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Rita Hernandez

Andrea Bottiglieri

Mayor's Fitness Council Student Ambassador Program Recently the Mayor’s Fitness Council was honored and recognized nationally as a model youth leadership program and earned the coveted Project Play Champion title from the Aspen Sports Institute. Mayor’s Fitness Council Coordinator, Andrea Bottiglieri still smiles reflecting about how far the student ambassador program has come from its humble beginning back in 2012. “I recall being in a Mayor’s Fitness Council Healthy Schools Committee meeting with school district administrators and key health and wellness champions from across the city. It was a wonderful meeting of the minds and in 2010 San Antonio was experiencing a fantastic health and wellness wave bringing the right people to the table at the right time. We discussed about reviving an idea that the Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) grant had tried to start which was the idea of student ambassadors who would help champion healthy ideas at their school campuses and within the San Antonio community.” Flash forward and the Mayor’s Fitness Council Student Ambassador Program is currently in its eighth academic year. Launching in 2012, the Student Ambassador Program has worked with all 15 Bexar County Independent School Districts, as well as numerous private, charter and Home School Networks. The Mayor’s Fitness Council Student Ambassador Program has been almost entirely funded by the Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio community grants. https://bhfsa.org/ In May the Mayor’s Fitness Council was notified that the Student Ambassador Program was being recognized as a 2020 Project Play Champion for its outstanding efforts with empowering the youth of San Antonio to care about being healthier and more active, as well as because the of equitable spread of youth leadership opportunities across the San Antonio and Bexar County community. This October the Aspen Institute will host their annual Project Play Summit which will take place on October 16, 2020. Mayor Ron Nirenberg will be a featured guest speaker and will be highlighting the efforts of the student ambassador program as well as highlighting San Antonio’s efforts for becoming a healthier and more active community and discussing about sports and wellbeing for all across our city. https://www.aspenprojectplay.org/champions https://www.aspeninstitute.org/events/project-play-summit-2020/


Mayor Nirenberg was especially proud to hear the news, “The Student Ambassador Program under the Mayor’s Fitness Council has empowered student leaders in grades 5th –12th to serve as healthy change agents in their schools and communities for years, and I am proud that the program is receiving national recognition by being named a 2020 Project Play Champion by the Aspen Institute. This announcement is timely as we continue to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Mayor’s Fitness Council and its positive impact in our community. We look forward to working with the Aspen Institute to ensure that fitness and health and wellness opportunities are accessible to all kids, regardless of zip code or ability.” The student ambassador program is managed and supported by the Mayor’s Fitness Council’s Healthy Schools Committee, along with City of San Antonio staff member, Andrea Bottiglieri who serves as the Program Coordinator and as the Mayor’s Fitness Council Full Council Coordinator. Andrea has worked with the Mayor’s Fitness Council since 2010 and along with the Healthy Schools Committee, created the nationally recognized student ambassador program. Since the Mayor’s Fitness Council is an initiative of the Mayor’s Office, the City of San Antonio works closely with the Council to provide staff support and city leadership presence on the Council. Student Ambassadors are required to dream up, evaluate, present on and execute service projects at either their school campus or surrounding community such as a local library, community center, or with the faithbased community. The goal of a service project is for student ambassadors to better educate their peers and members of the community about the importance of being more physically active, making better nutrition and lifestyle choices and consuming water as a healthy alternative, as well as working to meet a real health, wellness, physical fitness or better nutrition need.

When asked about how that she believes that the student ambassador program has been able to successfully spread out across the city and county to offer students in any school district the opportunity to step up and serve, Andrea said, “Early involvement from the Healthy Schools Committee and our partnership with Metro Health’s Healthy Neighborhoods Program and CHEF have been key to our success. School district administrators have stepped up and really championed their districts commitment to a healthier and more active San Antonio and the Healthy Neighborhoods Program works to help bring in half of the student ambassadors that we ultimately select to participate in the program each year. This helps to hold us accountable and ensure that we are reaching all areas of the city, especially the areas with youth that experience unproportionate lack of access and typically have the highest obesity rates.” Healthy Neighborhoods Program https://www.sanantonio.gov/Health/He althyEating/HealthyNeighborhoods

At the start of the 2018-2019 academic year, the Healthy Schools Committee held a strategic planning session to discuss opportunities to provide more structure and guidance to the elementary student ambassadors. A partnership with CHEF – Culinary Health Education for Families – was formed to provide more in-depth guidance and support to the elementary student ambassadors. As a result of the Mayor’s Fitness Council’s partnership with CHEF brought in Tori Parsons who joined the Mayor’s Fitness Council Student Ambassador Team and serves as the Mayor’s Fitness Council/CHEF Program Specialist. Tori is a registered dietician and works directly with elementary student ambassadors on their service projects, which is a basic introduction into learning about full-service project planning and implementation. The elementary students are guided through an eight-week CHEF Bites curriculum that takes place at the

school campuses, either during school or after school and impacts students, faculty, and families. https://www.chefsa.org/ Another addition to the Mayor’s Fitness Council Student Ambassador Team is Isabel Ramos-Lebron who serves as the Student Ambassador Program Facilitator and joined the team in 2018. Isabel is a registered dietician and creates exciting and engaging workshops and trainings for all middle and high school student ambassadors to participate in each academic year. Since 2012, the Mayor’s Fitness Council Student Ambassador Program, with the assistance of the Baptist Health Foundation has launched a total of six Kids School Healthy Advisory Councils (KSHACS) within Bexar County Independent School Districts that serve as a companion to the School Healthy Advisory Council (SHAC) that each district is required to maintain, providing students the opportunity to participate on a council and interact with school district leadership. Each KSHAC allows students the opportunity to have a voice at the table and to help determine how health, wellness, physical fitness and better nutrition needs should be prioritized and addressed, whether by the school district leadership or by the KSHAC implementing a district-wide service project to help meet the need(s) that they have set as their goal. Since 2012, the student ambassador program has worked with over 500 students across Bexar County. In 2018 the Student Ambassador Program launched the next level of programming aimed at bringing back former student ambassadors to serve as Student Mentors and work with incoming Student Ambassadors. Presently 25 student mentors are serving in the program and will be working with incoming student ambassadors at trainings and workshops this academic year. Student Mentors will also participate in a Master Class Series that will focus on topics such as mental wellness and health equity as well as feature prominent guest speakers from San Antonio organizations who are each experts in their respective fields. 5

When asked how the student ambassador program was adapting to working with an incoming class of student ambassadors, Andrea said, “We are working hard to ensure top quality programming with our incoming students via Zoom and through classroom management platforms. This is a completely new way of teaching for our team, but we are doing our best to adjust and pivot to continue providing support to students that truly desire to be healthy changemakers in their families, schools and communities. Just because Covid-19 is here, doesn’t mean that we stop what we do – in fact, it has challenged and pushed us to work even harder because students realize how important good health is and are interested and involved in doing something about it right now.” The Mayor’s Fitness Council will begin recruiting for the 2021-2022 student ambassador class beginning in February 2021. Visit https://www.fitcitysa.com/aboutus/student-ambassador-program/ to learn more about the student ambassador program and to find the application.

October • Domestic Violence Awareness Month • Eye Injury Prevention Month • Health Literacy Month • Healthy Lung Month • Home Eye Safety Month • National ADHD Awareness Month • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month • National Bullying Prevention Month • National Dental Hygiene Month • National Down Syndrome Awareness Month • National Medical Librarians Month • National Physical Therapy Month • Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month • Spina Bifida Awareness Month • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month • Mental Illness Awareness Week (Oct. 4–10) • Malnutrition Awareness Week (Oct. 5–9) • World Cerebral Palsy Day (Oct. 6) • National Depression Screening Day (Oct. 8) • World Mental Health Day (Oct. 10) • Pastor Appreciation Month • Bone and Joint Health National Action Week (Oct. 12–20) • Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day (Oct. 13) • Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day (Oct. 15) • National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (Oct. 15) • International Infection Prevention Week (Oct. 16–22) • World Food Day (Oct. 16) • National Healthcare Quality Week (Oct. 18–24) • World Pediatric Bone and Joint Day (Oct. 19) • National Health Education Week (Oct. 20–24) • International Stuttering Awareness Day (Oct. 22) • Respiratory Care Week (Oct. 25–31) • World Psoriasis Day (Oct. 29)

Angel Contero Que Bonita Crafts "I wanted to do something that made me happy and also made others happy." 1. Tell us a little about “You� Hello. My name is Angel Contero. My friends call me Gelly. I am 32 years young. I was born and raised in the Southside of San Antonio. (and very proud) I graduated from Harlandale High School in 2006. This is where I met my husband. Together we have two preteen boys. I love all kinds of music and I am a huge animal lover. I found my love for art and crafting as a young child.

2. Tell us about your Business/Product. My products are mostly handmade and repurposed. That means that I find things that others deem as unusable, old, or broken and I make something new and purposeful with it to help reduce trash output. I do also sell my original art on canvas, prints and stickers. 3. When you started the Business? I started Que Bonita Crafts in May of 2019 after leaving my job in the medical field. 4. Why did you start your Business? I have always been very good at crafts and making things. 7

When I was a child, we did not have a lot of money and I was an only child, so I learned how to be crafty and resourceful. 5. What is the main message or purpose of your Business? I want to show people that one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure. 6. Who or what Inspired you to do what you do? I was very tired of feeling like I put my all into something and feeling under appreciated. I worked for a urology oncology practice and seeing my patient’s so helpless also weighed on me. I wanted to do something that made me happy and also made others happy. 7. Your Team or Staff I actually make everything myself, but my husband comes to help me set up at markets. My kids also come but only if they think it is “cool”. 8. How can you help others? I regularly post easy, cost effective DIYs. 9. Any Special Offers? Ceramic tile coasters are $8 each or 4 for $25 No shipping on sticker orders

10. How can someone get in contact with you for more information? Phone: (210)837-1115 Email: Quebonitacrafts@gmail.com Website: Www.quebonitacrafts.com Social Media Links: FB & IG: @quebonitacrafts

Awards: 2019 Best Maker Nominee-San Antonio Magazine 2020 Best Mask Maker Nominee- SA Current Featured on Great Day SA Co- creator of Girl’s Night Out (community Charity fundraisers) Southside magazine content creator

Shop Local with Que Bonita Crafts




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ART 4 A CAUSE Featured Art by Local Artist of San Antonio, Blas Hernandez



* Churches *Ministries Art 4 A Cause is dedicated to help *Schools *Organizations with funding through the Silent * Galas *Luncheons Auction Sales of Artwork by Local * Non Profits *Scholarships Artist of San Antonio Blas *Fundraiser Events *And Much More Hernandez. For more information, please Contact Rita Hernandez at www.inspiration4life.org/Contact

CINDY VALLONE "My family and I use them daily and couldn’t image our lives without essential oils." Cindy Vallone

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years but, for many, are still considered ‘fringe’ medicine. I think this has to do with the fact that some people don’t understand how they work, how they can help, and how easy they are to use. I was one of those people. In fact, 5 years ago, I had never heard of essential oils. Fast forward to today - my family and I use them daily and couldn’t image our lives without essential oils. What are essential oils? If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Essential oils provide plants with protection against environmental threats and when we use them, they help us in much the same way. Why doTERRA®? doTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world and we source

in over 45 countries. We use the co-impact sourcing model which means we partner with farmers and growers all over the world to bring the best oils to you: the oils are harvested where they are indigenous; happiest and healthiest. Our oils are pure - free from contaminants, fillers, or adulterations. doTERRA not only tests our oils in our in-house laboratories but they are also sent to independent third-party laboratories for further testing and validation. Every time I open my bottle I know that I’m getting Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG®) essential oils. What can essential oils do to support you? The better questions is what can’t they do? Historically, essential oils were used as part of cultural practices and traditions. However, we now have increasing scientific evidence and research showing that essential oils can be effectively and safely used in a wider range of day-to-day practices with amazing benefits. When you use essential oils, you'll have more natural solutions and fewer toxic, synthetically manufactured products in your life and home. Today, essential oils can be used for sleep, boosting immunity, emotional health, weight management, natural skin care, cooking, household cleaning, personal hygiene, respiratory support and so much more! Are they easy to use? Yes! There are 3 ways to use doTERRA essential oils: Topical: Use the essential oil where its needed and apply with a carrier oil (such as fractionated coconut oil) for best results. When in doubt, put oils on the bottoms of your feet for quick absorption. Aromatic: Diffuse, rub in your hands or on pulse points and inhale. Internal: dōTERRA’s CPTG oils labeled “Supplement Facts” can be ingested. Place 1-2 drops in a glass of water, a veggie capsule, under your tongue, or use when cooking and baking. doTERRA has made it really simple for you to start on your Wellness Journey! We have just launched 3 Wellness Kits full of products specially curated to help target your specific needs. They are bundled together to help you with your top health goals: Mind & Mood - We know that sometimes your mind and body need help to unwind. This Kit contains powerful tools that you can use to create an uplifting environment, helping you feel centered no matter what life throws your way. Immunity - The products inside this Kit are carefully selected to support and strengthen your immune system, keep your environment clean, and protect your home.


Relief - Sometimes our bodies need greater comfort and relief and the items in this Kit can help give your muscles and joints the support and relief you need. Please contact me through my website to receive a 30-minute complimentary Wellness Consultation and, when you mention this article, I will also send you 3 customized samples. Safety: Never put oils in eyes, ears or up the nose! Don’t put citrus oils on skin that will be in the sun. Use glass or stainless steel when drinking oils. Dilute oils with coconut oil for those with sensitive skin. Consult www.doterra.com for more info. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. There are only suggestions and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Cindy Vallone doTERRA Certified Essential Oil Specialist doTERRA Wellness Advocate Co-Founder, Cool Oil Tools Co-Creator, doTERRA FB Party Template Website: www.mydoterra.com/cindyvallone Educational FB Group: OILessentials with Cindy Vallone https://www.facebook.com/groups/389932954692954




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A NEW METHOD OF LIVING BY DANIELLE PHELPS Have you ever just felt like there was no light & purpose in your life? Do you find yourself constantly seeing others with success & wishing you were further ahead? Is your day overwhelmed with tasks that do not make positive impact on the future & leave you wishing there was more to life?


Hi, I’m Danielle Phelps a Life & Business Coach for unfulfilled women who want to design & monetize your ideal lifestyle. Back in 2016, those questions above were some of the darkest moments of my story & I needed hope to love life. Once, I started implementing The Foundation of Hope into my life everything changed. I went from depressed & stressed to abundantly blessed owning not 1 but 3 businesses that I love waking up to each day with a lifestyle I have fully designed myself with the freedoms I desire. Now, it’s your turn.

Creating Positive Change If you’re the Woman who is feeling like there is more to life than just what is I would like you to know that “YOU ARE RIGHT!” You have limitless potential & that desire for more is within you because you are to explore it. To me HOPE stands for more than just being faithful in the unseen, it’s a 4 part awakening for living life to a higher standard. Hope is actually an acronym I have created as my method for success. Part one of Hope is honoring your body. Part two is obeying your soul. Part three is praising & purpose. Lastly, part four is encouraging others. Let’s dive deeper into how you can transform your life through hope shall we? Honoring Your Body First, you have to discover & master who you are bridging the gap of who you are with who you want to become. Most humans live life out of alignment and have absolutely no idea that for success to occur your mind, body, & spirit must be connected all agreeing to achieve the desired results. Have you ever found yourself wanting to do something but it just seems you cannot make yourself take the actions you need to? If so, you have a piece out of alignment.

Obeying Your Soul Next you have to learn to follow your intuition. Have you ever just had that gut instinct that you should take a certain action? That is your soul trying to direct you. Those who struggle to have satisfaction in life choose to take action by logic instead of following their heart. How often do you follow your heart & explore new things taking massive action when your heart says leap? Praising & Purpose In order to be able to attract more in life there has to be gratitude & intentional meaning. One who simply just exists without reason & only sees the negatives does not find joy. The third part of this Journey is all about discovering peace. Encouraging Others Lastly, to truly find fulfillment in life to thrive instead of just survive one must understand it goes so much deeper than just impacting our own life. It’s about caring for others & serving exceptionally which is where monetizing your journey comes in. Learn More

.No matter your circumstances you have the potential and power within you to move from that place you are and to make different decisions getting different results. One thing, I have learned through my own journey is it’s not so much about the HOW & has everything to do with the WHO that is supporting you, holding you accountable, pushing you forward, & cheering you on. Your life is simply the byproduct of the choices you have made in the past & while you can’t change yesterday you have this very moment to change your future. The real question to ask is am I willing to do the work required to become the successful version of myself so that I can be paid to live a life that lights me up?

Https://danipcoaching.com Https://facebook.com/YourKindOfFreedom



Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature Owner:

Amy Bierstedt Business name:

Handmade on Main Your one-stop handmade shop Handmade goods from local folks: jewelry, candles, plants, sweets, stuffed animals, suncatchers, bath & body products, and more! On Boerne's Main Street www.fromscratchfarm.com/hand madeonmainboerne www.instagram.com/handmadeo nmainboerne


Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature N-V-Us Fashions and Boutique

An online fashion boutique, catering to the women who loves fashion variety, from high end to trendy styles. Specializing in sizes to fit S (small) to (3X) Website:

https://enviousfashionsboutique.com Social Media: Instagram

www.instagram.com/nvusfashionsboutique Facebook

www.facebook.com/nvusllc Phone:



Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature

Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature Business name:

Pouch Me  Pouch Me Drink Pouches

A new business selling reusable drink pouches that can be used at the pool, beach, road trip, camping or hiking. Instagram:Â

https://www.instagram.com/ pouchmedrinkpouches/


Inspiration 4 Life Business Feature Business name:

Kandy Krush SATX Â Family Friendly Kandy Check out our menu DM to order on Instagram Delivery available Instagram:Â

https://www.instagram.com/kand y_krush_satx_/


I remember it vividly. It was my second

I stood there, holding the barbell, eyes

year into CrossFit and I was in a

wide, and saw my son’s jaw drop and


just had this very confused, somewhat

My husband and 14-year-

old son were both cheering me on and I

disgusted look on his face, as he tried

was feeling strong that day (which

to figure out what just happened. My

“strong” for me isn’t really very strong).

husband just encouraged me to keep

I had hit a personal best on a weightlifting movement. But then, it

barbell, shook my head and called it a

happened. I lifted the barbell and as I

day. I grabbed some bleach wipes and

was coming out of my squat, I felt it

cleaned up the floor and was so

happen. I peed – not just a little

frustrated with myself. I was

dribble, but an actual small puddle on

embarrassed. I was mad that I was on

the floor. 27

going, but I was done. I dropped the

my way to having a great weightlifting

but I was pissed.

I started asking other women if this happens to them and if there’s anything out there to help. Unfortunately, leggings are not really conducive to wearing a pad or panty liners. Then I heard about these tampon-like inserts designed for leaks, so I checked them out. When it’s all said and done, the core pressure we have to use for a heavy lift just forces the inserts out.

I thought to myself, “there has GOT to be something better than this,” but I


day and had to stop. Pardon the pun,

couldn’t find anything. So, I decided to


design my own solution. I was really

nervous when I got the first prototype. Would it actually work? I went to the gym and began jumping rope and sure enough, the shorts worked! It was a new sense of freedom and Moxie Fitness Apparel was a reality.

This “leakage” is called stress-induced incontinence and it happens to 1 in 3 women, but it’s hardly talked about openly. Over the past year, I’ve talked to at least 100 women, mainly strangers. I am pleasantly surprised at how open they are with me. I ask them how they feel when this happens and they say things like “I feel stupid,” “it makes me feel weak,” “I feel old,” “I hate it,” “it limits me.” We go to the gym to feel

strong, to be empowered, not to have these

to her. She explained that she had recently

negative head games.

been diagnosed with a bladder disorder called cystocele. She tried one pair and

I am a big proponent of pelvic floor therapy

immediately bought five more pairs,

and would never say that my product is the

explaining, “This has been the only thing

ultimate answer—the ultimate solution is to

that makes me feel confident enough to

not leak. But I’m a realist and I have talked

focus on the exercise routine.” To me, that’s

with OB/GYNs, Pelvic Floor Therapists and

what it’s all about. Giving women and girls

Urologists, along with all the women I

the confidence to hit those PRs (personal

interviewed. The vast majority of women don’t

records), even if they are pee-ing.

want to do therapy; they don’t want to have a medical procedure. They just want to be able

Holly Mosack is the founder and CEO of

to exercise and not worry about showing the

MoxieFitness Apparel, co-owns CrossFit 309

entire gym that they just peed.

with her husband, Dorian, and is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. She is a mom of three boys,

One time, a woman bought six pairs. I actually

is an Army Veteran, and proud to have her

thought it was a mistake, so I reached out

products made in America.



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