media Links: www.facebook.com/raulssports We have Special Offers! We have Statues on sale $20, Wall Clocks on sale $50, lanyards buy 2 get 1 free.

Check out our Mystery Market that is ran by us and Chapitas Emporium every month inside Wonderland of America’s Mall.

My name is Dawn C Revell, I fight MS and am a mom to a special needs son. Heroes n more was founded in 2014 by my late husband David and I to give back to children in need of Joy. Heroes N More is here to bring hope and support children fighting big battles. Our purpose is to help those in need and advocate for their causes. The inspiration behind HnM is my son Gabe, he has had major health challenges most of his life and is now very sick on home nursing services. I have a Team and I currently have 40 loving hearts who serve. We help others buy advocating for their battles, doing community events and fundraisers. 25

We had a wonderful Community outreach on Aug 7th at the Moade Center. We had superheroes, princesses, face painting, free snacks, games, and best of all, we gave away free school supplies! We also will be hosting our 2nd Comic Con where 100% of the proceeds go back to local Charities and wounded warriors! This will be held at the Shrine Auditorium on December 11, 2021, so make sure you check both these events out and follow our pages to stay up to date on how you can help us make a positive impact in our world, as we say at HnM -HEED THE CALL OF A HERO!

Contact Information:



https://heroesnmore.wixsite.com/ heroesnmore/about_us

https://www.facebook.com/heroe snmore

Ashley Ermis www.boerneretailersstyleandshop.com Joli Boutique - 830.816.5560




My name is Michael Nachebe (pronounced Nash-bee), a

Houston. My grandmother flew with my siblings & I

“rat-racer” turned entrepreneur. Born in Denver

to Texas while my mom drove our belongings down

Colorado in the late 80’s to a single mother who

in a U-Haul. While on a one lane highway in

instilled ideologies such as unconditional equality and

Oklahoma after dark, a man in a large pickup truck

respect towards all without exception, the importance

veered into my mother’s lane and hit her head on at

of forgiveness including ourselves, the payoff of hard

high speeds. My mom ended up in the hospital with

work vs. Loopholing and standing up for blatant

multiple fractures and needed extensive rehab

injustices, especially for others who may not be able to.

afterwards. It turned out that the driver had written

She also taught me that in life, mistakes are inevitable,

a suicide note, downed a large bottle of whiskey,

but they are to be learned from and do not define me. I

and chose the largest vehicle on the road that

have an older half brother & sister that are twins, which

evening to take his own life. About a year later, my

although I was the baby, they embraced me & made my

mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, had to

extremely poverish childhood one that I have come to

undergo extensive radiation therapy, and multiple

cherish. I have never met my father, as he became very

augmentation procedures. I could go on about the

abusive towards my mother once he found out she was

many unfortunate events in our lives, but lesson I

pregnant with me. On my mother’s side of the family

learned from watching this 5’1 woman continually

are your typical New Yorkers where she grew up with a

overcome & rise above is that life is extremely

younger sister. She went on to graduate with a master's

difficult, but we are all strong enough to get

degree from Syracuse University & has been an

through. I also learned empathy, determination, the

educator for over thirty-five years. So, I was fortunate

importance of helping others without seeking

enough to also realize the importance of an educating

recognition, and most importantly gratitude. I went

early on, which, in turn has shaped my world view as

on to graduate from the University of Houston and

well as my approach to parenting my amazing 8-year-

eventually moved to San Antonio in 2015. Since then,

old daughter Charlee-Jane. After six years student

I have seen this city grow exponentially in the most

teaching in Denver, my mother accepted a full-time

positive ways and it does not seem to be slowing

teaching position at an Independent School District in

down or stopping any time soon.

Quick Anecdote: When I first moved to the city, I kept

Sunset Station. We also have an ecommerce store as

on hearing that San Antonio is “The Poorman’s Austin”

well. All our apparel is made of light weight, high

which locals seem take offense to. I, on the contrary,

quality, ring spun heirloom cotton manufactured

actually feel that it is actually a compliment. It basically

here in the US by Bella-Canvas.

means, this amazing city has all of the hidden treasures, unique culture, and progressive views that define

There is The Clever Cultivator, which is a “just add

Austin minus the ridiculously high cost of living &

water” planter box kit for those who are looking to

unnecessary showmanship. And as a citizen of this

grow fruits, veggies, and herbs at home but do not

little-big city, I’m just trying to do my part to contribute

have the greenest thumbs. The kits range in size

to the inevitable growth.

from our larger kits for those who want an inground, high yield harvest to the smaller kits that

I own Bexar Diversified Services, a graphic design and

include wheels for apartment & condo farmers. But

website building company offering marketing and

all kits include a fully built cedar box, our

web-based solutions to new & small businesses looking

homemade coconut coir-based soil that has been

to gain an online presence in an effort to keep up with

Ph-balanced & pre-treated with organic nutrients,

and be successful in such a constantly changing &

the bulbs of your choosing, and aluminum mesh

technologically driven economic society. Under the

wire critter guards.

umbrella of BDS are a few other ventures that include Bexar Trap Apparel Co. which is local culturally

And our newest venture is Abstract By Bri, which we

influenced urban wear and accessories. We provide

are extremely excited about. Briana Flores, originally

apparel for San Antonians to display their pride for and

from Goliad, Texas is an abstract artist who found

rep this amazing city. We can be found around town at

success way before she hired BDS to assist with

local markets such as First Friday at Brick, every 2nd and

building her brand. I love her work and I am blown

4th Friday at the new Legacy Park downtown by the

away by how effortlessly talented she is that I

Frost Bank Building, and most Sundays at Smoke BBQ

offered/requested to be a part of her growth and

Sky Lounge located just outside of downtown near

success as she expands her reach. We are in talks

with local galleries as well as collectors nationally, but

Initially, my daughter and I moved here after I

our main goal is to have her work lining the walls of

accepted a Quality Engineering position with Lancer

boutique hotels and high-end retail stores across the

Worldwide, the global leader of beverage dispensing


manufacturing and a conglomerate of the Japanese owned Hoshizaki Corporation. In the fall of 2017, I

After gaining a bit of financial success in the form of

was tasked with working on an R&D project with 11

passive income from stock dividends in late 2017 I

other members of Lancer’s Sales, Engineering,

decided to diversify the proceeds. I am not technically

Manufactuing, & QC departments. After falling short

an engineer, however as I've gotten older, I found that

of the promises made to the customer to develop an

figuring out how things work really interest me. If my

intricate beverage unit, we were all laid off. With the

dryer stopped heating the laundry, I would open it up

holidays just weeks away, I had to liquidate my IRA,

and find that the heating element had burned up.

which left me with a big decision. I could use the

When my daughters iPad screen cracked, instead of

funds to live off while searching for new

sending it off to apple, I decided to order a replacement

employment, or I could invest in things that I was

screen and fix it myself. And when my brake pads

interested in. After realizing how disposable I was to

started making noise, I put the car on jack stands,

any employer, I decided to take the risk and began

removed the tire, and learned how standard disk brakes

researching opportunity cost and the return value

work and saved a few hundred dollars by doing in my

associated with stock dividends, the used auto

driveway instead of taking it to the dealership. This led

market, and short-term property rentals. I’m blessed

to my first DBA which was a “buy-fix-sell" used vehicle

to sit here today and say that after a lot of praying, a

business. I also managed a few Airbnb arbitrage

lot of support from friends and family, and just

properties, as well as a specialty shipping and logistics

making the right decisions at the right time, those

business. But I did not officially file the articles of

investments paid off. That’s not to say I didn’t

formation for Bexar Diversified Services as a legal entity

experience my fair share of failures, but after a while

in the State of Texas until my daughter’s 7th birthday,

I realized that my attitude and the manner in which

October 27th 2019.

I responded to failure was ultimately the deciding

factor in whether or not those losses translated into

conditions that he attend meetings and find a

useful knowledge in the long run. In fact, I stopped

sponsor. He had some hiccups early on, but he has

categorizing each venture as a “win” or a “loss” and

since paid off the vehicle, was hired back with the

instead implemented the “Wins & Lessons”

same company, and has over two years of sobriety. And when I became complacent in my “self-

system. As time went on, I began to take inventory of

employed” lifestyle, I decided to challenge myself

other areas of my life that I knew could use some fine

and learn a new skill that was not only in demand,

tuning, one of which was my genral approach towards

but something that was difficult; graphic design and

success. I began to notice that no matter how well my

web development. After learning the ins and outs of

day/week/month had been, the feeling of happiness I

Adobe Creative Cloud Applications, I decided it was

was pursuing was almost always short lived. After some

time to jump in and start my first state recognized

root cause analysis, I concluded that the pursuit of

entity, Bexar Diversified Services Ltd Co. Today BDS

happiness is impossible & in retrospect is really just the

has assisted dozens of small businesses & local start-

pursuit of whatever is expedient & ripe for the picking. I

ups build a framework for operational success. With

spent a few weeks discussing this with individuals that I

all that being said, I have found that true happiness

consider mentors, and in their own words, they all

is a bi-product of the pursuit of a meaningful life.

suggested that I try to pursue “meaning.” I concluded that the best way to have a meaningful life is to take on

As far as purpose, that is the easiest question I get

responsibilities that I normally would avoid for one

asked. To spend more time with my daughter. Just

reason or another. For instance, instead of dropping my

about every business venture has in one way or

daughter off at softball practice or watch her games

another been for or about her. The vehicle business

from the stands, I volunteered to coach the team. When

started when her mother, who lives in Houston, lost

a close friend’s vehicle was repossessed because he lost

her car to Hurricane Harvey and I wanted to get her

his job due an alcohol abuse issue, I owner financed

something so she could still make the commute

him my truck. I did not charge him a down payment

when it was her turn and to be able to drive her

nor did I tack on any interest, but only under the

around without having to ask for rides. I noticed that

there was a solid profit margin if I could find a good

nation. Then there’s companies like GeoGroup & CCA

deal. The Clever Cultivator started in our back yard

who own or manage 78% of the BOPs and county

because she loved tending our gardens and turning

jails in America. These companies draw up long term

cucumbers into pickles. And Bexar Trap Apparel is the

contracts with our local detention centers with bed

end result of trying to teach she and my nieces and

occupancy rates as high as 95%. If crime fluctuates

nephews about social just through homemade t-shirts

at any given time, then why do 95% of the beds in

during the quarantine. Which helps me segway to the

jails need to be filled? Then they incentivize the

first portion of the question, the main message. I

quota by offering $50k Tahoe's and unnecessary riot

honestly am not looking to make millions of dollars

gear. However, if the quota is not met, the tax payers

through these businesses. Of course I need to turn a

foot the bill. To avoid this issue, cadets in the

profit to remain in business, but my real goal is to give

academy are trained to arrest low hanging fruit,

back to a community that has given me so much and

which are citizens with mental illnesses and

most importantly, build a platform in order to voice a

substance abuse issues. Which is why almost 80% of

cause that I am extremely passionate about, and that is

Texas inmates are non violent drug offenders. And

the absolute need to reform the undeniably broken

they become a digit in a system that puts them in a

justice system. Almost every major issue that we have in

facility with inhumane living conditions, because out

this country stems from the shattered legal system that

of sight out of mind, and no need to worry about

we seem to have become numb to. It begins with

them voting, so nothing changes. These are peoples

Juvenile Detention Centers, in which we incarcerate

husbands, fathers, sons, and loved ones. I am not

children. The next time you find

okay with that.

yourself driving passed the historic Mission Concepcion,

To be quite frank, I was terrified after being laid off. I

you’ll see modern fortress lined with barbed wire

had a mortgage, a car note, and tiny person that I

housing children as young as 13. We’re basically telling

was responsible for. And two of my best friends

this future generation, your not worth anything. Which

reminded me that, yes life is tough, but we are all

leads to the 43% of the incarcerated adults in this

equipped to handle it. And their encouragement

and support are the reason I am where I am today. My

thing, so I found him, Anthony Guiteau, on

upbringing wasn’t easy, which I’m glad, because you

Instagram and told him we would be sending him,

don’t really know what a good day is without

Marcus, and Marcus’ mother some merchandise as a

experiencing horrible ones. But my biggest inspiration

thank you for being a leader in the community. Next

has always been my mother. She’s probably taught

Friday we will be announcing out fourth “Local

thousands of kids over three decades, but she always

Leader”, and who knows, it just might be you!

made the time to teach me how to be a good man. In fact, In addition to spoiling her on mother’s day and her

Although we prefer an advanced scheduling, Bexar

birthday, I send her a card every father’s day. One quote

Diversified Services does accept walk-ins. Which our

that I probably repeat on a daily basis that she would

office is located at 110 E. Houston Street on the 7th

say is, “Only a Fool will Trip on what is Behind Them.”

floor of the Rand Building in suite 14.

You can interpret that however you like, but what it has mean to me is that no matter what your past looks like,

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keep it moving.

www.bexartrap.com you will be the first to know of any pop ups or local markets we will be vending at.

I use the terms “we” and “us” a lot when referring to the

And you can follow us on Instagram for the latest

business, but besides me I have one other employee.

news including our weekly “Local Leader” spotlight,

Good help is extremely hard to find, however, I am

in fact feel free to message us with any submissions


that you feel we should consider.

About a week before Rita with Inspiration 4 Life reached out to me, I started doing a weekly “Local Leader” spotlight after seeing a news story about a man who offered Marcus, a child with autism as well as

(210) 446-7335 Michael@bexardiversified.com Michael@bexartrap.com www.bexardiverisfied.com www.bexartrap.com

social anxiety a ride to his first day back to school in a

www.clevercultivator.com www.abstractbybri.com

2021 Chevy Camero C8. I thought that was the coolest

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Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

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FELLOWS Bella Fellows is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from San Antonio, Texas. She has been performing since she was 13 years old at many places such as The Market Square, La Villita, The Majestic Theatre, and sang the national anthem at a Rampage game at the AT&T Center. At 14 years old, she released her first single “Starstruck”, as well as a music video that has received over 3,000 views on YouTube! Ever since then, Bella has fallen in love with singing, songwriting, and recording, and aspires to pursue a successful career in music. After graduating from high school, Bella started her own business called “Bella’s Workshop”, where she sells a variety of custom-made items such as T-Shirts, mugs, and décor. She is also majoring in International Business at the University of the Incarnate Word. Besides being a full-time college student and entrepreneur, she has been working on her debut EP with original music. Her fist single off the record is called “Dreaming” and will be out October 29, 2021.


I started performing around San Antonio when I was 13 years

old. At 14 years old, I started recording original music and released my first single “Starstruck” along with a music video in 2016. My second single, “Lighter” was released in 2017 and was written by my brother Alex Chavez. When I started high school, I dedicated my time to being in choir and learning all about music theory and how to grow as a vocalist. During this time, I learned a lot about my instrument and discovered what type of music best suits my voice. I also became more serious in my songwriting and began to create ideas for songs that I wanted to record in the future. Now, as a sophomore in college, I am working on my first EP record and will be releasing my single, “Dreaming” on October 29, 2021. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. My parents told me the first time they heard me sing was when I was a baby and I was humming to a song that was playing on the radio. My first time singing in front of an audience was at my 4th grade talent show, where I sang Katy Perry’s “Firework”. I officially started performing when I was 13 years old, where

I got to sing at local events, such as the rodeo, oyster bake, and other festivities. Singing was something I always loved to do. I will never forget what it felt like to sing in front of an audience for the first time at my 4th grade talent show. I remember the rush I had as I stood there singing my heart out and then getting lots of applause at the end of my performance. That was the day that I realized I wanted to sing on stage for the rest of my life and pursue a career in music. I want to inspire people to do what they love no matter what. As a young musician, I’ve experienced lots of negativity from others and it was hard to process at times, but I always continued to do what I love because it makes me happy. One thing I’ve learned is that there’s always going to be people who will try to bring you down, but there’s also so many other people who support you and want to see you succeed. It’s important to drown out the negatives and stay focused on your craft, so that you can grow artistically and spiritually. I grew up around music. My grandpa was a Tejano singer and bass player, my dad is a guitarist, and my older brother is a singer/songwriter. My family’s influence sparked my love for music at a very young age and I’ve been singing ever since. My parents are my managers! They have helped me so much by promoting me, booking my gigs, and showing their support at every show. I want to help others by writing music that people can relate to. I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in my life, and I think it’d be awesome if

someone connected to my songs the way I do. It makes me so happy when I make people smile when I’m performing or when they are listening to my songs. Music can make someone’s day a whole lot brighter. Keep up with my music journey by following me on social media! For bookings, email me at bellafellowsmusic@gmail.com Phone: 2103476027 Email: bellafellowsmusic@gmail.com Social Media Links: Instagram: @bella.fellows Facebook: @bellacfellows TikTok: @bella.fellows Twitter: @bellafellows YouTube: Bella Fellows My single “Dreaming” will be out October 29!

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s ' r e k a M t e k r a M Everyone needs to check out the amazing and beautiful items at Bloom Maker's Market! Location: 3010 N. St. Mary's Suite 1101 More items at 716 S. Alamo (Sister Shop) Shop Online: www.bloommakersmarket.com Email: bloommakersmarket@gmail.com Social Media: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BloomMakersMarket Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bloommakersmarket/


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